MMM 137: Happy thoughts to get you going

Minimal text today. Really minimal.

But, happy thoughts.

Smiling faces.
Today’s poat is not rayciss, yay!
Braid and quads, yay!
Yoga pants and pigtail braids, yay!
Levitation, yay!
Chest freckles, yay!
Someone’s happy about these abs.
Ab veins, yay! Now no one is happy but me!
In the desert, no one yells when you drop a deadlift, yay!
I’m glad I’ve never seen anyone in these shorts at my gym, how distracting would that be?
Have a great Monday, folks. I’m sure gonna. Maybe. Well, I’ll try to, anyhow.


  1. Time to spank da monkey. Foist!

  2. Comment by Sean M. on August 24, 2014 10:28 pm

    Was anybody unable to get the frog to sing and dance in front of anybody else today?

    Just snorted my coffee. That’s one way to wake up, hahahaha.

  3. Good morning, anti beans in chili crazy people.

  4. Shorts girl has .. three pound weights? wtf is up with that?

  5. The only time I lift up anything less than 15 lbs, it’s because I’m putting them away for someone else’ s lazy ass.

  6. Whose daughter played computer games this weekend, then announced 10 minutes ago that she needed help with her social studies project? Right here, grrrrrr.

  7. Sup flamers and flamettes?

  8. School starts this week for us. The boys are still in summer mode–late nights and sleeping in, video games and free range meals. A rude awakening will soon be upon them.

  9. My work week has almost begun.

    Carin, I assumed the 3# were just props.

  10. A silly prop.

    I would never allow myself to be photographed next to 3 lb weights.

    just saying.

  11. Morning, children.

  12. Nor would I. The sandbags for my vest weigh more than that.

  13. MJ you’ve got boobs this week.

  14. Friend at church yesterday talked about going to Ferguson and being a part of it “like the falling of the Berlin Wall.” I suggested that tear gas might not be all that fun. I should have asked him if he took part in the “vigil” the other night.

  15. I’d prefer some pussy, but whatever.

    Oh, wait. BBF. Right. Got it.

  16. Let’s complain about stuff:

    Obama isn’t a very good president.

  17. Q- Has there been a worse president?

  18. “Beyonce silences Divorce Rumors with Tearful Jay Z, Blue Ivy Moment”

    Millions can now breath a sigh of relief.

  19. TEARFUL!!! On teevee and everything.

    I’m embarrassed I thought their love was wavering.

  20. I don’t remember caring whether they divorced or not. I’m sure they have plentiful sex with other people already, so why bother ending the fiction?

  21. I’ll complain by myself.

    How many “Recovery” days is Obama going to need from his vacation?

  22. The country will likely need at least a thousand Recovery Days.

  23. It’s hot in Tennessee.

    Tennessee has too many double letters.

  24. Q- Has there been a worse president?
    All the economic savvy of Jimmeh Carter, the corruption of Warren Harding, the gov’t bloat of FDR, the paranoia of Richard Nixon, the racism of LBJ, the healing touch of Millard Fillmore, and unsurpassed in narcissism and quibbling.

  25. My daughter on last night’s VMA.

    “There was SO MUCH BUTT”.

    Usually these award shows have at least ONE good performance. Nope. Apparently not.

    My daughter liked Sam Smith’s performance.

  26. Their “marriage”, like so many other show biz and political marriages is just a business arrangement.

    As I typed political my mind first went to Hill and Bill, next to O and Moose.

  27. see, Roamy, that’s my point. Obama is arguably the worse we’ve ever seen.
    And the fact that his popularity isn’t in single digits is proof of our country’s racism.

    And stupidity.

  28. How many “Recovery” days is Obama going to need from his vacation?
    15. It’s a 1:1 ratio.

  29. FSA approves.

  30. And the fact that his popularity isn’t in single digits is proof of our country’s racism.
    The only reason his popularity is around 40% is because he enjoys a 85+% rating from 12% of the population.

    When you scale back to the ‘norm’ he’s in the mid 30s. The vast majority of people are desperately tired of him.

    But I’m a racist and so is math.

  31. Numbers one and two are the real chicks.

    What do I win?

  32. I want to apologize for including a man in this week’s photos, BTW.

    I just saw his smile in that pose and it was very relate-able.

  33. I like ab veins.

    You could seen them but the pool is closed in Tempe, so….

  34. It’s the Free Shit Army.

    They got phones, a raise, and some of “Obama’s stash”.

  35. It occurs to me that these young ladies could get the same workout by lifting up babies/toddlers all day long –

    I’ll never forget the day that I realized some of those NFL players didn’t have anything on me when I was walking down steep stairs carrying a squirming kid on each hip while balancing two diaper bags.

  36. This has got to be BS. Where would all the air come from?

  37. My two oldest are back in college.

    Along with a metric shit-ton of my $$$

  38. Teresa, everything you said after “same workout” depicted a completely different workout.

    I’ve also seen the precision drills the NFL uses, you’d be surprised how effin’ nimble those guys have to be, and the uneven loads they have to bare.

  39. bear

  40. Does one bear arms or bare arms, Jay?

  41. If looking good’s a crime, then baby, he’s guilty:

  42. both, depending on if you are carrying a firearm or rolling up your sleeves.

  43. Humans do not have bear arms, but they might have bare arms.

  44. you do have the right to bear arms, though.

  45. Teresa, everything you said after “same workout” depicted a completely different workout.

    Sorry – two different things. Probably should have broken it up into two different comments.

    And I know NFL players have different workouts, depending on their position/skill – I just remember thinking about some announcer being so impressed at how much some dude could bench press when I was headed down those stairs, and thinking to myself that he had it pretty easy lying on his back with a spotter to catch him if anything went wrong.

    Not that I could ever come close to lifting that much weight, ‘cuz it’s apples and oranges.

  46. Dammit, something’s all wrong with this, but unfortunately Jay is right.

  47. And what I meant by “same workout” is that I would wager that many women could get that same booty by repeatedly doing what moms of young children find themselves doing every single day – bending down to lift up a child who weighs anywhere from 6-20 pounds (or more), carrying a baby carrier, moving a kid in and out of a car, chasing after one or more kids, etc.

    Do that enough times every day, you’re going to get some firm glutes and thighs.

  48. Teresa, I assure you that pressing a great weight from one’s chest is absolute precision event, and more than a few people have died doing it, even with spotters.

  49. Along with a metric shit-ton of my $$$

    That’s not so bad. At least it wasn’t the old Imperial Asse-Tonne.

  50. but unfortunately Jay is right.

    Get used to it, grasshopper.

  51. So Baby Huey or Fat Albert or whoever the fuck he is gets ventilated on Aug. 9, and they have his funeral 16 days later? Are they selling tickets to the fucking thing? I know it takes time to get them printed.

  52. I bet $ they printed T-shirts for the occasion, Hotspur.

  53. It takes time to do 3 autopsies.

  54. Get used to it, grasshopper.

    Pfft, there’s a first time for everything. And a last.

  55. Broken clock is right twice a day.

    I’ve got one more coming.

  56. You should run backward and double your success rate.

  57. And the White House is sending 3 aides to the funeral.

    Of a bullying thief.

    Amazing that they are all so blinded by their devotion to skin color/ideology that they can’t see the problem with that.

  58. What’s the problem? He was clearly on the same team.

  59. *burns down blog in protest

  60. >>more than a few people have died doing it

    about 11 per year, according to Rippetoe. He urges people not to add to those stats. Use a rack.

  61. Gmorning.

  62. For those who conspire to strip from each other life, liberty, and property, then it’s game on. Voting for politicians to do the stripping for you is the same as doing it yourself, and you can never, ever wash that stain off.



  64. Seems pretty simple. Vote for theft: be a thief.

    Vote to enslave: be a slaver.


    Didn’t he throw the ring back into the lava at Mt. Doom?

  66. When assholes collide. Also the name of our meat up at the ghetto bar.

  67. That’s why I invited my wife, I wanted to bring down the asshole quotient.

  68. Jay,
    Facebook is opening a huge data center not far from you.

    Microsoft too.

    Thought you might be interested

  69. Yep, and they employ about 10 people, all network admins

  70. Friend at church yesterday talked about going to Ferguson and being a part of it “like the falling of the Berlin Wall.”

    They don’t need nor want more looters or anyone else to clog up their streets.
    That was one of the issues about ‘peaceful’ protesters. Many don’t have jobs and were blocking roads/intersections for those who did. Businesses that weren’t looted clean weren’t getting the normal traffic either.
    Stay in your own state or city and mind your own business. This was not a civil rights issue. It was a bunch of bored state owned pets with nothing better to do, wanting free shit.

  71. I’m sure this is evidence of racism:

    The present study provides new evidence of a statistically significant relationship between the timing of the first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African American males.

  72. I use studies like this ^^^^ as examples of bad statistical analysis.

  73. Jenny McCarthy wept.

  74. What did the study author do incorrectly?

  75. I’m genuinely curious. There isn’t any science backing the current vaccine schedule we put kids through, just convenience for day-care and pre-school and so forth, so if the study isn’t whacked it’s a good argument for keeping the MMR and delaying it until after a certain age where the risk/reward becomes sensible.

  76. I have one kid on autism spectrum so I know the symptoms.

    Not to sound all rayciss, but honestly, how do you tell the difference between autistic and non-autistic AA males?

  77. I’ve had that same question about diagnosing ADD/ADHD, Tushar.

  78. And, honestly, in a lot of places I think ASDs are probably over-diagnosed.

  79. 1. Correlation and causation are two very different things. The study uses a backup method of a regression model to show the statistically important factor of the vaccine timing, sex of the child, and ethnicity. This is not the same as stating, ‘there is no difference between A and B,’ which is what the chi square test does. They found a statistical difference, then sought to bolster it with a different study, using an entirely different statistical concept. One testy a hypothesis and one determines the weight of a factor in a model. The model isn’t included, but I’d bet my life that the R squared value is way under 0.8, which is the generally accepted cut off for a good model.

    2. It’s from one location: Atlanta. That’s really limiting.

    3. They failed to study the environment. Diagnoses of Autism is extremely subjective, especially in underserved (their term) communities. My guess is the rise is associated with a push to transfer wealth, i.e. the sudden increase in SSDI with the loosening of actual disability requirements.

    4. Because I fucking said so.

  80. 4 was all I needed, but I appreciate the other 3.

  81. Grasshopper isn’t having a good day.

  82. I remember getting my MMR and polio vaccines, I was old enough to talk. I know because the nurse asked me questions while putting a needle in my butt. And then my butt hurt a lot.

    It was a lot like the ghetto bar meatup.

  83. Jay, I only read the TL;DR (i.e. the conclusion). I’m not a statistician and I presented it here to get reactions.

  84. Hahahahahaha.

    Don’t let HS fool you. The ghetto bar is like a 5 star restaurant.

    Here’s the entryway:

  85. The stats work is pretty good but that doesn’t mean much.

  86. That’s not the entryway, you dickhole. That’s the stairs to the shitters in the basement.

  87. That explains why I hadn’t seen it. I didn’t pee until I got home.

  88. Black guy at work says the govt/illuminati use ADD/ADHD as a way to put black boys in special ed and put them on drugs. It is a way to institutionalize blackboys until they can be put in prison. The govt killed Tupac and Suge was behind it. Sony killed Michael Jackson.

  89. Black guy at work says the govt/illuminatiteacher’s unions use ADD/ADHD as a way to put black boys in special ed and put them on drugs.


  90. Those stairs look like they belong in Liberace’s house. Stairs to the wild rumpus room. Just needs a few ferns and bullwhips.

  91. I told him that, Leon. He’s the guy I told about Margaret Sanger. He has worked Planned Parenthood into his theory. He and several Hispanic associates were talking about the Nation of Islam and the murders of Eazy-E and Tupac. Young people are conspiracy theorists. The IS is being framed. The govt is trying to distract us from what is really going on. Hidden messages in rap lyrics.

  92. He’s crazy.

  93. I should tell him about the vast non-conspiracy to reduce testosterone levels. It’s so vast and so pervasive a non-conspiracy that I almost have trouble convincing myself that no one’s behind it.

    I bet he could tell me.

  94. MJ, what freaks me out is how many of the young associates think exactly the same way he does!!! I’m thinking “This guy is nuts” and it was like the Paul is dead BS from the 60s with people tossing out lyrics and album art that supports their conspiracy. African friend thinks the US injected people with the ebola virus so they could test their cure.

  95. This is how movements like #Occutard get started.

  96. You just need to educate yourself, Leon. The information is there, you just need to decipher the clues/

  97. Wait wait wait… Eazy-E is dead!?

  98. You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into getting pegged by their girlfriend.


  99. If you’re in that particular position, I can almost guarantee it wasn’t reason that got you there.

  100. Eazy E is dead. Tupac is in witness protection.

  101. I’m afraid to ask if GND’s real name is “Peggy.”

  102. With all this travel away from her, MJ must feel empty inside.

    Just empty. Like a hollow chasm.

  103. We live in different states. It’s not much different than it’s always been.

  104. For some reason a nickname for Margeret is Peg. Never understood that one.

  105. It’s always about pegging, when Tushar and MJ are around.

  106. Why do you have to make everything about me, Jay?

    Why do uou always try to fit that square peg in a round hole?

  107. Sexual innuendo we much!

  108. It’s like he’s always trying to ram something in where it doesn’t belong.

    Am I right Tushar?

  109. I bet a square peg would really hurt.

    Rosetta probably requests those.

  110. Apparently, mentioning Rosetta and pegging in the same comment kills the thread

  111. Everyone’s probably trying to get that image out of their heads so they can eat dinner.

  112. Aww, man! Spaghetti and meatballs AGAIN!

  113. And with that, I’m off to play with rubber bands.

  114. Mr. RFH’s computer has been acting up. I started to run Malwarebytes when I discovered he had turned off Windows updates. While I don’t disagree with him, letting it slide for 19 updates seems a bit much.

    Now watch me really fuck this up.

  115. I drove home during the pegapolooza. How was it?

  116. My life is awesome, things always work out for me and I’m the luckiest man alive.

  117. Good afternoon, chillens.

  118. I’m so happy for you, Pupster. You’re a great guy and deserve good things.

  119. So if anyone cares, I will be doing the midday show at the station tomorrow through Thursday. TJ’s gonna be on tomorrow. I’ve also got Ben Domenech and CAC tomorrow.

    Gonna be a busy few days.

  120. Sorry, TJ is on on Wednesday.

  121. Are you archiving on your site wiser? That sounds like a good line up.

  122. Greetings, salt miners and/or fuckers.

  123. >>>>Are you archiving on your site wiser? That sounds like a good line up.

    I plan to.

    I’ll also be taking calls….


  124. >>>>Greetings, salt miners and/or fuckers.

    Get mined, Sean.

    Wait… that’s not right….

  125. I will be doing the midday show at the station tomorrow through Thursday


  126. Btw, Leon, smiling girl is just about the prettiest little thing you’ve ever put in a MMM post.

    Nicely done.

  127. >>>Woot!

    Regular host took the week off, saying “there’s not going to be anything happening worth talking about going on this week.”

    Yeeeeeeah…….. thanks for that……

  128. World’s falling apart and Zero is on permanent vacay, but nothing’s worth talking about?


  129. I’m nowhere remotely close to a talk show host but I’d think it was a prerequisite for the job to FIND something to talk about.

  130. It is probably for the best that Mare does not attend meatups.

  131. Goddammit. Sorry about that. Don’t bite me

  132. Good luck with the show Wiser.

    Is call in but I’m headed to West Palm and Tampa for the week.

    Here’s my question for CAC: blow me.

    Actually, that’s more of a statement.

  133. I’ll try to listen and I promise to call if I have something pithy to say.

  134. >> Now watch me really fuck this up.

    Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  135. >>>I’m nowhere remotely close to a talk show host but I’d think it was a prerequisite for the job to FIND something to talk about.

    One would think that, during slow news weeks, it would make more sense to have a seasoned professional at the Mic….

    Oh well, as always, they get what they get.

  136. Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

  137. >>>>It is probably for the best that Mare does not attend meatups.

    That’s a lawsuit…..

  138. I plan on offering the audio version of Emergency Cats

  139. Don’t call me Shirley.

  140. MJ, since you’re here, I found a couple things you might like:

    Everyone else will probably hate those because they’re not country, Steely Dan, or covers that can be debated ad nauseam.

  141. I subscribed to the SubPop youtube channel after watching that video you linked the other night Sean. I was a SubPop devotee in the grunge era.

    *dating myself*

    (…and by dating myself I don’t mean rubbing one out so SYWM)

  142. This was linked on Taranto’s Best of the Web:

    I used to go to that diner for Sunday breakfasts when visiting friends who trained in Burlington at UVM. Good waffles. It only takes one Muzzie to object to bacon FFS.

  143. I was kind of surprised by the variety of stuff Sub Pop has been putting out. I guess they’ve branched out a bit since the 90s.

  144. >>>It only takes one Muzzie to object to bacon FFS.

    No, it only takes one fucking coward who won’t tell them to go fuck themselves….

  145. Tru dat (to both Sean and wiser)

  146. This is another one that was on one of the Sub Pop samplers. It’s got a good, kinda Dusty-esque vibe…

  147. The more I learn about the shit that happens in VT, the more I hate that place.

  148. See if you can get CAC to discuss this.

  149. To be fair, the “Art Made By Feminism” chick is pretty hot.

  150. Radio probably not the best venue for that. Seems better suited for a more visual medium.

  151. It’s on my watch later list—slow internet zone at camp.

    VT was always big on diversity which didn’t mean much for the nearly white state. Too many New York people moving in and telling people how to live. Same as it ever was; there, here and everywhere.

  152. To be fair, the “Art Made By Feminism” chick is pretty hot.

    I hate to paraphrase, but she didn’t build that.

  153. Also Sean, my bet is that her being hot is basically the only reason anyone was paying attention. Kinda like Lisa Randall and String Theory.

  154. >>>To be fair, the “Art Made By Feminism” chick is pretty hot.

    A) Maybe, but the “art” she is performing sort of takes a whole lot away from her supposed hotness.

    B) Notice the assistant behind her holding up a protective shield. Think about that for a moment.

  155. Sneeze guard at the salad bar

  156. Kinda like Lisa Randall and String Theory.

    I fucking love science. Milfy, milfy science.

  157. Sneeze guards are important.

  158. I will grant that Lisa’s author pic on Warped Passages is pretty milfy.

    But String Theory isn’t science.

  159. Today we picked up Legos. A crapload.

    It took us 3 hours just to get them out of the house.

  160. Legos? Seriously??

  161. But String Theory isn’t science.

    Of course not. That’s why she teaches in the Art History department at Harvard.

  162. I never said she wasn’t a scientist, but String Theory has “believers” rather than, you know, experimental validation.

  163. Legos.


    As usual my busy day means I have missed some things.

  164. Seriously. Several thousand dollars worth of Legos.

  165. How many did you step on, and how loud were your cries of pain?

  166. I hope you wore good shoes. Nothing worse than stepping on a Lego in your bare feet on your way to the bathroom in the dark.

  167. These kids had it rough. Along with the Legos were 40 various board games, an air hockey table. ping pong table, about 50 games for Wii and over 250 movies on DVD.

  168. XBrad knows

  169. Oh, and a cat that apparently pissed on all of it.

  170. Deep down, the lives of people who have that much stuff are usually pretty empty.

    Yeah, that’s what I’ll tell myself.

  171. Oooof.

  172. Know what else has “believers”?

  173. Hey Jimbro, is there that much of a difference between a $30 sphygmo and a $100 one?

  174. Should I go ahead and make a shitty Tuesday poat now or should I wait?

  175. The school has a vendor and his cheapest one is $55.

  176. Don’t try this at home

  177. I found what I want for Christmas.

  178. New avatar for Scoot

  179. Good for deer hunting.

  180. Only 250 DVDs?


  181. Tushar, I can understand how the cat was surprised by a rat that big. However, running away is unacceptable. I’d take up after that rat with a shovel or a broom, kill it, and make the cat wear the thing as a Necklace of Shame.

  182. That was a big rat. I’d run from an aggressive rat half my size.

  183. Half it’s size? Look again.

    That cat is a pussy.

  184. >>Half it’s size? Look again.

    half of that cat is fur. Fur don’t fight.

  185. It’s still huge and the cat was startled. Cats are ambush predators. If they didn’t run from rats in cases like that they wouldn’t have survived in the wild.


  186. You know leon is right because he fucking loves science. Real science.

  187. Same goes for the rat.

  188. I really don’t know Laura. I’d look on amazon for the highest review/ cheapest model they have and use that as a starting point. Other than using it in your physical diagnosis and community outreach classes you’ll never use it again. It’s also good for taking relatives BP’s around the holidays before you serve them rich meals. The school one for $55 may be the quickest option.

  189. I’m laughing at my four year old who just discovered the joy of The Whoopie Cushion Gag.

    Its timeless simplicity still cracks me up too, of course, lots of indians already this evening.

    It’s like an Elisabeth Warren family reunion up in here.

  190. That cat is a pussy.


  191. That’s why antelope attack lions.

  192. That’s a good point, Leon, but:

    – cats are more athletic and quick than human beings. Imagine a cat the size of a human; it could take out prey half its size with far more alacrity and immediate skill than a human in the same situation

    – cats are instinctive hunters and fighters; people must be taught

    – cats are always armed. Unless the person had a truncheon or blade or sidearm, a human will be caught flatfooted in the clutch when a fifty-pound rat attacks

  193. Sean, I don’t actually fucking love science. It’s okay, I mean, it has it’s place and gets things started sometimes.

    But I fucking LOVE engineering. Engineering may as well be a squat-bootied co-ed in a thong and a camisole offering me a mojito.

  194. Laura, I purchased that smegma-whatsit blood pressure thingy from walmart for $20. Shows the same numbers as a digital bp monitor.

    You may want something more durable.

    I don’t think the accuracy will be better on pricier models, but they might last longer.

  195. Every time I see a fifty pound rat, I get all weepy and flatfooted.

  196. Thanks Jimbro! Nice to know this isn’t going to be a career piece decision!!

    I’m gonna buy a cheap one off the rack at a store up the road tomorrow.

    Awesomesauce. Thank you thank you thank you.

  197. >>But I fucking LOVE engineering.

    yes! I sometimes regret turning to computers. I should have stayed with engineering.

  198. Might be a declawed cat. Possibly middle-aged and paunchy, too.

  199. French.

  200. Ok, who took a photo of what they are packing for TITS?

  201. If I could find mine I’d just mail it to you. I bought it in ’87 and used it for one semester. It’s in a box somewhere with my otoscope and ophthalmoscope. I’ve got a couple of tuning forks too. Every clinic you’ll ever work in will have them available for you. Paula has her’s for the holiday BP’s. Don’t spend a fortune on a stethoscope either. You will use that regularly but when you lose it or someone walks away with it there’s less pain with a basic model.

  202. Tushar’s link led me to this important gif.

  203. It’s odd how that works. Bubba in his prime was fearless, and he was bred to boss cattle around.

    A tiny kitten kicked his ass.

  204. My BIL is a doctor and when I was accepted into the program, he sent me a new stethoscope and penlight and other stuff and made me cry.

    It was thoughtless of him and I don’t think he’s a great guy. My little sister did not do well in marriage. And her kids aren’t cute, either.

  205. Pupster!

  206. Oh, I forgot to mention that I got my TITS shirt over the weekend.

  207. Cyn and I are sick at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.

  208. It’s probably ebola.

  209. Sorry your sister married such a jerk, Laura.

  210. Planes are full of it.

    Have you flown recently?

  211. Speaking of ebola, everyone seen this?

  212. “Ebola is a hoax”

    Good luck with that.

  213. >>My BIL is a doctor and when I was accepted into the program, he sent me a new stethoscope and penlight and other stuff and made me cry.

    **raises an eyebrow

    Is he the Pakistani?

    All kidding aside, I hate Pakistan, but find it difficult to hate individual Pakistanis I have met.

  214. Scott, it’s the same part of the world that thinks you can cure AIDS by raping a virgin.

  215. Hah! That gif is awesome Scott.

  216. BIL sounds like a real loser. He’s got some nerve.

    I gave Paula one of my old “no heartache if you lose it” scopes and also got her a fancy one for her cardiology rotation. Not sure which one she uses now. Every time I pass through the ER she’s working her ass off.

    I’m gonna brag about her: she is consistently recognized by her colleagues and the doctors in the ER as a great nurse less than one year into her career. She has the right combination of smarts, motivation to learn and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is even at the risk of facing criticism or hurting egos.

  217. The very same fellow, Tushar. He is a solid family guy who lets my sister be herself, and just loves her. His family is kind and loving to her, too. This is intolerable, but they are so far away. I can’t do a darn thing to help her out of it.

  218. Scott’s, I know it’s not your main business anymore, but if you have any interest in moving me from Ohio to TN, please shoot me an email. Looks like a go in September.

  219. More of a Texan than a Pakistani, far as I can see.

  220. Jimbro, that’s so totally awesome. I hope someday Scott can brag about me.

  221. >>More of a Texan than a Pakistani, far as I can see.

    Texas does that to people.
    Now only if my wife would muster the courage to make the move.

  222. You’re moving to TN, Pup? Is that why your life is awesome?

  223. I brag about you now.

  224. I just had a nice long chat with my sister. She is so horrible and disgusting that it’s hard to talk to her for hours on end.

    She never makes me laugh and still calls me dude, like when I was a teenager and she was the cool college kid. I hate that so very much.

    Hatey hate hate.

  225. I’m brining this to TITS


  226. Whoa. WTF happened?

  227. I don’t know, but whatever you’re brining is gonna taste awesome, right Tushar?

  228. You posted a pic of Rosetta’s buttplug in the shape of a Jaeger flask.

  229. You medical types know all the terminology!

  230. So… a call from the doc’s office and some of my tests are back… probably not stomach bug that’s had me down… but nausea from kidney stones. Hunh.


  231. That doesn’t sound good.

  232. I hatey hate my stupid sister too.

    On the drink side; however, today I’m having Vod+OJ+cherry cider+soda+chambord
    Shaken forevah and served up.

    I call it a Cherry O Cherry

  233. Whoa. WTF happened?

    Werdpuss is a dirty, filthy (but not in a fun way) whore that doesn’t let us just drop our links in any more. Gotta wrap them with that “a href=” thingy.

  234. That sounds delightful, Chumplug.

  235. Here Kitty. You could use this.

    *slides a Cherry O Cherry from San diego to Tempe*

  236. Mmmmm you had me at “Vod”.

  237. That’s high praise Quinon Jin.

    Is it time to go to AZ yet?!11!! Stupid waiting.

  238. That doesn’t sound good.

    Inorite?! And here’s I’ve been eating canned chicken noodle soup and throwing back tums like candy all weekend (read ‘sodium=bad’ and ‘calcium=bad’).

    Serious you guys, I do not have room for this on my calendar.

  239. Boo!

  240. If you tiny hurl the linx does that “a href=” it?

    I’m axing for a friend.

  241. *slides a Cherry O Cherry from San diego to Tempe*

    *glances at sweep hand of stopwatch… glances out window… checks watch again… sticks arm out office window… *

    Got it! Thanks Chumpo!

  242. I dont know how to href.

  243. I dunno, Jay. That Jaeger bottle looks kinda on the smallish side.

  244. No, Chumpo, it doesn’t; your friend is talking apples and kumquats.

    Tiny is a link shortener, while the “a href=” thingy is html. Like how we use “em” to italicize or “strong” to make shit bold.

    Look at the first line here to see how to do it.

    You put your linky into the “http:/” spot and then paste it again where it reads “text” and VIOLA.

  245. It shouldn’t de-reference a tinyurl.

    But for Scott’s sake:

  246. Get out of the house, Scott!!!!

  247. This guy is awesome.

  248. Well shit, Cyn.

  249. In fact, in the word “here” in my ^^ comment, I used the href code.

    *sticks arm out the window and waves for another*

  250. A PSA: if you are exploring various Single Malts, stay away from Laphroaig, unless you like the taste and smell of Tincture of Iodine.

  251. >> More of a Texan than a Pakistani, far as I can see.

    we’re awful

  252. *Ties self to second Ch O Ch*

    AZ or busts.

  253. My life is awesome because I’m the luckiest man alive, Leon. I did not ask to move to Nashville, nor do I consider it a bad thing. My customer decided that they wanted me “full time” and I am in negotiations with my company to determine what that will look like. Right now I’m getting what I ask for on the expenses side and we are negotiating the compensation side.

    It will be nice to not have to fly in every week and to have my family with me in the evenings, but it sucks to have to live in a rental and sell the house my parents bought, and move Mrs. Pupster and the Pupster Boys away from 2 sets of grandparents and all they have ever known as home.

    But, as I said, things seem to always work out for me and my life is awesome.

  254. >> but nausea from kidney stones. Hunh.

    Oh no.

  255. Thanks, Laura; that’s what I said too. I put off a long-drive appt today until Thursday but being told that one of the stones is on the larger side, I don’t trust to travel anywhere right now. *le sigh

  256. I’m sorry you are feeling poorly Cyn, but I can recommend drinking lots of beer to help get out those nasty stones.

  257. >>>unless you like the taste and smell of Tincture of Iodine.

    Go on…

  258. How long is the job Puppeh? Maybe you could just rent for a few months with the fam, and then move back home. {{Hugs}}

    I wish I liked beer.

  259. Buenos Nachos, David in Texas

  260. First day of class…

  261. Best wishes, Pupster, it can’t be easy.

    Prayers for easy fracture and passage, Cyn.

  262. >>Comment by Jimbro on August 25, 2014 9:46 pm
    >>unless you like the taste and smell of Tincture of Iodine.
    >>Go on…

    Da fukk, Jimbro? You should not take your profession so seriously.

  263. >>unless you like the taste and smell of Tincture of Iodine.

    >>Go on…

    >>Da fukk, Jimbro? You should not take your profession so seriously.

    HA HA HA

  264. I dis-embedded you, Alex.

  265. der. href.

  266. Beer is good for kidney stones Cyn. It’s time to learn to love it like we all had to do back in high school. YMMV but when I had a stone Toradol 10 mg by mouth worked like a charm for me to relieve pain. My Urologist friend also gave me a 5 day course of Flomax which relaxes smooth muscle in the urinary system and let’s the stone pass. A side effect is retrograde ejaculation so you may not like it.

    (Serious about the Toradol though)

  267. I think you can get kidney stones blasted away. Make an appointment for very fucking soon.

    Nothing shall get in the way of Tempe.

  268. *decides not to look up retrograde ejaculation

  269. Retrograde ejaculation:

  270. thatz funnah

  271. My casual scotch is Famous Grouse (blended) and my single malt is Balvenie Doublewood. I’ve been working off a bottle of the Balvenie stuff for a few years. Tincture of Iodine is for guests who I don’t want back. You get the Balvenie Tushar.

  272. You’re gonna be in so much trouble when Hotspur gets here.

  273. ok I have to find a very early flight back Sunday morning from the gig.


  274. Oooh, Cyn – Mr. TiFW had kidney stones a couple of years ago. Poor man was in agony until they passed.

    Hope the doctor gave you some good drugs!

  275. I saw Retrograde Ejaculation open for Vas Deferens back in ’88 at the Jism Pump in Vegas.

  276. //wouldn’t dream of getting DinT drunk


    Me thinks he doth protest too much.

  278. I never want to experience retrograde ejaculation, but I’ll take that over kidney stones.

  279. I know that some of you guys don’t get along with your siblings, but I would give anything to be able to talk to my sister again.

  280. I talked to my older bro on the phone this morning. First time in about 6 months. We talked a whole 3 minutes.

  281. Did anybody meet anybody else’s exact doppelganger today?

  282. We were young, once…

    Looking back at those breaks my heart.
    We’ve lost so much from those days,
    in so many ways.
    Youth is wasted on the young.

    So it goes…

  283. Rats, Cyn. Feel better soon.

  284. TiFW, I’m glad you had a good relationship with your sister. Sorry for your loss. It never gets easy.

  285. We were being sarcastic, Teresa.

  286. Goodnight, all. Time to take Dorkus out for coyote bait duty.

  287. I love Dorkus. We call the girls coyote bait.

  288. Oh, we had plenty of arguments, oso – I have a feeling these past 5 years would have been very…..interesting.

    But I did love that crazy liberal 🙂

  289. Jimbro, thanks for the tips. I’m jotting those down.

    I asked what I might expect in the way of pain as these pass (one sounds like it might be a big honker) and the little cupcake on the phone reading off the results to me said to me and I shit you not, “Well, I don’t know about pain from passing kidney stones because I have never had one so I’m not sure about that.”


  290. Early case and on call Tuesday. Goodnight good people.

    Thanks for sharing your photos Chris.

  291. well shit.. can’t find an early flight back on Sunday

  292. Good luck Cyn! Stones suck and blow.

  293. Cyn,
    Prayers for you. Hope this gets cleared-up soonest.

  294. I’ll Drive you DeeT

  295. I know you were, Laura – it’s obvious you love your BIL and your sisters very much. I just remember that other folks have thorny relationships with family members.

    I understand – most of the time it doesn’t register. For some reason, though, tonight it just reminded me of what I’ll never be able to do again.

    Don’t mind me – it’s probably everything that’s going on in the world right now.

  296. Thanks errybody. I just had a great chat with my mom’s natropath and I’m off to pick up a few items she’s suggested. And vodka /kidding.

  297. (Pulls flavored vodka back from internet delivery portal)

  298. Awww yisss… we had peppermint tea in the house so I’m good for the night and will pick up the rest of the stuff tomorrow.

  299. Chris, your pics of you two are awesome! Like two peas 😀

  300. lithotripter?

    I’m hoping not, but it is what it is and we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

  301. A PSA for TITS:

  302. Ha

  303. here Cynny. my herbalist sent this for you.
    She said it takes care of the stoners.


  304. Cyn,
    We were young, and “in love”…

  305. sorry. if I Hrefed up

  306. Kewl mang!

    I go fixty.

  307. It shows, Chris ♥

  308. K thanks.

    Wah happen? The link had an “hralph” thingy in it and when I pasted it it disappeared so I done it the old way and bad people.

  309. I just look see’d: When you paste after the equals sign, do another paste where the text would go and you will have it down perfect.

  310. I love AnitaP.

  311. Oso,
    I do too…

  312. ChrisP, you and Anita were hippies!

    Awesome photos.

  313. how about this generator? does this make the cut?

    hope so. if I have to send all my comments to JayLeonTushar INC to get them formatted life. will. sucx//href=BSx11!1banglorbatwing

  314. Awww…I kind of like you too! 🙂

  315. Chumpo, I’ll try it out in 5… 4… 3…

  316. testes

  317. That worked!

  318. right on. I have eet bookmahked so I won’t flail around no mo.

  319. Meh; flailing is good exercise.

  320. Wow, nice automatic double Windsor. That’s cheating.

  321. G’night peeps. Tune in Tuesday tomorrow.

  322. After TITS I’m going up to Lincoln NE to work on a budget for a screen play I wrote. It’s time to take a chance.

  323. sweet dreams, Ositta.

  324. found one I’m good

  325. What time?

  326. 8am

  327. Just went to take a leak and there was someone sitting in the stall next to the urinal using something that was emitting a loud buzzing sound.

    I-I don’t even want to know.

  328. Nighty night Osogirl.

    That sounds exciting, Chumpo! What’s the story (but you don’t have to tell if that will jinx something)?

  329. he was putting at night.

  330. Oh, uhh, sorry Sean; the women’s rest room was occupied and I um… never mind.

  331. 8A at the skyHarbor on a sunday spells bloddy marys at first call. c ya there

  332. I know you’re preoccupied with your kidney stones and all, but you really should take better care of your rather large feet, Cyn. Or at least stop wearing those Tevas for the time being.

  333. yeah, Toots. This is the story of a smart 18 year old who’s post high school life is getting more complicated by the day. It’s an action movie.

  334. You’re absolutely right, Sean; I should work on those calluses and corns. But you have to admit my polish was faaaabulous .

  335. Are you flying too Chumpo? Why did I think you were driving? Kidney stones of the brain now… greeeeaaaat.

  336. That story sounds fun. Do you have an actress in mind when you write?

  337. Okay buzzing restroom weirdness mental image replaced by hot twin sisters in short shorts.

  338. SO in conclusion I’m still good for couple weeks from now. Just can’t stay and hug people Sunday am

  339. Sorry to bail after throwing out a question, but it’s resty rest time.

    There’s a poat set to fly at o’five hundred.

    Nighty night cool kids.

  340. I drive cause i have a few errands to take care of.

    No. I mean i can see her, I know what you mean though. Some screen actors write a part hoping to get a certain actor but my stuff isn’t actor specific. In fact I’m pushing for “no name” actors.

    You can read the script, but not in an email. I’ll bring it out to you this winter and you can critique.

  341. ok Deet in Texas, 007, Lady Cat. Love you, Weirdos.

    Hasta Lo.

  342. Guess falling asleep for two hours means I miss all the fun.

  343. You can’t keep hangin’ on
    To all that’s derp and gone
    If you built yourself a myth
    You’d know just what to give
    Do you lie?
    Oh, let the ashes fly
    Help me to make it
    Help me to make it

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