MMM 133

Your regular host, Leon, is busy with other stuff, like job and what not. So as with most things in America, the MMM is being outsourced for this week.

To have a great body, you have to put in effort. A lot of it. You have to exercise every part of your body.

Not just the arms.


But Shoulders








and Core too.


A fit body looks good



even glamorous


It helps you move large objects


And grip thick objects.


Improve your balance


As long as you don’t get carried away.


But above all, if you are fit, Leon will take notice


Have a nice week, ya bunch of misfits





  1. Approved. Now, off to work. Many thanks, Tushar.

  2. Good job Tushar.

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out ow to renew the 10GB space upgrade, so far unsuccessfully. I’m willing to kick in the $20, but I don’t see where it goes…maybe because H2 isn’t my primary blog? Anyway, if somebody else figures it out, I will reimburse.

  4. Pupster, you could be a bit late.
    I sent an email to Cyn not five minutes ago.

  5. *clarification: it has not been paid yet, but I will pay it.

  6. Fine.

  7. wakey wakey

    We’ve not had a warm summer, but my garden beans are going gangbusters! Sugar snaps were a disappointment, but I have a LOT of green and yellow beans. I’m going to have to find a good pickling recipe.

    Also, yellow squash. I’ve picked a lot of raspberries too.

  8. No cucumbers yet, but I think this week.

  9. Too late! Renewed!

  10. $20 is not making it rain. That’s like making it sprinkle.

    At work. Longest commute: first one here.

  11. I’ll be happy to pay for it.

  12. goomermnuh

    Nicely executed, Tushar. Waaaaay better than I would have done.

    *sticks tongue out at Jay*

  13. I still haven’t gone to sleep.


    Go to bed


  16. Dog stirred an hour ago and I am still so freaked out about yesterday morning’s mishaps that I immediately got up and hustled him outdoors.

    Where he did nothing. And I am still waiting for the stinker to do his business. Usually he’s like clockwork after breakfast. But noooo. Not today. When I wanted to get some extra shuteye.

    Oh well.

  17. I woke up around 5, and started fuming about that $50 again.

    I can’t let it go.

  18. Good boy, Bubba.

  19. That really does blow, Car in. You seriously need to have a talk with the boss.

  20. There is no way you should have to pay that, Car in. I’d refuse to touch that Keno money until that’s resolved. Otherwise they’ll just keep stealing from you. That’s what it is, stealing from you.

  21. I told her I didn’t want to bartend anymore. I refuse to be responsible for something I don’t have complete control over.

  22. Don’t make yourself sick over it, Carin. But maybe you start looking for a better job. It will make you feel better to see that there are other options, even if you don’t go for them. At least you’ll see that you are not trapped at this place that treated you unfairly.

  23. Or you could burn the place down.

  24. Goal.

    *scratches August off xbrad’s calendar*

  25. Point of order! It’s not August yet.

    He’s gonna have to step up to the plate again, in 4 days. Sorry.

  26. Shit. I’m fucking up. I made a really, really good funneh on facebook half an hour ago in a group none of you assholes belong to.

    The cupboard is bare. August is going to suck harder than Rosetta at the truck stop.

  27. Rosetta should really stop stealing gas like that, it’s illegal and it will give him cancer eventually.

  28. Prostate cancer.

  29. Ah, I didn’t know xbrad’s points were non-transferable month to month. This sucks for him.

  30. Little too much suck-talk going on here today.

    I was told this was a family blawg.

  31. In the immortal words of Rosetta, What shall we talk about now?

  32. I’ll bet the TITS conversation between phat and xbrad will be epic. Y’all are lucky!

  33. Point to be noted:
    Nearly 3 hours, and no one made a ‘Tranny’ comment.
    So either everyone is being polite to me, or these ladies are not fit enough for MMM

  34. We just don’t want to scare you off early, tushar. We had to ease leon into the full blown tranny bashing too.

  35. I went to Starbucks this morning because nothing in Northern VA isn’t a national franchise of some sort.

    I bristled a little at saying “venti”, but I did it to facilitate trade.

  36. Morning, children. Good job, Tushar.

  37. Well you weren’t going to get that from me, Tushar. I’m not one of these philistines who thinks that a woman with abs or shoulder definition necessarily pees standing up.

  38. There could be one contributing factor: I carefully chose women with delicate features. I believe most philistines can handle defined muscles on the body, but a face that shows the telltale signs of iron pumping, and possible intake of growth substances is a put off.

  39. That and the conspicuous bulge in the shorts.

  40. *ding*

    You’re on fire today Xbrad.

    *hides matches and kerosine can*

  41. Leon,
    I am not crazy about bulging myscles. But I do want denser muscles. Any specific method I should follow for that?

  42. G’morning peeps and peepers.

  43. I saw a woman on Saturday who would have been at home here in MMM. Not that she was dressed in workout clothes, just khaki shorts and a t-shirt, but she was cut and confident…it looked like she was made of iron. Pretty face…I held the door for her and she made eye contact, smiled and thanked me. Probably 32-35. Reminded me of cArIN with long hair.

    I only tell this story here because I couldn’t comment on it at the time as I was with my family and discretion is the better part of valor.

  44. CYN!

    I was worried about you this weekend, good to see you.

  45. what is this fuckery?

  46. Thanks Puppeh; busy with getting the boys back to school ready.

    And thanks all and Jay for getting the blog rent paid this year.

  47. I had someone mention this to me over the weekend in case anyone was interested in extending their TITS visit a bit:

    It’s Thursday 09/04/2014

  48. Oh, and seeing Palin et al will not interfere with the timeshare presentation TITS celebrations.

  49. I am not crazy about bulging myscles. But I do want denser muscles. Any specific method I should follow for that?

    Stick with short sets and heavy weights. “Denser muscles” = myofibrillar hypertrophy, or growth in the number of fibers per unit volume, and it’s strongly correlated to heavy loads and short durations. The muscle fibers increase in density to accommodate the intensity rather than volume.

    “Bulging muscles” = sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. The fibers don’t increase in number so much, but the fibers themselves increase in volume as each individual fiber stores a greater amount of energy to accommodate the need to exercise longer with lighter loads, but without breaks in exertion to permit the muscle to replenish internal energy storage.

    You can’t get just one or the other, regardless of the training style you choose, but you can strongly influence it. I got harder for a long time before I started getting bigger (SYWM).

  50. Oly lifters are a good example. A set of 3 is long for most Olympic lifters, as I understand it. Other than the giant fat folk that do it, most of them are hard as rocks and not bulgy at all.


  52. Yeah, fuck those fish.

  53. Comment by lauraw on July 28, 2014 10:10 am

    I know why Bubba is such an ass.

  54. >>”Denser muscles” = myofibrillar hypertrophy
    >>“Bulging muscles” = sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

    I sometimes worry about Leon.
    All that knowledge might some day just crack his skull open and ooze out.

  55. I was voted “most studious” in my high school graduating class.

    If it helps any, I know nothing of the history of paisley or how to graft grape vines. I don’t especially care to, but the fact remains that I do not.

  56. All kinds of interesting planes arriving in Oshkosh

  57. Y’all are busy listening to that ATC link, huh?

  58. Y’all are busy listening to that ATC link, huh?


  59. Hummingbird fiiiiiight

  60. Baby elephant vs. cat. (:40 especially)

  61. Hummingbird fiiiiiight

    Hummingbirds are dicks.

  62. They will get all up in your grill when you’re just sitting there, minding your own business. I heard this about them. Somewhere.

  63. Little fucker hovers in my courtyard endlessly, right up until I try to take his picture.

  64. Heffalumps and woozles are tricky like that

  65. Heffalumps and woozles always get me down.

  66. How long has this been a thing?

  67. Is anybody else celebrating Eid with pork chops?

  68. Pork rinds and a beer after work.

  69. How long has this been a thing?

    It isn’t. It’s just another made-up fad California is sending out video of to prank the rest of us.

  70. It’s big in New Zealand.

  71. How long has this been a thing?

    as long as there have been teenaged boys and Big Wheels.

  72. The remake of Mad Max is coming.
    As is customary with every remake, there will be three kinds of reactions:

    1. This is the exact copy of the original! There is nothing new! My reaction: good. Don’t spend your money on the new one then.
    2. This is not an exact copy of the original! The original was so much better! My reaction: don’t watch the new one then. Dust off the VHS of the original movie and fire up the VCR!
    3. This movie, while a remake, will naturally be different, because it is made in a different time by a different set of people. But it us a remake, so some similarities to the original are inevitable. My reaction: you are actually making sense! Are you real, or just a computer simulation?

  73. It’s just a coincidence that I am cooking a big pork-and-corn chowder on Eid. But I am glad it happened.

  74. We had pork chops last night. Timing was off.

  75. Tell Dan to make green chili for supper.

  76. I think he’s going to Saggio’s after his Dr appt. He’s going to run errands for his Dad since he’ll be across the Rio.


  78. Hotspur Message Theater

    Me: Hi

    Hotbride: Hi…I’m going to the humane society tonight!!!

    Me: What for?

    Hotbride: An elephant.

    Me: I get to name it.

    Hotbride: Noooooooooo

    Me: Pachy. Ima name it Pachy.

    Hotbride: It won’t be Pachy … It will be Tuppance and the other will be Thruppance. You will call it Fart Head or Barbarian or Captain Rum or something.

    Me: FartHead has a nice ring to it, as long as it’s one word.

    Hotbride: Bad man!

  79. How long has this been a thing?

    We did something similar to that after a blizzard in ’76 with an International Harvester Scout and the hood of a ’56 Buick. It was all fun and games until the hood hit a fire hydrant at about 30mph.

  80. Mooooooom! Cyn is taking video of me again!

  81. So I take it the HS family is getting a couple of new kitties today?

  82. It would appear so. I need to figure out the name for the other one. Maybe Dickface or MJ.

  83. Redundant.

  84. >>It would appear so. I need to figure out the name for the other one. Maybe Dickface or MJ.

    you getting the runt of the litter, arentcha?

  85. Pickup and an innertube is great fun in a snowstorm. Donuts in the parking lot!

  86. Emergency Ration #1 and Emergency Ration #2.

  87. Fartface and Dickbag.

  88. Starsky and Hutch

  89. Gingy and MA have new names: Quesa & Dilla. I switched out the Tillamook with Kraft American for their lunch.

  90. Sohos has dogs named Reagan and G.W.

  91. Hers are bigger.

  92. >>Hers are bigger.

    Her puppies? Yes

  93. *Starts looking for hummingbird recipes to send to lauraw*

  94. Gin and Tonic

  95. Top Ramen.



  96. Shalom and Motherfucker.

    What are we doing?


  98. lauraw can find recipes for bunnies frolicking in her yard, but hummingbird recipes are about drinks and nectar. Shenanigans.

  99. Greetings, Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.

  100. >>What are we doing?

    Cat marinades

  101. Sweet and sour or GTFO

  102. Moo goo gai flan

  103. Not going to go into much detail right now, but let me just remind you all…. people suck.

  104. Someone switch positions on you, wiser?

    (snark aside, hope everyone is ok)

  105. “Show us on the doll where he switched on you.”

  106. “Show us on the doll where he made you cum, but not in the manner you expected”

  107. Howdy, cretins and chicks with curves!

  108. No hello to us cretins with curves?! Hmmpffft.

  109. Woman who has worked for wiserbride for 15 years at two different companies (wiserbride thought they were friends and even got her out of her bad job when she brought her to current place) found out that her son was dying about 6 months ago.

    So she has been on FML for the last six months. Her son is still alive, but still going to die, so since her 6 months is up, she doesn’t want to come back to work, but still wants to get paid.

    So she has filed a complaint against wiserbride, claiming she has created a stressful work environment for her and she simply cannot return to work.

    I fucking hate people.

  110. No doubt that the company will settle and wiserbride will have this black mark on her record but hey…. free money for the back-srabbing birch, so it’s all good I guess.

  111. Oh fuck that shit. Fuck. That. Shit.

  112. Wiser – Some people just need a pat on the head. . . with a framing hammer. . . repeatedly.

  113. I think the company should offer her a job mopping the cafeteria for the same pay. Force her to work 40 fucking hours a week at the lowest stress job at the place. Hell, make her act as a security guard for the parking lot.

    Anything but give her free money. “Oh, I’m sorry… is this mopping job still too stressful for you? Ain’t that a fucking shame. Prove it in court, you fucking leech.”

  114. My first thought was “lawyer”. Second thought was “they cost a lot”.

    Yeah, they’ll settle to try to sweep it under the rug.

  115. Wiserbride runs the collections department. THE FUCKING JOB IS STRESSFUL, CUNT!!!!

  116. So she has filed a complaint against wiserbride, claiming she has created a stressful work environment for her and she simply cannot return to work.

    Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecy.

  117. hello cretins with curves

  118. >>>>Yeah, they’ll settle to try to sweep it under the rug.

    That’s why I would love for them to offer her some fucking menial job. Prove that this is not about wanting free money. Make her try to prove that cleaning the same fucking toilet for 40 hours a week for $50k+ is too stressful.

    Seriously, I fucking hate people.

  119. >>>>Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Yeah, no shit, huh? Wiserbride came home in tears. She is furious, hurt and furious.

    And she can’t even contact the cunt to talk about the ramifications of her little scam.

  120. Best part is… it’s brought back all the rage I thought I had worked past when my “friend” threw me under the bus 5 years ago to protect his own worthless ass.

    I really despise the human race.

  121. Wiser, sorry my future wife is upset. This lady sounds like a huge jerk. Here’s to the “what goes around” rule.

    Here big guy, have a smoke.

  122. Not a cover song:

  123. That sucks to hear, wiser; I hope that the scrunt soon gets the bending-over she deserves.

  124. >>>Here big guy, have a smoke.

    You’re a good friend, Dave.

    Has anyone every told you that before?



  125. I hope that the scrunt soon gets the bending-over she deserves.

    But only if she agrees to get into that position first, of course.

  126. >>>This lady sounds like a huge jerk.

    She was at the company post-Christmas party this past January. We spoke briefly while waiting at the bar.

    She could not stop telling me how much she loved working for wiserbride. “She’s so sweet. She’s so caring.”

    Little did I realize I should have been recording that conversation.

  127. >>>>Here’s to the “what goes around” rule.

    Well, her son is dying. Can’t imagine worse than that. But damn…..

  128. My friend who got my the remote gig is within a few bad arguments of leaving the company. We’ve talked about it though and I told him to do what he had to do. I either keep on my own merit or I lose it through no fault of my own, either way it’s not his problem.

  129. Sorry that Wiserbride was betrayed by a friend.

  130. >> Has anyone every told you that before?

    Who needs friends.

    Yeah, I get it that her kid id dying and that’s awful. Some people are decent and remember people helped them in their time of the worst thing ever, losing a child.

    Some people file grievances and make up bullshit to get paid for doing nothing, while their child is dying.

    SO I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say while that’s tragic she’s still a jerk. My go around thing for her will be getting next to nothing for her evil fuckery.

    Fuckery is a good word.

  131. Bearing false witness is one that list of big no-nos somewhere. Pretty sure. If you have to go without pay for a while longer, you do it and you take the lumps. What she’s doing is wrong, justification be damned.

  132. >>>getting next to nothing for her evil fuckery.

    I think that nails it right there. Any perceived benefit to her from her actions is going to cost her a lot more in the end. Everyone understands her grief and if she came back to work at the old position and just went through the motions people would cover for her. It’s human nature to cut some slack for someone who is grieving.

  133. people should think ten times before filing such stupid grievances, especially if anyone with two brain cells can tell they are frivolous.
    No future employer wants to hire someone like that.

  134. Oh, she’s not coming back. This is her retirement plan.

  135. Does anyone want to be regaled with tales of my round of golf today? Herself certainly doesn’t!

  136. >>>SO I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say while that’s tragic she’s still a jerk.

    You will get zero argument from me here

  137. Wiser said to shoot him an email with a detailed description of the round

  138. What’s her defense? That her son didn’t die fast enough?

  139. Mcpo, I think golf should have walk up music like baseball. What’s your walk up song?

  140. I loved having walk out music when I was in college. It was cool. Felt big league to take the mound to music.

  141. BCoch’s walk up song?

  142. *snort*

    Lol. But no, not hardly.

    I always caught grief that my songs were too….in your face. *shrug*

  143. I would laugh at Jimbro’s Bcoch song, but Red Sox/Braves. Meh. No dog in that fight.

  144. e.g.?

  145. BCoch’s walk up song (NSFW):

  146. Tough year for Sox fans. World Series champs to cellar dwellers in less than a year. Tickets are easier to find. Paula took her mom down a couple of weekends ago to see them play KC (I think it was)

  147. Hahahahahahaha

  148. Oso –

  149. I always caught grief that my songs were too….in your face. *shrug*

    I think your teammates were saying, “Hey, what you do in your bedroom is your bidness, man. Just…leave it in there.”

  150. BCoch’s walk up song (NSFW):

    OK, that made me laugh. C’mon B, give us a sample.

  151. Jimbro…..

    Freshman year:

    Sophomore year:

    Junior year:

    Senior year:

    I caught the most grief my soph year.

  152. Or maybe it was this one:

  153. >>>What’s her defense? That her son didn’t die fast enough?

    She suddenly realized that wiserbride had created a stressful work environment when her 6 months of FML was ending.

    Despite having worked for wiserbride for 15 years at two different companies. And having left her previous job intentionally to go to work for wiserbride at her current place of employment.

  154. Senior year was the best pick. I’m surprised they let you back after sophomore year.

  155. I caught so much grief. I didn’t care. I loved it.

    I threw a lot of relief my soph year. Sprinting to the mound from the pen while “You’ve got…NO CHANCE..NO CHANCE IN HELL” screams over the speakers was just awesome.

  156. I caught the most grief my soph year.

    Things probably settled down when you switched away from this, though…

  157. I came an eyelash from choosing this my senior year:

    Part of me wishes I had.

  158. Drowning Pool “Bodies” was enjoyed at Gitmo:


    According to documents released following a Freedom of Information request loops from the below tracks have been used to break detainees at the Guatanemo Bay prison:

    Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

    Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

    Don’t Gimme No Lip – Pearl Jam

    Somewhat Damaged – Nine Inch Nails

    Enter Sandman – Metallica

    ****Bodies – Drowning Pool*****

    Shoot to Thrill – AC/DC

    Hell’s Bells – AC/DC

    I Love You – Barney & Friends

    Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen

    Babylon – David Gray

    White America – Eminem

    Theme song to Sesame Street”

    Read more:

  159. Dan just dissed “That fat fuck Big Papi” and the BooSux just scored. If they score 14 in the next few innings to win, blame Dan. I will.

  160. **hugs wiser and wiserbride, searches for voodoo tips**

  161. Hey jimbro, thanks for cutting Pierzynski!

  162. That’s funny Jimbro. Some good music mixed in there.

  163. I would make them listen to and view just one song, on repeat:
    What what, in the butt.

  164. Wiser, if this was pre-FSA America, she’d have no chance. Fucking Morris Albert wins. LIFB.

  165. Mickey, by Toni Basil.

    They’d crack, oh yes they would.

  166. I had to look it up Jay, I’ve watched less than a half dozen games this year and most of them were in May or June.

    Cardinals are my NL team (that I don’t care about either this year). I figured that I worked there a year and saw a couple of games in the old Busch stadium while wearing Cardinal red so what the hell.

  167. Fake, but funny:

    I didn’t realize you had worked in Mizzou. When I was there Bob Gibson was still pitching, and I saw Joe Torre playing 3rd.

  168. Bob Gibson is the only Card I like.

  169. I was hoping the Angels would pick up Pierzynski. Not to have him play, mind you. For the fans to throw garbage at him. Hate that guy.

  170. Oh, and Stan the Man.

  171. You can like Pierzynski, Oso!

  172. It was funny listening to the Cub fans boo him this weekend. As he batted .500 against them.

  173. I worked in St Louis for one year and it was this year:

    Exciting times

  174. I only liked him when the RS blamed all of their locker room woes on him.

  175. Hah, I saw #59 and #60 that year. Standing room only tickets cost us $75 a piece.

  176. Talking softball…

  177. Ken Griffey’s grotesquely swollen jaw
    Steve Sax’s little run-in with the law…

  178. Would anyone be surprised that I have 4 Simpsons’ CDs downloaded on my iPod?

  179. Saw McGwire and Canseco play here in AA. Also Prince Fielder, though that was a LOT later.

  180. Also Michael Jordan during his stint with the Birmingham Barons.

  181. Jimbro, I have both versions on my iPod.

  182. Roamy, that is pretty cool. I saw a bunch of loser Mets play as Tidewater Tides when I was a kid. I have a history of living in suckass minor league cities where players grow up to major suckage.

  183. I’ve been to a few Cubs games.

  184. We have baseball here.

    I think.

  185. >> You will get zero argument from me here

    There’s a first time for every damn thing, ain’t there?

    All kidding aside I’m sorry the missus is going through this bullshit.

  186. We’re in the 12th with the stupid D-bags of AZ.

  187. I haven’t been to a minor league game in 20 years. I don’t think I saw anybody who made it big when I did.

  188. Saw Will Clark, Roger Clemens, Pete Incaviglia, and a few others at the College World Series in Omaha. LSU fans sure can party!

  189. I have a few autographs, though I’m not sure John Wasdin’s is worth anything. He was fun to watch, though.

  190. Dan threw out all of my scorecards. Blah blah blah “hoarder”

  191. I have a few autographs, though I’m not sure John Wasdin’s is worth anything. He was fun to watch, though.

    Wait….Wasdin??? “Way back???????”


  192. We saw freaking Bryce Harper play LL. He was a beast as a 12 yr old.

  193. Wiser, any chance the company will fight it?

  194. Wasdin could pitch when he was here. Then he went to Colorado, and it was a launching pad.

  195. What can she get? Unemployment? Disability? Is she suing the company?

  196. Pirates are up 4-0 against the Giants.

  197. Colorado, where pitcher’s ERA goes to die.

  198. [i]Wasdin could pitch when he was here. Then he went to Colorado, and it was a launching pad.[/i]

    Wasdin attends my church. Good guy. Not always amused by “Way back”.

  199. Scott, I think she bypassed the FMLA by making it personal and about the stress.

  200. Awww, look who thinks he’s at AOS!

  201. What can she get? Unemployment? Disability? Is she suing the company?

    She’s aiming for lost wages. “I would be at work BUT FOR wiser bride’s making it a hostile work environment.”

  202. A fuck all this archaic site bullshit. When are any of you fuckers going to get a damn clue

  203. Only two weeks until preseason football.

  204. Clue? about italics?

  205. Jay, as pissed as I was that Chipper Jones lost to Hideo Nomo for rookie of the year, I grudgingly acknowledge that a no-hitter in Denver is a significant accomplishment.

  206. u rok jay.

  207. If you #twoweeks my football, I will end you.

  208. Because the place became hostile while she was gone?
    How would she know?

  209. I know some people that can show her what hostile means.

  210. Chip should have been Rook O Year.
    and I liked Hideo

  211. I saw Hideo play in both the minors and as a Dodger.

  212. Bcoch, tell Wasdin he still has a fan in HSV.

  213. One of my friends has season tickets at Coors Field. At least he got to watch Helton and Tulo play.

    And Holliday when he was there.

  214. Did anybody edge anybody else out for a role in their Community Theater’s production of a Broadway musical today?

  215. Scott, yep.

  216. Only two weeks until preseason football.

    *cries happy tears

  217. J’ames, Coors Field is a fun place for baseball. Saw all those guys.

  218. She’s aiming for lost wages. “I would be at work BUT FOR wiser bride’s making it a hostile work environment.”

    She’ll have the burden of proof, and her proof will be weak ass meat.

  219. He’s coaching right now, but he’ll be back for in the area in a couple months. You got anything you want to have autographed?

  220. That’s what my buddy says, oso. I want to see a game there sometime.

    Roamy, are you excited for the new stadium in ATL?

  221. Cyn, in a normal world I’d be THIS!!!! I just don’t trust anyone any more.

  222. Weak ass meat is the worst kind of ass meat.

  223. Roamy, are you excited for the new stadium in ATL?

    Not really. The one they have now is too new to be replacing it already, and I liked Atlanta-Fulton County.

    Bcoch, I’ll look for the baseball cards when I finally clean out the basement. I know I still have the hat he autographed.

  224. 5AM workday again. Fox AZ on in bedroom. G’night. Go Reds.

  225. By the way, What up, Chumpo?

  226. I gotta go to bed too. Have a good night, everyone!

  227. Cyn, can you add a beach towel to teh T.I.T.S. store? I plan to taunt Cuffy with it.

  228. I’m out. It’s been real.

  229. Gimme a minute, Roams.

  230. Wiserbride has never yelled at me.

    I am sure that I have given her reason to.

  231. Done:

  232. >> Wiser, any chance the company will fight it?

    No. This is what insurance policies are for. The underwriters will ask for a bit of a fight, but ultimately the woman will get something.

    It won’t be all she wants. It’ll be more than she deserves.

    The only good thing is wiserbride won’t take any hit over it. Rogue assholes happen to companies

  233. And in the end her son will die and she will have to live with a lifetime of her choices about how she handled it. The money will not help that.

  234. If you pay Harold $50, she’ll get nothing and be happy about it.

  235. Woot! thanks

  236. Bye Chief 3PO. Have a good golf tomorrow.

  237. Harold got mugged once, he knocked out the guy who stabbed him.

  238. heh. I once got in a knife fight with a messican field worker. He was at least 35 I was 17, I still have both knives.
    Bonus, neither one of us got cut.

    Hadn’t thought of that in a while.

  239. Good job.

  240. thanks.

    How did your second rabbit turn out?

  241. We only had one.

  242. There will be a second.

  243. Keep up the good work. I’m going camping next week with my FiL the caveman Apache.
    Will report back how he cleans and prepares Wabbit.

  244. Rabbit is very tasty.

  245. Hi Jewstin. I’ve never had it before. I would have but someone told me a long time ago that So Cal rabbits have Tuluramia something something so I never pursued that.
    I think that turned out to be bunk.

  246. Tastes like chicken.

    (Or does chicken taste like rabbit?)

  247. Tularemia? Probably does taste like chicken.

  248. Adios, Amoebas.

  249. Tularemia in rabbits is like trichinosis in pork. Cooked well it’s perfectly safe.

  250. Mare died of tularemia.

  251. Mare is an illusion.

  252. In these demon days it’s so cold inside
    So hard for a good soul to survive
    You can’t even trust the air you breathe
    ‘Cause mother derp wants us all to leave

  253. Hotspur?

  254. Morning, children.

  255. Wakery wakery.

  256. Anyone else reading The Weed Agency by Jim Geraghty? I know it’s fiction, but we know too well the moves made by Dole, Gingrich, Trent Lott, et al. Party of Stupid.

  257. The chapter with Al Gore has been my favorite so far.

  258. I’m reading it

  259. I mean, since he signed one and gave it to me I felt like I had to.

    Sheesh, what a dick. Make me feel obliged to read your book by giving it to me.

  260. The part with the website cracked me up. Holy shit, if we didn’t go through the exact same thing! All ready to roll out a new web page, and then the avalanche of questions. Did you use the standard format? Every page has to look the same, even if the color scheme shouts 70’s. Is it 508 compliant? Has the content been cleared for publication, not just by your boss who made changes (including a reversal of his earlier change) but all the way up to headquarters?

    Which is why the Earth Day article from April still sits…somewhere.

  261. Morning peeps.

  262. Poated.

  263. Moarnin.

  264. A friend of mine just bought me a dishwasher.


    And I don’t mean a messican that does dishes.

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