A Cry for Help


So…in yesterday’s BBF I asked for volunteers to email me if they could take over the Friday boob duties. After recieving approximately no fucking response what so ever, I decided I would lower my expectations and ask for somebody to handle next Friday.

Here is Jordan Carver re-hydrating.

Thank you for your attention.



TUSHAR is your BBF host for August 8th


cARin is your BBF host for August 15th


ROSETTA is your BBF host for August 22nd


MJ is your BBF host for August 29th





  1. Morning, Pups.

  2. Pupster,
    I don’t mind giving it a shot. But my tastes are more on the side of human breasteses than bovine udders. If I were to do the BBF, it would cheer most hostages but disappoint the die hard fans of BBF, like Rosetta.

  3. The surprising thing is, humanity still manages to muddle through the humongous landmine of human stupidity and not get completely annihilated.

    This thread is shocking


  4. We could just have BBF take a sabbatical?

    Just throwing out ideas.


  5. I have no doubt you could produce a fine BBF Tushar. Have at it. Thank you.

  6. So, we’re bringing back to Ebola victims to Atlanta.

    Isn’t this sort of the premise of every disaster movie? that the government is going to be able to contain some horrible event?

  7. Sure cARIn…we could have Crossfit Friday, Chicken Story Saturday, Running Sunday, For Those that Serve Tuesday, etc.

  8. You’ve been holding in some great ideas/themes for this place. I was thinking we could make friday “Big Bulge Friday”. That way we could keep the title.

  9. Look, I’d do it, but we all know I’d fail spectacularly. Like, it would be Hotspur-level bad.

    I’m considering renting a small storage unit in Fairfax to keep my dress clothes in so as to minimize the amount I have to take on flights.

  10. Pupster. Just the next weekend. I am not committing to a longer than that.

  11. where’s jewstin?


  12. I’m pretty sure you committed to taking it over in perpetuity, Tushar.

  13. I offered to do it. Apparently I’m not good enough for Pupster.

  14. I also basically can’t do the “research” without seeing a lot of pr0n, and I’m having enough trouble avoiding that as it is. The sites I use for MMM (i.e. fit girls with clothes on) take a while to find.

  15. I can get a 4’x4’x4′ near my usual hotel for $55/month. Might be worth it.

  16. Big Brisket Friday

  17. I’m sorry carin I didn’t think you meant it. Can you take the 15th?

  18. I just ordered a meat slicer.

    How exciting is that?

  19. I was kinda joking, but I will happily fill in for you.

    *muahaa haa haaaaa

  20. Do you have office space in Fairfax? You could put shirts in the file cabinet.

  21. I don’t see how you can screw it up worse than MJ did. Maybe I’m not giving you enough credit.

  22. Do you have office space in Fairfax? You could put shirts in the file cabinet.

    That’s the other possibility. Right now I don’t, and I’m not sure any will be assigned to me. We’re consolidating two offices and there won’t be a lot of space left vacant thereafter.

  23. Drop ceilings? You can store all kinds of stuff up there.

  24. After they finish consolidating, I’ll ask about storage.

  25. Jordan sure knows how to water the silicone

  26. “We could just have BBF take a sabbatical?
    Just throwing out ideas.”

    This is a good example of why women should have never been given the right to vote. GET IN THE KITCHEN!

    My skills are rusty (yeah right) but I would love to do a BBF.

    Assign me a date, Pup.

  27. The 15th is MINE, rosie. back off.

  28. I *am* a good cook, though.

  29. With a meat slicer we wont have to buy deli meat anymore.

    Deli meat is for suckers.

  30. Deli meat? LUXURY!!!

  31. I can pick up BBF for a little while.

  32. So, we’re bringing back to Ebola victims to Atlanta.
    I don’t mind this idea at all.

    Let’s bring a few to DC.

  33. Carin’s bbf model will have visable veins in her boobs.

  34. I think the guy that died in Lagos, was on his way to Charlotte.


    MJ if you could pick up the 29th that would be great.

    Please remember to taunt mercilessly the next weeks boober so they will not forget.

  36. http://blog.slurpystudios.com/files/2010/02/StartColaEarlyAd.jpg

    That baby looks like a baby hotspur.
    *he poated a picture of his baby self on faceass*

  37. I was thinking we could make friday “Big Bulge Friday”. That way we could keep the title.

    That would totally work. We should give it a shot.

  38. Rosetta has given it a good try, but nobody can do BBF worse than Hotspur.

  39. I was thinking we could make friday “Big Bulge Friday”. That way we could keep the title.

    Leave my tummy out of this.

  40. Big Bulge Frida

    It’s a tumor.

  41. I liked HSs BBF.

  42. You bulge lookers already have Monday and Wednesday, don’t get “cocky”.

  43. There’s some kind of a dumbass fuckwit soccer game in town, and people are going apeshit over teams that aren’t even real Americans.

    The person who invented soccer belongs on Rosetta’s list of 100 people who pussyfied America.

  44. Let’s bring a few to DC.

    Let’s bring them all to DC.

  45. Before cooking I separated the point from the flat.

    I don’t know how it will turn out, but it’s cutting the cooking time by about half.

  46. I wondered about doing that, scott. So you cooked both separately? Let me know how that turns out.

  47. We deliberately bring a live Ebola victim to America. Compassionate? Yes. Wise? I don’t know.

  48. I think part of the reasoning behind bringing the Ebola guy here is to give CDC better access without having to put their people in Africa. And for damn sure, I’m betting the local hospital will have better protocols for dealing with it than any hospital in shitholeville, Liberia.

  49. betting the local hospital will have better protocols for dealing with it than any hospital in shitholeville, Liberia.

    I’m betting we can send those protocols into shitsville to keep it contained there instead of risking here and along the way.

  50. The CDC doesn’t have a great track record.

    *thinks of the vials of forgotten smallpox*

  51. Oddly, one variant of ebola is named Reston, for Reston, Virginia.

  52. If we can gain knowledge of procedures or methods by bringing this person to the US, then I think the risk is acceptable. If we are doing it just to seem compassionate, then I don’t think this is a good idea.

    It sounds like they have an experimental drug therapy to give her. Why couldn’t that be brought elsewhere? Does it have to be here? If it does, then the risk is acceptable.

  53. I am almost ready to crutch and it’s only been 3 hours.

    It usually takes me 5-6 hours to get there.

  54. An interesting response to the gay marriage/discrimination question:


  55. CrackFat games are on ESPN now.

    Crap those are some hot chicks!

    Light the Leon signal!

    Lots of MMM material here.

  56. Surface area has increased, so that isn’t surprising. I’m more interested in the texture/moisture, since you are separating a good amount of fat from the flat when you remove the point. Maybe that won’t make any difference. I actually think it will work, because low temperature removes less moisture, and you’re crutching it too.

  57. Scott, try leaving them in the smoker. Last one I did was only the flat end, and I didn’t have to crutch.

  58. Poat updated with August BBF schedule.

  59. When you crutch, you leave it in the smoker, right? You only remove it to rest. Crutch at a lower temp prevents the stall, which also occurs on the smoker.

  60. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 2, 2014 10:10 am

    After they finish consolidating, I’ll ask about storage.
    Ask for a stipend for storage and they’ll probably find you someplace to store stuff.

  61. Well, off to see the family. Have a great weekend!

  62. When I do the crutch, I put the brisket in one of those roasting bags like they make for turkey. Then I put it in the oven at 250º until it gets to 190º.

  63. Death by brisket.

  64. What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?!

  65. Brisket flavored with a splash of Ebola and a fine dusting of Anthrax.

  66. I bet the CIA is going to use the patient to make a weaponized strain of Ebola. They will introduce it into our water supply and then turn us all into slaves by threatening to withhold the antidote.

    *Votes for Ron Paul*

  67. I’d be surprised if we didn’t have a weaponized version already.

  68. Weaponized diaper rash is what you really need to be worried about!

  69. Already? Dear god!

    *Turns off water main

    *Paints windows black

    *Piles furniture against door

  70. It may also be that – gruesome and morbid as it sounds – CDC wants to be able to study it in greater detail than they could over in Africa. Liberia isn’t letting any of the Ebola victims out of the country right now – you die there, your body is staying there.

    I hate to see them bringing it here – even if precautions are taken, it seems as if an AWFUL lot of medical workers have been infected this time –

    However, I can understand why they want to have these folks here.

  71. Here, learn something


  72. I wonder if I should have piled the furniture on the inside of the door.

  73. *drama squirrel*


  74. So the federal govt is in charge of bringing someone with a highly infectious and deadly disease into the country.

    I see no possible way that could go badly.

  75. Ha ha! I am doing some research for next week’s BBF, and the wife, instead of getting annoyed, is making constructive suggestions.
    She is helping me categorize them as:
    1. Too small
    2. Just right
    3. Only Rosetta could love them.

  76. You need to bring Mrs. Tushar to a meet-up.

  77. *peeks in* hiya

  78. *waves*


  79. I was thinking along the same lines TiF. Why work with tissue cultures, mice or monkeys when you can get access to humans? Someone is smelling a Nobel Prize.

  80. Did your kid develop a shiner to go along with her cut Brent?

  81. Actually she didn’t Jimbro. I’m surprised.

    She’s got the bandage over her eye and a little scab on her cheek. That’s it.

    Hasn’t slowed her down a bit.

    The next day, both midgets come running up to me…youngest, “Ummm…daddy? So we were playing and..uhhh…we banged heads.”

    “WHAT???” I look at her and she has a red mark not a half inch above the bandage.

    “What is wrong with the two of you??? We just got back from the hospital yesterday because of this. Go sit on the couch. Read a book. Try not to hurt yourself.”

  82. Brent, your daughter is a cutie pie.
    In my culture, I would have asked you her hand in marriage to my son when they grow up.
    That would have been considered a high honor for us both.

    But this is America. You have this whole stupid notion of letting kids make their own decisions.

    **rolls eyes**

  83. Speaking of my son, he downed some Fanta and asked, “am I drunk?”

    He is Hostage material.

  84. Hahahahahha. I appreciate that Tushar.

    Her dowry would be quite high.

  85. So are you saying you married your wife not by choice?

  86. You could be the next one to start an AoS pedigree Tushar!

    … but I was first :P

  87. http://www.dowrycalculator.com/

  88. FUUUUUUU……


    The Maine CDC sent out the reassuring news yesterday that there were no Ebola cases in Maine. Jeebus.

  89. Hotspur, it has evolved over the generations.
    In my grandparent’s time, marraiges were arranged when kids were in late teens. The kids were informed beforehand that they were going to get married. To whom was information deemed unnecessary.

    In my parent’s time, the families still took the first steps, but allowed the boy and girl to meet beforehand and the final say would come from them.

    By the time I got married, a lot of people started finding spouses on their own, but arranged marriages still endured. I was introduced to my wife by a person who knew both families. We went out a few times (even discussed things like relative merits of various computer programming languages. Haha!), and then made the decision.

    Now a days, who knows what they are doing. Pre marital sex must have increased a lot, though still not socially acceptable.

  90. Revvy, the first pureblood hostage offspring is Will and Mrs. Peel’s baby son.

  91. I come from the part of India where social reforms and moderrnization started early. By the time my parents got married, dowry had become pretty rare. It is still going strong in most parts of India though.

  92. Pre marital sex must have increased a lot, though still not socially acceptable.

    Some time ago I was talking to an Indian fellow at the airport and mentioned something about my boyfriend at the time. He told me he had been gay for the last six years because his wife stopped having sex after their kids were born.

  93. I thought it was strange that he found it easier to be with guys than to find a mistress.

  94. I thought it was strange that he found it easier to be with guys than to find a mistress.

    I’ve been married a little over 11 years. There have been some serious droughts, due to medical issues and sometimes just life, but never would switching teams occur to me.

  95. It may also be that – gruesome and morbid as it sounds – CDC wants to be able to study it in greater detail than they could over in Africa.

    That’s what I was thinking. Guinea pigs or petri dish. Who is to say they will even be alive when they get here.

  96. Jewstin, I am pretty sure he confused celibate with gay.

  97. According to that calculator, I’m entitled to demand three goats and a punch to the nuts.

  98. Can’t help you with the goats.

  99. I just watched a brutal ISIS video.

    Freaking animals.

  100. Very culturally insensitive of you, Scott.

  101. I watched that as well, Scott.

    One thing that I can’t grasp, none of the doomed even think of fighting back. They go meek as lambs.

    It’s a cultural thing that I simply can’t understand.

  102. I think in Culure and Carnage Victor Hanson made the observation that the Greeks beat the Persians because the Greeks were fighting for freedom which was a concept completely alien to the Persians.

    I don’t think Muslims have any concept of self or individual right.

  103. I noticed that too.

    They are probably terrified of being tortured.

  104. Try that shit in a ghetto neighborhood in Chicago or Cleveland. They ain’t gonna just shuffle off peacefully.

  105. My Norwegian great-grandmother hated the Germans for what they did during WWII. But she also had a lot of disdain for her countrymen who went to the mass graves without a fight.

  106. Question about BBF:
    In MMM and HHD, we have multiple human specimen paraded around for the viewer’s pleasure. However BBF sticks to a single example (or two, if you are counting the objects under examination, and not the human attached to them).

    Is this restriction mandatory? Or can we put on display half a dozen different ladies, amounting to a full dozen boobs for your inspection?

  107. I think the Inner Circle will have to take a vote on that, Tushar.

  108. A traditional BBF features one “set”, and provides a bio of sort, but listen Tushar, you can run with it and make it your own.

  109. I find the bio superfluous. I doubt anyone reads it. Born in Missouri, Oklahoma or Norway, sometime between 1984 and 1994. Height between 5’2″ and 5’6″. Do these stats matter? I say no.

  110. Where’s the link to the Isis vid Scott mentioned.

  111. Run with it Tushar. Do your thing.

  112. Anyone want a Werther’s Original?

  113. MCPO, have you been golfing this summer?

  114. if anyone missed Roamie’s appearance on NASA TV or just wants to see it again, I’ve uploaded it here.

    It’s unlisted, so you can’t find it in a search. You need to have this link.

  115. Born in Missouri, Oklahoma or Norway, sometime between 1984 and 1994. Height between 5’2″ and 5’6″. Do these stats matter? I say no.

    Unless you can make a joke out if it.

    This job you’ve volunteered for takes some effort.

    So stop whining and bring it, brown guy!

  116. Anyone want a Werther’s Original?

    FYI, that thing’s been in MCPO’s front pocket all day next to his sweaty junk.

  117. I played golf 5 out of the last 7 days.

  118. I just saw Roamy’s video.
    I am going to challenge her to a game of Jenga.

  119. Don’t make me explain how to “cut” a 7 iron!

  120. Tushar, HotBride and I are a product of matchmaking by mutual friends. They invited us to a party in January, but it took me until November to ask her out.

    But if it hadn’t been for them we’d have never met.

  121. I hate to say this, but I think ISIS will win. They will establish a caliphate and eventually overrun Syria and most of Iraq and then move against Saudia Arabia.

  122. Glassy parking lot.

  123. Drilling through glass might be problematic in radiation suits. . . just sayin’.

  124. It’s been a good summer for golf.

  125. Comment by Jimbro on August 2, 2014 2:51 pm

    The Maine CDC sent out the reassuring news yesterday that there were no Ebola cases in Maine. Jeebus.
    No cases so far, give it a few months.

  126. I watched the tail end (pun intended) of the women’s CF games while I was at the gym working out. It was well-timed.

    Julie Foucher (finished 3rd) is from Northville, MI. About 30 minutes from here.

  127. >>>>I am going to challenge her to a game of Jenga.


    You are an evil man.

  128. Who has two thumbs and lives in one of 150 homes that’s not likely to have any electricity until 7:30 tomorrow morning?

    *makes gesture*

    This guy.

  129. Pile all of your furniture in front of the door, Sean. It’ll help.

  130. I’m actually at work. Sweet, sweet air-conditioned internet-access-having work.

    *cries tears of joy*

  131. 32 years of Mrs. Dave puttin up with my shit 3 days ago.

    Dinner to-nite

  132. Happy Anniversary to the InTexas family!

  133. Happy anniversary, dave and Mrs. Dave!

  134. “Glassy parking lot.”

    i’m with Scott on this one –

    and Horizontal drilling –

  135. two thumbs up for the IT’s

  136. Leon,
    Is something like this an acceptable substitute for a full power rack?


    Looks like I can do squats, bench press and overhead press with this.
    A full power rack is more stable, and allows to chuck the weight. But ability to chuck is more for people who want to push themselves to the limit and beyond.

  137. Happy anniversary, Mr and Mrs Dave!

  138. Happy Anniversary, Dave.

    Sorry, Mrs. InTexas.

  139. I believe 32 is the Terrycloth Anniversary.

  140. Tushar, I’ve seen those in XFit gyms, so it’ll probably do the job.

  141. Happy Anniversary to the inTexas’

  142. We actually had rain here today.

    I blame Cyn.

  143. Mrs. Pendejo and I will hit 32 in December. What I find to be sad and depressing is that when you mention the longevity of your marriage to a lot of kids in their twenties they appear to be genuinely amazed. It’s like they can’t concieve of that result for themselves. When I was a kid almost every kid I ran with had parents who were married for life and almost every couple my parents ran with were couuples for life. Admittedly we hung with a bunch of bitter bible-clingers and gun nuts for the most part. Now it’s like you’re some kind of circus sideshow display to the generation my kids age if you identify as being in it for the long haul.

  144. Here is a weightloss before and after photo.

    Does the second guy look like someone we know?

  145. Fatbrad?

  146. “So, it’s just been the two of you this whole time? No poly partners? A-and both of you are cisgendered? That’s wild.”

  147. Ouch.

    I’m not that fat.

    And I don’t have teeth.

  148. Hey interesting day
    Early this morning, some Israeli geologists I know contacted me about a novel geophysical approach I worked up for 40-50 meter tunnel detection
    It’s being sent over to the Ministry of Defense this week.
    Ground penetrating radar doesn’t seem to be working due to surface conditions but my method probably will

    Nice to be able to help kill a few more slime balls..

  149. I’d like to point out that MJ has the BBF right before the meat-up. If he screws this up we will remember…

  150. Dinner at the clubhouse.

  151. Th South Korea has a lot of institutional knowledge on finding tunnels too.

  152. Eventually, all VD will be antibiotic-resistant. After that happens, lifelong monogamy and lifelong pr0n addictions will be the norm. There may be some polygyny as more and more men fall off the sexual market to pr0n, allowing the assholes to have more than one woman to themselves.

  153. Just rub some dirt on it and you’ll be fine

  154. The problem here is the matrix.
    The North Korean tunnels are generally drilled into solid rock
    These tunnels are dug into loose soil, clay and even some salty sand.
    Very tough stuff to deal with normal shallow detection techniques

  155. TJ, you are doing God’s work.

  156. TJ, I thought about that problem for awhile back when I worked on SAR. No good way to do it with the sensors I had available, though.

  157. Monogomy: At least I beat the crowd at one thing in my life.

  158. Just saw some Hamas asshole on the news talking about how a ceasefire doesn’t really mean anything while Israeli forces are in Gaza and–get this–those forces are dismantling the tunnels.

    Is there an Arab equivalent of chutzpah?

  159. sounds like those tunnels need a good old fashion frac job. A dose of nitroglycerine. Grease the tracks of your tanks with whatever comes out of the hole.

  160. I’m frankly surprised that nobody has come out and tried to call them “Peace Tunnels” or some such thing.

  161. Leon, I tried some benchpress on my old weider system. I was able to do 140lb benchpress and 180lb lat pulldowns. I can probably do more.
    I am wondering if that machine is calibrated correctly.

    Inched upto 115 lb on deadlifts. I will go slow, because I don’t want to break my back.

    No squats and military presses until I get a rack.

  162. I think a larger-scale “Rodentator” would do the job.
    Pump Oxygen and Propane into the tunnel at a 1:1 ratio for 20 minutes and “Fire in The Hole”.
    You could see where all the openings ‘had been’ and the path of the tunnel would be a ditch.
    Dynamic Disassembly, on a large scale…

  163. I wonder if a version of fuel-air bombs will work in the tunnels.
    A very rapid dispersal of flammable particulates. Followed by multiple simultaneous ignitions at all tunnel entrances. Should get rid of a few varmints.

  164. “I could only stand being married for three years.”

    “I’ve been married five times.”

    These are the two people you always meet who are the most full of relationship advice. The successfully long term married people usually don’t say shit. Probably out of superstition.

  165. ChrisP, you should NOT steal my ideas before I have a chance to express them.

  166. Just got back from dinner with Mrs Dave and the youngest kid. Today I carried a sleeper sofa out to the street. That was a mistake and my right bicep said “FUCK THIS SHIT” right before I set it down.

  167. Dave, wasn’t your youngest sleeping on that sofa?

    I am surprised your child has to sleep on a sofa when she visits.
    I left my parents house about 20 years ago. My room is still designated as my room.

  168. Summary of my comment: In the future, 80% of men will be XBrad, 20% will be Sean’s Penis.

  169. Summary of my comment: In the future, 80% of men will be XBrad, 20% will be Sean’s Penis.

    Only until they’re killed by AIDS or syphilis.

  170. My parents sold their house and moved after my sister got done will college. “My room” no longer exists in any real sense.

  171. my right bicep said “FUCK THIS SHIT”

    That’s what my back said, a couple days ago! We’re twins!

  172. Sleepers was a bad idea.

  173. My folks bought the house where all 6 of us kids grew-up, in 1950 for $12,000.
    Now, my mom has passed and Dad is in ‘assisted living’. The house is in all of our names and is being cleaned-up and placed on the market.
    Huge lot in NE Portland and my little sys has been advised not to list it for less than $275,000.
    I suppose, the value of the dollar being what it is, it’s a push…

  174. Chris, where in NE Portland?

  175. Armoires too.

  176. Dave, wasn’t your youngest sleeping on that sofa?

    Might not have hurt your bicep if you’d asked her to get up before taking it outside. I’m just saying is all.

  177. No squats and military presses until I get a rack.

    Tushar’s getting a boob job?

  178. 100 yards from “Pier Park”.
    You could Bing it.
    9460 N Bristol

  179. Tushar’s getting a boob job?

    I think he’s trying to get rid of his moob-job.

  180. Once you factor in all the property tax you pay on a house, it starts to look like a shitty investment.

  181. Wow, that’s a huge back yard.

  182. Thanks for the Romie link Wiser.

  183. “No squats and military presses until I get a rack.”

    bbf allusion?

    or trip to scandie trash country

  184. >>I think he’s trying to get rid of his moob-job.


  185. I’m still reading that doctors of reddit thread, alternating between laughing, crying, and shaking my damn head.

  186. CA,
    When I was growing-up there, there were two walnuts, an apple, pear, and apricot tree. The garden was to the south.

  187. >> That’s what my back said, a couple days ago! We’re twins!

    If your back feels like my arm I want to hug you.

    Very, very carefully OW OW…


    *get better*

  188. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/aug/1/feds-raid-sc-home-to-seize-land-rover-in-epa-emiss/

    Somebody in the EPA just felt like going car shopping and wanted a recent classic.

  189. Did anybody renege on their promise to take anybody else to the waterpark if they finished their chores today?

  190. Whipping post?


  191. I am going to challenge her to a game of Jenga.


  192. It’s been an Allman Brothers kind of day. I went to work (shhh, I was not authorized to be there), I went to church, and I came home to a D&D game. So I’m going to sit here with a glass of wine and be anti-social to the real human beings and hang out with my FIFs.

  193. Roamy,
    Are you feeling lucky? Well, are you?


  194. Belated Happy Anniversary ITs.

  195. Hahahahaha, Tushar. I might be okay if there’s not a camera rolling.

  196. And don’t play against Pupster.
    You will lose.


  197. Not a huge fan of the Allman Brothers, but “Whipping Post” is a great tune.

  198. Roamy,
    You might enjoy playing against Mr. Fire Hydrant though.

  199. Had some good weather today. Hopefully it will keep up.

  200. Did you get any rain, Pepe?

  201. Tax free holiday for BTS in NM today. Callouts in clothing. I spent my day folding clothes. For almost 9 hours. When I left, you couldn’t tell I’d been folding clothes all day. Kill me nao

  202. http://imgur.com/gallery/3s0ebf7

  203. Osita, that is why I did my back-to-school shopping on Wednesday when all the Protestants were at church. Tax-free is not enough to be worth fighting the crowds and teh stupid.

  204. TMI dept. I was in our front bathroom last night, I saw something scurry across the floor, wasn’t wearing glasses, mild freak out, but not enough to wake Dan. This morning, I was in the back bathroom, because there was no way in hell I was going in the front bathroom, glasses on…SCORPION!!!! One of the blonde see-through ones. Still…SCORPION!!! I screamed for Dan…he was “Meh”. 24 years of marriage and he still doesn’t understand his job is to kill creepy crawlers.

  205. Romacita, if I wasn’t working all wknd, I’d stay home. Add in roadwork and Albuquerque is to be avoided this wknd.

  206. Got a pretty good shower this morning. It will help, but we need it to keep coming. Keeping my fingers crossed. Most of the rain is north of us.

  207. Huh. So you people are still here.

  208. http://imgur.com/gallery/jkAJeY2

  209. bcoch, glad the littlest drunken midget is still up to shenanigans.

  210. Thanks, oso. Yeah, she’s still her typical “The Wild” self.

  211. I know the type. Good luck.

  212. Raining here. Pretty hard, actually.

  213. *debriefs*

  214. No rain tonight. Yay. No thunder and lightning. Yay.

  215. Oh crap…MOM’s HERE!!!! Everyone stop doing that bad thing you were doing!

  216. Cyn, do you have Jenga?

  217. Stop the bad things?! Young man, I’ll have you know I invented 17 of the 18 bad things you’re doing right now.

  218. No Jenga.


  219. It’s okay, bcock, Cyn’s the Cool Mom.

  220. OH OH OH You Guys: Someone from Canada bought TITS MU stuff from the CafePress store.

  221. Who the fuck is in Canada?

    And did they buy it with or without list?

  222. I guess you are supposed to take random Jenga pieces and write crap on each one like a Truth or Dare type creepy Jenga. Drinking game or Sexy game. I guess you could always play nekkid Twister.

  223. Canada?

  224. Cyn’s the Cool Mom.

    *orders a fountain of Diet Dr Pepper for the meatup*

  225. Who’s in Canada?

  226. No one that I know of who’s commented here ever is from Canada.


  227. I like your idear of Jenga and wish to subscribe to your naughty games newsletter.

  228. That’s…..odd.

  229. ATTENTION LURKER FROM CANADA: Please feel free to delurk. And thank you for buying our shit.

  230. Hey, Canada, good onya for buying the stuff. But you gotta check with Cyn to get the hotel deal.

  231. Aren’t there a coupla Morons from up there?

  232. Is someone here using a proxy server and it just looks like they’re ordering from Canada??

  233. Yeah, I think so, Cyn. I know EoJ is living up there right now.

  234. Nope – I can see where the shipping info.

    I was thinking EoJ was up there, but the person who ordered didn’t have a J in their name.


  235. I can see where the shipping info.

    English – how does it fucking work?!

    I can see where… it was sent to from… the shipping info.

  236. America’s hat has a few Morons.

  237. Selkirk?

  238. Hmmm…I know of several Ettes that are from Canada, but they both live here in the states now.

  239. Ontario – that’s all it will let me see.

  240. It’s Bryan Adams.

  241. *faints.dead.away.*

  242. OMG BA has a new CD coming out.

  243. I’m gonna write “Mrs. Bryan Adams” and add hearts everywhere on my TITS shirt when it arrives!

  244. I checked something else at CafePress and I actually can see the city where the lurker/orderer is from, but… not gonna post it b/c that doesn’t really seem cool.

  245. Happy Anniversary, Dave and Mrs. Dave!!!!!

  246. DD#2 and her friend popped in this weekend for a quick visit. We’re all going to the movies in the morning.

  247. It isn’t cool. Plus we can bust on Terrence and Phillip here.

  248. Many happy returns, Dave and Mrs.InTexas!

  249. Terrence and Phillip


  250. That’s why Mare’s not here. She got deported to Canada.

  251. Canadian exports whose foul mouths resulted in the War on Canada circa 1999. South Park’d/

  252. Ugh. 5AM workday. G’night ya sterno bums.

  253. Did you know Bryan Adams was born on November 5, 1959? That made him nine years old during the summer of a certain year.

    Food for thought.

  254. How old is that in Canadian years?

  255. Canadians do reach puberty earlier.

  256. Bieber notwithstanding.

  257. Calling it early tonight–probably no internets at home…

    I’m gonna derp to you
    I’m gonna derp to you
    Cause when the feelin’s right I’m gonna derp all night
    I’m gonna derp to you

  258. I’m gonna write “Mrs. Bryan Adams” and add hearts everywhere on my TITS shirt when it arrives!

    When you throw your panties onstage at the next concert, they can be official TITS gear.

  259. Morning, children. Sleep is a scam.

  260. I made you guys a thing. Mostly cause I was bored/trying to learn flash/sad I won’t be seeing you guys at the meat up :( http://tinyurl.com/kym49yh

  261. G’morning all. Clouds for days with occasional showers. We need some bright sunny days and heat before fall arrives.

  262. One more horse feeding before the so-called pony enthusiast gets back.

  263. http://shop.idwpublishing.com/comics/series/my-little-pony.html

    Surprise her

  264. Revvy, we appreciate the gif a lot. But we will appreciate a lot more if you show up, with the boy and your dad in tow.

  265. She’s going to eBay a few of the con exclusive stuff she was able to acquire. She may actually come out ahead on the whole trip.

  266. Is the Marie Antoinette your original art Revvy? That would make a nice gif. Cake flying toward the viewer with her laughing.

  267. “Kidnapped” Israeli soldier now reported to be dead. Sad outcome.

  268. Unfortunately not gonna happen Tushar – I’m pretty much broke and I can’t really ask the boy to pay for tickets to meet a bunch of people he doesn’t know. And Dad lives 1500 miles away already, so I don’t have much influence over anything he does/doesn’t do.

  269. I’m still reading the reactionless drive thread at the HQ. Could someone who actually talks to Ace have him read this book:

    It’s exactly what he mentions explored via novel, written by a physicist-type who found some obscure but testable math that could have made it work, but sadly was tested and found to be wrong: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackett_effect

  270. Jimbro – yeah the Marie is mine. That would be a bitch to gif out though. I’m only just learning the basics of Flash. What I have learned thus far is that Flash is a temperamental bitch of a program.

  271. Adobe makes a lot of those.

  272. They do – but I’ve pretty much figured out AI, PS and ID. Flash is just mean.

    On a completely unrelated note, I’m fucking starving. I don’t think I’ve eaten since yesterday.

  273. Morning.

  274. Mornin’

  275. Are you still awake, or recently awake?

    And how’s the old man?

  276. I read Tom Clancy’s ‘Executive Orders’ sometime back. He was pretty damn accurate about how Ebola virus works.

  277. Ummm… not really either. I got up at about 1 am. Dad’s okay – still healing up from the shoulder, but otherwise he’s fine. He’s coming to visit in a couple weeks with the rest of my family.

  278. I imagine Tom Clancy can afford a consultant or two as needed.

  279. Should we have a new poat?

  280. I imagine Tom Clancy can could have afforded a consultant or two as needed.


  281. Should we have a new poat?

    Well, there IS a football game later on today…..

    Has anyone set “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” to “Do You Want To Play Some Football” yet?

    ‘Cuz that would be freakin’ awesome…..

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