Topical Tuesday

Stuff from the top of my Youtube subscriptions:

That oughtta piss pretty much everyone off.  Work status: done.


  1. This is awful and I should be flogged.

  2. Jeebus

  3. Feel free to add anything you like to this poat, so long as it decreases its overall value.

  4. I don’t even.

  5. I odd.

  6. But thanks for the poat.

  7. Imma keep breaking these dishes until someone else starts doing them.

  8. It’s a sign.

  9. I should get that hat for my barncat.

  10. That’s as cute as Sharkcat on a Roomba.

    Nice job lowering the standards from MJ’s level leon. Gold star for you!

  11. Indeed. So bad, I just gave you an up thumb.

  12. So bad, you get this…

    I’m cryinglaughing.

  13. She makes me sad for humanity.

  14. Last day of this round of antibiotics. After more than a week of a very tender heel, muscle pain every time I take a step, and feeling a painful “pop” in the back of my thigh yesterday, I am going to be VERY glad to be rid of these damn things.

    It’s pretty bad when the cure is worse than the condition it’s supposed to be treating….

    On the plus side, I can tell that the mass in that area has subsided considerably.

  15. Tears are streaming down my cheeks… OMG HA HA HA.

  16. That’s still an awesome plus, TiF.

  17. I should submit that gif for the Goodbye America tumblr.


    Have a look at the top post.

  19. Are you kidding? She’s gonna be a gif rockstar.

    That gif is some original content (!!) found on /r/funny… from some guy’s wedding video. The comments are making me laugh and laugh.

  20. Have a look at the top post.

    Yup – farewell my country.

    I wonder how many nation-states we’ll break up into.

  21. Ho Lee Fuk – there’s some serious flash flooding running in our washes way north of me. (I’m in no danger). We’re finally getting our monsoon rains it seems.

  22. I will end up in the People’s Republic of Rustbeltistan.

  23. I think Nassim Taleb has it right, we’re going to devolve back into city-states.

  24. Ha ha ha! MJ’s photo with his GF is cute.

  25. Watching motorists trying to get thru the flooded roadways from the helicopter live shots. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  26. We saw that show last week in Detroit, Cyn.

  27. Carin, switch shifts with someone for Friday night.

  28. Good call on the injuries, Hotspur.

  29. Witnesses to Jehovah just dropped by. Working from home is so fun.

  30. Have they (officially or unofficially) released information on the officer’s injuries yet?

    I hear rumors about a broken jaw and a shoulder injury, but I haven’t seen any confirmation on that so far.

  31. Probably self-inflicted. /Sharpton

  32. Thanks, XBrad!

    How are XMom and HotBride doing today? Hope they are feeling better ♥♥♥

  33. Quite the comment string at Gateway Pundit.

  34. I think GP might have some actual racist commentors.

    It also has some idiot leftists, BIRM.

  35. I’ve often wondered if the “racist” commenters on some of those sites aren’t paid to troll them – that way people on the other side can point to them later and say, “See? They’re all racists!”

    Some of the more rabid comments are way too articulate to come from your stereotypical racist.

  36. I don’t doubt that some are exactly that, TiFW.

    I’ve considered doing the same thing on lefty boards for free — just to see if I can get them to agree with an even harder leftward stance — then capturing it for posterity.

    But that would be wrong.

  37. Simpsons in real life:

  38. It must be noted, however, that one can meet the textbook definition of “racist” while not being ungrammatical or inarticulate.

    Van Jones, for instance.

  39. Marge looks kinda milfy.

  40. LaRouche is a pretty good speaker.

  41. If you like real life Simpsons, you might also like Singhsons, the Indian Simpsons

  42. Why are they so gassy?

    Is it the vegetarian diet?

  43. I just got the email from Mission Palms guys. The pool will be closed after all. What fuckwads.

  44. No biceptz.

  45. The exercise mat I ordered came protectively swaddled in bubblewrap.


  46. >>Why are they so gassy?

    Just for comedic value, I think

  47. Leon, the power cage has a pull up bar. So now my wife wants those TRX Straps. I think she is turning into Carin.

  48. I’ve seen Carin’s hiney. You won’t mind.

  49. #sadface

    Dear Valued Guest,

    Thank you for choosing Tempe Mission Palms Hotel & Conference Center.

    We would like inform you that our rooftop pool will be closed for renovations from August 25th to September 8th. During this time, Tempe Mission Palms will be providing transportation to a nearby facility.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and look forward to providing a beautifully renovated swimming pool area for our guests.

    Please feel free to contact us with any concerns.


    The Team at Tempe Mission Palms

  50. The least they can do is give us some discount

  51. Anyone know where Cyn is? I’m guessing she’ll need an alibi.

  52. can an animated gif be converted into a screensaver that moves?
    If so, I want that Chris Hayes being pelted with rocks as my desktop background.

  53. Best meat-up hotel evar.

    (I should be getting an update on this aaaannnyyy time now.)

  54. If I owned a hotel in Tempe, I think I would schedule pool maintenance for the middle of July. You know. When tourism is at its lowest and Arizona Fucking State U is not in session.

    But hey, what do I know? It’s not like I was in the hotel business for seven years.

  55. To hell with it. I’m going to bring the red thong and sit out on the roof anyways.

  56. Thanks for the warning.

  57. To hell with it. I’m going to bring the red thong and sit out on the roof anyways.

    *gouges eyes out now to beat the rush

  58. Does that mean you’re coming, Wiser?

  59. To hell with it. I’m going to bring the red thong and sit out on the roof anyways.

    Me too!!

  60. Does that mean you’re coming, Wiser?

    That’s a rather personal question, don’t you think?

  61. yes, I’m going to be there…..

  62. w00t!

  63. w00t!

    looking forward to seeing you too, buddy.

  64. this is turning* out to be a decent sized attendance.
    Mare won’t be there.

    *Edited that part above. Sorry about that, Hotspur.

  65. I look forward to being molested by Wiser again.

  66. Pool Update Crap:

    ♦they think the work will be done by 08/04 09/04
    ♦they can’t make any guarantees due to weather
    ♦they’re going to try to get the work done by 08/04 09/04

    And finally… my two personal fav’s:
    ♣ why, really Cynthia, there are other groups attending during the actual work days and we haven’t heard complaints from them
    ♠ no, we hadn’t given any thought to otherwise compensating guests and you are the first to even bring this up

  67. I tried gang.

  68. Evidently another one of Obama’s Sons™ has bitten the dust.

  69. I look forward to being molested by Wiser again.

    *cancels reservation

  70. Before you do that, Wiser, don’t forget that it’s my turn to pay for the booze.

  71. >>Evidently another one of Obama’s Sons™ has bitten the dust.

    This one was asking for it.
    Literally. He was screaming “shoot me now”

  72. Construction projects are almost always completed early.

  73. And below budget.

  74. *cries*

  75. In happier news: Just booked our Saturday lunch location.

  76. *waits for something to go wrong with this*

  77. I just saw on FB that our Saturday lunch location was wiped out in a flash flood.

  78. I assume you meant 09/04.

  79. yes

  80. fixed

  81. In happier news: Just booked our Saturday lunch location.

    Denny’s, or the skeevy titty-bar down the street?

  82. thank you

  83. Yes, Alex.

    Our skeevy titty-bar is the Denny’s. BOOKED!

  84. Was Obama’s son killed by another one of Obama’s sons?

    I assume so; otherwise, it would be plastered all over the MSN home page by now.

  85. This one was asking for it.
    Literally. He was screaming “shoot me now”

    You are obviously a Ghetto Shamer (I just made that up) and a horrible racist. Just because a black guy threatens a cop with a knife, and yells “shoot me now” is no reason to go ahead and shoot him.

    This white on black violence has got to stop.

  86. Our skeevy titty-bar is the Denny’s. BOOKED!

    *claps hands together*

    Oooh – I love their Blueberry Vodka Syrup!

    (Dibs on the corner booth)

  87. IHOT

    International House of Tittays

  88. Shouldn’t that be International House of TITS?

  89. iHOT


  90. That also works.

  91. That also works.

    Unlike Obama.

  92. H’lo :)

  93. Who allowed Revvy in? This is a blog for adults, not teenagers.

  94. I haven’t been a teenager for half a decade Tushar XP

  95. Slowly making headway on the home office.

    I once again curse this house for having no basement.

  96. I also realize that I now have a completely extraneous office chair.

  97. Leon, if you are going to work from home long term, consider a standing desk.

    People who use it swear by it

  98. I haven’t been a teenager for half a decade Tushar XP

    Hmm, half my age, plus seven, carry the one…


  99. During this time, Tempe Mission Palms will be providing transportation to a nearby facility.

  100. I have a standing desk at the office. More accurately, I have a riser on top of my normal desk that I built out in the barn. It’s coming home soon to go on my home desk/table.

    I also have a really comfy rocking chair for when I actually do want to sit, so the office chair I’ve had for years has negative utility to me now, as it occupies vital space and won’t be used for anything at all. Might throw a bag over it and store it in the barn.

  101. During this time, Tempe Mission Palms will be providing transportation to a nearby facility.

  102. Death by Pacer?

  103. Are we still getting together in AZ?

    When is it again?

  104. Labor Day.

  105. Scott, they have something called canister flush valve. I have seen them in Kohler toilet tanks, and presumably others have them too.

    Are they good? Reliable? Better than conventional flush?

  106. Hey youse guyes: that tab up there showing ZZZ: H2 TP… I need more of these filled in STAT!!

    I’m cooking up a special version of H2 Naked Twister Trivial Pursuit. Jello shots and/or Diet Dr. Pepper may or may not be involved; I’m still mulling this over.

    And do not be a dick like Tushar and PG and Your Mom and just type shit in there. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.


  107. Sorry about that, Cyn. I did not see your comment above.

  108. Wait, waht are you sorry about??

  109. Fight the patriarchy!

  110. Holy crap that was just supposed to be a link.

  111. Pictures in comments are a thing again?


  112. Yisss!

  113. Dammit.

  114. Mine is a png. Might be the difference.

  115. {{deleted test-png image}}

  116. Imma fix this shit right now.

  117. Cyn, as you were typing the ‘don’t be a dick like Tushar’ comment, I was being dickish again in that ZZ Top or whatever thingy.

  118. Kohler is good stuff. The canister valve is just a different way of doing what they all do.

    HD sells about 20 different toilets made by 4 different companies. All of them have the same flushing power, and all off them use the same amount of water.

    The only difference between them is how well they are built.

    Kohler is the best there.

  119. Someone needs to make sure Ace sees that feminist art picture.

  120. Are you serious?! You did??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I just saw that you and PG had recently commented, like pulling names out of a hat, and threw some fake shit your way. HA HA HA!

  121. Their customer service kicks ass, and they stand behind their products.

  122. I’m not going to do the ALS icewater challenge. So don’t ask. But here’s a post from one of my very best friends in HS:

    Well I’ve finally did it. I just hope the video loads. Not exactly sure how to do this. And since so many of you have been asking how I’m doing I’ll give an update too. Well it’s been almost a year since my diagnosis of ALS and I’m doing pretty good considering. So far the disease has only affected my right hand and lower arm to the extent that if affects my day-to-day life. It’s hard being right handed with a bad right hand. My lung function is down to 70% and holding. The lung function doesn’t present much problem except at night while I’m trying to sleep or if I try and do too much physical exertion. I have a VPAP machine that assists with my breathing at night. The machine monitors my regular breathing and if I breathe too slowly and not deep enough it gives me additional air. It’s not very uncomfortable but beats the headaches and bad dreams that come with not getting enough oxygen. I have some weakness in my upper back and arms and in a few muscles in my legs but I get around pretty good still. It’s been really tough adjusting to some of the limitations though. I used to be able to do so many things without help. It’s tough having to accept help now. I have a Harley Davidson and scuba gear that I can’t use anymore due to safety reasons. Really sucks!

    The hardest part about this diagnosis is the uncertainty of what’s to come. Some days I feel like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me and then there are days I’m really scared that negative changes are happening. And it’s just not hard on me. My family has to make adjustments too. My wife married me with the assumption that we’d be old farts feeding the birds at the park together. Now she has to wonder when she’ll be feeding and dressing me and wiping my butt. Not to mention having to take care of everything around the house. Plus she has the added stress of wondering about work and what she will do after I’m gone if it comes to that. Who knows the effects this will have on the kids. Sometimes it’s way too hard to think about. I worry all the time how all this will affect them.

    I am very grateful for all of you! I appreciate the well wishes and prayers! Keep them coming! I’m also very happy that I have access to the VA system. I know they’ve had some negative press lately but they have been wonderful to me. I’m given everything I need. Knowing I can get the care I need takes away a lot of the stress of worrying about paying for care and supplies.

    The average life expectancy after diagnosis is two to five years. There are a few people where the disease progression has stopped or slowed so much that they have lived beyond the life expectancy. A few have lived twenty years after diagnosis! With all of your prayers and support that’s gonna be me!

    No one really knows how much time we are given to spend with family and friends. But we have to remember that that’s exactly what the time allotted us is for. I know we have responsibilities and bills to pay. Just remember that shouldn’t be the top priority though. I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again- kiss your loved ones and tell them you love them every day. Call up your friends and go see them. The chores will be there tomorrow. Family and friends might not be.

  123. Prayers for your friend, XB. Kind of dusty.

  124. I don’t know how people cope with stuff like that.

  125. Scott, I am thinking about remodeling a bathroom.
    Lowes seems to have a good selection of Bathtub/surrounds. Will take a look at HD.

    I want to install that Japanese thingy that squirts powerful jets of hot water up the wazoo and then dries you off with a jet of air.

    After working hard for so long, I need a few luxuries.
    Or maybe I am turning gay.

  126. I don’t either, Scott.

  127. The skunk, is dead. I baited one trap with a bacon grease coated croissant, which did the trick.

  128. This makes me break up every time I hear it:

    ALS is awful

  129. How the hell did that post video and pictures?

    What sorcery is this?


  130. Or maybe I am turning gay.

    I vote for you’re turning gay.

  131. HA! When someone at HD says “can I help you?”, respond with

    “I want to install that Japanese thingy that squirts powerful jets of hot water up the wazoo and then dries you off with a jet of air.”

  132. Sorry to read about your friend.

  133. So if you get one of those thingies you get to hear an Obama speech every time you make Obama dolls.

  134. A skunk is dead.

  135. Test

  136. I’m starting to feel mildly bad for all the times I shot him with a pellet rifle.

  137. Looks like wordpuss has removed any ability to control the image and video content in posts. If you have keys, you can dump shit into comments again.


    Back to deleting the linking nuggets of pics and vids. Or not.

  138. MCPO is going to have a hissy fit. His dial up modem hates this.

  139. I already hate it.

  140. Anything happen today?

  141. My old commercial property landlord died of ALS. Wonderful man. Big bear of a fellow.

    Took him quick. He used to drive a big pickup truck. One day he came in to just look in on me and chat a while. He left, then came back in a little later. He needed me to open his truck door for him. He had had the strength that morning to clamp the handle with his hand, but not in the afternoon. The crushing disappointment and embarrassment on his face just fucking killed me. After he drove off, I cried like a little baby for him.

    His hands and upper body strength went first, then the legs.

    Inside a year he was on the respirator, dying in hospice.

    It’s a cruel fucker of a disease.

    I will not be doing that ice thing for anybody, by the way, obviously.

  142. The Religion of Peace hacked off another journalist’s head.

  143. St. Brown seems to have broken the eye socket of the cop who saved us the cost of eventual lifetime incarceration of one of Obama’s Sons.

  144. Other than that it’s been your average Tuesday.

  145. That guy was such a town fixture and known Wonderful Person, that his wake created traffic problems that drew police attention. They had to station cops to direct the flow around the corner where the funeral home was on.

    I worked all day that day, went home and ate, then came back to town to go see him, and at 7:30 at night there was still a line of people out the door and down the sidewalk.

  146. Did anybody threaten to back out of a debate if anybody else served as the moderator today?

  147. She should get some more judgmental rats.

  148. Testes

    *hits delete key seven times*

  149. Anybody up for some Comment Likes?

  150. Huh. Now I see why this pissed off MCPO.

    It’s horrible.

    Page wont load, wont advance.

  151. I’m home tonight with real internet. If I was at camp with the maddeningly slow satellite internet I would’ve abandoned ship a while ago.

  152. My machine memory is screaming like the lambs.

  153. Let’s see if tiny.url saves the day:

  154. Eeesh – all the links from earlier today have come alive too.

  155. Test icicles

  156. Poop.


  158. Lets see if this works.
    putting image link here

    Sorry if it does not work

  159. I vote we kill this with fire.

  160. Built my pull-up/dip station for the home office. Slightly tippy on dips, but it will do. Might weigh the base down with some sandbags. Works like a charm for pull-ups.

  161. Hi faces of dick.

  162. The old “a href=blah blah” thingy; that worked, Tush. Nice job.

  163. Evening Hostages.

  164. So, MJ, are you bringing a lot of money? Because Leon is a fucking lush.

  165. Hi MJ. For some reason, I want to attach the tea sipping Kermit the Frog meme to HS’s comments, but I have no skills.

  166. I’m buying my own drinks this time. No worries.

  167. For Oso Apologies in advance if it embeds.

  168. Awwww…looks like a slim MaryAnn! Adorbs!


  170. Rebecca starts school tomorrow; this should be fun…..

  171. I thought we were going to run up a huge tab then ditch him.

    What changed?

  172. Bassett Hounds are like regular dogs, but with short legs.

  173. I think I’m going to stay in AA that night.

    I have to be at the Ren Cen in the morning so it might be easier.

  174. Hi Oso.

  175. Novi is right on 96, but that’s under construction, 94 isn’t, so Ann Arbor to the Ren Cen might be a lot faster if slightly farther.

  176. Hey all. OK I have to ask, what is up with that woman in the first video? I watched the first half of it until I couldn’t take any more. Did she have a point at any time?

  177. She meanders a bit, but yes, she has a point. Basically that the woman in question had myriad opportunities to escape the situation or seek help before she murdered her husband in front of their children.

  178. Her earlier videos are more succinct.

  179. Goes against my Buckeye DNA to have anything nice to say about AA or Meechegan. Have fun. Jelly.

  180. Her earlier videos are more succinct.

    They’d pretty much have to be, that was like a video version of one of Ace’s movie reviews.

  181. Back home.

    Which reporter lost their head?

  182. Does it matter?

  183. Somebody watched the videos in a poat. Hunh. Are we supposed to do that?

  184. IS has challenged TFG with a threat of beheading another American journo captured in Syria. Bets on another break from vacay?

  185. Sheets of glass would be a good name for a band.

  186. President Walker is going to have a helluva job to do.

  187. Well I have to figure out the ice bucket thing because I love Wiser like a brother but I have to do it anonymously.

    I have a plan.

  188. This page is using a half a stick of RAM.

    Thanks werdpuss.

  189. Bets on another break from vacay?

    I’m betting not.

    I didn’t have much internets time yesterday and most of today. Was there a reporter beheaded? Was he/she an American?

  190. HEY – that one did not embed.

  191. Can’t we fix it?

  192. I used the new werdpuss poat engine this time. It had a number of oddities. Will not use again.

  193. Beasn, beheaded with an anti-American screed. Ace has the story at the HQ

  194. Trans vaginal mesh would be a good name for a band…………….

  195. President Walker needs to back away from the illegal love.

  196. That new poaty engine I read will eventually become permanent. Enjoy.

    No, they seem to have taken away our ability to disable embeds in comments, but based on my copy and paste, maybe they’ve realized their error and are fixing as we speak.

  197. Another test (will fix if it embeds)

  198. DAMMIT!

  199. Testes.

  200. Nope.

  201. Deleted video

  202. Thanks, Jenn, I saw that the other day.

  203. FiL gets out of Rehab tomorrow. Dan has been unsuccessful in getting them to agree to move into assisted living. He’ll be taking on more day to day care of his parents. He already assisted me in taking care of my Dad for 3 years.

  204. Nope.

    I blame Mare.

  205. Hugs to you and Dan, Oso.

    I’ve been trying to think of a “good” way to ask my mom if she has the assisted living coverage.

  206. There is no good way, Cyn. Dan’s Mom is mad at both Dan and I, but she needs him. FiL doesn’t want to leave his house or stop driving. Driving again is fueling his recovery. Assisted living places are pretty nice, but they aren’t having it.

  207. Beasn, beheaded with an anti-American screed. Ace has the story at the HQ

    Thanks oso. I’m guessing JEF thinks that is less of a concern than sticking his nose in a local matter that is being handled through the proper channels.

    He should totes send them more weapons. To even the playing field.

  208. A lot of assisted living places have buses that take residents safely to places they need to go.

  209. How old are your in-laws, oso?

    How old is your momma, cyn?

    My in-laws still live independently but my MiL has been starting to mention they should move in with one of their sons. FiL has been starting to fall and his reaction times, sucko. He shouldn’t be driving.

  210. My in-laws are 85 and 86.

  211. When my drunk grandmother wouldn’t stop driving I drained her battery and told her the cops came and took the gas out of her car. She never drove again.

  212. We went through this with my grandmother a few years ago. She lived to 96. My mother and mother in law took care of her.

    Really hoping my mom (78) stays independent for a long time.

  213. With my inlaws, it isn’t so much the age as the mileage. Both are multiple cancer survivors. Then they started falling and breaking things. MiL is 82. Fil is 78.

  214. Haha Chumpo.

  215. When they made my grandfather stop driving, he treated my grandmother like a chauffeur. He rode in the back seat smoking a big cigar, and told her where to go. Pretty sure she didn’t have to wear a hat.

  216. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that oso. They have been through quite a lot.

  217. Pepe, I really didn’t count on my Dad stroking out and my Mom divorcing him after 43 years of marriage. It happened. I dealt with it. He met someone at assisted living and moved to AZ with her. Inez. Inez’s daughter carried the heavy load with my Dad and her Mom. I showed up at the end, and got most of the credit.

  218. My MiL never learned to drive. She told me that she wanted to but my FiL would yell at her and made her a nervous wreck, so she said ‘f*ck it’.

  219. Pepe, that is cute! It is funny how taking away driving privileges seems to accelerate the aging process. My Grammo, Isabel, fell and broke her hip. Or broke her hip and fell. She was 100. It could go either way. Resumed consciousness at hospital. Was told by my Uncle Larry that she wouldn’t be going home, but to Casa Maria…died an hour later.

  220. She’ll be 70 soon but cancer twice in the last five years.

    [edit: missed inserting a word]

  221. She didn’t actually say ‘f*ck it’. Not sure she knows a word for that in German.
    She’s not a cusser.

  222. My MiL doesn’t drive. Dan gets to drive two OLD ladies around. (No where near as funneh as he thinks he is)

  223. Cyn, that is awesome that your Mom has kicked cancer’s ass twice!

  224. Beans, what’s the latest skinny on the Ferguson behind the scenes goings on? Are they making multiple backup copies of reports and seeding them in different places so that the FBI /DOJ can’t suppress stuff later?

  225. De-lurking to say ALS sucks and the bucket challenge is stupid. I’m glad money is being raised but I’m tired of the attention getting stunts. My Dad died from ALS 14 years ago. It’s hard on the survivors, but absolutely horrifying for the person who has to go from a vibrant whole human being to a mind stuck in a useless body. Dad couldn’t take it and went crazy. That sucked. Worse, he stuck me with my Mom :-)

  226. It is funny how taking away driving privileges seems to accelerate the aging process.

    Husband’s uncle. He moved into the nursing home his wife was put in. Mostly for his own good and partly to help with her care. He always thought he would leave and go back home. He fell into a depression when they told him to stop driving.
    When the family said his health was too bad to go back home and they put his 4 family flat up for sale, he was dead within a couple of weeks.

  227. Beans, what’s the latest skinny on the Ferguson behind the scenes goings on? Are they making multiple backup copies of reports and seeding them in different places so that the FBI /DOJ can’t suppress stuff later?

    I’m not sure, Teresa. The governor already stabbed them in the back and the federal gov. stuck their nose in demonizing them and inciting the f*ckwads, I can only hope they know to cover all their bases.

    I listened to a bit of the local radio guys on the drive back today and there is a rumor that a grand jury has already been called.

    I haven’t talked to my sources the past day or two. Not going to tonight as I haven’t slept well for the past couple of nights, and I really need to get some sleep. (I shared a bed with the daughter last night and good grief that kid flops and kicks all night long).

  228. Glad you delurked, Big Zesty; thanks for sharing. I cannot even imagine what your dad and you and your whole family went thru. It does seem to be one of the more shittier ailments that can be thrown at us.

  229. Re: grand jury. My understanding is that if true, this would be very unusual in it’s speed. We shall see.

  230. Big Zesty, thanks for de-lurking. As stupid as the stunts are, lots of money is being raised. Too late for you and for others, but hope for the future.

  231. …If only there were some sort of stunt to get rid of Democrats…

  232. How did you find us, Zesty?

    Oh, and Hotspur will be along soon to ask you a very important question.

  233. *wonders what pupster did with the skunk carcass*

  234. If they’re running it past the grand jury this fast, it’s to get a no bill back. It won’t help if DoJ goes for a federal civil rights violation, but it would prevent state charges.

  235. Also, Jonn Lilyea of This Ain’t Hell has also been diagnosed with ALS.

  236. That is so cute, XB. (Looks toward FL and St Trayvon of the Hoodie)

  237. Hey all. OK I have to ask, what is up with that woman in the first video? I watched the first half of it until I couldn’t take any more. Did she have a point at any time?

    Yes. Never be a dependent. Always retain the ability to be on your own.


  238. Thanks Cyn. I think as an initiation/hazing ritual I owe everyone a link to something completely inappropriate and tasteless. I have no idea how to do that right now. Not that I’m pure. But my google-fu is weak right now.

  239. Sweet dreams, schmoopie.

  240. Thanks for the reminder. Lets put this to bed right now hotpie or whatever. Lots my friend, lots.

  241. No, the ritual is that we grill you incessantly for information and make you do things for us, like shining our shoes or getting us juice boxes and what not.

    Erm, Xbrad may have a question for you too.

  242. I must call it a night though. Stupid not sleeping.

    *shakes fist at Big Nicotine™*

    Come back soon for some daytime hazing, BigZesty; it’s the best.

    Nighty dreams peeps.

  243. Cyn, I came over from the mothership months ago. Love it over there. Hard to be commentating at the moment tho.

  244. Have you ever seen a grown man naked, Zesty?

  245. No xbrad, Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

  246. Watching the live stream of the Fergie protest. Nothing says civil disobedience to me like walking the cross walk against the light. Rebels!?

  247. Turkish….? No.

  248. I H8 jaywalkers. Scofflaws. Making it less safe for the rest of us.

  249. People blocking the aisle in the store with their shopping cart should be boiled in oil.

  250. “Comment by BigZesty on August 19, 2014 11:55 pm

    Thanks for the reminder. Lets put this to bed right now hotpie or whatever. Lots my friend, lots.”

  251. More music for XBrad

  252. more bad british cuisine :

  253. That’s an interesting mashup.

  254. better than the coleopterans:

  255. And that fuckstick that always parks *right* fucking next to my truck so I can’t open the door?

    Needs a rabid badger assaulting his nuts.

  256. I had a neighbor who was doing that. I had his truck towed then when he came over to complain I told him if I saw him again I would dropkick his nuts into the ship canal. That seemed to resolve his problems.

  257. It’s a fairly old truck, and the offending vehicles are usually BMWs or Lexus.

    So I just smack the door into their car a few times.

  258. That works too.

  259. I’ve just been running across a lot of people that really, really annoy me.

    People in front of me in line at the pharmacy that insist on asking the pharmacist to give them detailed instructions on their blood pressure meds that they’ve been on for 20 years. Lady, if you haven’t figured it out by now, you deserve to stroke out.

  260. I know the feeling. Well I need to go to bed. cya later

  261. I know how you want it, child
    Derp, sweet and tight
    The girls can’t stand it
    When you’re doing it right

  262. Mornin.

  263. Yeah, that shit’s gotta go.

  264. Morning, children.

  265. I hate you all.

  266. Whoever’s doing HHD, please use the classic interface, I’m convinced that’s a factor.

  267. Ha ha. Found this gem.

  268. Come join us on the NEW POAT!

  269. Huh, no auto-link to the new one here, either.


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