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  1. Repoat since my timing sucks.

    Since I can’t access the comments over at the HQ, I’ll put this here. Ace has a good post about the celeb photo bruhaha. However, I think he misses an important piece. Many of the people who complain about “victim-shaming” aren’t just upset that we callously pointed out someone’s mistake. They want to pretend that the activity was somehow not dangerous to begin with.

    To use his example, it’s not just that we’re pointing out that the kid who dived into the shallow pool made a bad decision. They’re upset that we even consider such behavior to be dangerous at all. In their world, diving into shallow pools should be considered perfectly safe and in fact doing so an expression of independence.

  2. Sean is diluting the “She-Meat” tag with this thing here.

  3. shut your whore mouth, leon.

  4. Feisty little sober motherfucker, aint’ he?

  5. shut your whore mouth, leon.

    No no, that tag you got right.

  6. WTFITS?

  7. Hotspur, do you own a boat?

  8. Well played, sean. Well played.

  9. Thank you, J’Ames. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  10. Gardenvlog:

  11. I own several boats.

  12. It’s Michigan, everyone’s got a boat.

    Mine’s a 17′ simulated birch-bark canoe.

    But I’ve got a boat.

  13. Bwaha ha ha ha!

  14. There’s furries in ^^^ this ^^^… looks more like a meat-up gone wild.

  15. That looked a lot like Scott’s van.

  16. I bet Laura was SpongeBob.

  17. Footage from CT 2010?? Nawwww. Couldn’t be. No way. Hmmmm… I’m just glad our those people’s faces are hidden by the costumes.

  18. Hotspur, have you seen this gizmo yet?

  19. Cool. Somebody should get rich off that thing.

  20. That was very cool.

  21. Heard a blurb on the radio that said we have sent troops to Somalia. WTF? Where the h-e-double hockey sticks did that come from?
    Is Somalia harboring ISIS freaks?

  22. 400 year old problem.

  23. cyn, I had to share your video on faceass. The giggles were funnier than the furries.

  24. We’ve had troops in Somolia for years training the locals. And yes, there is a large jihadist presence in the Horn of Africa.

  25. H2 Babysitting Services™

  26. Zero content poat
    How I love your silver wings
    Your mom, concubine

  27. That’s a must-have, Jay.

  28. Oh no,

    the haikus are back!
    Now I’m sad, how oso feels
    when puns are flying.

  29. Oh you big baby
    Whining about haikus now?
    Meh screw it; let’s drink.

  30. Okay, fine; we’ll stop
    But you are missing goodness
    That comes from deep thoughts

  31. Jay, I’m really sorry about your MIL.

  32. Hahaha Remember the haiku posts at the HQ? I miss them.

  33. Oso, come to TITS
    Cancel on the relatives
    Sneak across border

  34. Play the refugee
    Heck, and then for good measure
    Sign up for high school

  35. Guess family comes first
    They will choose your nursing home
    We’ll really miss you

  36. Heck, and then for good measure
    Sign up for high school


  37. I hope when it’s time for me to go into a nursing home that you shiny knobs conduct a poll as to which one I should go into.

  38. Hahaha I’ll miss you guys too. CiL had gallbladder surgery. They aren’t even coming. We’re stuck with “Premium” football tickets. ASU is like the Yankees. Have to pay more to watch the game. WTF?

  39. LOLOLOLOL Cowboys are flying Michael Sam to Dallas to see about putting him on the practice squad.

  40. LOLOLOLOL Cowboys are flying Michael Sam to Dallas to see about putting him on the practice squad.

    The jokes are too easy.

  41. COAlex, I know!!! I agree with your point about the kid diver. We aren’t even supposed to say anything about Darwinist behaviors….EVER!

  42. considering how crappy the Dallas defense is ..

  43. Dammit, I really wanted the Redskins to pick him up.

  44. Comment by xbradtc on September 2, 2014 12:54 pm

    Giant. Asshole.

    I would have bet money that link was to SCOAMF.

  45. Speaking of pick-ups, I should go get Benny the newly nutless.

  46. Cyn gets the nursing home with the open bar.

  47. Sorry to hear about Jay’s MIL and that Hotbride’s not coming to TITS.

  48. new poat

  49. considering how crappy the Dallas defense is ..

    I’ll bet he can plug that gap…

    *just couldn’t leave that one lie there

  50. I think the main problem with the victim shaming vs. preventing criminal behavior argument is not so much that both sides are correct. Though that is true.

    The main problem is that you can’t prevent criminal behavior by telling criminals that what they are doing is wrong.

    The main problem is that if you had omniscient powers, you could point to one of these guys in a crowd of frat brothers or dorm occupiers, and say, “This fellow knows full well that rape is a crime. He knows full well that your drunkenness and mode of dress and discourse is not to be construed as consent. He does not give a fuck about any of that, because he is a rapist looking for any safe opportunity to rape.

    You should not put yourself in a position where the responsibility is upon this psychopath’s shoulders to prevent your rape. Because that would be idiotic. And since you will never know if he’s in the crowd you’re hanging with, you should exercise some basic responsible judgement, all the time, just in case.”

    I read a fascinating article a while back about how common these sonsabitches are, especially at schools. They blend in, they cultivate trust, and they specialize in attacking girls that no one will believe.

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