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  1. Firstula!

  2. Make sense http://tinyurl.com/ngatxby

  3. Looks like this post may get stepped on soon…

    …by the Fukksize Ghey Slacker.

  4. Gotta admit that last pic up there is brilliant though.

  5. Pretty much the entirety of the progressive worldview can be refuted with “London at 3am”.

    “We should ban guns to stop the violence in the streets!”

    “At 3am in London, the streets are filled with violent drunks and you’re much more likely to be robbed and assaulted by some jackass with a knife.”

    “We should lower the drinking age so that people learn to drink responsibly!”

    “Have you seen the mass of puking drunks staggering out of the London bars at 3am? Binge drinking is a competitive sport over there.”

    “We should open up our borders to the poor from the third world!”

    “At 3am in London, you get the joys of wondering if the group of Pakistani thugs walking behind you are just heading the same way, or waiting for you to turn the corner so that they can jump you.”

  6. Gnu post.

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