What the hell have you been doing all day?!



  1. Fucking spectacular!

  2. I ~finally~ saw a teeensy tiny black stone. I’ve said fucktitall to straining. I am hoping this is just left over little stones with the big one having passed before the doc’s office even called me.

  3. OMGOMGOMG! A lurker “liked” my post!


  4. I haven’t been passing kidney stones but getting ready for my trip to the oil fields

  5. Hope all of your stones are small and passable, Cyn.

  6. I’ve been detailing the inside of my car. I found about clean 7,000 napkins in my armrest console. I will leave them in there because, well, boys.

  7. I haven’t been passing kidney stones

    I hear beer cures them. Better safe than sorry!

  8. Thanks, Roams; that was seriously the first one I’ve seen.

    But I’m still being a good doobie with my gallon of water, plus splashes of apple and lemon juices. I am also taking a Mag-Phos homeopathic thing. Oh and some sort of other homeo stone breaker crap that makes my water taste like iced tea (at least that’s what I tell myself).

  9. Since I only have one kidney, I have to give it all my love and care

  10. Oh no, not a black one! Holy Toledo…when you see a black stone in your urine that means 6 more weeks of Michael Sam awkward locker room stories!

  11. Aw damn; sorry about that. I’ll try for pretty purple ones instead.

  12. Since I only have one kidney, I have to give it all my love and care

    So then, beer?

  13. Off to tackle the back seat area.

    *dons PPE and grabs the leaf-sized garbage bags*

  14. I’m at work. Dan is with MaryAnn at the vet. Abscess is back. Obstructing airway. Getting biopsy now. Prayers to St Francis appreciated.

  15. Poor little MaryAnn. Hope it works out okay.

  16. I really don’t get modern parenting. When I was a kid that was our job to clean the inside of the car.

    *dope slaps Cyn*

  17. Prayers for doge.

    No bike bought, none of the in-stock were Gimli-sized. Only MJ and Lance Roidstrong sized.

  18. I kinda like the mental picture of Ms. Cyn bent over picking up stuff out of the back seat.

  19. Cyn, this too shall pass.

  20. I did buy some glass containers at Williams-Sonoma. Some tea at Teavana.

    They had a blackberry mojito tea. Smells amazing.

  21. Teabagger

  22. Nope. Loose tea. I put it in a ball and then dip it.


  23. Or I put it loose in the french press.


  24. I put it in a ball and then dip it.

    I’ll take things that sound dirty for $500, Alex.

  25. Now I’m going to go outside and do some crossfit.

    And by crossfit I mean fork shit into a wheelbarrow and then haul it to the woods.

  26. Phase One of garbage pick up and Windex cleaning complete.

    Next comes Nunu’ing and ArmorAll’ing and tinted-window microcloth wiping. Last will be an exterior wash (so as to guarantee some rain) and scrubbing of the floor mat covers.

    I’ve always been pretty meticulous about my vehicles – pays off in the end with resale value. And, you’d never know that my car was 10 years old.

  27. Well, that was a worthwhile interruption. Mr. RFH and Rocketboy figured out how to Skype, so we video-chatted for an hour. I don’t think he talked that much at home.

  28. Awww, good job Rocketman.

    *slides Roamy a double-shot mimosa*

  29. suckin it up. If I take a nap now in the pool I can do TITS

  30. How hard is it to figure out Skype?


  32. In fact, that sounds awesome.

  33. I’m picturing Dave kicking back, floating in the pool, straw cowboy hat on, typing on his phone and drifting off. All is well with the world.

    *tiny splash*
    *glug glug glug*

    Dang, there goes another phone.

  34. Skype won’t install on my XP computer.

    I laughed, yet I am ashamed that I got that.

  35. Vet found a hard tumor behind the abscess. Waiting for official biopsy. Happy thoughts.

  36. Awww, Osita. (((HUGS)))

  37. anybody got a link for the Auburn game?

  38. Oh no! Poor MaryAnn!

  39. Good thoughts for MaryAnn.

  40. {{{hugs}}} for Oso and MaryAnn (and Dan, too) ♥♥♥

  41. Oh oso, I am so sorry for your puppy!

  42. How old is Maryanne?

  43. Did she smoke?

  44. Oh dang, sorry to read about MA, Oso. Big hugs and good thoughts a’coming.

  45. Top to Bottom: H2, IB


  46. Got them coming from here too.

  47. Greetings, people who are beyond tired of that “Happy” song.

  48. This opens next year.

    Dave should go ride it and report back.


  49. They are going to need a bigger mop.

  50. I would pay decent money to see Dave ride that.

  51. Greeting, man who knows our musical tastes only too well.

  52. Hippo, birdie,2 Ewes – Clintbird…

  53. That’s on one of the loops at HD. I get to hear it about every 3 hours.

  54. Every three hours? That sounds… happy.

  55. I don’t understand how there’s not a higher suicide rate among people who work in places where they loop the same music all day.

  56. Christmas music is coming.
    After a couple months of that you are happy to hear Happy.

  57. I was just about to mention that, scott. Yeesh.

  58. oh hells yes I would go to San Antonio just to ride that dang thing.

  59. Man, it’s been a good day so far. My parents and my brother came out to see me take a cake at my home group, I had chicken fried steak and eggs for breakfast, and Cal beat the snooty kids from the Chicago suburbs.

    Life is sweet.

  60. Chicken fried steak?! Hot damn, that does make for a great day!11

  61. My sister made me a BLT for lunch.

  62. I worked all day.
    Tomorrow I work until 10 PM, then I go back at 6 AM.

    Worst holiday weekend ever.

  63. I’ll be happy though, because I’ll be listening to Happy.

  64. Why not until 11 PM, then back at 5 AM?

  65. I’m a slacker.

  66. Carin would call that not a REAL double.

  67. The greatest series of posts in the history of twitter, courtesy of Storify:


  68. You’ll never own that Home Depot with that attitude.

  69. Thanks guys. MaryAnn will be 10 next month. Oncologist dropped by the clinic for something he forgot. Did a full pathology. Tumor was encapsulated. Surrounding cells are all clear. Meds for the abscess, They think they missed it when she had the last abscess. Follow ups scheduled. No chemo for now. She didn’t smoke. No second hand smoke either. I was a mess all day.

  70. What kind of a fascist outfit is HD? Labor Day means everyone takes the day off and celebrates the workers.

    Or some commie crap like that.

  71. All my dogs have smoked.

  72. That was a pleasure to read XBrad

  73. Hang in there, Oso. Sounds like a good outcome.

  74. Veterinary Oncologists exist. Didn’t know that but it makes sense.

  75. Mr. TiFW says, “Thank you!” Xbrad….

  76. Feed poor MaryAnn some chickychicky.

  77. Hey, would everyone please say a prayer for an 18-year-old young lady named Daisy Dillman?

    She is the younger sister of a friend of the TiFW daughters who was just diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Her family lives up the street from us, and I can still remember her coming around to sell us Girl Scout Cookies and to play with our dogs.


  78. Prayers, TiFW.

  79. There is veterinary everything.

  80. When I trained at UMass the CT scanner was unable to handle some of the obese trauma patients. They had to be transported one town over to the Tufts Vet School to use the large animal scanner. I doubt they still do that now, probably have a jumbo scanner of their own.

  81. MaryAnn is getting chickyrice. The veterinary clinic where we take our dogs is pretty good. Jimbro, when Gingy was sick a few years ago, our vet referred us to a doggie GI specialist. She was getting better treatment than my Mom was at the VA. Lots of machines that went *Bing*

  82. The vet that my cousin used for home hospice was originally at our clinic.

  83. Sofía Vergara


  84. Ruby visited a couple of veterinary ophthalmologists.

  85. Scott, did Ruby get cataract surgery?

  86. I’m glad your doggeh’s okay, osita. Give her a scritch for me.

  87. She had glaucoma.

  88. That all makes sense, I guess I just never thought about it. The hardware we use for fixing bones has a veterinary division I’ve never clicked on until now: http://us.synthesvet.com/
    We’ve always gone to general vets and I figured there were vets who did surgery on small animals and some others on large animals. The more you know…

  89. I would not recommend eye surgery for a dog.

    Dogs don’t give a shit about vision.

  90. Great news about Mary Ann, Oso! I know you guys must be relieved ♥♥♥

  91. Will do, Sean. Scott, Gingy is losing vision. Dr said mild cataract, but nothing we need to worry about. It is heartbreaking to watch her. Were they able to treat the glaucoma? Did she get doggie marijuana?

  92. In order to end Ruby’s pain, we had to blind her. I was very upset.

    She didn’t care, her personality didn’t change at all.
    I asked a vet and he told me that a dog sees the world with it’s nose, then it’s ears.

    A dog going blind would be like a human losing a sense of smell or taste.

  93. Teresa, St Francis came through again! I was an emotional mess, and we didn’t have to wait until Tuesday.

  94. Thanks, Scott. I really needed to read that.

  95. Jimbro, back in the early eighties we were architects for the thoracic surgery unit renovation at UofM. Thursdays were known as fat day. On that day all of the normal furniture in the waiting room was put into the special closets that held the fat day furniture of huge benches that wouldn’t collapse when the fat patients came in.

    I cannot imagine how they handle that shit now in the PC don’t state the obvious environment the mush heads have created.

  96. That news sounds very promising, Oso; I’m happy you got your answers today too!

  97. Nobody believed she was blind.

    She ran down trails, off leash.

    Played fetch with a soccer ball. Soccer balls rolling through grass is a noisy thing to a dog.

  98. They probably mix them with the rest of the standard overweight and normal weight patients. We have a few fat benches and tables in the office. A woman who was a year behind me in school ended up here and she does only bariatric surgery. Their clinic must be a sight to see. Every day is fat day.

  99. She learned how to use echolocation. Freaky stuff.

  100. For Oso and MA: http://tinyurl.com/q7gytcf

  101. Nobody believed she was blind.

    She ran down trails, off leash.

    That’s amazing, and probably eased your mind a ton.

  102. Yep.


  103. Thanks, Jimbro. I’m crying.

  104. For Oso and MA: http://tinyurl.com/q7gytcf

    Where’s Knut?

  105. So I finally made this, took about 40 total minutes with every step included (I shred my own cheese). I’m letting it cool/solidify right now. I’ll let you know if it was worth it.

  106. Love you guys! Scott, my Uncle Buddy Green (Long story, not real Uncle) had a seeing eye dog for his blind dog. It was pretty amazing to watch. Poodle guiding bulldog that was blind from birth.

  107. We have pet blessings at our parish every year on St Francis’ feast day. Benny will have fun this year.

  108. Wiser needs to shop Knut into that pic, or St Francis on the floe.

  109. Worth it.

  110. Bulldogs are different. In the dog world they ride the short bus, and their sniffers don’t work right.

  111. My niece got a goat as a “seeing eye dog” for her horse after the horse went blind.

  112. Leon, we do too. When the priest came to the house to perform last rites on my Dad, he blessed my Dad’s dog and his cat. My Dad wasn’t Catholic. His GF was. My Dad’s final hours were spent with me, that freaking cat, and that dog. 5 years ago next month: My Dad was in hospice, my Mom was in a coma, and Gingy was in ICU. Today: MaryAnn had cancer, my FiL is still in rehab, and my MiL is losing her mind. I need someone to find $20

  113. Scott talking smack about Daisy and Floyd.

  114. Bulldogs are different. In the dog world they ride the short bus, and their sniffers don’t work right.

    Plus, they tend to have fucked-up owners.

  115. XB, I think horses are the bulldogs of the barnyard.

  116. Well, neither the goat nor the horse shit on my carpet, so I’m not so sure.

  117. Chickens are stone cold dipshits compared to horses.

  118. Most dogs have a purpose.

    Google bulldog.

    They are the fat kid on the playground.

  119. I H8 chickens. Not to be confused with H8CHKN.

  120. http://tinyurl.com/mqtwaor

  121. Hahaha

  122. The look on your face in that picture is terrifying, b-rad.

  123. Huh, he’s not choking it.

  124. Gingy is such a turd. She thinks that we’re paying TOO much attention to MaryAnn. The Chunk is getting chickyrice AND Braunschweiger until MaryAnn gets better.

  125. http://tinyurl.com/kydy93r

  126. That’s pretty much my normal face, Sean. I know I haven’t seen you since your sobriety, but you’ve seen that face before.

  127. I think it’s the chicken. Like you and it have plans for whoever you’re looking at.

  128. Michael Sam got cut by the Rams.

  129. Pups, I was like WHAT?

  130. And here I was sure he couldn’t be fired.

  131. Me too. I kept telling Dan that there was NFW that the Rams could cut him.

  132. Let us all don hairshirts, Puppeh.

  133. http://tinyurl.com/mqtwaor

    It puts the lotion on it’s…feathers.

  134. Fake pizza report, Leon?

  135. Pellets came in last week. I’ve already sold a pallet of pellets. Price is up $2 on crappy pellets.

  136. Fake pizza report, Leon?

    Already wrote it.

    It came out surprisingly good. Maybe a little too salty, but I had pancetta and pepperoni on it, probably too much.

  137. From the Kill Me Nao file: MiL has called 5 times about her bedroom TV not working. SiL, hubby, and 3 grown kids live less than a mile away. Dan is THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD equipped to handle this. We told her we would be by on Monday. She is still calling. SMH

  138. You used the psyllium husk powder or did you sub?

  139. Ground flaxseed meal. I also did a little olive oil on the parchment paper I baked it on to help flatten it. Same on top so my fingers wouldn’t stick.

  140. Cool, then I will sub ground sesame.

  141. Oso, great news! And it’s also nice that you didn’t have to wait and worry till Tuesday. Yay!

    Good for the Rams for not being afraid to release Sam. Backlash odds? Either he wants normalized or he wants special treatment, hmmm.

  142. I’ve never had chicken fried steak.

  143. Finest fusion of German and Texan cuisine, Lippy. Have it at least once.

  144. Lippy, I know!!! I lost a bet with Dan. I really thought the Rams were stuck with Sams. The original scout reports were right. Too small. Not enough speed.

  145. Redskins should hire Sam.

  146. Wait, wait, wait…wha? Never had chicken fried steak?

  147. You’re missing out, lipstick. That’s some tasty food right there.

  148. I don’t feel like doing laundry. I’ll be wearing khaki pants with black shoes tomorrow. Don’t judge me!!!!

  149. You can’t do that, Oso? I do it all the time.

    Maybe that’s why everyone laughs at me.

  150. psyllium husk powder

    I scored some of that in the parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum outside a Grateful Dead show back in ’94.

  151. J’ames, what what what??? I had to wear white socks with black pants and shoes one time. I felt like Myron Noodleman. It was terrible!

  152. Lippy, you need to visit a Cracker Barrel, stat.

  153. *bulk*

    Poop Blog.

  154. I love a good chicken fried steak.

  155. Lipstick… pssssst!

  156. If you’re going to eat 12 oz of cheese, you might need a little *bulk*.

  157. Did anybody finally confront anybody else about the stench coming through the air vents today?

  158. I grew up with dredged EVERYTHING! My Mom was a Mexican Hillbilly. I hear banjos…

  159. Gravy is good for hangovers. I hear.

  160. Mmmm…gravy. Green chile white gravy is a thing…(I don’t like brown gravy, rayciss)

  161. The Pioneer Woman has a fantastic recipe for CFS.

  162. The low carb pizza would be good hangover food.

  163. green chile white gravy sounds delish.

  164. No it wouldn’t.

  165. Seriously; not enough grease.

  166. J’ames, it really is. I like it over biscuits. And potatoes. Why yes, I did just get a diabetes intervention by RL friends.

  167. Seriously; not enough grease.

    Are you sh*tting me? Did you read those macros?? It’s like 75% fat.

  168. Sorry, I fraculated, it’s 72.5% fat.

  169. Math is hard.

  170. I am, in fact, shitting you.

  171. Ew. I thought you were peeing?

  172. *whacks Oso on the head with The Strainer™*

  173. I hope she’s peeing. All that water would be killin’ her otherwise.

  174. Ow!

  175. Oh, I’m peeing alright. Lawdy Reegis, I am peeing. And peeing, and peeing.

  176. Sorry, I fraculated

    You’re gonna clean that up, right? Use some bleach, too.

  177. Work at 5AM. Warm compresses for MA at 12. Yay team. (I am still crying about how blessed I feel. I hadn’t delurked yet the last time my life was so FUBARed/

  178. There used to be a Stuckey’s nearish to the hunting place. Bet they had chicken fried steak.

  179. Nighty happy dreams, Oso.

  180. Awww, *pats Oso on the head with the non-strainer hand*

    What, we’re all still straining in solidarity, right?

  181. I am, in fact, shitting you.

    Poop blog.

  182. Solidarity!!!1

    Okay, night times for this gal too.

  183. hi Lipps!

  184. What, we’re all still straining in solidarity, right?

    Poop blog?

  185. Vman! How are things? Can’t wait to meet you at TITS.

    Sean, eww, straining poop? With my stones they told me to use a paper coffee filter thing to strain. That was. . . comical.

  186. I was thinking more along the lines of straining to poop, but whatever.

  187. **reminds self to never drink Lippy’s coffee**

  188. Well crap, Sean, I didn’t catch on to that.

  189. It was apparently kind of a shitty joke.

  190. Execrable humor.

  191. When you know she’s no high climber
    Then you find your only friend
    In a room with your two timer
    And you’re sure you’re near the end
    Then you derp a little wild one
    And she brings you only sorrow
    All the time you know she’s smilin’
    You’ll be on your knees tomorrow

  192. Getcho ass outa bed and make me some bacon and eggs.

  193. http://is.gd/709LCt

  194. http://is.gd/bVYPCr

  195. 6 hours in the car today. Starting shortly.

  196. Might swing through Gander Mountain and pick up one of these for deer season.

  197. Sean’s song makes me think of MCPO.

    Getcho ass outa bed and make me some bacon and eggs.

    I did, but Mr. RFH ate it before you could get here. Sorry ’bout that.

  198. As to the query posed by the title of this poat?

    Your mom.

    I can’t believe I’m the one who was left to bring your mom into this.

  199. New Poat

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