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I think this is wiserbud’s last day filling in at that radio station place, so tune in: linky at the right sidebar.

Eight days to TITS.

I guess that’s it for today. Now go watch the paint dry.


  1. Hi.

  2. My God, that new Werdpuss editor for new poats sucks balls.

  3. This is my 380th poat on this here POS.

    *waits for tropies and ribbons and Nobels*

  4. The wordpuss dev team must be busy justifying their phony-baloney jobs. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  5. The painting is starting!! There’s people out there now!1

  6. CaRiN – how is your hand healing up? Any cool scars?

  7. Not yet. It is kinda puffy and red. I keep hitting it on things, I think.

    Can you kiss it and make it better?

  8. *hold out gross, stitch covered hand for Cyn.

  9. *winces*

  10. No, not that side. It’s oozing … “something”.

  11. Prostate juice.

  12. Or maybe bile from your injured gall bladder.

  13. Do you wear a cool purple glove while you’re working? You should put on a surgeon’s mask for added effect.

  14. I think I may be oozing “poison ivy”.

    No glove. i cover it with some special tape i have left over from my dad. It doesn’t peel off when wet.

  15. Good thing Cyn loves me, which overpowers an revulsion she may feel.


    *holds out hand again

  16. Did Cyn give birth yet? Did I miss it?

  17. Good thing Cyn loves me, which overpowers an revulsion she may feel.

    Okay; I’m ready, c’mere.

  18. No birthing yet, but I forgot I should have been using something to strain. Otherwise, I haven’t seen anything either. Dammit.

    In spite of only six hours sleep last night, I feel better today. I still will do my gallon of water (with some lemon splashes) and chase it with a Gatorade so my electrolytes don’t get too screwed up.

  19. There’s someone out on the ice and he’s doing… something! Wait, he’s gone; false alarm.

  20. I still see the “classic” poat interface, but you have to go in through the dashboard/posts/add new link. If you click on the New Post quick link you get the new interface.

    Also good morning and I hope you feel moar betteh soon.


  21. but I forgot I should have been using something to strain.

    Also http://is.gd/mRMvNq

  22. LOL!


  23. The ice painting – I think it’s starting for realzies.

  24. http://is.gd/27X7J3

  25. Hahaha! Some prairie dog construction company is in trouble.

  26. Chunky prairie dog looks like Gingy.

  27. Classes started on Monday at my daughter’s school.

    Yesterday, a water main broke and they closed up shop and encouraged the students to go home ’til Tuesday. HAHAHA

    For those who remain, 2 minute showers and the largest cafeteria remains open with food served on paper plates. Thumbs up unless the toilets quit flushing.

    It should be fixed by tomorrow.

  28. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2736287/Final-ruling-issued-against-polygamy-ban.html

    A judge has ruled that parts of Utah’s law banning polygamy are unconstitutional, effectively decriminalizing the practice, in a victory for the family that appears in the reality TV show ‘Sister Wives’.

  29. Inevitable.

    Sibling marriage is next, followed by sons and daughters marrying moms to avoid estate taxes. And now they don’t even have to get divorced first!

  30. Because marriage, we’ve learned, is entirely about feelings and is wholly a man-made institution that can be defined as anything a judge fancies.

  31. I love the libertarian scum coming out of the woodwork to claim we should somehow “get the government out of marriage”. Marriage has always been a public status, not a private issue, and thus the purvue of the state, be it a local chieftan or the state of Utah.

    Yes, incest is next. Also, look for attacks against the age of consent.

  32. Privileging the unit of society most likely to produce non-feral children in the tax code also seems like an obvious public good, like roads or a fire department.

  33. Yes, incest is next. Also, look for attacks against the age of consent.

    “O brave new world
    That has such people in’t!”

  34. BTW, It really irks my the Robert Heinlein worship of these people.

    “Polygamy is fine because it worked in Heinlein’s novels!”

  35. Is it just my stream or does the volume on wiser’s show keep going up and down?

  36. That guy on Hannity who claimed that Sharia was coming to the US?

    This is how we get there. Our own institutions of law just give the hell up and later people willingly take up Sharia just to regain a semblance of social order.

    One day we will all wail and cry out for something so breezy as mere Canon Law, or even just English Common Law.

  37. Heinlein wrote the polygamy crap after his stroke.

    That’s informative, or should be.

  38. Yes, incest is next. Also, look for attacks against the age of consent.

    Ginsburg, back in the day, wrote that age of consent should be 12. She also wrote that there should be co-ed prisons.

    Judges need to pass drug and psychological tests before being hired.

  39. You’d think all of the feminists would be against polygamy – after all, most of it is practiced by men who have more than one woman at their disposal.

    I mean, how can feminists square this with “equality” for women if men get more than their fair share of partners? Of a woman getting “paid” (in terms of time spent with partner, resources expended on her and her offspring) MUCH less than her male counterpart?

    After all, if there are 4 women to one man, each woman is getting 1/4 of everything, while the man is getting everything 4-fold. That’s orders of magnitude less than the flawed “77 cents for every dollar a man makes” figure they like to toss around.

    *waits for liberal heads to explode*

  40. LiFB. Or drink more ovaltine. One of those. Mebbe both.

  41. Our own institutions of law just give the hell up and later people willingly take up Sharia just to regain a semblance of social order.

    Which begs the question, WTF aren’t our church leaders not fighting hard for their faith/belief like the muslims do? You hear nothing but crickets. Muslims will not bake cakes for gays and will not marry them – and activist groups/judges/politicians won’t make them.

  42. ….and activist groups/judges/politicians won’t make them.

    Because it violates their precious sacred beliefs, you racist wingnutz!!!!!!!

    (Never mind that those same groups are too dense to see the irony….)

  43. “Limerock”


  44. Yay! Table/chairs just arrived.

    Bought beasnette a $189 bistro set for her birthday. Paid $135 and got free shipping.

  45. Because it violates their precious sacred beliefs,

    Yeah, because noone else has those.

    Leftists are like islamists. They only understand a literal ass stomping.

  46. Barney Miller


  47. I mean, how can feminists square this with “equality” for women if men get more than their fair share of partners? Of a woman getting “paid” (in terms of time spent with partner, resources expended on her and her offspring) MUCH less than her male counterpart?

    Polygamy for the left comes often in the form of allowing a woman to screw around on her partner, or the two share a girlfriend. This somehow makes it “empowering”. I’ve said before that the face of polygamy will not be some muslim with four wives, but will be some middle-class white yuppie couple. John the programmer, Alison, his wife who works for a non-profit, and Jan the yoga instructor that shares their bed.

  48. Huh. The guy who was gone all morning is all pissy because we were working with his code, while he was gone. And something was wrong with it.


  49. CAlex, I believe the proper term for “Jan” in that scenario is “unicorn”.

    Because lots of people want one and they don’t exist.

  50. I didn’t make that up, either, that’s the swinger term and the reason for it.

  51. Leon, i actually knew a couple like the CA example. The reality is not as attractive (stress on the word attractive) as the porno’s would suggest.

  52. Excellent work today, Radiobud; the call from Ferris was a nice touch too.

  53. I never said it was common, just that it’s what will be sold to the public. Plus, chances are that Jan and Alice are soaked in feminist crap and treat “John” like a second-class citizen.

  54. and the reason for it.

    ‘Cuz Jan’s a tucker?

  55. Only if she’s dating Leon.

  56. Oh, I can picture it Carin. One nebbishy guy, his all-but-lesbian land-whale of a wife, and their slightly-younger walrus of a girlfriend.

    By and large, the real cads that could get many women at once still won’t marry them, because they see it as a trap.

  57. Yes, I’m aware of the term “unicorn”, God help me.

    From what I’ve heard, these arrangements very often end badly. Not the least because you have to be kind of a narcissistic crackpot to enter into one.

  58. Inevitable.


    This is how we get there.

    *drinks again*

    and Jan the yoga instructor that shares their bed.


  59. Pupster, of you were the kind of guy that could have Mrs. Pupster + Jan, you’d already have her, and she’d be leaning on you to move to Utah and make it official.

  60. *fills squirt gun with vinegar*

    Who else wants some?

  61. Ugh. Just got an automated LinkdIn update asking me to congratulate NepLex on a work anniversary.

  62. you’d already have her


  63. Throw an RIP at it, XBrad. Maybe someone will notice.

  64. Who in their right mind would want more than one wife?

    I watched that polygamy show on TLC and there is no way I would want to be in that situation. Husband only helps with the kids one day a week…and then the drama with the other wives. Nope.

  65. Granted, he has a shit eating grin on his face but still. 21 kids? 4 wives nagging at you and each other. Nope, Not even if you have built in babysitters.

  66. If the arrangement ended up basically being two working adults at any given time plus one person being a full-time parent, I can see it maybe working.

    Most guys would just schtup the nanny, though.

  67. Oh, I can picture it Carin. One nebbishy guy, his all-but-lesbian land-whale of a wife, and their slightly-younger walrus of a girlfriend.

    You know them?

    Ha ha ha … but you totally nailed it.

    ^leaves that there.

  68. I’ve seen something like it among the confolk I used to know.

  69. I really, really want to try this.


  70. Comment by Pupster on August 28, 2014 1:25 pm

    I really, really want to try this.


  71. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 28, 2014 1:22 pm

    I’ve seen something like it among the confolk I used to know.

    Scifi and fantasy fandom seem to be drawn to it.

  72. I actually think they were into that stuff too Leon.

  73. Oh, I can picture it Carin. One nebbishy guy, his all-but-lesbian land-whale of a wife, and their slightly-younger walrus of a girlfriend.

    The Beta BunchTM

  74. There was something on late sex night TLC.

    A woman had two husbands. She’d love on one, turn over and do the other. They were kinda lovey to each other too …though, not sure if they poked each other. They seemed a little fem.

  75. LOL.

    Someone tell Allah.

  76. Gross, Beasn.

    Someone take the teevee away from her.

  77. Worlds are colliding.

  78. The Renn Faire crowd too. It’s mega creepy.

  79. Speaking of Allah, how is there nothing at Hot Gas about this?

  80. There’s a reason it’s nicknamed the Society of Consenting Adults.

  81. Comment by beasn on August 28, 2014 1:31 pm

    There was something on late sex night TLC.

    Showtime had a show like this on for a while (don’t judge, I was traveling on a business trip). One of the groups was a man who had a wife and girlfriend who both treated him like crap. The others were two couples. They seemed constantly in conflict.

  82. (don’t judge, I was traveling on a business trip)

    Heh. I had insomnia and it was the whole trainwreck aspect and trying to figure out what was going on inside their heads.

    Another episode had a guy who had trouble finding a date and keeping her around. His schlong was too long.

    Yeah, you bring that up on the first date, I’m not going to stick around for show-n-tell. Bad manners.

  83. don’t judge

    I don’t know where you think you are, sir, but this is NOT one of those judgment-free zones the SJWs like so much (and don’t actually have).

  84. Another episode had a guy who had trouble finding a date and keeping her around. His schlong was too long.


  85. Sean appears to have little trouble keeping them around.

  86. BOOM!

    CDR Sal is spot on target here:


  87. For Carin and Leon:


  88. Sweet, I live south of the map.

  89. BOOM! Excellent read, XB

  90. Carin lives just north of Blond Chicks Who Enjoy Fruity Alcohol.

  91. Looks like I need to move to Birmingham when it’s time to get a nanny.

  92. Leon lives south of Most Concealed Carry Permits In The State.

  93. I live south of Trustafarians and Tons Of Lesbians.

  94. As a telecommuter, I don’t really need a concealed carry permit.

    Except when I go to Meijer.

  95. Crap. I just remembered that I gotta go to Meijer.

  96. GoT is best show on TV. IMO. I loved the HHD

  97. ~waves towards TX~

  98. Waving killed the paint drying?

  99. I only have like 3 more comments before I break my budget, Oso, sorry.

  100. I might try to build one of these this weekend for horizontal rows.

  101. Strike 1!

  102. Today’s show:


    Yesterday’s show:


    I am exhausted…..

  103. OMG. The gazpacho I just made is HAWT.

  104. Ha ha ha … Angry White. I think I’d put that a bit further South.

  105. OMG. The gazpacho I just made is HAWT.

    yer doing it wrong….

  106. SOHOS!!!!!!!


    Missed you, lady ♥♥♥

  107. She’s not staying, Teresa. Just teasing.

  108. OMG. The gazpacho I just made is HAWT.

    It was the pus oozing into it.

  109. *sends in extra moneys to buy more commenting privileges*

  110. Was the gazpacho solely made from your garden? What kind of chile pepper did you use? The chili Dan made for frito pie was too hot. We’re having to toss it.

  111. I have chili in the crock pot right now made with 6 of my hot little red peppers. I’m worried it may be too spicy, but I have cheese ready for that.

  112. I hope it’s not 6 scorpions, you might die.

  113. Franken says he regrets traffic-cone video; voters can look to his record

    First comment (and avatar) wins the internets.

  114. They aren’t scorps. TSC sells them as “super-peppers”, but they look and perform like serranos pequenos.

  115. I thumbed that up, Jay. Perfect.

  116. I saw a pepper plant at the grocery store that was really cool. Purple leaves, flowers, and fruits. Didn’t get the name, though.

  117. I thumbed it up, too. Sides…hurting.

  118. TFG is supposed to speak at 4. Who has 4:25? (Does the both thumbs towards chest dealio)

  119. I should grow those purple ‘taters next year and sell them to foodies.

  120. Crap.

  121. Crap blog.

  122. Dead Crap Blog.

  123. Mom just had a little skin cancer scraped off her hand.

  124. Wow. It really is dead in here. Almost… dare I say it…. TITS up?

  125. I’m alternating between staring at my Calc3 homowork and staring at my work work. Neither is very appealing.

    We could talk politics and social issues, but I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one who wants to do that, and even I’m I little sick and tired of it at this point.

  126. I can’t read a textbook anymore today. I just can’t.

    First day of school, over. It was pretty great. These professors are dynamite. Feeling much more optimistic.

  127. Laura,

    I’m taking calculus 3 online! It’s kind of nice that I can pause the lecture and go get a beer or something to clear my head. I’m still not sure how she’s going to do the quiz next Friday for online folks.

  128. Did you guys take 1st day of school pics?

  129. Rocketboy is taking Calc2.

    He currently has an electronic book rather than a real one. I told him he could swap if needed, but he’s being cheap. He only spent $344 on books for this semester. I budgeted $1,200 because his physics book from last year was $200.

  130. http://is.gd/ZimhTO

  131. Textbooks are a fucking scam.

  132. $200 for a fucking book that contains the same lessons as thirty years ago.

  133. One of my classes will have intermittent assignments and classes online, so it will be nice to dip my toes in.

    Two semesters ago, my Gen Chem had all online homework, and online study guides that were phenomenally helpful.

    In other news, I sold a book on Amazon for the first time and it was really easy. *eyes bookcase full of crap*

  134. Too true, Hotspur. I pulled out my physics book from 1985, and a lot of it was exactly the same.

  135. We take 1st day of school pics Oso. Pretty funny to look at them over the years.

  136. Hotspur, I paid 140 for this book, and if I had sold it back to the school store, they would have given me like forty bucks for it. I made ninety on Amazon. And it was even a school-specific publication. Mailed it to some guy ten miles away, lol.

    The wonder of this world today.

    *continues eye-fucking the bookcase*

  137. Is there still such a thing as “School clothes” or am I showing my age again?

  138. Some of Rocketboy’s books are rentals. English, for sure.

  139. Osita, my kids wore uniforms.

  140. Clean clothes, shirt with a collar a few days a week and sneakers that don’t smell like a locker room are “school clothes” for us.

    An observation I made in the last month: Very few new back to school shoes this year. Every year the kids come in with new sneakers but this year only a few. I blame JEF.

  141. My mom’s idea of “school clothes” were plaid Sears Toughskins jeans.

    I got my ass kicked a lot in elementary school.

  142. I was always jealous that the Catholic school kids didn’t have to put together outfits. I wanted a white shirt and a jumper.

  143. Yes, there are school clothes. For girls, it seems mainly having to do with baring as much leg and asscheek as possible.

  144. Pogo is my mom too?


  145. I liked my Toughskins! Lauraw, hoochie wear in the grade schools now! Young girls with bare midriffs and short shorts. RL friend mixed it up with her 12 year old over a tank top.

  146. Nothing like dressing your grade school daughter like a hooker.

    Rape culture.

  147. #toughskinssurvivor

    //forms support group

    //applies for a federal grant

  148. Stop that.

    It’s really creepy

  149. I can’t bend my legs!!!! #toughskinssurvivor

  150. Osita, I had to make my kids pick out their clothes for a no-uniform day the night before. Total vapor lock the day of.

  151. I might have worn a toughskin now and again; thighs snug, waist too big.

  152. I watched a couple of episodes of Warehouse 13 on Netflix.
    Paranormal stuff, and a top secret branch of the Secret Service dealing with it. The lead lady is a bit wooden (Xbrad, that does not mean she gives me wood), but it is worth watching the first episode to see if you like it.

  153. Today’s crackfat was 1200 lbs of crap up 3 flights of stairs.

  154. Tush, one W13 actor has already been featured for Load HEAT.


  155. “Wooden” suddenly has a new meaning for me. Dammit.

  156. In junior high and high school we graduated to 2 new pairs of Levis corduroy pants and a new pair of shoes. My mom went to the same downtown department store every year called Almy’s. The same ancient man waited on us every year. All gone now. Except the Toughskins, they’re still defying decomposition in a landfill somewhere.

  157. I H8 corduroy.

  158. Three flights of stairs? Why not 4?

  159. That pffft-pffft-pffft sound that your thighs make walking in corduroy… still hilarious.

  160. ^^^^^

  161. Squeaky sneakers AND corduroy.

  162. Corduroy is almost as funny as spatula.

  163. Or squeaky penny loafers.

    I think I even wore saddle shoes with corduroy one year.

  164. XBrad, the Warehouse 13 actor is Joanne Kelly.

  165. Scalligotti has not made an appearance yet.

  166. Scagliotti is more hawt as a brunette.

  167. http://is.gd/DOXhx6

  168. http://is.gd/LDq953

  169. http://is.gd/TuL5kI

  170. Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads.

    Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!

  171. Are you actually old enough to know that one, MJ?

  172. They can’t play baseball, they don’t wear sweaters…(SNL short film)

  173. I mean, I’m not, but thanks to reruns, I get it.

  174. I think I did about 60 flights of stairs while carrying 50 lbs.

    That should be in crackfat.

  175. Warehouse 13 got silly fast.

  176. Ah, the Dr. Demento radio show. Quality stuff.

  177. http://is.gd/P4ODFz

  178. Dr Demento was great.

  179. And then they add a gay character who’s gay because diversity.

  180. I love it when Ace goes all hatey on Gabe and calls him an ungrateful loaf of bread.

  181. The statement he made him read at CPAC was amazing.

  182. heh. yep to both

  183. Is there actual strife, or hard pokes of love?

  184. i think hard pokes of love.

  185. Phrasing!

  186. I don’t think you can dislike Gabe.

  187. Is Gabe still at the HQ?

  188. True dat, Scott.

  189. Morning post just about every day. Before the dump.

  190. Did anybody ask anybody else if they forgot to take care of anything yesterday at around this time today?

  191. Ugh. Bad enough when Ace was linking Hall & Oates, but Phil Collins?

  192. Morning post just about every day. Before the dump.

    D’oh, yeah. I remember reading that now.

    I may have kidney stone of the brain.

  193. Stoopid CiL from AZ had stupid gallbladder surgery today and probably won’t be coming for the game. We already bought tickets. I H8 everything and everybody. (Celena is putting pressure on him to man up and come out for the game)

  194. Gallbladder surgery? Pffft. Shoulda scheduled that for after the game. That’s practically elective in the new 0bamacare plan.

  195. >>I don’t think you can dislike Gabe.

    Gabe is a good kid.

  196. Ditch them and go hug hostages.

  197. My Aunt and Uncle could go to AZ to help with the kids now.

  198. Sean, is today the day?

  199. Dear fuck faces,

    You will be treated to a very special BBF, care of GND. She made me do it. Blame her.


  200. ooooo

  201. Tushar, have you seen this?

  202. If GND helped, this could be your best BBF evar.

  203. It reminded me of your dickhead music video.

  204. If GND helped, this could be your best BBF evar.

    I’m betting it’s nothing but pictures of an actual Holstein.

    And possibly a plate of fishsticks.

  205. He loves his fishsticks.

  206. Almost all of us have enjoyed a fishstick or two in our lives, haven’t we? Let’s be open about this.

  207. Leon, I saw that. I was going to link it here, but did not want to cement my bad reputation further.

  208. I’m going to watch it every day from now on. I added it to my chains.

  209. Hey, I see fishsticks for dinner and I say “whoaaa, is it our anniversary?”

  210. That is the greatest music video of all time.

  211. I lost it entirely when the baseball bat broke.

  212. I don’t know what anybody is talking about.

  213. I have to trim my goatee

  214. Scott, watch my video for Tushar. It’s life-changing.

    And might be what TITS will look like.

  215. Fuckfaces is one word. Everybody knows that.

  216. I was going to link it here, but did not want to cement my bad reputation further.

    Too late.

  217. Fire up that loud
    Another round of shots


  218. Fuckfaces killed it.


  219. Weird, I had 20 minutes of dead then saw Cyn’s comments.

  220. Still pretty well a sleepy poat.

  221. Watching baseball.

  222. I was eating dinner with my family. Cut me some slack. It’s not like I was off having fun.

  223. You’re right. That video *IS* life changing.

    //kills self

  224. That tune came on recently and Googleman and I just about blew out the speakers on the way to pick up Axeman. It was a fun ride.

  225. Seahawks look like crap. And I’m a bit disappointed with the Cardinals already.

  226. http://tinyurl.com/nrr5v5k

  227. Cyn,
    You’re watching the he’hawks?
    I live here and I don’t give a shit

  228. I enjoy watching any football, Chrispy. I was initially looking for the ASU game stream but had to settle for pro ball. Any football is good football; it can be exciting and riveting, or just the perfect thing in the background for an awesome nap.

  229. What do you think of this, Cynnabuns?


  230. Nummy

  231. Oh, wait you meant the uniform… yeah, it’s okay, it’ll do.

  232. Eh. I can’t remember the last time I actually watched Navy play.

  233. The Gentle Giant’s narrative is getting beat more than my poor dick:


  234. You should be a Cowboys fan.

    Disappointment would be comfort.

    God our defense is going to suck again and Romo is gonna try to Danny White through it.


    nite boogs

  235. I got nothing.

  236. Great game at the Big A

  237. Thjis was the last comment I left here before I quit drinking:

    Comment by Sean M. on August 28, 2011 10:03 pm

    I’d love to see them square those accusations with their fight against the use of voter ID.

    Voter ID is RAAAAACIST!!!! Because minorities can’t afford to pay for a driver’s license.

    (But what about states where they provide a free voter ID card?)

    RAAAAACIST!!! because it costs some money to take the bus go to the office where they issue those.

    On the one hand, it’s not very momentous or meaningful. On the other hand, I could still type pretty well for someone who had been drunk for fifteen years.

  238. And, yes, I am now aware that I made a typo to start off the comment directly above this one.

  239. Way to go, Sean. Happy for you.

  240. Congrats, Sean.

    And tomorrow, you start all over again.

  241. But seriously, don’t fall off the wagon. I’mma need a designated driver for TITS.

  242. Me too.

    Oh. . . . wait.

  243. Hi Lippy!

  244. Miles to go before I sleep. And we’ve got room for one more, Lippeh.

  245. Wow. The Angels just became the first team in MLB this season to reach 80 wins.

  246. Hi Osita! What’s new?

  247. Not much. Stayed up to watch the ball game. Are you still in PA?

  248. Ginger is herding us to bed. G’night.

  249. ‘night Oso,

    For tomorrow: I’m back in CA, but Dad had the Pirates on every night. What is it with the Grizzly Adams/Amish/Taliban beards the guys are wearing nowadays?

  250. Little darling
    I feel that derp is slowly melting
    Little darling
    It seems like years since it’s been clear

    Here comes the sun
    Here comes the sun,
    and I say, It’s all right

  251. Hey, anyone still awake? I’m kinda incapacitated and need someone to entertain me while I wait for someone to stumble across me

  252. Stay strong, revvy!

    Find a ball, and count how many times you can bounce it in an hour. Then, the next hour? Try and break that record!

  253. James, you are making the wild assumption that I can move to find said ball. I did manage to crawl to my bed though. If I can get myself into it then I should be set.

  254. Whatever you do, don’t watch Leon’s video link of “Turn down for what” from last night. It’s beyond life changing.

  255. Bardarbunga sounds like the punchline of a joke.

  256. *watches TD4W to start day off right*

  257. Bardar Bunga sounds like an obese, washed up pro wrestler name.

    Bárðarbunga looks Icelandish at the start but the -bunga part continues the humiliation for a volcano name.

  258. Morning!

    I fucking love these prescription allergy meds the doctor gave me. Seriously. Love them. I’ve slept better in the past two nights than I have in months.

  259. Pollen is rising here too Alex. I’ve been sneezing much more in the last week or two and waking up with eye crusties. Still not bad enough to restart Claritin like I used this spring.

  260. Just make sure they aren’t rufies, COA!

  261. Hope Revvy is okay.

  262. I’m hoping Revvy was just being silly this morning.

  263. Claritin wasn’t doing much for me. I went in for a persistent cough that I had for about three months. Apparently my sinuses were pretty swollen and were draining into my chest. I figure that the cough and trouble breathing is why I wasn’t sleeping well. I’ve got two nasal sprays now, plus some Allegra that she recommended.

  264. The day I learned postnasal drip was a cause of cough in my second year of med school a giant light bulb went on over my head. Glad you’re sleeping better. Good sleep makes life so much better.

  265. *watches TD4W*

    OK, after some time to think about it, that is still the greatest music video of all time. They should just stop making music videos now.

    Not a fan of the genre or song or artist. TDFW will unite this nation unlike any other event in the history of mankind.

    *cues it up*


  266. Jay, she said the same thing on FB, including that her phone battery was dying. Chica needs to phone a friend instead of liveblogging “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

  267. Did BBF drop, or did I kill it?

  268. https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/big-boob-friday-147/

    Bewbs have landed, 4.3 on the Richter scale.

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