Saturday new poat

Pull over!
Good morning.


  1. Breakfast to go with that coffee

  2. Morning Roamster, thanks for poating.

  3. Caught a teenaged possum this morning in the skunk trap. I asked him if he knew Leon but he just hissed at me like a vampire.

    Every possum I’ve met is dead and buried.


  4. Morning.

  5. Pupster is a good judge of driving skill

  6. >>Every possum I’ve met is dead and buried.

    Sure. You just need to broaden the definition of dead.

  7. Mr. RFH took that pic on our last trip.

  8. “Anything I missed?”

    the hats and oil skin coats

  9. Today is TiFW Daughter #2’s 23rd birthday.
    I was only 6 when she was born…..

  10. Time for some sports

  11. Good mornooooooooooh…. coffee!


  13. Apparently Firefox’s “update later” option is all of 2 minutes.

  14. roamy, try Comodo’s version of Firefox … Comodo Ice Dragon. More secure, and faster by far.

  15. Da fuk?

  16. Clint, there’s a pile of work stuff that isn’t compatible with anything other than Firefox and Internet Explorer.

    Gah, Firefox, fuck OFF. Four update notices in the last 20 minutes. No, dammit!


  18. Roamy it may work though because it’s built on Firefox code

  19. mac: firefox/preferences/advanced/updates/ – choose your version.
    windows: it is supposed to be under tools/options/advanced.

  20. The Googleman and I spent close to six hours last night trying to figure out why Chrome keeps crashing on me; he kept working on it after I went to bed… seems to be my Panda Security :(

  21. #5 update reminder. I give in. Watch this mofo melt down my laptop.

  22. Any thoughts on Comodo Dragon, CB/Rob?

  23. Two reboots. Hope this POS decides to behave for a while.

  24. Goomaoragoing. No;eled a salllittle more oocccfrfeee.


    20 days ’til TITS

  26. Much better:

  27. In the words of the prophet mohammed “Go forth and fuck goats.”

  28. We have over 100 lbs of meat on hand.

  29. If we had 50 lbs of coffee we would be all set.

  30. How much of that is slightly used goat meat?

  31. How are XMom and HotBride doing today? Hope both of them are on the mend!

  32. No goat. New meat guy has crayfish for $2 per lb, gonna try some.

  33. Caught a teenaged possum this morning in the skunk trap. I asked him if he knew Leon but he just hissed at me like a vampire.

    That made me giggle like a loon.

  34. Today is TiFW Daughter #2’s 23rd birthday.
    I was only 6 when she was born…..

    HA! Happy Birthday #2iFW.

  35. HotBride is still recovering. She has no energy to do anything but lie in bed.

  36. XMom is still suffering nausea and discomfort. She’s got a consult scheduled with a surgeon.

  37. Update on Ferguson:

    “I am absolutely floored they’re letting them loot. Someone take back the streets and kick out the highway patrol and save the hugs for later.”

    From my source, who is a 9/11 operator.

    I lay this solely at the feet of democrat asswipe Gov.Obama-ballsucker-Nixon. He got rid of the regular police and brought in the state police under the order to have a ‘softer’ touch.

    The regular police tried to bring order and tried to stop the vandalism. Now? The residents of Ferguson are at the mercy of thugs, while Nixon’s fleet stands by and watches. Typical leftists. Hey leftards, now would be a great time to start confiscating guns. Can’t have anyone hurting one of Obama’s sons.

  38. Anybody who knows the laws, that grand jury has indicted him, which means the judge can sentence him to upto 109 years in jail.
    Question is, how can they actually carry out the sentence unless Perry willingly walks into jail?

  39. Tush, it’s a long, long way from grand jury indictment to sentencing. And really, one suspects that’s the point. The DA knows there’s virtually no chance of a conviction, but instead, holding the specter of a felony charge over the head of a likely candidate for president.

  40. Think Progress has a surprisingly balanced look at the Perry charges.

  41. Pretty much the same tactic as Delay 8 – 10 years ago. Ronnie Earl, the Travis County DA at the time, got a conviction from a Travis County jury. Shit got reversed and rediculed by an appelate judge but by then Delay had been discredited and run out at the national level. That’s all they’re aiming for here with the current scrunt DA.

  42. Anyone who sees the video of that scrunt DA and her DUI arrest is going to know that she is being a vindictive bitch.

    It will be interesting to discover just what she was doing that night – she is a well-known lesbian (shocking, I know). Wonder who her “friend” was that she claimed to be visiting.

    Oh, wait – she was at the movies.

    And she hadn’t been drinking – that open vodka bottle just happened to be there.

  43. To be quite honest, I’m a pretty vindictive bitch when my BAC hit’s .238 myself.

  44. I think it’s funny that she decided to pull over to be responsible; or she felt guilty or whatever but then she got a dewey anyway.

  45. I think this little clown car of a grand jury down in Austin is going to go kablooey all over the democrats.

    How do you say bukakke with a Texas drawl?

  46. **cuts blogs ears off for necklace**

  47. Emphasis on the COCK.

  48. I haven’t brought booze into a movie since high school. That was a cold weather thing. Summers were for pit parties and bonfires.

  49. I got hammered watching United 93 in a theatre. Then I drunk emailed Ace my review.

    Good times. 2006.

  50. Grumpy Old Men + alcohol + drive in = good times

  51. If you count the drive in movies I’d add 4 more years of college to that. There were two drive ins near us. Avon, MA was stricter and we never went there. Skyview on the south side of Brockton was the jungle, there was an anything goes attitude there. The only time the cops showed up was for a brawl. Of the many times I went there with my friends I cannot recall a specific movie on the screen. Lawn chairs and beer and a safe place to drink without being pulled over. Good memories.

  52. I just looked them up. Avon drive in is now a walmart and Skyview is a 55+ community but they left the sign up. What was more interesting was the history of the site: it used to be part of an airport.

  53. That damn fool Gov. Jay Nixon just declared a state of emergency in Ferguson and imposed a midnight to 5am curfew.

    Then he let Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panthers run his presser for a time.

    Democrat Lacy Clay wants Eric Holder to take over the investigation.

    Big puddle of dumbf*cks holding a press conference.

    Now there is talk that this situation is not something the state police is supposed to be doing and that they should have maybe come in and worked with local police. FFS.

  54. Hummingbird feeder outside the hospice window is a busy place, wiserbud would hate that. They did a really nice job on the grounds here, really pretty.

  55. I said it early yesterday, put in the National Guard.

  56. I heard local dumbass opinions on fergeson last night beasn, but i didnt feel like arguing about it.

  57. I forget who said it, but Democrats haven’t sided with a drunk driver this strongly since Chappaquidick.

  58. Sharpton and Jackson would have a field day with that, xbrad.

  59. Just sold the best goddam truck ever.

    I’m gonna miss it, the cash will help me

  60. Jimbro, I went walking in the woods and through all kinds of prickly undergrowth and got jaggers broken off under my skin. The ol’ great-great grandmother’s salve that we talked about smeared on a band-aid pulled them out. The interesting. Sheep’s tallow, beeswax, flower heads (not specified), etcetera.

    We’re going to look in my grandmother’s cookbook to see if there is a version that is more specific about the flowers.

  61. Greetings, people who totally don’t still smell like Friday night’s party.

  62. Comment by xbradtc on August 16, 2014 5:20 pm

    I said it early yesterday, put in the National Guard.

    The problem isn’t the lack of National Guard units, it’s that the leadership from the governor on down won’t allow law enforcement to actually keep the peace. Guardsmen would probably be told to do exactly what the police are doing now: nothing.

  63. They should call in Batman.

    No, not the Batman who hangs out here. The real one.

  64. I’m glad you found it Lippy. Hopefully you can narrow down the flower heads. I’m guessing she used native flowers and the contents varied from time to time. I looked for folk remedy drawing salves but it was not a fruitful search. There’s a woman down in Rockport who is one of those Earth Mother types doing this kind of thing for decades. Here’s her version of a salve:

    Way too many ingredients for a quick and easy construct. Probably easier to just buy a jar. That doesn’t help solve the mystery of GGGM’s ingredients though.

  65. BIg party tonight at Casa De Phat.

    Originally was going to be a ladies-only going away party for a neighbor who is moving.

    Then they told the husbands they had to come as well.

    Sauget trip Uh, Poker night defeated.

    Mrs Phat’s superpower is being able to sense when I’m contemplating something fun and/or illicit. Then foiling my plans.

  66. Jimbro, that sounds like Friday.

  67. I said it early yesterday, put in the National Guard.

    What Alex said up yonder. ^^

    Local police were made the bad guys because they were doing something. Governor said no….give kissy kissies and eat those rocks and bottles.

  68. Cybersex. There’s a term that didn’t last long.

  69. Beasn,

    Got a bad feeling the protesters are going to be catching bullets tonight.

    The vibe I got was that the business owners aren’t going to stand by and watch their livelihood destroyed.

    Yeah, useless cop, stand over there with your little M-9.

    My Ar-15 says you will NOT steal my shit.

  70. Daddy’s Fish Fingers?

  71. It sounds weird

  72. Something similar happened in LA, with the Korean business owners, didn’t it?

  73. Cybersex I mean. Daddy’s Fish Fingers sounds like Friday.

  74. Yep, haven’t killed that brain cell with alcohol yet.

  75. Ferguson is 83% African American, 79% Asian American, 482% Yeti American, 8% Filet ‘o Fish American, and 2% Jewish.

    So…it’s a Jewish conspiracy.

    /Free Palestine

  76. Hi

  77. Hummingbird feeder outside the hospice window is a busy place

    Sounds like the scenery is kinda nice at the hospice, Jay; I’m glad for that.

  78. I took Googleman out driving again. He did well.


  79. *slaps Cyn with a mini crab leg

  80. They brought her hummingbird feeder from home, and the hummingbirds found it right away.

    There are butterfly gardens, and tons of flowers. They really have the place looking great. She wants to go outside when she feels more comfortable, and they will wheel her bed right outside. Pretty neat.

  81. *grabs MJ, dunks and holds him down in the clarified butter

  82. So from TITS, I’m flying to Portland then to Spokane. GND is flying back to Tampa.

    She’ll be in Charlotte for a week before TITS, but I have to go to Louisville for a few days.

    Gonna be nuts.

  83. Holy frequent flyer miles, Batman!

  84. and they will wheel her bed right outside. Pretty neat.

    No shit? That’s wonderful, and the weather right now is hopefully excellent for this.

  85. Something similar happened in LA, with the Korean business owners, didn’t it?


  86. I’ve started a packing list for TITS: blender, Red Solo cups, toothbrush.

    Am I forgetting anything??

  87. Hahahaha, great find there, Sean. Glad you could peel yourself away from the personals section to share that with us.

  88. Band Aids.
    Duct tape.
    Brick wall chalk.

  89. Goggles.

  90. Sharpies, Polaroid camera, dildos

  91. Knife for beasn to hold menacingly near wiser in a picture

  92. Wish I could claim credit, but one of the Morons posted that on facechimp, J’Ames.

  93. Ice, beef, denial

  94. Diet Dr Pepper

  95. Pudding.
    Painter’s Tape.
    Push pins.

  96. Suntan lotion

  97. bulldog
    blue heeler
    golden retriever

  98. Is there going to be a schoolbus?

  99. Tiger balm
    Baby oil

  100. Knife for beasn to hold menacingly near wiser in a picture

    That would have been awesome for the Meat Locker – maybe Lipstick can be our knife wielderer since beasns is unable to join us blowing us off.

  101. No school bus – that epicness will never be duplicated. So fun.

  102. Bowling balls
    Head cheese

  103. Maybe a long rope for everyone to hold onto as we walk down the avenue and back to the hotel.

    And a wagon.

  104. Lubes

  105. Rufies
    More Rufies

  106. Shoe polish.
    Cork board.
    Number 7 pencil lead.

  107. Penicillin

  108. Shaving cream.
    Melon baller.
    9-volt batteries.

  109. Ties

  110. Cargo shorts
    Swisher Sweets

  111. Bird food
    Name tags

  112. Binoculars.
    Dawn dishsoap.

  113. Police scanner

  114. That one red wig, long hair.
    CFM pumps.

  115. Salt
    Extra socks

  116. No spatula? WTF is wrong with you people?

  117. Driving gloves

    Gas mask


  118. Ice tongs.
    Mini whisk.
    Phone card.

  119. Bottled Water
    Trash Bags

  120. Stuff to make nachos
    Stuff to make martinis
    Stuff I couldn’t get through a security checkpoint

  121. You’d better get over here and show us how it’s done, Pepe. One hour flight.

  122. Forged Passports
    Boarding Passes

  123. Crock pot.
    Old Bay.
    Game of Twister.

  124. College diploma

    Talcum powder

    Your mom’s phone number

  125. Full tank of gas
    Half a pack of cigarettes

  126. Anticipation

  127. Jive to English handbook

    Coach ticket


  128. HAHAHAHA.

  129. Numbing cream.
    Shot glasses.

  130. Mouthwash
    Hair gel
    Nipple clamps

  131. Chicken entrails

  132. El Guapo

    A sweater

    Martin Short

  133. Muddler.
    Space pens.
    Bail money

  134. Jello.
    Cards Against Humanity.
    Extension cord.

  135. The whip
    The idol
    The whip

  136. Camcorder.
    Lighter fluid.
    Bicycle pump.

  137. Tears of joy.
    Tears of shame.
    Tears of riot gas.


  139. Plaid hat
    Golf clubs
    14 dollars

  140. Phone book.
    Funnel cakes.

  141. KY

  142. Fire
    Sunny days that never end

  143. Police uniform
    Sailor suit
    Amyl nitrate

  144. KY


  145. AAA TripTik

  146. Tums
    Chocolate syrup

  147. Spanish phrase book
    swim trunks

  148. A muddler.

  149. Hahaha

  150. Codeine

  151. Candles
    Rose petals
    Cattle prod

  152. Pine tar
    Ink well
    Chuck Taylors

  153. >>>HAHAHAHA.

    You love me…..

  154. Snorkel
    Silk rope

  155. Cheese

  156. Nair
    Pop rocks

  157. Burt’s Bees
    Leather restraints

  158. Ballpoint pen
    Pint of Old Harper

  159. Napalm
    Gallon of Arnold Palmers
    Chocolate (the good stuff)

  160. Hugs

  161. Coffee
    Toilet paper
    Illegal fireworks

  162. Olde English
    Shoe Polish
    Can of Raid

  163. Old Spice
    Old man.

  164. Surgical mask
    Slow jams tape

  165. Planes

  166. DAMMIT!!!!!!

    Laughing my ass off on this thread and now, I have to go hang out at the neighbor’s house.

    Latest issue of Family Handyman
    Latest issue of Cosmo
    Latest issue of Lesbos in Leather

  167. Fanny

  168. Imodium
    School bus

  169. Latest issue of Lesbos in Leather

    The Lisa Ann layout was pretty fapworthy.

  170. Visa
    American Express

  171. Ether
    Cyn’s home address

  172. Absinthe
    Morning after pill

  173. >>>>Visa
    American Express

    And we have a winner!

  174. Bag of chips

  175. Holy Water

  176. Tarp.
    Duct Tape.
    Bag of Quick Lime…

  177. Ball peen hammer
    Fiddle Faddle

  178. Simple syrup
    Somewhat complicated syrup
    Pancake mix

  179. Gallon of Arnold Palmers

    Bwahahahaha. Gasp. Hahaha.

  180. Shoot
    Shut up

  181. Gas

  182. Hahahaha Chrispy!

  183. I saw these in the 99c store yesterday.

  184. Cannoli
    Okay, just the cannoli

  185. goodness, whoever recommended craigslist to sell a truck, holy shit I got asking price in 4 hours cash

    I also grabbed a gun and went to the back to stick cash in the machine cause thousands of dollars in cash, not good at home

  186. Thermos.
    Paddle ball.

  187. Truck

  188. I went to a Soul Food restaurant in Orlando. They called the Arnold Palmer a Shaquille O’Neal. SMFH

  189. Ice floe
    Slightly used rubber fist

  190. Pitchfork.
    Wooden stake.

  191. Brats
    Stein (Mark, not Beer)

  192. Pickled eggs
    Grey Poupon

  193. Inverted Jenny
    Action Comics #1
    Hope Diamond

  194. Felony Charges

  195. Full tank of gas
    half a pack of cigarettes

  196. Clown
    Ventriloquist dummy
    Brass knuckles

  197. Barbell

  198. Spandex

  199. Tank

  200. Alex, see 8:47.

  201. Gardening

  202. it’ll be nice next weekend not to be working this late

    I feel for the Ws and their Obamajobs, and also Car in who WILL NOT ANSWER THE GODDAMN PHONE

  203. Did anybody realize that they had all the stuff on anybody else’s list in a storage locker today?

  204. What am I, dave, chopped liver? I’m at work right this very instant.

  205. meh

  206. Catholic schoolgirl outfit.
    Bottle of Goldschläger.
    Pom poms.

    Oh, wait… that’s my real packing list.

  207. Mine too, Cyn!

  208. Goldschlager makes people barf.

  209. Well, there’s a happy thought!

  210. Keep that stuff packed up or you’re walking, b-rad.

  211. Mare got a new job

  212. Soap

  213. Hope
    Manure Spreader

  214. *lowers chin to chest and whispers…*


  215. ^^^^Brick!!!!


  217. Sports is back!

  218. Scott, got off work in time to watch Reds/Rockies. Game postponed because of flooding in LoDo. Helloooo…let’s pave arroyos and give the water an easy way to traverse from mountain to flood plain.

  219. Helmet.
    Kiddie wading pool.

  220. Oso, the only real sport is football.

  221. Why can’t you play baseball in the rain?

  222. I think it messes up their hair.

  223. Messy hair makey baseball player all sad face.

  224. Mud might mess up their manicures.

  225. The only real football is college football.

  226. Plus, getting those stains out of the uniform.

  227. The only real college football is ‘bama.

  228. It wasn’t even raining!!! It was raining in the mountains and flooding in Lower Downtown! Like nobody could see THAT happening. Same geniuses that built an open air stadium in Minneapolis and didn’t think Spring snow.

  229. Have you guys watched Mo’Ne play? LLWS is getting real, yo.

  230. Dammit – I lost my code book again.

  231. Girl pitching in the Little League World Series. She threw a shutout.

  232. There is no code book. adfga

  233. Little League World Series. Girl that kicks ass. Mo’Ne shut down Tennessee yesterday.

  234. Thank you.

    That’s impressive.

  235. Cardinals look good. We could go all the way.

  236. Double take on Cyn’s Cardinals comment. Then I remembered…AZ CARDINALS.

  237. I always knew Sparky was gay. (Bullying ASU RED shirt senior)

  238. Did anybody put a Doyers shirt on their packing list? I don’t want to have to cut a motherfucker.

  239. My bad. Water main break. Totes had nothing to do with geographical location of stadium.

  240. Doyers shirt is mothballed after last Thursday’s game. Feh.

  241. Without being rayciss Sean, show me on the Dora doll who scared you?

  242. It’s not like I have an Angels shirt somewhere.

  243. You don’t have an Angels shirt? I have an Angels shirt.

  244. I can’t do that without being rayciss.

    *has flashback of tattoos, ratty mustaches, and the smell of Modelo*

  245. The Isotopes have become thugged out since we went back to the Dodgers. Local gangs have adopted original Dukes gear, too. Guy at work had an Angels tat. I was like “Oh, you like the Angels?” He gave me a WTF? look. He was from a Santa Ana neighborhood that had the halo logo as their dealio. He was a Mexican Nat’l that didn’t know baseball, only gang banging.

  246. I only have a ‘bama shirt because someone gave it to me for Xmas.

  247. Órale.

  248. Hahaha I know those guys!!! (I don’t, but maybe 40 that look just like them)

  249. **cough**

  250. I still say they should get Batman in there.

  251. Ferguson ain’t no Gotham.

  252. *looks at Orale picture, makes note to kick Sean in the family jewels at TITS meat-up*

  253. I think that makes you the second person to threaten to kick me in the nads next month. Vman was the other, IIRC.

  254. FACK!!!! Pepe got Le Pewed again and I just want to puke!!! I H8 SKUNKS!!!


  256. Pretty much…but dead and stinky. Not cute like your pic, XB

  257. Ooooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    Ooooh that smell
    The smell of derp surrounds you

  258. Morning, children.

  259. Tractor
    7 kegs

  260. Oh my!

    *clutches pearls*

  261. Macallan 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth

  262. Hog roast in 3 hours. A future deacon stayed out overnight roasting it behind the church. That man understands community service.

  263. In the future overnight pig roasts will be done by robots.

  264. Possibly, there’s basically a bullet-proof algorithm he’s following, but we lack the android.

    He has temp probes blue-toothed to his phone, he gets text updates if they drift too far.

  265. Sexy robots.

  266. When Mr. RFH’s family has a pig roast, there is a keg. Hope someone gave that man a beer, or maybe some coffee.

  267. The whole overnight process is a part of the fun. A few people do that with bean hole beans and pigs around here. Lawn chairs and a cooler filled with beer seem to be a necessary component.

  268. I look forward to a private retirement villa with daily chiarascurra staffed by a bevy of Carmen Villalobots.

  269. There was a keg involved. And lawn chairs.

  270. I helped set up the tent and hauled most of the picnic tables under it yesterday.

  271. Heh. Villalobots might be a little high maintenance if you make them muck out the barn.

  272. Carmen Villalobot’s meatspace counterpart seems nice.

  273. I had to look up bean hole beans. Sounds good.

  274. Good morning, sunshines.

  275. Knew Poat.

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