We Remember

911 we remember

And shall never forget. Never.

9 11 firefighters flag


Our families expand and contract, we make new friends while others drift off, holidays come and go. This day, 13 years ago, means something different for each of us. But for a brief moment, we were one in our horror, our incredulity, our mourning; for what had happened, and for what we knew as a way of our existence, all of our existences: gone.

Life goes on, it must; life insists upon this. So while we take a moment to remember where we were or what we were doing that morning; a moment to remember those in the towers and on the ground; the innocent passengers on the planes; and all the emergency personnel who so bravely sought to save as many as they could… let us also never forget the greatness of this country and all she stands for. God Bless Our Great Nation – God Bless America.


[Update: Cyn, because… you know…]

mini thor (thank you TiFW!)

mini thor
(thank you TiFW!)


  1. Happy Birthday Oso!!

    Happy Birthday ColoradoAlex!!

  2. Thirteen years, and the Religion of Peace is at it again

  3. Fuck a bunch of goat humping, boy humping, donkey humping cave dwelling Islamic assholes. That is all, so carry on.

  4. http://youtu.be/IhnUgAaea4M

  5. I’m going to be grumpy about the 9/11 stuff so just ignore me.

    This pretty much sums it up:

    Exhibit a:


    And, honestly, unless you’re Ari Fleischer, I’m probably not interested in reading about how you felt, minute by minute that day. Unless you’re a child, we all experienced that day and it’s horror. I know, you cried and took your children out of school. but you weren’t in a burning building, so get over it.


    I’m grumpy. Sorry.

  6. Now this is more like it:

  7. Everything Obama ever needed to know he learned in Kindergarten:

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 7m

    “Your love is the ultimate rebuke to those who attacked us,” says Pres Obama to families of those killed at Pentagon on 9/11.

    yea, no, President JV. THey really don’t give a shit about families loving each other.

    they really don’t.

  8. 9-11-01, 9-11-12.

  9. Two weeks left to bring home what’s left of my office.

  10. 9-11-01, 9-11-12.

    Amen to that, leon.

    And great post, Cyn. Seems like only yesterday I was questioning just about everything in a computer lab on a college campus, after driving to class listening to the events as they happened.

  11. Happy birthday, Oso and ColAlex!

    Happy birthday, Michael ♥♥♥

  12. Free golf for Obama if he resigns now:

    Daily Caller: Trump To Obama: Resign And I’ll Give You Free Golf For The Rest Of Your Life

    Now THAT’S funny!

  13. Trump is nothing if not a consummate showman.

  14. HAHA! I ♥ Trump.

  15. Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!

  16. OMG – my mom just sent me a link to my sweet grandma playing the piano!!!!!


  17. By taking the images off TV and trolling the ROP nonsense, we’ve created a generation of Truthers. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I agree with Kurt.

  18. David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog Sep 3


  19. ISIS stocks set to tumble just as soon as they have their IPO.




    I’m grumpy about 9/11 too so I should keep my trap shut as well.

  21. “Your love is the ultimate rebuke to those who attacked us,” says Pres Obama to families of those killed at Pentagon on 9/11.

    First you have “obtuse,” then there’s “clueless,” and after that you reach “willful ignorance.” However, I can’t fathom what sort of invertebrate depth you have to plumb to come up with a comment like that.

    So much for me piping down.

  22. Happy puppeh.

  23. Happy birfdays, you birfday people.

  24. 9/17/2001 TFG delivered a speech where he blamed US for the attacks on 9/11.

  25. ISIS stocks set to tumble just as soon as they have their IPO.

    Given Obama’s performance over the last 5 1/2 years, contrariwise we here at the brokerage firm of Orwell, Spleen and Bile have upgraded our opinion on ISIS to “strong buy.”

  26. Since Obama declared ISIS is not Islamic, let us propose other expansions of the acronym.

    Indeterminate State, I Swear

  27. And I’m leaving that puppeh there for good smiles, dammit.

  28. If I had my druthers, it would stand for Irradiated State.

  29. BREAKING: DC has been overrun by rogue splinter group ISIMV, Ineffective Statesman In Martha’s Vineyard

  30. ISIS
    Intentional Suspension of Intellectual Seriousness

  31. GO, I was giving you the CNBC take on the issue.

  32. Another reason to discount CNBC’s wisdom.

  33. ISIS
    In Solipsism, I Seethe

  34. ISIS
    Israel Seems Insufficiently Submissive

  35. Happy Birfday CoAlex!!

    Oso, I left you something on chimpface.

  36. ISIL’d
    It’s So Incomprehensible, Licorice dick

  37. Iowa State Is Special

  38. It Seems I Sharted

  39. wear your brown pants!

  40. ISIS
    In Statecraft, Ima Shizzle

  41. It’s 57 degrees. I need socks!

  42. Reds/Cards on TV.

  43. Gerald Ford, 1976: “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe”

  44. I’m wearing my THICK wool socks, beasn.

  45. Bill Clinton’s cat won’t help you, Beasn.

  46. Not to feed the hate, but I enjoy the company …

    George, Obama will be doing his “9/11 Day of Service ” schtick beginning at 5:30 tonight.

    Think he’s going to be hanging curtains again? Painting? A nervous nation waits with bated breath to see the soothing visions of Obama pretending to do menial labor

  47. Obama’s version of ISIS: I Saw, I Surrendered.

  48. What is everyone else doing for their “Day of Service?”

  49. Think he’s going to be hanging curtains again? Painting? A nervous nation waits with bated breath to see the soothing visions of Obama pretending to do menial labor

    Notice that “Day of Service” to him means interior decorating.

    As opposed to actually building the damn house. Like a real man.

  50. What is everyone else doing for their “Day of Service?”

    Homework and the gym.

  51. Notice that Mr and Mrs Obama are about the only ones in American who consider it a “day of serivice”?

  52. Obama’s version of ISIS: I Saw, I Surrendered.

    *hands Teresa a cigar or kewpie doll of choice*

  53. What is everyone else doing for their “Day of Service?”

    Mocking LD and his beard/wife

  54. I suspect Obama’s day of service involves service of cocktails and canapés to celebrities and fat cat Wall Street donors.

  55. I work a 1-9:30 shift.

  56. Notice that Mr and Mrs Obama are about the only ones in American who consider it a “day of serivice”?

    For others.

  57. I’m going to battle the cold and take a book back to the library.

  58. I have today, and tomorrow, off. I don’t have to go to work again until saturday at 4 pm!!!!!

    (switched some shifts as a favor – i’m still actually working the same # of hours)

  59. Car in, just make sure that $100 is missing from the till at the end of your shift.

    *ducks and runs*

  60. I*am* bar tending. And I have since that horrible night. My drawer has always been dead on.

    No offensive.

  61. My day of service entails having a bunch of Messicans paint my house.

  62. Home Depot Messicans?

  63. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love it when liberals get hoisted on their own petard:

    Two men are going to take advantage of New Zealand’s liberal same-sex marriage laws tomorrow when they tie the knot, but gay rights campaigners in the Commonwealth nation have called it an “insult”, as both partners in the union are straight best friends.

    Gay Rights Groups Outraged As Straight Friends Marry for Rugby Tickets

    ….local gay rights groups are “horrified” by the move, according to the New Zealand Herald. A “queer support” coordinator from Otago University criticised the union, saying it was an “insult”, and that it “trivialises what we fought for”.

    The co-chairman of a local group called LegaliseLove ironically echoed the words of groups who originally opposed same-sex marriage when he said the competition “attacked the legitimacy of gay marriage”.

  64. Love the Danny Lewin story on AOS.

  65. Nah. HOA contracted company to paint. We get new paint every 7 years or so. Of course, in spite of the entire crew wearing matching t-shirts, I’m pretty sure for some, the day started in a Lowe’s parking lot.

  66. Haha, good one, TiFW!

  67. My Day of Service is signing final divorce papers, lunch at a fantastic Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach (alone, but that’s a good thing) and then hitting the smoke shop for vape juice. It will be good.

  68. Comment by Teresa in Fort Worth, TX on September 11, 2014 1:19 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I love it when liberals get hoisted on their own petard:

    They can go to hell. This is what they wanted.

  69. It’s a shame you couldn’t have signed the papers at the meetup, Lippy. I’m sure everyone could have come up with a wonderful/supportive way to mark the event.

  70. “attacked the legitimacy of gay marriage”.

    Um, is this like when I fire my crossbow at a unicorn?

  71. I’m so sorry about your papers, Lipstick, but I raise my glass in toast to you and what shall be the beginning of wonderful new adventures. You are a fantastic lady who deserves only the very best. Hugs and Booyah!

  72. For T.I.T.S. 2 Lippy and Cyn are going to troll the ASU fraternity row.

    “Come get in the van, little freshman…”

  73. I’m sure everyone could have come up with a wonderful/supportive way to mark the event.

    Ahhh, fanks, Car in. It’s inevitable, it’ll just be me there, so I’m hopefully going to breeze through it by pretending I’m signing a bill for ah ha! … I’ll pretend it’s a bar bill at Harry’s at the hotel in Tempe!!! That’s perfect!!

  74. Divorce sucks, always. I hope this turns out okay for you.

  75. Seriously, that is what I’ll do. Absolutely perfect timing on TITS, and I’ll just be remembering that and being with my fun wonderful friends. MUAH!! Thank you all, really.

  76. HotBride readmitted to hospital. :(

  77. Also, great observation/point, CoAlex: Notice that “Day of Service” to him means interior decorating.

    As opposed to actually building the damn house. Like a real man.

  78. Oh crap, Hotspur, what happened? She seemed to be getting better.

  79. Prayers up for HotBride.

  80. More pneumonia.

  81. Prayers heading your way.

    Let us know if you need anything.

  82. We are with you lips.
    Sorry to hear that spur

  83. Yes, prayers for HotBride.

  84. Oh, Hotspur – that’s awful! Give her gentle hugs from us; give yourself one from us as well ♥♥♥

    And what CoAlex said – if you need anything, let us know.

  85. {{{Hugs}}} Lippy – pretend you are signing the bill that will repeal Obamacare.

    Better yet, pretend you are signing the Articles of Impeachment against Obama and Holder, et. al.

  86. Um, is this like when I fire my crossbow at a unicorn?

    How dare you suggest an attack upon POTUS. The NSA is listening.

  87. Oh dang… Thoughts and prayers for Hawtbride to get well soon!

  88. So ISIS is on the march in the Middle East, with only a tepid response from LD. The Russians are pushing slowly into Eastern Europe, and the Chinese are expanding in the Pacific. What else could go wrong?

    How about Western Europe falling to pieces…

    This is why I don’t like the Scottish vote. Once you accept that any group can just sever ties at whim then every crackpot group will want to do so. I have a friend living in Barcelona and I really hope she gets the hell out of there soon.

  89. If there’s sufficient subsidiarty/federalism, ties needn’t be severed. That’s part of the resiliency that the UK — and now the US — have given up.

  90. On a whim? Are you serious? The fucking English have been oppressing the Scots for centuries. They are treated like nothing more than chattel by those cocksucking fags at Westminster.

  91. Prayers for Hotbride.

  92. Every time an industry needed to be scaled back Westminster stuck it to the Scots first. All the North Sea oil revenue went to London, and what did the Scots get? More plant closings.

    The fucking royal family uses Scotland for their private vacation park.

    Fuck England and every toothless fag in the country.

  93. As a former Briton, I can attest to be happier dead.

  94. No, but seriously, how do you really feel?


  95. Obama on his new warlike self: You didn’t bomb that!

  96. Prayers for Hotbride.


    And I’ve said it for years, but I detest the English.

  97. Very impotent update has been added to the poaty.

  98. If Scotland breaks away from England, where will they get their benefits? And from what I hear, if they go, so goes a lot of Labour. That may be a very good thing for England.

  99. Wow, talk about bad decisions all around.


  100. RE: Best friends getting gay married.

    Why do teh gays not like love? I thought they were all about the love? Best friends since 3 years of age – that is love. Or did teh gheys lie and it’s all about gay sex?

  101. Oops, I meant – same sexed married.

  102. Women love dem alpha bad boyz.

  103. Prayers to hotbride. I though the Dr. said it was gone.

    Are they hooking her up to IV antibiotics?

  104. She’s on an antibiotic drip now. Plus they’re filling her up with some shit so they can do a CT scan.

  105. Ask for the lung wash special (yes, it’s a thing). Seriously; my mom with bad pneumonia had one and felt sooo much better afterward.

  106. Ha Ha – that sounds disgusting, but what ever works right?

  107. She has needles in both arms and an oxygen nose thing. Plus tabs all over the fucking place from an EKG.

  108. Always upsetting to hear someone’s visiting the hospital.

  109. She is in the very best place possible to get fixed up quick.

    Tell her not to let any of those whipper snapper doctor’s give her any sass, but that it’s okay to feign being out of it for a moment if she happens to get a male nurse whose ass is worth a good quick pinch.

  110. Hahahaha all of the nurses are guys and all of the doctors are girls.

  111. Welcome to Fantasy Island General Hospital!

  112. That’s sexist.

    And likely a result of the incentives in place when I was in college. As a white male, the only thing I could study and benefit from any sort of “affirmative action” was nursing. And biology has been the province of women in academia for 20+ years now.

  113. Yes; yes it is.

    *waggles eyebrows*

  114. I should have made TITS a few weeks later…


  115. Horrible news Hotspur.

    I hope she is feeling better soon.

  116. CT to look for an abscess or effusion which hopefully they will not find. Get well soon Hotbride!

  117. Thank you Jimbro; I was wondering about just that.

  118. Plaxico Burrus has found a new job.


    Lefties will be pissing down both legs with delight.

  119. Not sure what the formal name for the lung wash is but it’s real and involves a bronchoscope. I try to steer clear of mucous…it’s my kryptonite.

  120. *sneezes at JImbro*

  121. Hotspur, could this all be cat related?

  122. They’re trying to rule out a blood clot in her lung.

  123. Shouldn’t be the cats. They aren’t allowed in the bedroom, where she spends practically all of her time. And she hasn’t handled them at all in weeks.

  124. *adds pulmonary embolus to things not to find in Hotbride’s lungs*

  125. Every time a baby is born they play a lullaby.

  126. How many have you heard so far?

  127. Did you find the bar in the hospital yet?

    prayers for hotbride! tell her we’re all wishing her the best of health as quickly as possible.

  128. What’s for lunch?

  129. Lime jello and and some sort of meat covered with a brown sauce.

  130. Awwww, what a sweet looking pup. “Meet Bretagne. This heroic girl is the last living service dog who was sent to ground zero.”

  131. This is hilarious, and I’m sure every lefty out there believes these ISIS talking points to the letter.


  132. Lime jello and and some sort of meat covered with a brown sauce.

    Xbrad asked about lunch, not the compost bin.

  133. Obama on Wednesday authorized U.S. airstrikes inside Syria for the first time, along with expanded strikes in Iraq as part of “a steady, relentless effort” to root out the extremists.

    “Britain will not be taking part in any airstrikes in Syria,” Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in Berlin. He said London won’t be “revisiting” the issue after Parliament decided last year against participating in airstrikes.

    Germany has decided to arm Kurdish forces fighting extremists, putting aside its usual reluctance to send weapons into conflicts. Asked about participating in airstrikes, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: “We have neither been asked to do that, nor will we do that.”

    Helluva coalition you have there, Licorice Dick.

  134. They do the chime thing for our babies too Hotspur. Probably copied you guys. With elective C-Sections getting chimes it sounds like a wall of sound on Fridays before a three day weekend. OB’s got tee times too.

  135. In an interview in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, [John “Lurch”] Kerry pushed back against CNN reporter Elise Labott’s characterization of the conflict between the Islamic State and the United States as a “war.”

    “Is the United States at war with ISIS?” she asked. “Because it sure sounds, from the president’s speech, that we are.”

    “I think that’s the wrong terminology,” Kerry said. “What we are doing is engaging in a very significant counter-terrorism operation. And it’s going to go on for some period of time.”

    Does anyone in this administration know what the micro-spanking-fuck they are doing?

    /rhetorical question

  136. It’s snowing in Denver. Damn you Global Warming!!!!

  137. Send your snow to southern Clownifornia. It’s so dry mama bears and their cubs are coming out of the hills to forage in suburban garbage cans. Two were up a tree all night in someone’s yard in Monrovia.

  138. Access denied on your wz link, Cynnabuns. Was it the nude color bras are racist thingy?

  139. No, but I saw that crap too.

    Zip capped a pic of TFG’s tweet on 9/11 rememberance and, of course, there’s a goddamned pic of TFG in there.

    God I miss my country.

  140. When will you right-winging teagaggers understand that nothing in the known universe can be understood without reference to The Lightworker?

    Shit, he practically invented the Higgs boson.

  141. You guys are just jealous of LD.

    And why weren’t you in AZ, GO?

  142. And why weren’t you in AZ, GO?

    Too busy, and allergic to rain, dust storms, and felt hand puppets.

  143. There was surprisingly little fooooomphing going on.

  144. I’m starting to suspect that our president may be a pussy. I’ll kinda keep a lookout and see what’s up.

  145. I’m starting to suspect that our president may be a pussy.


  146. Well, it can’t be a War on Terrorism or a War on Islam, because “War” is bad, you guys, and only the icky Republicans engage in war.

    Heavens to Murgatroid, if Preznit Peace Prize or Jacques Ketchup were caught engaging in a war, life as we know it would cease to exist….

  147. Yikes, HS! Hope it’s not a blood clot, but if it is, at least they know it’s there and can keep an eye on it.

    The bad thing about some of these respiratory infections is that – according to my doctor – a lot of times folks will get one, then another one will come along behind it and piggyback on the first one.

    They’re so close in nature that everyone assumes it’s just one long cold, when in fact it could be 2 or 3 right in a row, and what works to knock out one of them will not be effective on another one.

    Have they tested her for this Enterovirus-68 that’s been striking kids in the Midwest?

  148. I have ZERO confidence that Obama and Jarret will do anything that seriously harms the aims of their “simpatico” friends in ISIS.

  149. Dead

  150. MCPO is a wiseman

  151. I’m watching the music video Ace linked to in his post. My those Polish girls are healthy. And cute. Good genes, there. Do you think their grandfathers were Russian, or German?

  152. I’m degrading and destroying a piece of smoked Gouda.

  153. Dirty, dirty Gouda.

  154. https://d3j5vwomefv46c.cloudfront.net/photos/thumb/807933560.gif?1378912651

    spectacular erection

  155. *thud*

  156. Churn that butter, baby!

  157. Studio version churns the butter better

  158. Betty Botter has bitter butter.

  159. I may have churned a little butter myself, IYKWIMAITYD.

  160. Gross.

  161. Butter is Paleo

  162. How you doin’?

  163. OMG! That video was awesome! HAHAHAHAHA!

  164. I had urges. Urges to milk cows.

  165. Did anybody find any clues pointing to anybody else’s culpability in the kidnapping of that newborn baby today?

  166. Mr. TiFW said something about buying me a churn…..

  167. She churned the butter in her father’s old boot
    And for the dash she used her foot.

  168. If all the young laddies were bread on the table,
    I’d be the butter and spread while I’m able,
    Roll your leg over, roll your leg over,
    Roll your leg over, it’s better that way…

  169. I just want to express a sense of profound relief that no national disasters happened today.
    This is where we’re at. Just happy nothing blowed up.

  170. Me, too, Laura. I had a bad feeling about today and am relieved to be wrong.

  171. http://imgur.com/gallery/3kqCJ4D

  172. Roamy, I had that feeling too.

    I even reminded Laura of our bug-out meeting spot.

  173. I was getting advice from the guys on the Army side of the arsenal to not travel today and to be prepared for shit to hit the fan. I stocked up on groceries and gassed up the car. Mr. RFH forgot to gas up and almost went back out, but he decided nearly half a tank was enough.

  174. I’m flying tomorrow morning rather than today.

  175. Me too.

  176. We are often downwind from NYC.

  177. Wise move

  178. I had my house painted today so the painters sealed all the windows and doors with plastic sheeting as protection against a chemical attack.

  179. Someone please post a song. I have bawdy songs from SCA days going through my head, and it’s driving me crazy. (Short drive.)

  180. I didn’t really think about it that much until I underwent some extra scrutiny at the Post gate this morning.

  181. Did they question your integrity?

  182. After watching the Slavic girls video I’m reminded of how much I love TITS.

  183. >> This is where we’re at. Just happy nothing blowed up.

    Youngest had an interview at an elementary school on post at Ft. Hood this morning.

    She showed up 2 hours early cause we expected security to be cray. At Hood. Some things have *happened* there.

    She breezed right through.

    I’m glad nothing happened today too, but something is gonna if we don’t get our goddamn shit together.

  184. How was the cavity search?

    You can tell me how much you liked it. It’s just us girls here.

  185. I’m glad nothing happened today too, but something is gonna if we don’t get our goddamn shit together.
    You have this exactly backward. We need to apologize for raising their ire and promise to leave them alone. This always works when murderous savages want to kill you for existing.

  186. To be seen TITS2: Churning Against Humanity

  187. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHcP4MWABGY

  188. Evening Hostages.

    Anything worthwhile going on?

  189. how you feelin bc?

  190. I used to hatey hate U2. Crap, I must be getting old.

  191. Doin good. Back feels fine. Neck is still a little stiff, but no real pain.

  192. so, I need someone who can help me write a legal-like doc between me and the software company.

    Anyone want to offer up assitance?

  193. There’s a new poat, btw

  194. No.

  195. You have to give us a link to the new poat now BC. It’s a law ‘er something.

  196. How is Hotbride? I hope you got good news.

  197. Am I the last person on earth to discover that I can print an email on my phone from my wireless printer?

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