Totally Trampy Tuesday

I believe I owe the title of this to b-rad, who suggested this after beasn mentioned being mortified at seeing some little hussy strutting through a store in what may as well have been her underpants. She wasn’t good enough to snap a picture of the offending strumpet for us, but there’s plenty of tramp-related content online. I’ve collected some for your perusal below, but take note: this some trampy, trampy stuff…

EPSON scanner image
That’s one steamy tramp!
What a little tramp!

Super trampy!

Now, a musical interlude…

Finally, just to show you that I’m not just about running a stupid joke into the ground, here’s a good old tramp stamp:



  1. I spent a Supertramp concert puking in the bathroom back in high school. SoCo and mushrooms don’t mix well.

  2. Sean has Gone Hollywood…

  3. From AOS:

    And there’s this, too:

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. What a bunch of days strung together. Oye.

    Bartender’s mom died on Friday (heart attack, life support, which was removed on Saturday). The two main bartenders are related, so they were both suddenly gone all weekend. A manager was demoted – or I don’t know what, so we’re short a manager, which meant the owner had to close on Sunday. She buggered up my drawer and it appeared I was $176 short.

    UHM NO. I save every damn ticket I run, and I added THOSE up and it was exact what I had. She put my drawer in the safe for the night, and the regular manager figured it out the next morning- I was right. The owner used my computer for stuff she wasn’t supposed to and mess it the heck up.

    but the mess meant that both nights I was there extra late.

  6. Did she try to stick you with it, Car in? Or did she at least give you the benefit of the doubt?

    Those are the signs of a good/bad manager. Knowing their limitations, and trusting the right people.

  7. Oh, she gave me the benefit of the doubt. She knew she didn’t know what she was doing. She’s an owner though, so she threw in a lot of “I’ve been in this business for 20 years …” the whole time.

  8. I read that as 1.76 the first time and wondered what the fuss was about. Then I had my coffee.

  9. a really anal retentive boss, leon.

    Have some more Sanka.

  10. Glad you didn’t get stuck with the difference again, Carin.

  11. I was thinking about the old media bias thing when I heard npr reporting on how gas prices were getting lower in an extended report. Contrast that with the breathless coverage of rising prices in the Bush years.

  12. I ain’t paying 1.76, Leon.

    That’s a coffee at McDonalds.

    a LARGE coffee.

  13. I’m only allowed one cup a day, so I have to savor this one.

  14. I didn’t think you should pay it in any event, just that if it were that small it wouldn’t be worth the labor to find the error.

  15. My drawers are always on, Roamy, so if anything happens again as it did that one night with the Keno , I’m OUT. – I work with that bartender again this weekend. I’m not pointing fingers, but i didn’t do it. I count every bit of change twice. That day we did a SHIT TONNE of Keno. i’m slow, because I double check everything. I’ve tended bar for years and years, and my drawers are always dead on. Always.

    Math is hard, we all know, but not that hard.

  16. Math is easy compared to finding people who bothered to learn it.

  17. Bartending math isn’t really math. It’s just counting.

    Counting is HARD.

  18. I am SOOOO glad my old boss wouldn’t let me use the calculator at the restaurant, and made me do it in my head. He was an old math teacher. It helped me so much with things not even related to counting.

  19. My neighbor was bitten by a stray, rabid dog. I went to see how he was and found him writing frantically on a piece of paper. I told him rabies could be treated, and he didn’t have to worry about a will.

    He said, “Will? What will? I’m making a list of the people I want to bite.”

  20. You might think about forewarning that bartender this weekend, Car in. Preferably in front of the manager.

  21. *oso-ing/mare-ing the comments

  22. Hahahahaha, good one, Jay.

    All you peeps in the path of Odile, be careful. Y’all have a good day.

  23. *nothing is too fast, neither is commenting

  24. I think I’ve decided on a picture for the wall.

  25. Our long national nightmare is over.

  26. I see Obama has finally decided to send in troops to fight our enemy.

    3,000 troops to Africa to fight Ebola.


  27. To be fair, he thought Ebola was the terrorist group that took those girls hostage.

    Honest mistake.

  28. Kerry now wants to help “true Islam”

    Of course, ISIL IS true Islam, so he’s got a problem there

  29. Whatever happened to those girls that were supposed to be bringed back?

    *makes resting bitch face, realizes it’s my normal face

  30. Not all Nazis are bad. We just need to find the moderate Nazis and help them take back their government.

    Chamberlin: 1929-1939.

  31. Minimally, we could help hot chicks in ironic Nazi uniforms.

  32. The only way to be good and a Muslim, near as I can tell, is to be a pretty crappy Muslim.

  33. Cafeteria Muslim is the way to go.

  34. I stole Leon’s quote and put it up on Facedouche.

  35. Who wants to hear about my workout yesterday?

  36. Good morning, cool kids

  37. What’d you do, MJ?

  38. Were there battleropes?

  39. Spin, then lift heavy things. I was tired. Now I’m sore.

    I’m enjoying rock climbing but I’m not strong enough to do some of the hard problems (I have no idea why, but that’s what the routes are called). I can get about halfway up the difficult ones then I’m finished.

  40. Did you do burpees and wallballs?

    Because otherwise I don’t care.

  41. I did 4 million burpees and 3.96 million wall balls.

  42. I’m splitting this week. Upper body yesterday, lower today.

  43. Running and crossfit zumba today.

  44. My college boyfriend took me rock climbing way back when. It was ok, but I kinda didn’t dig the whole “let’s spend the entire day working on climbing this face” thing.

    It was missing something, or was too specialized for my taste. If it was hike, then climb, the cross a river … I’d enjoy that. but just climbing didn’t do it for me.

  45. He was totally into it. We went a ton.

    I also really enjoyed the poisonous snakes you’d happen upon during the climb, sunning themselves in the crevices. yea. That was really cool.

  46. Going to the office while I still can.

  47. I think I like it because it’s a little scary.

  48. the snakes were scary, but I farkin hate snakes.

    Otherwise – there’s a rope. Unless you don’t trust who’s holding the line?

    That could be scary.

  49. Maybe GND has a plan for when she gets sick of MJ’s shit.

  50. Everyone knows those ropes are one fiber away from completely coming apart – that’s how it is in ALL of the Hollywood movies.

    And/or there’s always a villain waiting at the top with a hatchet or machete who will hack through the rope just as you are nearing the top of the cliff.

  51. Comment by MJ on September 16, 2014 9:44 am
    I think I like it because it’s a little scary.


    Listen – we all saw GND in her climbing gear on Saturday at TITS; we know that you’re just enjoying the “view”…. ;-)

  52. No run for me this morning. I was lazy instead.

  53. If it was hike, then climb, the cross a river … I’d enjoy that. but just climbing didn’t do it for me.

    An army buddy of mine liked to skydive and shoot and was planning to take scuba lessons. He liked to say that his ideal vacation was to skydive into the ocean, scuba to shore, and then shoot guns. I’d then remind him that he turned down Ranger School.

  54. Where did the phrase “Stuff/Shit Jefferson Said” originate? That was AOS right?

    The Federalist’s Sean Davis just started out his latest report with:

    “I’m beginning to think this Neil deGrasse Tyson fellow is a serial fabricator of quotes.” — President Thomas Jefferson, “Stuff Jefferson Said: The Prequel,” Originally self-published at in 1573

    Haha, I love it.

  55. Excellent comeback, CoLex. I think you have enough sarcasm to hang out here.

  56. Speaking of Ranger School, just how many ladies do they think are going to make the cut, now that they’ve “allowed” them into the program?

    NONE of the women they let take the other (Marine?) course advanced; I can’t imagine any of these gals will advance, either.

    Idiot libs don’t understand that the standards are there for a reason.

    I still haven’t forgiven A&M for allowing women into the marching band – because of their decreased height and stamina, the band’s performance maneuvers had to change. The band doesn’t march the entire time they are on the field, and they aren’t out there as long as they used to be. The girls get too tired.

  57. Without AA bullshit, deGrasse Tyson would be teaching pre-AP biology to teenagers

    Poorly, I should add

  58. Sean Davis continues to be my hero.

  59. Jay, that is a Dave in Texas from waaaay back. Good stuff.

  60. Tyson is underqualified to teach astronomy to middle school kids.

  61. ‘Er maybe a Jack M. – I wish brain cells would survive a bit longer.


  63. Three more pics that Lipstick attempted to email to me last week, but only arrived today, have been uploaded into the TITS Saturday DAY page: one more of the smokin’ stewardess and our studmuffins Hotspur and Wiserbud. (password reqr’d).

  64. Idiot libs don’t understand that the standards are there for a reason.

    Sure they do. They don’t care. They’re all about dumbing down because they can’t excel at anything but destructive behaviors.

  65. Stuff Jefferson said was always fun, but I preferred Hamilton and Burr bitchin’ at each other in the comments.

  66. Standards are — by their nature — discriminatory. We know how much they hate discrimination.

  67. Where did the phrase “Stuff/Shit Jefferson Said” originate? That was AOS right?

    The Federalist’s Sean Davis just started out his latest report with:

    The only thing that would have made that better is if Gabe had been the author of that article.

  68. Speaking of Ranger School, just how many ladies do they think are going to make the cut, now that they’ve “allowed” them into the program?

    They’ll pass a few in order to look good, but those women will never serve in a Ranger Bat. They’ll get their tab and then hide out on staff for the rest of their careers and never look back. Not unlike a few male majors that I knew.

  69. I’m starting to think that’s the way to go, hide out on staff, don’t actually stick your neck out and accomplish something.

    Certainly would cause less grey hair.

  70. Great for keeping up the pace. . .

  71. From the sidebar:
    Ted Cruz Had Advance Warning Of Alleged Hezbollah Ties At Christian Conference

    So, is Buzzfeed trying to link Cruz to Hezbollah, because he spoke? If you actually read the story, he spoke truthfully, and was booed because of it. Sounds like he’s the only one that had the guts to speak there. He knew about it ahead of time, too.

    And the comments are as entertaining as always.


  73. *cough* Buzzfeed *cough*




  77. Enigma it is for background music while report-writing. Thx, MCPO!

  78. I’ve just put a ton of appointments on hold for the next two days due to this leftover hurricane crap. It’s already looking pretty gnarly here. And finally NM is getting some rain.

  79. Women will be Rangers and SEALS until a few die in the field. Only fatal casualties will make any difference at this point.

  80. Guess who’s back in the hospital.

  81. Oh, no! :(

    Still her lungs? This makes me so sad and frustrated for her, and you too.

  82. Prayers, Hotspur. Sorry :(

  83. Oh, Hotspur! Hope they are able to fix her soon – she’s got to be just miserable.

    {{{Hugs}}} to both of you ♥♥♥

  84. Women will be Rangers and SEALS until a few die in the field. Only fatal casualties will make any difference at this point.

    If they get themselves killed, meh. If they get their team wiped out, that’s bad.

  85. Dammit, H/S.

    Prayers up for Hotbride.

    Is there anything we can do? Cards? Flowers? Meth?

  86. Is there anything we can do? Cards? Flowers? Meth?

    Human sacrifice?

  87. If they get themselves killed, meh. If they get their team wiped out, that’s bad.

    I think the latter is much more likely, unfortunately.

  88. Ugh, that’s awful, HS. I hope they can get this straightened out soon.

  89. [Just freed you from teh pending bucket, TiFW]

  90. Just got back to the USA (well, San Fran) after a day in Canada and one in Mexico City.

    Hotspur, very sorry to hear about Hotbride. Prayers.

    Short layover, fly the redeye to Chicago tonight.

  91. We may have to go kill a few hobos to get Hotbride back on track.


  92. Great article at Ace’s about NDT.

  93. Cyn, flew from Mexico City to SFO this am.

    Skirted the edge of it to the east.

    A wet vac vac/pump may be a solid purchase.

  94. Thanks Phat – we’re already set with the vac. I’m watching like a hawk now. I almost think these rains are gonna be bigger than what I saw the morning after TITS. *puts on floaties*

  95. And the first real band has now reached us. BRING IT ON!!! (but not really).

  96. Geoff – Hoping your lovely wife is right as rain in no time!

  97. Shhhhh… I think the poat is dreaming now.

  98. Cyn, you should probably go out and get some bread.

  99. And booze. And a boat.

    The three B’s of surviving bad weather.

  100. And bacon.



  102. Heat was on earlier today.

    First time I have ever had the heat on in September.

  103. Hey all, just thought I’d stop by to see how trampy everyone’s Tuesday has been so far. Also, I forgot to mention that this poat is brought to you by The Letter I and The Number Don’t Give a Fuck.

  104. I bought more coconut milk and chorizo earlier.

  105. *totally ready for the hurricane*

  106. No you’re not; none of those things starts with a “B”.

  107. Lunch was homemade chorizo with homegrown taters.

  108. I’ve got 80# of Beef in the freezer. This was just for variety.

    And I’ve still got gin, dark rum, light rum, tequila, and a half dozen limes and lemons.

  109. Breakfast was a chorizo and tater omelette.

  110. So, here are HotBride’s doctors’ names: Al-Sous, Kabongo, hines, Mahn, Omorosion, Ahmed, Ugonabo, and Paik.

  111. Prayers for HotBride. Is the hospital affiliated with the medical school?

  112. Comment by Cyn on September 16, 2014 4:26 pm

    No you’re not; none of those things starts with a “B”.

    I’ve got booze, babes, and burgers.

  113. UM Med Center is about the best (and most expensive) hospital in the state.

  114. I’ve got Binders full of Booty, too.

  115. Oh, and bweed.

  116. Obamajob has my internal clock completely fucked up.

    I went in at 6 AM yesterday, today I go in at 6 PM.

  117. Dan on his way to hospital. Putting feeding tube in FiL. His history of stomach and throat cancer has left him with a very scarred esophagus. We’re afraid that FiL has given up. It looks like he won’t be going home anytime soon, and if he does, he won’t be driving.

  118. My Dad used to call with his shopping list of the 3 B’s: Beer, bread, and bovine juice. It was a bit of a stretch.

  119. Good thoughts, prayers, and hugs to you and Dan.

  120. Prayers, Oso.

  121. Prayers for you and Dan, Oso.

  122. Thanks guys. He kicked cancer’s ass 5X and he’s letting depression get him. Dan is a freaking saint. I don’t see how he does it. He helped take care of my Dad. Now, my Mom is trying to guilt him.

  123. Is “Muggy” a regional weather term?

  124. No Goldfarb? Weinstein?

  125. We have quite a few Dr Reddy’s in NM.

  126. My cousin, Ana, is a GP. She works at a clinic in Artesia and is on-call at ENMH in Roswell. Her sister is a dermatologist. Monica is a board certified dermatologist specializing in skin cancer. It takes MONTHS to see Monica. She also assists with the dermatological residency program at UNMH. Neither one has a smidgen of common sense. They are both wonderful physicians.

  127. Oso’ing the comments. Is “Drizzle” a regional word? As in “Hey, is it raining?” Me: “Nope, just drizzling”. Everyone in NM: “What?”

  128. We have many words for rain and humidity here.

  129. I forgot to mention that this poat is brought to you by The Letter I and The Number Don’t Give a Fuck.

    Stealing this.

  130. Leon, we have Virga here. I remember living in VA and having lots of words for humidity and rain.

  131. Boonies or Tulies? Or just BFE?

  132. You misspelled “toolies.”

  133. Amazon is selling toilet paper with TFG’s face on it.

    I won’t buy it.

    It is too disrespectful.

    To my ass.

  134. Urban Dictionary spelled it like me! :P

  135. Tush, what is the ply on TFG toilet paper?

  136. TFG toilet paper is more decoration than actually useful.

  137. Oso, I know growing up in the Pacific Northwest I heard “drizzle”.

  138. The letter I is a whore.

  139. Boonies or Tulies? Or just BFE?

    Outer Mongolia

  140. TFG toilet paper is more decoration than actually useful.

    Like TFG himself, and it costs money to not do the job.

  141. We even had “Mizzle” in VA. Between misting and drizzling. I bet the PacNW is like Aleutians and words for snow.

  142. HAHAHA OMG Roamy nails it!

  143. Shizzle

  144. AZ has corrupted the language. It’s not a wash, it’s an arroyo!!!

  145. It’s a “wash”. This ain’t my first rodeo. . .

  146. wash.

  147. “Arroyo” is one of them fan-cee, uppity words.

    *wears my “I refuse to incorporate Spanish into my vocabulary” button with pride*

  148. The purpose of a toilet paper is to wipe away shit, not apply some more

  149. Cyn just use your lariat to rope those Spanish words out – pronto!

  150. Next you’ll be saying it’s a “Gorge” or a “Gulch” and not a “Canyon”.

  151. Hahaha Mcpo with the rodeo. And the la riata. And pronto.

  152. “Hole”

  153. Gully.

  154. Crevasse.

  155. Crevice.

  156. *munches on a taco*
    I’m just here to read the comments. . .

  157. Enjoy your meat-filled fried flatbread treat, MCPO.

  158. man this weather is so nice.. and so early for Texas

  159. Ugh. Taco Tuesday at Federico’s. Nasty Cali style street tacos. I H8 cilantro.

  160. verdad

  161. We have 46% humidity. Temps in the 70s. I’m dying!!!! Dying!!!

  162. Starting to get terribly worried about Leslie.
    I hope they keep her in until they get it right this time.

  163. socal mexican food rocks, amiga. I thought you spent time here back in the day.

  164. One of my professors is from out West. One warm day earlier this month, he expressed great shock and dismay at our humidity. It was probably only about 60% that day. To compare, it is at 83% right now.

    Picture a room of people laughing smugly at the California boy. Also, he’s used to the kind of snow that lives on mountains. So when you are done skiing for the day, you can drive away from that snow, and it’s gone, until you decide to visit it again on purpose and of your own free will.

    I predict he will loooove our Winter here, lol.
    One year. I give him one year to reevaluate his life choices.

  165. Thanks for all of your well wishes. Her doctors really don’t know what they are treating. Not their fault, but I just want to yell “Make her better.”

    She had to cancel TITS, she should be in Seattle right now on business, and I cancelled our trip to the Grand Hotel with friends from Florida next week.

    We made an offer on a house that was accepted Friday, but called the realtor a bit ago and told him we were backing out. I’m so far behind at work, and there’s no way we can do all of the inspections plus get our house ready to show.

    This should not be happening to a gentle soul who has only been on earth to bring joy to others.

  166. lauraw, Mcpo threatens me when I bitch about high desert humidity. High humidity Winter tried to kill me. I couldn’t breathe. Chumpo, you need some NEW Mexican food. Baja is bajad! (Roberto’s? Pffft. Rubio’s? ICK)

  167. (((HUGS))) for you and HB. Prayers too. Praying to St Blaise for a while now.

  168. I’m so sorry, Hotspur.

    Is it time to get her to the Mayo or Cleveland Clinic or something? Not that you haven’t probably already thought about it.

  169. I forgot about St. Blaise. I’ll text him.

  170. Praying here too HS.

  171. The place we had lunch on Saturday was fantastic. The best shredded chicken chimichunga ever!

  172. She’s in good hands- truly the brightest and best. They’re all women, they’re all foreign, and they’re all extremely confidence inspiring. (Doesn’t hurt that they are all very pretty.)

  173. The nurses are all guys, and HHD candidates, so there’s that in HotBride’s side of the ledger.

  174. Keep on pluggin’ Hotspur.

  175. What is the plan now?

  176. Don’t plug any nurses. That’s frowned upon.

  177. Tell her she should hug the nurses and maybe give them a pinch; it’s medicinal.

  178. Oso, I spent three weeks in Farmington and I spent three weeks in Cuba NM. I’ve been to Alamogordo, Albuquerque, Ruidoso, and Santa Fe. In all fairness, the platas grandes are very good. I had excellent chili of all types and moles and albondigas. That said, so called restaurants like “Rubios” are not a representation of Baja Style food which I prefer to all verities of Mexican food I have tried in the US. Of course, as my grandfather would always say, “Thats what makes a horserace.”

    Buen Provecho

  179. Did anybody assert the right of jus primae noctis over anybody else’s betrothed today?

  180. HA! I like TexMex and NewMex. I don’t even like MexMex or AZMex and OMG does NVMex suck!!! Baja needs moar chile!!! SoCal needs moar chile! I H8 Cilantro. Tastes like soap!!!! H2 food throw down!!!

  181. *low wolf whistles*

    Well done; I had to google that, Sean.

  182. Thank you, Cyn.

  183. It is an impressive feat that you come up with a new one each day.

  184. Did anybody assert the right of jus primae noctis over anybody else’s betrothed today?

    No……..but I like the way you’re thinking.

    I got jus primae noctis money.

  185. It is an impressive feat that you come up with a new one each day.

    It’s kinda like getting an erection, I’d guess. It just happens and then you gotta figure out what to do with it.

  186. The daily derp is just gravy. (OMG is that totes hillbilly?)

  187. I remembered it from Braveheart, and I could read the Latin.

  188. I’m thinking that Sean’s question is the reason why the English are fighting so hard to keep the Scots in the Kingdom!

  189. Dan said his Dad looked good. The radiation for the throat cancer effed him up while saving his life. Dan was able to cheer his Dad and explain the situation to his Mom in a way she seemed to understand. Still waiting for the results of the “Scope”

  190. It is an impressive feat that you come up with a new one each day.

    I find it an enjoyable ritual. Although I have to say that I was a little disappointed that nobody apparently noticed what I did with it last week.

    Anyway, I’m out for the evening. Derp-gravy later.

  191. It has been too long since I linked this.

  192. I guess I’ll go back and try to decipher Sean’s passive-aggressive quotes from last week. Le sigh…

  193. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 16, 2014 9:00 pm

    It has been too long since I linked this.

    I hate to sound like my dad the first time he ever walked in on me watching an MTV video but, “What kind of fucked up son of a bitch would make some shit like that”?

    I just couldn’t help myself. Get off my lawn, cumstain.

  194. You’ve fully understood it, then, PG.

    It’s also less messed up than one of Tushar’s videos.

  195. I guess I’ll go back and try to decipher Sean’s passive-aggressive quotes from last week.

    It was something with a fake pregnancy and a stolen baby. I figured Sean was referencing a movie or show I haven’t seen.

  196. Tushar. relink that crazy vid with the Eastern Euro guys with two heads. I lost that linky

  197. We had one of the first “Stolen Baby” cases in the US. Darcy Pierce.

  198. CrazyBear,
    I had to interrupt Anita, who was deep in code, to relate your “Cilantro tastes like soap” comment.
    She is the only person I’d heard that from, ’til now…

  199. ChrisP, tell Anita that we are not alone!!!! Science!!!!

  200. The food truck craze has caught on here. One of the trucks at NASA today is “Cilantro’s”. Looked like falafel and hummus type stuff.

  201. falafel and hummus type stuff

    Alex, I’ll take “Shit muzzies eat” for $500 please.

  202. I know that food truck’s have to get licensing etc but I still don’t get it. We have coolers strapped to bicycles food “Trucks”. We sell them lots of their food products.

  203. And by we, I mean EBT pays for food trucks and Bike Food.

  204. Hey, that fulfills our Muslim outreach quota then. Marvy.

  205. In HotBride’s attempt to keep the urine soaked winos and hobos out of the Coop, she banned using EBT for the hot bar in the cafe. The fucking liberal members went nuts. “They deserve a hot wholesome meal too.”

    Fine, take them to your house and give them one. While you’re at it, give them a bed so they don’t pass out in the cafe.

  206. I saw the Urine Soaked Winos open for the Greatful Dead back I ’68 with your mo

  207. EBT can’t be used on prepped hot meals. Even at Sam’s. Member’s would buy take home pizzas and ask the cafe to heat them. We got in trouble.

  208. You know, if those hippies are so keen to help the poor, there is an ancient, non-governmental, non-profit institution that has a couple thousand years of experience. They’d be happy to have the help and energy.

  209. Costco started taking EBT in select markets. Sam’s followed, but in all markets. Somebody needs to ask Mr Enlightened why he doesn’t take EBT in certain areas. Could it be he wants to keep Costco white and upscale? Hmmm?

  210. Oso, that was her back up position – it’s illegal. But since when did liberals care about laws?

  211. Costco white and upscale

    Okay this made me giggle.

  212. I found the whole “Food Truck” thing interesting.
    Portland, where we grew up, has taken “Food Trucks” to a whole new level. They have blocks of them, from every ethnicity you could imagine.
    Seattle got jealous that their “Hipster Douche-bags” could not compete on a level playing-field and started petitioning the PTB for the ability to compete.
    In both cities, the brick & mortar restaurants are bitching about lost business.
    For the “Foodies”, it’s a win.
    Great ethnic food at reasonable prices.
    Some of the “Taco Trucks” here are great!

  213. Cynnabuns,
    What is the weather doing there?
    Is the rain/wind/flooding bad?
    Or, is it “No Big Deal”?

  214. Seems to be the calm before the storms… just waiting for it to hit now…

  215. The Chief just calls that “Tuesday”…..

  216. HS, trying to explain the legality of EBT/SNAP can be a losing proposition. Mid-way through last year, they took Monster, Red Bull, and 5 Hr Energy off EBT. OMG!!! Trying to explain the difference between protein drinks and protein supplements is exhaustive too.

  217. Cyn, the douchitude at Costco is epic!!!

  218. That’s where I shop.

  219. The reasonable prices part is kind of iffy here. One truck sells bacon cheeseburgers for $5, one sells plain cheeseburgers for $8, and one sells “Philly cheeseburgers” (onions and peppers) for $8. Haven’t tried the $8 plain burger. $9 and $10 pizzas. Frou-frou stuff is all $8 and up. I like the chicken stew for $4, but I have to get there right at 11:00, or it’s gone.

  220. We used to have roach coaches when our neighborhoods were being built, great food. They’ve been gone a long time now. Leftovers from the ‘fridge just isn’t the same.

  221. What the fucking hobos would do is come in and buy the milk. The bottles have a $1 deposit. They would take it out front, pour it in the flower beds, come back in and redeem the bottle deposit, them go to the party store up the street and buy cigarettes or wine. So she instituted a rule that you can only cash in two bottles at a time unless you are a member.

    People flipped out again. Liberals are a plague.

  222. Heh, I shop at Costco, too. Or I used to when I was feeding Rocketboy.

  223. Exactly HS. Hobos beg the system. Sam’s has a 200% Fresh guarantee. Assholes learned how to game the system. Corporate eventually backed us up on SNAP returns.

  224. Costco owns a certain demographic. Lots of profit before a single $ is spent. RL friend makes $17.50 an hour at Costco. Never gets more than 16 hours a week. She’s been there for 20 years. Do the math. Freezer guy at Sam’s was making $9 an hour. Averaging 35 hours a week. Recruited by Costco. $11.50 an hour. 20 hours a week. He tried to come back.

  225. Family bed time. Dan is extra needy these days.

  226. Costco is mo deb upscale here compared to Sams. Or regular Walmart.

  227. Give Dan some extra cuddles – sounds like you both could use ’em.

  228. We have a Sam’s and a Costco within a half-mile of each other in this yuppity mall area, both are pretty swanky. Yay property values.

  229. I’d have to drive 40 minutes to a Costco or Sam’s Club.

    And that’s just fine with me.

  230. When you go to Costco, do you get the hot dog?

  231. Mmmm, Sam’s Hot Dogs are the BEST!

  232. It really is pretty helpful to buy stuff in the larger sizes.

  233. Years ago when I worked in an office, a bunch of us would pile into cars and head to Costco for the hotdog and drink deal, capping it off with the sunday treat; we ate like kings for $3.00.

  234. No, I get the fruit smoothie and split it with Mini-me.

  235. I buy in large quan titties.

  236. It really is pretty helpful to buy stuff in the larger sizes.

  237. Costco is two blocks from Mini-me’s school, Sam’s is a 20-minute drive convenient to nothing.

    I did shop there last week. Finally learned to split the hamburger into three packages for the freezer, not two. *sniff*

  238. Free Shipping!

  239. Shit, I was logged into Amazon when I clicked that. Now they will send me ads for that.

  240. Hey! Includes the pump!

  241. Sometime in the near future:

    “Honey, why are we getting ads for industrial-size lubricant?”

    “I’m either starting a porn studio or I clicked a link at the Hostages, take your pick.”

  242. The answers to the questions on that stuff are hilarious.

  243. Hey! Includes the pump!

    Kinda ruins the whole point, don’t it?

  244. I guess you could just slip into a 55 gallon drum.

  245. Oye.

  246. Every Wednesday and Friday a “gourmet” food truck comes to the apartment complex where I live. They park right across from me. Lobsta Truck, Sushi (gah!),and last week was a hot dog with all sorts of odd toppings truck. I ran out and got one plain with ketchup. It was so very excellent.

  247. You okay, Scott?

  248. Shit, I was logged into Amazon when I clicked that. Now they will send me ads for that.

    Crap, so was I. Who do I have to punch for linking that without warning??

    *scrolls up*

    Oh. My late night nemesis. Come here you. Stand still and take it like a man.

  249. How many miles did you walk today, and/or how many pounds of stuff did you lift and pack, Scott?

  250. Oh, like you don’t already have worse showing up on your amazon.


  251. Today? Only about 5 miles. It was the fifth day in a row though, so my legs are really screwed up. Yesterday I couldn’t do stairs without using my arms.

  252. Yep

  253. Why not 6?

  254. Oh, like you don’t already have worse showing up on your amazon.


    Well, but enough time had gone by that the handcuff ads don’t show up anymo….*sputter* ….just shush up!!!

  255. I need help in VT next week.

    Why don’t we have any VT people?

  256. Most of them smell funny but they aren’t all bad.

  257. OK, all of them are probably bad.

    I’ll transport labor 250 miles round trip.

  258. Do we really want a bunch of syrup suckers here?

  259. Scott, how much would you guesstimate it would cost to transport a medium sized truck’s worth of goods from southern CA to western PA? With packing and unpacking. Just in general.

  260. I got a new derp I got her good
    Guess I knew that I always would
    I can’t stop to mess around
    I got a brand new derp in town

  261. Hello, early risers.

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