Thursday – Yeah


  1. Masterful!

  2. If anyone else in Dallas comes down with Ebola, that guy should get charged with something.

  3. I agree.

    It was his cousin/nephew (??) who called the CDC when Duncan was not admitted the first time. Crazy pills.


  5. This is a parody of something. Impressive camera work, looks like a single shot. No clue how he backed over the stream.

  6. I have always had dogs that loved catching snowballs.

    The first time I threw one in Yankee’s direction he charged and bit me.

  7. “Cause it wasn’t funny, got that?

  8. Comment by Cyn on October 2, 2014 10:18 am

    We have a “no nipple” rule. We have a “no weinus” rule.

    We don’t have a “no money shot” rule?

  9. Hmmm. Maybe we should.

  10. Also,

  11. Frageelay…

  12. Good morning, kids of cool.

    Who wants to spell me for a day, and take XMom to the 99c Store?

  13. It’s like we live on two different planets:

    Five Crucial Failures of Eric Holder

    Well, actually, I have to say, I do agree with two of them.

  14. I’ll wrangle Xmom if you’ll take the boys to get their quarterly grades from their teachers.


  16. Are any of the teachers hawt?

  17. Lesson 1: Only Trust…

  18. Alton Brown’s Molasses-and-Coffee Pork Chops

    Nom nom nom

  19. One leans hawt while the other leans cute.

    But hey, for all I know the ‘cute’ one is a closet dominatrix.

  20. Who wants to smell me for a day, and take XMom to the 99c Store?

    I can smell you from here, and I’m in the eastern time zone.

  21. Comment by Cyn on October 2, 2014 12:49 pm

    One leans hawt while the other leans cute.

    Be wary if they want to invite your son over for private “tutoring” sessons. Just the three of them.

  22. I’m a student at a small southwestern high school, and I never thought this would happen to me, but…

  23. Be wary? Heck… I’m gonna sell their phone numbers for top dollar!

  24. From the comments at AoS this morning:

    62 From a friend who’s a nurse over on Oahu…

    “FML Ebola patient in my Icu and as I pull into parking garage a Blackhawk lands on the roof. Wtf is going on”

  25. You know, I suck at cleaning.

    With my friend coming next week, I decide that now is a great time to re-organize everything.


    I have a crapton of homeschool books to sell. I hate ebay. There are some homeschooling boards. I’d rather just sell the whole lot, but it’s a LOT of stuff.

  26. Pour yourself a drink and calm the fuck down.

  27. yea, I was thinking of doing that.

    but if I have a drink, the cleaning will come to a stop. that’s usually why I have a drink. To get me to relax and stop fussing.

    I’m gonna go grab a cup of coffee. That should help.

  28. Coffee flavored tequila.

  29. do they make that?

  30. Ask Dave.

    Also, I went to buy Kahlua last night, but every bottle had “with Rum” printed on the label. I thought they came out with a new formula or something, but according to the (amused) liquor store guy, Kahlua has always had rum, now they just say so on the label.


  31. Whut, no picture of Thor? It’s like I don’t know you!

    *runs away crying*

  32. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Michael!

  33. Thorsday fixtd

  34. So, guess who holds the title of “World’s Mostest Meanest Mom Evah”?

    *points thumbs at chest and nods with a wink*

  35. Cyn, did you not allow him to go to the “tutoring” session?

  36. But hey, for all I know the ‘cute’ one is a closet dominatrix.

    That would make her the hawt one, right?

  37. Car in, am I still coming to your house on Sunday?

  38. Bring Kahlua.

  39. Naw, the computers have been locked down unless school work’s done. I started off the school year with by giving ’em a little trust, and by extension a little rope…

  40. HA HA HA…

    Breaking News: Patient Zero lied on his exit forms about being around anyone with Ebola!!Eleventy!1!


  41. God, the nasty comments about Texas from the left right now are nauseating.

    “Maybe they didn’t know Liberia is in Africa.”
    “Maybe they removed those pages from Texas geography books?”
    “I didn’t know that Texas was still part of the U.S.”

    I just responded: “If they weren’t, they’d be in a better position to decide who crosses their borders.”

    That’s going to leave a mark.

  42. I’ve never had Kahlua, is that a creme liquor? Those tear up my gut.

  43. I was a little surprised to learn that cute, pixieish Jane Wiedlen of the Go-Gos is into BDSM.

  44. Texas couldn’t protect it’s Northern, Eastern, or Western borders from the influx of refugees if it seceded.

    OTOH, cleaning up Austin would be righteous.

  45. I do have Sunday off, Leon. I have a soccer game in the morning. I could grill up something. Of course, added pressure on the house cleaning dealo, but …
    Husbands and boys will be busy repairing the wall so they may be only tangentially entertaining.

  46. I’m not coming into the house, no worries. Even if I do, I genuinely won’t notice if it’s dirty.

    Should I bring anything to get the mint?

  47. Kalua is a rum-flavored coffee liquor..

    Just ash Bailey Irish cream uses irish whiskey as it’s based.

  48. God, the nasty comments about Texas from the left right now are nauseating.

    They do realize that he first entered the country through DC, right?

    Btu wait.. how can that be? Washington DC is where ALL of the best and brightest people live!

    I hate stupid fucking libtards

    On a slightly different tack, does anyone else feel like their living through the first couple of chapters of The Stand? (except, if King had written this current scenario, the dumbass in charge would have been a Republican.)

  49. No, I have plenty of little containers around here.

  50. Kalua is a rum-flavored coffee liquor..


    You wanta try that one again there, Butch?

  51. Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that’s like heaven in a little shot glass.

  52. And, wiser, there would be a liberal scientist (Jeff Goldbloom would play him in the movie) warning and warning those hard-headed conservative leaders that they are making a huge mistake.

    Plus, global warming. And Oil profits. throw Dick Cheney into the mix.

  53. Yeah, Dulles didn’t stop his ass. Dallas, as usual, is dealing with the fallout from DC not doing its damn job.

  54. They do realize that he first entered the country through DC, right?

    From Brussels, no less….

  55. Whatever wiser, You know what I meant. I’ve got dust in my sinuses.

    This coffee is helping.

    *kicks wiser in the poon

  56. Comment by Cyn on October 2, 2014 3:02 pm
    Thorsday fixtd

    *scrolls up*

    (But I was hoping for the gif of Mr. Hemsworth winking)

  57. *kicks wiser in the poon

    kind of immune to that at this point…..

  58. Kahlua is a coffee liqueur that’s like heaven in a little shot glass.

    And either mixed with vodka if you’re a guy or drizzled over vanilla ice cream if you’re an xbrad

  59. Plus, global warming. And Oil profits. throw Dick Cheney into the mix.

    heh heh heh…

    and a child would save them all…..

  60. Yep. If Texas had seceded, I’m pretty sure passports from Liberia wouldn’t be admitted.

  61. The only liqueur I put on my ice cream is Maker’s Mark.

  62. and a child would save them all…..

    In case this is actually be scripted by Dean Koontz, replace “child” with “golden retriever”

  63. Comment by Cyn on October 2, 2014 3:05 pm
    So, guess who holds the title of “World’s Mostest Meanest Mom Evah”?

    This guy?

  64. In case this is actually be scripted by Dean Koontz, replace “child” with “golden retriever”

    Or possibly Frankenstein’s Monster.

  65. *orders a White Russian from the H2 Poolside Bar*

  66. who holds the title of “World’s Mostest Meanest Mom ….


  67. It was his cousin/nephew (??) who called the CDC when Duncan was not admitted the first time. Crazy pills.

    Rush was saying his family was complaining that the hospital hasn’t given him the medicine they used to help the doctors, yet.

    And if the the country was run by people who actually cared about the country, they would be asking to see that family’s green card and kicking their asses out if they couldn’t produce one.

  68. I made a White Russian for Woody Harrelson once. Didn’t even recognize him. he sat at my bar for 45 min.

  69. Rush was saying his family was complaining that the hospital hasn’t given him the medicine they used to help the doctors, yet.

    Well, that’s obviously because the hospital is racist.

  70. For Cyn’s poor, woebegone kids:

  71. Rush was saying his family was complaining that the hospital hasn’t given him the medicine they used to help the doctors, yet.

    Well, that’s obviously because the hospital is racist.

    That, and they used it all up already.

  72. What did you guys do with MJ?

  73. Good question. I remember we were talking and then I slipped him in my pocket and… oh shit!!!

    *runs to check the dryer*

  74. *runs to check the dryer*

    Sure hope you you didn;t set the dryer on “high.’

    He might shrink

  75. Check the lint screen, Cyn. He might have fallen through.

  76. and then I slipped him in my pocket

    Reminds me of the scene in Night at the Museum 2. “This old cowboy just got to second base!”

  77. Ace just took Neil Tyson’s head off with a blade so sharp and swift, it’s still sitting up on the buffoon’s shoulders teetering around.

  78. Holy crap, we’ve got lots of wind, rain, and hail coming down – the sky all of a sudden got really dark out there; Sarah and Rebecca are out in this.

    Big dog is FREAKING OUT right now….

  79. Well shit. Mom’s gotta have a biopsy after some light up areas on a pet scan.

  80. Dammit. Sorry to hear that, Cyn. Prayers up for her.

  81. what xbrad said, sweetie

  82. Ditto here.

  83. yup

  84. {{{hugs}}} Cyn and Cyn-mom ♥♥♥

  85. Wow, second fraudulent charge this month on credit cards. And I haven’t even been to Home Depot or Target!

  86. It’ll be nothing, Cyn. Prayers on the way though.

  87. Thanks gang. We’re pretty sure it’s ‘something’ and now we need to figure out which cancer-something it is: whether lymphoma or non-small cell lung that’s migrated. This will be her third cancer in five years.


    I never realized just how much one’s plate could really truly hold.

  88. Cute fix stat!!!

  89. Prayers for you and your mom.

  90. And, by mom, I mean your real mom.

  91. “I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish that He didn’t trust me so much.” ~ Blessed Mother Teresa

  92. Ha! ^^This :)

  93. Jay, was your fraud charge by chance on a Chase card?

  94. WFAA Dallas says 120,000 without power. Straight-line winds of 70mph.
    Their RADAR is pretty flashy, too…

  95. No, they weren’t, Cyn. One was my local bank, other was Capital One.

  96. I saw somewhere the roof of Arlington, TX high school was ripped off.

  97. Stay safe, TX hotsausages!

  98. That probably washed away the ebola vomit.

  99. Prayers for Cyn and CynMom

  100. That probably washed away the ebola vomit.


    Every thing Obama has done, not done has had the domino effect of f*ck up all the way down to power washing infected vomit everywhere.

    Was that not even disinfected before turning that on?

  101. Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America, he just left off the ‘into and shithole dump’ part.

  102. Kill the economy.
    Ruin healthcare.
    Flood the country with unskilled criminals.
    Add disease.

    We are almost transformed.

  103. The TiFW daughters made it home safely not long after I posted that comment.

    Rebecca’s attendant, however, had her car stall in some fast-moving water, so she will not be here this afternoon. Her phone speaker isn’t working, so we were texting back and forth.

    Right now, things are calm; we’ve still got power, but one of the fuses on the pole behind us blew, so some of our neighbors’ lights are out.

  104. Glenn Beck said he’s buying chlorine to combat Ebola. And staying home.

  105. Yee-haw! Just came over the wire:

    Appeals court lets Texas enforce law that restricts abortions

  106. chlorine for pools or chlorine bleach?

  107. Most probably bleach.

  108. Who knows Beasn. He kept saying chlorine over and over again. I’m guessing he meant chlorine bleach but one of his co-hosts said “going to the pool store” in a mocking tone. Then I arrived at my destination and stopped listening. I’d stick with having a gallon of unscented bleach on hand.

  109. We’ve sold a pallet of the 30-day food supply kits. They never sell. Most associates, don’t even know what aisle they’re on. Preppers Assemble!!!

  110. Bibi is on with Greta right now

  111. Zombie Poopopalypse,

  112. Vomitopalypse?

  113. Last night’s episode of South Park was Gluten Free Ebola.

  114. Household bleach is sodium hypochlorite. Pool tablets are usually chlorine dioxide. Both can be used to treat water, and you don’t need much. Two drops of household bleach per quart.

    Some people buy the tablets because they keep longer than the liquid bleach.

  115. How much would be needed to kill something infected with obamola? Diluted or full strength?

  116. I think you are supposed to use muriatic acid for ebola.

  117. * purchases flame thrower *

  118. Ah shit, NFL Pink Month is here.I think they’ll be pushing the pink a lot more this year.

  119. I’m still Going Gold for Childhood Cancer!!! One month just isn’t enough!!!

  120. Beasn, depends on whether you are purifying water, washing bedding, or cleaning surfaces like doorknobs and toilets. The NASA daycare workers mixed 1/2 cup of household bleach into a gallon of water and put it in a spray bottle. They would use that to disinfect the toys, changing tables, etc.

  121. Word.

  122. My plan is to drink Valu-rite – alcohol kills germs.

  123. Drinking can get you germs.

    It depends on where you drink.

  124. He said “Axed”. I expect English in my anti-technology rants.

  125. Did anybody portray anybody else as a craven opportunist willing to say and do anything to pander to the voters today?

  126. Head of the CDC said pecific yesterday.

  127. Bisghetti!

  128. Dan claims I say “Reever”, but he lies. Ok, maybe one time. He kept harassing me about “Crossing the reever” and I may have gone a little mocha. (Pronounce the “CHA”)

  129. Fuck all y’all. I’ma go the liberry.

  130. You should punch him in the leever.

  131. I’m going to miss my Texas friends.

  132. why? I’m good

    About the only two open questions I have in the Dallas Patient Zero Fuckwit Ebola story are:

    When did he buy his plane ticket? (I know he lied and knew he was exposed and did a dozen other stupid fucking things, I’m just interested in how preplanned this was)

    And why are four seriously exposed people quarantined in an Ebola hot zone? Where even if they don’t have it now they can still get it?

  133. Mira, look.

  134. I thought we were missing our Texas friends due to high winds and no power?

  135. whut?

  136. 1. Buy wooden cart and bell.
    2. Walk about the streets of Dallas shouting “Bring out your dead!”
    3. ?
    4. Profit.

  137. My question is why the guy was sent home the first time with antibiotics for, what they’re calling, a viral infection? Antibiotics don’t work on viruses.

  138. I wonder if he was sent home with antibiotics or Tamiflu.

    Sometimes reporters just get the most basic things wrong. Docs are normally reticent to administer antibiotics unless there was some evidence of a secondary bacterial infection

  139. Roamy, storm moved through. Friends are posting pics from Ft Worth and Arlington.

  140. Good point, here I was taking the reporting as fact. I’ll need to relearn that lesson many times I guess.

  141. Mira, look.

    I’m looking but I don’t see.

  142. Mira!

  143. Mira,
    Look what happens when you put a Pool-Tablet in the bottom-half of a beer can and pour a little DOT-4 Brake-Fluid over it, OUTSIDE!
    If you do that, get the hell back from it…

  144. 60 percent of the time they fuck things up ALL the time

  145. Word.

  146. Mira, 60 percent of the time they fuck things up ALL the time

  147. When did he buy his plane ticket?

    Good question; maybe recently as he was fired not too long ago.

  148. Oh man – I just watched a video of the guy’s brother who pretty much implied that he got Ebola after he received medication from the hospital because he was virus-free when he left Africa.
    Hooo boy.

  149. They believe all sorts of stupid shit about this bug.

    Which is why they hacked to death a few healthcare workers a month ago. Witches.

  150. Wow prosecuting ebola man. Don’t mess with Texas

  151. I read that wrong. Liberian officials are prosecuting him.
    Don’t mess with Liberia. God Love them

  152. Mira, the CIA gave them ebola so they could test the medicine. Only Americans are getting the medicine. If you make it to America, you live. (Stuff I’ve heard from African friends)

  153. pizza is here.

  154. Mira???

    I hate when I lose my code book.

  155. A beagle would rather sit out here on the deck on my feet during a thunderstorm than cower inside on the couch with mom.

    Beagle courage.

  156. Mira is Spanish for “Look”. I’m ready to go all Ray Rice on people that say “Mira, look”. Hispanics will say “Mira” when they want you to listen. I’m embracing my cultural heritage and sharing it with the H2.

  157. Mira is the Spanish imperative for “look”, Cyn. Often used when we’d say “pay attention”.

  158. Yo quiero Taco Bell??

  159. Beagle feets.

  160. Mira, beagle feets.

  161. he pants like a mofo when these things happen

  162. That means “I want Taco Bell”.

    And it’s one of those phrases I can never honestly say. Right up there with “I wish I had no penis” or “I wish I were shorter”.

  163. Mira, combination pizza hut and taco bell.

  164. Yes.

  165. Mira, that vomit on the floor is Taco Bell’s fault. Stupid Chalupa.

  166. Anglo directions to my condo: Go North on Coors, take a left at Irving, head West for 1.6 miles, then take a right at Arroyo Del Sol. Hispanic directions: turn at the taco bell, go up the road, 2 mebbe 3 lights, I dunno, the planet fitness is on the corner, go pass that and turn after the apartments.

  167. Haha Lippy!

  168. Cyn, I’m sorry to hear about your mom.

    Also, how are your piedras?

  169. Thank you Lipstick; the stones seem to come and go, but maybe (and I don’t want to jinx this) just a hair less frequency between bouts of discomfort and/or nausea lately.

  170. did these go finally Cynny?

  171. Fingers crossed, sweetie.

  172. I don’t think completely just yet, Davey. Still having some off days. I haven’t seen a thing (i.e. no rocks) but I am still using mumbo jumbo witchcraft juice so I’m hoping that the stones are just dissolving in place.

    Kinda bummed that I won’t end up with a jewelry collection outta this crap.

  173. What kind o jewelery do you wish Cynnamum?

  174. Are you back from your beach trekking, Lips?

  175. I was giggling a while back that I was going to save the kidney stones that I was going to pass to make a pendant or a broach or some such nonsense. My largest stone was supposed to be about half-a-carat.

  176. I’m back, it was wonderful, and I’ll try to get up there again before the Lippy, Dad and Sis Euro Tour ’14 starts in a couple of weeks. My friends’ poor kitty gets lonely with nobody there, too.

    I’m scouting things out for Hotspur for his almost identical trip next year.

  177. Homemade tacos for dinner was a hit with XMom.

  178. Yo quiero homemade tacos.

    Xbrad quiera God-made tacos.

  179. Sounds awesome, Lips. If you have a killer pic of the beach or the water, I’d love to have a copy to add to my wallpaper collection. I have a pic of all of us yahoos at the table at TITS in my rotation too.

  180. I answer to Mira.

  181. Roamy,
    Seriously, be careful with the pool-tabs and DOT-4, but it IS interesting!
    A firefighter/pilot/skydiver/A&P tech showed me that…

  182. Rose Gold with a kidney stone?

  183. Roamy, I started to do a Mira with your real name, but it made me dizzy.

  184. One of Wretchards posts had multiple comments referencing Ace posts about the Ebola.

    So it goes…

  185. So, someone asked a pretty good question. The family in quarantine? The family Ebola Guy came to visit? Are they illegals?

  186. Okay,
    This is just sad:

    Fucking assholes…

  187. Rose Gold with a kidney stone?

    Tres chic!

  188. :/

    stupid kidneystones

  189. Chanca piedra

  190. Yeah XB, I’d love to know what every person’s status is in that “large” family of his that are here.

    Of course now they are untouchable.

  191. Of course now they are untouchable.

    Rather literally.

  192. Exactly

  193. I answered to Roamy, Roams, and Rocketchick at TITS. I think I went through every variation of Lipstick, Lippy, and real name and never settled on one.

    Chris, I need to get some brake fluid first. We mixed Tide and gasoline once.

  194. We mixed Tide and gasoline once.


  195. No such thing as illegals, you RWNJs. DREAMers one and all.

  196. Wait, Lippy isn’t her real name????

  197. Wow, Clint still has it. Nice lead up.

  198. Lippy is my real name.

    “Real name” is my slave name.

  199. XBrad is my real enough name.

  200. I was out by myself in the graveyard
    I was doing an interpretive dance
    When I felt something heavy and pointed
    Strike me in the back of my derp
    And then the ghost of my dance instructor
    Pushed me down into an open grave
    And as dirt rained down she played a xylophone
    And sang me this song

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