MMM 143: my hands smell minty

Day 1 of post-office life. Things are also about to get really weird at work for entirely different reasons. I need some serious motivation today.

I’ll probably make a nice breakfast with some chorizo and eggs and stuff. My 830am daily meeting will be exciting today.

But not this exciting.

Nice calves.
Yay! Arm veins!
Hard like rock.
Did I do this one already? I bet I did. Don’t care.
This is like, artistic ‘n’ stuff.
I cannot do this, and that’s okay.
At least one of these is reversed, that or her anklet switched legs during the photo session.
Warm, sunny days are over for me for at least six months.
They don’t match. Tsk.
Monday is upon us. Today is the first day of the rest of your week.

Start again and get it right this time, weenies.


  1. 43-17…and I missed it!

    Nice selection Leon.

  2. workie workie

  3. I still prefer a bit more body fat on a woman.

  4. Body fat comes later no matter what. You’ll look better if you start with less.

  5. 3 and 4 are the men.


  6. ^excited that i’m pretty sure i got it right this week.

  7. This is awesome.

  8. Car in is right.

  9. So this retired CUNY professor is taking a half million dollar pension from taxpayers.

    We have fallen in love with Alinsky, but don’t follow his tactics.
    Here is what we can do:
    Propose that huge taxpayer funded pensions are bad. Any pension amount above (say $100k) should be taxed at 95%. Make this professor (I bet he is a liberal) a poster child for pension abuse . Find a young black single mother who is making $35k and make her the poster child of a poor taxpayer being exploited by the old white male professor. Pin it on the liberals. Call them exploiters, racists and misogynists.
    Rinse and repeat.

  10. Tushar has a good idea there. As a reward I will allow him to click the tumblr link and learn from NDT’s strong pimp hand.

  11. It’s what he agreed to. Teacher’s unions sure did a good job on behalf of their members. Wonder how we can roll that back, hmmm.

  12. President Walker?

  13. The pension is an agreement, sure, but taxes are a whole different matter, and we know the dems are in favor of confiscatory taxes to punish behaviors that are bad for the collective, so it should be bipartisan.

  14. Worlds colliding:

  15. facing economic reality in issues such as pensions – that’s what’s got Synder in trouble up here in Michigan.

  16. Jay, that is exactly why I proposed 95% tax instead of messing with the pension agreement itself.

    Use their own tools against them.
    Find a new outrage, a new oppressor and a new victim every few days.

    It is easy. They have been doing this forever. Go after their fatcats: professors and govt employees with fat salaries/pensions. Union leaders who exploit their poor union members, NGO bosses who take taxpayer money and live large.
    We can even convince welfare queens that they are victims. Every tax dollar going to a liberal fatcat is a dollar not going to their booze and weed account, known officially as an EBT card.

  17. Yeah, the old people on billboards complaining that he raised their taxes.

    By 1%. On pension income only, which was previously untaxed. He raised taxes on the “rich”, dems should be cheering!

  18. If you propose pension reform, you will lose. Divide and conquer. Din’t go after people making a $50k pension, even if it is undeserved. Go after people scoring large pensions and multiple pensions.

  19. And it’s working, leon.

  20. Pension reform = another 3rd rail. Along with Social Security. You can’t touch those, it’s political suicide. Ironically, it’s what would actually fix the mess that we’re in.

    But everyone is always “take his money, not mine!”

  21. We fight fairly. We fight honorably. We lose gallatly.
    We need to fcuking wake up and change our tactics.

  22. Dunno, Tushar. The other side will just wheel out the fire fighters, teachers, policeman, etc. It doesn’t matter that the tax will only hit the professors collecting 200K for doing nothing.


  23. It’s amazing how well the ads work against the LIVs isn’t it? The senate ads in Iowa are amazing to see. Did you know the Koch Brothers are funding every single campaign for the GOP this year? And they have no one’s interest in mind except their own greed. Poor people don’t stand a chance!

  24. I’d rather talk about economic populism. The game is rigged, but the Dems have it exactly backward.

    It’s not the private sector, it’s that government has rigged the game for themselves.

    Who regulates the Wall St? Government.

    Who votes themselves special insurance, pensions, pay packages? Government.

    Who starts with nothing, and leaves millionaires? Government.

  25. I don’t have the numbers handy, but the case against Synyder is being well funded by outsiders.

  26. The negative attack ads in Iowa are funded by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    A couple are from the Sierra Club, but have 0 to do with the environment. Just the Koch Brothers.

  27. I’m wiling to bet Snyder’s cutting into the same bag of money that works against Walker.

  28. Can one if you naysayers point to where I asked to pick a fight against pensioners, teachers etc?

    I talked about targetting specific high pension individuals. When we talk about them, we can also talk about how high pension for them mean less for others.

    Am I not talking in English, or have the rest if you suddenly forgotten the language?

  29. You are thinking about next election and how to defend against vicious dem attacks.
    I am talking about next 20 years and how to constantly attack them and paint them as the party of special interests they are.

  30. Qué hablas?

  31. Who’s a naysayer, Tushar? Point their own tactics against them, one of the Alinsky rules, got it.

  32. Send the plan to Christie, Tushar. New Jersey needs this.

  33. Teacher hater.

  34. I love teachers.

    I hate public-fund-parasite administrators whose salaries keep us from paying teachers more.

  35. I think Walker had the most effective plan. Put it into motion, save the money, then show the results to everyone when they cry racist.

    Facts are hard to argue with.

  36. Sierra Club, along with most environmental groups, drive me crazy. I think most people agree that preservation of wildlife and their habitat is a laudatory goal. It’s their creepover into every other aspect of life to achieve that which annoys me.

  37. पालथ्या घड्यावर पाणी

  38. >>I love teachers.

    I hate public-fund-parasite administrators whose salaries keep us from paying teachers more.

    Exactly! Divide, divide divide

  39. I think most people agree that preservation of wildlife and their habitat is a laudatory goal.

    Millions of hunters agree.

  40. Teachers are great. It’s all the administrators that have been added in the past 20 years that are bankrupting the system.

  41. Or what leon said, too.

  42. hunters and other outdoorsmen are the best caretakers of the environment, not the Sierra Club. But they are painted as abusers. See also farmers, ranchers, etc.

  43. We could do that in DPS (Detroit Public Scools) easily. Point out the dozen or so admins and DPS do-nothings in the system — all of whom make more than the teachers themselves — and make the point that they are why we can’t pay the math teachers as much as they could be making in the private sector.

    There are numerous poster-boys and -girls to pick from in that system.

  44. Fishermen, too. No ponds, poisoned wetlands? No one cares more than they do.

  45. Ok, tell me this headline didn’t make you smirk:

    Reuters: Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 metres

    Not the Onion.

  46. You hate children.

  47. Only in the sense that I want them to eventually be worthwhile adults.

  48. Surprised it took that far for Gay to succumb

  49. Pllfft. I’ll be dead in 20 years. My felt is already starting to fall apart.

  50. I hate it when my felt falls apart.

  51. Wireless router died. They seem to last me about 4-5 years. Anyone have a recommendation as to brand/model I should purchase?

  52. They’re all 3 and 4 are the men


  53. I have a Netgear N900, about a year now, and have been satisfied. That said, we’ve always had to use a booster out to the family room (ranch style house).


  55. So yesterday I tell Cyn to man up because I’m an asshole.

    Then she has Manwich for dinner because she’s trolling me like a mother fucker.

    Well played.

  56. Are you feeling better after your bout with the Enterobola?

  57. *curtsies*

  58. Thanks, Cyn!

  59. Scott’s linkie is good research.

  60. Even after my week in Fairfax, I’m not sick at all.

    Take that, ebola!

  61. Happy birthday, Michael!

  62. Prayers for HotBride – she should have had her bronchioscope by now; hope they are able to figure out what’s wrong with her so they can make her better ♥♥♥

  63. Car in, have you read Gabe’s homeschooling post at the HQ?

  64. I like my Asus router. Fast connection, and I haven’t had issues. I also had good luck with DLink.

    I melted a Linksys (Cisco) router, but I know they are good, because we use them at work.

  65. Oso, did you see the Benny pics I put in the last poat?

  66. Leon, nope. BRB

  67. Whaaa? Did you say Anus router? NTTAWWT. *cough*

  68. Awww…Benny is too cute. Sweet little face.

  69. That router helps with a lot of traffic.

    What? Quit laughing!

  70. Traffic, sure, but how is the up and down speed?

  71. The up and down speed is the responsibility of the provider.

  72. Sure, make the provider do all the work…

  73. Your mom is the provider

  74. Well, it’s not like you can generate faster speed on your end. Maybe with repeated requests, I suppose that could work. A little pushback wouldn’t hurt.

  75. Proper manipulation of the router’s unique characteristics can also speed the pleasures derived from higher speeds.

    I heard.

  76. >>I like my Asus router.

    I read that as “I like my ass rounder”

    I was about to give up on this blog.

  77. *fans self*

    Go on…..

  78. So we’re a router sex blog now?

  79. Dear PC Magazine,

    I work from home, alone, so never in a million years did I think something so amazing could happen to me…

  80. I work from home, alone, so never in a million years did I think something so amazing could happen to me…

    Whatever follows this is complete fiction.

  81. *stuffs Leon in old CPU case, keeps reading*

  82. You can really tell that a fat pipe makes a big difference.

  83. … so I splurged and got the dual-band, ya know for the extra coverage, and was beside myself with anticipation getting that baby plugged in; let me tell you, those extra antennas are really something special…

  84. heh

    Who knew

  85. I rototilled for over 3 hours today.


  86. Raining here. No rototilling.

  87. Sounds like it’s beer o’clock, Scott.

  88. Rototilling should be part of crackfat.

  89. Girl on the wall might need to change her pants.

  90. Jackie Greene ? just performed one of the worst renditions of the Star Spangled Banner that I have had the misfortune to hear…ever.

  91. …pull it out slightly….

  92. Girl on the wall might need to change her pants.


  93. Whoa. Rally fans are nuts.


  95. That ending…!

  96. When did leon start working at the post office?

  97. Cyn…awwww….look at those feetses

  98. When did leon start working at the post office?

    Today, duh. Didn’t you read the poat?

  99. Perhaps I phrased that inaptly. I was wondering when you got the job.

    I’m assuming you’re sorting outgoing mail, seeing as how you have a thing for people who want to get rid of their packages.

  100. Nope, I’m in large package delivery.

  101. Remember

  102. Chad.

    That is all.


  104. You know where Chad is RIGHT NOW??!

  105. Environmental group kills fish. Nothing to see here, move along.

  106. You know where Chad is RIGHT NOW??!

    Not here, whew.

  107. Bangor Daily.

  108. I don’t even know her.

  109. Where’s her daily?

  110. Hawt stewardess fires back?

  111. My Mom sent Dan $400 for his 50th birthday. I only got $500. She made some really passive-aggressive comments in the birthday letter about me. 1. His birthday is next month. 2. He knows the real story behind the PA. Me: She got your birthday wrong. Dan: I don’t care, $$ and my dog has already been sick.

  112. SQUEEEEE! JackM post at the HQ.

  113. Cyn, heh.

  114. Pretty funny video, too, oso. It keeps going with other ads, too.

  115. Now THAT is how to sing that. Daaaang.

  116. I have to get up at 5 and go to that place I quit.


  117. “You smell like mothballs and dusty Bibles” is a pretty good insult. Gotta remember that.

  118. Why are you going if you quit, Scott?

  119. Scott, BOOOO. You could be watching baseball or MNF

  120. Roamy, I loved his wife’s facial expression to that one. LOL

  121. I loved it when she read the “Go home, you’re drunk” one and made him look at her.

  122. I gave them two weeks, because I’m good like that.

  123. And they’re making you work the two weeks? Niiice – that’s quite the compliment, sir.

  124. They didn’t can me yet.

  125. I bet this would also work for fishsticks:

  126. Is that paleo or something? I don’t think fish sticks can be paleo because:

    A) they are good
    B) they should be eaten with Hotspur at the ghetto bar

  127. Why I H8 LIVs #2345. We were working the freezer/cooler truck. Manuel is driving a load that is 50% Gorton’s Fishsticks. Me: Hey Manuel, do you like fishsticks? Manuel: Yes, (narrows eyes) Why? Me: What are you, some kind of gay fish? Manuel: What? Ashley: Let it go, he’ll never get it. FIN.

  128. That recipe is pretty paleo. I make lots of good food that’s paleo.

    I’d probably do this with salmon filet cut into cubes. Couldn’t use the pork rinds in Lent, not sure how well it would work without that.

  129. FIN? Was that a fish pun?

  130. So, if I take their VOIP, Comcast will reduce my monthly bill by 1/3? How does this make sense?

  131. I wouldn’t trust Comcast, MCPO. (It’s a trap!)

  132. Latin fish.

  133. Mcpo, for how long? Dan took the Comcast deal that gives us router, landline, and movie channels for 10$ less than what we were paying. We also get college sports and NFL Red Zone. At the end of the year, it goes up $50.

  134. New post!

  135. 1. VOIP Discount
    2. ?????
    3. PROFIT!!!

  136. I can’t wait for Comcast to complete their acquisition of TWC

    Because I’ve heard so many good things about their customer service!

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