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I need a volunteer for BBF this week, please comment or email me.  There’s ice cream.



What about Dickscover card?




  1. Pup looks for some help
    Among the window lickers
    Your mom is a whore

  2. Summer is over
    Depression sets in to stay
    Your mom in the rain

  3. To stay drunk all day
    One will have to start early
    Your mom, a cheap date

  4. I know a great joke, but auto-correct keeps spoiling the lunchtime.

  5. What a nice new poat
    Would be a shame, something bad
    Meh, fuck it; let’s drink

  6. Oh and good morning


  7. This is why I should stay away from all sorts of video format entertainment. 3-4 days back I mentioned a SciFy series called Warehouse 13. I am now on season 3 episode 3.

  8. http://is.gd/4HNheY

  9. Pupster has good taste.

    Your mom is a good theme

    For haiku contest.

  10. Fuck. Only six syllable second line. Way to fuck up from the get go.

  11. Scott, didn’t you mention something about Lego’s the other day?

    Hmmm… http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/08/16/ny-woman-stole-800-lego-sets-worth-60g-police-say/

  12. We have got a bunch of them to ship.

  13. Fuck, Scott is now an accomplice

  14. If you can find it, Tushar, the TV series “Friday the 13th” was the original incarnation of “Warehouse 13”. They’re both pretty good!

  15. Laura found some fancy pickles that she really likes. When she eats the last pickle she fills the jar back up with cucumbers.

    2 days later she has another jar of pickles that tastes exactly like the one she purchased.

  16. Perpetual pickle machine.

  17. They said it couldn’t be done

  18. I’ll have what she’s having.

  19. >>2 days later she has another jar of pickles that tastes exactly like the one she purchased.

    this defies the known laws on nature.
    We don’t yet have an adequate explanation for this phenomenon.
    You may want to keep some garlic and a cross at hand at all times.

  20. Thats not fair to the other pickles. What about their rights?

  21. Why do we always seem to discuss sex toys on here?

  22. >>You may want to keep some garlic and a cross at hand at all times.

    P.S. The cross is a handy muddler. Crushed garlic on pickles is awesome.

  23. Breakfast food for lunch
    I smell bacon all day long
    Still smell your mom, though

  24. Why are haikus here?
    Siily word games cause brain lock
    Stupid ass haikus

  25. Laura has pickles

    She refills the pickle jar

    Your mom sucks pickles

  26. >>stupid ass haikus

    Like ripe watermelons
    Sashaying around in spanx
    Cracken is released.

    Oh, I thought you wanted haikus about ass. Nevermind.

  27. Happy Sunday, asshats!

  28. MCPO is gonna be pissed when he learns some asshat is embedding vids in the thread.

  29. Well, that rings a bell from way back.

    Master Chief, how’s your hand?

  30. My mom fell in the kitchen the other day and broke her thumb. The floor has large, super-smooth tiles. That will be changed soon by my brother and sister.

    She waited till the next afternoon to go to the ER. She’s tough about her own pain and sweet and wonderful and I miss her every day.

  31. I’ll be wearing khaki pants with black shoes tomorrow. Don’t judge me!!!!

    Wouldn’t dream of it. They’re both neutrals.

  32. Yikes, Lippy! Hope your Mom gets to feeling better soon ♥♥♥

    I’ve often wondered who thought that putting down tile on floors where the occupant will come in contact with water was a good idea – maybe matte tiles or small tiles are OK, but I dunno.

    We’ve got wood floors throughout the house – they’re still slippery when wet, but the coefficient of friction seems to be better in terms of preventing accidents (unless they’ve recently been waxed…..).

  33. Thanks, Teresa. “coefficient of friction” You can take the girl out of the engineering classes… heh. But you’re right, it’s time to change the flooring. It could have been worse, so we will not ignore this warning.

  34. I like to putter around the house in my socks, so any floor surface has to be low-skid.

    That being said, a lot of older folks tend to be more “wobbly” (for lack of a better word) anyway; I’ve found that to be true with the MG as well – my reaction times aren’t what they used to be.

    Prolly ought to put up bumper pads in my kitchen….

  35. http://is.gd/1m435d

  36. Get outta here! Those are some Bobcat SKILLS!

  37. That Messican Bobcat operator is awesome.

  38. Brazilian. At the very end you can hear the cadence of their words.

  39. I bet he’s not even licensed or insured.

  40. Cyn, how’s the prostate? You gonna make it next week?

  41. Oh, and…


    TITS in 5 days.

  42. Answer: Because they don’t have to worry about attracting men.

  43. * gives Lipstick $2.87 million *

  44. One would think that a diet consisting mainly of clams and fish tacos would be considered healthy….

  45. I will be there, Hotspur, just try to keep me and my Hulksized prostate away.

  46. Carpet has a lot of fat in it.

  47. I was going to make that joke on Twitter but thought it might be to rude for that place.

    Thank God for the H2

  48. >>>>Carpet has a lot of fat in it.

    More than sausage?

    Hmmmm…. who knew?

  49. Problem I see with that study is that, based on the movies I’ve watched, lesbians tend to be in incredible shape.

  50. Whodathunk a bunch of fat ugly chicks couldn’t attract a man, so they switch to other fat ugly chicks?

    Someone send me a million dollars.

  51. My arm is not too bad today. Thank you for asking.

  52. Lesbians are obese, and gay men are generally in good shape. At least the younger ones are.

    I wonder what that tells us about the relative vanity of genders.

  53. We’re off to a friend’s house for BBQ and swimming – you guys have a great evening!

  54. We got some storms coming.
    I don’t think we’ve had rain for a week or two.

  55. Local weather station says 3 weeks.

  56. You’ve had enough rain, quit hogging and send some this way.

  57. >>>>Local weather station says 3 weeks.

    Neighbor picked a great time to leave the country for a month.

    No mowing required.

  58. Man, this feels awesome!

  59. Off to work.

  60. I have a black friend who can and does say whatever the fuck he wants to cause if anyone contests him about it they’re racists. We were at a blackjack table in Vegas abt ten years ago when 4 lezzies sat down to play. Three Roseanne Barrs and a Penelope Cruz. Hilarity ensued as he tried to convert the Penelope to interracial heterosexuality while simultaneously insulting the Roseanne’s.

  61. So, I heard the pool is closed. Too bad.


  62. Sorry I won’t make the meat up. I had really planned to before I knew I would have to move to Nashville.

  63. So this move, it’s really happening?

  64. You should move AFTER the TITS MU.

  65. Greetings, sherm smokers.

  66. Looks like it. My company and my customer need me down there, but we are still negotiating the $$.

  67. If the pool isn’t open, here’s the mid afternoon entertainment

  68. I’m glad that they consider you so valuable, Puppy. That’s good stuff.

  69. I am legally able to say that I’ve never smoked sherm as those records have been expunged.

  70. This could also be entertainment.

    L to R: Rosetta, hobo from near 3rd

  71. God knows what you done, Cyn.

  72. He does at that. And His memory is way better than mine.

  73. Wow. Cyn’s naughty past kilt it.

  74. I wanna see Cyn’s naughty past kilt.

  75. https://www.etsy.com/shop/AngelBodiceGoddess

  76. There was a young man from Nantucket…

    Not a Haiku, but who cares?

  77. I bought one of those outfits off eBay.

  78. I actually met the Bodice Goddess at a Highland Games a few years ago.

  79. http://is.gd/iye2ww

  80. haiku

  81. DiT needs THAT ornament for his crap tree

  82. MaryAnn is doing much better today. We’ve been putting warm compresses on the abscess. Guess what decided to drain today while we were at work? Have I mentioned she likes to sleep on my pillows when I’m at work?

  83. Godzilla haiku
    Like snowstorm in summertime
    Is not seasonal

  84. Evening, folks. Just got back from Vegas.

    Sorry about the pup, Osita. Was it a peri-rectal abscess?

  85. Hahaha, no. How was Vegas? Did you sell some of your crafty knives?

  86. I have the next 8 hours off!

  87. That sounds like an excuse to get some new pillows, oso.

  88. I keep new pillows in the hall closet. Sleeping with dogs can be gross.

  89. WooHoo!!!! What are you going to do with your freedom, Scott?

  90. Did anybody tell anybody else that they had been mispronouncing a common word for years today?

  91. Catsup? Ketchup? Catsup? Ketchup? (Vice versa)

  92. Only 8 hours between shifts? That don’t seem right. There outta be a law.

  93. I thought catsup was a different product than ketchup.

  94. I dunno. I just like Mr Burns. Makes me laugh.

  95. It doesn’t happen often.

  96. Me too, Oso.

  97. Cyn, hahaha I could watch that ALL day!

  98. http://is.gd/IPzIC1

  99. Now with the gif, she can…yay!

  100. I either have allergies churning the lung butter or ebola. One of those. G’night y’all.

  101. Dangit.


  102. Mesmerizing.

  103. Nor should it, Scoot.

  104. You got over eb0la faster than allergies I think. G’nighty, Oso.

  105. Ha! That made me throw up in my mouth a little, Pups.

  106. G’night.

  107. Vegas was great, won an award, sold all the knives.

  108. Congrats, Pepe! What was the award for?

  109. They have a vaccine for the ebola now. Allergies you’re stuck with.

  110. Isn’t it still daytime in NM?

  111. Award for best “Gentleman’s Tactical”.

    It’s only 9:00 here, Scoot, but the last few days have been pretty long. Pretty close to bedtime for me.

  112. Still Saturday here.

  113. Kudos, Pepe… your knives are really stunning.

  114. Award for best “Gentleman’s Tactical”.

    They give that one at the Rubber Fist Convention, too.

    Or so I’m told.

  115. Worst Knife Awards

    Least Stabby Looking

  116. The tactical one has a scope on it.

  117. Rustiest Evar Award

  118. Shoulder thingy that goes up.

  119. Wouldn’t Slice Butter Even Award

  120. ….and pistol grips.

  121. It’s an assault knife if it has a bayonet lug.

  122. I need to try to sleep now.

    Good night

  123. http://tinyurl.com/omrfasc

  124. Sharpest Grip

  125. Most likely to see you stand trial for murder.

  126. Very sad day today.

    We were woken this morning by a call from wiserbride’s mom.

    Wiserbride’s cousin died suddenly last night. 43 years old. 3 kids. They think it was a heart attack.

    He was on his couch, watching TV and then suddenly, he was dead.

    He was easily the happiest, most loving, most down-to-Earth member of her family.

    Last time I saw him was at the party he and his brothers threw in honor of his parent’s 50th anniversary.

    I’ve written this comment at least 10 times today, but never hit “post”

    I’m not asking for prayers or sympathy…

    I just needed to say……

    A really good person died yesterday.

    And I’m going to miss him.

  127. Sorry for your loss, wiser. Sounds like he was a good guy.

  128. >>> Sounds like he was a good guy.

    One of the best.

    I’ve told stories of the craziness I’ve experienced at the farm…. He was always the one person who I was able to talk to about it… He understood.

    He got out. He escaped the madness.

    It sucks.

  129. {{{Hugs}}}, Wiser. And to Wiserbride and her family as well.

  130. You may not have asked for it, but you, and he, have my prayers and sympathy.

  131. I’m so very sorry, Wiser.

  132. >> A really good person died yesterday.
    And I’m going to miss him

    Oh hell.

    I’m so sorry my friend

  133. No derp tonight. Seems inappropriate.

  134. Work.

  135. Coachella Valley HS mascot designed to honor Arabs in the 1930’s is the newest symbol of intolerance that must go. They could at least keep the belly dancer.


  136. Tough news wiser, sorry.

  137. Morning, children. Sorry Wiser.

  138. Wiser, it’s been a bad weekend. A friend’s cousin diet in a car accident Saturday night, and another friend’s family member had a 600 lb box of tiles fall on his head at menards.

  139. Egads. Awful, just awful.

  140. Never really know when it’s too early to call somebody. But if you wait until 10 am it seems too late.
    Still, if she had a hard night and has an opportunity to sleep late on a holiday, I sure don’t want to be the one who set her phone ringing on her.

  141. let us see a picture of your award winning knife Pepe

  142. Do a hang up call from a payphone first. When you call a bit later they can vent about the hang up caller to you.

  143. Isn’t that funny…don’t even know where the closest pay phone is. They’re mostly gone. And they’re not phone company phones, either. They’re like, Larry’s Pay Phone company and they charge some ridiculous high rate.

  144. Morning.

  145. I’ll upload one in a little while, VMax.

  146. We were watching some old Criminal Minds episodes the other night and one of the characters popped into an old style phone booth to make an off the record call. Pretty implausible.

    The hospital used to have a bank of payphones near the waiting area and as I typed the above it just dawned on me that they’ve been gone for who knows how long.

  147. I’m making shrimp and grits tonight with a poached egg.

    Apparently eggs are on everything now.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

  148. Sorry to hear about wiserbride’s cousin.

  149. Here you go, VMax. It’s the one on the top.


  150. Don’t skimp on the cheese, Mj.

  151. Ha!

  152. Did anyone pick up BBF?

    GND is in town and we’d like another crack at it.

  153. Sorry,
    I was looking at the one with the Mic on top thought you were messing with us. All 3 are gorgeous knives

  154. I just woke up.

    Late morning hotties in like 30min after some coffee.

  155. Condolences to wiserbride and wiser.

  156. Nobody else volunteered. Go ahead.

  157. Nessie’s showing off.


  158. NEW shit I just got here

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