That’s right….still alive…

So it occurs to me that I haven’t posted anything in……well…a really long time.


So I’m overdue.


What to post…what to post?


Oh! Sarah Palin doing the ice bucket challenge…in a silk shirt. Quite the screamer. That’ll work to start.


Actual content?  Yeah, I’ve got none.


Here, enjoy yourselves.


  1. wakey wakey

  2. Fuck Ice!!

  3. Being Russian means never having to say you’re whoops.

  4. Morning, children.

  5. Weirdpuss has fucked up something – the page won’t stop trying to load until I get a timeout error. *sigh*

  6. Oh yay, I found the new poat. No thanks to werdprix.

  7. I wonder if there’s a service that will replace your windows with Lexan in case of Russian shockwaves.

  8. 6.0 earthquake near Napa, CA last night. Hope the California peeps are okay.

  9. I know no one cares, but the Carla/Malin video did nothing for me. I think I’m past the point where women kissing is even remotely exciting.

  10. Looks like it’s north of everyone I know.

  11. I’ve never been to NorCal. Only LA and SD.

  12. Good morning, cool kids.

  13. Hi.

  14. I gotta go mow. Back in like 3 hours.

  15. Yesterday’s mow time was instead dedicated to clearing fallen branches.

  16. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 24, 2014 9:17 am
    I know no one cares, but the Carla/Malin video did nothing for me. I think I’m past the point where kissing women is even remotely exciting.


  17. No no, kissing my wife is still nice. Women kissing each other as nothing but audience manipulation? Boring.

  18. Sorry to hear about the back pull, Tushar. Hope it recovers quickly.

  19. Thanks. I am feeling much better already. Should be good to go soon.

  20. Leon, did you hear about that float accident in Lapeer yesterday? I was right there when it happened. It was next to the soccer field, and occurred moments before the game started.

  21. Car In,

    Float Plane?

  22. Parade float

  23. How’s your hand today?

  24. Parade Float accident?

    How is there not video of this?

    Were any clowns hurt? Because that would make it more funny.

  25. Hi bitches.

  26. Yo.

  27. Cyn,

    Do I need a car for TITS?

    That was fun to type!

    What I meant to say was, the hotel says they have an airport shuttle and I remember downtown Tempe being pretty easy to get around on foot.

    So what I’m asking is: Do i need a car for TITS?

  28. Hand is doing better-healing fine. I want to garden, so I’m trying to find something to cover it so it doesn’t get dirty.

  29. Actually, the accident was kinda horrible. A converted truck to look like a train, people riding in the open back. they were going TO the parade, on a regular road. An old woman pulled out in front and got broadsided. she died on the scene. People got ejected from the truck/train, and there are several in critical condition.

  30. Like you don’t have a box of rubber gloves by the bed.


    Uh huh.

  31. I used them all up, MJ.

    I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  32. When the truck thing drove by us, a mom next to me commented, well, that doesn’t look safe.

    When the sirens and ambulances started appear, we wondered in horror if the accident involved the open truck thing. It’s amazing more weren’t outright killed.

    we were about a quarter mile, and could see it all from across teh field, but couldn’t really tell, etc, and we didn’t hear anything.

  33. I’m leaving Michigan. I loved it.

    Last night I had dinner on Wall Lake. It was beautiful.

  34. Michigan is a great state. It really is. You haven’t even seen the best spots. Upper michigan is amazing.

    One of the nice things is that michigan, because of the lakes, is somewhat isolated. You *really* have to want to come here. You don’t stop by on teh way to somewhere else. So it’s simply not as crowded. Things are a bit cleaner, etc.

  35. Last Sunday we had dinner at spot on a nearby lake. Balcony overlooking the water.

  36. Same with me. Nice big hard deck.


  37. Are you ever going to come back to Michigan? Pat was asking.

  38. Well, if you guys aren’t going to entertain me, guess I have to go garden.

    If my hand gets infected, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

  39. My partner is from Michigan. Every year he drives the family out, stays a week and flies home himself. A month later he flies out, stays a week and drives them all home. Not sure where he is from out there but they stay in a town called Grand Haven.

  40. Walled Lake – that’s where I graduated from high school.

  41. >> If my hand gets infected, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

    penicillin was discovered in microbes in the soil.

    also answer the damn phone

  42. This photo is just for Laura

  43. Never felt the earfquake here.

    That’s a damn shame about the parade float accident.

  44. It even has Leon and MJ in one gif

    Can’t be, I don’t have any socks like that.

  45. Lawn mowed, wife gone for shopping, cocktail prepped. Time to sit on the deck and read Proverbs.

  46. I guess a horse trailer overturned yesterday too. Injured a horse.

    Bad weekend up here in Lapeer.

  47. I’ve dug out a ton of flowers (garden near the front door was WAY too crowded) and now I have to dig a new bed to move them somewhere else.

  48. Yeah, I’ll be back soon. What’s up?

  49. Oh, just next time you come I’ll really try to get off. Just right now it’s crazy.

  50. And you won’t have to go anywhere lame like the Ghetto bar.

  51. Ok. Back to gardening.

  52. One of these days, Mr. TiFW is going to finish the front living room…..

    All of the major stuff is done – it’s the finish work that’s taking forever.

    When we get around to remodeling the kitchen, I’m putting my foot down and telling him we have to hire professionals to do the job.

  53. TiFW, if you are planning on putting in new cabinetry, it is best done by professionals. It is not easy to raise those bulky cabinets to correct height, line them up properly and attach them to the studs.

    Also, ripping up/putting in tiles is back breaking work.

  54. The ghetto bar is still “ghetto” by Ann Arbor standards. It’s surprisingly nice.

    And I agree with Tushar. Cabinet installation is a job for someone who’s already done it a hundred times.

  55. I just picked up several hundred pieces of china.

  56. No one wants my mother’s china. She’s been asking us kids and it looks like it’ll be my sister by default. Growing up we used it once a year when a friend of my dad’s from the old country visited. They were Lace Curtain Irish and we put on the Ritz for them

  57. >>Comment by scott on August 24, 2014 2:27 pm
    >>I just picked up several hundred pieces of china.

    The piece of china you dropped must be huge and fragile. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself.

  58. The place is full and we are getting another truckload of crap tomorrow.

    I cant wait to move and have a real work area, and a loading dock.

  59. It’s not so much the cabinet installation as it is the DESIGNING of the space. Not that there is much “designing” to do – it would just be nice to have someone who knows all of the options out there who can view the space with new eyes.

    Tiles, schmiles, Tush – our kitchen has original hardwood floors (so do our bathrooms). If anything, we might think about putting a layer of engineered wood flooring over it – you can only sand those suckers down so far before you can’t do it again (who knew?).

  60. I also want to get someone in here to put a built-in china cabinet wall in the dining room.

    I know that Mr. TiFW is going to want to build one himself, but I’d rather have one that is built offsite, then installed in a weekend.

  61. I designed my kitchen myself. Layout, cabnets, flooring, appliances, sink, faucets, lighting, drawer pulls, everything. It was a stressful but rewarding experience. The toughest part was to convince the Mrs (she does not have an eye for i and knows it) that I will not mess it up.

    But I did not build anything myself. I don’t trust my skills enough for that.


  63. Part of what I would like to do is convert the existing window into a door which would lead directly out onto the front/side yard, with an eye toward the possibility of an outdoor kitchen (it’s right next to the wrap-around porch).

    It’s going to require more “vision” than either of us have – Mr. TiFW isn’t going to want to spend the money, and he’s going to want to do it all himself.

    Of course, if we go that route, by the time it’s finished, the cost of the time spent – as well as my sanity – will be much higher than paying someone else to do it….

  64. Messing with windows/exterior doors is especially risky.

  65. Windows aren’t bad.

  66. Sounds like Penelope. Just tear out this window, put in a door and a deck………….. Problem is, our house is brick and that gets to be a real pain in the ass. Also, NM contractors are iffy at best.

  67. Ehh – we’ve replaced a window with a door upstairs; it wasn’t all that hard, as I recall.

    It’s an old house with wood siding – we actually redid parts of the window that is currently there (double-hung w/weights), and removed a door that a previous owner had added in that room over 50 years ago.

    Our sticking point is going to be getting approval from the Historical Association – of course, if we could figure out how to make a modern door that LOOKS like a 68″ tall window with wood siding underneath it, they would never have to know…. 😀

  68. Hysterical.

  69. I “don’t ask, don’t tell” with regard to permits/inspectors, etc.

  70. uh oh.. I gotta go to Virginia on 9/7

    *figures out flight shit*

  71. Ain’t nobody got time for that, Dave.

  72. I’m still coming to AZ I just need to book something from Sunday to Ft. Lee

  73. Don’t you have a secretary for that?

  74. Stuff MJ into your carry-on bag and take his seat on the flight to Charlotte.

    You can drive the rest of the way.

  75. So this happened yesterday:

    7 years in the making

  76. DAMMIT!

  77. FTFY, Wiser.

  78. Anyway, I bought that car brand-new in1987. I sold it to my FiL around 1994, when he got relocated to San Diego. While there, I drove that down the PCH, top down the whole way from San Fran to San Diego in one day. He brought it back when he moved back east around 2001. It had been sitting in a barn with an engine badly in need of a rebuild until around 2007, when I suggested that we get it running again.

    So we pull the engine and shipped it to Seattle to have it rebuilt. We put it back in a few years back, but finally got around to reconnecting all the hoses and stuff this weekend.

    Started up on the 2nd try.

    It was fun driving it again.

    Still needs work. Brakes all need to be replaced, but it runs pretty dn good for an almost 30-year-old cheap car.

  79. Thnx, xbrad

  80. 1. Those little Suzuki’s were fun to drive in Hawaii.
    2. SF to SD via PCH is one hell of a long drive for one day.

  81. Brand-new, it had 44hp.

    We were being passerby logging trucks on some of the inclines.

  82. How far is it to drive from SF to SD on the PCH? (Never been to California, so I haven’t got a clue)

  83. Happy Momma here. Rocketboy called home, talked to me for nearly an hour, didn’t want anything. (He’s getting a care package anyway.)

    He’s been given the nickname of Rocketman, so I guess he’s grown up. He’s more relieved that he didn’t get a nickname like some of the other guys (e.g., Shitstain).

  84. Roamy, pretty sure that nicknames are a form of bullying. //

  85. IIRC, from SD to SF via PCH took me around 10 hours in the Beemer.

  86. Speaking of nicknames:

  87. >>>>How far is it to drive from SF to SD on the PCH? (Never been to California, so I haven’t got a clue)

    I don’t know the milage, but imagine driving from DC to Atlanta on a two-lane road for half the trip.

    Going through Big Sur was a trip. We also stopped and toured Hearst Castle on the way.

    Total time was around 17 hours

  88. >>>>IIRC, from SD to SF via PCH took me around 10 hours in the Beemer.

    It’s a bit longer when your top speed is ~60mph and your average is around 30mph

  89. Urrrrgh. Found one of my best cows dead this afternoon. No idea what happened to her, just lay down under a tree and died. Probably bloated from too much of something green.

  90. Is there an Interstate that makes it “faster”, or is the PCH the only game in town?

  91. Roamy I know you miss your kid and I’m glad he called you.

    He might you some too, that was his way of saying it.

  92. Ugh! Too much traffic on the PCH now. I thought the A1A was going to have the beautiful vistas like the PCH. Made Dan drive it from Miami to the Space Coast. Kept waiting for ocean views. Meh.

  93. Wow – didn’t realize those 2 towns are ~500 miles apart!

  94. The I5. Serial killer expressway.

  95. There’s the PCH, then just inland there’s the 101, and then really, really inland is the I-5. I-5 is fast, but really, really boring. 101 isn’t bad.

    PCH is utterly spectacular. But it’s a very tough, twisty road to drive. And I almost crashed a few times trying to enjoy the scenery.

  96. 44 HP? My motorcycle was 90 HP.

  97. Pepe, can you at least safely salvage some beef?

  98. Sorry about your cow, Pepe 😦

    Mr. TiFW’s dad had a bull die on his ranch a couple of years back – Mr. TiFW and his brother got to “take care” of it a couple of weeks after it had expired.

    I’m told it wasn’t pretty (Mr. TiFW said he has NEVER smelled anything like that in all of his life…..)

  99. OK time to sweep out the pool cause it’s fuckin hot

  100. “Mr. TiFW said he has NEVER smelled anything like that in all of his life”

    I smelled that once, it knocked me down.

  101. >>>>44 HP? My motorcycle was 90 HP.

    I’m not exagerating. That spec is directly from the repair manual

  102. Oh yes, dead animal smell is the worst.

  103. I got nailed for speeding in it on the Merritt once. At the bottom of a hill, as I was building up speed to get up the next hill.

    Cop said I was doing 65. I said “instead of a ticket, you should be giving me a trophy.”

  104. >>>>Oh yes, dead animal smell is the worst.

    our two cats make our yard a killing field every summer.

    Most of the time, we find the dead squirrel, bunny, vile, mouse, whatever pretty quickly.

    But sometimes not.


  105. I stepped on a dead, rotting mouse in our driveway last week.

    In my bare feet.


  106. What it is, my peoples.

  107. Ew. You people are going to give me nightmares. We would have to follow the buzzards and the “Smell” to find dead animals on my grandparents rancho. Worse than skunk. I H8 skunk. Worse smell ever is having your cousin say it would be cool to throw “Rocks” at the dead, bloated cow. When the “Rock” made the cow explode, THAT was the worst smell ever.

  108. Sean!!!! Are you going to be able to watch the Angels game tonight?

  109. Nope, oso. No cable at work. And I don’t feel like picking up a bunch of eastern European farm porn popup viruses by watching it online, either.

  110. And I don’t feel like picking up a bunch of new eastern European farm porn popup viruses by watching it online, either.


  111. Rats. Watching SD/SF preseason now. I’ll switch to the baseball game when it starts. I love games that matter.

  112. “THAT was the worst smell ever.”

    Yep. Friend thought the deer was still good. He put the knife in and ……WHOOSH.

    I was about 10 feet away and it knocked me on my ass.

  113. ^^^^^^^ Exactly, Scott!!!!!

  114. That snake sounds like a badass.

    * crosses NM off list *

  115. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    Fortunately, the bull had already “popped” when they found it.

  116. So, I’m going to take “rendering truck” off the possible H2 fundraising activity list.

  117. Cow gut bucket challenge.

  118. WTF AZ? Why didn’t Cyn stop the eastward migration of that scary snake?

  119. J’ames, we got stuck in traffic behind a “Restaurant grease trap truck” in El Paso…in July. It was pretty nasty. Not exploding dead cow nasty…but nasty. Fish markets in Taiwan were pretty nasty, too.

  120. Fantasy Foosball guys are a bunch of Drama Llamas. Dan’s draft started at 7Eastern and grown men started whining about not getting online in time. I bet they’re Democrats.

  121. Owning the comments before Midnight. Nice

  122. New baseball commish is rumored to be leaning toward Pete Rose in the HoF. Selig is being his usual douche self. ESPN story is expanding Pete’s gambling problem to drugs and The Mob. Whatev.

  123. I H8 it that my Reds suck so hard that I couldn’t smack talk Bcoch or Roamy.

  124. What are you talking about, Osita? They split the series.

  125. Though the extra innings game Friday was excellent. I thought they were going to get the no-hitter. Mr. RFH wandered in around the 11th inning and asked me why I was watching the re-run. “It’s the same game!”

  126. Dan’s draft started at 7Eastern and grown men started whining about not getting online in time. I bet they’re Democrats.


  127. Roamy, it was a great game. My season is over though. I’m taking crap from Brewfan and J’ames. We won today, but our season is over. Yesterday’s rain delay was killing me!!! I’m playing the “Love of the game” card.

  128. Comment by Tushar on August 24, 2014 1:20 pm

    This photo is just for Laura

    DROOL!!! My family isn’t classy enough to make a real decent Portuguese paella (similar to Spanish). We just throw random sea creatures on fire until their proteins coagulate.

  129. The only reason Dan opened up the wallet for high speed internet is because of fantasy FB. Dial-up Dan kept getting timed out one year and auto-draft went into effect. I love fantasy FB. We get the sports package upgrade, too.

  130. I took wiserbud’s ALS ice bucket challenge.. Video loading. Mrs. Dave cut it off before I called out Rosetta so I’m callin out Rosetta.

    After the video of course

  131. I really H8 the As. I’ve H8d them since the early 70s. H8.

  132. Ok! Photobombed by Moses too.


  133. No, XBrad, she’s 3 or 4 days dead. Really nasty. Cows don’t usually have bad problems with snakes. The major problem with snake bites is swelling. Cows have loose skin so it just gets a big lump that eventually pops or just goes down. Didn’t look like lightning, either. I’m betting it was something she ate, or hell, who knows, stuff just dies sometimes.

  134. Just lost a RL friend to Stage 4 lung cancer. Yes, he smoked. So what? Cancer sucks and I really H8 people that ask “Did he/she smoke?”

  135. Ice in my pocket…

  136. How does the ice bucket challenge thing actually raise money for ALS research? Seems like there’s a story about it on the news every day, but I haven’t yet heard that part explained.


  138. Sean, you have the option of taking the challenge and paying $10 or not taking the challenge and paying $100.

  139. ok I didn’t look that good.

    see you boogers who is comin to see boogers in AZ in a couple weeks!

  140. Most celebs are taking the challenge and donating. Fun viral videos.

  141. Not seeing a lot of diversity in Oakland IYKWIMAITTYD?

  142. Nice pool Dave.

  143. hells yeah it’s a nice pool

  144. My phone is at 18%. Dan is on Round 11. Any wagers as to which ends first? (still waiting for Scott to esplain his acronym from last night. I’ve got Die Hit Girl but I’m missing a few letters…and stuff. Moscato is better than chardonay

  145. I like the California Angels. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim can kiss Sean’s butt. The called strikes on Trout were BS. Still H8 the As.

  146. I saw an old Grand Marquis the other day with a California Angels license plate holder.

  147. Old school Halos?

  148. If you had phone at 4% you win.

  149. FB v. Baseball. Really? Really, Dan? Cards v Bungholes is more important than Angels/As?

  150. Today I saw a Plymouth Acclaim Turbo with vintage license plates.

  151. I’m assuming the trophies are unrelated.

  152. Link fail

  153. What was more ridiculous Scott, an Acclaim turbo, or the vintage tags?

  154. Okay, given that new poats may or may not actually show up as links at the bottom of the page any more, if you find yourself in this thread after 619am, you’re in a stale thread and MMM 137 is on top now.

  155. Evening Hostages.

  156. Hi Bcoch! Sarah P is ridiculously tiny! Very funny. Hank Jr opened for her in Roswell in ’08.

  157. Looks like there’s plenty of her there for me.

  158. Link fixt, scott.

    I downloaded this song a year or two ago as part of a free sampler from the record label (excellent way to find free music, btw) like a year or two ago but I never listened to it until last night. Kinda cool video, too…

  159. Dan put fresh jalapeño in the chili for the Frito Pie. So hot, it closed his throat. He added BEANS to the chili. I H8 beans.

  160. Chili doesn’t have beans, that’s yankee bullshit right there.

  161. It was equal Vmax.

    POS that came out when I was 35 is a “classic car” now.

  162. He added BEANS to the chili.

    Why are you married to this barbarian?

  163. Leon, I KNOW!!!! Dan was like “Without beans, it would kill you”

  164. Might as well put it on spaghetti and call it Chili Mac. (Truthfully, I’m coughing from the smell before the beans tamed the heat)

  165. Today at work it seemed obvious to all of us that about 58% of the customers were mutated housepets, who had been turned (badly) the rest of the way into people by some asshole wizard.

    Just a crazy day full of unhinged, slightly furry people.

  166. Add some sour cream or some jack cheese.

    Only legit ways to cool chili.

  167. We have sour cream and cheese. Smells hot.

  168. Lauraw, there was a guy dressed as a Lost Boy in The Club yesterday. I don’t know if I was disturbed more by the costume or the fact that NO ONE even noticed.

  169. Was it Alex Winter?

  170. Been down with a stomach bug today; this is why I don’t like going to the doctor’s office–fugging sick people are there.


  171. Leon, it was weird. There is a guy who wears heels, pants, and tight tee that generates more interest than furry guy. Even 6’5 tranny gets more 2nd looks.

  172. Cyn, at least it wasn’t Mojave rattler that you let cross the AZ border!

  173. Well, they’re gone from here so you should come to the TITS MU.

  174. I saw Mojave Rattler open for Bloated Cow at the Emporium in ’02.

  175. Vma awards really suck.

  176. MJ?

  177. ASU tickets are purchased and tailgate is planned. Ugh. I H8 Sparky. Premium ticket my ass!!!!


  179. Hey look, Cyn! Someone else put up a poat!


  180. *Up Twinkles Bcochran*

  181. Comment by PepeLp on August 24, 2014 10:25 pm

    We need a boiling water challenge. To remove the idiots from the gene pool.

  182. Was anybody unable to get the frog to sing and dance in front of anybody else today?

  183. I’ve been Uncle all weekend. Teaching the girls to fetch beers from the fridge went well.

    Taking them to see Sin City 2 may not have been wisest.

  184. I thought someone killed Jewstin?

  185. Was it because they hadn’t seen the first one and had trouble keeping up?

  186. Not yet, Oso, but somebody tried. When you get drunk, don’t believe the seven-year-old who tells you it will be fun to jump on the trampoline.

  187. Hahaha never trust a 7 yr old. Worse than hummingbirds.

  188. Have some water, Oso

  189. I think they may have missed some of the plot points because their mom kept screaming, “COVER THEIR EYES! COVER THEIR EYES!”

  190. Cover their eyes? That’s wasting some serious ticket money!

  191. I loved Sin City and this one was just as good. A bit more racy than I anticipated, but it had plenty of hyper violent death and mayhem.

  192. THX, Tush. I need hydration!!!

  193. And Eva Green nekkid. That’s what Mr. TiFW liked best….

  194. Eva Green…blah blah 300…blah blah Bond girl…(Is it me, or are her eyes kind of weird? Not quite Channing Tatum weird, but offset)

  195. Whoot! Yay, Halos. Light up the Big A in Anaheim.

  196. Whew. A sweep would have been terrible. Bad enough that we lost 2 of 3.

  197. We went to Casa Bonita for lunch, and then to this place( ) for the movie. They thought it was the best thing in the world that they could order a root beer float while watching the movie.

  198. Cinebarre looks like The Baghdad theater in Portland, OR. My dad and stepmom used to take my sister and I there on Sundays to watch the matinee and eat pizza.

  199. I think Eva Green’s eyes are too big for her face.

  200. It’s in Thornton Colex. It’s a pretty cool place. And they had some great beers on tap. I didn’t try the food.

  201. Eva Green has a face?

  202. CA,
    Anita used to work at The Baghdad theater in Portland, when I was dating her. It was a wonderful place…


  204. Oso loves Jew. Her eyes are weird. See also Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds.

  205. What episode, Oso? I don’t watch South Park.

  206. Casa Bonita episode. Cartman’s birthday party. EPIC!!!

  207. Dan has been needy since his parents have declined. G’night y’all.

  208. Casa Bonita is a fixture in Denver. The food mostly sucks, the entertainment is infantile, but the atmosphere is terrific.

  209. Yep. That was the SP take on it, too.

  210. **cough**

  211. When I found out that Casa Bonita was a real thing, it blew my fuckin’ mind.

  212. **cough**

  213. I’ll see your **cough** and raise you a **hmmmm**

  214. Chris,

    We lived about two blocks down that street, on the right hand side. Sundays were for walking down to the Baghdad, then over to the Powell’s extension.

  215. Comment by xbradtc on August 24, 2014 11:24 pm
    Eva Green has a face?

    I prefer to think of it as a “bullseye”.

  216. Mr. TiFW wasn’t looking at Ms. Greene’s face…..

  217. You fly around like a bee
    Hurtin’ everything you see
    I try everything I know
    To make you wanna love me so
    The only thing you do
    Is try to put the derp on me

  218. Mmm poat is here

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