MMM 134: how the heck is it already August?

Oh, right, I basically lost June because of my allergies this year. Then lost the last week of July to travel. And It was so cold in May that I couldn’t even get a garden started.

Year without a Summer, man, year without a Summer.

Anyhow, pictures. B&W to kick things off.

Ball to the wall.
I might work a few doubles this week. Not double-doubles, but long days.


  1. Wax on, wax off. Foist.

  2. Satchmo, who are you? How did you find out about The Hostages?
    How many bullwhips up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  3. All of the above is classified…in my ass.

  4. Bought my 14 year old her first set of weights yesterday

    Just dumbbells right now

    That last track camp at Texas A&M made her realize that she needs to get more upper body strength

  5. I’ve never seen a sprinter or jumper without a fair amount of upper body development. I never participated in either, but just based on looks I’d assume it’s critical to the activities, probably for coordination, balance, and possibly just mass to move around when needed.

    I remember Greek Olympians used to sometimes jump with hand weights or wearing cesti (weaponized gloves) for more distance. I imagine beefier arms would be as close as you could get in modern track and field.

  6. Good morning.

    Woke up by mistake.

    Going back to bed. Will wake up to meet Sean for lunch and then go back to bed.

    May be some pool time sprinkled in there as well.

    Flying the redeye to Newark tonight.

    Nice job, Leon. Biceps girl is hottest.

  7. Awesome. Fire alarm going off in hotel. Good thing I was up. Mixing a cocktail and going outside. 2nd alarm tonight.

    If another one goes off within 8 hrs of my wake up time tonight the flight will cancel.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. It’s put up or shut up day in the clean room.

  10. Morning, children. Nice job, Leon.

  11. fake double today.

  12. Apparently (waiting for confirmation) someone dropped the ball on getting the forms to dah gubmint to get the A-okay on my building being boughteded. As in, it’s going to them today rather than almost 3 weeks ago.

    I will likely continue to have my office through Labor Day, at this rate.

  13. Who here thinks the water toxin thing in Toledo is a bunch of made up bullshit?

  14. I think Toledo is made up bullshit, so yes.

  15. Toledo is a very liberal town, and Marcy Kaptur or whatever her name is … so yes. I think they are making a big deal for some political purpose.

  16. I have not heard of one single case of someone getting sick. Not one.

  17. Wait a minute, are you suggesting that the government would lie to us?

  18. Water quality is no joke. Quality of life in Toledo on the other hand…

  19. And here’s some more shit that pisses me right the fuck off.

    I’ve been taking an aspirin a day for 20 years, and now they say don’t do it.

    The government is full of the lowest IQ fuckers on the planet. Why would anyone ever listen to them?

  20. Poor Nessie.

  21. Poor Nessie.

    I know, right? She just wants to play with the striped kitty.

  22. This is some pretty alarming shit. Coming to a town near you.

  23. I can tell you one thing: Based on how many restaurants were shut down for the entire weekend, Toledo will lose a HELLUVA lotta tax revenue…

  24. Why don’t they just tell the Toledo residents to add a couple of drops of bleach to their drinking water?

    That’s basically all that the water treatment plants do.

  25. Bleach doesn’t eliminate toxins.

  26. I thought Toledo’s problem was chemical contamination? Bleach won’t fix that. Nor would it necessarily cause any immediate illness, but it’s still bad for you.

  27. I read that the Toledo water deal was due to an algae bloom in Lake Erie.

    I find it hard to believe that it’s really only confined to one water company… what are the other companies doing, or doing differently, that they were able to clear the water but this company cannot??

  28. “Teresa, this is Jahhhn. Hello Lovey. Shall we travel out to Naushon this weekend? I need a respite from all those Jooos who have been mocking me in the media for my support of Hamas.”

  29. Detroit gets it’s water from the Detroit River (and wells) which is upstream from Lake Erie.

    Parts of Monroe County in MI get their water from Lake Erie, so they were under the advisement as well.

    Ann Arbor gets it’s water from the Huron River, which is also upstream from Lake Erie.

    I still think it’s all bullshit.

  30. Guess I was wrong;

  31. Bleach doesn’t break down the hormones from women on BCP either.

    *shakes fist at Sandra Fluke*

  32. It doesn’t happen all that often, but occasionally I agree with Mitch.

  33. It’s rare to see kids outside.

  34. When I was growing up I regularly rode my bike all over the neighborhood and was never home. I can’t understand how kids today don’t do that. It would drive me insane.

  35. My mother told me to go play on the cliffs.

  36. My oldest kid would play video games all day if allowed. The younger guy plays for a bit then decides to do something else on his own. GI Joe stuff, fishing, playing with the dog, swimming, etc. We have to kick the older boy outside.

  37. We lived on a lake, in a pretty rural area with lots of woods. We weren’t allowed to be in the house during the day unless it was raining or snowing, or lunchtime. Our mothers never knew where we were.

  38. I wasn’t allowed to ride my bike across certain roads, and that formed a boundary. It had to be 10 square miles.

    If I was at home it was because I was reading or doing homework.

  39. Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree… participated in a luncheon conversation about race Thursday with broadcast journalist Ed Gordon, in which he also said first lady Michelle Obama should be drafted to run for president.

    I don’t think animals other than homo sapiens sapiens are eligible for the presidency.

  40. President Obama says he has been “friendly” to business, but understands why they are “frustrated” with many of his regulations in a new interview published in The Economist.

    “I would take the complaints of the corporate community with a grain of salt,” he adds. “If you look at what our policies have been, they have generally been friendly towards business.”

    Well, they certainly have been friendly to Elon Musk, GE, the people behind Solyndra, the folks at AIG who got their bonuses under this regime, the people at Goldman Sachs Golden Slacks taking the revolving door from government to banking to government, Obama’s former EPA harridan Lisa Jackson landing a fat job at Apple…

    I guess Licorice Dick has a point. The ultra wealthy are nearly solid Democrats.

  41. [Secret Service] Agents confessed to Ronald Kessler, author of an upcoming blockbuster book about the hidden lives of presidents, that they have overheard Michelle Obama pushing her husband ‘to be more aggressive in attacking Republicans and to side with blacks in racial controversies.’

    And Obama did as he was told, says Kessler in The First Family Detail.

    Like this is a secret?

  42. My mother told me to go play on the cliffs.

    Sometimes my wife tells me the same thing.

  43. From the email:

    Jay —

    I don’t want to make this awkward, but…

    It looks like you haven’t signed OFA’s birthday card for President Obama yet.

    Today’s the big day — I think the card would be so much better with your name on it, Jay.

    I’ve got a better idea. I’ve got something even better to put IN the envelop, since I’ve been eating sweet corn all weekend.

  44. Corn cobs?

  45. Digested sweet corn?

  46. >>Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree… participated in a luncheon conversation about race Thursday with broadcast journalist Ed Gordon, in which he also said first lady Michelle Obama should be drafted to run for president.

    even if one were to assume that Presidential ability is a sexually transmitted disease, one would be hard pressed to think Obumbo suffers the slightest from such infections.

  47. Well, we’ve already decided that you don’t have to have ever accomplished anything worthwhile to qualify for the office.

    So, sure, I hope she runs and wins. That way I’ll know it’s really over.

  48. I think the Nobel Committee has planned to give FLOTUS a preemptive Peace Prize, even before she runs.

  49. I’ve been watching a squirrel carry Butternuts (White Walnut) all over the yard.

    How do you keep the squirrels from eating them all?? This is the first year this tree has really put on a lot of nuts and I would love to try some. They’re supposed to be really good.

  50. How do you keep the squirrels from eating them all??

    You have a rifle and a smoker. This is not rocket science.

  51. I think the Nobel Committee has planned to give FLOTUS a preemptive Peace Prize, even before she runs.

    No fights have broken out in “her’ WH Garden, so why not?

  52. Gather them yourself before the squirrels get them?

  53. Coyote urine

  54. How many walnuts are there? My dad has black walnut trees and there are so many that the squirrels can’t hoard them all.

  55. Not so many that the squirrels can’t take them all. I can’t really gather them now because they don’t seem ripe.

    OK, I guess the real first question is how to tell they are ripe.

  56. Distract the squirrels with something more appealing.

    Buy a dozen female squirrels.

  57. Or just call 1-800-RENT-AN-OWL.

  58. OK, I guess the real first question is how to tell they are ripe.

    Feed one to Scott. If he doesn’t get sick, they are right.

  59. Ripe. Stupid autocucumber.

  60. if they fell off the tree, they are ripe. When you handle them, wear gloves. The skins will dye your hands black. They used to use them to color clothing.

    Set them in the sun to dry, and then the skins will come off.

  61. Leon,
    The white one looks very tempting

  62. That must be where the phrase butternut came from to describe the color of Confederate uniforms.

  63. The white one looks very tempting

    You can’t convince me that isn’t a piece of bondage S&M equipment.

  64. If they are on the ground, take them and store them in something squirrel-proof. If they are still in the tree, they aren’t ready.

  65. Thanks guys!

  66. I think one of the youtube powerlifters I follow has that white rack, Tushar. Should do the job.

  67. I would imagine the white walnuts don’t stain as bad. The black walnuts are a pain. But they are delicious.

    Black walnuts are hard to crack. What are white walnuts like?

  68. Trap one squirrel. Put the gun to its head and demand that the other squirrels return all the nuts. If they don’t comply, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. They need to know you mean business.
    The coyotes (you KNOW they are watching from the bushes) will get the message too.

  69. Black walnuts are hard to crack. What are white walnuts like?

    They hatefully repress the black walnuts.

  70. Laura, one layer of glove isn’t enough. I promise. And be VERY careful about where you put your hands. Wear clothes you are okay with staining.

    I had black stains through two layers of rubber and vinyl.

  71. Trap one squirrel. Put the gun to its head and demand that the other squirrels return all the nuts. If they don’t comply, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger. They need to know you mean business.
    The coyotes (you KNOW they are watching from the bushes) will get the message too.

    *Subscribes to Tushar’s newsletter*

  72. The trick with black walnut cracking is drying them completely then soaking them overnight in water. The shell will still be dry but just a tiny bit more pliable and less likely to shatter when hammered.

  73. There used to be a walnut orchard across from my house where I grew up. We also had a tree in our yard. It was always staining the concrete with the nuts.

  74. No idea what they are like! Excited to find out!

    Tushar, several times over the years I’ve been out in the yard and seen coyotes looking at me from a neighbor’s back lawn two houses down. It is very damn creepy.

  75. Dad bought a sheller, works really good.

  76. Hahahaha, from AOS

    How do we know it’s President Jackass’ birthday without a birth certificate?

    Somebody should really ask him just so we can hear him whine again like little bitch.

  77. >>You can’t convince me that isn’t a piece of bondage S&M equipment.

    It can be. If the Mrs cooperates

  78. President Don’t-Call-My-Bluff blinks:

    White House officials are downplaying stories that President Obama is prepared to take executive action on immigration that would allow millions of undocumented people to stay in the United States.

    “The reports you’re seeing are uninformed speculation,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

  79. *reads upthread*

    And Tushar looks so cute and cuddly in person…..

  80. Ya know, I usually just look for boobehs and get back to my busy day while staying out of the debate. Today however, I am certain I see strange bulges in the crotchular area of most of the girls. Nice job!

    Today’s gift from me to you is 2 year old humor. What kind of bees give milk?


  81. I just picked up a little bucket half-full of nuts! I didn’t think I could find even that many. Looks like about three dozen or so, by sight-measure. They are quite small, I can’t imagine there is much of a kernel in any of them, but we’ll see.

    There are two trees back there but the one deeper in the woods is smaller and appears young. It doesn’t seem to be making anything yet.

    The bigger tree started to prosper more after we identified it and Scott started mowing around it instead of leaving that part of the yard so wild. If the nuts are nice it might be worth the effort of dropping a load of compost around it this Fall.

  82. Hey – James Brady just died.

    Apparently for real, this time.

  83. Laura, the longer you do it the more you’ll spot. It takes a little while to train the eye to see them, especially when they’re still green.

  84. Find one of these, or have scott/macgyver design one for you.

  85. Wow. I always just had to use a rake.

  86. It takes a little while to train the eye to see them,

    Or you could just walk through there. Guaranteed to step on 90% of them.

  87. Yeah, that’s an easy way to find lego blocks too.

  88. I saw Weasel Nut Gatherer open for Toad The Wet Sprocket in 1999.

  89. First Lady Michelle Obama created buzz with her remark at the recent Summit of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders that “the blood of Africa runs through my veins.” But later in her speech, she had some observations…

    “…Women are still woefully underrepresented in our government and in the senior ranks of our corporations.”

    Like in your own White House, you slobbering, upholstered hippopotamus.

  90. I always just had to use a rake.

    Rake?? Luxury.

  91. I can’t tell what’s wrong with number 3. Are those muscles in her tits?

  92. Dog head on foot!

    Close enough.

  93. Are those muscles in her tits?

    It appears so. I think she could crush you with them.

    And the “Professional” one? Does he mean the photographer, or the model?

  94. Both.

  95. Also that she might be a hooker.

  96. My wife just put all of our SkyMiles on a spreadsheet. We have over half a million miles.

  97. That last lady doing the handstand has her toes spread out in a very un-lady-like manner.

  98. You could take a trip to the moon and back.

  99. I’m trying to get her to get tickets to PHX and back.

  100. Truly, Tushar, it is positively immodest.

  101. If chocolate came from animals there would be no vegetarians.

  102. I make all my chocolate candies with animal fat.

  103. If bacon came from chocolate, Hershey bars would be even better.

  104. There has got to be a chocolate bar with bacon bits. If not we need to invent it and come up with a snazzy name for it.

  105. GotG was fun. The best part…ticket guy gave Dan the senior discount. Automatically. Have I mentioned someone is having a hard time about his upcoming birthday?

  106. There is, Jimbro. I picked one up out of curiosity at Trader Joe’s a few years back. It was gross. I don’t know how they managed to make it not work out, but it did not work out.

    There might be a good version of it out there, but that’s not what I picked up.

  107. We need to rethink this. Maybe not a chocolate bar but a piece of bacon covered in chocolate. What else goes good with bacon besides eggs or pancakes? Maybe another ingredient will make the magic happen.

  108. Maple syrup pairs well with bacon.

  109. Meh, just looked. There’s a gazillion recipes out there.

    *invents bacon wrapped hoboes*

  110. Maple candy, then? Or caramel. Brown sugar is pretty nice on bacon.

  111. Well, if you got it at Trader Joe’s, it was probably faux bacon made out of soybeans and “chocolate” made from hemp and camel turds.


  112. …buttery toffee? That might bridge the chocolate-bacon gap.

  113. lauraw, i bet a sea salt caramel with bacon and chocolate.

  114. mmmm…heath bar with bacon.

  115. Nadia G. made chocolate chip cookies with maple-cured bacon bits.

  116. a sea salt caramel with bacon and chocolate.

    Marry me.

  117. Heath bar, bacon, with vanilla ice cream=best blizzard ever.

  118. Local shop sells chocolate dipped bacon strips. It’s not very good I am sad to say.

  119. It was real bacon. And high end chocolate. Oddly, the chocolate played up an unpleasant strong ‘porkiness’ in the meat, while the bacon made the chocolate seem too cloying.

  120. You people are boring the everloving shit out of me today……

  121. Hey Oso, your “door stop” package came in from Amazon:

  122. Or is it a shoe stretcher for people with different sized feet?

  123. Capital “L”?

  124. Reg, Reft?

  125. My door stop is a cast iron dachshund. That doesn’t look like a dachshund. o.O

  126. BTW Dan killed a scorpion on the stairs this AM. After I said OMG! KILL IT! KILL IT!! and he was like “Kill what?”

  127. We had one of those door stops too when I was a little kid. One of my “feats of strength” was to try and pick it up. I dropped it and broke the tile in the entryway.

  128. Then what happened? (Waits to see if Pups was a bad dog and got hit with a rolled up magazine)

  129. I’m pretty sure nobody was impressed that I picked it up in the first place. Probably got a paddlin.

  130. Next question: Define little kid. If you were older than 4, I will kick your pansy ass with a cast iron dachshund door stopper.

  131. I celebrated my 21st birthday differently, pupster.

  132. dammit oso, you ruined my joke.

  133. I used to play on the shale cliffs by the river. It was fun to try killing each other by bringing down the fractured formations somebody else was climbing on. Tons of shale and dust would cascade down into the river, and we would laugh and laugh.

    I was not raised in a safety conscious environment.

  134. Greetings, people who didn’t get to enjoy the pleasure of having a nice lunch with phat today.

  135. You people are boring the everloving shit out of me today……

    The dynamic music makes it better.

  136. Jewstin, we would race the trains over the river trestle. You could win, jump into the river, or jump into the rocks. No safety conscious environment.

  137. Another boring video.

  138. Regarding the content of MMM, I saw the worst tranny ever today. A fiftyish guy with streaky grey hair, a Tom Selleck mustache, and a c cup wearing a frilly blue halter top with bra straps visible and elastic granny pants.

  139. Boring article, accompanied by boring video.

  140. Sounds more like a cross-dresser. Most trannys have more pride.

  141. Jewstin, a man told one of our employees not to call him ‘sir,’ that he is “…a ma’am, NOT a man.”

    But he was a man. No question. I don’t know how he expects other people to read his mind or understand that he feels pretty on the inside.

  142. I can’t say if his boobs were real, but he had boobs.

    Friend: Is that guy wearing a mu-mu?

    Me: It’s a halter top. And he has breasts *chokes on iced tea.

  143. lauraw, and people wonder why retail workers don’t say “Merry Christmas”. We have to deal with the cray cray on a daily basis.

  144. Jew, other than the mustache, was the body hair tamed?

  145. His shoulders and arms weren’t hairy.

  146. I didn’t see any chest hair on his cleavage.


    The dynamic music makes it better.

    I don’t believe for one second that anyone outside of a budget-strained municipal crime lab actually has something like that where 3-D holograms rotate around on a tabletop.

  148. That might be the most disturbing comment I’ve ever made.

  149. Thanks, Jew. I feel much better about your tranny now.

  150. Sean, glad you and Phat had a meet up. Did you tell him about your Cubs?

  151. But he was a man. No question. I don’t know how he expects other people to read his mind or understand that he feels pretty on the inside.

    Ask what his tumblr blog is titled.

  152. We talked a little bit of baseball, but he’s a Cardinals fan, so I didn’t want to talk too much about something that’s obviously not of much interest to him. Seriously, what do you do when you’ve got an ancient rival who just suuuuuuuuuuuuucks?

  153. I see, you pretended to be an Angels fan. Let’s go Doyers!!! (I really want a MJ/Sean vs J’ames/Phat baseball meet up.) Brewfan harasses me on FB.

  154. After watching the President answer questions without a prompter I have come to the startling conclusion that he’s a bit dim.

  155. But…but…but…Harvard!!! FU Rayciss/s

  156. I’ve actually been an Angels fan since back in the 80’s. I remember watching Dave Henderson murder Donnie Moore back on that fateful day in ’86 on a teevee in the electronics dept of a Gemco store down in Fullerton while out shopping with my parents. I remember being disappointed that Wally Joyner didn’t get ROY that year, too. Stupid Canseco.

    Although I’d heard stories about them for years from my mom and dad and other relatives, I didn’t really get into the Cubs until a few years later when we got WGN on cable for the first time. I loved listening to Harry.

  157. Hahaha I love you, Sean. You didn’t even bring up the Cowboy.

  158. The Cowboy.

  159. He was a great owner.

  160. I loved him. I saw him at Spring Training one year. Saw him in his box at The A.

  161. I H8 Moreno and kind of like him at the same time. He really understands the business side of baseball.

  162. Leon, either I am getting a $500+ power rack for 225 tomorrow, or walking into a trap laid by some psychopath who lures people in with good bargains on exercise equipment.

  163. Overall, I haven’t had any real complaints about Moreno except for the fact that they went from the Anaheim Angels to the Stupid Pandering Marketing Gimmick That Tries to Deny Geographic Reality Angels under his watch. If he had taken them back to being the California Angels, he could have saved a lot of grief.

  164. I’ll miss you if it’s the latter, but I can’t save you.

  165. I am looking up incline decline benches. Most have a capacity for 250 lbs. which means I cannot press more than 40 lbs while using them. What kind of fucked up people build equipment like that?

  166. If we don’t hear from you after a certain amount of time, Tush, should we call the authorities? Or would you prefer that we avenge you?

  167. Tushar, the rating on benches is usually with the assumption of a 200# user.

  168. Retirement plan for your farm Leon:

  169. Agreed, Sean. The family packs and the daily deals at the Club stores are great advertising. I can say that watching a game at the A is like watching a game at Busch. The fans are there for baseball. They are knowledgable.

  170. I’m probably going to the final game of the Freeway Series on Thursday, btw. We shall see if my best friend truly bleeds Dodger Blue when we fight in the parking lot after the game.

  171. Hahaha. Will he be all Hamas hiding behind your Goddaughter?

  172. Nope, she’ll be safe at home with her mama.

    That reminds me. I’ve gotta remember that I just want to cut him a little, not kill him.

  173. there is some funneh for menz and wimmins if you get past the first minute and 20 ish seconds – and a tranny reference:

  174. Sean, I chatted with the user using his mobile phone number. I will leave it with my wife. If you don’t hear back from me, you can avenge me at your convenience.

  175. Get a game ball.

  176. Game ball killed it? FU


    cooking to the power of t (hc)

  178. Had my first kid on medical marijuana today. Pre-teen girl with Rett Syndrome getting it for spasticity relief. She’s had many difficulties in her short life and I hope it’s helping her. Totally legit use in this case.

  179. College friend was on medical marijuana back in the day. Good shit. Survived leukemia, died in helo crash.

  180. Dan is making dinner. Condo smells like beef. Mmmm…beef.

  181. I got two balls at consecutive games back in ’12. Haven’t really come close before or since.

  182. Tushar’s doing it wrong. He’s supposed to kill the seller and steal his shit.

  183. My youngest nephew is a game ball magnet.

  184. I really really shouldn’t pick up sofa sleepers anymore

  185. Rainbow Care Bear is ghey.

  186. I really really shouldn’t pick up sofa sleepers anymore

  187. >>Tushar’s doing it wrong. He’s supposed to kill the seller and steal his shit.

    the guy has two power racks on sale. If he has ever used them, he is not easy to kill.

  188. Ha ha ha! That guy falling in pool really looks a bit like Dave

  189. Too graceful. Not enough arm flailing.

  190. Ugh. New Release Tuesday. 5AM will soon be here.

  191. the guy has two power racks on sale. If he has ever used them, he is not easy to kill.

    On the other hand, if he’s disposing of exercise equipment for the same reason as most other Americans (i.e.: he found somewhere else to hang his clothes) you’ll be okay so long as he doesn’t sit on you.

  192. Okay – how long before the Russians send out side by side tweets of Preznit Mom Jeans and Mister Ed on their girlie bikes?

    These guys are an embarrassment.

  193. Evening assholes.

    What are we doing?

  194. Is pasta salad paleo?


    Cyn’s been busy writing, I see…

  196. bitch I lost some weight

  197. Is pasta salad paleo?

  198. I just got home from my double.

  199. Did anybody see a cloud that looked like anybody else’s disembodied head today?


  201. *rolls ball to Dave*

  202. Y’all suck.

  203. It just occurred to me looking at the header pic that these two guys bear a resemblence. I kinda respect Leach though.

  204. *cocktails, debriefs*

  205. Blatantly stolen from comment #35 on the ONT:

    “At a wine merchant’s warehouse the regular taster died, and the director started looking for a new one to hire.
    A retired Chief Petty Officer, drunk and with a ragged dirty look, came to apply for the position. The director wondered how to send him away.
    They gave him a glass of wine to taste.
    The old Chief tried it and said, “It’s a Muscat three years old, grown on a north slope, matured in steel containers. Low grade but acceptable”.
    “That’s correct,” said the boss. “Another glass, please.”
    “It’s a cabernet, eight years old, south-western slope, oak barrels, matured at eight degrees. Requires three more years for finest results.”

    “Absolutely correct. A third glass.”

    ”It’s a pinot blanc champagne, high grade and exclusive,” calmly said the drunk.
    The director was astonished and winked at his secretary to suggest something. She left the room and came back in with a glass of urine.

    The old Navy Chief tried it.
    “It’s a blonde, 26 years old, three months pregnant, and if I don’t get the job, I’ll name the father.” ”

    Xbrad, doing the “Friendship” extortion game on FaceChimp?
    (Anita read it to me. I’ve not FaceChimped or Twittered since November 2012.)
    That’s just SAD…

  206. Spent most of the day in the clean room, but only an hour and a half with a cow-orker I’m supposed to train. I just checked my email, and she’s taking tomorrow off.

    Bwahahahahaha!!!! I’m such a bitch!

  207. I am about to have only my second ciggie for the day… almost there.

  208. I’ll cut a bitch that suggests the Cougar’s coach resembles that POS Kerry.

  209. I’m not sure I know who you’re talking about, X, but I’m pretty sure there’s no apostrophe in “Cougars”.

  210. I ran into Mare on twitter. She ignored me.

  211. I’m not sure I believe in her anymore.

  212. Mare is Space.

  213. Cyn, before her second cigarette

  214. Revised: I put out my second ciggie after two puffs; icky. So, 1.1 for the day.

    Not ready to give up the morning one, dammit.

  215. Change that to “Cyn, before her FIRST cigarette” and you’ve nailed it.

    If I have one cig with my morning coffee everyday for the rest of my life, I still feel like it’s a win. EFF-U BIG TOBACCO!

  216. Good sign Cyn.

    Sleep till noon, problem solved.

  217. 2-3 cigarettes a day isn’t bad. Healthy lungs can deal with that.


  218. Excellent strategy, Scoot!

  219. I worked with a guy who had quit, but still smoked one in the morning and one with his co-workers as an after-work ritual. He did that for somethign like 20 years.

  220. Cigarettes are 80% tax.

  221. He didn’t quit.

  222. That has certainly been a very good motivator. Plus, I’m enjoying the flavors of vaping way more.

    It’s funny, when I first started vaping, I bought the tobacco flavor, but after that first bottle, it was all mint stuff–closer to my menthol flavor. But, It wasn’t until I made the big switch to a slightly stronger nicotine (to get over the cigs) AND went to a cinnamon red hots flavor that I was really able to cross the threshhold into success. I have several bottles of various mints and I’ve barely touched them. Just an interesting observation.

  223. I should have used “quotes” around the word “quit”; yeah he didn’t really.

  224. Hi, Domino’s Pizza, I have a couple of suggestions for you.

    -You might want to find some drivers with a better sense of direction. We’re about a block and a half from you, and there are REALLY big nets visible from every direction here. It shouldn’t take Daniel half an hour and two phone calls to get here.

    -Discontinuing the little packets of red pepper and parmesan cheese in favor of a shaker of the stuff that you charge another buck for may seem like a cost-cutting/moneymaking opportunity, but you’ll piss far more people off with that than you’ll get takers.

    love and kisses,
    Sean M.

  225. Nicotine is a bitch. I hope you kill her.

  226. She will be a steam-rollered dead whore soon; I already started stepping down my nic intake.

  227. Dear Sean M.,

    Thank you for your recent letter.

    As for the little packets of red pepper and parmesan cheese, you may have seen from our recent commercials that we think it’s a good thing when we make mistakes. It’s letters like yours that help us evaluate what works and what doesn’t. In thanks for this, we are sending you two packets each of red pepper and parmesan cheese and hope you enjoy them soon on your next Domino’s Pizza!

    As for Daniel, yeah, we know, but we can’t fire him because he’s some fucking board member’s godson or some shit. Sorry.

    Executive Chief Return Letter Writerer
    Domino’s Pizza

  228. Off to catch up on some zzzzz’s. Ex’s and Oh’s to all.

  229. RESULTS

    I get them. Kind of.

  230. Those soft and fuzzy sweaters
    Too magical to touch
    Too derp her in that negligee
    Is really just too much

  231. oy!

  232. wakery

  233. Once more, into the breach.

  234. You can do this ROamy.

  235. Mornin all.

  236. Morning, children.

  237. We charge for parmesan cheese, because we use actual cheese that costs money, and the containers are expensive. You can sprinkle it on for free at the store. Red peppers are free, but you have to ask for them.

    Why eat dominos? Did you run out of cardboard boxes to spread ketchup and generic american cheese product on?

  238. Too derp her in that negligee

    Far, far naughtier than the original.

  239. I would like working with roamy, because no one else likes to work with me, either.

    Too bossy.

  240. Everyone likes working with me because I’m affable ‘n’ shit.

  241. Me too. Affable. Amiable.

  242. Personally, I’m a ray of fucking sunshine.

  243. Who has the day off?


    It’s raining. fml

  244. Morning.


  245. I want to be able to do this when my kids grow up

  246. Pouring rain here right now. I could use a little Car in/sunshine.

  247. We have the day off too.

    Sunny and hot here, we’re going to the lake later.

  248. how did separating the point from the flat work out for smoking brisket, scott?

  249. Meh. It wasn’t dry, but it was firmer, and it cooked in 6 hours.

    I won’t do it again unless I need a 6 hour brisket.

  250. You know there’s a new poat, right?

  251. It also took more seasoning and smoke, a little too much for my taste.

    If you adjusted for that, you could probably make it almost as good as a whole one.

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