Car Review Tuesday

I admit I have been a slacker and have not posted in 45 years or so. I also admit no one comes to the hostages looking for car reviews. It is something that interested me, and I thought I would give my opinion. Carry on with all the usual silliness in the comments, and completely ignore the content. It is expected without question here.

Last week I rented a 2013 Challenger R/T. It looked a lot like this:


Taken from my hotel room

I arrived in Tampa in a thunderstorm. I adjusted my mirrors and spent 5 minutes familiarizing myself with the switches, etc.  The exit from TIA to St. Petersburg is a10 mile long twisting urban highway. In the pouring rain, the car telegraphed its intentions and made it abundantly clear what was going to happen if I kept it up. 1/2 a dozen times I felt the front end squirming saying slow down I am about to hydroplane! This could have been the traction control intervening for me. It was im initial drive and I took it at the default settings. Part of the problem with this was it defaults to Econo mode, meaning that 60 mph is loafing at 1700 RPM. I constantly found myself doing 80. (around 2300 RPM) Obviously 80 in a downpour is rather pushing it.


Metal Flake

Metal Flake

I found the color very intriguing, it was chameleon like in color almost black at times, but reflecting the blue sky at others, changing from smokey blue to silver, to white, and back to black again.

The reason I rented the car was because my brother had a 70 Challenger R/T with a 383 in it. I wanted to compare my memory with the current version. I think Chrysler nailed it in the looks department and it brought back many fond memories of my teen age years.

That said the visibility is atrocious. Forward, backward, sideways, and vertically, you are wanting in every direction.  I hit my head on the roof line every time I entered or exited the car. I am only 5′-10″. Red at 5′-5″ had no problems.  Looking out the front, the seat was too high. My eyes were level with the visor at the roof line. Every traffic light I had to duck and crane my neck to see the light. Proportionally, the mirror took up 25% of the available limited forward view.

Can you say blind spot?

Can you say blind spot?

The side mirrors gave just the same visibility as I remembered with my Charger and my brothers Challenger, which was a blind spot as big as a house. If Chrysler wanted to fix these problems, it should be simple to add a back up camera, and blind spot sensors. I don’t know how hard it would be to lower the seat, but those are the first 3 things I would do if I owned one.

Ok, on to the fun stuff. I found the car surprisingly nimble, the speed sensitive steering was glaringly hard when at parking speeds, and twitchy at first at high speeds. I quickly grew used to it except when parking at creeping low speeds. The chassis was rock solid and confidence inspiring.



Here is the real reason I wanted to test drive the beast. I wanted to compare the 375hp Hemi to my 375 h 440 MagnumDSC_1196This is awesome! Yes I could not see a thing, it was like driving in a burka, but no matter how many times I hit my head, how many times a car came out of nowhere, this thing screamed. Turning the traction control off, I could bark the tires going into 2nd gear. Of course I could break them loose from a stop at will. I did not try to time it other than to say 0-60 time was OMG!!!!!

Something I found odd was every time I barked the tires shifting from 2-3 it fishtailed to the right slightly, then back to the left. Leading me to conclude the traction control was still working, just not as aggressively. These are only observations and speculations, I have been out of car geek minutia for decades. Logically engine torque is one way, if a car is going to fishtail it should be in the direction of torque, not torque and anti torque. My brother who is a certified master mechanic speculated on a smart differential or a balanced one. I have no idea.

Every time I drove it I was grinning from ear to ear like a nutter. Next time I will try to drive a SRT version.

In conclusion, the Challenger is a flawed car, not fatally flawed. It could be fixed with 3 simple readily available fixes for under $4000. Would I buy one? in a heartbeat. I however do not think most people would spend  $35,000 on a car that needs fixing



  1. Nice work, vmax. You should do this more often.

    Every Tuesday and Thursday will be fine thankyoucomeagain!

  2. I had all the same visibility problems with the new-era mustang I was rented. Hated that thing. Utterly worthless in a parking garage.

  3. Transplanted my largest pepper plant yesterday as it was almost root bound, had it resting on the deck. Benny damn near killed it before I caught him digging in the pot.

    Dogs are jerks.

  4. Oh man, I found a cover song AND a vampire LARP:

    Wow. That was really, really lame.

  5. The girls were sorta hot.

    But yeah. Not a great cover.

  6. Here’s another Lost Boys song. I’m not sure if this video belongs on MMM or HHD

  7. i have guests coming over friday evening for a little get together; was looking for something interesting (and easy) to serve…

  8. oso thanks you in advance.

    I don’t know if I could try it.

  9. jay – not sure i could either – grasshoppers carry parasites, i realize it’s cooked, but this:

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Note to self: keep Mr. RFH and Rocketboy out of Challengers. If you had problems at 5′ 10″, they would have to fold, spindle, and mutilate.

  12. I’m 6′, and I have issues with lots of cars. I had to keep the sunroof cover open on the Acura that I had. Still loved that car.

    My 2005 Elantra has plenty of headroom. A Durango does not. Go figure.

  13. I need a second cup of coffee, but I have a dog head on my foot.

    HELP ME.

  14. I’m 5’5″ and the Mustang was almost undriveable.

  15. *throws a Thermos at Car in

  16. Jay, I have had better luck with Hyundais over Chrysler products in general. We looked at the Magnum and the Caliber years ago, and they were both awful. Love my Sonata.

  17. My family has had Toyotas my whole life. American cars “feel” wrong. Ford SUVs/pickups are okay, but I don’t like the cars.

  18. Worky worky.

  19. Mr. TiFW loves his Mustang – then again there are no “full-size” adults in our family…..

  20. we should have the Bear on the Loose riding a pig .

  21. haha, backward, Car in.

  22. Ha ha ha … could we put him into MJ’s infamous Bert and Ernie thing?

  23. of course, since it was baby monkey to begin with, that would be racist, wouldn’t it?

  24. Good morning cool kids.

  25. I can’t decide if I’m hungry for pizza or tacos this morning.

  26. Cyn, pizza and beer is the breakfast of champions.

  27. “tacos”

  28. Euphemism Tuesday!

  29. I’m 6’2″. Back when Mrs. Pendejo had a Mitsubishi Eclipse, getting in and out without injury was a work of art.

  30. Matt bought a car yesterday. Oh my stars. Convertible BMW thing.

  31. a few more minutes of doing nothing, then I gotta get motivated folks. BRING THE FUNNAH NOAW.

  32. 1) clean my dad’s room
    2) find spot for new clothesline
    3) see if I can fix my dryer
    4) weed
    5) clean work room

  33. You can buy lots of things if you don’t go to college for nothing.

  34. FTR, #4 up there doesn’t have the word “smoke” in it.

  35. Lol. True. He’s a driven young man right now.

  36. A friend of mine just bought a Genesis; she said it was like riding in a limo with all the bells and whistles.

  37. OMG Deli associate called out. Guess who our GM has making the take home meals? When I get off break, I may get to prep chickens. Yay?

  38. Paula bought a 2013 Jeep Cherokee last year to replace her Camry that was burning oil. It’s a fancy ride compared with my base model 2007 Toyota Tacoma. Probably the one thing I miss the most is interval windshield wipers.

  39. Nice work Vman. The visibility issue is a deal killer for me. I am used to seeing every bit of the road in my cars. In both cases, you cannot see any of the hood from the driver seat, and only a teeny bit of the top of the front fenders.

    The headroom issue is bullshit as well. Even in the MINI, I have over 6″ of room above my head, and I am 6′-2″.

    American car design is still all muscle and no brains. No wantee.

  40. I have owned an American car. Once.

    My Camry is 10 years old and I still love it.

  41. You ever try and fix a dryer….on weed, man?

  42. None of my dryers have ever been on weed.

  43. You’re not using them right, then.

  44. Good article from Thomas Sowell:

  45. The Mini has plenty of headroom, huh? How many MPG? I love those little things.

  46. Mine is the S version (supercharged and intercooled), and gets 30mpg on the highway, and about 19mpg around town. It goes around corners like it’s on rails.

  47. 30 mpg is just what I’m looking for. Supercharged doesn’t sound like a good idea for me, though. Haha!

  48. Weeding done. Or as done as it’s gone to get today. Hot and buggy.

  49. Possibly worse than the Challenger for driver visibility is the Camaro. Who thought it was a great idea to put the side windows at neck height and have a windshield that is barely bigger than a tank operator’s viewing slot

  50. Mini has a really nice website.

  51. Best car ever!

  52. Waverunner is back from the shop. Faulty battery cable fixed for $85 including labor. Paula is out there doing water donuts with our little guy desperately trying to hang on the passenger seat.

  53. Halbig came down. Incredibly, the court decided that the law is the law, not what some admin flunky says it is.

  54. Sounds like we’re getting ready for an October Surprise.

  55. Halbig came down. Incredibly, the court decided that the law is the law, not what some admin flunky says it is.

    I know, crazy, huh? Who’d have thought that the administration doesn’t have the right to rewrite the laws at will whenever Congress won’t rubberstamp them?

  56. Apparently, there was a conflicting decision in the 4th Circuit. We’ll see.

  57. Halbig came down. Incredibly, the court decided that the law is the law, not what some admin flunky says it is.

    The pen and the phone can solve this for LD. How many troop divisions does the DC Circuit have?

  58. Perhaps Earflaps McTeleprompter’s pen will deliver an October surprise in the name of Compassion and Change! An executive order allowing the subsidies to the Working, Struggling Proletariat that the vile bigoted judge just tried to cut. Only haters would oppose such generosity. What good is Law if not tempered with Mercy?

    I’ll bet the judge was white.

  59. Toyota knows that it is in the business of passenger transport.

    Most other car makers think they are in fashion and lifestyle business. It shows.

  60. Oh, this is hilarious. Dennis Prager has mentioned about the nookie spreadsheet from yesterday.

  61. Vmax’s next rental

  62. How is Obama like a trampoline?

  63. Whenever someone jumps on him he squeaks and moans?

  64. Both seem like fun for five minutes but then you find out how dangerous they are, and finally you can’t even give them away.

  65. Gravel guy is coming in a half hour. Gotta go move the Camry.

  66. Gotta go move the Camry.

    Man, you take weightlifting seriously.

  67. They’re both made with a thin skin

  68. It’s not going very far, GO, nor is it especially heavy.

  69. Michelle is too heavy to get on top of either of them?

  70. Whenever someone jumps on him he squeaks and moans?


  71. They’re both made with a thin skin

    Ooooooo, originality.

    We frown on that around here (but *golf clap)

  72. Wait a minute. I think I completely misunderstand the nature of this court decision. Check this out from

    In the 36 states with federal Exchanges, a Halbig victory would free — not “exempt” — all employers with more than 50 workers from the employer-mandate penalties to which the Obama administration is unlawfully subjecting them. Census Bureau data indicate that in all, more than 250,000 firms and 57 million workers could be freed from those unlawful taxes. That’s more than the population of 27 states.

    This decision might actually do just what Obama has already been doing; it might delay the cost to employers of Hellcare.

  73. In a Cato Institute study released last year, I estimated the number of previously uninsured individuals in each state who would be exempt from the individual-mandate tax if their state declined to establish an Exchange…

    Table 1 shows that in the 36 states with federal Exchanges, a victory for the Halbig plaintiffs would free more than 8.3 million residents from being subject to those unlawful taxes. (The correct word is “free,” not “exempt.” By law, these individuals are already exempt, because their state’s decision not to establish an Exchange exempts them. The ruling would free them from being subjected to that tax anyway.) Such a ruling would free nearly 1 million Floridians and more than 1.5 million Texans from the individual-mandate tax. In 2016, it would free families of four earning as little as $24,000 per year from an illegal tax of $2,085.

    Halbig is more complex than it seems.

  74. The termination of those subsidies and the taxes they trigger takes on an entirely different flavor when we introduce that small detail. If the courts rule for the plaintiffs, I’ll be interested see how many news agencies use headlines like, “Ruling Denies Subsidies to Millions,” versus the more accurate, “Court Rules Obama Gave Illegal Subsidies to Millions.”

  75. I love letting y’all build up a head of steam between my comments. You are SO much more ____________ than I. 😉

  76. David Carradine gives Grasshopper Tacos two thumbs down; he couldn’t choke them down.

  77. three crucial facts: (1) a victory for the Halbig plaintiffs would increase no one’s premiums, (2) if federal-Exchange enrollees lose subsidies, it is because those subsidies are, and always were, illegal, and (3) the winners under such a ruling would outnumber the losers by more than ten to one.

    If this is accurate, perhaps LD is fine with today’s decision. Unless the federal-Exchange enrollees are more important to him somehow, i.e., they are largely non-white. Or gay.

  78. As some wit on twit noted, the correct headline is “Court Upholds Key Obamacare Provision.”

  79. 1 load of gravel delivered, 2 to go. I had to kick a few rocks back into place, but so far so good.

  80. Leon is Sisyphus.

  81. GLAAD is giving a big thumbs down to the way Hollywood depicts lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexuals on the big screen…

    More diversity could be found on display in arthouse theaters than mainstream multiplexes, according to the study. Rave reviews were given to films such as the Weinstein Co.’s “Philomena,” about an Irish woman’s quest to find a son she was forced to give up for adoption by the Catholic Church, who grew up to be a gay man who died from AIDS.

    Never saw Philomena and now I know I never will.

  82. Leon is Sisyphus.

    I do have large thighs.

  83. forced to give up for adoption by the Catholic Church

    Wait wait? Aliarsayswhat?

  84. You know, the Catholic Church. The priests with guns and jails and courts and the power to break into your house and steal your child.

    The ads for that movie were so anodyne; they didn’t hint at the naked agitprop nature of the dreck.

  85. The priests with guns and jails and courts and the power to break into your house and steal your child.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but that sounds a lot more like the city government of Berkeley, CA.

  86. I went to UC Berkeley for about a year until I realized I could not get a real education there. It’s ten fold more weird now, without doubt.

    It’s strange. It’s all scummy and alternative in flatland Berkeley, but if you go up into the Berkeley hills, it’s like Bel Air or some West Coast version of old New England money. A real third world paradigm. The ultra rich keeping power while simultaneously maintaining a welfare city-state for the proles.

  87. This is all you needed to read, to know it’s agitprop:

    Weinstein Co.’s

  88. Wanna rise to the top in professional football? Go gay. Ask Tony Dungy.

  89. It’s hilarious that GLAAD thinks Hollywood isn’t gay enough.

    They probably think West Holkywood is a hotbed of homophobia.

  90. Holkywood is how you spell Hollywood if you are lazy.

  91. GLAAD is giving a big thumbs down to the way Hollywood depicts lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transexuals on the big screen…

    More diversity could be found on display in arthouse theaters than mainstream multiplexes, according to the study

    I figure I, as a non-descript member of general society, should encounter movies depicting these characters about as often as I encounter them in real life. I should run into movies about trannies just about as often as I encounter real trannies – about once every two decades or so. I don’t really see a lot of big-screen tranny movies being produced, but I see a lot more big screen G/B/L characters than I ever encounter IRL.

  92. If you want to run into trannies, go to a college campus. Any one will do (Except Liberty University, I would imagine). They multiply there.

    See also: gay students.

  93. LGBTQIA and QUILTBAGs = ~3% of the population

    On the other hand libtards = ~33%

    I don’t know about gays in movies but the proggtard point of view = ~95% of films. I don’t think proggies and fellow travelers have much reason to bleat.

  94. Is it true Rosetta’s favorite film is The Crying Game?

  95. Jeebus, I’m on a forced stay-cation. Work has been dead for the last two weeks. I have a house to pay for.

  96. Leon’s driveway

  97. Gays are at most 1-2% of US population. Liberals pretend like it is 15-20%.

    Blacks are 12-13%. Most blacks genuinely believe they are the majority.
    Not their fault entirely. Because of self-segragation, they don’t see to many non-black people in their daily life.

  98. Observe TV commercials. You’ll count far more than 1 out of 9 people in ads played by blacks. More like 1 out of 4.

    But we’re still the Most Racist Nation Evar.

  99. So the FAA suddenly won’t let planes fly to… Tel Aviv.

  100. Speaking of TV commercials, is it just me, or are the rest of you sick to death of seeing this guy:

    Every other television commercial featuring a younger dad has cast people looking like this douchebag.

  101. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told La Raza’s annual conference that they should “get louder” to fight “lobbyists” to get amnesty legislation.

    Claiming that comprehensive amnesty legislation would also “stabilize” America’s Social Security system, Warren told the crowd in Los Angeles on Sunday evening that they needed to “get louder together” pushing for amnesty, because “it is the responsibility of Americans to push on this.”

    Please run, Lizzie, run.

  102. Is it true that Rosetta’s favorite movie is Funny Girl?

  103. What is the difference between Rosetta and Barbra Streisand?

  104. Why is Barbra Streisand like a trampoline?

  105. Irish Catholic Church forced Philomena to give up her kid. He ended up in America. Not the debunked baby corpses in the septic tank, but still Catholic Church in Ireland where abortions are illegal. Blah blah blah

  106. James Brolin wouldn’t sleep with Rosetta.

  107. He would finger bang him though

  108. Every other television commercial featuring a younger dad has cast people looking like this douchebag.

    I’m pretty sure that douchebag has never been inside a vagina in his life, so he couldn’t father any children.

    Actually, I take that back. There are most likely a few women with self-esteem that’s low enough or enough pity that they’d let that thing into their bed.

  109. There are most likely a few women with self-esteem that’s low enough or enough pity that they’d let that thing into their bed.

    Worked for me.

  110. Gays are at most 1-2% of US population. Liberals pretend like it is 15-20%.

    “Born this way” was always a load of horsecrap.

    Are there some people born homosexual? Yes. Are all gays born that way? No way in hell, and the left knows it. There’s a significant portion of the left that loves hedonism and wants to promote it. Claiming that homosexuality was entirely genetic was a way of convincing the majority of Americans that their children weren’t going to become targets. It was a lie.

  111. Worked for me.

    “If it’s stupid and it works… it isn’t stupid.” also applies to crying and begging for sex?

  112. Ok, so I can’t access the comments at the HQ. Anyone know who I need to email to fix this?

  113. Try this Alex, fix what needs fixin’:

    aceofspadeshq AT gmail DOT com

  114. Funny follow-up to yesterday’s spreadsheet:

  115. Heh

  116. Funny follow-up to yesterday’s spreadsheet:


  117. Comment by Cyn on July 22, 2014 4:13 pm

    Stop making fun of xbrad.

  118. How long has it been since we played the question game?

  119. Funny follow-up to yesterday’s spreadsheet:

    That’s from your computer, right?

  120. “If it’s stupid and it works… it isn’t stupid.”

    This explains Obama’s electoral popularity.

  121. What’s the Question Game?

  122. “What question game,” he asked blithely.

  123. I have LOTS of sex. Just not with a partner.

  124. Why do you ask?

  125. Don’t we have a manual that explains all this? Where is Cyn?

  126. Comment by Car in on July 22, 2014 4:25 pm

    Don’t we have a manual that explains all this? Where is Cyn?

    She’s got the manual, but she’s out with Manuel the poolboy.

  127. That’s from your computer, right?

    You’re trying to be funny, right? HA!

  128. Don’t we have a manual that explains all this? Where is Cyn?

    Didn’t I see it up in one of the tabs?

  129. It’s probably an old tab. We know what happens to old tabs.

  130. Carousel.

  131. Old Tabs? OLD TABS?! Where are all the Old Tabs!?!


  132. 3 loads of gravel aren’t quite enough, going to need a fourth. Might have to rake it a little bit here and there, but it’s almost finished.

  133. “I need one more load. Three are not enough.”, said Leon in a gravelly voice.

  134. *strums guitar*

    ♪ Where have all the old tabs gone,
    long time passing . . . ♫

  135. I actually did exactly that, Tushar. I just got done with my last bit of field work before the sale goes through and I was a bit hoarse.

  136. That’s fretty punny, leon!

  137. re: header pic: so no hornets in Texas or Arizona?

  138. hey, what happened to the ObamaBear at PizzaHut/Taco Bell header pic?

    Was there a problem with it?

  139. *surrounds wiser with a ball of bees, watches steam rise*

  140. Wet gravel smells funny.

  141. *hires a bunch of honeybees to cook off gravel*

  142. >>I actually did exactly that, Tushar. I just got done with my last bit of field work before the sale goes through and I was a bit hoarse.

    and then he got tired of the nagging and bit the horse

  143. Wet gravel smells funny

    Worst euphemism ever.

  144. Best chicken ever!

  145. So, I’m not even back in the states one hour, when I pull up to the toll booth at the Mackinaw Bridge. I give her a Canadian ten for the $4 toll. And she holds it up saying “You know, this is only worth $7?” I said “Seriously? The exchange rate is .94 today.” She said “It’s only worth $7 here.”

    I said “One hour back and the government is already screwing me.” And I drove off. She’s going to have to fill out paperwork on why her till is over by three dollars. Fucking cunt.

  146. Her till wont be over. Ever.

  147. why her till is over by three dollars.

    that is just so cute….

  148. Thanks for the great belly laugh, ‘Spur. Mmmmwah!

  149. So, why did the header pic get changed and how am I supposed to decide now on what to have for dinner?

  150. We delivered some estate stuff today. It was absolute crap.

    You should have seen the face on this one guy.

    Here’s 200 lbs of mold and mildew, with what might be a piece of furniture underneath it, from your dead Aunt Catherine. Yes, we know it smells bad but she wanted you to have it.

    Yes, we know it’s sticky too.

  151. I don’t think she liked them.

  152. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  153. So are sex spreadsheets a “thing” now?

  154. Seems that way; showing up everywhere.

  155. That vid was… calming. I liked it.

  156. It reminded me of the videos PJM would link to.

    90 minute long worm farming videos.

  157. It’s the Olympic Peninsula, not the Olympia Peninsula.

    And boy howdy, does it ever rain there.

  158. Are sex spreadsheets something they do in marital counseling and people are starting to post theirs?

  159. Are sex spreadsheets something they do in marital counseling and people are starting to post theirs?

    Some idiot put one together to show that his wife kept refusing to have sex with him and she responded by posting it to Reddit.

  160. I saw the original. I just wondered if it was a “thing” like a food diary.

  161. Yeah, what was I thinking?

  162. I’d never seen one before I linked that first one, Oso. It just made me laugh, so clinical… so professional. Maybe it is a “thing”.

  163. HMS is Home Made Solutions. I had to make enough HMS items to fill the case. People were coming back to Deli to watch me. Dan’s boss walked out to the gas station to tell him where I was working. Dan came in on his break to watch me in the “Kitchen”. Pssst…OMG it was horrible. I must have gone through 20 pair of gloves.

  164. Cyn, it just looks like a “thing” to me. Our Pre-Cana results were mostly about finances, and our marital spats have mostly been about finances.

  165. I must have gone through 20 pair of gloves.

    Only 20?

    Why not 21?!

  166. I think it became a “thing” right after Mr. I’m-never-going-to-feel-the-touch-of-a-woman-again posted that spreadsheet on Reddit.

  167. Actually, although the Mr created it, it was the Mrs who posted it. What a dumb bunny.

  168. Either way, he’s fucked, but only metaphorically.

  169. Cyn, it was close. I even had to wash utensils in the 3 sink dealio. We have “Cutting gloves!!!!” (I have no idea why I had to change gloves when I used knives)

  170. All that work in the kitchen, and yet I have no sammich.


  171. I made 2 kinds of wraps.

  172. Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck!
    That is all. Carry on smartly.

  173. Wraps? You have my attention, ma’am!

  174. There is a step by step illustration for every HMS. My “Attention to detail” might have been an issue. The step by step didn’t include “washing” the produce that was taken off the sales floor. I wanted to wash. Deli lead said “It isn’t in the step by step”. I was like “WTF?”

  175. Wraps? Cotton or poly?

  176. Hahaha Lavash and red chile tortilla!

  177. Gangsta wraps

  178. Chief must have had a crappy day on the course.

  179. Hotspurt – Didn’t play golf today.

  180. Spent an entire morning at the dentist’s office.

  181. Welly welly well well. Nice Ride Vman.

  182. Back on topic, Dan is 6’4″. When we travel, he has driven quite a few rental cars. We still find it funny, that Japanese imports seem to have more head room than “American” cars. Lots of room in our POS Versa.

  183. *&^$&^%$*&^$%(*&69078!!!!!!!111111!1

  184. The most Headroom I’ve had in a car was a Mini Cooper. I swear. Plus it was Supercharged. Downside, It’s a Clowncar.
    Whatever. I’d buy another one.

  185. Take off the number lock. . .

  186. Your mom gave me head in your car.

  187. That is total BS xbrad. My mother was never allowed to ride in cars w stance men.

  188. Anyway, mother fantasies aside, the Cooper is the Max Headroom of cars and fast as shit. Tuned suspension and now turbo charged.
    It’s a delight.

  189. If I were shopping for a gay car, I’d consider it.

  190. Did anybody Bedazzle anybody else’s jean jacket without their permission today?

  191. It’s only gay if you pack it full of fags.

  192. Hi Sean

  193. ‘Sup, Chumpster?

  194. Heh. Berkeley was too ghey for GO. Go Cal BEARS!!!!

  195. Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell was awesome Wiserdude!!!! (I was lurking during that time frame and therefore have immunity)

  196. *extricates hand from Oso’s and walks stiffly away from the recess bench*

  197. So, no one is gonna tell me what what was wrong with today’s ObamaBear header?

  198. I have immunity!!!!

  199. Too many bees, not enough hornets?

  200. Vietnam vet FiL has a Mini-Cooper. As does my former Marine brother.

    They are bad-ass and in no way fag cars. Go like a bat out of hell, handle like a dream and, other than the rag-top, have an amazing amount of space.

  201. >>>Too many bees, not enough hornets?

    Bee header wasn’t me.

    If you didn’t see the earlier header, I can change it back.


  202. Thank you, Friend, and thank you.

  203. There is so much wrong with that!!!

    it’s my favorite one so far.

  204. OMG!!! Wiser is taking on the Hump!!!

  205. Strange…. I just heard what can only be described as a blood-curdling screech outside. Even over the dryer and the air conditioners.

    I’m almost afraid to step outside and check it out……

  206. Chumps, I’m sure you’ve experienced earthquakes….

    How long do they usually last?

  207. between 4 and 10 seconds.

  208. Like my wedding night.

  209. It’s the Olympic Peninsula, not the Olympia Peninsula.

    And boy howdy, does it ever rain there.

    Sure does, all the time. IIRC, the Olympic Peninsula is the only location north of the equator where one can find the very rare temperate rain forest ecosystem. I actually learned this in New Zealand (South Island) after having been to the Olympic Peninsula, because New Zealand is the other place on the planet where you can find a genuine rain forest in a temperate zone. At least, that’s what the Kiwis told me.

  210. I keed.

    I fainted taking it to the hoop.

  211. >>>between 4 and 10 seconds.


    This one seems to be lasting forever…..

    And getting stronger every second…….


  212. YOU. Are So BONED WiSER!!!


  213. >>>>I fainted taking it to the hoop.

    First time’s always the hardest, amirite?

  214. Michael, where did you visit in the Olympics?

  215. The cats have just gone insane.

    It’s the strangest thing.

    They are desperate to go outside.

    I’ve never seen them act this way before…

  216. *Goes back to lurking*

  217. Haaa!

    Ossita!! That’s Funnah!!

  218. It’s ON.

  219. Wiser, I wouldn’t go outside….there are home invasions that start that way, or with a crying baby to get people to open their doors. Just call 911

  220. Well, Wiser. It probably is a seismic event. There are tectonic forces in MA as everywhere.
    stand near the front of the house and if shit gets jenky run outside.

  221. Michael, where did you visit in the Olympics?

    Chumpo, we’re talking about the Olympic Peninsula just west of Seattle and south of Vancouver Island, not the mountains. The old growth temperate rain forest is preserved in a national park there that we visited.

  222. oh wait, is it people screaming or an earthquake?

  223. Damn LW.

    That was so badass that it broke WP for a min.
    Thank you. Awesome.

  224. Bat, I lived in a place called Broadview and there I could look out across the bay at Scquimmnnn WA. I don’t know how to spell that damn town’s name.

    Anyway, good times. I look forward to returning some day.

  225. The mountains on the Olympic peninsula are the Olympic range.

  226. Ooooo! Blog Fight!

  227. Sequim

  228. Hi Cynn.

  229. Not unless he buys me dinner first, XB.

  230. Hi Chummy.

  231. I heard a noise on my front porch……


  232. Lauraw do you have wisers medicine? I think he needs it.

  233. G’night y’all. Major storm. Doxie’s are freaking.

  234. Can we have a Chili cook off in AZ?

  235. Be well, Oso; i.e. medicate those puppehs stat!

  236. Yikes! That broad in the header could use some Pepsident.

  237. OmgomgomgomgomgOMGOMGOMGOMG…………

  238. Wiser?

  239. Good night.

  240. We can do Chili, we can do Jalapeño poppers, we can do bacon cups, we can do anything… what happens in TITS, stay in TITS.

  241. Who ever saw Pepsident tooth powder? That shit was in my house growing up.
    Fuching parents thought they went through the depression.


  242. Thanks for the vid Lauraw. It’s my new fav.

  243. I FEAR NOTHING!!! I FEAR NOTHING!!!! I FEAR NOTH……*gherk…………….

  244. Good night.

    Wait whaaa?? My popcorn isn’t even ready yet.

  245. I think I remember seeing a can of Pepsident at my great-grandma’s house. Or maybe that was Fixodent.

  246. Cyn, I have to stick around because Wiser is in some desperate trouble and he’s got a sharknado outside his haus.

    I would just some day like to go to a real chili cook off. OF all the food meal contest/cook off things, the chili cook off seems to me the best.

  247. It was in this stupid tall rusty can and my pop would use it so I used it.

    Tooth Powder. Rusty can. No fooling.

  248. A food festival with a chili cook-off sounds like a kick in the pants. I’ll snoop a bit and see if anything like is happening near-by.

  249. My Hero.

    Gotta rest. Hasta mañana.

  250. Mañana hasta to you, Mr. Chumpo.

  251. for those who aren’t getting the joke…. Let’s start here….

  252. I’m leaving my money on Lauraw; she’s gonna git ya when you least expect it, wiserbuns.

  253. Am I remembering wrong, or was “Steve The Pirate” a feature at one of the CT meatups?
    I only ask because “Steve The Pirates Wife” is commenting on the ONT at #23…

  254. We had “Steve The Reunion Guy”. “Steve The Pirate” was in the movie “DodgeBall”. But a pirate at the meat up would have been hilarious.

  255. >>>I only ask because “Steve The Pirates Wife” is commenting on the ONT at #23…

    HAHA HAHA!!!!!! I may have met that commenter

  256. We had Steve the Pirate at a very early meat-up

  257. >>>I’m leaving my money on Lauraw; she’s gonna git ya when you least expect it, wiserbuns

    *locks door…. sets alarm….. prays…..

  258. Wiser,
    BTW, Anita is, even as I type, practicing on the Viola that you got for her, and doing very well.
    Thank you, very much, my imaginary internet friend…

  259. >>>> Anita is, even as I type, practicing on the Viola that you got for her, and doing very well.

    I honestly have no words to describe how happy this makes me.

    Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of your joy.

  260. I honestly have no words to describe how happy this makes me.

    I’ll loan you some words:

  261. Hi. Have you all filled out your sex spreadsheets? The men, I mean.

    The women fill out their expense reports.

  262. Ah… the classics.

  263. You might not feel it now
    When the derp cuts through
    You’re going to know and how
    The sweat is going to fill your head
    When it becomes too much
    You’ll shout aloud

  264. Scene: Iowa

    Immigrant children pour over the border from Mexico, overflowing facilities in the Southern states. Calls put out to other states to take some of the children (illegal immigrants, should be sent back).

    Iowa Governor Branstad: No thanks, we have enough to take care of in Iowa. While we empathize with the plight of children, these are illegal immigrants, and we shouldn’t place them in permanent homes in Iowa.

    Obama admin: *crickets.

    Fast forward a few months (between January and June, yes January), when we find out 132 immigrant children have already been placed in sponsor homes (yes, HOMES) in Iowa, as part of an Obama admin program.

    Iowa Governor Branstad: WTF!

  265. Morning, children.

  266. Pretty quiet bunch today. Did someone leave Car in out in the sun?

    Where’s leon?

    *clutches pearls

  267. wakey wakey. I’m up. i’m up.

  268. Trying to read this on a phone sucks.

  269. Suck it up, Pepe.

  270. Maine got 12 UAC’s without Gov. LePage’s knowledge as well Jay. Of course the news coverage has to include the fact that the laws allowing this predate Obama. Fuckers.

  271. I went for a 4 mile walk with my 36# backpack at 6, got home in time to make coffee and move my car before load 4 came. Load 4 was a little piled up in a few places, so I spent 20min shoveling it. I’ll probably need to put a couple of hours into raking/shoveling/smoothing the area by the pole barn.

  272. I see. gravel comes first.


  273. I need to have it smooth on that side before someone has to drive on it. Semi-important.

  274. Eviction Watch: Day 8

  275. I love the ice cream truck one, Pupster.

    Rabbit is getting into my garden again. I see him. Right there.

    I could get the gun. But then I’d have to open the window. And the AC is on. Never mind.

    *watches rabbit*


  276. Lauraw, the stupid chickens dug up that one plant /seed* you gave me.

    I could have killed them, but then i remembered how much I love my chickens.

    It was JUST getting really bloomy.

    *the one with the red flowers

  277. I transplanted my root-bound serrano pequeno yesterday, and Benny almost dug it up. Any future garden will need a dog fence.

  278. Skunk traps have been re-baited with marshmallows.

    Luckily Mrs. Pupster was able to pull her hand out fast enough to not get caught.

  279. Don’t worry, Pupster. You’ll catch her next time.

  280. If you keep a part of the stem it is easy to root in water, Carin. I’m sorry you will miss the hummingbird show (unless you have other hummingbird plants).

  281. Good morning, cool kids.

  282. Now that John Kerry is in Tel Aviv, everything is going to be awesome. We should send him to Mosul next.

  283. I have other hummingbird things. I just like the red thing. It’s pretty.

  284. New Poaty

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