Beeg Bewb Fureyedayah

Hello slackers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday: Pupster can’t keep doing this any longer edition. I’m asking for volunteers to take the reins of this wonderful H2 traditional Friday poat, I’m out.

If you want to put on the dress and twirl it around for a while, step up and take it.

MJ has the next two Fridays.



Mrs. Pupster made me a CD with some songs from this group, and although it is not my normal taste in music, I think they are pretty good. For some reason I don’t like their songs with vocals but I play their instrumentals when I’m driving or working and I dig it.



Click here to open this video in a new window for background music while boob perusing.

Your model for today can part the seas with her rudimentary understanding of The Gospel of Paul, picked up in vacation bible school. When not being a bikini model/handsome cab driver, she spends her free time making snarky comments on knitting and macrame blogs under the pseudonym “uryarnsux“.

Born March 14, 1977 in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan, standing 5’5″ tall and all of 95lbs, measuring in at 34-22-34, please stop throwing interceptions long enough to welcome, Miss Aki Hoshino!














The drink of the week is from the bottle.



  1. She seems nice.

  2. **checks to make sure someone didn’t slip us decaf again**

  3. She throws a ball better than JEF.

  4. Doesn’t Puppy love us anymore? WHy can’t he give us boobs on friday for ever?

  5. We could rotate boobs, right?

  6. And, fasting may be easy if you’re not a wuss, but I am a wuss. ALso, I think I did it wrong. I simply ate too much during the day – couldn’t stop snacking – then worked out (crackfat Zumba) and after picking the kids up from soccer, it was almost 9 pm. Too late.

  7. One vote certainly sways the results big time here

  8. We could rotate boobs, right?

    I’ve never tried. Is it righty tighty lefty loosie?

  9. Checked my work email this morning. Someone needs to go to charm school. New guy on the Navy side of this project chewed me out for not keeping him up to date, has assumed (and you know what they say about “assume”) the project is cancelled, and wants his samples back. If everything weren’t already assembled and in CA, I would yank those fuckers out right now and send them back. What a way to introduce yourself.

  10. Ha!
    good one Pups

  11. We could rotate boobs, right?

    This needs one of those Betty Page gifs with the tassels whirling around.

  12. WHy can’t he give us boobs on friday for ever?

    I have limited time and resources which are getting more limited and less resoucey.

  13. I want my “I voted” sticker.

  14. which boob are you going to put it on?

  15. Here ya go.

  16. which boob are you going to put it on?

    The middle one.

  17. interesting

  18. heh. Isn’t Obama left-handed? They’ve got a picture of him from the “service project” of him “assembling” playground equipment. He’s using a ratchet with his right hand.

  19. That is interesting v-man. I’m going to have to finish this cup of coffee, though, before I’m able to process.

  20. Once more in the breach clean room.

    Y’all have a good day.

  21. Holy tit fuck.

    And not in a good way.

  22. Comment by Car in on September 12, 2014 8:12 am
    We could rotate boobs, right?

    I tried that once and she slapped me. Now I just squeeze gently.

  23. I’ll try to have a good day, but it’s already off to a bad start.

  24. Meeee-ooow

  25. And not in a good way.

    I don’t see how any part of this girl could be “not in a good way”.

  26. *fist-bumps Leon*

  27. I didn’t see the post. I’m at the airport on my phone.

  28. My bad. She’s awesome.

    Love me some sushi.


  30. Mushi-mushi

  31. The Tubes flashback

  32. Nice job on the linkies today, Pupster, but you really should have gotten my permission to use my likeness in the one.

  33. Boop

  34. Beep


  36. Honka honka.

  37. >> heh. Isn’t Obama left-handed? They’ve got a picture of him from the “service project” of him “assembling” playground equipment. He’s using a ratchet with his right hand.

    I’m left handed and I use tools with either hand too.

  38. I sign my name dextrously and brush my teeth in a sinister fashion.

  39. Ugh – I’ve let a boy stay home from school today. I think it’s a broken heart. And there’s nothing I can do to fix. #sadface

  40. And there’s nothing I can do to fix.

    Steak. Expendables.

  41. Or any movie with Jason Statham, really.

  42. Strippers and booze.

    Be the Cool Mom.

  43. Good morning, Phuquers of Hoze.

  44. Hire a hooker.

  45. Hookers won’t help, people.

  46. Liquor-Strip-O-Gram has been ordered!

  47. Hookers are part of the healing process.

    Crying -> Hooker -> Guilt Infused Rage -> Meaningless Sex with Fat Desperate Person -> Drinking Binge -> All Better Now.

    It’s science.

  48. Nice model today, Pups.

    I’d hit it like Fiers on Stanton.

  49. Jewstin, from everything I’ve read, science says to skip to the drinking binge and be done with it.

  50. I still don’t think he was really turning that wrench.

  51. **said in my best Harry Carey voice**

    Does she jus lay there…..or does she muv aroun?
    Gawd, I luv a squirmer!!

  52. He probably had to switch to his other hand after he tired out his left with a few quarter-turns.

  53. I’m on Carin’s side. Some photographer posed him like a mannequin, and snapped a bunch of photos. But everybody knows he’s an effete little dweeb who doesn’t know the difference between a socket wrench and a pipe wrench.

  54. Um, Car in, did you notice the name of the volunteer group they were helping pack backpack, with?

    [Freed this from teh bucket/Cyn]

  55. >>>He probably had to switch to his other hand after he tired out his left with a few quarter-turns.

    Wait, what exactly are we talking about here?

  56. *looks around picture for pressure cookers*

    They’re f*cking with us.

  57. The picture has that look about it that Obama is attempting to do something he’s never done before. the way he’s holding it looks off.

  58. Wait, what exactly are we talking about here?

    Your Mom.

  59. One kettlebell has atrrived. The other is in UPS limbo.

  60. I am officially a Texan today.
    I celebrated by having kolache’s for lunch

  61. I thought you lived there for like a year, what changed?

  62. *sends a Liquor-Strip-O-Gram as congratulations to Vmax*

  63. It is a long boring story Leon, but I finally was able to get it done

    Yeah! Cyn is the best!

  64. Michael’s neighbor is Romo. There’s not testes invovled.

  65. Hi Cyn. I’m in Phoenix for the next 56 mins.

  66. Shit – it would take me 40 to get there.

    Wait which airport?

  67. Micro Meat Up

  68. Skyharbor or Gateway?

  69. there was much good in that article, VMan of the State of Texas. I’m glad ye linked it.

    Hi Kitty. Sorry ’bout yer broken hearted son. i once suffered from the same condition and my dad told me “Son, it’s a narrow escape.”

    I’ve shared that with many a person since.

  70. I bet it’s PHX. Otherwise, I can be at AZA in 7 minutes and I don’t need pants.

  71. That’s brilliant, Chumpo. I may just have that inscribed on beer steins and give them to my boys for Christmas.

    You were missed terribly at TITS. I hope your world is spinning a bit more level these days.

  72. It occurs to me that we could use a man like Vlad Tsepes about now.


  73. Well, It hasn’t improved much. I’ve got another geriatric charge with profound dementia for a total of 2.5. I guess I’m going for the record. I could write a “How to Care for People Who Think You Are a Stranger” manual. There is also much humor in my life though, thanks to you all.
    lets just leave it at, I would have much rather been with you lot than what I’ve been doing. All bitchin aside, I love you btards and really look forward to seeing everyone at the next one.

    I’ll start working on the “Narrow Escape” logos.

    Hows yer health? Stay frisky.

  74. >> I still don’t think he was really turning that wrench.

    Maybe not but you can’t draw that conclusion based on his left-handedness. I can swing a hammer just as well with my left or my right.

  75. +1 DiT
    My thoughts exactly. barry may be an ambidextrous SCFoACF

  76. Why is TOTUS at a charter school? He’s a member of the party that’s adamant about neighborhood schools and lack of parental involvement in the discussion about their kid’s futures. That jokah ought to be at the biggest shitheel elementary school in DC if he was putting his money where his mouth is. It’s almost hypocritical is what it is.

  77. You are a spinning plate fool – big big hugs to you honey.

    I’m staying good about 90% of the time then the stones trigger the Las Vegus Nerve Nauseatime Blues. Had a few folks step up to the plate for me during TITS and there was much love and hugs when I was down for the count. Meh, this too shall pass, I insist. Rawr!

  78. I spank my monkey left handed. I hold my fork in my left hand when I have to use a knife and then switch when it come time to head towards my pie hole. Almost everything else is right handed.

    Some of that y’all may not have wanted to know.

  79. SKY. Sorry Cyn.

  80. I will not b thwarted in my Zero criticism. If you think that was other than a photo opp with him doing little more than holding that wrench “just so” .. well, then let me tell you about how great the economy is roaring.

  81. Keep on rockin’ GF.

  82. Next time you (and any of You People™) know you’re laying-over here, let me know and I am all over that micromeat. Or in your case, the ginormousmeat. *cough*

  83. I think the point is Car In, that Doofus flails equally well with the R or L.

  84. Well, that is correct. I know I turn a wrench with more frequency than Obama, and I would never use my non-dominate hand. People who use tools with more frequency may be able to switch, but MY contention is if you are doing something you are not terribly familiar with, you use your dominate hand.

  85. he spends other people’s money ambidextrously.

  86. *imagines Car In with a wrench in a mosh pit.*

  87. >>I can swing a hammer just as well with my left or my right.

    I had not heard that euphemism before.

  88. I could have used a wrench last time I was in a mosh pit.

  89. I basically walked from one plane to another. Not much time.

  90. You have talent, MJ

  91. I would not love a job that involves regular travel, or a little travel, or travel.

  92. Time for me to put on my skort.

  93. Have a good shift.

    I gotta go too.

  94. A 56 minute layover at Dulles would be just long enough to get to the other gate.

  95. I was told there would be no math.

  96. You were lied to.

  97. There’s no lying on the internet – that’s not permitted.

  98. In the case of the textbook, said “math” prolly involves word problems like:

    “Dick has $100 to spend. Miss Aoki’s “House of Numbers” charges $50 for a Trip Around the World, with an additional $30 for a Happy Ending. Assuming he leaves a 15% tip, how much will Dick have left over to buy Baby a new pair of shoes? Show your work.”

  99. When x equals the angle of the dangle and y equals the temperature coefficient of the “member” we find that Japanese Math Teachers who moonlight in cinematic endeavors produce a high ratio x:y.

  100. Heh

  101. >> I will not b thwarted in my Zero criticism.

    And yet it happened.

  102. Heh

    HA HA HA!

  103. It’s quiet in here today.

    Too quiet.

  104. Yannow, I cannot tell you how frustrated I am that my show doesn’t start for a couple of weeks.

    It would have been hilarious to break in to whatever topic I was talking about with “I’ve just been handed breaking news… the US IS.. I repeat IS at war with ISIS!”, only to follow it up 15 minutes later with “The US IS NOT I repeat IS NOT at war with ISIL!”

  105. just keep going back and forth between the two announcements throughout the show.

  106. Wiserbud: THE Official Newspeaker of WATR

  107. Question, are we allowed to say “fuck” here?

  108. When does your show start up again?

  109. IS is at war with us, regardless.

  110. Fuck no you can’t say “fuck” here.

  111. show starts Spet. 20, but I’m not on until the following weekend.

  112. Comment by Cyn on September 12, 2014 5:03 pm
    Fuck no you can’t say “fuck” here.

    Why the fuck not?

  113. Question, are we allowed to say “fuck” here?

    Are you fucking kidding me? FUCK NO you can’t say “fuck” here.

    Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, what kind of fucking shithole do you think we’re fucking running here anyway?

  114. show starts Spet. 20, but I’m not on until the following weekend.

    Oh right – that’s when Tom Hill fills in for you!


  115. what kind of fucking shithole do you think we’re fucking running here anyway?

    I simply cannot fucking fathom why the fuck you aren’t a bigger fucking radio star than you already fucking are.

  116. Why the fuck not?

    Why the fuck!

  117. Fuck no, that sort of language is only for the State Department.

  118. This foul language is fucking disgusting. I am too much of a fucking lady to hang around here.

  119. My mom always said that if you could only say your piece by swearing it was because you had a weak vocabulary, and a weak vocabulary signaled that you were stupid.

    Not sure what this says about you people. But I’m pretty sure of what it says about Susan Rice.

  120. oooo yeah, Tom “Dreamboat” Hill….


  121. Retch

  122. If Tom Hill is hosting the first week of the show, I will call in and ask “where the heck is Steve!?”

  123. Who the fuck are you calling “You People”?

  124. leon, it doesn’t work when you tell mom jokes about your own mom.


  125. >>>>If Tom Hill is hosting the first week of the show, I will call in and ask “where the heck is Steve!?”



  126. My fucking vocabulary is fucking expansive and fucking extraordinary.

  127. Who the fuck is Steve?

  128. Steve is who fills in for Tom Hill.

  129. Is he any fucking good?

  130. “Hi, this is Leon, I’m actually a long-time internet listener from the Detroit area. Huge fan of the show. Where’s the regular guy? Is MJ going to be calling in with the drink of the week? Because that’s like 85% of the reason I tune in.”

  131. *shake cocktail mixer near mike*

  132. He fucking talks a lot.

  133. I fucking hate people who fucking talk a lot.

  134. I’m fucking looking forward to the DotW too.

    And I fucking want to see some spandex in the videos.

  135. Fuck MJ, I want to fucking see more of the fucking GND.

  136. That’s who I was fucking talking about too.

  137. GND doesn’t call in. Just occasional cameos on youtube.

    I mean, you can fuck MJ if you want, but I hear he might be something of a stocking stuffer, IYKWIM.

  138. Steve is probably the only thing worth listening to on that entire station.

  139. The fucking once or twice I’ve actually fucking watched his videos, she appears to have a nice fucking ass.

  140. Comment by bcochran81 on September 12, 2014 5:02 pm
    Question, are we allowed to say “fuck” here?

    Paging EddieBear.

    EddieBear to the white courtesy phone, please….

  141. She really is fucking adorable and fucking hilarious.

    You must fucking come to a meatup, Brent.

  142. Sorry… Entire fucking station

  143. You must fucking come to a meatup, Brent.

    I fucking know. You guys have to fucking have a fucking meat up in the fucking southeast.

  144. Why the fuck would anyone want to meatup in the southfuckingeast?

  145. I say we crash MJ’s pad in Florida after his renters leave.

  146. Sorry… Entire fucking station

    I was almost going to have to throw the party fucking foul flag; nice fucking save.

  147. Cause we fucking have fucking beaches and fucking bitches in fucking bikinis.

  148. Why the fuck would anyone want to meatup in the southfuckingeast?

    Cuban sandwiches?

  149. I say we crash MJ’s pad in Florida after his renters leave.

    Leon is fucking onto something there, then Tushar can fucking boot out his renters. This could fucking work.

  150. Why the fuck would anyone want to meatup in the southfuckingeast?

    High meth, oxy and heroin availability?

  151. Haitian hookers?

  152. Hahahahaha, if this place wasn’t blocked from work before, it sure as hell is now.

  153. Is it just me that hopes Neil Defuckface Tyson gets slapped with some kind of plagiarism charge?

  154. High meth, oxy and heroin availability?

    I’m fucking in.

  155. “Wyoming is among a few states that have considered bringing back largely abandoned execution methods like the firing squad.”


  156. WTFITS?



  158. Why the fuck would anyone want to meatup in the southfuckingeast?

    Meet up here, then we’ll go fucking kidnap Mrs. Cuffy and egg Cuffy’s fucking house.

  159. I know a guy who fucking talks like this all the fucking time.

  160. Scoot knows someone in the State Dept?

  161. It’s too fucking hot out.

  162. Oops. I guess I fucked that one up.

  163. Comment by scott on September 12, 2014 4:37 pm


    Their video “Sparky” is pretty good as well.

  164. Roamie,

    This is an old Navy joke, but I have seen it deployed effectively:

    So, did you do a lot time on the boat?

    Did you ever get laid? Because I’ve heard the guys on the bottom are gay and the guys on the top are just ‘gettin’ some’.

    You know, LIKE A VIKING!.

    I will share that story at next meat up.

  165. So I dropped by my professor’s office today. She runs their Math Center where there were a bunch of kids getting help. They must have a deal with the local high schools because none of them could have been old enough to be in college, right? Right?

    Anywho, she said I could take the exams there instead of finding a proctor. Apparently most of the online students are high schoolers who get their teacher to proctor the exam, or occasionally someone who gets it proctored through work. She seemed shocked when I told her that the testing centers charged $30 a test.

    Oh, and serious cat-lady vibe.

  166. The fuck?

  167. All the guys in that video playing the fucking cops were actually local cops from one department around here, and there was a minor fucking brouhaha because they wore their fucking real service uniforms in it.

  168. I had apologies from the Navy guy and one of those cc’d waiting in my inbox by the time I got to work. I’m thinking someone snatched a knot in his ass for being unprofessional.

  169. Just do it there, CO. Why gamble on trying to find a proctor?

  170. And Phat, you should write a book. It would be fucking awesome.

  171. Sean, that’s the new plan. I found a proctor because that was what was required by the course registration.

  172. It snowed today. The weather is in the thirties. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the seventies.

  173. >>>>I say we crash MJ’s pad in Florida after his renters leave.

    Fuck that. As he’s never fucking home anymore, we can just fucking take over his fucking condo in whichever fucking Carolina it’s located. in.

  174. Fucking snow

  175. >>>>>It snowed today. The weather is in the thirties. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the seventies.


  176. >>>>snatched a knot in his ass

    Is this hot? It sounds hot, but maybe just because Roamie wrote it.

  177. We were behind a fucking cop at a fucking traffic light today, and the fucker was texting on his fucking phone and the light wasn’t getting any fucking greener. Our cops shoot to kill, so I didn’t flash any fucking hand signals. Fucker.

  178. Roamy, was it you that mentioned to me you knew someone who fucking had fucking kidney stones? If so, check your f-mail please.

  179. Oh, and serious cat-lady vibe.

    So… are you saying you didn’t nail her?

    Seriously, though, I’m glad it could be accounted for by ignorance rather than malice.

  180. Or if I’m miss-remembering, who ever it was that told me, low-back labor, right?

  181. Oh, and serious cat-lady vibe.


  182. Meee-ow fucking kilt it?

    Fucking Awesome.

  183. Nice fucking work, Cyn. You fucking killed the fucking blog.

  184. Fuck that. As he’s never fucking home anymore, we can just fucking take over his fucking condo in whichever fucking Carolina it’s located. in.

    Occufuckingpy condofuckingminium.

  185. CoLex, this pic was taken about an hour ago:

  186. Cyn
    there is always the 6 pack stone removal trick I mentioned.

  187. Breasts make me happy. Large breasts make me happier!

  188. >>>>Cyn
    there is always the 6 pack stone removal trick I mentioned.

    This, on the other hand…. Not hot

  189. One six-pack per day? Got it. Thanks, Dr. Vmax.

  190. You took that, Xbrad??

  191. Xbrad, I’d rather it was cold than hot. I can sit around the apartment reading and playing video games if it’s cold. If it’s hot it’s just miserable.

  192. Is this hot? It sounds hot, but maybe just because Roamie wrote it.

    It that birthmark of hers. Sexeh.

  193. 64 degrees right now. Nice little breeze. Still too fucking hot in the condo.

  194. Cyn, yeah. I thought we were past the stupid hot phase of our summer.

    We’re not.

    Yesterday was fairly mild, only hit about 101. Of course, I was stuck inside all day. Today was FUCKING HOT out, but of course I had to go buy Val-U-Rite run errands for XMom.

  195. Lead story in The Duke City: Stolen pumpkins from a daycare in Portales. Two 15 yr old vandals identified. People are donating pumpkins to the daycare. Dan: How many fucking pumpkins do they need? 2nd story: Strangers help woman whose car stalled in a rain covered Roswell street. Dan: They’re just fucking with us now.

  196. 115F is not a real temperature. It has to be a myth.

    It was 55 here today.

  197. Heh, memories of Chad. I always thought it was the dimple that got the guys.

  198. I always thought it was the dimple that got the guys.

    If by “dimple” you mean “bewbs.”

  199. I’m home for two weeks. Yippee!!!!!

  200. Cyn, yeah. I thought we were past the stupid hot phase of our summer.

    We’re not.

    That’s got to be a record. Only 105F in my desert today.

  201. Yay MJ!

  202. Yay Face Ripper!!!

  203. I guess I’ll have to buy groceries.


  204. Story after the commercial break is a missing garden gnome. I wish I was fucking kidding.

  205. So Hulu has the pilot episode of some show called Selfie, which I guess is supposed to air later this month on ABC. It’s… not bad. It’s a retelling of Pygmillion set in modern day, where Eliza is a social media obsessed saleswoman for a pharmaceutical company. She convinces a marketing guru in the company to help her change herself, and he accepts it as a challenge. The show pokes fun at the narcissism of social media and the tech-obsessed generation that infects so much of the country.

    The basic story isn’t awful, although I doubt that the writers will have the skill to carry it for more than a season. The lead actress, Karen Gillan, is adorable. I’d polish the chains in my basement and clean out the slave cage special for her. John Cho is an ok choice, but not the best if they want there to be romantic tension. The man looks like he was born to have his face slapped by dicks.

    In conclusion, I like pie.

  206. Story after the commercial break is a missing garden gnome. I wish I was fucking kidding.

    Obviously the teens were trying to build a secret garden gnome/pumpkin-based weapon to conquer the world.

    WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!1eleventy!

  207. Jim Parsons was posting selfies and tweeting from the set of the Dan Patrick show. John Cho is ok. I like him better than Kumar.

  208. Lighthearted TFG story from yesterday’s KaBOOM. Kid wanted Beyonce. LOLOLOLOL. IS may have 31,000 members. *Crickets* If W was responsible for “Growing” AQ, why isn’t TFG responsible for “Growing” IS?/

  209. If W was responsible for “Growing” AQ, why isn’t TFG responsible for “Growing” IS?/

    W is responsible for growing AQ. ISIS is an offshoot of AQ. Therefore W is responsible for growing ISIS.

  210. If W was responsible for “Growing” AQ, why isn’t TFG responsible for “Growing” IS?/

    Because shut up, racist. That’s why.

  211. AQ is on the run!!! The Clenis was president when OBL declared war on the US. Shouldn’t he be responsible for “Growing” AQ? NM RONALD REAGAN!!!

  212. TBBT is filming at Sunday’s Angels game. Be part of the show!!!

  213. I was at the PBR championship one year when CSI filmed an episode. Sadly, I wasn’t featured in that episode.

    But it was fun to watch the filming.

  214. #1 Beer – done.

  215. I’m on my last beer. I’d walk to the store and buy more, but it’s cold outside and I don’t want to put on pants. This is a crisis.

    There should be beer delivery.

  216. PBR Championship???? OMG sooooo jelly!!!

  217. There’s a Pabst Blue Ribbon Championship? Hipsters must train for years for that! What are the events?

  218. 911 Alex.

  219. This is where I punch GlobeAlex. The rest of you start coming up with hipster events. And go…

  220. *orders a Liquor-Strip-O-Gram delivery for GlobeAlex*

  221. What’s TBBT?

  222. Beer pong, shotguns, and bull baiting. The winner doesn’t get gored or trampled.

  223. 6k fixie ride on the sidewalk. Extra points for hitting pedestrians.

  224. The Big Bang Theory. People that call it BBT really grind my gears.

  225. I love Big Beautiful Trannies!

  226. Knit cap and infinity scarf pattern alignment.

  227. Obscure band identification.

  228. Ordering from a barista.

  229. BBT

  230. Nerdiest Asian Girlfriend Pageant.

  231. Narrows eyes at Cynnabon. Eastwoody. Queue spaghetti western music.

  232. Best Non-Groomed-Looking Beard

  233. Most Ironic Enjoyment of Lame Stuff or Whatevs.

  234. Most Ironic Facial Hair

  235. Tightest Possible Skinny Jeans.

  236. Most obscure Apple product.

  237. This thread needs a phone

  238. Skinniest Skinny Jeans with bonus points for Highest Price Paid

  239. Most obscure Somali restaurant. (Nearly went with Pho, but that is sooo 2008)

  240. Hahaha Motherfucking Scott!!!

  241. Best Contortion of Pronunciation of First Name.

  242. The I-Liked-It-Before-It-Was-Cool-Off.

  243. Oldest-Looking Flannel Shirt

  244. Prettiest Latte Foam Design.

  245. White Guy With the Blackest-Sounding First Name.

  246. Ugliest glasses (20/20 vision required)

  247. Best Buffed Nails

  248. Best Piercing Tat Integration

  249. Satchel vs. Backpack Cage Match!

    Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. Soul patch competition

  251. Ouch! CYN!!!! Jewstin just tried to kill me!

  252. Smelliest Patchouli Aroma Cloud (go for distance)

  253. Knit Cap High Temperature Endurance Challenge.

  254. and a new car

  255. Bukowski Versus Kerouac Debate

  256. Wallet Chain, Two Levels: Length and Link Intricacy

  257. Most Intense Hair Color

  258. Aaannnddd the wife and I are now going to see Garth Brooks here in Jacksonville.

  259. Newest Indy Band Find

  260. Garth – niiiiiiiice!

  261. Coachella or Burning Man?

  262. So youngest landed a teaching job at an elementary school on base at Hood, 2nd grade. She just doubled her salary.

    Worked her ass off this year holding down a job and getting her certs (goddam teaching certs are a racket), all while worrying about Staff Sgt. Boyfriend over in Afghanistan these past couple months.

    She did good. Very proud of my kid.

    Plus she has a cute puppy.

  263. Ummm…teaching on base while dating a soldier is totes not hipster. Pretty cool, but not REALLY COOL. Just sayin’ (Awesome news DiT)

  264. Good job, Dave.

  265. 4X in 10 days is chronic? SMDH. AoS

  266. and Mrs Dave.

  267. Congrats to the baby girl, Dave.

  268. Congrats to yer girl, dave.

  269. That’s some excellent news, Dave.

  270. Only 4x in 10 days?


  271. Whacker

  272. Fapper

  273. Thanks y’all. And yeah, Mrs. Dave.

    oso, these are public schools, not Fed. Also Staff Sgt. Boyfriend is deployed so we just want him home in one piece. A soldier in his troop got his leg blown off a month ago.

  274. I saw the pics of Adrian Peterson’s kid. My Mom could teach Mr East Texas upbringing some NM tricks. In this day and age, he should just step away from the switch. We need more Trayvon’s.

  275. what

  276. That four year old kids legs were laid open and bloody.

    I hope he does time.

  277. Four whats in 10 days?

  278. Yes they were. It is only shocking because he’s a football player and the baby mama went public. AP does not understand that switching a kid is wrong. I guarantee he had much worse. Not condoning child abuse. AP is probably SHDH like an honor killing muzzie in STL, Dallas, or ATL.

  279. These four whats

  280. Chinese guy donated to sperm bank 4X in 10 days. Stroked out or had heart attack. Either way, clinic not culpable.

  281. Huh. Yeah, that’s not what killed him.

  282. Ummmm….pretty sure that at some point in my teens I did 4 times in ONE day, let alone ten.

  283. bcoch, while listening to Garth Brooks? Ew TMI

  284. *smacks oso*

  285. I’d consider it a pretty serious relapse, though.

  286. He was obviously an amateur.

  287. Finally home. This place is really nice. Too bad I don’t live here.

  288. thats a funny thread,

  289. Karen Gillan…… um helloooooo. Dr. Who lovely.

  290. Too bad I don’t live here.

    It’s more like your recording studio for DotW.

    Did Ripper come home with you?

  291. Fuck all that noise. Was GND there?

  292. Are you at the concert now, BC?

  293. Haha. No, Cyn. Concert is Oct 17th.

  294. GND was at TITS.

  295. *has a sad*

  296. Is this real?

  297. There has to be a enterovirus D68/gluten link.

  298. More likely a link with Guatemalan human traffickers.

  299. Did anybody arrest anybody else on kidnapping and child endangerment charges today?

  300. Sean,
    That Cops youtube looks like something from “Sooper Troopers”™

    Stolen from the ONT:
    How to know if you are in a country run by idiots:

  301. To be fair, the Chinese guy was doing Tantric masturbation.

  302. Netflix finally has the 1992 Dracula, complete with Keanu (boo) and Gary Motherfucking Oldman (yay).

    Watching it.

  303. Why was the Chinese guy doing Middle Eastern sex weirdness?

  304. What?

  305. Hahaha Sean!

  306. Leon is freaking me out.
    Later folks.

  307. G’night Scott. G’night guys. Dan has to work at 5AM. Family bed time.

  308. How the hell did I freak Scott out?

  309. India is not part of the Middle East, leon. Apologize to Tushar.

  310. Not one, but two toads staring at me on the front patio.

  311. Uh-oh…

  312. I thought Tantra was at least partly a Persian invention.

    Plus I didn’t want to picture Tushar having sex.

  313. Lucy just arrived on screen.


  314. She’s touching Quincy’s Bowie knife.

  315. So far as I know (by which I mean, so far as Wikipedia knows) Tantra is a purely Hindoo thing.

  316. Aw crap, I forgot Westley was in this.

  317. I must be conflating it with the Kama Sutra.

    Oh well, it’s all just brown people contorting against each other. What’s the difference?

  318. Tantric sex is 100% Indian. Those Persian prudes are good for hookah and sad poetry.

    And no, India is not in the middle east.

    I know Leon does not want to picture me having sex, but it is friday night, I had some scotch, wife had some wine…..

  319. It must work, there are like a billion Indians.

    And I’m shutting down my mind’s film studio right the hell now.

  320. I wanted to go fishing in Cabo this January.
    The prices they are asking I can go to Hawaii

  321. 1.2 billion.
    Yeah, we fuck.

  322. Cyn?

  323. *bom-chicka-wah-wah riff on a sitar*

  324. Brilliant.

  325. Cancun is cheap but other than the spring sailfish run.
    I guess being the gulf I could go bottom fishing

  326. I have seen some hot Indian women. Not many, but hot Indian women choose to hang with people other than me.

  327. Monica Belucci. 22 years ago. She was 27 in this scene.

    She’s turning 50 at the end of the month.

  328. *bom-chicka-wah-wah riff on a sitar*
    I thought brown cow was in there too Sean
    Made me giggle

  329. No need for eyebleach.
    Just look at this old photo of me.

  330. *goes back to eyebleach*

  331. Why gamble on trying to find a proctor?

  332. What the fuck did you fuckers do to this fucking place?

  333. I have all question marks for avatards except cyn.


  334. how are you Car in? Did you make any $$$ tonight? I hope you did

  335. >> He was obviously an amateur.

    Or donating in gallon milk jugs

  336. Tiger Chick was also Mama Bear last weekend Chumps.
    Smoking hot Mama Bear of course

  337. Yeeah, Vman. I raised a glass to TITS many many times last weekend. you all are tops of the topless.

  338. We missed you Chumpo
    Carry on

  339. Actually, Ms. Cyn was mostly Vaping Hot.

  340. How’s your MiL, Chumpster?

  341. Um. She’s resting. Sean, I don’t know how to put this without the buzzkill. Just know that we love her and stand by her side all day and all night.

    I look forward to seeing you all at another Meat.

  342. Tushar. pix or it never happened.

    *puts on two welding helmets*

  343. Thoughts and prayers for you and yours, man. Sorry we missed you, but fambly comes first.

  344. Wait…. I thought H2 was fambly?

  345. We’re fambly, but not fambly-fambly.

    I’d add a joke about rape vs. rape-rape, but rape isn’t funny.

  346. Well, what if I prefer fambly to fambly-fambly?

  347. For next meat up, STL is in the middle of the country and my house sleeps 4 easy, 10 in the finished basement/bar on our air mattresses and sleeping bags.

    Did I mention I have a bar?

    Wife is somewhat anxious about meeting you guys, but we’ll ease her into it.

  348. Bar/dungeon/crawlspace….

    same thing.

  349. As soon as you’re born they make you feel small
    By giving you no time instead of it all
    Till the derp is so big you feel nothing at all
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

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