Buffalo Boob Friday

Hello puny humans, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. I am your new host, Buffalone´ (it’s pronounced like Beefaroni but a bit more gamey).



Your model for today was born in January, 1979 in McMinnville, Oregon, and grew up in Arkansas. She stands 5’3″ tall and hits the scales at 110lbs. Measuring in at 34-24-36, please stop working fake doubles long enough to welcome Miss Sara Brinsfield!






  1. Meow, Hostage travelers, mee-ow.

  2. http://is.gd/vkhfeM

  3. What has happened to this blog? She doesn’t have a dick and she’s under 800 kilos.

    *resigns in protest

  4. *thud*

  5. Are a few of the picture boxes empty for anyone else?

  6. I believe this may be the first naughty librarian farmers daughter combo in BBF history. If only she was dusting something.

  7. 9 pics here.

  8. 1 and 2, and 6 and 8 are empty boxes on my skreeen.

  9. They show up as empty also in the dashboard so I can’t even fix ’em.


  10. Fawk.

    *paws turf*

  11. Otherwise… I’d hit it.

  12. Buffalone, your blog is private, so we can’t see any of the photos hosted there.

    And who the fuck are you?

  13. *bellows at tech support*

  14. Oh, and I’d hit it, absolutely. She had me at pigtails.

  15. Ah. Stand by.

  16. She had pigtails??

  17. I think that’s a hipster farmer’s daughter, actually.

    So I’d have mixed feelings while nailing her.

  18. Oh… oh my… hellloooooo! ‘Erm, I mean, good job fixing that, Buff.

  19. Up early, off to visit another school my daughter will never attend (Purdue).

    Oh well, we have good friends there and the football game should be fun.

  20. Safe travels and have fun, Phat.

  21. She could do worse than Purdue. One of my best colleagues went there.

  22. *thanks Leon for the troubleshooting*

    I think that’s a hipster farmer’s daughter, actually.

    *stomps Leon into a puddle*

  23. She is a model, of course, and was probably just combining props haphazardly.

    Or couldn’t find her contacts that day, and those are her real glasses.

  24. Nevermind, no facial distortion is visible through the lens, those aren’t her glasses.

  25. From the last poat (may it rest in peace):

    Wow, Bruce Braley has 4 words that will improve manufacturing in Iowa:


    He said that during a debate. I wonder if he’s related to Biden.

  26. *gives Leon the Gibbs/Dinozzo headslap for over analyzing the bewbage*

  27. leon noticed her glasses? Perhaps he isn’t wearing his own. Hmmm.

  28. Somebody go check on Andy:

    Georgia Running Back Todd Gurley Suspended Indefinitely

  29. Wow. She’s….. hittable.

  30. Hmm, my gravatar switch is taking awhile.

  31. Oh good.

  32. Avatar change killed it.

  33. She seems nice. Mare’d/

  34. Buffalone still makes me laugh.

  35. Lowes has the best pellets this year.
    Air coming out of the stove is 210 degrees, HD only gets me to 185.

  36. Looks like we have several bullwhip shovers this morning.

  37. …and dead.

  38. I blame Carin’s houseguests.

  39. Columbus Day slowdown

  40. What the hell is that avatar? I can’t tell what it is. It looks like it might be faggy.

  41. Busy OR day then a road trip to MA for the weekend. Hopefully back in time for football on Sunday.

  42. It’s Peter Rabbit shooting at a Nazi tank with a bazooka. Seriously.

  43. I’m leaving that because it’s awesome.

  44. I was on electronic payments of my power bill but still got the paper copy of the bill. Same thing for years. I finally broke down and got the e-bill rather than paper. I guess when you do that it also stops your automatic payments. I just got a disconnect notice for the end of the month. Whichever asshat designed that system is functionally retarded and probably got a raise for their excellent work.

  45. I was right. It is faggy.

  46. So does this Buffalone character have a green card? Or have we farmed this BBF job out to an undocumented worker like other good capatalists do?

    My only complaint is that her eyes are just a smidge too close together. That’s probably a natural adaption from living in Arkansas though. If she’d grown up a couple of hundred miles west of there she’d be a numbah one stunnah.

  47. There, happy?

  48. What the hell is that supposed to be?

  49. Hotspur sure does know a lot of faggy things. Coincidence?

  50. It comes from palling around with democrats.

  51. Who the heck is ‘buffalone’?

  52. It’s the shadowmark for “danger”. Now it’s just nerdy.

  53. I thought it was “Hobo Code” for This Mom is Easy.

  54. That’s a different one. Hotspur has it tattooed on his tailbone.

  55. my goodness, that is quite an attractive young lady.

  56. She seems nice tits.

  57. Those shoes she’s wearing while laying on the bar… I remember those!!

    Are Candie’s really still a thing?? Those were a big fluffin deal if you got a pair of those way back when I was in… ‘erm, um, a long time ago.

  58. shoes?

    You look at that picture and you see shoes????

    tear a piece off of your man card IMMEDIATELY!!!

  59. I’d like to wear her around my torso like a baby koala.

  60. But…! I…!
    Leon first…! pigtails…!
    And then glasses…! I…!
    Dinozzo’d even…!!!



    *opens pocketbook, pulls out card, tears off piece of card and slips it back into pocketbook*

    *pouty pouts*

  61. wow. who knew Cyn had a man-card?

    That changes…. quite a bit, actually…..

  62. Kohls has a bunch of Candies stuffs. Cloths, shoes…

  63. Rosetta gave it to her ages ago. He said he didn’t need it anymore.

  64. She was wearing Candie’s in a bikini when they were still a thing…nowadays she is more of a tank top handbag model, she still does the car show and video game convention circuit.

  65. wow. who knew Cyn had a man-card?


    Meh; I won it at a carnival.

  66. Meh; I won it at a carnival.

    yeah, that makes sense. I heard that that’s where Xbrad got his as well.

    I guess the “guess your weight” guy wasn’t really that good after all, huh?

  67. Wiserbud’s mancard is just a pile of confetti these days.

  68. I thought it was the “how many bullwhips” guy.

  69. “Guess your weight” is a scam.

    Cost to play: $1
    Wholesale cost of prize: $0.10

  70. Ha ha!

  71. The confetti joke was funny.

    *marks down Xbrad for Q1 FY 15.

  72. Cost to play: $1
    Wholesale cost of prize: $0.10

    ooOOooooo…. it’s a profit deal, huh? That’s takes the pressure off……


  73. The confetti joke was funny.

    It’s like I don’t even know you anymore……

  74. Get your weight guessed right here! Only a buck! Actual live weight guessing! Take a chance and win some crap!

  75. Speaking of carnivals, one for the Hotsausages:


  76. Urg. Obamerjerb.

  77. Please guess the weight of ‘lil MJ.

    To the nearest inch.

    Wai? Wha??

  78. Please guess the weight of ‘lil MJ.

    Well, considering your size and the fact that you would get blown away in a stiff wind, I’m gonna go with …… 47lbs.

  79. 178 lb

  80. 155 lbs

  81. Workout done, Friday cocktail poured, taters and pork jumble baking in the oven.

    Let’s see what Netflix thinks goes with all this goodness.

  82. But first, daily readings.

  83. I cannot remember another politician going so fast from rock star to laughing stock like Wendy Davis.

    Good lord even Mother Jones is calling her out

  84. 420 ounces

  85. Greg Abbot would make a great president.

  86. There should be a drink called the Flaming Wendy Davis.

  87. Good lord even Mother Jones is calling her out

    I honestly think she is only running for the prestige and the money. I sincerely doubt she actually wants to win.

    This is just her way of getting a high-paying gig on MSNBC.

    ANd there is nothing she can do or say, legal or illegal, that would be too low for MSNBC to reconsider hiring her.

    Se: Rev. Al Sharpton

  88. There should be a drink called the Flaming Wendy Davis.


  89. I should send MSNBC a demo reel. I’m willing to be a foil for 6 figures.

  90. Although I don’t measure up as well to SE’s Cupps.

  91. I’d also be a stoic in a sea of sophists, I imagine I’d feel that wasn’t worth the money before long.

  92. http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink3517.html


    This might be a good one too:


  93. Although I don’t measure up as well to SE’s Cupps.


  94. leon, I think you would be an excellent addition to any panel discussion held on MSNBC.

  95. I think I need to monotask more.

  96. Today’s high in Fort Worth – 92 degrees
    Tonight’s expected low temp – 56 degrees
    Tomorrow’s forecast high – 71 degrees


  97. If they gave me an adequate liqour budget, I’d bring up their ratings for sure.

  98. If they gave me an adequate liqour budget, I’d bring up their ratings for sure.

    I think we should pitch a game show based on Cards Against Humanity with me as the host, of course.

  99. You should monotask with a monocle. Embrace the oneness.

  100. Let’s start that as a youtube series and see if we get picked up.

    In the meantime there might be a pittance of YT money to be had.

  101. You should monotask with a monocle. Embrace the oneness.


  102. I’m not sure what was funnier… me reading the cards or me deciding who would read the individual cards.

    Or Hotspur expressing his erotic passion for Xbrad.

  103. Tally ho, blackguards.

  104. Or Hotspur expressing his erotic passion for Xbrad.

    Doesn’t everybody have the hots for me?

  105. No.

  106. “You should monotask with a monocle. Embrace the oneness.”


  107. That’s taking it a little far.

  108. You should monotask with a monocle.

    Just don’t do it in a monotone.

    Or whilst ill with mononucleosis.

  109. It occurs to me that I forgot something last night, so here’s this…

    We weren’t in love oh no far from it
    We weren’t searching for some pie in the sky summit
    We were just derp and restless and bored
    Living by the sword

  110. Scott wins teh internet comment of the day.

  111. A peek into the future, Lipstick and Cyn after drinking our lunch:


  112. So, questions:

    1) Who the fuck is buffaloaf?

    B) Today’s model looks nice.

    π) Yeah, that wasn’t a question, but what are you gonna do about it, whitey?

    IV) Does this look infected?

  113. Some fag, not a question, nothing because white privilege, kind of.

  114. This might make you cry, but it’s awesome.

    The person filming claimed she interviewing for a book.


  115. Who stole my ___?

    What kind of clip joint is this?

  116. http://tinyurl.com/ps8e5dt

  117. I’m finally home. Really glad the dishwasher backed up into the sink so I could be greeted with the smell of rotting food.

  118. Would you rather it had dumped onto the floor?

  119. Did you ever get your stovetop unlocked or whatever?

  120. I predict MJ sells the condo rather than unlock the stove.

  121. very cool video Scott.

    I didn’t cry but I mighta had some allergy thing going on

  122. Awesome video, Scott.

  123. Wow! Today’s model is teh hawt.I’m surprise Cyn hasn’t eloped with her yet. . .

  124. Cyn unlocked it for me. She’s a doll.

  125. http://tinyurl.com/p4yoge6

  126. Got a call from DD#1 on our way to dinner tonight –

    I’m going to be a mother-in-law!!!!!
    (No date yet; but she has a ring….)

  127. Did she also get the sink unclogged in time for you to take your bath?

  128. That was for MJ, not you, TiFW. Congrats on the good news.

  129. Yup. She also buffed my helmet.

    I collect those little helmets you used to get sundaes in. They fit perfectly.

  130. DiT is black?

  131. Congrats TiFW. Soon there will be grandbabies!!!!

  132. TiFW, congrats!!

  133. Scott, that was an awesome video!

    Question for those who have met me:
    Do I sound like the guy in the video?

  134. awww TiFW that’s awesome

  135. >> Do I sound like the guy in the video?

    When you’re drunk, yeah.

    Kinda like me when I have a few, I do dip into my accent a little more

  136. I just finished the video, and it brought a tear to my eyes.

    I did choose the right country to immigrate to.

  137. Do I sound like the guy in the video?

    Not really. I could understand him.

  138. I think there is a funny region in India.

    I work with a girl named Avni, she’s funny like Avi and Tushar. They probably all went to school together at Funny Region Middle School.

  139. As much as we bitch, we are the luckiest people on the planet.

  140. >>As much as we bitch, we are the luckiest people on the planet.

    Scott, what you say is true. You just have no idea how enormously lucky you all are. You won the lottery when you were born here. I had to plot, scheme, connive and hustle to get here.

  141. STFU, Sean!
    I was incomprehensible only for the few moments when I was kissing the warm Arizona asphalt.

  142. Half the world has shitty drinking water. I have a smartphone.

  143. I won the birthplace lottery. I’m an American. Glad you are here, Tush. You and Avi “Get” what America means.

  144. BTW, Scott,

    I have discussed this many times with my wife. Americans are a lot funnier than Indians. If you count me as funny, I am an extreme outlier. The Indian humor, as apparent in our media, and as I see with my Indian acquaintance regularly, is very juvenile.
    3 Stooges level slapstick, with a few funny sounds thrown in, basically.

  145. Great. Now, I feel like an ass for getting upset with Dan for putting too much ginger in the stir-fry. #FirstWorldProblems. (BTW He put too many carrots in the soup)

  146. Tush, Mexican humor isn’t even as high-brow as 3 Stooges. All bodily functions, all the time.

  147. Oso, you have a great husband. Go give him a kiss.

  148. ¡AY AY AY, NO ES BUENO!

  149. Tush, I just did. Plus, I made him a drink.

  150. Apparently, the Japanese don’t do sarcasm. Like, they have no understanding of it culturally.

    Makes it hard to watch our sitcoms.

  151. ok, I am done playing cupid here.

    Goodnight, folks!

  152. GN Tush!

  153. She also buffed my helmet

    Worst/best euphemism evah?

  154. Buffalone is the best gif ever. While you guys were at TITS, Buff was holding down the H2.

  155. Phrase not uttered by Cyn: http://youtu.be/NjSYfwZpj3U.

  156. Yeah. That was something.

  157. Did anybody find anybody else’s second novel tedious and derivative of the first today?

  158. Congratulations and best wishes to DD#1, TiF.

  159. Phrase not uttered by Cyn: http://youtu.be/NjSYfwZpj3U.

    MOOOOOOOMMM! Leon’s been reading my diary again!!1!

  160. Millenials won’t laugh at Spaceballs.

    That’s why they won’t ever be like us.

  161. Is Pupster and his family still alive?

  162. Moving from Ohio to Tennessee can be iffy.

  163. They’ve already been eaten by hilljack cannibals.

  164. Millenials won’t laugh at Spaceballs.

    That’s why they won’t ever be like us.

    Hell, imagine all the Trigger Warnings you’d have to issue before screening Blazing Saddles.

  165. If by ‘eaten’ you mean enslaved, then yes; probably.

  166. Watched the Flash pilot. The guy who played Barry Allen back in the 90’s is playing Barry’s dad this time around, which is kind of cool.

  167. Trigger Warnings before Tom & Jerry make me laugh.

  168. Hell, imagine all the Trigger Warnings you’d have to issue before screening Blazing Saddles.

    Because being a little bitch SJW == legit PTSD. Srs.

  169. He could be a carny.

  170. Or the girlfriend of a carny.

  171. We will probably never hear from him again.

  172. Pupster’s new neighbor? Mare.

  173. I have triggers. Then, I get drunk and get past them! Sheesh!

  174. He’d better at least write.

  175. * sends hoppers *

  176. I have triggers. They cause projectiles to proceed.

  177. A Tigger is a wonderful thing!@

  178. I have triggers. They cause projectiles to proceed.

    MOOOOOOOMMM! Tell Leon to stop talking about his wenis again !!1!

  179. Scott, the Hoppers don’t seem to die!!!! They just move. We had a Roadrunner totes living it up on Hoppers at work, then he got sidetracked by effing lizards. Lizards!

  180. *gets slapped by mom*

    WHAT!? I meant on the guns and the crossbow!

  181. Our resident hawk got bored with pigeon and moved on. Really getting tired of fickle birds of prey.

  182. Cought Benny eating a cricket this morning.

    He’d solve that hopper thing in a week or two.

  183. Oso should rent Benny.

  184. My divas can take on crickets. I’m talking swarms of Hoppers. (Ok. MA is afraid of trash bags. Neither Diva will venture where they’ve encountered goatheads)

  185. WHAT!? I meant on the guns and the crossbow!

    *looks down or something*


  186. Are Candie’s really still a thing?? Those were a big fluffin deal if you got a pair of those way back when I was in… ‘erm, um, a long time ago.

    We remember borrowing them from our older sisters, eh Cyn?

    Mine were tan and went clackity clack and gave me a wobbly gait.

    Hillbilly Goddess Shoes, oh yeah!

  187. longbows

    Crossbows are better.

  188. I saw A Wobbly Gait open for The Psychedelic Furs at the Coach House back in ’91.

  189. I had Candies. They were really cute. I wore them with my Rockies.

  190. Illusion of an ass. Even back in the day. Sigh.

  191. Hi Oso! What are Rockies?

  192. Redneck pants that have no pockets and lift your ass.

  193. Cowgirl/

  194. I sold my soul and my baby sister for a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.

  195. GVs had too much lycra. Sag and bag on my non-existent butt BITD

  196. Back In The Day.

  197. I had my Rockies and the cutest turquoise Justin boots. Then I found out what a “Buckle Bunny” was.

  198. My ass looked spectacular in GV’s. Hell, it made everyone’s ass stunning.

  199. Gloria Vanderbilt had a swan on them, didn’t they?

    I had a pair of Calvin Kleins, but they flattened my backside something awful.

  200. “Buckle Bunny”

    I just had to google that. HA!

    I roped me a cowboy once. His name was HW.

  201. A swan, yes.

  202. Sean, whoa, the ol’ blast from the past! I remember seeing many, many small print ads announcing bands at: “The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano.”

  203. Gloria Vanderbilt had a swan on them, didn’t they?


    Oh, you said swan. Never mind.

  204. I just liked hanging out at the chutes!!! I didn’t know it was a “Thing”

  205. Lippy, the CKs weren’t very flattering. FU Brooke Shields!!!

  206. Just googled buckle bunny meself.

    Reminds me of something a Texan once told me those big rodeo prize buckles were (referring to the beating a cowboy’s parts take from bull and bronc riding)

    “A Tombstone for a Dead Dick”

  207. ^^^ They were all short. too.

  208. I enjoyed bronc and bull riding, but they were freaking midgets!!!! Now loggers….

  209. I remember a lot of shows at the Coach House being advertised on KROQ back when it was good. Before they started playing Metallica.


  210. Poor Sean, the Friday night HHD.

  211. hanging out at the chutes


  212. That’s alright, you gals go ahead and dish about boys and paint your toenails or whatever. I’ll just be out here, hiding in the bushes.

  213. True Story: Fucking rodeo clowns were hitting on me at the chutes. I didn’t know!!!! I just liked being close to the excitement.

  214. weather about to get interesting here.

    Moses status: freaked out

  215. Sorry DiT. We’ve had Balloon Fiesta fireworks freaking my divas out.

  216. Hockey players are huge dudes! Client was the Kings and I’d volunteer to go to meetings at the Forum in hopes of gaping at some.

  217. Strap in, Dave. And give Moses some cuddles too.

  218. ^^^^^

  219. Git alon’ little Mosey
    It’s your good fortune
    To cuddle Dave’s boots

  220. Hockey guys used to be little with few teeth. Suddenly…OMG. Creative dentistry and O M G

  221. I am looking into liking hockey. Sooooon.

  222. Cyn, Hockey guys are baseball yum. Cosmetic dentistry and tall.

  223. Love the Thunder Buddy song. Great movie.

  224. Young guys at work invited me to go drinking with them. Running their FF picks for me. I’m like” I already listen to Fantasy FB at home” They’re like, you pay attention. You know FFB.

  225. Dan actually went off on his sister this week. FiL has to start paying a hospital co-pay since he exceeded the 3 month mark. SiL is “too” busy to take care of the charges. I’m here and not shredding her on FB.

  226. Cosmetic dentistry and tall.

    Yes, yes; go on…

  227. Lame movie This is 40 had hockey players. Hockey players are yum. I used to like the lean lines of tennis players.

  228. Baseball players have butts. I know Jeter retired, but that ass.

  229. Dat ass.

  230. I know!

  231. Dan doesn’t want to go to Nashville with me in June. Me: Can I book my room? Dan: Yes, but don’t get all drunk and pass out in the hospitality suite with a bunch of guys. Me: Ok. FIN

  232. Party pooper!

  233. No pooping during the party.

    /house rules, ladies

  234. Hahaha IKR? I’m looking forward to hanging out with my friends in Nashville. I have 8mos to lose weight. LOL

  235. I H8 the Cards and the Giants. Getting tired with the links. Sexting Oriole RL friend, H8 KC.

  236. From the TMI file: Menstrual pain on the backside. Still dealing with the anemia, the glucose, and the pain. I’m cycling to a new female at work. Yay.

  237. http://tinyurl.com/nkjhrxg

  238. Hahaha

  239. I’m cycling to a new female at work.

    Well, make sure to wear a helmet.

  240. Think I’ll let her keep on going
    Where ever it is, she’s goin’ to.
    Give her my autograph and tell her
    It’s been derp knowin’ you.

  241. Welp I was going to turn but I decided to step on a muthafuckin scorpion instead. Been at the hospital ER since 10:30pm and they took me right back. Yah.

  242. Turn-in, that is.

  243. Oh, sugar, I’m sooo sorry.

    //no scorpions here.

  244. Some benadryl, some zofran, and some percocet… And now just waiting to see if I’m one of the ones who gets the bad reaction.

  245. About one more hour to wait and then I get cut loose, assuming no bad reaction. Fingers crossed.

  246. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jJVJ140CdHQ

  247. Made it home, no reactions.
    Percocet is starting to wear off.

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