How Long Did it Take?


For those of you that are challenged by this photograph, if you look very closely, you’ll see THIS somewhere in the background. You should study this photo in great detail as I have.


This made me giggle in my pantaloons a little bit.



And now for your important political update: This guy sucks. There, I said it.




God that’s a weird song. Ya’ll have a good day.



  1. I beheading to work to I can bepaying some taxes so homie the clown can beheading to the golf course.

    Our first black president sure has a lot of stereotypically upper class white tendancies.

  2. I don’t know if they’re real……but they’re spectacular.

  3. fake

  4. About 8 seconds when I opened it on Imgur this morning. Now I can’t help but see it.

    Also I picked a house in TN, moving soon.

  5. “fake”

    Well of course Godzilla is fake!

  6. Tits are awesome. You ladies should be proud of yourselves.

    Question: GND has said that she’d get implants but only after her current pair starts to look bad. I’d like to move that date forward.

    Do I:

    A) Tease her until she gives in

    B) Offer to meet her halfway

    C) Wait

    D) Your mom

  7. Going here on Saturday to look over and choose a pup:

    Hoping for a male, looks like they’ll be red heelers. Pick up is in October. Stardog will soon have some company to annoy her.

  8. MJ’s looking for puppies too. Get them as a birthday present or just buy one. Dutch treat.

  9. Maybe if you’d stop playing with them, MJ, they’ll last longer.

  10. They have a shelf life? Damn.

  11. Where’s leon or Car in?

    Can I lift even though I’m pretty sore? I have a feeling it’s going to suck but I have a schedule to keep.

  12. Yes, you can lift even though you’re sore.

  13. DOMS is often cured by reps. Warm up and it should go away before long. If the soreness is “ow, my joint”, don’t lift.

    Question: GND has said that she’d get implants but only after her current pair starts to look bad. I’d like to move that date forward.

    Just tell her they look bad. Duh.

  14. I took it to mean sore, not injured.

  15. I did too, but I wanted to caveat.

  16. I’m just sore in one really annoying place on my puny arms.

  17. I got a chin up bar too.

  18. Can you get inflatable ones? That way you can pump them up if you’re in that kinda mood.

  19. “Our first black president sure has a lot of stereotypically upper class liberal tendencies.” I think is more accurate.
    I have seen this “post turtle” shit all my life, and if we didn’t know it was coming from his time in the Senate, everyone should have know when he started that “Office of the President Elect” crap. Total bullshitter. Dat’s right, uh-huh.

  20. Jimbro, you should get ALL THE PUPPIES.

  21. Are you criticizing the man? Terrible. Just terrible.

    He’s doing his best!

  22. Everything a little less raw this morning, cinnamon buns.

  23. Gawd I hate that SCOAMF.

  24. Ok, this is not only funny, but also demonstrates what a complete asshole Obama is.

    Meanwhile, the Obama team was so serious about replacing her after 2012 that they found a replacement candidate to back before deciding against it, according to people familiar with those discussions.

    Obama and Wasserman Schultz have rarely even talked since 2011. They don’t meet about strategy or messaging. They don’t talk much on the phone.

    Instead, the DNC chairwoman stakes out the president of the United States at the end of photo lines at events and fundraisers.

    “You need another picture, Debbie?” Obama tends to say, according to people who’ve been there for the encounters.

  25. All those cattle dogs without jobs or a ranch would mean heap big trouble Cyn. We’re getting a pup to give Star a job.

  26. Feel free to ignore this, but it’s a really great cause:

    Make some very special kids happy today

    (I only do this once a year….)

  27. Question: GND has said that she’d get implants but only after her current pair starts to look bad. I’d like to move that date forward.

    MJ, that young lady is gorgeous just the way she is. If you want her to have bigger boobs, marry her, get her pregnant, and encourage her to breastfeed for at least 6 months.

    Lather, rinse, repeat a couple more times.

    At least let her enjoy the sensation of your child suckling at her breast before you ask her to sever some of those nerve endings just so you can have some water balloons to play with.

  28. That’s what she said.

    You should be getting a donation from Dr MJ Von Hostage to Green Oaks.

  29. Teresa, it seems she’d already made that decision before MJ arrived on the scene.

  30. Regarding boob jobs:

    All I really had to hear is “Removal of nipples and relocation” … and that right there is sort of a deal killer for me.

  31. I mean, if we were talking about “extensions” for men, and it involved removing just the tip and relocating it … would men do it?

  32. And THAT, my friends, is how you kill the blog dead

    *drops mic

    walks off

  33. I’m not a fan of cosmetic prostheses.

  34. GND’s tata’s are perfectly fine the way that they are.

  35. ^^^What CoAlex said^^^

    (not that I was looking or anything….)

    *thanks, Dr. MJ!*

  36. Preverts.

  37. And then there’s this:

    Breast Implants May Make Cancer Harder To Detect

    With a great big blob of non-breast tissue inserted in the middle of real breast tissue, a mammogram will have to have more than just the standard two views (horizontal and vertical) made in order to get an accurate reading.

    If GND doesn’t mind having each boob squished flat as a pancake (literally) more than twice every couple of years, that shouldn’t be a problem.

  38. Most boob jobs are awful. Small boobs are better than bolt-ons.

  39. Sounds delightful:

    In women who have breast implants, four pictures of each breast are usually taken for a mammogram — two with the implants included in the image and two with the implants pushed back (implant displacement), compressing only the breast tissue in front of them. This allows for a more thorough evaluation of the breast tissue.

  40. These are GND’s bewbs, and she already made her own decision.

  41. Oh, I was just putting the information out there, Leon – I never knew about all of the extra stuff that is associated with implants.

    Like this, for example – new technology that makes biopsies less invasive than they used to be for women with implants:

    Vacuum-assisted biopsy (brand names, Mammotome or MIBB) allows physicians to perform accurate breast biopsies on women with breast implants. Prior to the advent of vacuum-assisted biopsy, women with implants typically had to undergo open surgical biopsy if breast cancer was suspected.

    I just find this kind of thing fascinating – new knowledge, and all that. I always like to educate myself as much as possible, just in case the TiFW daughters start making noises about changing the bodies God gave them.

    I’ll stop now.

  42. The thing I learned that surprised me was how much a vasectomy messes with you hormonally. Initially your T goes up as the testes try to ramp up sperm production, then a few months later it craps out to lower than before the operation. All the early studies that even bothered to check only looked right after, so they thought it was almost a steroid effect.

  43. Speaking of “altering the body God gave you”.

  44. Well, sometimes you alter your body because you have to – some women have to have hysterectomies for whatever reason.

    And don’t get me wrong – I don’t have a problem with a woman who chooses to get implants, if that’s what she wants.

    I certainly don’t have a problem with reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy – although I know a LOT of older women who choose to just use prosthetic bra inserts after surgery.

    One of our friends had prophylactic mastectomies done in her 30s (lots of breast cancer in her immediate family, and she had tons of cysts in her tissue) – she knew going in that she was going to get implants.

    She wishes she had listened to her doctor, though – he advised her to go with a cup size SMALLER than her bra size in college, but she was having none of that.

    She laughs about it now, but it took some getting used to, waking up every morning confronted with these HUGE tracts of land….as she said, “They’re in my face 24/7!”

  45. If I hadn’t altered Pat with a vasectomy, we’d have 11 children by now.

  46. If I hadn’t altered Pat with a vasectomy, we’d have 11 children by now.

    Great, now I have this image of him waking up in a tub full of ice and you standing over him with a kitchen knife.

  47. I suspect that your fertility would have cratered well before you got to double digits.

  48. i’m just stating fact. #1 took 2 months to conceive. The rest were one month, except #2 and #5 who were surprises. #2 I was still full time nursing, with a 3.1/2 month old baby, and #5 was ONE drunken night.

    I wasn’t going to get “fixed’ or be on drugs, so Pat had to step up. We would seriously have 11 children. Or had separate bedrooms.

  49. You could have had a show on Discovery. Fail.

  50. I suspect that your fertility would have cratered well before you got to double digits.

    I doubt it. It was still pretty high at 34 with #5. If I said I got pregnant every time I hit it w/in the window of ovulating, I am NOT exaggerating.

  51. You could have had a show on Discovery. Fail.

    NOW you tell me.

  52. i’m just stating fact. #1 took 2 months to conceive. The rest were one month, except #2 and #5 who were surprises. #2 I was still full time nursing, with a 3.1/2 month old baby, and #5 was ONE drunken night.

    Alternate reality Car in’s kids: “Geez, mom, another one? Can’t you two find a hobby? Why don’t you check out that new gym down the stree?. I think it’s called ‘Crossfit’.”

  53. I would love to have 11 kids.

    We could play softball against the Duggars.

  54. It’s Zumba now, Colex, to get past the wiser filters.

  55. I was so fascinated by GNDs adorable little booty, I never even scoped out her bewbs.

  56. Uh oh, leon, did you read the Catalist post at AOS? The Dem machine scores again.

  57. I read the Adams post at PJ about Catalist.

    So, Bush showed that microtargeting the base works, the Dems run with that, and the GOP reaction in 2008 and 2012 is to do everything they can to shun the base.

    How’s that working out for you, guys?

  58. Sure explains how Obama can try and piss off as many moderates as possible, and still keep winning and winning.

  59. I would love to have 11 kids.

    We had to stop at 5. Ran out of room in the van.

  60. Yeah, I read the original last night.

    How are we not doing this? I mean, “we” in the broader sense, but why don’t you, me, and Tushar just build this thing and sell it to the GOP?

  61. The problem, as Adams pointed out, is data sharing. The Dems do it, and the GOP does not.

  62. There’s an easy way around that. We join all of the GOTV efforts, everywhere, for any office, and stuff every scrap of data into one central hub. We enrich and normalize and BigData-ize the files and we’re 90% of the way there.

  63. Thing is, Rove already did it. As xbrad pointed out, the GOP decided to ditch the turn out your base strategy.

  64. The nice thing about a turn out the base strategy is, they’re you’re natural cheerleaders. Once they get enthusiastic, they tend to drag along a certain percentage of the moderates. Everybody likes to join the popular crowd.

    Obama courted his base, and his base dragged along a certain percentage of moderates, just enough to win.

    The GOP courted the moderates, and they dragged along just enough of the base to lose.

  65. Harold Ickes is the President of Catalist. Color me unsurprised.

  66. With our non-existent borders and 6000 people on expired Visas gone missing, do you feel safe?

    Look what Australia found in their largest counter-terrorism raid.

  67. Is everyone else seeing a lot of War on Women ads? The anti Ernst ads in Iowa are still repeating the birth control lies.

  68. My Demo congressman is a far left doctor. Ran in 2012 on Obamacare. Beat Mary Bono.

    He’s sure as shit not running on O’care this time around. What’s he’s doing is actually very smart. He’s got a LOT of ads touting his constituent service to various veterans in the district. How he helped Joe get served by the VA, and Don get his medals replaced by the DoD and whatnot.

  69. The GOP sucks ass. They aren’t that stupid. They are on Reid’s team.

  70. I wouldn’t dismiss the massive fraud helping dems win either.

  71. The only ads I see are the ones on Hulu+, and they seem narrowly targeted at young people who want to chemically murder children after accidentally neglecting their normal fertility-interruption habit.

    And potential buyers of Fords.

  72. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Three years after their romp in the park, Occupy Wall Street organizers start eating their own

    Seems they like those Benjamins just as much as the next guy – who knew? (Well, other than us capitalists, I mean)

  73. The GOP strategy is to suck Obama’s ass and give him most of what he demands.

    And silence before elections — except to attack conservatives if they dare to try and unseat their dinosaur butts — pissing off the base.

    And acting democrat in D.C.


  75. Love me some dick butt explosion gif.

  76. *wonders if Cyn should be banned for that gif

  77. No matter how I might strive, I shall never achieve so greatly in art as that gif.

  78. Happy birthday, Michael!

  79. Leon, about your avatar.
    I am seeing that one popping up a lot on the web.
    What is it?

  80. The arabic letter nun, the first letter of “Nazorean”, which is what ISIS is painting on the houses of Christians they evict or murder.

  81. Catalist seems pretty scary except the fact that black folks will never vote at the same rate again.

  82. It’s the ISIS equivalent to painting a Star of David on the infidel’s homes.

  83. Goes back to INRI, the placard affixed to the cross at the insistence of Pontius Pilate. Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum, Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews.

  84. Just got back from Restaurant Depot, holy crap is that place awesome.

    Beef $3.69 per lb
    American and cheddar cheese $3.50 per lb
    Coffee, $3 per lb

    I almost bought 50 lbs of carrots because it was only $13.

  85. Because Nazareth. But not this Nazareth.

  86. It is quite easy to create divisions among the various democrat constituencies. GOP just doesn’t have the heart and balls for it.

    On a side note, ios8’s predictive text is good.

  87. I might have to stick that in an MMM.

  88. **subscribes to her newsletter**

  89. Any news on HotBride? Hope she’s doing OK –

  90. No, too naughty.

  91. I almost bought 50 lbs of carrots because it was only $13.

    I could send you my juicer and you could be John Boener for Halloween.

  92. No, too naughty.

    Are you new here?

  93. So… which Hostagette is gonna wear that outfit to the next meatup?

  94. Too naughty for MMM, I think. Maybe. I’m on the fence.

    It felt porn-y.

  95. I had to sign in for that??

    She’s dancing. And really – it was just “okay”; not great.

  96. We will have all seen it by Monday anyway.

  97. Age restricted videos require sign-in. It’s a thing.

  98. But was it art?

  99. I can’t say that it had no artistic merit, but it’s no dickbuttsplosion.

  100. Yes, but my point was that it wasn’t worthy of the restriction. I’ve seen worse (better??) not logged in.

  101. Might have been a voluntary setting on the part of the uploader.

  102. I think our new slicer has paid for itself already.

    Their top shelf smoked roast beef is only $5 per lb.

    I am going to have to try one and see how it compares to mine.

  103. I’d like to see that live streamed at The CTBRC.

  104. It usually costs me more than $5 per lb to make it, and it takes 3 hours.

  105. We just let our cows stand outside a couple hours.

  106. Meat Blog



    I have watched this 213 times and it’s funny every time.

  108. Mmmmmm….car smells like roasted green chile. Condo smells like roasted green chile.

  109. What does Oso smell like?

  110. Customer’s internet blocks imgur but not reddit, H2 or Ace.


  111. What does Oso smell like?

    Flop sweat and customer service.

  112. That blows, Pupstah.

    Be a Rebel: Copy the link address, go to, click the camera button, paste you linky, viola.

  113. Or go to and look at #13.

  114. I smell like green chile too.

  115. Congrats on the house, Pups. But seriously, you need to work that unblocked imgur deal into your contract.

  116. Cyn, heh

  117. No, I don’t mind, I just thought it was funny that I can get to Reddit and 90% of Reddit’s content is Imgur files.

  118. HoverZoom still works though, yes?

  119. I just thought it was funny that I can get to Reddit and 90% of Reddit’s content is Imgur files.

    Funny IT people are funny.

  120. Sent a message to HS about HotBride – he sent this back:

    Thanks. She’s actually doing worse. They performed a procedure on her nasal passages and pharynx late yesterday, and she could breathe better than she ever remembers.

    But today her nasal passages are totally swollen shut, so she has to breathe through her mouth, which of course exacerbates the constant coughing.

    They are sending her home tomorrow, because without a definitive diagnosis, the insurance company won’t cover the costs.

    Someone with more legal gravitas than I have when it comes to dealing with asshole medical insurance companies wanna call those bastards up and read ’em the riot act?

    This must not stand!

  121. Thanks for the update, TiFW.

  122. Oh my, poor HotBride!

    So because the doctors can’t figure it out, a patient who can’t breathe is denied care!? Can’t they slap a diagnosis on her, something close to what they think it may be? It’s not pneumonia anymore?

  123. Damn, that’s not news I wanted to read. Hugs for Hawtbride & ‘Spur.

  124. They wouldn’t send her home if she were in any immediate danger.

    They can’t deny care to anyone.

  125. They should tell the insurance company that it’s that Enterovirus 68, and that HotBride got it from all of the illegals Obama’s been sending their way the last 6 years.

    Threaten to go to the press and raise a stink about how someone who jumped through all of the hoops to become a LEGAL US citizen is being treated worse than people who sneak into the country and get all of their medical care for “free”, thanks to this administration’s blatant disregard for established law.

  126. Gah. What a day. I kind of liked the what Oso smells like game, can we keep that going?

    CaRIn smells like sweaty skort and short cash drawers.

  127. Phone coverage at the hospital sucks. Free wifi though. At MiLs now. FiL looks like hell. He’s so swollen. Looks like my mom when her kidneys failed. I’m having to be positive. I H8 being positive.

  128. Pupster smells like Buckeye and duck poop.

  129. Shaved steak experiment is about to happen.

  130. MJ smells like astroglide, synergy and failed mergers.

  131. Scott smells like cardboard, brisket smoke and caulk.

  132. Xbrad smells like Aqua Velva, bourbon, and Juniper bush.

  133. They wouldn’t send her home if she were in any immediate danger.

    You’re right. I blasted that out in worry and anger.

    Scott smells like smoke and smoldering shoe sole. And pellets.

  134. hahaha, didn’t refresh in time to see you, Pups.

    We can add packing tape to the list, too.

  135. Lauraw smells like test tubes, text books and blood pressure cuffs.

  136. CaRIn smells like sweaty skort and short cash drawers.

    Pupster nailed it.

  137. Scott smells like dead groundhogs and coffee.

  138. Dave smells like beagle and chlorine.

  139. Car in smells like a bar mat.

  140. No, pupster was right. i’m stinking. Crossfit Zumba kicked my ass tonight. I also smell a bit like Jack Daniels barrels, because that’s what I used to smoke some chicken.

  141. MCPO smells like Brut, Werther’s Originals and golf pencils

  142. Did anybody mass thousands of troops in a network of secret underground tunnels across the border from anybody else just in case a certain referendum didn’t go the way they wanted it to today?

  143. Jimbro smells like Zenex, Latex, and Havanna.

  144. No, but the Marines landed in Scotland yesterday.

  145. The Havanna was dead on Jewstin. Thursday is often my slow day and I got to have a cigar this afternoon and reek of this:

    “Ecuadorian Sumatra maduro wrapper, Armada exudes incredibly rich flavors from head to foot and reminds us of authentic, full-flavored, pre-embargo Cuban blends.”

  146. Hawt

  147. 8 lbs of shaved steak.

  148. Wow. That sounds dirty.

  149. If we went on a meat and cheese diet, we wouldn’t have to leave the house for a month.

  150. Honeymooners

  151. Football in 30 minutes


  153. >> Dave smells like beagle and chlorine.

    well that’s true

  154. If we went on a meat and cheese diet, we wouldn’t have to leave the house for a month.

    Did it. Dropped 20# and improved all biomarkers of health and longevity.

    I was pretty fat then, though.


    HA HA!

  156. You people disappoint me.

  157. I wasn’t trying to impress you.

  158. Went to evening mass, prayed a rosary for HotBride.

  159. So then, a refreshing change from that self-disappointment.

  160. i hate you all.

  161. I love you like a brother.

  162. Damn.

    I love you too leon.



  164. Nohomo.

  165. I smell like Tyvek, diffusion pump oil, and fail.

  166. Sheesh. H8 H8 H8 c’mon people. No “hate”

  167. Hold my beer…….that kinda wrote the ending.

  168. what the poat song reminded me of

  169. Miller beer kind of wrote the ending.


  171. The sheeprider really had that coming.

  172. Sheeprider dancing to Santana is funny, too.

  173. *invents the Kim Jung Tushar scratching post for marsupials.

  174. There was a song in the poat?

  175. Hahahahahahaha. Nice timing

  176. Looks like Dave’s getting hit with some weather right now….

  177. I am the son, and the heir..

  178. The weather is getting hit with some Dave.

  179. I wore my TITS shirt to work today. Mr. RFH said, “You wore *that* in the land of acronyms?”

  180. I could live in a land of acronyms.

  181. Not NASA. Too much STEM.

  182. WDW.

  183. Heck, maybe even DL.

  184. You could be the acronym czar in the land of acronyms.

  185. Oso AC.

  186. YM

  187. Bucs suck

  188. We have weather?

    I already backflushed the pool

  189. Acronyms >>> Apache project names.

  190. All that breast implant talk reminds me of a favor I did for a model during a photo shoot: I watched her tits.

    I was with the ad agency and we were shooting a poster for an auto-parts client. It was sort of like a Snap-on Tools Girl type of thing, where they give posters out to their retailers, etc. (Which BTW paid around $100,000/year back then, and was a coveted gig for glamor models.)

    Anyway, she took me aside and asked if I would watch to make sure her nipples weren’t slipping out of her tank top. She had lost all feeling in them because of the implant surgery.

  191. losing feeling in nipples makes me so sads

  192. Did Tampa Bay bother to show up for this game?

  193. My brother’s latest is a 40 yr old beautician with bolt-ons. I doubt I’ll be meeting her in Vegas next week. My cousin, Erica, had no problem nursing after her surgery. Neither did my cousin, Alicia. (Alicia had her kids after reconstructive surgery due to breast cancer
    . Erica needed the psychological boost)

  194. I dated a girl that got nipple orgasms.

  195. MJ, you’re behaving like a cad. If you want her to surgically alter herself, just turn that girl loose so she can find a real love. Before she’s too old to have a family of her own.
    You’re cute and you can always find another.

  196. Laura, I think she’s already had them done once, though I might have misunderstood MJ’s earlier comment. That would have been before they met.

  197. Ok, I think I read that the other way Leon. Either way, though. It’s surgery. For what?

  198. Lauraw with the voice of reason. Lauraw wants to smell like garlic, but she can’t. Because love or something.

  199. I would hope to get them removed now that she’s met a good man who doesn’t demand that they remain on her chest.

    Because really, who needs bewbs when you’ve got that booty?

  200. I think if you re-read that post, she’s never had a boob job, Leon, and won’t until her naturals start to decline.

    Which is, stupid. Don’t get new boobs. Get new man. Less cutting.

  201. I read it the same way as Lauraw. I’ve known more women that have had reductions, only to have the boobs come back.

  202. MJ is a horrible person.

  203. I would hope to get them removed now that she’s met a good man who doesn’t demand that they remain on her chest.

    What post are you reading?

  204. Oh, then no, never get them. Keep in good shape to minimize sag and forget about surgery. Not worth it at all.

  205. I saw “current pair” and assumed they were a current pair of implants, not her factory originals.

  206. Horrible person.

  207. He’s just jelly she can climb a rock face that his puny arms can’t handle. Next, he’ll want implants so he can golf against GND.

  208. Being in good shape doesn’t reliably minimize sag. I knew two girls in high school who were in great shape but were just born with extremely saggy ones.

  209. Lipstick has a PHD in boobs.

  210. So this Santana guy was the President of Mexico in late 19th century, a philosopher/writer in early 20th, and a musician in late 20th.


  211. You People make me laugh and laugh.

  212. I voted yes on Scotland.
    Well I din not vote but if I could I would. I ken a no but wish an aye.

  213. Hi Cynnabuns!
    I did not get Daisy today. They found her and sent her to the vet. She is remarkably free of pests other than fleas. They spay her tomorrow and I pick her up Sat AM.

    Carry on

  214. Being in good shape doesn’t reliably minimize sag.

    No, it doesn’t, but it’s the only thing worth trying. Plus it’s good for everything else.

  215. When I was 18 sag was a problem. Now, not so much.

  216. L to R: Leon, His Theory of Boobage Sag

  217. “I wore my TITS shirt to work today.”

    hahaaa! i wore my tits tee to my little one’s soccer game yesterday, and we finally kicked ass – 8 to 1 –

    we had lost 3 straight so i figured – heh

    my wife hasn’t said a thing —- yet

  218. Just saying, being fit and trim is about the only thing with even a chance at preserving the perk. And, like I said, it’s not like it has downsides.

  219. >> I dated a girl that got nipple orgasms.

    Wait don’t they all?

    Wait isn’t this feeding the myth of the female orgasm?

    I disbelieve it all.


  221. So, cute Hispanic girl says “Hi, Dan” in hospital elevator. They chat. We get off elevator. Me: Who was that? Dan: Some dyke that worked in the bakery at Sam’s with me. Fin (OK, mostly fin. I got teased about being jealous, which I wasn’t. I was just asking questions. He didn’t introduce me, because he didn’t remember her name)

  222. It’s hard not remembering names. I gave up trying to fake it years ago and just admit my flaw. Plus it’s kind of an ice breaker.

  223. I’ve heard that it’s really sad when your 36C becomes a 36 long.

    Old Joan Rivers joke on the Carson show;
    “I could never wear those short skirts like the kids wear today. My nipples would show”…

  224. Who are you people?

  225. I kind of freak people out by remembering names. And where we sat in grade school. Stuff like that.

  226. Cyn,
    I suck at names.
    I forget a name about the time I let go of the handshake of the person I’m being introduced to.
    My “short term” memory is gone. Probably the precursor to “Old Timers Disease”…

  227. Wait isn’t this feeding the myth of the female orgasm?

    That gal with the lie about her nipples must have laughed and laughed about what she told Scott. I bet her girlfriends still giggle when she tells the story.

  228. At meat ups, do you use RL names or Hostage names?

  229. Oso,
    When I met XbradTC and BiW, we addressed each other as Art, Chris, and Clint…

  230. I answer to both.

  231. Both

  232. From my little experience, it’s a mixture of both. Pretty much everybody was calling Wiserbud Wiser. It was easy with Dave and MJ. I can’t remember what people called me. There were some Lippys, which is much cuter than my real name.

  233. Wiser is still Richard though, right?

  234. Wait…Lippy isn’t your real name?

  235. both?

  236. My parents didn’t name me Lippy but they certainly thought I was.

  237. Dave keeps it simple.

    I think I called you gorgeous

  238. Makes the drum noise for Lippy’s comment. Throws in a “Hey yo”

  239. Leon is not my real name. I know you’re all shocked.

  240. WHAT????

  241. G’night. Long day. I H8 long days.

  242. Goodnight Osita. Best wishes for your in-laws.

    Dave, I didn’t hear that, but c’mere for a hug, you!

  243. I choose to just go ahead and believe Dave’s southern politeness and charm. It’s much more fun that way.

  244. I called Cyn by both her real name and her nic.

  245. Test

  246. -ese

  247. It’s quiet… too quiet.

  248. It’s quiet… too quiet.

    Charlie’s out in the bush… watching.

  249. It took me four hours, but homework is complete. All that’s left to do is scan it and upload. However, my “fuck it” meter is pegged, and it’s 11pm, so I’m crawling into bed. Everyone have a good night.

  250. ‘night C-Alex

  251. Plus I snortled at Charlie out in the bush, hehe

  252. Goodnight! Driving up the coast tomorrow to visit friends.

  253. I can sleep when I’m dead.

    Or about 1:30am. Whichever.

  254. PCH or the 101?

  255. And now I’ve swallowed my pride
    I promise you I
    Couldn’t eat another word
    I’ll count to 3 then I sail to sea
    I just got to 8
    When you started to say
    I’ll bid you farewell
    I’m going, going, derp

  256. Good morning, pre-bewbers!

  257. Lippy, glad you are feeling well enough to travel.

  258. Looking at driving 200 miles today and tomorrow. Yay. The things we do for our kids.

  259. New post

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