MMM 135: don’t tell me no jive

Anything I say after that headline which even tangentially refers to the first anti-American American President will be racist by default, so I’m not even going to bother. I mean, the joke’s so heavily implied that it doesn’t even need to be told. Meta-joke of meta-racism.

Also, Obama is a narcissistic, bumbling, living proof of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Civilization has faced his like before and survived, but I’m really hoping the restoration will be a little faster this time than it was after Nero. I’m sure the zombie apocalypse that is the only natural aftereffect of the current ebola outbreak will be a factor. I’m not sure if it will be overall positive or negative, though.

Now, happy thoughts to keep you aloft. Happy thoughts like front squats.

She has pretty hair.
So does she.
Back squats are also happy thoughts.
I would resist the urge to go hunting for “allthickwomen” at work unless you want to look for a job.
My goodness but she’s almost modestly dressed. How’d this get in the binders?
You know her boyfriends has had just about enough of this and just wants to get to the kitchen.
2 seconds after this was taken, she was tackled by Kool Aid Man.
Happy Monday, folks. I have a 3-hour long make-it-or-break-it meeting scheduled for 9-noon tomorrow morning, so I’m probably working a a not-a-double double today.


  1. Morning folks, out the door for workie workie

  2. Morning, children. Good job, Leon.

  3. Skunk trapper re baited the traps with sardines. Neighbors cat had a bad night.

  4. Always bait traps with smelly fruit. Cats won’t bother, and you might catch a rabbit or squirrel.

  5. Poor pupster, all the howling and yowling you must have had to endure.

    And you had to listen to the cat, too!

  6. I could see the collars of the other bar, and she was too far back when she stopped walking.

  7. Looks like Andy has a new smoker.

  8. FFS, leon.

  9. WHAT, MJ, WHAT!?

  10. I don’t think she’s doing backsquats. Looks like lunges.

  11. Lunges with and extra 135? Impressive.

  12. Add another 25#, and she’s doing lunges with my weight.

  13. Always bait traps with smelly fruit.

    I don’t think MJ is in Ohio this week.

  14. Wasn’t sure if she might be taking the step out for the squats. You’re right, might be lunges.

    Jay, you weigh 160?

  15. I think MJ would have preferred if my

    I could see the collars of the other bar, and she was too far back when she stopped walking.

    had just been


  16. We need an updated picture J’ames. So people will recognize you!

  17. I went to that adventure park in Bloomfield hills yesterday. It was fun. It really shows, though, that people need to lift more. lol. My upper body strength made a lot of the moves a ton easier for me than most of the people in front of me.

  18. For most people, the answer to DYEL? is: what’s DYEL?

  19. This one here:

    Most people had to try to step on those little triangle things (EVERY ONE)- it was a mess. I was embarrassed for the guy in from of me. I used my arms and pretty much swung across, just using a few of triangles to aim for the next rope grab.

  20. You might want to add in her weight, too.

  21. I might have to go try that after my shoulder is 100%. Looks fun.

  22. I still want to know what MJ is pissed at me for. Now I’m going to ruminate all effin’ day.

    Oh wait, no I won’t.

  23. It is fun. I was pretty much able to do everything with minimal problem, but there was ONE more course that was the hardest, and I didn’t have time to try that.

  24. Yes you will.

  25. I had chia seeds in my smoothie this morning, Car in. CHIA SEEDS.

  26. I put chia seeds in my yogurt.

  27. Eww.

  28. MJ, if your FFS was in response to this:

    “I could see the collars of the other bar, and she was too far back when she stopped walking.”,

    The person whose mind works with most logical precision is Leon.
    Scientists who want computers to mimic human brains haven’t had much success because they tried to mimic the normal messy human brain.

    They should try to model them after Leon’s noggin. Easier to bridge that gap.

    I have a couple more friends like that. You can almost see the gears shifting and whirring in their brains.

  29. I put chia seeds on my Chia Pet.

  30. Tushar, do we really want a computer that thinks like leon? Didn’t you see War Games? Or Terminator?


    25 days ’til TITS

  32. Oh yeah, Eviction Watch: day 27.

  33. I scored ISTJ on my last personality test too. It is unfortunate that my personality did not come with a scientific mind.

  34. I just did the same thing. I was an INTJ. Third time in a row, so I’m pretty sure this is me.

  35. I am INTJ as well.

  36. I was INTJ before my divorce. I think I distrust my intuition now.

  37. I’m Batman.

  38. Heard that on the radio the other day.

  39. The J in that type stands for judging.
    To be able to judge, you need two things: a set of rigid moral principles, and an absolute sense of fairness.

    For the liberal mind, there is no such thing as rigid moral principles. Everything is flexible, morality is a cis white construct, and principles is a empty bag that can be filled with anything that suits your current need.

    Fairness has different meaning for liberals. For us, a fair 100 meter race is where everyone starts at the same time from the same line. For them, a fair race is one where everyone finishes at the same place at the same time. And then the winner is the one who can rack up the most SJW points in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, fatness, otherkinness and triggers.

  40. I think I distrust my intuition now.

  41. So we’re havin’ us some of that fine ol’ summertime lootin’, riotin’, and burnin’ in St. Louis.

    Burn, baby, burn. Burn it down. All the way to the ground.

  42. I hope Rosetta makes it out safely.

  43. If 0bama had sired dozens of children from different women like his father, they would have looked like the rioters.

  44. Doesn’t Beasn live in StL too?

  45. She lives in a western suburb if I recall correctly.

  46. Technically, I live in a western suburb of Detroit. It’s relatively safe.

  47. Leon, I am upto 135 lb on deadlifts, which means the 45 lb plates are on, and I don’t need to stoop low.

    Did not get the rack setup yet. Soon….

  48. Leon, if you were to setup a home gym, with one 7′ bar permanently on the rack, and another on the floor for deadlifts, and you had one good and one not-so-good bar, which one will you use where?

  49. Been low-carbing for like, four days and already see a difference in my face and figure. Not even ultra-low carbing. Still having my yogurt with fruit, and condiments and stuff.

    Why don’t I eat like this all the time??

    -Oh, right. The Persistent Sadness.

    I’m fighting it off, but it is happening again. Can’t seem to get through that wall.

  50. How is it not-so-good? Deadlifts are going to do the most damage to it over time, so if you put the “bad” one there you won’t screw up the good one, but you’ll eventually need to buy a new one and maybe rotate them.

    Laura, if you give it time it should pass, for me it’s usually day 5 through day 11 or so.

  51. Adding coconut fat can help with that, too.

  52. Laura, you can take Prozac for the sads, if you can put up with side effects like abnormal dreams, abnormal ejaculation, anorexia, anxiety, asthenia, diarrhea, dry mouth, dyspepsia, flu syndrome, impotence, insomnia, libido decreased, nausea, nervousness, pharyngitis, rash, sinusitis, somnolence, sweating, tremor, vasodilatation, and yawn.

    That bit of extra carbs don’t look so bad now, do they?

  53. FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – At least a dozen businesses in north St. Louis County were looted Sunday following a peaceful vigil.

    Hundreds gathered Sunday for a vigil in memory of shooting death of Michael Brown, the Ferguson, MO teen who was shot by a Ferguson Police officer Saturday afternoon. Brown was unarmed.

    The QuikTrip convenience mart at West Florissant was looted and set on fire.

    No word on whether Trayvon Martin-branded apparel was stolen.

  54. MCTs, Laura. The faster you can get your brain running on ketone bodies, the better you’ll feel.

  55. Leon, one bar came with the $225 weight set I bought. I am assuming it is not very good quality, because a good bar costs $150+ all by itself.
    I am not planning on buying a good bar right away, but might buy one later when I get annoyed with getting it on and off the rack too often.

    Anyway, I don’t foresee lifting 400 lbs, so even a bad bar should hold up for a bit.

  56. That’s one of the reasons that middling low carb can be so miserable. Your brain hordes the glucose and doesn’t make the enzymatic changes as fast as it could, and may not do it at all. So it uses the sugar you have, then runs out, then you suffer.

  57. As long as the weights stay on it and the knurling is sharp and it’s not seriously bent, it should be fine for deadlifts.

  58. Try taking a Vitamin D supplement, Laura – past a certain age, a lot of folks are at least slightly deficient in it, even if they get out in the sun every day.

    I noticed a change in not only my happiness level, but also in the quality of my sleep.

    There is a blood test that can check your levels, if you want to get a baseline; I don’t know if most doctors order one as a matter of routine.

  59. Coconut fat gives me heartburn. I will try again but add it only in the mornings.

  60. I keep forgetting to take my D sups. Thanks, Teresa.

  61. It’s raining.

  62. Nothing is sadder than a wet muppet.

  63. The doc prescribed me supplements to improve my memory.

    I always forget to take them.

  64. Raining here too. I was going to water the plants. OBE.

  65. You try fisting a dry muppet. That’s hard, man.

  66. You try fisting a dry muppet. That’s hard, man.

    Thank Gaia MJ’s avatar isn’t a teletubby.

  67. Them Briggs and Stratton folks be weird.
    Why would you make a different infernal combustion engine for every personality type?

    **walks away confusedly mumbling to himself**

  68. Can’t seem to get through that wall.

  69. Can’t seem to get through that wall.

    Dwell on this image:

  70. Can’t seem to get through that wall.

  71. One of the reports I read about the St. Louis situation was that the dead guy was attacking a police officer and the officer shot him. So what if he wasn’t armed?

    We’ve been over this shit before.

  72. This is coming here. It’s only natural.

    DANBURY, U.K.–A wealthy gay couple has decided to launch a lawsuit to force their church to perform their wedding. The Drewitt-Barlows, a millionaire couple from the U.K, stated, “We’ve launched a challenge to the government’s decision to allow some religious groups to opt out of marrying same-sex couples.”

    Both attend St. John the Baptist church, a branch of the Church of England, and have been in a civil partnership since 2006.
    Barrie Drewitt-Barlow said that he and his partner Tony, “feel we have the right as parishioners in our village to utilize the church we attend to get married.

    From March this year.

  73. The reason you don’t understand this, Hotspur, is that you’re white. You’re morally inferior.

  74. I would very, very much like 10 minutes to explain to Henry VIII what his desperate desire for a divorce would eventually lead to.

  75. You’d think he would have just pushed her down the stairs, FFS.

  76. I know, right? I think he thought there was tax revenue and land to be had and decided it would be totally worth it.

    Short-sighted doofishness. It’s obvious that Charles is his descendent.

  77. See what I mean? It’s always the rich white man at the bottom of it all. Goddamn Henry VIII.

  78. Is Charles his descendant. I thought Henry VIII was a Tudor. These cockgobbling Germans are Windsors.

    *too lazy to look it up*

  79. Vacationing President Obama will host his 401st fundraiser Monday night on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., continuing his record-setting pace that has had him collecting checks from donors at events on average every five days since becoming president.

    So, Lightworker Von Moneybags has been Dictator for about 2000 days so far. 401 fundraisers, so that’s roughly one cash-grabbing shindig about every five days. It’s the only thing he does more than golf.

  80. I thought there was some linearity between the two, but I admit to a studied disinterest in the royal family.

  81. I wonder if Spike Jonze will produce a new version of Camelot on stage with an all-black cast. Oh wait, we have one already in the White House.

    Queen Latifah can play Guinevere. Or Martin Lawrence.

  82. Hahahahahaha

    Go read the top story at Ace’s.

  83. The royal family has a fresh prince and heir to the throne: prince George.
    Prince George is one year old, and exudes the charm and cuteness that is natural for his age. So far, he has shown remarkable royal poise and restraint. There are no stories of the prince beheading random peasants or abducting young lasses.
    His goo-goos and burbles have not yet acquired that snooty royal accent.

    But the vituperations of some internet anti royalists are something to behold.

  84. 21 years from now we’ll hear about George’s parties in Cabo.

  85. I LOVE the ‘this and that, but mostly that’ headline format.

  86. It seems the prince does have his moments of tempestuousness and royal haughtiness.

  87. Whatever you think of him, O’Keefe is a first class troll. Absolutely hilarious.

    In a Project Veritas investigation released on Monday, James O’Keefe crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico to the United States disguised as Osama bin Laden.

    Dressed in the trademark military jacket and dishdasha and donning an Osama bin Laden mask, O’Keefe asks, “Do you feel safe” before stepping into the Rio Grande and easily walking across the border into the United States.

  88. I thank god every day for Henry VIII

  89. *makes note never to marry MJ*

  90. VDH encapsulates the black hole of failure that is Licorice Dick. Outstanding summary.

  91. I got some unaffordable healthcare today.

    Dr visit – $75
    Prescription – $20 ($4 at Walmart)

  92. The QuikTrip convenience mart at West Florissant was looted and set on fire.
    No word on whether Trayvon Martin-branded apparel was stolen.

    Nah, just anything and everything. Obama’s sons also showed up with a truck to haul off an ATM, too.

    This is what happens when your state owned pets get bored.

    I’m waiting to hear from some friends within the police community who were monitoring the situation.

  93. I got some unaffordable healthcare today.

    It’s my understanding that this is now illegal. Call the cops.

  94. Scott didn’t get help through Obamacare? How unpatriotic.

  95. If Scott got help from Obamacare, it would have cost him $10k more.

  96. I should put some pants on. Brb.

  97. I would have saved $60 if I had an $4000 insurance plan.

  98. This whole “women aren’t chattel” crowd really fucked things up.

  99. I’d argue that the “men are just drafthorses and wallets” crowd hasn’t helped matters much either.

  100. I’d argue that the “men are just drafthorses and wallets” crowd hasn’t helped matters much either.

    *sends Leon to visit a farrier*

  101. We took our daughter back to school yesterday and after we let her know we made it back home okay, she told us she was watching ‘Frozen’ with a male friend.


    She is either clueless or he is gay.

  102. Hey beasn, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

  103. Let it go, beasn

  104. How is the eye looking Scott? Did they give you a diagnosis of stinkeye or pinkeye?

  105. What should we talk about while Beasn puts her pants on?

  106. Oh, she’s already back.

    Nice pants, but shouldn’t you button them?

  107. Let’s talk about the ghetto bar.

  108. The ghetto bar is for sale.

  109. I watched The Lion King while I was dating. That’s basically the only reason.

  110. Have you put in an offer yet?

  111. Are you shitting me? Once was enough.

  112. It’s ugly Jimbro. The lower eye puffed up overnight.

  113. Let’s buy it.

  114. Let’s find someone else to buy it.

  115. I’ve always sort of wondered if you could make any money on a bakery/bar that did coffee and donuts in the AM and booze and stale donuts in the evening.

  116. for beasn:

  117. So, I’m reading this dickbrain crap, and I’m thinking; yesterday I saw a woman whom I haven’t seen in probably 15 years. Admittedly she’s quite attractive, but I was stunned that she hasn’t changed. I said “You don’t look like you’ve aged a day.”

    And she was quite cool too me after that.

    What the fuck is wrong with women?

  118. Sounds like a compliment to me, but then if I say it to a woman my age I’m telling an almost-40 that she looks early 20s.

  119. I’m glad you got it checked out. Cellulitis around the eye can get bad fast.

  120. I’ve always sort of wondered if you could make any money on a bakery/bar that did coffee and donuts in the AM and booze and stale donuts in the evening.

  121. to

  122. Scott had fatty folds around his eye that made him look bad in a bikini?

  123. LOL

    Russ is a funny writer.

  124. Hey, Leon, here’s an event for you to consider attending:

  125. Hey beasn, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?


    And wiser, that is hysterical.

  126. And wiser, that is hysterical.

    Makes me laugh every time I watch it.

  127. Just got done talking to someone in the know regarding Obama’s sons trashing their community.

    1. That poor innocent boy was 17, over 6′, and weighed in about 240#

    2. He was walking down the middle of the road and the cop told him he needed to get on the sidewalk.

    3. Kid didn’t like it, attacked the cop in his vehicle, and tried grabbing the cop’s gun. Cop shot him in the vehicle and the tussle continued in the road.

    4. When backup was called, those cops were shot at by the upstanding members of the community. When cops from other cities were called, they too, were shot at. The media is not reporting this.

    5. The employees of Quick Trip were in fear for their lives and escaped out the back, but not before removing their identifying shirts, and being driven away by police who came to the rescue. Media is not reporting this.

    6. Cop cars were vandalized and set on fire. Media isn’t reporting this.

    7. Local media is memorializing the sweet boy.

    8. Cops with riot gear were all put on stand-by for tonight.

  128. My ‘in the know’ person says the events are so much worse than what the media is showing.

    I hope the businesses around there say ‘fuck it’ and leave. Though, that would mean the animals will go to other communities and rob them blind.

    But you can’t say anything because you just don’t know with your white privilege. You don’t know how they suffer.

  129. If’n anyone’s interested, the watermelon from our garden was beautiful and delicious:

    There are more pictures at the link in my signature.

  130. Wow, that looks nice, Teresa. And delicious.

  131. Was Tony Stewart in St Louis recently?

  132. Obama’s on Vacation

    The world is completely going to Hell.
    (and Obama’s on vacation)
    The number of beheadings continues to swell.
    (while Obama’s on vacation)
    I can’t pay no doctor bills.
    (but Obama’s on vacation)
    Ten years from now I’ll be payin’ still
    (While Obama’s on vacation.)
    You know, the man jus’ cut my hours las’ night,
    (while Obama’s on vacation.)
    ‘Cause some loser insists that health care is a right.
    (and Obama’s on vacation.)
    Can’t barely find a job, much less get full time.
    (while Obama’s on vacation)
    And what I’m earning now is truly a crime
    (And Obama’s on vacation.)
    Taxes takin’ my whole damn check,
    The Russians make me a nervous wreck,
    The price of food is goin’ up,
    An’ as if all that crap wuzn’t enough,
    The whole damn world is going to Hell.
    (with Obama on vacation)
    And our leaders all belong in a prison cell
    (but Obama’s on vacation.)
    Was all that money I made las’ year
    For Obama on vacation?
    How come I ain’t got no money here?
    Hmm! Obama’s on vacation.
    Y’know I jus’ about had my fill
    Of Obama on vacation.
    I think I’ll sen’ these doctor bills,
    Airmail special
    To Obama on vacation

    – Wiserbud Scott Heron

  133. Haha, good one, cyn!

  134. TiFW, I left a comment at your blog. You may want to delete if you have sensitive readers

  135. Tushar was already censored in Ft Worth.

  136. The comment is weak sauce by H2 standards:

    TiFW grows huge watermelon, riots erupt in StL. Coincidence? Maybe.

  137. ‘Afternoon, morons and beautiful wimmens!

  138. Hi Chief.

  139. From Hotspur’s link it looks like a huge watermelon is going to be giving a speech in Ann Arbor soon.

  140. Wonder if there’s a seatbelt or anything.

    Hi Nessie!!

  141. Obama’s on Vacation

    The world is completely going to Hell.
    (and Obama’s on vacation)
    The number of beheadings continues to swell.
    (while Obama’s on vacation)
    I can’t pay no doctor bills.
    (but Obama’s on vacation)
    Ten years from now I’ll be payin’ still
    (While Obama’s on vacation.)
    You know, the man jus’ cut my hours las’ night,
    (while Obama’s on vacation.)
    ‘Cause some loser insists that health care is a right.
    (and Obama’s on vacation.)
    Can’t barely find a job, much less get full time.
    (while Obama’s on vacation)
    And what I’m earning now is truly a crime
    (And Obama’s on vacation.)
    Taxes takin’ my whole damn check,
    The Russians make me a nervous wreck,
    The price of food is goin’ up,
    An’ as if all that crap wuzn’t enough,
    The whole damn world is going to Hell.
    (with Obama on vacation)
    And our leaders all belong in a prison cell
    (but Obama’s on vacation.)
    Was all that money I made las’ year
    For Obama on vacation?
    How come I ain’t got no money here?
    Hmm! Obama’s on vacation.
    Y’know I jus’ about had my fill
    Of Obama on vacation.
    I think I’ll sen’ these doctor bills,
    Airmail special
    To Obama on vacation

    – Wiserbud Scott Heron


    Then what happened?

  142. Seriously, that was pretty clever.

  143. Seriously, that was pretty clever.

    Not really. People have been cutting and pasting long comments as a joke around here for a while now.

  144. Let it go, let it go.

  145. *slaps Jay right in the Elsa*

  146. What? I’m just sayin’ to not hold on to those grudges. Jeez.

    Guess I’ll just go build a snowman.

  147. We just joined a restaurant supply place. HOLY CRAP!

    Land-o lakes american cheese $2.28/lb
    Boneless chicken $1.49/lb
    Grass fed angus burgers $3.19/lb

    Grocery stores are a scam!

  148. Have the animals in Missouri burned down St. Louis yet?

  149. 100 clams – $19.99

  150. I’ve always felt that the scumbags who loot are in violation of more civil rights violations than whatever they’re “protesting” against

    Plus, they all need to be shot in the melon

  151. I’d settle for shooting them with a melon.

  152. Hahahaha.

  153. You catch a 42# melon in the head, yer fucked.

  154. >>I’d settle for shooting them with a melon.

    Or MCPO and Rosetta could headbutt them. These two have huge melons.

  155. We gotta get Gallagher on this melon-shooting idea.

  156. How come we never get to see Dickbutt’s golf scores?

  157. Because he sucks at life, golf, picking spouses without RBF, and making decisions.

  158. As much as he plays, you’d figure he’d have to be at least semi-good at it by now.

  159. Mr. TiFW left the leftover bacon-wrapped corn on the cob in the car overnight.

    If he weren’t such a great guy…..

  160. Hotspur – ’cause the uncoordinated twerp can’t break 100 with 3 mulligans per side!

  161. As much as he plays, you’d figure he’d have to be at least semi-good at it by now.

    I dunno – my parents thought the same thing about me and the piano….

  162. It has come to my attention that my little poem up yonder there might be lost on some of the younger folk ’round these parts.

    This was my inspiration:

  163. Every 15 minutes Benny asks to go outside in the rain. A minute later he comes back to the door and says “Dude, did you know it was raining? Let me in!”

    Dogs are dumb.

  164. I think I just saw Mare swim by.

    Nope, wait, that was just a whale.

  165. Booooo

  166. I want her to tell me that.

  167. Some doofus tweeted local radio show. The reason why blacks come together as a force when a white kills a black but ignores the daily black on black is because white privilege.

    Never mind there are tons more black on white crime, than white on black.

  168. Planned Parenthood sites most of their abortion clinics in black neighborhoods because white privilege.

  169. Want more reasons to weep for humanity? Here you go:

  170. Greetings, people who don’t believe that civil disobedience entails getting a new pair of Air Jordans.

    (In other words, racists.)

  171. Hola, Sean.

  172. Hey craybear. So muggy here right now. But the office A/C is working like a champ.

  173. Rain stopped, finally. More coming later, though.

    Better feed the horses while there’s time.

  174. Nice-looking buncha ladies today, leon. I especially dig the animated one.

  175. I would riot for working AC. Office+AC+working=White Privilege.

  176. Should I tell the black guy at my office to leave, Oso?

  177. Leon, if you have working AC, then yes.

  178. I’m the only white person who works here. Guess I’ll have to leave a note on the thermostat for everybody else.

  179. Is it okay if I just wait until the sale is complete and they lay him off? By then it won’t be my office anymore either.

  180. Dave, you getting any of the rain down that way? Looks like Central Texas is getting a good soaking!

  181. “You must be this Aryan to use the Air Conditioner”

  182. I’m blaming the Eco-Nazis for my misery. I remember when I used to have to take a sweater to Summer movies.

  183. Yay! Raining again. Better go turn off the swamp cooler.

  184. So, I hear Robin Williams is dead. Couldn’t stand him.

  185. Sad trombone for Robin Williams

  186. BTW 5 fans and a swamp cooler running all day only brought the temp in the condo down to 80. First World Problem. (Cooler if I sit under and in front of a fan.)

  187. Wasn’t RW originally from MI auto money?

  188. Eh, he was in a lot of stuff. He had some good roles but more bad ones, IMO. He did probably the best portrayal of an Orkan in my lifetime for example.

  189. I actually liked the first season of Mork and Mindy.

    And Williams was good in Insomnia.

    But other than that…

  190. I liked Mork and Mindy, but it wasn’t because of that asshole.

  191. Genie in Aladdin. Awakenings.

  192. I may have had a pubescent crush on Pam Dawber.

  193. Want more reasons to weep for humanity? Here you go:

    BWAHAHAHA! Those are awesome. And frankly, many are very true, but you only ‘get it’ if you’ve been there.

  194. Pam Dawber was the gawky girl next door who grew up to be hotter than a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire.

  195. Cyn, I don’t know why but “you only ‘get it’ if you’ve been there” is rayciss and saxciss. (Knows raycism and saxism when I see it, just like the SCOTUS)

  196. I liked him in “Good Will Hunting”.

  197. This is why I still read Ace when I can. From today’s piece on the Mosul Dam:

    Think about that. The same group who thought that the New Orleans levee system was “adequate” considered this particular structure to have the stability of a three-way sexual relationship between Andy Dick, Lindsey Lohan & “Eddie” the dog from “Frasier”.

    Comedy fucking gold.

  198. PG, I think Russ wrote that poat.

  199. Rayciss and saxciss are my middle names.

    I used to talk very badly about moms, especially the SAH moms, and what the hell did they do with their time all day. I came to eat every single one of those words.

  200. I liked him in The Fisher King. Underrated flick.

  201. At least words are gluten free. (Sorry TiFW)

  202. I suspect failing once more at a return to TV may have been a factor.

  203. Thought Robin Williams was a poor imitation of Johnathan Winters.

  204. Cyn, did you smoke during pregnancies?

    Did you smoke weed during pregnancies?

  205. Right you are, Hotspur. (How many of you wanna kick my ass for verbalizing that? Line starts on the left.)

    Lots of good shit over there today. But Russ was funny bastard from start to finish.

  206. Wow, you are right. I never noticed that.

  207. I was never wild about Jonothan Winters.

  208. I was too young at the time to be wild about Pam Dawber.

  209. Waiting for Obama to call a presser to let us know how we should feel about RW’s passing.

  210. I bonged my tobacco and weed at the same time, once an hour whether I needed it or not, Leon.

  211. Russ commented on my FB wall yesterday. SQUEEEE!!! He saw Cowering Wieners open for Smashing Pumpkins!!!!


  213. I bonged my tobacco and weed at the same time, once an hour whether I needed it or not, Leon.

    You should confess that.

  214. I don’t know what you people are talking about. But, this is nothing new.

  215. Chief, read Russ’s poat at Ace’s today. It is moron gold.

  216. Pretty sure Russ brought J’ames to IB and subsequently J realized he was more Hostage than Bystander. Pretty sure.

  217. Jonathan Winters suffered from depression too.

  218. Yep. Depression sucks.

  219. Real depression, not just the sadz.

  220. My injured shoulder is seriously cutting into my depression-mitigation gym time.

  221. Today I learned that I no longer have high blood pressure.

    Well, it’s slightly out of the box but not OMG! out of the box. Plus it was slightly out of the box when I was
    a) pissed off
    b) strung out on coffee
    c) slightly hungover
    d) stressed out by being at the Dr’s office.

  222. Dan found out he no longer has HBP today, too. By the WalMart workman’s comp Dr. He only had HBP these past few weeks after his freezer fall.

  223. My blood pressure has come waaaaaaay down since I got sober. They turned me away from donating blood a couple of times toward the end there.

  224. Very proud of you Sean. Anniversary is soon, right?

  225. You should try hefting a bong for your shoulder.

  226. Three years on Aug. 29.

  227. Btw, if anybody’s looking for some new jeans, Amazon is having a pretty good Levis sale right now.

  228. My inlaws celebrate 54 yrs of marriage on your 3rd anniversary.

  229. Sorry to disagree with you all, but Robin Williams brought an immense amount of joy into my life. Was he perfect? Of course not, but who is?

    The world is a much, much sadder place with his loss.

  230. I really expected him to relapse into drugs a long time ago. I’m impressed he lasted as long as he did. I know he was triathloning for a while, maybe it was his coping strategy.

  231. Gilbert Gottfried just made me cry. “From the parrot to the Genie”

  232. You are right, wiser. People loved him. May he rest in peace.

  233. Three years on Aug. 29.

    Great work, Sean.

  234. Great accomplishment, Sean!

  235. Thanks. But miles to go before I sleep, etc.

  236. Where the fuck is my bong?

  237. You poetry nerds are tedious. Miley lyrics FTW y’all.

  238. Where the fuck is my bong?

    Cyn was hogging it like pregnant lady.

  239. Three years on Aug. 29.

    **slides over another Diet Dr Pepper**

    Proud of you.

  240. He was really close with Lance Armstrong. And apparently he had a storage space with hundreds of bikes.

  241. Wonder if RW was taking medication for his depression – there seem to be an awful lot of people who hang themselves on certain ones of those….

  242. There’s an electronic billboard by a long traffic light on the drive home from work. One popular type of ad is for local realtors. WTF would make you look at candidate photos and say, “No, I don’t want one that makes me look professional and competent, let’s put up the one that makes me look like an axe murderer.” Or one that gives the impression that the number of teeth < shoe size.

  243. Congrats on the upcoming milestone, Sean.

  244. Three years on Aug. 29.
    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  245. Enough with the teeth jokes!

  246. I’m looking on youtube for the Robin Williams improv combining Shakespeare, Studio 54, and Three Mile Island. My favorite.

  247. Roamy, I’ll just scratch out the A in the dirt and say “Redneck”

  248. FU Spiderboy!!!

  249. Thumbs up, Sean. Congrats


  251. Who here was smart enough to finagle a sober guy as his designated driver for TITS?

  252. Depression and addiction are a nasty combination. I’m fortunate in that I haven’t struggled with the former. I know lots of people who do.

    Be honest with your doctors, people.

  253. FU SPIDERBOY!!! (Shut it, WP. This time was Allcaps)

  254. Anyone up for watching the FSA trashing their own town tonight?

    Radio said Rev Al Sharpton is flying in today, so that should calm the shit right the fuck down.

    The fact that the County Executive (St. Louis has a very weird city/county structure), Charlie Dooley (longtime elected head of county and, oh yeah, black guy) was all over the news calling for calm tells me he knows there was a lot more to this tragedy than meets the eye.

    He’s in a tough reelection battle. If he thought this was a slam dunk police killing he’d be the guy in front of the mob with a bullhorn.

    The fact that he was so subdued at the press conference tells me he knows more than is being reported.

    BTW, 6 Indians!

    Meant to type 5, but the fact that I slipped means I must be 6 Indians.

  255. @ Kroger just now. Cashier: “Spaghetti and wine tonight, huh?” Me:”Yep. Got to get the kids to sleep somehow.” He looked mortified. I shook my head. “Just kidding. That’s what Benadryl is for.” I’m going to hell.

    I invited you into my home as a guest. And you brought my 2 year old permanent markers and Play Doh. Next time I visit you, I’m bringing your teenage daughter condoms and crack.

    These two are awesome.


    Don’t be this.


  258. Yeah, he was awesome.

  259. Sean,

    Sincere Congrats.

    Deep down in my heart I know I need to walk the hard road you and others have paved. Still reveling in my own denial for now.

  260. Phat, I’m still on the denial road myself.

  261. CoLex, when boss in Germany invited us over to celebrate his twin boys first b’day, we bought them fingerpaint and a drum set.

  262. You know, this seems like a bit much.

    Maybe it’s just me.

  263. Congrats, Sean. You inspire me to kick my own habits.

  264. I feel totes ripped off by my 23$ Bloody at Toby Keith’s I love this bar & grill in Vegas. Just booze and Bloody. Not even Spicy.

  265. You know, this seems like a bit much.

    A smidge. Nay, a tad.

  266. I would make some crack about how you could end your addiction to muscular trannies, but today’s models are all good examples of feminine pulchritude.

    (Except #5 has dude legs.)

  267. Husband and kids are stuck in the great detroit flood of 2014.

  268. {{{hugs}}} Sean!!!!!! So very, very happy for you – and very, very glad that you are still here ♥♥♥

  269. Three years??? That’s awesome.

    *Raises wine glass in toast.


  270. Al Sharpton and jesse Jackson, the maggots that feed on the necrotic flesh of the black society. May they burn in hell.

  271. Sean survived a Dodger game at the Big A. Sobriety is cake.

  272. Toast with whatever you like, Car in. And thanks for all the kind words, but maybe everyone could wait until the end of the month. I gotta do this shit one day at a time.

  273. I saw all the negative things about Robin Williams and thought, maybe I don’t understand Hollywood after all. I like the guy.
    Wiserbud’s comment reassured me.

    I love this one:

  274. Trying to decide which One Day at a Time character Sean is…

  275. I’m still fighting the pr0n, Sean. Longest streak I’ve managed is 50 days.

  276. Tush, he kind of bit it when he went all Hippie with Billy Crystal and Whoopie and the whole Homeless dealio.

  277. Dan has been getting texts in Spanish on his phone. Hands me his phone: It’s your fucking language, translate. (I did but WTF?)

  278. Ok, not that last part about Tiger Woods. The part about the Scottish accent.

  279. Oso, I try not to judge people on the part of their life not associated with their profession.

  280. Toast with whatever you like, Car in. And thanks for all the kind words, but maybe everyone could wait until the end of the month. I gotta do this shit one day at a time.
    Pussy. At this point you should be smoking at least a week’s worth of…

    Obama sucks.

  281. Tush, I try not to judge people. Doesn’t mean I won’t boycott them.

  282. Today, I wore shorts on a capri leg day. Just saying.

  283. Suicides make me boil with rage.

  284. What do you normally boil with?

  285. My first attempt was when I was 12. Lots of therapy later. Suicide has many victims.

  286. What do you normally boil with?
    Old Bay?

  287. Stay classy, StL

  288. The brain is an organ or part of the body like any other. It can get sick.

  289. Dead Sam Walton,

    Oso is a rebel!

  290. Pussy. At this point you should be smoking at least a week’s worth of…

    Obama sucks.

    I ain’t smoking what Obama sucks. Unless…

    *checks recipe blog for Smoked Valerie Jarrett Ass*

  291. Hey all

  292. Seriously Sean, you’d tap Valerie Jarrett?

    Wow, just wow.

  293. Sam Walton was very nice. I was amazed by his memory.

  294. Heya.

  295. Scott, glad your eye will be OK.

  296. Hi, Jenn!

  297. I lasted one year in St Louis, working downtown at Cardinal Glennon. After 6 months of looking over my shoulder in the parking garage I knew it was time to move on and began my job search.

  298. Scott, don’t forget to give Wiser the stink eye before you heal completely.

  299. Dan was making funny comments about Tony Stewart today. I caught flak on FB.

  300. Anything non-depressing
    happening tonight or is everyone talking about Robin Williams

  301. Smoked Valerie Jarrett’s Ass.

    Did they open for a better known, yet equally ridiculously named band?

    Perhaps in Glendale Heights?


  302. Jimbro, Dan is NM naive. Our AA are mostly Air Force kids or Post Civil War Texas migrations. He was totally floored by the animosity of STL AA.

  303. Smoked Valerie Jarrett’s Ass.

    I bet it’s Halal.

  304. Sean, I’m going to toast you early because I have faith in you.

  305. Reminds me of a very inappropriate story.

    At a layover in Costa Rica. Captain is an older guy and notorious pussy hound.

    At the bar with him and one of our more ‘senior’ flight attendants. Let’s just call her ‘Mare’.

    He’s working it pretty hard and I go to bed early.

    Next morning, waiting for the van:

    Frank looks at me and says, ‘That lady last night, Mare, would you tap it?’

    Before I could even think of a PC response he says, ‘because I fucked her!’

    Even had the Costa Rican van driver laughing his ass off.

  306. And if you let me down, I’m going to send you a strongly worded text.

  307. Header pic reminds me of a low point in my marriage. Dan after observing people in WDW with their ankles around their feet: No matter how fat you got, you’re ankles never dragged around your feet

  308. Jenn, if you click on my name, you can see a big melon.
    And something we grew in our garden this summer.

  309. Cards lost.

    Phat sad.

  310. World record deadlift.
    His interview at the end is equally good.

  311. At the bar with him and one of our more ‘senior’ flight attendants. Let’s just call her ‘Mare’.

    That story has to be fake.

  312. Cards lost.


  313. I was wearing my really cute C shirt with Baby Bear and I was mistaken for a Cubs fan.

  314. The man in the foreground with his back to the camera is Andy Bolton, the previous world record holder.

  315. Andy didn’t use straps.

  316. Depression is a pretty suck deal.
    Been there, done that, got the scars, dealing with it again, due to pain.

    I used to try to fix it with a shrink & chemicals.
    Because I was trying to treat it, the FAA denied me even a “Third Class” medical.

    I fought those fuckers for two whole years to be able to fly, legally.

    They actually sent me a letter, to the effect of;
    “We appreciate your interest in aviation, but if you think we are going to let you fly, you ARE crazy.”
    I have it saved in my files.

    To resolve the deadlock, all I had to do was stop being treated for it.
    My medical certificate was actually signed by “Audie Davis”, head of the FAA medical branch at that time.

    This is a short lesson, boys and girls, about why pilots are the healthiest group of people in the world.
    If they admit that they ‘have/are being treated for’ health problems, they lose their livelihood.

    Sorry for the “Wall Of Text”, but Phat knows what I’m talking about…

  317. My MiL is losing it. FiL gets out of rehab next week. Dan is the bad guy. Today sucked. Dan is way nicer than me.

  318. <3 you ChrisP

  319. There are perfectly acceptable reasons to riot in a mall:

  320. Ferguson, MO should be very happy Darth Phat is not in charge.

    Because this shit would get sorted real quick.

  321. ChrisP,

    The hematologist who handles my bone marrow disease is a former AF flight doc.

    He starts off every visit by saying, ‘I know all pilots lie’.

    Yeah, he’s right. I’m his only pilot patient, he’s just fucking with me.

    I am very careful about what I admit to the FAA.

  322. Did anybody find anybody else’s ideas intriguing and express interest in signing up for their newsletter today?

  323. Love you guys, but the veil is killing me.

  324. Nice Teresa.

    I can almost understand the riots in MO. In Seattle we had the cops shooting a person just about every other day and nothing happening, couple that with some other instances of abuse and yeah I can see where you might just feel the need to burn the whole city down. I of course would never act on such an impulse.

  325. Police firing tear gas now. Shit’s getting real.

  326. Reporter on air is overcome by the tear gas.

    Has to walk away, WALK away. Shit is maybe quasi-real.

  327. What riots in St. Louis? Robin Williams is dead, Queen Latifah has an amazing hair-do, the Supermoon is out , and you can use your credit card reward points to get some crazy things. Everything is fine in STL tonight…..

  328. Former D-rat mayor capped cop killings at 150K. Since then…open season with the My Bad. Not really seeing a problem here. Our cops are all about “After”

  329. Phat,
    All ATPs lie.
    If they did not, there would be no airline industry.
    We both know that.
    There are pilots with high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, cancer, clinical depression, alcoholism, and a number of other things.
    If you admit to any of them, you are grounded/fired.
    So it goes…

  330. What bone marrow disease, phat?

  331. I spent the AM in the hood. AKA The International Zone. Cankles has nothing on me.

  332. If you’re breaking to a standard commercial break, then coming back to the weather? Yeah, shit may not be reaching realness.

    Oh they say it was a smoke bomb, not tear gas.

    I would have thrown tear gas and followed up with sarin.

    -Darth Phat

  333. Keeping it real in IL by Our Lady of the Snows.

  334. TIFW, I have the best one!

    Essential Thrombocythemia. My bone marrow produces way too many red blood platelets.

    Ok for now, but only have about 5 yrs before I have to go on Meds. Once I go on Meds I’m done flying.

    I’m fine with that. My long term disability plan rocks.

  335. >>Essential Thrombocythemia. My bone marrow produces way too many red blood platelets.

    i think I will have a Bloody Mary with Phat at T.I.T.S.

  336. Shut it, Phat. You people need to man up and stay healthy. Shut up! Lauraws BACK. Shut up, ScottWs eye.

  337. Yikes, phat! Take good care of yourself – Mr. TiFW wants to see you at another meat-up.

  338. Oso, are you here? If so, you better call me!

  339. call you? I’ll text you.

  340. If you are responding to my Lady of Snows comment, nope. I wish. We need divine intervention.

  341. TIFW,

    I’m fine. The disease doesn’t impact life expectancy too much.

    I’ll be at future meat ups. It will probably progress to the point where I get banned.

  342. Hey, Phat, if I hear of a UPS 747 squawking 7700 and returning to Bangkok, what would be a good place to look later to see what happened and what the outcome was?

  343. Hah! You know why older folks talk about health problems so much?

    Because that is what is happening in their world.

    They can’t talk about the wild party in the hot girl’s dorm anymore. She is married with arthritis now. That shit is over.

  344. Lauraw, that would be funny if I didn’t spend the afternoon with my MiL. Who knew that lymphoma survival would look so much like dementia. FiL goes home in 9 days.

  345. >>>They can’t talk about the wild party in the hot girl’s dorm anymore.

    Well, I could, but since it’s my daughter’s dorm room, I have kind of a different take on it….

  346. Oso, I agree.

    Lady of the Snows is my favorite place to visit here.

  347. Nice deadlift. I did some deadlifts today. Got up to 235 lbs. without much trouble. Could go higher, but since I haven’t really done much for awhile, I figured I better stop there.

  348. Xbrad,

    The outcome was soapy-soapy’s with happy endings.

    I don’t know any UPS guys, but it will show up on the union pilot message board. Will let you know if I hear anything.

  349. Phat, I will forgive your Cards love.

  350. Xbrad, in all the emergencies and engine failures I’ve had guess what I’ve never done.

    Yep, sqwak 7700.

    It’s not on a checklist, it doesn’t get done.

  351. UPS15
    BKK to Mumbai.
    Looked like about 25,000ft and maybe 20 minutes into the flight they squawked, headed back. I’m guessing they got it back down safely, but it’s hard to tell from a flighttracker app.

  352. English Motherfucker Do you speak it????

  353. I have to get off the internet now.

    I just can’t stop my tears.

    I am so sad tonight.

  354. Laughing my ass off because one of the ‘reporters’ they have deployed to Ferguson (new fallujah), MO is Chris Higgins! He’s the weather man for The channel.

    He was the weather officer in my reserve unit and a great guy. Deployed multiple times to Iraq and A-Stan. Now a Lt Col.

    Guess they figured he’s the right guy to send to a war zone.

    Guarantee he’s carrying.

  355. You people aren’t live blogging Shark Week?

  356. Xbrad,

    In defense of the UPS crew, I would divert back to BKK for a hangnail. Mumbai sucks balls ( sorry Tushar).

  357. {{{hugs}}} Wiser

  358. Buy American latex gimp suits to avoid the transit hassles.

    Why am I still awake?

  359. True Story, Cyn. DRINK. RL friend has an autistic son that loves Shark Week. Discovery channel has gone all Sharknado 2 yrs in a row. Lots of drama.

  360. >>Guarantee he’s carrying.

    I would be, damn straight.

  361. Wiser, we have a TBom sighting on FB. Please join.

  362. Latex gimp suits are TSA approved? Hunh.

  363. Feel bad because the wife went to bed but I’m still wide awake.

    Sleep cycle still a bit f’d up.

    Should get back to normal by tomorrow.

  364. Phat, you r lucky. Inventory. 4-12 tomorrow. 5 to 1:30 on WED.

  365. Buy American latex gimp suits to avoid the transit hassles.

    Also, don’t forget to look for the union labia.

  366. Sean kills me.

  367. (Tries to derail Sean’s election campaign by getting descriptions of Doyer fans at the Big A)

  368. >>Mumbai sucks balls ( sorry Tushar).

    It does suck balls. Sweaty balls. Sweaty, salty balls.
    Don’t be sorry. Truth needs no apologies.

  369. My brother left a comment on my little gripe post about the Doyer fans: “the dodgers might as well change their colors to silver and black.”

  370. Ha! Ouch.

  371. I was guessing that your Doyer post was about my raza.

  372. “Hey, Phat, if I hear of a UPS 747 squawking 7700 and returning to Bangkok, what would be a good place to look later to see what happened and what the outcome was?”

  373. I didn’t mention any specific raza…but it was implied.

  374. We don’t go to Isotopes games. Too much raza IYKWIMAITTYD.

  375. You guys make me feel normal, but I still have deep depression days. Today started mostly OK.

  376. It’s okay to struggle with things. But you prolly shouldn’t do it alone.

  377. I feel sorry for Dan. He underestimated the crazy. Cutting is so ’80s

  378. sean…I’m getting there.

  379. Dan obviously loves you very much.

  380. I really think that my crazy scares him.

  381. TiFW he had no chance. He bought into the blonde and the boobs.

  382. Some dudes like cray.

  383. Don’t sell the man short. He loves you, warts and all. Not everyone is that lucky. You are blessed.

  384. Oso and Sean,

    Maybe the best thing I’ve learned by being able to meet so many hostages for lunch over the last year:


    From Andy in Boston, Cyn in PHX (Comicon made that one weird) to Sean in LA, the conversations are similar.

    The viewpoints and opinions may differ, but it’s always a great discussion.

    Like attracts like.

    Other Hostages: My promise to buy lunch stands.

    I already know most of the serial posters, but there are some I just can’t get to by virtue of my airline’s route structure.

    Jay, DaveinTX, Wiser, etc.

  385. Just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I’ve always been more of a DC guy, but these movies Marvel has been putting out lately are pretty fucking good.

  386. I’m honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Andy. That dude is the man. But, yeah, I’ve enjoyed the mini-meats I’ve had so far. b-rad (several times), wiser, BrewFan, paulitics, Andy, peej, and now phat–all great people and great times.

  387. Teresa,

    I’ve got the rest of the month off and am thinking about heading down to DFW next week to visit Mom.

    Are you guys (I mean the whole family) available for a lunch/dinner date?

    Got to warn you, my Mom is a crazy mess. The only Hostage to meet her was Cathy and she immediately quit the blog.

  388. Just gonna leave this here for Laura and her AMPs:

  389. Evenin all.

  390. Should be here, phat – PM me and let me know when you’ll be here!

  391. Restaurant Week is going on right now; we have a start of school meeting next Monday night with Rebecca, and next Friday is our anniversary. Haven’t made plans for that yet, but we usually take advantage of RW, if we can. Would love to have you and your Mom join us!

  392. Youngest PhatSpawn is a Deadpool fan.

    Of all of the comic heroes she had to go with Deadpool?

    If you know the comic, you should have an idea of how odd it is to have a 15yr old GIRL be into this.

    The test video (because I don’t think they can make a Deadpool movie):

    BTW, youngest phatspawn wants to be a medical examiner.

  393. Teresa,

    Mom lives in Euless. I remember some great mexican places in your neck of the woods (Fort Worth).

    I’d like to go to a place your daughter likes. My mom is retired and I’m out on sick leave. The world is our oyster!

  394. TiFW,

    51% of the vote is in bed. I’ll talk to her in the am and come up with a plan.

  395. We have a standing Friday night gig at Mama’s Pizza – that’s Rebecca’s favorite, but she prefers to sit in her own booth, far away from the parental units…..

  396. I try to derp about it
    Cover it all up with lies
    I try and derp about it
    Hiding the tears in my eyes


  398. wakey wakey

  399. Megameeting starts in 75 minutes. Trying to get Benny tired so he can hit the kennel earlier than usual.

  400. Morning, children.

  401. Happy Birthday Revvy!

  402. Aaaaaaand it’s raining again. Feeding the horses will be fun.

    Did I mention I’m pretty sure I get a skin rash from handling hay? It’s pretty awesome. Going to have to suit up like Walter and Jesse next time I get stuck doing this.


    While I don’t like food selfies either, I love the irony of M’chelle saying, “No one really cares what you had for lunch.”

  404. G’morning sunshines.

  405. I made breakfast. Enjoy.

  406. Happy Birthday, Revvy!

  407. Picked a crapload of ghost peppers this AM.

    My habenero’s and Jalapeno’s aren’t yielding much. Wonder if the Ghost pepper plant is asserting it’s dominance?

    Dehydrating and grinding the most of the Ghost peppers into flakes. Saving a few for the next batch of Salsa.

    Eldest phatspawn says my last batch wasn’t quite hot enough (it was scorching).

    Like Leon, if I add any more I’m gonna have to suit up like Walter.

  408. Birthday Happiness, Revvs!

  409. Did you even go to bed, Phat?

  410. Cyn, If I tomato juice I’d be drinking Bloody Mary’s this am.


    Oh well, straight Vodka it is.

  411. Atta boy.

  412. I don’t mean to be bitchy, but folks who could care less about what’s going on in the world suddenly are overwhelmed with grief over Robin williams.


    Hundreds are dying on a mountain in Iraq.

    But a man with the availability of every resource known to man can’t overcome his addictions and takes his own life.


  413. And, yea, depression. bet those drugs really helped with that.

  414. I’m pretty sure he prolly did the drugs to try to escape the depression.

  415. Jet exercises here today – whoo hoo! I wish I could move my desk outside.

  416. And that worked out great.

    As i said, i’m a bitch, but I choose to focus my sympathy on those who would do anything to have a fraction of the opportunity that man had.

    I mean, you know what’s depressing? WOrking and working, and still not being able to provide some basic necessities for your kids.

  417. And it’s not that i don’t feel bad for people who suffer from depression. i do. I just am not going to focus on the “tragedy” of a very entitled person who did what he did.

    children are dying on a mountain and no one cares or even knows.

  418. Cyn,

    My sleep schedule is still a bit messed up from my last trip. Takes about two days to get back to normal if my last flight was a ‘redeye’.

    It was much worse back when I was flying C-5’s. You were in Asia for a few days and got synced to their time zone. Coming back to the US time zone was brutal.

    Been married for 21 yrs (to the same woman!), Mrs. Phat knows the drill.

    …and is a saint.

  419. New post.

  420. But a man with the availability of every resource known to man can’t overcome his addictions and takes his own life.

    Obviously for some, resources, infinite or not, aren’t enough.

    But yeah, there are other tragedies that deserve our attention.

  421. Carin, was talking about this last night with the wife (before she told me to shut up so she could go to sleep).

    All of the truly brilliant people I’ve known have been seriously fucked up emotionally.

    In the Engineering/Science field they’re ‘geeks’. In Entertainment the truly gifted are so emotionally crippled they need drugs to get through the day.

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, every awesome songwriter you could name.

    I’m glad I’m just ‘clever’ and not ‘Brilliant’.

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