Get up

No, seriously, MJ… get up.


  1. L to R: H2, IB

  2. The right curb is squishier.

  3. Glemerno.

  4. Someone on the H2 mailing list got hacked. I did snicker at “leather” being in the spam link.

  5. *air quotes*


    *air quotes*

  6. I was going to make a crack about how much Nadia Comaneci has aged, but this is actually pretty amazing.

  7. Appropriate for this poat.

  8. Sadly, after reading Chrispy’s link, Michael Brown totally missed the point of Nadia’s advice:

  9. Welp, I think I’ve finally hit that stopping smoking fun point where I feel like shit, I’m madder than a fucking hornet, and a god damned breakfast bar commercial just made me cry.

  10. Quitters never win.

  11. We did bean hole beans here once Roamy, about 10 years ago. My riding mower still bobbles when I hit the site of the former hole. Here’s a treatise:

    Now I do my beans in the oven with a bean pot. Rather than bacon I use salt pork but the recipe on imgur looks really good. No proportions were given and I’m guessing they just wing it.

  12. Ha ha!!




  14. roamy, who is this Don person making excuses for the Huffpo retard?

  15. howdy hotsausages

  16. that killed it

  17. It’s just resting.

  18. Very, very quietly.

  19. Heh

  20. >.>



  21. Welp, I think I’ve finally hit that stopping smoking fun point where I feel like shit, I’m madder than a fucking hornet, and a god damned breakfast bar commercial just made me cry.

    Maybe it’s menopause.

    *runs away, cancels tickets to TITS meatup*

  22. Any of you people doing anything worthwhile?

  23. Worked in my shop from 6:30 ’til 11:00, then spent an hour and a half helping put a bumper on my son’s truck. More bumper fun after lunch.

  24. I’m putting my brand new Jam & Jelly Maker through its paces.

    I’ve gotta say, I am SOLD on this little gadget! Follow the instructions in the book, get your jelly jars ready, and 30 minutes later, you’re ladling perfect jam/jelly into jars ready to be canned.

    Seriously – if any of you folks make jam or jelly, this baby will give you perfect results right out of the box. It’s worth the (reasonable) investment!

  25. Look at you people, all industrious and stuff. Good for you.

  26. I cut the lawn and spent some time making fun of that idiot at Huffpo.

    That rubber bullet thing was a hoot.

  27. Boy and I are about to go practice driving.

  28. Pulling off old files from my computer and backing the rest up to Drive.

    While not smoking.

  29. Scott, you’re going to have to be just a bit more specific. “That idiot at Huffpo” doesn’t really narrow it down.

  30. Oh FFS.


  31. Test

  32. Hahahahahahaha.

  33. Got tagged for the ALS ice bucket challenge. Did it this morning.

    Challenged Andy and DiT. Haven’t heard whether Andy plans to meet the challenge, but Dave refuses.

    Not surprising. He and water don’t have the greatest relationship.

  34. I did mine yesterday, wiser. I tagged my Pastor, the Worship Leader and……..AlextheChick.

  35. Weapons Grade Stupid is no way to go through life, son. But since you’re in possession of it, better to keep it concealed.

  36. Testes

  37. That huffpo thing is fucking hilarious.

    I believe I saw President Obama in Ferguson last night. Took his pic. Can anyone confirm? @ryanjreilly

  38. Between Ryan Reilly and Rosemary McDrinkerstein in Texas, it has been a hilarious weekend.

  39. Don’t forget Jesse Jackson getting booed. That made me smile.

  40. When they had that Texas bitch in custody they should have had a drug sniffing dog to a cavity search.

  41. Why do you hate dogs so much, HotSpur?

  42. Hotspur must be one of those militarized cops.

  43. Test my balls.

  44. If anyone wants to see my ice bucket video, there’s a link to it on the POL page.

  45. Don’t forget Jesse Jackson getting booed. That made me smile.

    That was awesome, but sadly it will fall on the deaf ears of the race-hustling scumbag.

  46. Hahahaha. Very good wiser.

  47. My son had to do one, so I lent him my scuba suit and gear.

    It looked great.

  48. Check your mail, wiser.

  49. Some dude in Boston who was raising money for that ALS challenge took a dive off of some building on the wharf Saturday morning and died:

    Corey Griffin was ecstatic when he called his father Friday night from Nantucket Island. The 27-year-old had just raised $100,000 to fight ALS in honor of his friend, Pete Frates, whose struggle with the disease turned the Ice Bucket Challenge into a viral sensation.

    “He was the happiest guy in the world,” Corey’s father, Robert Griffin, said of his son “He called me last night and told me he was in paradise.”

    Hours later, at about 2 a.m. Saturday, Griffin dove into the water from the “Juice Guys” building on Straight Wharf, according to a statement from Nantucket police. He floated to the surface, then he sank. He did not come up again.

  50. Saw that last night. Too cute.


  51. >>>>>Some dude in Boston who was raising money for that ALS challenge took a dive off of some building on the wharf Saturday morning and died:


    Of course, it’s being reported as though he died doing the challenge.. our media really, really sucks.

  52. “Dumbest” = “Dumbass”

    I am so tired of the autocorrect on this Kindle.

  53. Nice work, dumbest. You killed the blog.

    If anyone cares, and I’m sure you don’t, my ice bucket challenge is up in the POL.

  54. Buckethead killed it.

  55. It was an interesting morning on the scanner.
    Sunday morning is normally VERY quiet.

    This is a couple miles NW of us, in BiWs’ neighborhood.

    They, just now, found one of the cars from the residence, had 4
    at gunpoint, now in custody, and ran the serial number of a .40 cal Taurus.

    The late “NEWS” tonight should be entertaining…

  56. Greetings, hammock hangers.

  57. On the TiFW counter right now:

  58. MMM scheduled for 554am.

  59. Sunday Night at the Football scheduled for RIGHT NOW.

  60. Cyn, did you stop vaping?

  61. I know youse guys was hating on baseball yesterday, but maybe when your gigantic pre-season beer commercial hits halftime, you could check out this cool story Brewfan just shared on facechimp:

  62. Is that the Ball jelly maker machine, Teresa? Nifty idea.

    I didn’t find making jelly too onerous as I had a very heavy-bottomed pan and did a low-sugar recipe (less likely to scorch).

    But I really really want a new ice cream maker! I have made ‘freezer’ ice cream the old way and it sucks.

  63. Not there yet, Scott; stepped down the nicotine pretty hard though a few days ago

  64. How’s your vaping coming along, Sean?

  65. Good story Sean

  66. That was a cool read.

  67. I’m doing just fine with 12 mg, which is what I started at. Not going to tinker with success. I had three cigarettes in one night back in May, and that was just because I was out at a show in L.A. and ran out of juice. Other than that, I haven’t felt the urge to smoke since I started on this back in Feb.

  68. Yesterday was international Drink Rum Day. Today is international Keep Drinking Rum Day.

  69. Good job.

  70. About 20 years ago, it was The Last Time Sean Ever Drank Rum Day.

    Very unpleasant sense memory there.

  71. Nicotine is a bitch.

  72. Other than that, I haven’t felt the urge to smoke since I started on this back in Feb.


  73. Haven’t had a cigarette.. nor even a puff of someone else’s, since Easter.

  74. Sean,
    That brought a tear, or two.
    Thanks, bro…

  75. >>>Nicotine is a bitch.

    I’m seriously convinced that the addiction is all mental.

    I decided to quit…. I quit. Took years to get to that mental stage.

    Very much like cocaine. I decided it was a fucking stupid thing to do… so I stopped.

    I recognize addiction. I can understand the mindset. But IMO quitting is more mental than physical.

    When I relapse, I’ll be more than happy to revisit this discussion.

  76. Good job Cyn. Baby steps.

  77. I’m smoking ether smoked rags.

    What do I win?

  78. The Safeway here in Graham, WA is actually selling NM Hatch chilies.
    First time I ever saw that, and I’ve been here since ’86…

  79. I’m smoking ether smoked rags.

    What do I win?

    A brand new straightjacket!

  80. Good work, keep it up, wiser.

  81. Thanks, Scott.

  82. I’m smoking ether smoked rags.

    Not fish sticks?

  83. Sean, that was an awesome story.

    Cyn, you can do this. Keep fighting.

  84. Oh fine, I’m in the cigarette quittin smoking Sunday night thread now.


  85. *smokes rum*

  86. Nice. A local news story just talked about how Rick Perry is vowing to fight the indictment didn’t mention the DA’s conviction (or even arrest) for DUI.

    They were at least kind enough to show a clip of Perry from this morning talking about how it was pure politics, but the average LIV has no idea why.

  87. DiT: $100, pussy

  88. *smokes lime and club soda to complete cocktail*

  89. Do what you want.

  90. >>>Nice. A local news story just talked about how Rick Perry is vowing to fight the indictment didn’t mention the DA’s conviction (or even arrest) for DUI.

    And you are surprised by this?

    It was always about the headline. It’s designed to feed the LIV’s desire to feel smart.

    If you’re explaining, you’re losing.

  91. I am looking at 3 consecutive back-to-back doubles.

    Good night.

  92. *subscribes to Leon’s newsletter*

  93. Nighty dreams, Scott.

  94. That’s the one, Laura – it is really cool; you can actually walk away from it for about 20 minutes. At the end of the cycle, the machine “cools” down from a full boil to a gentle simmer. Kinda cool to see.

    The only drawback is that it only makes 4-5 8-oz. jars at a time. I don’t know if there are plans to make a larger one right now; my guess is there would be a big demand for one.

    I had my doubts, but just about every review on Amazon was 5-stars, and the independent reviews that I read were glowingly positive. Having used it, I understand the enthusiasm.

    I may not use it very often, but it will come in handy when I DO want to use it. Right now, they don’t have many recipes specifically developed for the machine, but it looks like it would be relatively easy to experiment and find what works for you.

  95. Wiser, nicotine is brutal. There are physical and mental aspects. The mental are far worse. The physical part is supposed to be gone inside of two weeks, but the mental? Yikes.

    I’ve quit and relapsed so many times I’ve lost count.

  96. That was a sweet story, Sean – gettin’ a little dusty in here….

  97. And you are surprised by this?

    Not in the slightest. Same broadcast just called what’s going on in Ferguson “unruly protests.”

  98. Same thing happened to me, Teresa. Dang dust came outta nowhere.

  99. >>>I’ve quitasllllnd relapsed so many times I’ve lost count.

    As have I. But that’s because I was thinking that I should quit, not that I wanted to quit.

    I spent about a year doing an internal rationalization for and against smoking. And I got to the point where I actually hated myself every time I lit up.

    I didn’t do this with a target date or any kind of plan. I just talked myself into it over a long period of time.

    Now, I can be in situations where, in terms past, I would have smoked, but I have no desire. It’s so easy to say “no” when offered that it stuns me. I’m truly shocked at how easy it has been.


  100. I haven’t had a cigarette in about 20 minutes.

  101. What I commented at Wretchards:


    “How’d he get from there to here”? a bystander asked a
    man who claimed to have seen Ferguson police officer
    Darren Wilson shoot Brown, minutes after the shoot.

    Because he ran, said the witness.

    Police was still in the truck, he described.

    Why his body come this way though? the other
    man asked.

    He was like, over the truck, [garbled] so then
    he ran. Police got out, and ran after he him,
    said the witness.

    After running, the witness said that Brown stopped
    and turned back around.

    Next thing I know he’s coming back towards the police.
    The police had his gun drawn on him, the witness said.

    Police kept dumping on him, I’m thinking that the
    police missed him, he continued, saying that he
    heard at least five shots and saying that police
    are…this far from him.
    Next thing I know, the witness said, I think…dude
    start running, kept coming toward the police.

    That rendition is at odds with other accounts provided
    by Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, and other witnesses
    who have appeared on television.

    Of course “Dorian Johnson” was the accomplice in the robbery. He would have no motive to lie.

    It matters not that “Big Mike” was a vicious thug.
    What matters is that a “White Cop” shot an “Unarmed Black Teenager”.
    Giving visions of a 13 year-old Travvon being “Murdered” by “White Hispanic” Zimmerman.
    It also matters not that this “Unarmed Teenager” was 6′ 4″ and close to 300 pounds.

    I’ll tell you what. If that young-man turned around, after I command him to “Freeze!”, after he had sucker-punched me and tried to get my gun, I would not be under the impression that he was rushing to me to surrender and be cuffed. I would think that he was going to take my life, and would shoot, and continue to shoot, until he stopped…

  102. We got rain.

  103. No rain here. :(

  104. It can take more than one bullet to remove the threat of someone that big charging at you. And every police officer knows that.

  105. We got rain.

  106. So… looting again in Ferguson. Shocked.

  107. Unless you hit the brain, heart or pelvis, it usually takes a lot of bullets to stop someone instantly.

  108. If police officers are trained to kill people charging toward them we should rethink the training.

  109. It’s a little more complex than that, MJ.

    One officer, already had (allegedly) a physical encounter with a 6’4″ 290# guy, AND there’s a second male person on scene. And Brown (allegedly) already went for his gun once.


    Heh. Reminded me of this. Yo welcome.

  111. I didn’t say kill, MJ – just remove the threat. Many times, that doesn’t involve killing. The force of the bullet hitting the body will slow forward progress – basic physics. Most officers DON’T shoot to kill. I doubt this officer wanted to, either.

    But if you were outdoors and a fully grown grizzly charged you, I doubt you would be worried about where the bullets landed in the heat of the moment. You just want the bear to quit coming after you.

  112. Wow – she sank damn far to make that commercial I’d say.

  113. Did anybody give anybody else an ultimatum about wearing sweatpants in public today?

  114. I’m wearing grey sweatshorts. Does that count?

  115. Seriously, dead already?

  116. It’s just resting. Meanwhile…

    Sign that you may need to find a more affordable hobby: When your debit card gets declined. For the $5.00 bucket of balls.

  117. Really? We’re a bear killing blog now? That’s BS!

  118. I shoulda poked some airholes before stuffing the poat in a plastic bag.


    That poor narrative keeps getting beat like a red headed stepchild.

  120. I’m sure the second autopsy ordered by Eric Holder will be completely on the up-and-up.

    God, I almost miss Janet Reno. Almost.

  121. None of that matters. UNARMED TEEN.

  122. To be fair, you kinda have to gloss over dead children at Waco to miss Reno.

  123. I said almost. Twice.

  124. **pokes an extra airhole for Sean**

  125. *gasp*


  126. I’m guessing Phat lied when he said he’d post the Yeltsin story on my blog this weekend.

  127. G’night guys. Pretty sure Phat got roped into Mrs Phat’s party plans for the wknd.

  128. Well you know just what you do to me
    The way you move soft and slippery
    Cut the night just like a razor
    Rarely derp and that’s the danger

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