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H2 PSA:  As we’ve seen, if you copy a link and paste it into your comment it’s probably going to embed, and that’s a bad thing. If the “a href=” code is not your speed, Mr. Chumpo found this last night and it works:

Let the countdown to TITS MU and/or the kidney stone passing carry on!


  1. Huh.

  2. The last gif is from Silver Linings Playbook (IMDB Link). Cute movie, but yeah, it’s a chick flick.

    But Jennifer Lawrence looks and acts great in it.

  3. Hello. West Palm today. Then Tampa for the rest of the week.

    Does anyone want to live here? It sucks that my bachelor pad is being wasted.

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. Florida sounds good when it’s zero outside, but not so much now when it’s 70.

  6. JLawr has odd hips.

  7. MJ, one more hard Winter and I think my wife will move just about anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon.

  8. There are spiders and snakes down there. no thanks.

  9. Good point. Winters have their upside.

  10. Plus, as we descend into chaos, only the smarter people will be able to survive winter. The locusts will all head south.

  11. Morning, children.

  12. I haven’t broken the news to the family about the mild Tennessee winters causing a dramatic increase in bugs around here compared to Oh HI Oh. If I get a fast enough internet service they’ll probably never notice.

  13. Liquor laws are different down there too. You may want to stockpile before you depart.

  14. The only issue I’ve had in 3 years of coming down here are Trombiculidae are freaking everywhere, I tuck my pants legs into my socks if I have walk across a grassy field.

  15. I think I’ve had those up here, but it could also have been poison ivy.

  16. Chigga please

  17. *chiggers*

  18. I can’t figure out why i’m so tired today.

    *11 hour shift yesterday

    Oh. Right.

  19. Good thing it wasn’t a double.

  20. Pupster: When I was a kiddo in South Texas, whenever we would lay down in the grass, we’d usually wind up itching some, but it wasn’t real bad and it didn’t last very long. My mom said it was because of “red bugs”, but I never saw a bug and it never left anything like a bite mark.

    Sounds like the chiggers you describe are a bit worse than that…

  21. Remember my bad joke about trying to give India smallpox?

    I was wrong, Bill Gates gave them polio.

  22. where the hell did you find that garbage, Leon? Granted, NSNBC cannot be as bad as MSNBC, but still.

  23. I am happy that the chiggers respect state boundaries so meticulously.

  24. Just poking around. There’s a lot of anti-vaccine BS on the tubes, but there’s also a lot of “hey, these things aren’t as safe as they should be”. That article was about 50-50 paranoia/fact, I thought.

  25. Check out the crease in these slacks.

  26. It’d make a great target.

  27. I love lamp.

  28. Well, there’s someone we haven’t seen in a while.

  29. HEY GUY!!!

    Finally, someone here i can talk to about crossfit.

  30. Dammit, I’m on a meeting and can’t listen to WATR.

  31. Sup, B-rad?!

    Hey Car in – I pr’d all my lifts in the last month thanks to my rigorous and pain free Crossfit workouts. How you been?

  32. If you aren’t injured, it’s not crossfit.

  33. So why is Wiser on during the week? What did I miss?

  34. He’s a fill-in for the regular guy on vacation.

  35. Gotcha. Thanks.

    Has he screwed it up yet?

  36. Wiser is on

  37. >>Has he screwed it up yet?

    Not in the first 2 minutes, no.

  38. Not in the first 2 minutes, no.


  39. I’m off of crossfit this week because I injured myself lifting incorrectly cut the shit out of my hand with a glass.

  40. I can practically hear Wiser dying of boredom while that woman drones on.

  41. *snap *snap *snap

    Three neurons in Wiser’s brain snapped while I typed that

  42. You gotta admit, her voice is good at lulling you asleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  43. My gorgeous daughter:

  44. Inexplicably, she is beautiful.
    I hope you got a paternity test done.

  45. She is really quite lovely, ‘Spurt.

  46. Is that a pic from her website, Hotspur?

  47. She put it on FB this morning. I think it’s from today.

  48. Oh, you may be referring to my jewelry artist daughter. This is my gardening daughter.

  49. How about sending her and HotBride to TITS in your place.

  50. How about sending her and HotBride to TITS in your place.

    We just may need to.

  51. Wait… I thought you were talking to me.

  52. Cyn, you cannot miss the meatup. It’s right there in the rules.

  53. I know, I know… fingers crossed.

  54. All Peeps coming to TITS – please check you emails.

  55. Well, I guess we can cut Rick Perry out of Presidential plans:

    Rick Perry Hires Top McCain 2008 Aide Steve Schmidt (TPM)

    WTF is wrong with GOP candidates?

  56. Derp

  57. Got it Tushar; you sure you want to leave that comment there?

  58. What comment?

  59. Noticed wiser was talking Ferguson.

    The rag, St. Louis Post Dispatch is lamenting that in the majority black city Ferguson, the majority of police stops are black.

  60. Jay, how come Perry can’t try to get those charges tossed?

  61. And the awful heat continues. Heat index 106. Was supposed to get spot showers starting tomorrow but something something tropics is pushing the to the weekend. Maybe. FUUUUU!

  62. He can try to get the charges tossed, but why is he using Schmidt?

  63. How is Steve Schmidt employable by anyone for anything?

  64. “France’s Socialist government dissolves amid acrimony in Cabinet over the stagnant economy”….(*snort* – says it all in the headline, criminal idiots)

    Hollande is to announce a new government on Tuesday. The debate among French Socialists mirrors one taking place across Europe on whether to pursue a German-led model of fiscal austerity or use more government spending to spur growth.

    Hey, I’ve got an idea, since it’s pretty obvious that socialism is not working, try something else not parasitical.

  65. Seeing as how McCain is really democrat…perhaps Schmidt reached out to Perry per the democrat machine’s tentacles and orders.

  66. my murderous rage multiplied watching this video.

  67. Today’s show here:

  68. Perry appears to be hiring every big dick political lawyer he can get his hands on. Shit, he hired both of the opposing counsels from Bush and Gore.

    If he keeps them on past the resolution of the current legal BS, then I’ll be worried.

  69. I can practically hear Wiser dying of boredom while that woman drones on.

    It’s like you were in the studio……

  70. German-led model of fiscal austerity

    Read up on this. The didn’t cut spending at all, just grew it less fast than usual. HTF is that “austere”?

  71. I thought my conversation with Ben Domenech was awesome, however.

  72. And now, time to go from being a big-time media sensation to selling sax reeds to 6th graders.

    later, y’all.

  73. “… to buy Twitch, a popular Internet video channel for watching and broadcasting people playing videogames, for about $970 million in cash. Our story takes a look at the innovations developed by Twitch, the value of the purchase for Amazon and the details of the deal. Though little-known outside the world of tech and gaming, Twitch is the fourth-largest source of U.S. Internet traffic, behind Netflix, Google and Apple.”

    Okay, I’ve never heard of Twitch, the 4th largest driver of internet traffic. People watching people playing video games.

    A G-D 970 million dollar circle jerk.

  74. I bet your boys would know what it is; I’m sure mine do.

  75. Fucking Obamacare, Example #3,421,667 of Bullshit:

    If I want to review the results of the lab work ordered for my physical last week, I have to visit with the office. $94.64, no phone. Ugh.

  76. That’s probably HIPA.

  77. Looks like Rosetta could venture into a new business more to his liking.

  78. My little guy watches youtube for cheat codes on his games. And some guy called Karralis (sp?) who is a guru on Minecraft. Keeps them off the street corners smoking dope.


    Fag: a cigarette

    Faggot: a bundle of sticks

    Fag/Faggot: a confirmed bachelor

    Faggots: cuisine

  80. I burned a few faggots on Saturday with my wife.

  81. Jimbro, yesterday you mentioned Balvenie doublewood. That happens to be my favorite too. I found most Islays to be too mild, and most Highlands to be a bit too strong. Balvenie hits the spot.

  82. It is a nice scotch. I’m not a fan of a strong peat flavor and that has kept me happy when I’ve had it.

  83. I gotta try this.


  85. Tushar, jimbro, have you tried Tincture of Iodine Scotch? I’ve heard things….

  86. Raping kids!? Why, I’m sure all the perpetrators are Catholic clergy.

    Wait, what’s that? They were Muslim immigrants that got away with it because no one wanted to appear racist?

    The devil, you say.

  87. Tushar may also delight in noting that they were all Pakistani, racist that he is.

  88. Leon, your cultural bias is showing. Check your privilege. (We have the problem here with Mexican nationals and statutory rape laws. I was always taught that “Ignorance is no excuse”, but I guess culture trumps law.)

  89. Statutory on a 15yo is little different than gang rape on an 11yo followed by branding with a hot iron, but both are bad.

  90. Dammit, I found that before I saw it at Ace’s.

  91. Leon, if an Indian did that, his family will cut him to pieces.
    If someone in my family does that, I will personally kill them.

  92. My sister is a 5th grade counselor in a barrio school in Dallas. She has 11 and 12 year olds getting impregnated by grown men. They’re all Mexican Nationals, so nobody cares. Dallas cops don’t even investigate. All about getting the girls on WIC, EBT, and pre-natal treatment.

  93. Given the system corruption, I’d be tempted to start down the Law Abiding Citizen path.

  94. She has 11 and 12 year olds getting impregnated by grown men.

    WTF is wrong with these guys?

  95. The Left by and large is perfectly fine with child rape, excuse me “early sexual awakening”. The list of perverts on the left reads like a who’s who of radicals. So when a Mexican national or a Pakistani immigrant molests a child, they really truly don’t care. “People will riot” is just a convenient excuse which happens to reinforce their stereotypes. See, they have to keep it secret because the neanderthals think this stuff is bad and might respond negatively.

  96. Oso, the same thing happens a lot in El Paso, IIRC. Grown men dropping off their 13 year old girlfriends at school. No one bats an eye.

  97. They are Mexican Nationals and think young girls are fair game. Catholic Church has been getting upset, because they aren’t getting married because they lose benefits, but they still want to get their babies baptized. Common problem in NM, too.

  98. Yep, COAlex. It is worse in Juarez.

  99. The entire world has gone mad when it comes to rape. A woman can accuse a man and with little to no evidence, his life can very easily be ruined. Children are sexually abused and it’s covered up, hidden and lied about. An 18 yr old having sex with a 16 yr old can result in the 18 yr old bing a registered sex offender (depending on the laws of the area).

    It’s fucking nuts. All of it.

  100. the world is filled with more biped animals than human beings.

  101. Soccer field . Thunder and lightening, sigh.

  102. Bored. Hungry .

  103. How is your hand?

    Making sandwiches yet?

  104. It’s ok. Tender, but I can make sammiches.

  105. Awesome. We’re going to play the game in the rain.

  106. On phone with my Mom. Kill me nao.

  107. Last time we saw my mom she gave us a magazine to bring home.
    It was Mother Jones.

  108. My Mom calls her BF “Your Daddy”. His 5 kids call her daily. Her kids, not so much. She did loan my sister $1700.

  109. This guy has been in the trap since 0900 this morning. Should I tell Mrs. Pupster to get a shovel and a brick


  111. Link fail.

  112. I fixt.

  113. Switched from wine to bourbon. I was just lectured by the worst diabetic in the history of diabetes.

  114. Awww…he’s sleeping. Drive to Michigan and release.

  115. I’d wait till you saw vultures circling around the cage. Another day in the hot sun oughta do it.

  116. I work with an OLD guy that does wood carving with my FiL. HIS MOM passed on Sunday. Funeral in Utah. I don’t care about age. Losing a parent is hard.

  117. I should bring wine to these soccer games.

  118. Oso, I need to call my mom. Been putting it off. That just makes it worse.

  119. Dan forced me to call. I have issues. Mega issues.

  120. We’ve got all new kids on our team . I barely know any of these parents.

  121. My Mom physically abused me. Her Dad, sexually abused me. I’m a 50+yr old work in progress.

  122. I get really tired of being the “Responsible” child.

  123. I fucked up and married “The Responsible Child”. I’m a middle! He’s the youngest. This shit shouldn’t have happened.

  124. Test

  125. Pups! Rent OH, lease TN.

  126. My mom is just a pita who guilts me. She was Mia for a lot so I don’t really feel like playing

  127. L to R

    OSO, Pupster

  128. ❤ you, Pups. Car in, my Mom used to beat the shit out of me. Like, Drs were like WTF? Long story short, looks like I'm in line to take care of my Mom, too. Dan is a St.

  129. Back from the doc’s office; met with a very cool PA. I have good drugs waiting for pick up at my Walgreen’s. And a bit of additional coolness, got to see an Osprey playing at Gateway Airport after I picked up the boys.

  130. (((Hugs))) for Cyn!!!

  131. It is not your fault.

  132. *finishes 80th ounce of water so far today*


  133. You win the shitty mom contest, oso , but I’m still not calling my
    Mom right now.

  134. I envy your strength, Oso and CAriN, for maintaining contact with a relative who basically shit all over you repeatedly. I do not have that inside me nor will I ever. You two are very special in that regard.

  135. Testes:

  136. Dammit.

    *drinks… water*

  137. Lemon water Cyn

  138. Did anybody forbid their daughter to see anybody else today?

  139. Car in, Oso, just catching up. I admire you for dealing with very crappy things. How’s the hand Car in?

    Cyn. Two words. Lots of beer. I hope you’re not in pain. I had exactly one kidney stone about 18 years ago and thought I was getting stabbed. In the ER I finally passed something the size of a pin head. The nurse congratulated me “you got it” and all I could think was “that can’t be all of the iceberg, surely the rest of it is bigger than that.

    I found $20 in my hospital gown

  140. Priests in confession keep telling me that I am copacetic, I still don’t feel it. I try. I work at it. I pray. Drinks water for Cyn, because kidney stones suck.

  141. Lemon parties? I hardly see how that could help.

    But, you’re the doc!

  142. Awesome Jimbro; always nice to see the confirming for info I occasionally get from my mom’s natropath 🙂 I picked up a bottle of real lemon juice and real apple juice this afternoon along with a few other homeopathic items.

    Dave, no pain yet just the on and off nausea. Peppermint tea seems to be helping and I’ll break out the Rx (can’t recall what the PA ordered for me) if it gets bad enough. The pain med waiting for pick up is 600mg Ibuprofen that he’ll have me take 4x/day. Wheeeeeee!

    I just cannot do beer. But I might have to: the report says that the largest stone is 5mm. *gulp* I’m kinda scared.

  143. After watching my wife go through it, I wouldn’t wish stones on Obama.

    Get well, Cyn!

  144. Osprey at about 1 o’clock to this Marine jet of some sort.

  145. I once passed a football sized football.

    To a receiver.

  146. ((((HUGS CYN)))) Hostess with the mostest needs to kick ass. Kick it hard.

  147. Thanks gang. I’ll live, but you’ll still have to hear me whine about it for a bit longer.

    I think I’m gonna try to save my pee stone; maybe even give it a name.

  148. Should I tell Mrs. Pupster to get a shovel and a brick

    Put the whole trap under water for 30 minutes. Least messy.

    And if you bring it here I will personally resurrect it and bring it back.

  149. Stone jewelry. It’s a thing.

  150. Get it set in a ring.

  151. That’s an interesting necklace. What kind of stone is that?

  152. Cyn, that’s a T-45C Goshawk. That’s the main advanced jet trainer for Navy/USMC/Coast Guard. That’s what fledgling birdmen make their first carrier landing in.

  153. That’s an interesting necklace. What kind of stone is that?

    I made it myself!


  154. 5 cm?!?!?!


    Honey that looks like a Navy T-45 Goshawk, I think that’s still the first jet new squids fly in.

  155. *curses xbrad*

  156. Maybe I can save a few of the stones and do a lovely broach.


  158. Xbrad – the boys of house thank you for the info.

  159. Thanks for the new computer wallpaper, Jimbro. Ha ha!
    *stifles a whimper*

  160. Millimeters Dave. MILLIMETERS!

    Though a 5cm centerpiece stone cocktail ring would be smashingly divine.

  161. This is BS!!! Cyn should not have to pay for the H2 curse. She’s too pretty.

  162. She’d be in surgery for 5cm.

  163. Dan has decided to take care of his parents. He is a good guy. In spite of his cooking and pickling eggs. Lunch tomorrow with dementia denial MiL

  164. Lap around the boat in a T-45

  165. Cyn, Dave and XBrad,

    The first flight trainer for squids is the T-34 or T-6.

    After that they are ‘tracked’ into various career paths:

    Helo guys go to Helo school (no idea where that is, or how those things achieve powered flight).

    Transport guys go on to fly C-12’s (Beech King Air).

    Fighter/Attack guys go on to the Goshawk.

    Note that when I say ‘guys’ I mean guys and gals.

  166. I know, Phat, but didn’t really feel like explaining the entire UPT program.

  167. And then there’s NFOs and Naviguessers.

  168. I spent 30+ minutes on phone with my Mom. Totes Inane. Totes lame

  169. Eh,

    The only reason I know anything about Squid training is that one of my AF buddies took am exchange gig teaching King Airs in Corpus.

    Hope to still see you at TITS!

  170. BTW, the Osprey guys don’t land on the big boat for their first landings. They take a TH-57 (Bell Jet Ranger) out to a somewhat smaller platform.

  171. Sup flame dicks?

  172. Cyn, send it to Romaine and ask her to glue-mount it onto some space agency letterhead, claiming it’s ejectum from Planet Cy-N.

  173. The first thing they teach in Helo school:

    No matter how cold it gets, never switch of the ceiling fan.

  174. A 5 lb stone? Holy smokes.

  175. You basically can’t fly a heli without all 4 limbs. And a prehensile tail would be super handy.

  176. Scott, what kind of wood would you smoke that with?

  177. Holy shit! I just read the thread.

    A 55 mile stone!? Damn, that poor gatita.

  178. Mr has passed a bunch of stones. Hasn’t done it in a few years ago we may be due. One thing in was in the hospital, on morphine, basically the day before I had #3.

    Seriously it was my moment.

  179. Typos, I don’t care.

  180. Never had a stone, always feared it ’cause my dad has them periodically.

    I don’t have any happy ending kidney stone stories so I’ll stop typing.

  181. I never did call my mom.

  182. Don’t worry, I called your mom.

  183. I once passed your mom to a friend.

  184. Ejectum… ha ha ha ha! Do NOT make me pee laughing – I just may hit you with my stones. STAND CLEAR!1!

  185. Gross

  186. hey all


  188. Is there supposed to be sound with that, Scott? I think I’m glad there’s not.

  189. Sound thingy is in the upper left corner of video.

  190. Heya Jenn

  191. Dear Lawdy Reegis, that is so very sad.

  192. Oh good, hippies and druggies dancing the desert

  193. The one on the side bar from yours, this, had me in stitches.

  194. Hello, just got back from PA, had a great time and I miss my mom already.

    Kidney stone? Sorry, Sweetie. Super-painful, mine measured 504 hectares.

    And, in conclusion, Balvenie Doublewood is my favorite too.

  195. What did I miss the last 3 1/2 weeks?

  196. Ha ha …

  197. Nothing lippy.

  198. hey look it’s my family album

  199. This is NOT my family album:

  200. They should have wedged a pic of Nikki Minaj in that first one.

  201. I don’t think their real crime is incest, I think it’s watching the Notebook 3 times

  202. The Notebook was made, that’s the real crime.

  203. Besides, that couple will be able to get married in California in ten years. Because fairness.

  204. Lips! So glad you had a good time 🙂 Check you email for impotent TITS info. Mmmmwah!

  205. Who are we to judge when a father marries his daughter on her 18th birthday?

  206. While incest is a yucky and fucktarded thing to do, I don’t understand why it should be the job of the legal system to punish idiots for fucking their siblings.

  207. If I remember my old testament correctly and I am pretty sure I do there were some incestous going ons back then. If it was good enough for Abraham it should be good enough for us.

  208. Because we as a paying society will have to address the genetic maladies that result.

  209. hahaha!

    nice mouth on this chick:

    ice bucket challenge –

  210. Because we as a paying society will have to address the genetic maladies that result.

    Silly Cyn, they’re under the NHS, everything’s FREE!

  211. Tushar,

    It’s not just the genetic component, it’s that incest corrupts familial bonds. If parents are able to look at children as potential sexual partners, then every interaction becomes suspect, especially between adults and minor children. Additionally, the dynamic between parents and children, or even siblings, is such that there are legitimate issues to be raised about whether one partner has truly consented or if they are being manipulated into the relationship.

    Just outlawing incest is actually less intrusive than trying to create a system that legalizes it and isn’t subject to widespread abuse.

  212. 50 lb goiter?

  213. Because we as a paying society will have to address the genetic maladies that result.

    Well if you buy into that whole genetics thing you probably think vaccines prevent diseases too and that the world is round. I don’t know about you anymore.

  214. i may have to send one of these out to TITS

  215. nice mouth on this chick:

    ice bucket challenge –

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  216. The world is oblong and vaccines are a scam.

  217. Chinese vaccines are extra scammy, seeing as how they’re causing measles outbreaks.

  218. You can’t make jewelry from goiter.


  220. I think that kid cursed more than me!

  221. What are we supposed to see in the pics, Tushar?

  222. Cyn, read the description.
    This idiot photographer turned around the concept of nude photography. He got naked himself and snapped a bunch of people.
    The reactions of the girls are interesting.

  223. Mission Palms is going to install a Whore Door for TITS.

  224. Cyn, read the description.

    You. cant’. Make. me.

  225. From that separate doors for poor article:

    “New York has always been an economically diverse city, with everyday people rubbing shoulders with millionaires and Bohemian artists on the streets.”

    When they want to accuse the rest of us of various sins, it is called ‘income unequality’.

    When newyorkers have the same, it is called ‘economic diversity’

  226. Mission Palms is going to install a Whore Door for TITS.

    been there, doen that, have the t-shirt.

  227. “Mission Palms is going to install a Whore Door for TITS.”

    the door man is gonna bitch slap someone …

  228. Mission Palms is going to install a Whore Door for TITS.

    The passcode is “Walt sent me.”

  229. I have adjusted the exigencies of work in Virginia on Sunday night to STILL get my fat ass to AZ for the meetup.

    I’m so goddamned awesome I can’t stand myself

  230. 10th anniversary of the passing of Laura Branigan, who died of a cerebral aneurysm.

    And also looked great in leather pants.

  231. so will I

  232. Die of a brain aneurysm, or look good in leather pants?

  233. maybe both!

  234. I’m really not in a rush for either of those things.

  235. Seriously sorry to be missing TITS. Sounds like a blast will be had by all.

  236. by me for one.

    nite kids

  237. A wild derp, over stony ground
    Such a lust for life, the circus comes to town
    We are the hungry ones, on a lightning raid
    Just like a river runs, like a fire needs flame

  238. Noah got drunk and fucked his niece.

    He also lived to be 900.

    He was an old creeper if you ask me

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