MMM 138: Labor Day, with girls who worked hard

Good morning assorted reprobates and recidivists,  welcome to a Monday where some people get the day off but all the stores are open for Labor Day sales and restaurants are open for Labor Day Lunches and so really it ends up oppressing workers.

Which, as an evil republican, I heartily approve of.  Carry on.


Doing it wrong, but it’s still a good picture.
Women may not know this, but matching underwear is very special to see. It helps if it’s on this gal.
Okay, so I guess they don’t really have to match.
But it’s nice when they do.
This poor girl looks to be dangerously entangled.
You know what? It’ Labor Day so I don’t have to worry about looking at this at work at all!
Finally, here’s some actual motivation. Not weight loss: health. Weight gain in this case.


  1. Excellent poat, Leon. I almost didn’t make it past the first .gif

    Now, off to work a little.

  2. I’m sure everyone is awestruck and that’s why no one has yet commented.

  3. Raining really hard here. Glad we had the family thing yesterday.

  4. Good line up Leon.

    gif girl good

  5. Morning.

    Triptych girl is trying too hard.

  6. I should have made more of an effort to make this the slightly-less SFW edition. Some of the stuff in the binders is closer to the edge than I’d like.

  7. …Five years ago, in July 2009, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $2.147, according to the BLS. In those five years, the average price has climbed by $1.737 per pound–or almost 81 percent.

    The single most important fact of the 0bama presidency.

  8. Hey Leon, I was thinking of you on Saturday night. We ate at Fogo de Chao in Las Vegas. I figure that’s pretty much heaven for you.

  9. Triptych girl is trying too hard.

    At the core of that, though, she is trying.

  10. Pepe, I literally do picture a Brazilian Steakhouse when I think of Heaven.

  11. Good morning, cool kids.

  12. .gif girl is .giffy.


  13. Cyn’s cinnabon gif is so full of sugar it is making my teef hurt. FOUR cinnamon rolls for breakfast? With icing?

  14. Klaus the kitten went to the emergency vet this morning. He has a bad indigestion thing happening. X-rays, fluids injected, “prescription” for pepcid.


  15. Cyn’s cinnabon gif is so full of sugar it is making my teef hurt. FOUR cinnamon rolls for breakfast? With icing?


  16. M7M’s for breakfast.What a fuckin’ country.

  17. We were just talking about how we haven’t used our waffle iron in ages. Boy #2 likes home made pancakes but only eats 1 or 2. I’m not a big pancake lover but eat them when they’re made so she doesn’t feel like it was a waste of time.

  18. M&M’s. Fuckin’ shift key is on strike. Because Labor Day.

  19. I have a waffle iron somewhere. I think. It’s probably near the toaster.

  20. Plus real maple syrup

  21. Paleo waffles are a thing

  22. Die-uh-beat-us.

    ‘Merica. Yeah.

  23. I’m sure they are, Jimbro, but I try to stick to the basics most of the time. When I make the faux foods like the pizza on Saturday, that’s basically a cheat meal for me. I’ve also become completely lazy about cooking.

    I can make the waffles or the pancakes, but they always end up being a lot more sugar than I can normally tolerate. I carb up now and then, but I much prefer starches. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth left.

  24. Like, sit me down at a table and offer me a plate of pancakes/waffles or a plate of home-made corned beef hash, and I will take the hash every time.

  25. That said, my mom made chocolate chip cookies and my grandma made brownies with walnuts for yesterday. I had a few. Okay a lot. Because they had love in them.

  26. If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have put walnuts in the brownies.

  27. Hope Klaus is ok. BTW it isn’t ebola. “Just a summer cold, man up!” (Too hot to “Make” chicken soup, but Dan did go to the store at 4AM to buy me some canned soup) I was keeping everyone awake with my coughing anyway.

  28. Gardening blog:

  29. If she really loved you, she wouldn’t have put walnuts in the brownies.

    She does love me, and my cousin the philistine who doesn’t like walnuts in brownies wasn’t going to be there, so I got them the way God intended brownies to be made.

  30. What’s the companion plant for marijuana?

  31. the hell? You put some girls in here to fool us

  32. What’s the companion plant for marijuana?


  33. Oh, gosh – I wish I could eat “real” cinnamon rolls; that looks wonderful!

  34. >>>What’s the companion plant for marijuana?

    A Doritos bush

  35. Mountain Dewberry vine.

  36. Taco Bellflower

  37. I swear to god that first one is female

    I’m right, aren’t I?

  38. Yes, Dave, you’re right.

    In fact, they all are.

  39. SCHWING!!

  40. OK, back to studying. Don’t tell Scott I was here. Fanks.

  41. I ain’t sayin shit.

    Here’s a happy fat beagle

    Don’t let his sloth fool you, he would lick your face clean off it anyone of you were here.

    He waits

  42. I have the cattle dog version of your beagle at my feet now Dave. She’s in the same position after chasing the hose spray for 20 minutes.

  43. Especially enjoyable to watch, after the Rotherham child rape scandal:

    [stealth edit|Cyn]

  44. I agree with XBrad. Keep your nuts out of my brownies.

  45. I liked her better in 2012.

  46. Herr! How the hell you doin’?

  47. Great, Roamy! Busier than a President on the golf course.

  48. I agree with XBrad. Keep your nuts out of my brownies.

    Hear, hear.

  49. I just finished reading this TJ

    Similar thoughts to your video

  50. I liked her better in 2012.

    She had no ass. 2013 is an improvement.

  51. How is the amazing Sophie?

  52. Herr – long time no see!

  53. but I like brownies

  54. Here’s a happy fat beagle


    He does seem a bit… sloth-y.

  55. Moses is looking well-upolstered and happy.

  56. Whoa – buying votes for School Board President?

    By all means, let’s bring more folks into the country from places where this type of behavior is commonplace….

  57. I was thinking of Sophie, too. Makin’ another baby blanket this weekend, this one for Mr. RFH’s co-worker.

  58. “strong” blanket “/strong”

  59. Sun finally came out. I should go chop down pine trees.

  60. Oh he’s a mess of an old man.

    I let him have his peace. I see him slowing down now. That’s gonna suck cause I just love this old dog.

  61. Here, Pups; catch.

  62. Sophie is a 3 1/2 yr old animal. She tortures her siblings.


  63. This co-worker was not yet born when I started working for NASA.

    Get off my lawn!

  64. Thanks Jimbro

    Ft Bliss here is under special security due to the border threat from ISIS

    Cyn: Wordpuss used to allow direct YouTube links until a couple of weeks ago

  65. Yes, TJ; wordpuss has become a dirty PIA whore on the youtube and image links.

  66. Sophie is a 3 1/2 yr old animal. She tortures her siblings.

    Niiiice. A girl after my own heart.

  67. Okay, time for pinemageddon.

  68. No pine tree destruction planned here. I’m putting my books back in order after gathering all the Bloom County, Baby Blues, Foxtrot, Get Fuzzy, and Zits comic books all over the house.

  69. If Pinemageddon doesn’t involve det-cord, then you are wrong.

  70. FYI, you really, really don’t need to wrap det cord around a tree 25-30 times. Unless you like seeing it fly a couple hundred yards.


  72. FYI, you really, really don’t need to wrap det cord around a tree 25-30 times. Unless you like seeing it fly a couple hundred yards.

    So you do need to wrap det cord around a tree 25-30 times, is what you’re saying…

  73. ColAx,

    Times have sure changed. In the ’70s my friend went home on leave from the Marines. His mom asked him to remove a couple of trees, so he stuck some detcord and detenators in his suitcase and flew home to Massachusetts with them. Cut the trees off right next the ground.

  74. Home again! I am taking the rest of the day off, no matter what.

  75. “Who doesn’t love Monday off?” was the tag line on my Home Depot email earlier today. Awful hypocritical of them I’d say.

  76. If Michael were still blogging, this would probably be a post

  77. I really want to add something funny, but…

  78. Wow.


  80. Ever watch a movie that starts out decent but then turns to shit and you’re to invested to quit?

    “Event Horizon” is that movie.

  81. Too.

  82. Nope. I’m still on “Picking the movie probation” though.

  83. A crazy scary hamster killed my sister

  84. You’re from El Paso. Pretty sure that is spelled and pronounced “Seester”

  85. From the “I Don’t Even..” file. Kid at work loves Popeye. His favorite cartoon character, ever. People my age didn’t even like Popeye.

  86. stupid Michael Jackson earworm.

  87. Scott is my Puerto Rican college roommate? PYT? (Pretty Young Thing was my PR roommate’s song)

  88. Oso, you need a couple of these costumes

  89. I wish!!! Gingy refused to wear clothing and won’t let MA wear clothing either! I had such plans! Crusoe and Oakley could’ve been me!!! Gingy won’t even let MA wear her post grooming bandanna. Riley gets to post cute pics, but my fat wieners? Nein!

  90. Greetings, Day Laborers.

    Wait, what?

  91. Nobody wants cute pics of my fat wiener.

  92. you’re right.

    just visited with my BIL’s niece on her way back home.. called him and told him to buy tires before it rains.


  93. This is a nifty recipe! It looks like except for a very small amount of sugar, it is nearly paleo. Especially if the dairy is replaced with coconut cream.

  94. Pinemageddon phase 1 was done entirely with hand tools, and is complete.

    Phase 2 is in 1-2 months, and involves matches.

  95. Our pine nuts are from Mexico. COO. Local piñon types are trying to get their product in stores. Who knew that pignoli wars was a thing?

  96. Kill me nao!!! MiL has called 4 times this afternoon about the wheel chair that was delivered before FiL fell again.


  98. Magic for dogs – they don’t like it

  99. I would rather not discuss my pine nuts

  100. Wire-haired wiener should have kicked magic boy’s ass. Or bit his wiener.

  101. I’m sorry it’s warm and I need to dip in the pool

  102. Does Moses the Wonder Beagle get pool time?

  103. This post appeals to my interests and would be interested in receiving your newsletter.

  104. I’m going to put pine nuts in my omelet to celebrate my victory over what I suspect were meant to be Christmas trees that the previous owners never bothered to harvest.

  105. Who knew that pignoli wars was a thing?

    Bu$h knew and he let it happen.

  106. Pine nuts are good on pizza and when salted and roasted.

  107. Pine nuts almost killed my son. They are the reason he carries a syringe of atropin.

  108. True Story! I only knew piñon. When I started seeing pine nuts and pignoli on menus, I didn’t know what it was.

  109. Does Miss Julia have food allergies too?

  110. Dan is sweet. He orders his burgers Mayo/aioli free just in case. Makes it easier on the servers.

  111. No. Just me and Michael. Mine is Juniper berries.

  112. I’m going to saute the pine nuts with pancetta, then pour the eggs over them and fill it with cheddar and spinach, then cover it with chili.

  113. I’m allergic to juniper too. Never knew the connection to gin until I had a few anaphylactic reactions in college.

  114. Juniper is evil. I had to dig up some juniper bushes outside our house in Washington. Fucking roots were a nightmare.

  115. I H8 Junipero Serra.

  116. How’s your arm, MCPO?

  117. I don’t have any food allergies that I know of, but I’m allergic to aspirin and penicillin.

  118. Roamy- Not bad today. Naproxen seems to be helping, along with elevation and rest.

  119. You should try Naproxen and gin.

  120. Oso – Strictly vodka martinis for this guy!

  121. My mom called pine nuts “snalba”. Learned that from her Lebanese dad and grandparents. We just called them pine nuts because that was a funny word. I just looked and the Arabic word is “sanobar”. I have no idea how to pronounce that but I bet it’s close to snalba. Or perhaps my mom was just messing with our minds.

  122. Wait…wait…wait…Maine’s own Jimbro is Lebanese? WTF? I bet there is a FRENCH Canadian in the woodpile.

  123. I’m allergic to fresh fish. I can eat canned tuna and salmon. Can’t eat anything fried in the same grease as fish. Some brands of Worcestershire sauce have anchovies, and it’s enough to set me off. I also have to be careful with Vietnamese food.

  124. I knew I was allergic to Sage. The face freezing Rosemary allergy was new to me. I couldn’t even drink from a straw. Poor Smashburger.

  125. ROAMY!!!! I H8 having to read ingredients or interrogating wait staff. Restaurant cooked my steak next to Dan’s Salmon. It was ugly. Just take it off the bill and we cool. Used to it.

  126. No Frenchies that I know of. I’m the All American combo of Irish-Lebanese only.

  127. You must have a heck of a time in Lent, Roamy.

  128. OK.

  129. Roamy likes fish sticks. She’s a gay fish. FULL CIRCLE!

  130. I bet there is a FRENCH Canadian in the woodpile.


  131. WTF? Cyn is Canadian?

  132. Ok,I need someone to talk me into going to TiTS.

    I’m on day 4 of a 6 day trip and I’m dragging ass.

    The wife is totally cool with me going, but I’m not sure I’ll be much fun.

  133. Kicks PHAT in the pine nuts!!! If I could go, I would be there!

  134. Lebanese? Now there’s some good food. Stuffed grape leaves, tender tender lamb shanks, fresh garlicky hummus, and kibbeh nayyah. OH, BABY.

  135. Booze.

  136. I’m a horrible person. MiL on the phone again.

  137. Booze, and Rosetta and Tushar on booze.

  138. You NEED to be there. Roamy will be there. Cyn will be there. And there’s others that haven’t heard the monkey story, the deer story, or the Yeltsin story.

  139. Phat, go. You won’t be tired anymore, after ten minutes of hanging out with these people. I promise. They are so funny and wonderful and sweet. It will be the most fun you have had in years.

  140. If he doesn’t show he’s Phatmare,

  141. Scott wins the internets with that one.

  142. Scott works on Labor Day AND wins the inter webs? Thas rayciss!

  143. White man wins again. He can’t help it if he’s awesome.

  144. I already made phat laugh..

    well ok he made me laugh

    COME ON old man

  145. *Rats Lauraw out for being at the H2*

  146. Don’t bother him. He’s too old.

  147. >>> Stuffed grape leaves, tender tender lamb shanks, fresh garlicky hummus, and kibbeh nayyah. OH, BABY.

    Oh yeah, love it all. My mom made/makes all those!

  148. OK,

    I will do my best. Got to have a bud check the
    Loads on Southwest to see how seat availability is looking.

    No one wants to be phatmare.

    Although that would be a badass name for a horse.

  149. Nineteen Reasons for Phat to attend TITS:

    Colorado Alex
    Mr. TiFW
    Wiserbud, and

    Ok, eighteen reasons, but you should still come dammit!

  150. Your horse name is Hoof Hearted.

  151. Jealous, Jimbro!! Abraham died. He was the old guy I knew who made that stuff. Maybe you need to get in on the recipe-sharing thing with us, now.

  152. Leon, going meatless during Lent wasn’t that big a deal until I went paleo. I miss fettucini alfredo.

  153. Ok, I’ll give it my best in spite of Rosetta being there.

    I owe TIFW for missing her anniversary.

    Rosetta, what flight are you taking? I can try and jumpseat on that one out of STL.

  154. How can you be allergic to fresh fish but not canned fish?

  155. I ended up eating a lot of eggs and canned salmon on salads.

  156. Something in the canning process removes whatever I’m allergic to, is my guess.

  157. Fishy, fishy, fishy, fish!

  158. I can eat eggs, but not egg byproducts. Nearly died after a piece of french toast. Egg burrito, no problemo. Mild anaphylaxis. Meh. Egg based vaccines? Monte Cristo of supreme yumminess? Dipping sauce for a Blooming Onion? Thank you Epi Pen!~

  159. I can do that. My mom mentioned how she doesn’t get to make the grape leaves as often. When you’re making them you need to make a bunch assembly line style. My sister never liked the Lebanese food and we meet at her house for holidays. My younger brother and I used to eat till we were as stuffed as a grape leaf.

    Stuffed cousa squash. raw and cooked kibbe, fresh Syrian bread right out of the bakery oven….flashbacks.

  160. Hey, Phat, try doing this:

  161. Jimbro, why no TITS?

  162. Adds Jimbro to the Oso, Tushar, TJ, Rosetta, Jenn, walks into a bar joke.

  163. Xbrad, that’s just about how you come into Sky Harbor; follow the Salt River and over Tempe Town Lake and then land.

  164. Rosetta, what flight are you taking? I can try and jumpseat on that one out of STL.

    You should email him.

  165. Speaking of emails, the last TITS email has gone out the door.

  166. That’s odd.
    Heat is probably changing a protein.

  167. XBrad, sweet video! I’ll be on one of those low flat river boats next month.

  168. >> I miss fettucini alfredo.

    Me too and I make a helluva that.

  169. Canning is basically pasteurization, right? Probably denatures whatever’s the problematic protein.

  170. You should email him.


  171. Speaking of canning, it’s pickle making season back home. Mom made some, then two different friends who stopped by brought some of their own.

    Everyone is canning and giving away produce from their gardens.

    And I can’t find sweet pickles in the stores out here at all. Just Vlasic dill, yuck.

  172. green chile chicken alfredo is yum.

  173. lippy, look for best maid out of texas. I’m eating sweet jalapeño relish right now!

  174. Long story Lippy


  175. Jalapeno? *runs away*

  176. They are really sweet. The Bread & Butter Jalapeños are the yum too. Their spicy hot pickles kill me. Even in my Bloody Mary.

  177. Cool pool trick.

  178. *blows whistle*


  179. Phat, you’d better come – otherwise I’m gonna track you down and run over you with my walker….

  180. Just saw Johnny Manziel in one of those Snickers prima donna commercials. Heh.

  181. Did anybody doubt anybody else’s commitment to Sparkle Motion today?


  183. “Did anybody doubt anybody else’s commitment to Sparkle Motion today?”

    nope – some actually jumped for joy –

  184. *punches a hole through the blog*


  185. Relax, Laura. You knew that pic would come out with all the Jennifer Lawrence and 100 other celebrity nudes that got hacked.

  186. NO.

    *sobs uncontrollably*

  187. *pauses briefly for peach cobbler, then resumes sobbing piteously*

  188. Xbrad,

    I will be bringing the Steel Panther DVD to TiTS!

    Screw you, MCPO, I’m on an iPad and they suck.

  189. Hmm, the mobile videos don’t embed?

    Could be a good work-around.

  190. *pauses briefly for peach cobbler, then resumes sobbing piteously*

    Ran out of cinnabon waffles?

  191. After I made several batches of awesome half-sour pickles from pre-inoculated brine (I add more salt and garlic to each batch when I add cukes, then top up with fresh water), I just now read all this crap about how dangerous home-fermented pickles are.

  192. Ba-tampte half-sours are THE BEST. The best, most scrumpty pickleiciousness ever. Just fresh and crisp and yummy.

    I feel a little bad about re-using their brine. But not too bad. Their jars used to be packed hard with pickles, but now there’s just a few floating in there. Maybe they’re having the same crop problems I am.

  193. I just now read all this crap about how dangerous home-fermented pickles are.

    It’s the tiny mushrooms, isn’t it? Toldja.

  194. Home fermented pickles dangerous?

    *clutches throat dramatically*

    gasp, cough, cough, the jewels are hidden in the … sputter, collapse*

  195. That’s how they get ya

  196. This comment from the ONT at the HQ sort of sums-up the “Nanny State”:

    “17 My old Maytag dishwasher finally gave up. Can’t get parts for it any more. So I had to get a new one. I hate it. Can’t load it without blocking sprayers, it holds about half the dishes of my old one, it runs for almost 3 hours to clean a load of dishes. Why? Because they have new water restriction rules on dishwashers.

    As to the re-formulating dishwasher soap so that the dishwasher will clean only dishes that are already clean, I have fixed that. I went to Home Depot and bought a box of Trisodium Phosphate. I put a little in the dispenser, and I have clean dishes again.

    I have a Maytag front-loader. Had the very first front-loader Maytag made, but it had a bearing going out that screeched so loud it became unbearable. It was going to cost $700 to fix. A new washing machine cost $750, so I bought a new one. I should have fixed the old one. It had a timer on it, not a circuit board. The new washer puts an insufficient amount of water into the tub. I have to fill a bucket at the sink and pour it into the washer to make it have enough water to wash a load, if the load is too light-weight. Mattress pads are too light-weight. They will come out of a wash cycle partly dry with laundry soap still undiluted on them. So I put water in the damned thing with a bucket.

    I hate these people.

    Posted by: MathMom at September 01, 2014 09:29 PM (Ja8rb) ”

    So it goes…

  197. I just now read all this crap about how dangerous home-fermented pickles are.

    That’s where the Ebolas come from.

  198. The pickle rations have been increased from 10 per jar to 6 per jar. Keep up, Comrade, or it’s off to the re-education camps with you.

  199. That reminds me, I have to put a couple boxes of TSP in the Hoard closet, while it is still legal to purchase.

  200. You need water to get things clean.

  201. Home fermented pickles dangerous?

    That’s a sure case of teh ebolaprostate right there. Watch out.

  202. I saw the Jennifer Lawrence pics and was kinda meh.

    Nice ass, but the wife (and Cyn) have a much better Rack.

    Good lesson for my girls. Every pic you take will be available to someone, somewhere.

    Luckily all of my naked pics were on Polaroids. Suspect that may make a comeback.

  203. F5


    *toasts Shawn*

  204. Upton’s were better.

  205. Water and TSP.

  206. Market the old Polaroids as private ‘sexy pic cams’.

  207. *toasts Shawn*

    Is something burning?

  208. *subscribes to Phat’s newsletter*

  209. Hmmm, guess I’m the only one who didn’t track down the nude celeb pics.

  210. Cyn,

    Upton’s are Epic. That’s how she makes her living. By standing still or walking in outfits that show her boobs.

    Definitely not by acting.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging.

    She plays her cards right, she could be my next ex-wife.

  211. Cyn, I’ll save the naked Air Force Academy story for tits.

    Remind me to tell it.

  212. I didn’t even bother looking for pics of J-Law or Kate or any of the others.

  213. There wasn’t much “tracking” to do if you were anywhere out on the intertubes in the last 24 hours. #TheFappening

  214. I totally agree Phat; I have boxes of grade C rocks that are smarter than she is, but she does know her assets and she knows how to work ’em and she’s been given quite the gift. I give her (or her manager) mad props for a very successful campaign.

  215. Cyn, I’ll save the naked Air Force Academy story for tits.

    Remind me to tell it.

    You’re on.

  216. Hmmm, guess I’m the only one who didn’t track down the nude celeb pics.

    Didn’t look. Thought about it briefly when I saw Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the list, but didn’t.

  217. Cyn,

    I may even bring the the pics.

    Caveat, it was really cold that night :)

  218. Upton pics re-enforce the sentiment that she needs to “Back Off” from the table.
    She was marginal before, now, she is getting fat.
    She needs to hit the gym.
    She has a great face and rack, which will haunt her as she ages.
    Needs to do maint, or loose it all.
    I did not chase the pics.

  219. loose s/b lose.

  220. Hmmm, guess I’m the only one who didn’t track down the nude celeb pics.

    Nope. I have become so jaded that mere nudity no longer titillates me.

    Now, when pics of J-Law doing an “Omaha Shipwreck” surface…

  221. She was marginal before, now, she is getting fat.

    You think? Really? No way. Don’t make me link one of the old school BBFs, ‘cuz I’ll do it mister.

  222. Caveat, it was really cold that night :)

    I won’t giggle; swearsies.

  223. ChisP,

    I want Kate to haunt me as I age.

    In spite of of many letters/emails and the resulting restraining order, I still think it will happen.

  224. Oh, Ms. Winstead is cute.

  225. Phat, some nude pictures are better left unseen….. ;-)

  226. She is, and isn’t a bad actress, either. I don’t need to see the sexts she sent her husband, though.

  227. Speak for yourself, TIFW!

    Mine were GLORIOUS.

    This was back in 1986, and the girl at the Poloroid booth asked me out.

  228. This was back in 1986, and the girl at the Poloroid booth asked me out.

    how YOU doin’

  229. I planted my winter tomatoes. And looked at as many nude celebs as I could.But I will have tomatoes in 60 days. I will not have any nekked celebs.

  230. Don’t make me re-post the biker pics from the early ’70s…

  231. NYTOL

  232. That actually happened, btw.

    We were so naive that we didn’t think the photo people looked at the prints.

    I still remember the girl saying, ‘ looks like you boys had a little fun that night’.

    In my defense, I was 20 and a total dumbass.

  233. Well Cyn, I did not mail you gifts as i expected today. Unless i get my shite together tomorrow, there will be no Texas Vodka at TiTs. I and my 425hp Camaro SS Convertible will be there

  234. Don’t make me re-post the biker pics from the early ’70s…

    They would be viewed with great pleasure, Chrispy. Mmmmwah!

  235. Gotta go to bed.

    Long day tomorrow. That will end up in Dulles.

    Any Hostage’s by IAD?

  236. Bubble wrap the crap out of it and check you bag, Vman. I will be leaving my house Friday to be at the hotel by noon so it needs to arrive by Thursday. Wait, a delivery by 10:30 am Friday would work too; or deliver it to the hotel.

  237. Phat, judging from our map up thar, I think the closest would be Gabe.

  238. I know Gabe is in DC, and I get there often.

    Anyone else in that area?

  239. Lemme pop into POL to check.

  240. Nope; that’s it in that neck o the woods.

  241. Phat out!

    Kinda sucks that you have to go bed early when you have such an awesome view.

  242. The map on this home page has no names, but the one in the POL page has the names and you can embiggen it.

  243. Nighty dreams to you, Phat.

  244. Geebus, I thought he’d never leave!

  245. Tonight’s entertainment:

    Season 1 of Nash Bridges.

  246. I’m setting up the pages where we can dump photos from the meat-up then I’m off to bed.

  247. oh, and i killed my iPhone 5s with vodka poisoning.
    There goes another grand. Are phones another BOAT?

  248. You know what you should have spent money on? A ziploc baggie.

  249. All the pages are ready to be populated with meat up pix for TITS.

    G’night cool kids.

  250. Brady Bunch is plural and Sonny Bunch is singular?
    I clearly have a long way to go before I have any inkling of American pop culture.


  252. Brady Bunch is actually singular. If, say, Mike Brady had another family in a different suburb, then one could refer to Brady Bunches.

  253. I was gonna try to make a joke about Sonny Bunch not being singular, because he’s married, but it turns out, I can’t find out if he’s married or not.

  254. I think I’ll go for a derp outside now
    The summer sun’s callin’ my name
    I just can’t stay inside all day
    I gotta get out, get me some of those rays

  255. Happy Birthday, Dave.

  256. Mmmmm…carrot cake.

  257. No Tuesday poat? Lazy peeples.

    I have to take Benny in to preserve his singing voice today. Klaus had some loose poo (in the box, because he’s awesome) and started eating again, so that’s over. But Benny is starting his live of celibacy and could probably use some happy vibes and well wishes.

  258. This article:

    There is one comment, which is painful, but unfortunately I agree with:

    I know many Republicans want to imagine otherwise, but the Jews will never abandon the Democrats. It is simply not in their interest to do so. Most Jews know Israel is not permanent, and when the likes of Hamas or The Islamic State take over all of Palestine, the Jews need a place to run away to on very short notice. The only plausible bolt hole is the United States, and that refuge will only be open to a sudden mass migration of all Israel’s Jews if the Democrats see it as in their interest. Therefore, US Jews have to be absolutely loyal and indispensable to the US natural majority party – the Democratic Party.

  259. Israel could be permanent if it wanted to be.

  260. wakey wakey.

  261. I wouldn’t count on Obama for anything. I can see him pulling an FDR and turning away Jews.

  262. Still no poat? Geez.

    Benny was in good spirits when I left him there. He’s going to be vaccinated, get his nails done, get a microchip, and lose his berries. Poor li’l guy.

  263. Happy birthday, Michael!

  264. Morning, children.

  265. Tushar

    Secular American Jews are generally political idiots.
    It’s herd mentality personified.
    The congress critter here, Beto O’Rourke, defeated our old congressman Silvestre Reyes in the Dem primary and went on to win the seat in the general
    Reyes had problems, but he was ex-military, pro-defense and very pro-Israel
    I knew Beto was a libertarian and an opportunist and shaky on Israel
    He just voted against funding Iton Dome
    The local Jews were screaming
    I laughed

  266. I needed to add that the Jews voted for Beto almost 100 percent and heavily funded his campaign
    They got took, as we say..
    Beto went far left and screwed them

  267. New very minimalist poat!

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