MMM 140: Two weeks to go

And then I have nowhere to go that I can call “work”. I’m flipping out. Not at all.


Pictures now. Triplets first.

I don’t get this as an exercise. I think someone had a surplus of thick rope and decided to get clever with it.
Lotta booty here.
Headless triplets.
Something about her outfit makes me think Roller Derby.
I have these ankle weights. I should try this move in a workout. Minus the camera.tumblr_nb8ydn2MxW1rrgn2so1_500
You’re welcome.
And we’ll finish out with some yoga. I mean, I assume it’s yoga. A chick is doing it and it looks uncomfortable, so it’s probably yoga.



  1. Lotta booty twins are cute.

    Owls decided to party at the RFH house. I hear at least 3, and they are loud.

  2. Our president is a pussy. That is all.

  3. Agreed, Pendejo. That whole thing about ISIS hostages wearing signs was Onion-esque.

  4. Late night under the bright lights picking dirt and grass out of a wrist poking through the skin. Parents: do not buy your uncoordinated 9 year old kids motocross bikes and expect the bone to remain within the skin.

  5. Nice selection Leon. Booty Booty Girls FTW.

    Back to work now.

  6. Good morning. I still don’t understand.

  7. Good morning cool kids.

    It’s always hard to tell with the long hair, isn’t it.

  8. *snaps the rope at leon

  9. wakeyw akey

  10. I forget who was quoted on Twitchy, but it was “Mitt has to be shaking his head that he lost to this guy.” Beheading? Another round of golf!

  11. Yea, well Mitt was the “I’ll go the NICE GUY” approach during the campaign. it was his failures that contributed to us having another go round with Obama.

  12. Such is the power of the media. If only Mitt had pursued Benghazi a little harder. Can’t blame him, though, Crowley up and lied about it in a national debate to cover Teh Won, and it would have continued.

  13. From one of the ONT links.

  14. Too early in the morning for html.

  15. Long hair is a very feminine signal, that’s why trannies always grow it out. Fortunately, there are none in this poat.

  16. You really haven’t done the rope exercise, leon? It’s pretty fun, takes a little coordination, and it’s harder than it looks.

  17. I’m sure all that is true, however I similarly think someone with a truckload of roap made it up as a clever way to sell it off.

  18. Busted.

  19. The rope exercise? You mean with the thick ropes?

  20. Battleroaps or whatever they’re called.

  21. Battleroaps

    That’s what we call them too.

  22. When I went to the boot camp they had those.

  23. I am totally unprepared for Monday. Could be because I worked waaaay to much and waaaay tooo long this weekend. What a clusterfoch.

  24. Yes, battleropes.

  25. Battleropes sounds like some 80s kids toy.

  26. I hear ya, Car in. I moved all weekend, so it doesn’t even feel like I had any time off.

  27. I could easily make some for home. Haven’t priced rope that thick though.

  28. use your log chains

  29. i’m scrambling to arrange rides this morning before I go to work all freakin day.

    And last night was a mess. ugh

  30. Seems like that would be rough on the turf.

    Also I don’t have any. I mostly move logs with my bare hands. Sometimes I flip them like a big tire only I’m doing something useful.

  31. You people are killing me this morning.

    Let’s talk about my new workout routine.

  32. *snaps MJ with a towel

  33. did you Michigananders get a freeze this weekend? We avoided ours.

  34. Stayed above 40 in open air, but the Mrs said she had car frost on Sunday morning.

  35. I wonder if it’s safe to plant ash trees in Michigan again. Seems like the borers should be all burnt out by now.

  36. No comments in over in hour?


  38. I’m busy running an upgrade and trying to get some crapware to do as it’s told.

  39. Also updating my workout log.

  40. Since we’re worried about the quantity and consistency of the comments, I just farted, and now my office smells like someone took a dump over in the corner.

    That is all.

  41. Leon, as I am deadlifting and add weight, I notice that my shoulders are the only muscles that are getting sore and recovering.
    Being stupid, I can think of two contradictory reasons:
    1. My shoulders are the weakest link in all the muscles involved in the chain, from forearm to thigh. Thus, they are being taxed the most. When they become strong enough, and I continue to add weight, other muscles will start to reach their limit and start getting stronger.

    2. My shoulders are the strongest in the chain, and thus do the most work. They will continue to get stronger and the rest of the chain will stay weak.

    The first explanation sounds less stupid. Your thoughts?

  42. Your thoughts?
    Have you tried plugging it in? Try plugging it in.

  43. Keeping the bar steady and pulling it toward yourself as you ascend is likely more work than your posterior deltoids are used to doing. Rear delts/lats/rhomboids are often atrophied in desk-worker types just because so much of the job has you reaching in front of you, but almost never pulling things toward you, so (1) is likely. It’s also possible that when you say “shoulder” you mean your trapezius (the shrug muscles) which are also likely weak for the same reasons. If it’s (1), you might try some pullups, light barbell rows, or shrugs as an assistance exercise to catch those muscles up.

    (2) is also possible, though unlikely. Watch some deadlift form videos and maybe record yourself in the act to make sure you’re using your hip hinge and spinal erectors properly. I wouldn’t try checking yourself in a mirror, because you want your head neutral in the movement and not to give yourself a neck strain.

  44. *snicker

    The Columbian Women Cycling team.

  45. Several of them seem to have penises.

  46. Leon, yes, I meant the shrug muscles.
    I believe my form is correct, but I will get it corrected through a trainer when I have some time.
    Also, I will videotape it.

    I have gone from 95lb to 140lb deadlifts without any injury, so I am guessing I am not doing it too wrong.
    The only time I hurt myself was when I attempted mliitary press and bent my back backwards. But I am recovered now.

  47. Our president is a pussy. That is all.

    Depends on your perspective.

    He plays for the other team and I’m not just talking teh ghey.

  48. Beasneses last comment needs more cursing.

  49. Whoever designed those outfits should be lined up against a wall and shot forced to take a 1-week crash course with the trannies who help out behind the scenes at “America’s Next Top Model”.

  50. Sorry Oso. Blood sugar was going wonky. Had to eat something better than the brownie I snarfed.

    It amazes me that so few can’t see what that f*ckwad PoS is.

    And seriously, him and the klingon packed backpacks with KaBoom on 9/11 and only a few conservatives made note of it. What kind of a-hole does that sort of thing…poking those who had their limbs blown off in a terror attack, in the eye with their middle finger of f*ck?

  51. Egg and bartlett pear, FTW!

  52. *watches the wall

    Hey, this is kinda fun!

  53. What color is your wall Jay?

  54. Off white.


  55. Kettlebell #2 arrived. Box intact!

  56. Oh, thank goodness, leon. Now I’ll be able to sleep at night.

    *resumes staring at wall

  57. Meh. I said Meh!!!

  58. Ugh. I think I caught ebola.

  59. See! I TOLD you not to go to the meatup!

  60. Maybe it’s prostate cancer. Better get it checked.

  61. It’s at the wrong end of the alimentary canal to be my prostate. And no, H/S, for the last time, if I get it checked, it won’t be by you.

  62. XBrad, did you lick anyone’s hoo-haa?
    It could be throat cancer.

  63. I’m not gonna say yes or no, Tush.

    But, uh… have does your mom have any medical issues I should know about?

  64. Didn’t we warn you about letting Rosetta drink from your glass, XBrad?

    *shakes head, wanders off muttering*

  65. >>Didn’t we warn you about letting Rosetta drink from your glass, XBrad?

    I had NOT heard this euphemism before. Sounds extremely dirty.

  66. I really hope The Federalist keeps hammering Tyson. That guy very much has it coming.

  67. Battlerope sounds like some 80s kids toy. a good name for my cock.

  68. >>Battlerope sounds like a good name for my cock.

    Flaccid like a rope?

  69. ^^*snort*^^

  70. WoOT!

    Won my ebay auction. I’ve been watching for this thingie for probably over 10 years. When it has come up…it has always gone for close to $100 or more.

  71. I may hang a picture on this wall. It’s lovely as it is, but a picture may really turn up the excitement.

    Any ideas? Crying clown? Cat hanging in there? Row boat in a storm?

  72. I’ve got a thick rope she can get clever with…seriously, the thing is just taking up room in my garage,

  73. Velvet Elvis.

  74. Dogs Playing Poker

  75. Poker pllaying dogs. Get Faceripper into the excitement.

  76. CYN!!!!!!!

  77. BATTLErope is not flaccid. But ya know…….at age 54 and having been on hbp meds for 15 years, I do have to pick my moments.

  78. BattleRope! Play with in your back yard! Fun for the whole family! For ages 8-Adult.

  79. MJ, you should commission a local art student to do a tasteful nude portrait of yourself. Think of the look on your guests faces when they walk in.


  81. Ooh, I know… The Creation of MJ!

  82. We already need eye bleach. Why post it again?

  83. MJ on a Half Shell


  85. Venus De MJ

  86. Or, for MJ

  87. MJ, you should commission a local art student to do a tasteful nude portrait of yourself.

    *drinks just as I’m reading this; sprays water all over my monitor*

  88. MJ Flees Burning Troy

  89. MonaJ Lisa

  90. Go enigmatic: MJ Lisa

  91. Swats Xbrad

  92. MJ in “Titanic”

  93. He’ll need a boost up to the railing, though

  94. MJ and Adonis

  95. Heh. You got me right on the Tush, Lippy.

  96. Oh well, I likely neglected to do that in Tempe, so better late than never.

    Where’s my $20?

  97. Nyan MJ

  98. All good ideas.

    Maybe the Rape of the Sabine women. Except stages with muppets.

  99. I could take a picture of GND’s stomach after painting it to resemble a Jackson Pollack.

  100. I could take a picture of GND’s stomach after painting it to resemble a Jackson Pollack.

    Why would you want a painting of Jackson Pollack on GND’s stomach?

  101. Not gonna ask what he’ll paint GND’s stomach with…

  102. *sets low-hanging fruit trap

  103. You had me at “GND’s stomach”.

  104. You people disgust me. How could you ever doubt my methods and motivations?

  105. I’m guessing mustard.

    That guy is twisted.

  106. *snortle*

  107. Yellow or Dijon?

  108. GreyJ Poupon

  109. I prefer mayo to mustard.

  110. L, R: MJ

  111. That’s weird. I’m wearing that color t shirt.

  112. Wave to the camera, MJ.

  113. Real Mayo, or Miracle Whip?

  114. MiracleBullWhips.

  115. I enjoy the Whip, but I was converted to mayo about 5 years ago.

    It’s all just goo anyway.

  116. The Birth of MJ
    MJ and the Swan


  118. Miracle Whip is goo, Mayo is a complex and delicate colloid.

  119. Thank you Cliff Claven!

  120. Just saying, I’ll eat mayo. MW is gross.

  121. Colloids make cottage cheesy thighs.

  122. Comment by MJ on September 15, 2014 3:45 pm

    I prefer mayo to mustard.

    If you start seeing ketchup call a doctor.

  123. Hellmann’s east of the Mississippi, Best Foods west is superior.

    Mustard? Blech!

  124. We almost moved away when we couldn’t find Hellmann’s.
    *shakes fist at teh Mississippi River*

  125. If you have a blender, you can just make your own. It’s really easy.

  126. uh, no.

  127. Col. Mustard, the Library, Rope.

  128. Crap. Col Mustard, the Foyer, BattleRope.

  129. Mrs. White, dining room, Fish sticks.

  130. I relish your agony over various condiments.

  131. uh, no.

    Fine, keep overpaying for low-quality food. Wuss.

  132. I relish (XB, heh!) living in a century where I don’t have to raise chickens for the eggs to hand-make mayo that goes bad in a few days.

  133. Time is worth something.

    Well, it used to be.

  134. I’ve eaten mine after 3 weeks in the jar.

    Time is worth something. I don’t have time to eat cottonseed oil.

  135. Cyn, Hellmann’s = Best Food should be in the welcome pamphlet for every easterner moving west.

    The pamphlet could also answer questions like “What the heck is a swap meet?”

  136. I value a condiment that will keep for three years till I get around to opening it.

  137. Yes, this exactly!

    Oh, another nugget for the pamphlet, “Why are there block wall fences everywhere?”, and my personal favorite, “Put on your crash helmets because nobody knows how to drive for shit when it rains the slightest little bit.”

  138. Three effin’ years? WTF? Do you only stock MREs and prepper food too?

  139. I value a condiment that will keep for three years till I get around to opening it.

    Nominated for today’s best Internet Comment of the Day.

  140. Aioli.

  141. Condiments?

    Oh I don’t need those anymore

  142. “Why are there block wall fences everywhere?”

    Cause we don’t put them at the border.

    Rayciss Alert!

  143. *Tacklehugs Dave and holds his hand all day*

  144. Aioli.

    Areola whaaaa?

  145. Areola whaaaa?

    Mayo made with garlic and olive oil.

  146. Miss Scarlet, Billiard room, spatula.

  147. Mrs. Plum, the bedroom, the oral sex

  148. Woo HOO! Concert band rehearsals begin again tonight!

    Down time is so overrated.

    On the plus side, computer guy finally called me back. Bad news: 6 month old Kindle Fire is probably fucked. Good news: he’s coming back for another season. Bad news: he won’t be advertising.

  149. Correction: 3 month old. Got it for Father’s Day.

  150. Aww, Ben is great! Too bad he isn’t advertising.

  151. I told him that if he didn’t come back, I was still gonna do the tech segment without him.

    He said that he then felt obligated to return, because it would not be right to allow the citizens of CT to be subjected to that.

  152. That Kindle should still be under warranty. Get it replaced.

  153. >>>>That Kindle should still be under warranty. Get it replaced.

    Yeah, just need to find the paperwork, which I’m sure will be easy enough.

  154. >> *Tacklehugs Dave and holds his hand all day*


  155. I don’t know which image is creepier: Cinema Mrs Plum or Game Card Mrs Plum

  156. Greetings, Enemies of the People.

  157. Amazon should have it on file – it’s easy-peasy; done it several times over the past few years, thanks to Rebecca…..

  158. Howdy, Sean.

  159. Seen elsewhere,

    The G-rated version of Rule 34 is that whatever there is, there is a Pokemon for it. (Do not get confused about what I am saying and google “Pokemon p*rn”. Just don’t)

  160. Miss Scarlet, Billiard room, spatula No, MINI-WHISK!!

    At Ralph’s yesterday a lady was demonstrating some sort of whisk that moves at super speeds or something. I chuckled.

    OK, off to errandland.

  161. Thanks, TiF. I hadn’t thought of that!

  162. Ha! Look on the back of a Best Foods jar and see the Hellman’s logo!

    I won this bet with a friend from the east who wouldn’t eat Best Foods.

  163. **packs Clue game for next meatup**

    **speculates on Mrs. Peacock**

  164. FiL is on his way to a different hospital. He keeps pulling out his feeding tubes. Because of the broken arm, they can’t restrain him. Biopsies were all clear. Went by MiLs today to take her some stuff. We were there when she got her mail. Dan had to help her fill out a check and a deposit slip. She has called 3 times this afternoon. DRINK!!!

  165. Oh crap! It’s Prof Plum and Mrs Peacock. Hahaha THX Roamy.

  166. Do not get confused about what I am saying and google “Pokemon p*rn”. Just don’t

    Man, that ship sailed years ago.

  167. Prof. Plum, the bedroom, oral sex?

  168. I always think it’s Captain Peacock because of “Are You Being Served?”

  169. Hahaha

  170. I guess the gender modifiers are sexist and are gone from the new editions of Clue. SMDH

  171. The butler, library, piece of jagged drywall.

  172. Does Miss Scarlet still have nice cans?

  173. Mr. Green, 34 bullwhips, Conservatory

  174. Colonel Mustard, chicken suit, door to the Billiard Room

  175. The Hobo under the bridge with the Tuberculosis

  176. The Mayor of Rotherham in the sedan with the 14 year old

  177. Oso, walk in freezer, Dan’s picked eggs.

  178. The man in Dealy Plaza with the umbrella.

  179. Rosetta, ballroom, slightly used rubber fist

  180. Tushar Jay and Leon in the closet with the Roman Sandwich

  181. Hotspur in the study with the Dutch Oven

  182. Chad, in the pool, with alcohol poisoning.

  183. Leon, in the woods, with a brick.

  184. Oso and the dogs in the Bedroom with The Covered Wagon

  185. Mirror, in the bathroom, please talk free

  186. lauraw, in the garden, with hump goo. (Or is it hump ooze?)

  187. Xbrad in the Pool with the Rubber Sheep.

  188. Mr. Chumpo, on the bus, with the black dildo

  189. I thought it was the Jager (true story)

  190. good God Arizona you’lre like a fuckin hurricane magnet

  191. MJ, in the nursery, with the Bert and Ernie dolls.

  192. AZ is the new FL

  193. Wiser, meeting room, agave overdose.

  194. Technically, Dolly is vinyl.

  195. Virgin vinyl? I think not.

  196. “MJ, in the nursery, with the Bert and Ernie dolls.” made me spew. Thanks, Sean.

  197. Leon, in the woods, with a brick.


  198. Protesters inflamed by an internet video, Benghazi, what difference does it make?

  199. Roamy in the Bunny Suit with the Forward Deflector Array.

  200. Texas A&M girls soccer team, in the pool, calisthenics.

  201. Virgin vinyl? I think not.

    Not anymore, no.

  202. I think we’ve got a confession from Leon. Somebody needs to Mirandize him.

  203. Jewstin on a horse with no name.

  204. Can it be Miranda Kerr?

  205. MCP3O in the fast lane with the turn signal on

  206. Legolas getting in a fight with Bieber in Ibiza. Miranda Kerr.

  207. Cyn, in Tempe, Rockin’ you like a Hurricane.

  208. Greg Norman in the bush with a chainsaw

  209. These are hilarious you guys!

  210. Johnny Cash, in Reno, with the pistol.

  211. Butch, in the rape dungeon, with the samurai sword.

  212. Cyn on the couch with the 6 pack

  213. Leon, in the pond, with the live trap.

  214. Vmax in the Garage with Puppies.

  215. Mare, in ?, with ?.

  216. Tushar, sidewalk, policeman’s night stick.

  217. Little Debbie in the pantry with a snack cake

  218. So apparently my parents have a life insurance policy on me, as well as one on my sister. Sister needs a cash infusion, so they are cashing hers out for her. They asked if I wanted mine as well.

    I don’t exactly need it, but who’d turn it down?

  219. Your mom, on the street, with ice.

  220. Elizabeth Warren, in the tepee, with the tomahawk.

  221. TFG, on AF1, with a Pitching Wedge.

  222. Ward Churchill, in the wig-wam, with the shiny beads.

  223. Wiserbud, at the Record Store, with a clarinet.

  224. Heh. Good one, crajybear.

  225. MJ, bed, stepping stool.

  226. If they cash it in they will be less likely to kill you.

  227. MNF got Bleeding Gums Murphy to sing the Anthem.

  228. It’d end up being about enough to pay for my funeral if I died.

    The cash-out value would be a nice cushion in case we have a surprise expense.

  229. You should turn down the free money.

    Said no one ever.

  230. PG in ND with petroleum.

  231. Sox, behind the “safe couch”, with the catnip.

  232. I don’t understand this fag game. Somebody tell me the rules.

  233. GND, in the sauna, with a Thighmaster™.

  234. It started as Col Mustard in some room, with a candlestick or something, but has morphed into all sorts of nonsense.

    My personal favorite is MCPO in the fast lane with his blinker on.


  235. Classic board game Clue. Killer, location, weapon.

  236. MJ, have you lent her your ShakeWeight?

  237. Does anyone have an interest in an iPhone 5? I may have one available.

  238. So just string 3 random thoughts together? Prolly beyond my skill set.

    Wiser. With a mic. In a state full of fools.

  239. Faceripper in the bar with a miniwhisk.

  240. hahahahahaha.

  241. Hmm, Hostages Clue.

  242. MJ, have you lent her your ShakeWeight?
    I got her one for Valentine’s Day.

  243. Carin in the garden with the muddler.

  244. Jay, pizza parlor, poorly timed Jewish joke.

  245. Oso in the Parking Lot with the Price Gun.

  246. Well, at least Gruden hasn’t gotten any less positive. Or annoying.

  247. MJ, GND, Stepping stool.

  248. Tushar in Ahmedabad with Oregano.

  249. How much for the iPhone5, MJ? Mr. TiFW might be interested….

  250. Hmm, I have been to Ahmedabad, but no one in India uses Oregano.


  251. Why not iPhone 6?

  252. Scott, in the Banglar Party Van, with a wrench.

  253. FREESPN !

  254. Jewstin, at Cheyenne Days, with a Bolo tie.

  255. I have been to Ahmedabad, but no one in India uses Oregano.



  256. C arin, in the chicken coop, with a Tool.

  257. No oregano??? How about marjoram?

  258. I’ll just bet the Indians like to use “cumin.”

  259. I’m really flummoxed about the oregano thing. How do they possibly maintain life processes without it?

  260. Naan with oregano = pizza crust.

  261. >> How do they possibly maintain life processes without it?

    We have a population of 1.2 billion. We somehow manage. Life finds a way.

  262. No marjoram either. I have no clue what marjoram is.

  263. I bet this is harder than it looks

  264. We only go for spices that light a fire at both ends.
    Oregano is for pussies.

  265. *sharpens pencil*

    heh, all this time I was doing it so wrong,

  266. you wouldn’t believe what I was using instead of oregano

  267. Oregano is an herb, not a spice.

    But I wouldn’t expect you to know that, outsider.

  268. Oregano is the Spice of Life.

    India needs more Italian restaurants. We ginnies could take that whole market over, as long as we don’t go heavy on veal dishes.

  269. Lipstick, in the cabana, with a camera

  270. you wouldn’t believe what I was using instead of oregano

    Heh heh heh

  271. …speaking of spices: that spice that Tushar gave me that is the Indian version of caraway? Makes a better rye bread than regular caraway!
    If I could describe it, I would say it had a more fragrant licorice scent and a strong bitter note. Regular caraway is more sweet and carroty.

  272. How much for the iPhone5, MJ? Mr. TiFW might be interested….
    I’m going to trade it in at the store. Didn’t know you could do that until tonight. Sorry!

  273. Fish sticky.

  274. Tushar should open a chain of prime rib restaurants in India. He’d be a rupillionaire.

  275. No worries, MJ!

  276. You should just wait for the iPhone 72.

  277. That’s not coming out until November.

  278. * invents iPhone 72.8 *

    * cashes Hotspur’s check *

  279. * changes the .8 logo to .81 *

    * cashes Hotspur’s check *

  280. I still don’t have a smart phone. I can talk and text.

    And get off my lawn.

  281. You should upgrade, Cyn.

  282. Did anybody have an employee’s wife come see them today cause her hubby was fuckin around on her?

  283. And stop using Morse Code? Never.

  284. **high-fives Cyn**

  285. … -.- –. –.. ….- ..–!

    and that wasn’t even a real polar bear!

  286. Oh, that sounds like a kick in the pants, PG. You’re the Den Leader?

  287. Roamy, do you work on that ion drive that I’ve been hearing about recently?

  288. If you access the wireless network at NASA, you are giving them implicit permission to install software on your phone. They say it’s for security. I like my dumbphone.

  289. Chumpo, if you are talking about the iodine engine, I wrote about it over at XBrad’s, and yes, I am working on it.

  290. – …. .- – .—-. … / .– …. .- – / … …. . / … .- .. -..

  291. Did anybody stop taking the medication that was heretofore preventing them from believing that anybody else was the devil today?

  292. Our calm before the hurricane rains. Yay.

  293. Did anybody have an employee’s wife come see them today cause her hubby was fuckin around on her?

    Was she looking for payback or did she want you to fire the guy?

  294. Did anybody have an employee’s wife come see them today cause her hubby was fuckin around on her?

    Yes- Every NCO and Petty Officer in the Armed Forces

  295. Lipstick, in the law office, with a pen

  296. I thought it was the wives back home that did the military cheating.

  297. My hero

  298. Why are you seducing the poor gal’s husband, PG? yer a homewreaker.

  299. Just giving me a heads up before the shit goes down.

  300. I was tempted to tell her, “I wouldn’t have hit that shit!!”

  301. Hugs Lipstick.

  302. I could get in on some of that hugging action.

  303. You better be ready, pg…

  304. XBrad, in the desert, with Schweddy Balls.

  305. You didn’t get enough hugs at TITS? I think my arms finally stopped being sore from all the hugs with You People the Wednesday after.

    On second thought, we should do that again next month.

  306. Dang, that’s a desert alright.

  307. I’m hoping the hurricane that’s about to destroy PHX at least cools us off a bit.

  308. I could get in on some of that hugging action.

    Bring it!

  309. Soon, Lippy, soon.

  310. Squeeee!

  311. Or any time you head this way, swing by for some huggies.

  312. It’s going to cool down a whole bunch here in the next day or so; down into the low 90s!

  313. We’re supposed to drop all the way to 106 tomorrow!


  315. Wow, what just happened with this football game?

  316. Refs handed the game to the eagles. 2 bad calls.

  317. They did at that, Jay.

    Also, I am getting Adrian Peterson fatigued.

  318. Imagine how his kid must feel!

  319. Ha ha ha ha!


  320. Cyn signing off.

    One of you dickfinger-licker-lovers put up a poat for Tuesday.

    Love and Hugs and Kisses!

  321. ‘night honey, feel better.

  322. Working on a poat RIGHT NOW!

    (To go up tomorrow morning.)

  323. Why not two poats?

  324. Monday night.


  325. Helloooo, Dave….

    **eyes suspiciously**

  326. …police on my back.

    Tuesday (night)


    police on my back.

    Ah said,

    Wednesday (night)


    police on my back.

  327. Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

    What has DiT done?

    What has DiT Dooo’ooon?

  328. Flyin’ on big private jets, that’s wut.

  329. My boss never invited me for a ride on a private jet.

    Though I did snag a ride in the General’s Huey once.

  330. But at night it’s a different world
    Go out and derp a girl
    Come-on come-on and dance all night
    Despite the heat it’ll be alright

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