Big Boob Friday

Hello my babies, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. I’m in the process of moving from Ohio to Tennessee, so pardon me for being a little distracted.



Your model for today is a (now retired) enthusiastic porn star and celebrity banger. She is named after skandi cheese and probably smells like it too on a hot day. Born in Houston, TX on October 7th, 1986, measuring 5’5″, 118lbs, 34-28-34, please stop tracking my online activity long enough to welcome, Miss Bree Olson!








The drink of the week is beer.

I will be taking a hiatus from posting and commenting while I deal with the move and a career saboteur. Please know that I love you guys and until we meet again, aloha.



  1. That one annoying person at work who comes in and announces, “Happy Friday!”

  2. Thanks for the mammaries!

  3. She seems nice.

  4. She looks nice.

    (I’m going to ™ that comment for fridays since Mare is never coming back)

  5. dangit Roamy.

  6. Charlie’s Angels!

  7. I’m never around anymore but I miss Pupster already.

    Career saboteur?? KILL IT WITH FIRE.

  8. Wow, a delurker!


  9. Who is doing BBF? Please don’t let it be HS.

  10. Pupster had a schedule, but Rosetta already ditched a week. I thought Car in was doing it.

  11. Someone conk MJ on the head.

  12. Conch.

  13. Le sigh. It’s windy. I don’t run when it’s windy.

  14. It was really windy here today and yesterday, too. Blew my car all over the road.

  15. work work work work work work hello boys I miss you

  16. Pretty girl for a porn star…

  17. Naughty librarian is naughty.

    Nice work, Pupstah.

  18. Kinda dead post you got here.

  19. Dear Lord, that young lady was born 15 days before DD#1.

    Ms. Olson is quite cute, but living the Charlie Sheen lifestyle has certainly taken its toll on her.

  20. Rebecca is home from school today – seems the storm that came through yesterday took out their electricity, and it still wasn’t back as of 6:00 a.m. this morning.

    Which is when Every.Stinking.Phone. in the house went off at the same damn time.

  21. Three Hostagettes ‘liking’ this poat… ha ha ha!

  22. Let’s talk about a good healthy breakfast.

    Coffee, porn, tiger balm, a trip to the ER.

  23. Once again the world fails The One

  24. “Tiger balm”

  25. Where in the world are you this week, Waldo MJ?

  26. You know I love you Dave, but I’d click one of Xbrad’s latex links before I’d hit that one.

  27. I’ve heard of the ping-pong ball trick, but that’s taking it to a whole new level.


  29. Re: Bree Olsen- she seems nice….


  30. Hey! No NSFW on that! I thought it was a helpful site for ordering gloves!

  31. You need a NSFW tag on a link that says “latex lair” on a BBF thread?

  32. At the dr. the other day they asked HotBride if she was allergic to latex.

    I looked at her and smiled. And she said “Wut?” And I said “Oh, nothing.”

  33. *sniggles*

  34. …but I’d click one of Xbrad’s latex links before I’d hit that one.

    Comment by xbradtc on October 3, 2014 11:48 am

    I stand corrected.

  35. Barack Obola.

    Parasite, or virus?

  36. Pothead answers Cub scouts at door with sword.

    During questioning by Sparta Police Department cops, Reese explained that his sword wielding was commonplace: “Reese told officers he always answers the door with a sword to protect himself against religious people.”

  37. Who ~doesn’t~ answer the door in full battle gear??

  38. I prefer a bowler hat, a bowie knife, and a blue sequined thong.

  39. No doubt the religious people that he’s so afraid of are those awful, evil Christians who want to talk about saving his soul.

  40. HAWT!

  41. You don’t have to click on it, it’s one of those where the headline pretty much tells the story


  43. The jammies seem legit.

  44. That’s a classic pic from a few years ago at least. After it appeared I saw a couple of articles about it. City camo boxers.

  45. *farts liver out of butt

  46. Where in the world are you this week, Waldo MJ?
    Right now I’m in Tampa. I was in Orlando and Jacksonville earlier this week. Going home on Sunday, until Wed. Then off to Atlanta and Miami.

  47. Dickbutt.

  48. Saw my first stink bug trying to get in the house. Fucker.

  49. I have flushed about a dozen of them already.

    Old drafty houses are no match for stink bugs.

  50. The ones that were wintering in the pellet stove got a rude awakening around 5 AM this morning.

  51. If stinkbugs are code for homeless people, then I get what you guys are talking about.

    If not, you’re a bunch of country hicks that enjoy relations with close relatives.

  52. I need one of these

  53. *unleashes Japanese cream prank on MJ*

    Swiftly and brutally

  54. …things that sound naughty…

  55. Japanese are some of the strangest people. Their micropenii really seem to get off by physically hurting and humiliating women.

    “Cruel race”. Name that chick flick.

  56. “Japanese Cream Prank”

    Sex act, or college band?

  57. I was inside that desk.

  58. They do a pretty good job on the dudes too.

    I was going to insert a link of Japanese pranks, but I kinda grossed myself out searching.

  59. *waves angry banner for wimmyns rights*

    *sees hawt guy strolling by, combs hair and powders nose*

    *asks him if he’d like to oppress me. Good and hard*

  60. *willingly pays for triple platinum membership to Lipstick’s newsletter*

  61. That article is not wholly accurate due to its incompleteness. A lil’bit scary for the sake of clicks.

  62. At the bottom: Infowars and PrisonPlanet. Enough said.

  63. Ever since that American doctor contracted Ebola, I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that this particular strain just might have evolved to the point that it is now possible to contract it through airborne means.

    I mean, you just KNOW the folks who were treating it knew exactly what they were dealing with, and they weren’t going to take ANY chances with their own lives. But still they somehow managed to come down with it.

    When it comes to nature, never say “Never”.

  64. *sees hawt guy strolling by, combs hair and powders nose*

    *asks him if he’d like to oppress me. Good and hard*

    *does best Castle Anthrax voice*

    Oooh – and then he can oppress me!



  66. Well, shit. Sorry about that, Cyn.

  67. Not time for Nucular Option just yet – I still have another.

    I have always like the silver one better than the black one anyways.

  68. If blues isn’t your thing, skip to the bass solo at about 4:15.

    I am assuming he is self-taught since he is playing it upside down.

  69. Glad to get a little Hostage therapy today. I had to compile all the pre-flight data for my experiment in case I’m not around when it comes back, and just the whole way my bosses went about it pissed me off.

  70. I’m pre-flight.

  71. Thought you were pre-med

  72. Wiser sent me a text telling me that he is interviewing Joe Bastardi on his show tomorrow.

    I asked him if Joe was in space.

  73. Greetings, people who are asymptomatic. So far.

  74. #occupydulles

  75. I asked him if Joe was in space.

    Hahahaha, Scott.

    I may finally call in. The space station is going over Connecticut for a decent amount of time and at a reasonable hour.

    Wed Oct 8, 7:46 PM
    Duration 4 min
    Max Height 73°
    Appears 10° above WSW
    Disappears 40° above NE

    Thu Oct 9, 6:58 PM
    Duration 6 min
    Max Height 64°
    Appears 10° above SW
    Disappears 11° above ENE

    I don’t expect anyone to get up at 4:30 AM to see ISS.

  76. Not sick yet. No coughing heard in terminal. Stay tuned.

    The friend and coworker who helped get me this job got fired today.

    I am the luckiest man alive and my life is awesome.

  77. *downs moar ibuprofen*

  78. Short video of TiFW losing her power


  80. I can’t take ibuprofen. The only otc pain reliever I can take is Tylenol.

  81. Well, Dallas might be minus a judge (and 2 lovely assistants) by this time next month:

  82. I quit otc pain relievers in the 80’s after they ruined my back.

  83. Crap. My stomach is upset.

    *poops out lungs*

  84. If anyone else wants to know when to see the ISS

    It’s very bright and moves fast.

  85. TiFW, add to that a Red Cross worker.


    Happy Birthday, Michael!

  87. It’s very bright and moves fast.

    That’s what she said.

  88. And the Red Cross worker was wearing a “YOLO” shirt.

    The irony.



    Ha Ha Ha – that made me pee a little!!

  91. I thought you might like that.


    Hope that’s not Rocketboy.

  93. I have to get up at 5 AM, 2nd day in a row.

    I don’t like it.

  94. Hi guys. One of my former managers is the Store Manager of the Target by the ebola apartments. None of his employees want to work and they all want PPE.

  95. * checks decoder ring *

    No match.

  96. PPE = personal protective (protection?) equipment

    They want masks, gloves, and hazmat suits.

    I contemplated “losing” a couple of cleanroom suits today.

  97. What Roamy said. People are freaking out.

  98. The pictures on Twitchy make it look more like a motel than an apartment complex.

  99. well apparently last night we had straight line wind damage all around us.. just not here.

    Yay me! (nobody got hurt)

  100. It’s infuriating that no travel restrictions have been put in place yet.

  101. And incompetent.

  102. And imbecilic.

  103. hey Scott, that Larry guy is a shit hot bass player. Lefty even.


  104. It’s very bright and moves fast.

    I’ll take “Things that aren’t XBrad” for $400, Alex.

  105. It’s infuriating that no travel restrictions have been put in place yet.

    You, sir, are worse than Hitler.

  106. Yo, Hostages. How goes it?

  107. Who the hell are you? ;-)

  108. I deserve that.

  109. Stupid MLB. I guess East Coast people don’t want to watch the Angels.

  110. I tried last night, oso. Gave up at 1245am. That shit sucks.

  111. xbrad, you around? I has a question about the CIB

  112. BC – Where you at? Texas?

  113. *debriefs; cocktails*

  114. I gave up on the A’s/KC play in game. That was some exciting baseball. Travel weary.

  115. ~waves at Cyn~

  116. The Angels are on TBS, are they not?

  117. BC – Where you at? Texas?

    Nope, Florida. About as far NE as you can go and stay in the state and dry.

  118. I thought TBS was Braves TV.

  119. Nah, Braves haven’t been TBS for a while. TBS, if I remember right, has the play in games, the Divisional round and maybe one of the LCS series.

  120. They’re carrying all the AL Division Series games, Jew.

  121. Cards Dodgers is on Fox Sports 1. Gonzales just jacked one. UGH. Angels are on TBS

  122. ~waves back at Oso~

  123. Balloon Fiesta doesn’t start until tomorrow. I’m already sick of traffic, balloons, and tourists.

  124. Not all Sam’s Clubs have the same inventory. We’re a neighborhood Club. The Club where Pepe shops is a business Club. Local businesses have booths at the Fiesta grounds. One of them sent a non-English speaking employee to our Club to buy for their booth. We don’t carry half of the items on her list. My “No hay, Renaissance” wasn’t getting through to her. I have more Spanish than any of the associates that were there this morning. I H8 people.

  125. Did anybody catch anybody else trying to sell their stolen bike on Craigslist today?

  126. Balloon Fiesta sounds like it should be… WHEEEEEE HAPPY!!1!

  127. Apparently several pockets of the neighborhood are still without power tonight. The news truck is on the next street over, reporting live for the 10:00 CST broadcast. Dogs in the area are going nuts….

    We got lucky – our side of the street only lost power for about 15 minutes yesterday.

  128. Ugh. Apparently my mother called AT&T or someone because she wanted caller ID. She is now the proud owner of a super-deluxe package including high-speed internet, call waiting and a bucketload of other things she doesn’t need. And now she can’t make long distance calls without a code, which she has no idea how to find/set up.

    Lord knows what they have done to her internet, which was the best available for the existing infrastructure already. It’s not like they’re rushing to run fiber optics out to butt-fuck PA.

    So tomorrow go into bitch mode and yell and scream about taking advantage of the elderly and three days and cancel that crap right now, you evil shitheels.

  129. Serious You Guys: we do NOT have to answer Sean’s question tonight. He’s not a cop. He’d have to tell us if he was a cop. I watch Law and Order so I got this shit down.

  130. Sic ’em Lippy!

  131. Glad you got lucky, TiFW; sometimes it’s good to be lucky.


    Go get ’em Lippy, give ’em hell!

  132. My Sam’s had this on the shelf yesterday

    It was a big bottle so I opted not to buy a 10 year supply. When the Ebola strikes Maine I’ll regret that decision.

  133. Cyn, I’m jaded about balloons. Balloon people are cray cray.

  134. Jimbro, we don’t have that, but our Total Wine does.

  135. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Oso, serves them right for not sending an English-speaking person to get their stuff. Nervy. You should have pretended not to speak any Spanglish to teach whomever sent her a lesson.

    *gearing up for tomorrow, getting my crank on*

  137. >>>Balloon Fiesta sounds like it should be… WHEEEEEE HAPPY!!1!

    It was for me back in ’93 when I visited a nurse I used to date. She moved to ABQ. after we broke up. It was a pleasant reunion.

  138. When the Ebola strikes Maine I’ll regret that decision.


  139. Oso, just say ‘Je ne compre pas. Parlez vous Englais?’ Works like a charm.

  140. One year, between the Fiesta balloons and rogue balloons, there were over 1000 aloft at the same time. That was cool.

  141. Alternatively: English, mutherfucker! Do. You. Speak it?!’

  142. I get CDC updates periodically about stuff like seasonal flu arriving, rabies clusters, EEE, etc. Today was “All You Need To Know About Ebola”.

  143. Jew, most of the time I say “No hablo, no intiendo”. Then I use my apache glare. LOL

  144. What are they saying about the DREAMer Virus, Jimbro?

  145. I’m never going up in a balloon again after that Egypt accident at the Valley of the Kings. What kind of idiot does that kind of thing in a third-world country? Really?

    *remembers where I went up*

    Wellllll, ahem, Kenya is one of the most advanced countries in all of Africa, for sure!

    *slaps younger self*

  146. She really is very good with the glare. I have seen this.

  147. Alternatively: English, mutherfucker! Do. You. Speak it?!’

    I actually yelled at one of the drunken midgets last night, “Say ‘what’ one more time!!”

  148. Yay Oso — my hero!

  149. It’s all pretty cut and dry descriptions Oso. No new insights beyond what you’d read in a textbook or journal. The gist of this was to be aware it’s now in the US and consider it in your differential diagnosis. Same thing with the Enterovirus thingie.

  150. Ballooning in Kenya?! You cray-zeee!

  151. More of an Isleta glare, but no one is afraid of Pueblo Indians. Sigh.

  152. “All You Need To Know About Ebola”

    I sure as hell hope they didn’t have Matt Yglesias write that.

  153. Jimbro, so I don’t need to grab the go-bag just yet?

  154. Lippy, my Aunt Dee took 2 balloon safaris over the Serengeti. Her pics were cool. Nope nope nopity nope.

  155. *whispers, “What”, to Brent*

  156. “All You Need To Know About Ebola”

    Freaking paternalistic turn of phrase.

  157. “All You Need To Know About Your Mom”

  158. Did they learn what they know in Kindergarten? Or they’re just treating the country like pre-schoolers?

  159. Maybe I should work in a good “your mom” reference tomorrow.

  160. Bunch of future zombie pre-schoolers.

  161. Lippy, if it was your mom would you want some scumbag fleecing her?

  162. “All You Need To Know About Flossing”

  163. I’m around now, Dave. Whatchya need?

  164. No need to panic yet but I’m keeping my gas tank full and contemplating the meaning of “Essential Personnel”.

  165. Lippy – Yes.

  166. “All You Need To Know About Ebola”

    FACT: You cannot get Ebola by shaking hands.*

    *Note: This statement does not apply to the sexual position known as the “Abuja Handshake.”

  167. Did I mention that we are selling the 30day food kits like crazy?

  168. Oso,
    We finally got a “Total Wine” here. It’s in a traffic-nightmare called “South Hill” referred to locally as “South Hell”.
    The daughter of the lady that runs my smoke-shop works there and encouraged me to check it out.
    The rot-gut Canadian Whiskey that we drink is $17.99 for a ‘double fifth’ at Rite-Aid and Safeway.
    It’s $11.49 at “Total Wine”!
    That price, of course, is before the $7/liter WA likker-tak and the state sales-tax on-top of the price AND the likker-tax. Yes, tax on the tax. It’s what we do here in blue WA.
    The price makes it worth the drive. Besides, it’s just down the street from CostCo, so we can double-up…

  169. Not looking up Abuja Handshake

  170. Smart man.

  171. Not all white people, but Dan’s family is weird. Mexican grandmother would have kids and grandkids taking turns spending the night. MiL has been alone since FiL went in the hospital in July. I’ve tried to get Dan to stay with her on the nights before his day off. So far, no luck.

  172. OH hey so SSG “Shoot Me” got awarded his second CIB last month.

    Actually I guess his PH is the “Shoot Me” thing.

    I’m not asking about him it just got me curious, how does the Army note multiple awards on a CIB? Stars? When do they stop that shit?

    And also I don’t want this kid to get any more of any of this stuff. Good Conduct.. Great Crap in the camp latrine. No more shooty stuff.

  173. ChrisP, Total Wine has great prices. A few of our members still buy booze at Sam’s, but most cross the parking lot and go to Total.

  174. I just looked it up – it’s not bad. Really. Swearsies!

  175. Lippy, if it was your mom would you want some scumbag fleecing her?

    That’s why I’m so pissed. Mom is so sweet and kind and I know she must feel so bad and stupid about this. They made my mother feel stupid. No words can describe the pain and violence I want to do to them.

  176. Lips, AT&T “customer service” is a buncha lying crooks and you will not get satisfaction by trying to deal with them directly. Guaranteed. That is pointless. Just contact the PA Attorney General’s office first thing.

    Scott, I, and the Wisers all have fun stories about the deceptive sales practices/ misrepresentations/ outright fraud at the local sales level.

  177. Dave, there IS a second award for the CIB, but my understanding of the current version of AR whateverthefuckthenumberis says you don’t get separate awards for Iraq and A-stan. If he’d been in Desert Storm, he’d qual for a star on his CIB.

    But a multiple tours in the GWOT don’t count.

    It *may* be that his unit qual’d for the newbies to get their CIBs. Which would imply his unit got shot at.

  178. That is why you need to guilt the shit out of some fuckbag trying to make numbers at the expense of the elderly.

  179. Cyn, I can’t tell you how many times our side of the street has been the “unlucky” one when it comes to arbitrarily losing power. The lighting patterns in these old neighborhoods are really crazy…

  180. I like Lauraws idea better. Get the AG involved. Election year.

  181. That reminds me, it’s time to contact our vendors and customers and disengage my old store phone number/ current cell phone from the business. In less than a year I will finally be free from AT&T!

  182. “Abuja residents urged to be circumspect about handshake”

    Posted by: Bukola Amusan, Abuja in News August 16, 2014.

    Abujans have been avoiding handshakes for 7 weeks and we can’t run a simple quarantine.

  183. Contact the local TV stations – they’re always looking for stories like this. Then call AT&T and let them know that the media has been alerted.

  184. Nothing simple about a quarantine when TFG wants us to be a Third World Country.

  185. Home safe, whiskey’d, dog napping at feet.

    Life good.

  186. Bcoch,
    I’ve seen the pictures of your “Little Drunken Midgets”, and can’t help but think that we would love to be so blessed.
    Then, I do the math.
    We would both be dead before they were out of high-school.
    May GOD bless you and yours…

  187. In less than a year I will finally be free from AT&T!

    There are still phone contracts??!? They made you drink a potion when you signed this, didn’t they.

  188. Glad you didn’t die in a fiery crash, Leon.

  189. Goodnight. . .

  190. A good friend works for AT&T in sales. This is a direct quote: “, my job is so evil and soul destroying that I want nothing more than to quit and blow bums in the park. At least then I would have some self-respect.”

  191. ChrisP, did you watch the Drunken Midgets Dance Video on FB?

  192. Leon, we need Benny pics.

  193. *thinks it’s hilarious that Jimbro looked up Abuja handshake

  194. *sniggers evilly*

  195. Yah Cyn, it was the only way I could keep my business line after I closed the store. I still had a lot of clients using that number. AT&T made me contract for two more whole years in exchange for transferring the number to a new cell phone. Just one more reason to never deal with them ever again after this.

    Eight more months.

  196. I will take Benny pics tomorrow.

  197. Not like Abuja Handshake was a Tushar link. Just sayin’

  198. Wasn’t Michael an AT&T attorney before he retired?

  199. thanks xb

  200. *fist bumps Cyn…extends hand to Lippy*

  201. Ahhh, that makes a bit more sense, Laurawr; I was thinking some sort of long term landline deal. Still, they are sticky fuckers.

  202. There’s only something like 68 guys that earned “perfect attendance” CIBs, having earned them in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. CIB with two stars above.

  203. Whatever you do, don’t look up the “Evil Snigger.”

  204. Got it.

    I’m just hoping this goof doesn’t get a second PH

  205. Is it OK to contemplate divorce if your hubby is hoping for an all MO World Series?

  206. And by MO, I mean Missouri. Not, you know, MOs

  207. Divorce? Yes. Murder? No.

  208. AUGH!!!!

  209. Royals are playing some D.

  210. XB, he put money on the Patriots against my Chefs! I bet PG is at the Mirage by now.

  211. Is it okay if I murder him?

  212. Strangers On A Train. OK.

  213. I’m not married, so you can just kill, oh, I dunno, b-rad or something.

  214. heh. Code name:Lois Lerner.

  215. Goddammit, extra innings again. We’re not fucking hitting for shit.

  216. Free Baseball, though! Fuck that!

  217. I wanted to kill Josh Hamilton last night.

  218. The bigger town next to the hometown has a hockey team called the Tomahawks. Their logo is a feathered Indian head in profile with two huge tomahawks making an X behind the head.

    It’s so deliciously politically incorrect and I bought a t-shirt just so I can flaunt it around Los Angeles in hopes of seeing a single tear flow down the face of anyone.

  219. My native friends are squabbling about the Injun dealio. Buy them while you can!

  220. *raises Tomahawk glass in agreement*

  221. Crying Indians always turn out to be Italian

  222. I have a bunch of Native friends. Only 1 is militant. He’s thin and tall and mistaken for Sioux. We give him shit for this. He’s the only one that cares about the Redskins. Everyone else is chill.

  223. Tell your friends that we gave them boomsticks and casinos, so they can STFU.

    (Didn’t mention firewater cause, awkward)

  224. Hahaha Howdy TJ

  225. Hell, we gave them THE WHEEL.

    Yeah, they were right on the superhighway to success till we came along and spoiled things.

  226. Lippy, TRUE STORY:Drink! My friend Sam is hetero. Santa Ana and Acoma. Most natives are Rez. City natives are usually gay. He gets pissed that the assumption is he’s gay, just because he’s not a Rez indian. I give him shit, because he never gives me Indian bread. Most of my Indian friends are Fabulous!!!

  227. Lippy, they had domesticated a turkey. Yawn. Thousands of years of Anasazi BS and they domesticated one bird.

  228. Goddamn Josh Hamilton.

    *shakes head*

  229. I’m really H8N Josh Hamilton, DiT, and Mare. Mostly Josh. Mostly.

  230. TJ, where you been?

  231. Sam is in denial.

  232. hey all

  233. Thousands of years of Anasazi BS and they domesticated one bird.

    The dumbest one.

  234. Lippy, Hahaha. Sam had 2 kids with a friend that I told him was crazy. He and his Ex like to fight on FB. Awkward for the rest of us. Horno Indian bread is way better than fry bread.

  235. Hi, Jenn.

  236. Lippy, have you been to canyon de chelly and all the Indian BS in New Mexico?

  237. Nope. Just an awkward getaway in Santa Fe, which is Sioux for Art Gallery.

    Can’t Sam and Crazy Girl smoke peace-pipe?

  238. Not any more. 2 cute kids later. Crazy girl is german.

  239. Dammit.

  240. And Trout strikes out to end the game. We are officially in a funk.

  241. //

  242. damn it

  243. I love Trout. Really harassing my Hamilton H8.

  244. Pretty sure Trout doesn’t have a hit yet in the first two games. Like most of the team. FFS.

  245. I know, Jenn. I posted that version to FB last night. I just really like Anna Stearns light up dress.

  246. yeah i actually like that version too. one of the few donna summer songs i like.

  247. Anna Stearns/Venus Hum (nor for that matter Blue Man Group) hasn’t had a lot of success since they released that a decade ago.

    Second look at Wiserbud’s cover song theory?

  248. i remember he had a theory but i dont remember what it was. speaking of not very successful I watched the Veronica Mars movie. OMG that was awful.

  249. I’m sorry that the Halos are a team I actually like. Bad Mojo. Can’t fake the Mojo.

  250. Rosetta doesn’t even understand baseball. Bet we get some Cardinal gloat this wknd.

  251. Kristen Bell was in it, and looked good.

    //successful movie in my book

  252. I’m drowning my sorrows in cheetos and coke zero. Mostly cheetos.

  253. xbrad
    I’m up in North Dakota, freezing
    Fraced a well this afternoon.

  254. Our high tomorrow will be at least 105.

  255. Fracing smells like….Victory. FU TFG!

  256. If you believe in yourself you can free your soul
    My heart is breaking in two, I don’t know what to do
    If you are right with the world
    You can make it your derp
    I’m happy, she’s happy

  257. Cardinal gloat? Why I never!

  258. Jay killed it.

  259. Good morning. Breffast, chores, then Wiserradio.

  260. coffee, chores, run, work.

    wakey wakey

  261. So, they combined the Lapeer schools this year. Which meant we went up to Division 1 football, and combined our football teams.

    Right now, we’re 6-0.

    The scores?

    last night was 69-0
    Previous games:


  262. My high school had one year like that. Had an all-star running back setting school records, was going to go on to great things. He broke his leg freshman year of college, and that was that.

  263. It’s not about any stars this year, Roamy. it’s simply because we had so many kids who had been playing – on two toughish teams. The combined talent and depth.

  264. I lost a pound on my trip.

  265. Maybe the hotel could help you find it. Have you called them yet?

  266. He probably lost it at the airport. It’s gone forever.

  267. Prolly when I pooped my lungs out.

  268. Coffee and New Poat is ready

  269. Oso.

    Saw your comment from last night. Have left mirage and am now in Pullman Washington. It’s already fall up here. Left money at mirage and will go back and retrieve it on Sunday on way home. Pray for Baylor. Oklahoma. Michigan state. Wisconsin. And Kansas state. Packers put me $50 up.

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