Placeholder Poat


What I got after I asked if there was any vegetarian options at the family BBQ


Spice Up the Weekend Chores


Then have a snack

And a sip


Good Weekend Y’all!


  1. He shoots, he scores!

  2. Poat Desecrated!!

  3. Something doesn’t look right about laundry lady. her head is too big or something.

  4. Does anyone want to know how to evaluate the statistics of a regression model then read Henry V?


    Walk me through the first one. The latter is one of the few plays I’ve actually watched performed in person, and well.

  5. That’s a big pie.

  6. That suspender&shorts thing is quite a lovely piece of lingerie.

  7. Something doesn’t look right about laundry lady

    Why the long face?

  8. I’m in a meeting right now. I probably will be for several hours.

  9. It probably won’t end up being a double.

  10. So, last night the stupid “Keno” drawer was $100 under. the other bartender and I had to pay it.

    I know that muthafocking money wasn’t in my pocket. My cash drawers are always right on – ALWAYS have been. For years. I count all my change twice. There was something hinky. I hate fucking keno and you cannot believe how much people were playing last night.

    I do that shit SO slow, to make sure i don’t fuck anything up. honestly, I don’t believe either of us made a mistake.

    Did i mention the drawer doesn’t have any sort of lock or code on it? And that manager routinely go in the drawer to get change, etc.

    yea, so not gonna bartend if I have a choice.

    The weirdest thing is that it was EXACTLY $100 off. Really? Huh. Exact. that’s strange.

  11. I barely passed out any cash winnings anyway. The money goes IN. Out? Not so much.

  12. I’m going to sell our van and was checking out Craigslist for comparable vehicles, found this:

  13. That blows chunks, Car in. You should protest for a lock on that drawer as a simple security matter. I’d go so far as a codelock with individual codes or RFIDs with a traceable access log to a transaction record. Yes it would slow things down, but it would reduce incidents like this to a minimum.

    I have never handled customer $$ except at a garage sale. I prefer it that way.

  14. ^ha

  15. I’m going to sell our van and was checking out Craigslist for comparable vehicles, found this:

    Oh man, if that weren’t in Dayton…

  16. I’ve done it for years, Leon. And my drawers are always RIGHT on. Maybe a buck or two off on super busy nights, but I don’t think I’ve paid out more than $5, $6 or so on a couple occasions in my decades in the business.

  17. It needs a lock, then, and no change-making. It’s an obvious disincentive for the bartender job.

  18. Yea, it really sucks. And the Keno people are crazy. seriously. A couple was there last night for over 3 hours, and I wish I’d kept track of how much they spent. They repeatedly handing be stacks of tickets, usually $50 worth they wanted to buy. A few times it was more. As they left, they bought another $90 worth of keno.

  19. I have to stop thinking about it. It just makes me mad.

    Perhaps they found the money.

  20. There are a few other hinky things. My one manager PLAYS keno.

  21. Walk me through the first one. The latter is one of the few plays I’ve actually watched performed in person, and well
    Check the P value for the regression equation. If it is above .05 you have a problem.

    Check the Rsq adjusted to see the % of the variation that the model is explaining. Baseline is 80% but that’s unrealistic in transactional environments.

    Review the regression equation and check the constants.

    Check the p values of the predictor variables. Any above .05 can be discarded. The equation have the least amount of predictors possible without compromising the Rsq adjusted.

    Evaluate the VIF (variance inflation factor) of the predictor variables. Any with a value of >5 should be considered for elimination.

    Evaluate the residuals (distance between the fitted line regression model and the actual observation points). Normality curve should be 45 degree angle left to right. Scatter plots should have no pattern. If not, the data might be non-normal enough to require a transformation.

    Start over with a TFE (thoroughly frightening equation).

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
    For he today that sheds his blood with me,
    Shall be my brother.

  22. Honestly, if I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.

    *avoids long bitch of misery

  23. Fuck that. $100 exactly is a managers mistake while dropping money or making change for the drawer.

  24. Harry Reid would buy it but it has too many windows for a rape van

  25. That sucks Car in. You didn’t take it, you shouldn’t have to pay.

  26. I know . A cashier doesn’t just miss exactly $100. We didn’t even have any$100 bills in our drawer.

  27. The safe is most likely $100 over.

  28. Or there’s a pocket that’s $100 over.

  29. Did writing that help you organize your thoughts, MJ?

  30. Because it looks very succinct, and as a non-statistician I can follow it but only just.

  31. Exactly $100.

    Yeah that happens all the time. If you work with a thief

  32. Did writing that help you organize your thoughts, MJ?
    Yeah, it did. I had notes on the subject but it was good to go through the steps. The likelihood that I’ll use regression for work is pretty low but I still want to understand it.

    I’m the only person in the class that isn’t in a Black Belt role, but I’m still expected to get my Master Black Belt certification within 2 years. That’s really cool because part of the requirements are to teach 2 weeks of classes….and the next session is in Germany…in October.

    Hell yeah.

  33. A careful thief would steal $87.

  34. That’s really cool because part of the requirements are to teach 2 weeks of classes….and the next session is in Germany…in October.

    Oh my. I’d be crash-course brushing up on my Deutsch for that. Frauleins, fleisch, und bier are part of what is best in life.

  35. Yeah, I meant a dumb thief

  36. The class is 100% in English because people from England, Dutchland, Germanland, Franceland, and Spainland will be there.

    The guy who’s running the class wants me to come and my boss said, ‘we’ll talk next week.’

    My old boss just would have said no. I like the new guy.

  37. Class might be in English, Oktoberfest won’t be.

    ‘sall I’m sayin’.

  38. OTOH, you might just work on the Spanish-Spanish if you’re used to Messican-Spanish. I can almost follow South American Spanish, but I’ve heard actual Spainlanders and it’s half-gibberish to me.

  39. Fuck that. Merica.

  40. Fair enough.

  41. Still in my meeting. Since 830 now.

    Gonna be a good timesheet for OT.

  42. A cashier doesn’t just miss exactly $100. We didn’t even have any$100 bills in our drawer.

    Why were you bartending….short a person or they watching for something?

    I worked Busch Stadium one summer, during college. There were a couple of weeks where they made me move around to other refreshment stands with another worker because they ‘needed help’. The real reason was, one or two stands kept coming up short lots of cash, and they were looking for the thief.

    At that time, they had no cash registers. They just had an unwatched till in the back of each stand and when you needed change, you went back and made it. You were also expected to take orders, remember them, and add it all up in your head. I couldn’t do it and always wrote them down, so as not to screw anyone over.

    Turns out, it was the guy they moved me around with and the sucker was pocketing tips left on the counter for me, too.

  43. I’d also bring that shit up with the manager or at a meeting. Total bullshit that you would have to cover the loss when the damn drawer isn’t even safeguarded.

  44. I think the answer is obvious: lawsuit.

    Or steal some booze until you make good on the $100.

  45. When I woke up this morning, I found a single C note in my wallet. I don’t know where it came from, but man, am I sore in strange places.


    Actually this part is the most interesting. Which of the H2 women is blonde?

    Monday, April 7
    6:55 p.m. An East 3rd Street resident came home to find an intoxicated blonde woman in his house. She was looking for her mail.

  47. I carry a single $100 in my wallet for emergencies. When I clean my wallet out every year or so I’m always surprised when I find it.

  48. That Whitefish police blotter is about what my town sees in a year. I just read the Waldo County sheriff’s report in our annual town report and it was a single page.

  49. I just purchased a 300 lb set of lifting bar and plates from Dicks Sporting goods. A nice young man called Dom helped me grab the packages from the warehouse and load them into my car.
    I get home and discover that I got an extra package of the two 45lb plates. At 90lb, it is not cheap. I don’t want to get Dom in trouble. So back to Dicks. Dammit.

  50. I wish I lived in a town with a blotter like that. Being in Los Angeles, the county local sheriff blotter is probably as thick as the phone book.

  51. That’s a pretty heavy mistake, Tushar.

  52. So back to Dicks.

    A phrase crying to be taken out of context.

  53. Bad news, MJ. Oktoberfest isn’t in October.

  54. Tushar
    Good for you..
    No more wimpy dieties!

  55. Oktoberfest is mid-Sept to mid-Oct, iirc.

  56. It ends on the 4th this year.

  57. So back to Dicks.

    What 0bama said to himself after Malia was conceived.

  58. Germans. Always early.

  59. Trying to stay ahead of the cuckoo clock.

  60. TJ, that is amusing. Indians are notorious for sticking to what exists and not experimenting with new stuff. 150 years back some asshole painted Gods as soft, liberal looking metrosexuals, and became popular. It has taken that many years for the mold to break.

    Same with movies. When musicals were popular in Hollywood, Bollywood tried a few musicals successfully. Till date, every movie is a musical.

  61. What’s the age of the art in the Kama Sutra? It seems to have been done with similar anatomical style. Wikipedia says the text goes back to second century AD (they say CE, but eff those guys), nothing about the art. If the art is as old as the text, I imagine the deity art was strongly influenced by it.

  62. Watch what this big baby boy does to the cat at :40.

  63. Tushar
    I know
    Ray couldn’t make “Pather Panchali” these days, unless everybody in it sang and danced or had huge boobs (nttawwt)

  64. Tushar,

    If you are going to start lifting weights drop me or Leon an email.

    Actually, scratch me off the list.


    I was a collegiate athlete and power lifter, but I still hired a trainer when I decided to get serious about fitness.

    That was about 10 yrs ago and I’m getting fat again, need to re-hire Megan,

    BTW, hire the hottest chick available. It’s excellent motivation.

  65. Yeah, because when your wife catches you oogling your hawt trainer, that is when the crackfat portion of your training kicks in.


  67. Having a married guy working with a hot female personal trainer is the beginning plot of many Law and Order type crime shows.

  68. Beasn, for military guys it’s not like that.

    Wife knew I was an old Lt Col who needed to get his ass in shape to deploy.

    Hot trainer was a bonus.

  69. Jimbro,

    I left to Afghanistan, they can’t pin it on me!


    No, this isn’t just for xbrad.

  71. If you’re on a budget and you can film/upload form videos, there are some online coaches I could recommend. I can recommend books, but I managed to hurt myself a few times and I’m not really qualified to coach.

  72. On the plus side, if ogling your hawt trainer gets your wife motivated, it’s all good.

  73. Leon, that is a good point. But the figures depicted in the Kamasutra sculptures were decadent kings, not gods.
    Besides, those sculptures showed more masculine bodies than your typical god image

    This bearded guy from Kamasutra:

    definitely looks more butch than this modern depiction of Krishna:

  74. The miracle is that he got married.

  75. Been flying all night (SFO-ORD).

    Going to try and sleep for a couple of hours and try to get back on the normal schedule.

    good night.

  76. Ok, while I was still musing about girly gods, the conversation has moved to how Tushar can become less horrible to look at.

    I will look for a personal trainer. My biggest problem is freaking time. Lets see how it goes.

    I aim to start with a mere 100 lb deadlifts and inch my way towards 200.

  77. Agreed. I’ve never seen Krishna depicted as anything but a near-androgyne.

  78. The miracle is that he got married.

    The ad did not specify that he married a live human woman. Could have been another doll.

  79. Agreed. I’ve never sen Krishna depicted as anything but a near-androgyne.

    The original badass QUILTBAG!

  80. Could be worse. He could have been made an Avenger and then turned into a chick to sell comics.

  81. If Marvel ever does a “graphic novel” version of the Bhagavad Gita, Shiva will be a Hispanic paraplegic, Prince Arjuna will be a mulatto blind lesbian, and Vishnu will be depicted as a rainbow-colored sibling of Galactus in the form of Quentin Crisp.

  82. Nah, GO, they’d finally be able to do a whole GN with no white people (mostly brown and a few blue), so they’d be okay.

  83. Blue people > too much like painted Scots warriors > Scots are pasty white people

    No, no blue people. But maybe if they were depicted as smurfs.

  84. Vishnu = QUILTBAG smurf?

    Not cool, dude.

  85. I don’t think Marvel is afraid of Vishnu.

    But they should be.

  86. Ok, I am getting a bit uneasy with this subject. Lets make fun of Xbrad instead

  87. Speaking of xbrad, here is a young lady perfect for him.

  88. Ok, I am getting a bit uneasy with this subject. Lets make fun of Xbrad instead

    XBrad = QUILTBAG smurf?

    Meh, I guess.

  89. Toronto is a bit far.

  90. Yeah, Toronto, but… toast!

    Toast is delicious.

  91. Right. I am back at Dicks and waiting for Dom to finish his break.

    Being honest is hard work and patience.

  92. Are you completely sure you had extra plates, Tushar?

  93. Leon, do I need that wide belt around my waist? I don’t want injuries

  94. Pretty sure, Leon.
    Unless their 300lb set is sneakily a 390 lb set

  95. I have never used a belt, Tushar. Until you’re deadlifting 2.5xBW or squatting 2xBW, I wouldn’t worry. Build up gradually and your abdominal wall will strengthen naturally as the rest of you does.

  96. Cool. I will just pick up wrist straps and a plate stand while I am here.
    If I can regularly deadlift for 2 months, I will buy a power rack

  97. Tush,

    Don’t get the wrist straps.

    At our age, if you can’t lift it with your bare hands it’s too heavy.

  98. Tush,

    You will get calluses on your hands. That is good.

    In some cultures it is considered ‘upper class’ to have hands as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Is that true in India? I have no idea.

    In Texas, we automatically think you’re a fag who’s never worked a day in his life.

    Texas Jew may chime in on this, but when I shake hands they feel my calluses and know I work for a living.

    You can be be the studliest, buffest Indian shooter ever if you’re willing to move/lift some weight.

  99. Also,

    Be very careful deadlifting. Don’t go heavy without a trainer. It’s a great move, but go light and work up.

    My second back surgery was because I herniated a disc deadlifting WAY more than an old man should.

  100. Is Tushar buying a weights or an S&M kit?

  101. Tush,

    For us older hostages I recommend kettle bell swings.

    Works the same muscles as deadlifts, but much less stress on the lower back.

  102. Xbrad,

    At this point we don’t know.

  103. XBrad, not very consciously, but in India, calloused hands do signify lower social status.

    But I want callouses now. I don’t want to give off a metrosexual douchebag hipster vibe.

    Like I said, I will start with under 100 pounds, and will very slowly inch towards 200.

  104. He has yet to ask for ball gag recommendations, so i guess that’s good?

  105. >>Comment by xbradtc on July 26, 2014 3:36 pm
    Is Tushar buying a weights or an S&M kit?

    you are welcome to come in my basement and find out.
    If you don’t mind, pick up a ball gag on the way.

  106. Phat, I honestly had not read your comment when I made mine!

  107. WordPress is almost unusable today. What the hell?!

  108. Tush,

    It was me, not Xbrad.

    Do dumbbell presses for your chest instead of bench press. Incline/Decline/Ball whatever you can do with dumbells uses a lot more minor muscle groups than a barbell.

    I’m sure Leon will chime in at any moment, but I’m 99% positive he will agree with me.

  109. Phat, you were happy that I did not ask about a ball gag yet, and next comment, I asked about a ball gag! Huge coincindence.

  110. Phat, yeah, I am going to get dumbbells and kettle bells too. I have neglected my health for far too long. No more.

  111. Tush,

    You’re a big guy. I’m a also large human.

    Use the local gym for the ‘normal’ workout. Buy a kettlebell if they don’t have them. Start light on the kettlebells, 25# to start.

    I work out at my local YMCA and have a 75# kettlebell in my basement.

  112. Tush,

    Keep shooting!

    I just bought my 15 yr old daughter her first pistol.

    Her birthday is tomorrow.

    Yes, I am from Texas.

  113. Phat, I have access to 4 awesome Rutgers University gyms because my wife is an employee. The problem is time. We will see.

  114. Happy Bday, PhatDaughter! Is this the pirate one?

  115. The many years when I worked on drilling rigs, my hands were so calloused I was embarrassed

    Now I don’t have to sling chain or grunt away on pipe wrenches and simply supervise, my hands are as smooth and soft as George Costanza’s.

  116. Steak smoking time!

  117. I have access to 4 awesome Rutgers University gyms because my wife is an employee.

    Well…three now.

  118. Being honest is hard work and patience.

    And higher car insurance bills for the rest of my life. (Left a note on a car I backed into. Could have completely gotten away with it.)

  119. The United States shut down its embassy in Libya Saturday and evacuated its diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort amid a significant deterioration in security in Tripoli as fighting intensified between rival militias, the State Department said.

    “Due to the ongoing violence resulting from clashes between Libyan militias in the immediate vicinity of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, we have temporarily relocated all of our personnel out of Libya,” spokeswoman Marie Harf said.

    I guess youtube videos strike again.

  120. Clever, Pups.

  121. Beach time!

  122. Be sure to take a selfie of your feet.

    Huntington Beach?

  123. Dumbbell bench is a lot harder to screw up than barbell bench, and is safer to do alone. Barbell bench pressing requires more technique mastery. Honestly, you may be best off starting with pushups. That’ll get your connective tissue tough enough to add weight safely.

  124. Good afternoon, genetic anomalies.

  125. Hi Sean.

  126. Xbrad – Manhattan

  127. Oof. You shouldn’t have told him where you were. Hope you took extra-strength pepper spray with you.

    Hi MJ. How many Oscars do you have up your ass RIGHT NOW?

  128. That’s not Oscar, it’s Bert.

  129. My MIL gave me her old iPad mini, I’m typing on it right now. I’m
    being assured that I’ll get used to it.

  130. Am I the only one who’s noticed that the guy who keeps writing fucked-up stories about Israel over at Vox has the same name as this character?

    Not a sharp little guy.

  131. Alas, Mrs.Peel will be tied down by a major project milestone. So we won’t be attending T.I.T.S.

    I feel like I at least need to contribute to the T.I.T.S. mix-tape.

  132. Hi MJ. How many Oscars do you have up your ass RIGHT NOW?
    Same as any day.



  134. That’s a damn shame, Will. I was hoping to see Mrs. Peel again.

  135. The worst days are Oscar the Grouch. So itchy.

  136. I can see how that would be unpleasant. How about the following?


  137. De la Rente?

  138. There used to be a workout book/ plan maybe ten or so years ago that focused on doing very short workouts with unusually high weights and low reps.

    So during weight training, one would do an exercise with an amount of weight that was just below the max they could do one rep of, but still could reasonably handle for a few reps.

    Then they would take that weight and do as many reps as they could do until they literally could not do one more rep (obviously this was not done with freeweights/without a spotter).

    So let’s say, you would do five or ten reps and then be unable to budge the bar again, at all. Basically, you would totally and utterly fatigue the muscle group(s) involved in that movement.

    Then you move on to the next exercise.

    The idea was that total muscle fatigue gives you a very time-economical workout that builds muscle crazy fast.

    Aaargh- there was a lot more to it than what I can remember right now. I cannot find this online anywhere for the life of me. I can’t even remember the name of it. Had the book, years ago but cannot find it now.

  139. The part where you utterly deplete the muscle was very important, for some reason.

  140. 5 or 10 rep is high reps. Strength training is usually 1 to 5.

  141. And going to failure is a disaster for strength training, at least in the neuro-muscular adaptation phase. That’s more of a hypertrophy method.

  142. Oh yeah, and I think with this plan you were supposed to only work out once a week. Because the rest of the time you’re healing.

    It sounds weird now.

  143. I wish I could remember more about it. I definitely could be wrong about the particulars. Damn, wish I could find that book.

  144. “And going to failure is a disaster for strength training”

    I took a weight training class in the late 70’s, going to failure was a big thing then.

  145. Cyn hasn’t commented for a while, do you suppose she was Haboobed into oblivion?

    *activates tiger signal*

  146. I took a weight training class in the late 70′s, going to failure was a big thing then.

    Yeah, it comes back into fashion every now and then, but it’s really stressful on the central nervous system. When you’re first getting started with weight training, you’re mostly training your nerves to contract the muscle you already have, to overcome a lot of the inherent inhibition against hard contraction, and so on. Go to failure and the inhibition response can actually get stronger instead, which will hold back progress.

  147. Someone called?

  148. I remember a day where we maxed out on every station of the universal.

    They had us go until we couldn’t move the lightest weight, then we moved to the next station.

    I passed out after class. I forgot to breath at the drinking fountain.

  149. ~hola~

  150. OSO!

  151. Puppeh!

  152. Cyn hasn’t commented for a while, do you suppose she was Haboobed into oblivion?

    Maybe she’s not into workout blogs. I’m just saying is all.

  153. Alrighty, I’m just gonna hide out here for a while. Commenters at the HQ are annoying me too much.

  154. Holy crap, that’s funny Tushar.

  155. LOLOLOLOL Tush!!!

  156. Hi, CoAlex!!!

  157. Where are all the cool people?

  158. O.o Cyn has been haboobed. Wiser is probably getting psyched up for softball tomorrow. Rosetta is watching Frozen with Henry. J’ames is making pizza.

  159. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to go grab a drink and a cigar downtown.

  160. >>Where are all the cool people?

    Sorry, Scott. Just riffraff like me here today.

  161. I was busy building my last bookshelf.

  162. We got Halloween costumes in on Wednesday. We’ve already sold all of the Frozen costumes.

  163. Leon, not that I need this or will go for it anytime, but out of curiosity:

    Hell no
    Hell yes


  164. Creatine monohydrate is practically a vitamin, especially if you aren’t eating beef or some other large mammal on a regular basis.

    It doesn’t blend well into basically anything, though, and if you take it too close to a caffeine dose you’ll pee it out.

  165. Dan is making smothered queso burgers. My fav. Even better than green chile cheeseburgers or stuffed green chile cheeseburgers. Mmmm…queso.


  167. >>Creatine monohydrate is practically a vitamin, especially if you aren’t eating beef or some other large mammal on a regular basis.
    It doesn’t blend well into basically anything, though, and if you take it too close to a caffeine dose you’ll pee it out.

    i will take it as a yes.

  168. Yes. Safe and recommended. I’ve taken it off and on for years, mostly when bulking. There are studies that have shown it to have cognitive benefits as well, though, so I really should be taking it more regularly.

  169. Did anybody inform anybody else that their precious family heirlooms were actually cheap junk made by Chinese slave laborers today?

  170. No, but I had to go to the barrio WalMart today to get my work Dickies and Taco Cabana made my bacon too crispy.

  171. I had to take the golf cart over to the clubhouse today in the heat of the day, and get a BLT. My bacon wasn’t too crispy though.

  172. I had a BLT chicken salad from Vons for dinner yesterday. Tons of bacon, and not too crispy.

  173. Costco sells a 2# bag of bacon bits. Not too crispy either.

  174. It was horrible. Like bacon bits. Bacon flavored charcoal. I had to create bacon with grape jelly and butter tacos to make it palatable. Then my blood glucose spiked. (No real surprise I’m a Type II)

  175. Dickies have to be the worst uniform accessory ever. Do they match your cumberbunds?

  176. Hahaha I like my Dickies.

  177. The mating rituals of the common North American Hostage

  178. Dickies is now my go-to brand for shorts. Good fit at a good price.

  179. Went to Costco today to pick up a dozen things. Saw an older gentleman with a 3rd Armored Div patch on his Korean War Vet baseball cap. I went to talk to him with my son trailing behind me. As I asked him about his service, he said he was in the Army.

    When I told him, I was assigned to the 3rd Armored, he got confused and looked at his wife and asked, “Was I?”. Turns out he has Alzheimer’s.

    I am really learning to hate that disease…

  180. It’s customary to have a list for that, mundane.

  181. So, Shawn likes short Dickies. Good to know.

  182. What, you’re a fan of the long Dickies, J’Ames? Not really surprising.

  183. Did anybody else dissapoint their young adult daughter today by refusing to pay a grand over MSRP for the vehicle she fell in love with?

  184. Sell your derp to the company
    Who are waiting there to sell plastic ware
    And in a week or two if you make the charts
    The girls will tear you apart

  185. Good morning.

  186. Speaking of Alzheimers

  187. Hola Mofo’s

  188. Who’s the fat kid?

    OH HI Rosetta! Looking good, man!

  189. Pupster!! Don’t answer the phone!! BAD DOG!!

  190. Morning, children.

  191. Laura, some guy in NM is in trouble ’cause he killed his dog and fed it to his family. Everyone went nuts, but there’s no law against it. They’re going after him on cruelty to animals.

  192. *flies to Connecticut*

    *buys enormous knife*

    *pretends to have something to mail*

    *guts lauraw, am careful not to get entrails on my speedo*

    *flies home, gets standing ovation, key to the city*

  193. *flies back to Connecticut*

    *blows up scott’s rape van*

    *comes home to ticker parade and Kate Upton axing me to motorboat*

    *falls asleep*

  194. Stupid dog-eater. Everyone, including Obama, knows you eat a dog one leg at a time.

  195. If you had a knife you wouldn’t do anything but go find a cake right away.

  196. Let’s be serious for a second. The guy who did the 2 in the pink and 1 in the stink in the ice cream is a fucking genius and he should hang out on this blog.

    He’s obviously insane in the membrane.


  197. Pupster thought the same thing, two weeks ago.

  198. *flies back to Connecticut*

    *buys ice cream cake from Baskin Tony Robbins*

    *eats some, feels inspired*

    *re-animates lauraw with martini and Jaeger*

    *kills her again but this time with a cannon of puppies and kitties*

    *flies home, smokes delicious heroin*

  199. Laura, after completing her education:

  200. I hate when Pupster travels into the future and steals my funny shit.

    Fucking dick.

  201. Hello my name is “Gary”. What can we help you with?


  202. Rosetta,

    I generally get photos taken in sexier poses.
    Like this

    Or this

  203. Ok I have go pretend I’m asleep so I don’t have to change Henry’s poopy diaper.

    Don’t say anything funny while I’m gone.

    *hahaha….like that would happen; £ sand*

    *hears little footsteps upstairs*

    *runs back to bed*

  204. HAHAHAHA! Tush, please wear an electric blue suit and sunglasses to the meat up. I will buy all your food and drinks.

  205. How long before Henry’s changing your diapers?

  206. Even penguins have pull my finger jokes

  207. Penguins smell. A solely fish based diet will do that. I don’t even want to imagine what an igloo smells like after the all you can eat walrus blubber festival.

  208. Walruses are mammals.


  209. Rosetta’s old age is going to be a nuisance for people

  210. Goosh mernface.

  211. Yes, Tushar, I am studying to become a large black man who farts in public.

  212. *calls Henry on his Fisher Price cellphone*

    *tells him to remove his poopy diaper and hide it in Daddy’s closet*

  213. Rosetta saved the world from annihilation while he was still a small child. And this is how it happened.

  214. Looks like MJ woke up with a penis drawn on his face. Again.

  215. *puts away sharpie*

  216. Obamajob.

    Stim you later.

  217. Back from gym, washed dishes, time to make breakfast and pack my fudge for the trip.

  218. >>Back from gym, washed dishes, time to make breakfast and pack my fudge for the trip.


  219. Ugh,

    Woke up at 4:00 am. Flying the redeye back to Chicago always messes me up for about a day.

  220. Leon,

    How many bullwhips does it take for you to pack your fudge?

  221. Less than one, normally. I’m efficient.

  222. New place opened in town a couple of months ago. It’s a vintage arcade/bar/restaurant.

    Taking the youngest there for her birthday today.

  223. We have something similar here in C bus, not for kids though.

  224. The Ralph Macchio cocktail looks refreshing.

  225. Didn’t realize Bell’s Oberon would be available that far away. Do they serve it with the orange slice there?

  226. Leon, I did 4 sets of 5 deadlifts each, at 95 lb.
    Did not want to bite off more than I could chew.
    Asked wife to spot from side: (Rippetoe tips) no lateral bar movement. Back straight. Lift chest first. She says I did fine.

    It was moderately strenuous for me. I plan to add maybe 5 lb per week.

    Everyone else, sorry for this. I am a person with low motivation. If I know I am reporting my progress to someone, it will keep me honest.

  227. From AOS – Bill Whittle

  228. Leon, I have a Weider system, from my pre knee injury days.

    I can do a kinda squat on it, where the weight bears down on your shoulders using those padded rollers.
    I plan to use this for squats and bench press for now.

  229. Bill sums it up nicely.

  230. calls Henry on his Fisher Price cellphone*

    He probably has an IPHONE.

  231. I just watched some of Elliott Hulse’s videos, he’s rather entertaining.

    Leon, what do you think of him?

  232. Weeds are weeded. Take that, Carin.

  233. I have a rose thorn stuck in my arm. Ima leave it there ’til Hotbride notices.

  234. >>I have a rose thorn stuck in my arm. Ima leave it there ’til Hotbride notices.

    Do you want an abscess? That is how you get an abscess.

    It is sheer luck that Hotspur has survived so long.

  235. Didn’t people used to die from rose thorns (and injuries arising from them)?

    I seem to remember reading a Smithsonian(?) article on that many, many years ago – one that was talking about what a miracle drug Penicillin was at the time it was developed.

    Wish I could find that article – it was fascinating!

  236. Fun morning here. I woke to Laura screaming her head off, she was yelling at Bubba who had just started puking in the hallway. He’s 15, puking takes a lot out of him. When he finished puking he decided he was too tired to go downstairs, so he peed too.

    All the yelling and the commotion must have confused him, plus he was tired….What does he do?

    He lays down in it.


  237. Poor Bubba. He didn’t even get thwapped with the spatula?

  238. We’re expecting a cold front here in the DFW area this week – TStorms tomorrow, then high temps hovering near 90 degrees for the rest of the week.

    Time to pull out the heavy coats…..

  239. Yesterday I made this poat, then did yard work, cutting down and digging up a bush that had died, transplanting the lilies of the valley and mint plants that grew around it to the backyard. Today I graveled that area with a half ton of limestone and raked it out to expand the parking area for the go-cart with additional landscape timbers.

    I am getting old. I feel like I’m buried under the gravel.

  240. Oh, I also cooked a big bacon, sausage, ham, croissant and pancake breakfast for everyone in the house this morning. My tenants have it good.

  241. *throws up*

    *pees on the carpet*

    *lays down*

  242. Pups, was the bacon “bendy” or “crispy”?

  243. Poor Bubba.

  244. Good Pup.

  245. The bacons was perfect: crispy meat and chewy fat.

  246. I aim to start with a mere 100 lb deadlifts and inch my way towards 200.,

    That should be no problem. I do 200 and I’m a girl.

  247. So, I was at the home depot garden area, and I am walking to the “discount’ shelf – my favorite spot, and I see 6 butterfly bushes marked down to about $2.50 a piece.

    And then this BITCH and her ugly husband grab ALL FUCKING 6.

    I did get two smaller Red twig dogwoods for $3 a piece. That was in a different area, or the garden hogs probably would have taken those too.

  248. Tushars trippin.

  249. Probably democrats.

  250. Car in,

    Sounds like you should have cut a bitch.

  251. >>Comment by Pupster on July 27, 2014 2:40 pm
    >>Tushars trippin.

    What kind of quackery is this?

  252. Anybody want some chili? Just out of the pressure cooker, and added the beans.

  253. We need equal distribution of discount butterfly plants.

    *writes law

  254. *prepares to vote MJ into office.

    Everyone should only take their fair share.

  255. >>That should be no problem. I do 200 and I’m a girl.

    Yes, but you are the 1 percenter of fitness. And I am a welfare recipient.

  256. There should be equal distribution of fitness.

    **writes a la…

    Eh, screw it. Too weak to write anything.

  257. Deadlifts are right in my wheelhouse. It is my best lift.

  258. Deadlifts are right in my wheelhouse.

    Comes from picking up after all those ungrateful children.

  259. I managed to mow the lawn before a downpour. Yay me!

  260. Is that a euphemism?

  261. Glad to be off work. The asshole to nice person ratio was extremely high today.

  262. Downpours thwarted me twice today. I’m about to try for a third time.

  263. No euphemism here, just a lawn that’s not been cut for 2+ weeks. I was on vacation last week and pretty much stayed at camp the whole time. I also brought 2 weeks of trash to the dump. Nasty stuff. The town has a dump there with limited hours and a per bag fee for trash.

  264. When I mowed the lawn I saw a few bunny rabbits running down the paths in the field. Stardog has been at camp all summer and they’re pretty fat and happy now. They have another month of no dog around to eat whatever rabbits eat when you don’t plant a garden. Probably my neighbor’s garden.

  265. Downpour here now, will help the gravel set. Just had a ha uge lightning strike across the street.

  266. It is dead, Jim

  267. Oh goody, the dishwasher is spewing water everywhere from the air gap. FML.

  268. I was picking food from my garden, and now I’m at the gym waiting for mr car in to finish.

  269. The tumor in my cousin’s dog that is causing the paralysis is a C shaped tumor that wraps around her spine and is very close to the brain stem. We just spent a few hours with Bogie. If my cousin decides to go ahead with the surgery, the neurologist would need to bring in a team from PHX. We think that they are going to decide to euthanize. I’ve given myself a headache with all the crying.

  270. Wow, Oso – that sucks.

    What would the dog’s QOL be after the surgery (were it to be successful)? It almost sounds like the surgery could kill the pup, as well.

    Sorry for your friends and their fur baby {{{hugs}}}

  271. Hello chillens. New poat for people who no like stinky old poat.

  272. TiFW, that is exactly what the neurologist said. Even with a successful surgery, the QOL would be limited. Success rate at less than 10%. She’d still have cancer. Thanks.

  273. I’ll pay cash money for a new Poat right now.

  274. Grabs wallet.

    Make it payable to cash@007 ?

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