She Sucks. There, I Said It.

So here are the  top 6 reasons Hillary will not be the next nominee of the Democ-RAT party.


1. She’s a really shitty candidate. Think of a medieval town where chamber pots were emptied into the streets. Think of the river of fudge from Willy Wonka’s candy factory. Now multiply that by 1 billion and you’ll get within 1% of how shitty Hillary is on the campaign trail.

2. She’s old as fuck. Here’s the sprightly lineup of Dem contenders: Joe Smartest-Guy-You’ve-Ever-Met Biden (73), Elizabeth My-PaPaw-Told-Me-I-Was-Special Warren (67), and Hillary Gelatinous-Goo Clinton (68).  They are so far removed from everyday life, having spent their entire adult lives in government or academia that they really have no idea what’s going on except for mindless pap intended to drive the have nots to the polls.

3. Bill won’t spend the last eight years of his life without fat pussy, er, other than Hillary’s. Bill likes a little surf with his turf and he’ll be under constant scrutiny as First Philanderer. Hillary doesn’t want to be chiefly remembered as a First Lady and President that sniffed another woman’s crotch on ol’ Bill.

4. Bitches don’t like her. In 2008 she only got 50% of the wimmens vote even though she ran a campaign heavily geared toward the fairer sex.

5. Younger people will consider Bill Clinton a rapist. This hasn’t been talked about much, but it’s going to be hard for the generation that has no idea of Bill or Hillary’s exploits to, er, swallow. We take it for granted that her negatives are already baked into her stock price but young people have no concept of pre-2000 America.

6. Hillary Clinton. She not only steps on her dick, she puts on golf cleats first. The way to defeat Hillary is to let her speak at length.

This post brought to you by M ……………  J






  1. Mmmmmm…. taters.

  2. Going on 13 years working from home – mixed blessing.

  3. Prepare for Elizabeth Warren, the sacrifice candidate so Andrew Cuomo has a chance in 2020.

  4. Elizabeth Warren 2016!!! Just how fucking stupid are the voters?

    Just trying out campaign slogans .

  5. 7 years for me. If I don’t travel I’m at home.

  6. If Warren runs she’ll pull a fair amount of populist Republican leaners.

    The Ron Paul types.

  7. Looks like I’ll be in Detroit the weekend of 8/23 for work. Need to do some application testing at the Ren Center.

  8. Hillary won’t be the candidate because if she wins she will gut the Obama “legacy”. If a Republican wins, then Obama and his supporters can spend the following four years rewriting history for their benefit with media help.

  9. What kind of work are you kids doing from home? Need to find fertile grounds. The medicine I am doing sucks, I am teaching nursing students part time (that’s ok and keeps the wifey moderately interested in me because she thinks I can score hot nursing tail but I can’t and won’t tell her that), and breaking into pharmaceutical/medical device field is like getting the chick from yesterday’s post to take off her top. I yell at the computer and she ignores me. GREAT poat today by the by.

  10. I’m not currently scheduled for travel on 8/23, but my wife might be working at Selfridge that weekend.

  11. Doesn’t matter who the dems run. Over half the electorate are brutally fucking stupid. I mean that in a good way.

  12. Dr. B, I’m doing software development via virtual private network.

  13. If you want and think you’ll have time, I can try to get Tigers tickets.

  14. That’s true, MJ. My Dad would probably vote for her. Because even though he’s a right winger he’s also a union guy, and he’s been steeped in that adversarial mindset for fifty years. “Used to be, the guy at the top made ten times your salary and that actually made sense, look, nobody has a problem with that. But now he makes a thousand times what the other guys make, even if he runs the company into the ground. That’s not right.”

    There’s nothing there you can really argue with because it’s not made for grappling with logic. It’s based in his concept of the world as he perceives it or believes it should be, all his life. He’s not going to change, and he is ripe for cynical exploitation by someone like Warren.

  15. I admit, there’s a lot of sentimental appeal to that argument, and I’ve never been sure how accurate the market quantification of a CEO’s time is, particularly if he or she fails.

    It’s like surge pricing, an Austrian economist can explain it until blue in the face, but it chafes that I can get paid $X to make bad decisions, and that guy with the MBA can get $1000X to also make bad decisions.

  16. So would she be more famous for being the first woman president, or the first indian president?

    Oh wait, Obama was the first woman president.

  17. Hahahahaha.

  18. I enjoy working from home.

    I don’t think I could ever do the office thing again.

  19. When I started my business thirty years ago I tried to work from home for the first year. It didn’t work well for me. Between all my hobbies and interests just sitting there waiting to distract me, and having three teenyboppers at home, I had to get away.

  20. Dr. B,
    I’m a consultant and project manager, 50 percent of my time is behind a computer or on the phone. The other half is on site client or contractor meetings / construction project visits.

    In between, mostly at night and early mornings, I reflect on choices I’ve made in the past and tell myself that I’m the luckiest man alive, and my life is awesome.

  21. Jeebers Scott, I just now noticed your new avatar. It’s creeping me out.

  22. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since 1988 – my “office” follows me everywhere…..

  23. Better?

  24. How does the H2 Amazon thing work? I want to buy some books, but when I click the link it just takes me to my Amazon account.

  25. …says the guy in a mask with ears on it.

  26. I believe that the click-through URL embeds an argument to Amazon’s REST API that stores where you came from in the session key it uses when you go forward with a transaction thereafter.

  27. Yes, but how does it work?

  28. Magic.

  29. Andy took all the Amazon cash and moved to Belize.

  30. I buy shit from Amazon all the time but I never use the box.

    I suck.

  31. Ok, I done it. Hope it worked. And yes, MJ, you suck.

  32. Well, this is interesting:

    Of course, I’m sure she’s just upset that she didn’t get more free stuff….

  33. Office is having a lunch before the “meet the new owners!” meeting tomorrow.

    I’m so totes going.

  34. Bacon – me likey.
    Maple flavored bacon – me no likey.

    Who the hell came up with the idea of flavoring meat when sweet stuff like maple syrup and honey? Meat should be hot and fiery.

  35. Just like your mom.

  36. Yes Scott,, thanks. I was gonna have nightmares.

  37. Happy birthday, Michael!

  38. I couldn’t work in an office. My tolerance for bullshit and incompetence is lower every year. I’d snap within a few weeks.

  39. I survived the garden ,

    If anyone cares.

    *hopes lauraw cares

  40. I’m glad you made it out alive.

  41. I work from home sometimes but the tips suck.

  42. 5. Younger people will consider Bill Clinton a rapist.

    Are saying being both First Rapist AND First Black President isn’t an achievement of which Bill Clinton and the rest of us cannot be proud?

    Don’t forget the irresistible appeal to Millennials at the prospect of electing the first lesbian president.

  43. Prepare for Elizabeth Warren, the sacrifice candidate

    I suddenly find myself in favor of human sacrifice.

  44. The problem with Warren’s populist arguments is that it’s mostly a red herring.

  45. Liarwatha, first phony Cherokee dictator-for-four-years.

  46. I survived the garden

    *sends Car in crate of triffids*

  47. I would like to find an Indian tribe using teepees and remind them, “You didn’t build that.”

  48. I wish I were so flat broke, my only source of income would be six figure fees for speaking. For thirty minutes. To a captive and adoring audience.

  49. Hillary and Bill were so broke they didn’t have a felt-lined case for the sterling they stole from the White House.

  50. Hillary and Bill were so broke that they had to borrow Louis Vuitton luggage from Ron Burkle when they took another junket on his private jet.

  51. Hillary was so broke she had to buy pantsuits from Bergdorf Goodman… off the rack..

  52. They call me Thread Killer.

  53. I found Lizzy Warren’s campaign logo

  54. No Triffids in my garden, George.. Weeds were scary enough .

  55. I honestly can’t decide if Elizabeth running would be the greatest thing ever, or horribly depressing.

  56. Dichondra. I hate it. Hate it with the passion of a thousand hatey taters.

  57. Triffid sounds dirty.

  58. Hillary and Bill were so broke, they had to call in a favor to get Chelsea her ten million dollar Gramercy Park penthouse.

  59. LGBTriffid

  60. Oh come on, George. That would have been $5 million anywhere else than New York.

    Or $15 million in LA.

    A Pittance! Pittance I say!

  61. Elizabeth Warren’s running mate:

  62. You in heap big trouble now, kemosabe!

  63. I have that stuff too. I have another weed that is just everywhere in ky veghie garden. I don’t know what it is,

  64. How.

  65. Hillary was so broke, on her first book she had to pay the ghost writer with cattle futures.

  66. Big chief Warren Two Hogs Fucking, she smoke’ em Colorado peace pipe, then eat heap big pile moon pies.

  67. Carin, it’s a good thing you never got an iPad. You probably would have been allergic to it.

  68. I’m sure Lizzy Warren’s racial pretensions offend native Americans like Ward Churchill.

  69. Hotspur, an iPad could correct her spelling and grammar. Nothing is more important than that.

  70. This is likely a notion engendered by living in Clownifornia, but I simply cannot imagine a majority of voters saying to themselves “These Democrat candidates suck so hard, I’m voting Republican.”

    That sounds as likely as walking into the DMV, finding no lines and black women employees behind the counter who aren’t sullen.

    I denounce myself.

  71. I’m sure Lizzy Warren’s racial pretensions offend native Americans like Ward Churchill.

    As someone with photographic proof of native ancestry 4 generations back, they offend me. Because idiots like her make people doubt it when I say it.

  72. When President Lizzy Warren delivers a speech, instead of having someone nearby signing ASL there will be subtitles in Cherokee.

  73. We should run a pirate.
    How could anyone vote against the first pirate president?

  74. The first horse whisperer president.

  75. Leon, what is your Indian name?

    Great Bear Protein Shake?

  76. I’m on my stupid iPhone. Internet is down. Correcting things are too big of a pita .


  77. Besides, I’m not allergic to much. You’re thinking of Leon.

  78. I nominate Captain Morgan. A good choice for running mate would be Jose Cuervo, to win the Hispanic bloc.

  79. Today’s weather is weird.

  80. Rain then sun then rain again . If I wanted to live in fucking Florida …

  81. I believe PETA is a subset of PITA.

  82. Hillary and Bill were so broke, they had to call in a favor to get Chelsea her ten million dollar Gramercy Park penthouse.

    Yeah, it was called an arranged marriage.

  83. Let’s run a Somalian pirate for president. A twofer; first pirate pres AND first 100% black pres.

  84. I believe PETA is a subset of PITA.

    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals?

  85. Hillary should choose Chelsea as her running mate. Then kill herself.

  86. Leon, what is your Indian name?

    Follows Sturdy Haunches.

  87. Sun again

  88. Yesterday’s weather here was lovely; louring clouds all day and even a few drops of rain plus mid 70s temperature. Today back to harsh bright skies and weather in the 90s.

  89. We had wind so bad it blew open the screen door. I put an empty propane tank in front of it when I left to brace it.

  90. Follows Sturdy Haunches.

    Posting Squaw Rump.

  91. We should run a pirate.

    Johnny Dep lives in France.

  92. Jean Lafitte was ten cubed more patriotic towards the USA than Licorice Dick and he wasn’t even American.

  93. Taking bets: how many terms before Democrats elect the first gay president/dictator? Licorice Dick doesn’t count because he won’t leave the closet.

  94. Democrats elected their first gay president in 1976.

  95. 3. Bill won’t spend the last eight years of his life without fat pussy, er, other than Hillary’s.

    I’m pretty sure the adjective best suited to describe Hillary’s southern pasturage would be “withered.”

  96. Democrats elected their first gay president in 1976.

    Leave it to Democrats to find a gay president with no flair for wardrobe.

  97. She Sucks. There, I Said It.

    Yes she does, but just not Bill. Huma, maybe.

  98. Does Hillary take her teeth out when she sucks?

  99. People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity

    …The findings will strengthen the case of those who argue that more coercive methods are needed if people’s energy consumption is to be reduced.

    Coercion is to proggies as water is to fish.

  100. Does Hillary take her teeth out when she sucks?

    At this point, what difference does it make?

  101. Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy.

  102. That sounds as likely as walking into the DMV, finding no lines and black women employees behind the counter who aren’t sullen.

    I was just at the Ohio equivalent yesterday. No lines for title work, but I was stupid enough to stop at the sign that said “Wait Here for the Next Available Title Agent”. As I stood there for 7 minutes (I timed it) I watched two title agents having a wide ranging conversation about the food they used to get at grand-mama’s house when they were kids. It got very animated.

    I just stood there like a dummy until finally, one of the agents decided that he could do his job for a minute, pointed at me and beckoned me over to his counter. It took 2 minutes to get a replacement title, during which he still continued the conversation with his partner.

    I have a replacement title for the van and teeth marks in my tongue.

  103. I work from home sometimes but the tips suck.
    Comment Hall of Fame.

  104. A man who executed a Jersey City, N.J. police officer before being shot and killed himself should have murdered more cops, the man’s widow said at a makeshift memorial on Monday.

    “He should’ve taken more [officers] with him,” Angelique Campbell told News 12 New Jersey of her husband Lawrence.

    According to authorities, Campbell, 27, allegedly told a by-stander, “Watch the TV news later, I’m going to be famous,” reports the New York Post.

    If Obama had another daughter, she would look like Angelique.

  105. I have a replacement title for the van and teeth marks in my tongue.

    You had better have a permit for those teeth marks, buster.

  106. Rain again. My flower bed is never going to be properly weeded.

  107. Let’s run a Somalian pirate for president. A twofer; first pirate pres AND first 100% black pres.

  108. White House press secretary Josh Earnest

    Josh. Earnest. Is that not a perfect name for a weasel whose job it is to lie to a press corps on their bended knees?

  109. Less than 3 percent of the U.S. population identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday in the first large-scale government survey measuring Americans’ sexual orientation.

    You realize America will remain relentlessly homophobic until another 47% of you H8Rs learn to really get into sodomy, don’t you?

  110. Mourning across America! Archie Andrews is going to die, but heroically.

    The favorite son of Riverdale in comic-book America will meet his end Wednesday in Life with Archie, when he takes a bullet for his gay friend, Kevin Keller, Archie Comics’ first openly gay character and a U.S. senator-elect.

    Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  111. Man, my spoor is all over this thread. I’m very venty today.

  112. As long as it isn’t your sperm.

  113. Happy Birthday B Cock.

  114. I’m all out of sperm. But I could front you a pint of embalming fluid.

  115. Wait, isn’t B Cock a ginger? Gingers have birthdays?!?

  116. Does Hillary take her teeth out when she sucks?
    Hillbag hasn’t given a blowie in a few decades, I hope.

    The thought of her playing the skin flute seems just a little odd.

  117. Comment by Pupster on July 15, 2014 2:30 pm

    I have a replacement title for the van and teeth marks in my tongue.
    Hopefully from your teeth…………….

  118. My head still reels. I can’t believe this ship of state, this ship of fools is going to make a dictator-for-four-to-eight-years out of a haggard, wizened, incompetent, self-important, plutocratic, tyrannical, ignorant, vainglorious harpy whose only talent was marrying a rapist-cum-politician who bit his lip so tearfully on camera he climbed the low-information voters’ heartstrings to reach the White House 22 years ago?

    So the presidency is now the equivalent of an Mrs. degree?

  119. This isn’t a republic, this is a Kenneth Anger film.

  120. Actually, the Wikipedia description of this film is not enlightening. If you can find this film and watch it (it is short), it is severely, extremely ghey. Weird ghey. Creepy weird.

  121. Header is brilliant.

  122. I wonder when Marvel Comics will launch a Pedobear franchise. For the diversity.

  123. Header is brilliant.

    I never pictured Obama as Pedobear, but it seems strangely fitting.

  124. Marvel is basically just trolling at this point, hoping someone will buy the damn comics.

    Also, feminism ruins everything. Even pagan gods to whom Norsemen used to make human sacrifices.

  125. Where’s the outrage over cultural appropriation, huh?

  126. OBAMA: [N]ow, I want to work with everybody — Republicans and Democrats — to move this country forward… I’m waiting for Congress to act, but in the meantime I’ve got to go ahead and do what I can do…

    And in response, their plan so far has not been to join me and say, all right, Mr. President, you’re right…

    I cannot understand why anyone thinks this man acts like a tyrant..

  127. It’s raining very hard here!

  128. Does that mean the drought is over in TX?

  129. Not even close

  130. What am I going to do with a half gallon of papaya juice?

  131. Papaya? Didn’t you ever see that ep of Seinfeld?

  132. What am I going to do with a half gallon of papaya juice?

    You should dip your balls in it.

  133. Hah!

  134. You should dip your balls in it.
    Well, this is awkward. What do I do with it afterward?

  135. note to self: no papaya juice drinks

  136. MJ shows up with a half gallon of papaya juice at Cyn’s TITS everybody run.

  137. What do I do with it afterward?

    Not sure, but your first step should be to put it through a strainer.

  138. Just to be certain I’ll pass it through a coffee filter.

  139. Crackfat time.

    As soon as the coach gets here .

    I’m having a very productive day.

  140. You could invent a new papaya drink called ‘Gee My Balls Taste Terrific.’ You could do that.

  141. Just landed in lovely Bozeman, MT.

    I mean this un-ironically. This place is beautiful.

    Damn near dicked up the approach because they kept us high and then cleared us for the visual as soon as we had the airport in sight. Had to throw down gear and all flaps ASAP and it still was looking like a combat assault approach.

    Told the Capt I was comfortable And could make it work, but was more than wiling to go-around. Maybe he was too terrified to answer, but he didn’t call ‘go-around’.

    Got everything stabilized by 1/2 mile final. Uneventful landing and rollout.

  142. FDA is gonna be a bunch of over-regulatory scolds, of course. This is to be expected. They’re going to have to examine your balls for sanitation and public safety. But hey, free ball exam.

  143. At least you didn’t spiral down, like Baghdad!

  144. Lots of bars in Bozeman. Lots of microbrews that even I haven’t heard of.

    Got to get up early, but so far I’m a fan.

  145. Phat’s approach into Bozeman:

  146. Jay,

    I suggested doing a 360 on final, but Capt said we were fine.

    Should have done the 360.

  147. GMBTT?

    It’s been done. And for the record, the FDA are a bunch of NAZIS.

    You dip your nuts in one vat of cheese sauce and they shut down Frito Lay. Or so I’ve heard.

  148. ‘this was produced in a facility that also processes nuts’

  149. Xbrad,

    I have a bid in for the 787 in SFO.

    Maybe about a year away.

  150. Mmmm… papaya juice!

  151. Oh… wait

  152. I’m feeling kind of tropical.

  153. And perhaps slightly sticky.

  154. Sticky sweet from his head down to his feet?

  155. Ants!!!!

  156. As much as I love the header pics, I think the bear is loose is total BS!

  157. I dunno. Obama as a furry is kind of funny.

  158. He should be a squirrel!!! Maybe a chipmunk! TFG is not a bear!!!

  159. Isn’t Illinois The Prairie State? He could be a fucking Prairie Dog. Obama ate dog.

  160. I dunno. Obama as a furry is kind of funny.

    He needs to look like the furry bear on the toilet paper commercial.

  161. ‘Sup

  162. I wonder how 0bama would look on this shot of a bear:

  163. Yo, Rev

  164. Hola, Revvy!

  165. What with Archie dying for his gay friend, I offer you our cartoon future


  166. Heya Cyn, hiya Oso. What’ve I missed?

  167. where’s that from, George? “Ye Olde Bawdy Comix” vol I issue I?

  168. Finally, a cut in welfare that Obama supports.

    ISIS has ordered government workers to stop giving rations to Christians and Shiites in Mosul, according to a report by Younes Thonon for The official in charge of distributing rations in the Rifaq neighborhood said he had received orders from ISIS to cut the rations.

  169. I got that from a friend who got it from someone inside Disney, many years ago. It might be the work of Wally Wood.

  170. Oh my, that was quite naughty.

  171. I need a copy so I can color it. Awesome. (Looks at my lame Disney art)

  172. Revy, why haven’t you fixed this country, yet? we expect great things from you.

  173. A second shock video has busted the Planned Parenthood abortion business, where its staffers are teaching teenagers about S&M-based sexual relationships and concepts such as gagging, whipping and asphyxiation.

    In a series of undercover audits, Live Action investigators documented Planned Parenthood counselors and nurses advising our investigators, who the Planned Parenthood staffers thought were minors, on how to practice torture sex.

    Young’uns these days have to have absolutely everything explained to them. You would think they could learn in the schoolyard like everyone else.

  174. What’ve I missed?

    Um let’s see… we voted on a logo for the September TITS meat-up and a coupla H2 spouses were incapacitated for a bit but are on the mend…

    Oh there was the wonderful gardening segment with in depth discussion on weeds…

  175. My best Disney art is an original movie poster from Lilo & Stitch. (Of course Dan bought it for me the year we were only doing ‘Stocking Stuffers’ and I only bought him crap and he surprised me with an original movie poster)

  176. I need a copy so I can color it. Awesome. (Looks at my lame Disney art)

    Just lift it off imgur. I uploaded the highest resolution I have.

    As I wrote, my contact thinks Wally might have been the artist.

  178. Something…something…papaya and BlueJays are assholes.

  179. …and grasshoppers are the Devil’s spawns…

  180. OMG I ALMOST FORGOT!!!11! I had to open a new tube of toothpaste today.



  182. ^^^Oh, also NSFW!!!

  183. Fucking Hoppers!

  184. HOT DAMN… it seems that protesters in AZ to block the illegals from arriving in Oracle AZ just got word that the kids are not arriving.

  185. I wish I could meet up with you guys in September, but I’m still SOL on the job front. Which is why I haven’t been much help, Chumpo :P

    And ooh! I have a NSFW to contribute for once! Goes with Orwell’s.

  186. Dan is in more pain after PT than he was yesterday. Dumbass said “5” to Sam’s Dr, so still on OTC ibuprofen.


    That looks pretty well preserved.

  188. Cyn, kill me nao!!! This is my happy place to avoid familia. Dan’s concussion is keeping me away from D-rat family campout!!!

  189. >>>That looks pretty well preserved.

    Probably found at an estate sale, stashed under a mattress all these years.

  190. I am a meat popsicle.

  191. Dan wants to move to Maine. Rayciss.

  192. Thanks Rev, If anyone needs me I’ll be in “computer animation appreciation lab”.

  193. I’m gonna wait until everybody from Honduras moves here and then I’ll move there.

  194. Dumbass said “5″ to Sam’s Dr

    *nods knowingly*

    It’s his first WC claim… he’ll learn.

  195. Will they have green chiles in Maine – I think NOT!

  196. *nods knowingly*

    Oh, fuch yeah!
    It’s nines and tens bay bay. I was always writing in 11.

  197. I was a playa. . . used to play this on a 12 string and sing to chicks.

  198. And don’t forget to ask about free shipping.

  199. Do they even have Mexican foods in Maine? I think you need a passport to get there.

  200. Good tune, Master Chief.

  201. Cyn – Quit repeating my questions. It’s unseemly.

  202. So it was Wally Wood. Excellent.

    *rubs hands together diabolically*

  203. Ever since I shared Jimbro’s ethnic makeup of Maine link, Dan “Stormfront” Gorton wants to move there. I keep saying “Winter” and “Humidity”, but Mr ‘Just say no to TB’ is being difficult. Blah blah blah slip & fall arthritis may get me back on my Hawaii bucket list

  204. I’m gonna wait until everybody from Honduras moves here and then I’ll move there.

    It will be full of white people with nothing to do but work as housekeepers.

  205. Cyn you can repeat anything I ask you as many times as you want to ask.

  206. STFU, MCPO

  207. Their lobster is probably cheaper than chicken.

  208. 12 string goood, Chief. Once a playa. always a playa.

  209. Hey, Cyn!


  210. Okay then, MCPO!


  211. All you guys chuckling over Athol…..

  212. THX Tush. You just kept me from stabbing myself in the ear over the BS that is on TV thanks to Target sponsoring the ASG.

  213. Cyn – Save this one for bedtime. . .

  214. With Osita on that. The “Open 24 hours” really makes it.

  215. Yay, Bleeding Gums Murphy

  216. Comment by MCPO Airdale on July 15, 2014 7:25 pm

    I am a meat popsicle.

    Cyn’s not falling for that one again.

  217. Pffffft not even scary.

    Besides; I was guessing that your link was a sessy make-up song or something.

  218. The Good Humor man just called and said he wants his joke back.

  219. The mere fact they included Taco Bell on this list should tell you everything about Mexican food in Maine.

    There’s a few places I’ve been not on that list that are good for Maine but I’m sure would make you sniggle or snicker or both.

  220. Roamy, OMG did that suck!!! WTF is Mare?

  221. FIRST!

  222. Jeez, Cyn!

  223. Never ever eat Tex Mex north of the Red River or east of Marshall TX

  224. No wonder Mare does not comment here. She found new friends.

  225. That’s not true anymore.

    We have lots of Mexicans here.

  226. Someone needs to tell Jason Fox that you can’t actually drown in lava.

  227. Cyn?

    View story at

  228. NEW Mexican food is way mo bettah. Less cilantro. MOAR Chile!

  229. You can lay on top of it and burn to death painfully, but you can’t drown.

  230. One of Mini-me’s friends, a fellow American Heritage Girl is developmentally delayed and legally blind. She wrote to Mr. RFH last night:

    I just wanted to check up on you. I heard that you had to go to the emergency room and have not been feeling your best. I have been praying for you. I dont like it when people I know are sick it makes me sad. I hope and pray that you are getting better. I pray that you feel a hug from God. I pray that your family is doing the best that they can for you. I know that they are. Just keep resting and taking it easy until you feel better.

    I don’t know about you, but the room got really dusty when I read that. And to think, there’s plenty of people on the left that believe this child should not have been allowed to live, that aborting her before she saw the light of day would have been the right thing to do. They’re the ones who are defective, not her.

  231. Awww you’re right, Chief.


  232. We have more Mexicans than Texans. Lot’s more.

  233. True that, Roamy!

  234. Roamy, onions here.

  235. You need hep with HHD for tomorrow, Roams?

  236. Frame it Roamy.

  237. If the government admits to 11 million illegales, you can be sure the real number is nearer 25 million.

  238. Damn, Roamy! Stupid dust.

  239. She is a sweet, caring girl.

  240. Isn’t the total population of Mexico less than 125M?

    20% of Mexico can’t be in the US… can it?

  241. She seems very sweet, Roamy. I will remember her in my prayers.

  242. Easily.

  243. Leon, they are here and they are sending money home.

  244. How much of Mexico’s GDP is that, do you suppose? If it were somehow stopped, would the place just collapse?

    I mean, collapse more.

  245. Fudge it, I still say we take 10 million guys with rifles and go invade the place. Not for the US, we’ll just conquer and then seal the border from the other side. Then replace their shitty government with a mildly less shitty one.

    *submits proposal to Animosity International Executive Board*

  246. Cyn, I will take you up on the offer for HHD. Mr. RFH is doing much better, but I’m still a little overwhelmed at the moment.

    Bonus on Mini-me’s friend – her dad picked up Mini-me today to bring her to the swimming certification required for summer camp. I didn’t have to deal with it, and I’m really grateful.

  247. Quite a bit actually. That is why Mexico is expediting the Central American crisis to our border.

  248. Did anybody tell anybody else that they would talk to their boss about the TruCoat today?

  249. Glad that Roamy is able to chillax.

  250. Done and done, hon; you need some down time.

    *drop ships margarita machine and two pool boys to Alabama*

  251. I never said they were all Mexicans. But, I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut, that the number is at least double what the government claims.

  252. MJ will be unhappy that he can’t do his HHD: Return of the Short People post.

  253. I wonder if I could crowd-fund the invasion with KickStarter.

  254. *drop ships margarita machine and two pool boys to Alabama*

    You’re awesome!

    P.S. Did get my plane ticket for T.I.T.S. No pool boys coming with me though.

  255. P.S. Did get my plane ticket for T.I.T.S.


    No pool boys coming with me though.


  256. With the rate they are coming north, we might not have to invade, we’ll be able to walk in, leon.

  257. Chief, the Wilberforce BS is all OTM.

  258. Oh Roamy, how sweet.

    That’s the best get well note ever.

  259. With the rate they are coming north, we might not have to invade, we’ll be able to walk in, leon.

    *plants Flaming Finger and Barbed Wire Flag*

    *declares victory*

  260. *submits proposal to Animosity International Executive Board*

    *stamps “Approved” with extreme prejudice*

  261. I kinda went nuts on twitter tonight over the VA bullshit.

    I think I needed that.

  262. I do seriously wonder how many days it would take to get booted from KickStarter.

  263. OSO – You wanna translate that for the old anglo?

  264. (CNN) — Jose Antonio Vargas, one of America’s most well known undocumented immigrants, openly discussed his status for years but was never apprehended by authorities.

    Until now.

    On Tuesday, U.S. Border Patrol agents detained the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist-turned-activist in McAllen, Texas, after he told them he was in the country illegally, officials said.

    He was released on his own recognizance with a notice to appear before an immigration judge, the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

    I’m guessing none of you second class citizens here (i.e., white natives or legal immigrants) will get any kid glove treatment from DHS or the TSA once you try to board a plane like this cockholster did.

  265. I do seriously wonder how many days it would take to get booted from KickStarter.
    I tried to start a page seeking to raise $1M for Al Sharpton to read a Dr. Seuss book but I could never finish it.

    Either they have a policy against racism or copying Jesse Jackson.

  266. I’m headed to Mexico on Friday. Cancun. I’ll probably apply for an EBT card while I’m there.

  267. Ok, great, Jeter is 2-2, and is the greatest ever, ENOUGH ALREADY!

  268. P.S. Did get my plane ticket for T.I.T.S. No pool boys coming with me though.
    Kick ass.

  269. >> P.S. Did get my plane ticket for T.I.T.S. No pool boys coming with me though.

    No problemo. I know how to maintain a pool while drinking

  270. Chief, the Wilberforce Act is what W pushed through that requires hearings for all Other Than Mexicans (Canadians)

  271. Falling in != maintain

  272. Nice twitter rant, DiT.

  273. And nice profile pic! GOZIRRA!

  274. Baseball sucks.

    He goes 3 for 3.

  275. Falling in != maintain

    What kind of code is that? Ruby on Red Wine? AppletiniScript?

  276. Nope, scott, they pulled him out in the 4th. And now we have to wait for him to leave the field.

  277. I tried to start a page seeking to raise $1M for Al Sharpton to read a Dr. Seuss book but I could never finish it.

    You’re just not black enough, MJ. user Yaya M. launched an “I need some white privilege!” crowd funding campaign on Wednesday in an effort to raise the money she feels she’s been denied because of her lack of white privilege.

    “Although I have layered oppressions that have affected my ability to access my slice of the American Pie™, no issue has affected me more readily than my lack of white privilege.”

    Yaya’s end goal of $135,000 was calculated averaging her work history with an estimated rate of monetary disadvantage.

  278. The Nike ad with Mr Met was awesome! Tip of the cap!!!

  279. Yay, we will hear from Jeter later, too!


  280. I really don’t know what got me going on that Jay, but thanks.


  281. “He’s no Cal Ripken” Dan. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO MOVE TO MAINE!!!

  282. Loved that ad, oso.

    I respect Jeter, a lot, don’t get me wrong. But tonight isn’t all about him.

  283. Cyn, check yo mail.

  284. Speaking of baseball, fellas…

    Via Outsports:

    Major League Baseball has hired openly gay former ballplayer Billy Bean as their new Ambassador For Inclusion.

    Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.
    Baseball, chicken hawks, fapple pie and Government Motors.

  285. Cal Ripkin is a god! Don’t you dare. Oso. Don’t. You. Dare.

  286. What kind of code is that?

    Pseudo, duh. Spaces aren’t allowed in variable names.

  287. I give NASCAR twelve months until they issue some kind of statement promoting LBGT drivers and teams.

    For all I know they already have.

  288. MCPO, I know!!! CiL’s brother is the trainer for the Rays. He has some awesome Cal Jr signed stuff. His kids are losers!!! I want to break in/visit and steal some swag.

  289. J’ames, yes it is. Except for the part about Puig and the really sucky Menzel.

  290. Is it me or does everyone picture dozens of cars parked on the bridges connecting DC to the Virginia suburbs, their occupants desperately slinging computer into the Potomac?

  291. I give NASCAR twelve months until they issue some kind of statement promoting LBGT drivers and teams.

  292. I give NASCAR twelve months until they issue some kind of statement promoting LBGT drivers and teams.
    Dick Trickle was ahead of his time!!!!

  293. And what is the NHL doing to build diversity of sexual orientation? Let the goalie masks drop and a thousand flowers bloom like fabulous, fabulous ice sculptures on a Versace charger, buffed to a glistening, muscular sheen. You know, we could get Isaac Mizrahi to design the rainbow jerseys.


    What happened to Mare.

  295. “A lot” of pregnant juveniles have crossed the border into the Rio Grande Valley as part of the influx of Central American illegal immigrants, says Albert Spratte, the sergeant-at-arms of the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 in the valley.

    “It’s not uncommon to see 16-, 17-year-old girls who are six to eight months pregnant,” Spratte tells National Review Online.

    This is the most exciting, novel Democrat voter drive in years.

  296. 16-17 late bloomers!

  297. Bed time. I’m open to suggestions on other ways to fund the Messican invasion.

    Bake sale?

  298. Maine’s looking damn good.

  299. Mr Chumpo is Dan?????

  300. I’m open to suggestions on other ways to fund the Messican invasion.
    Bake sale?

    Disguise the invasion as a LGBT outreach mission to Central America, and Licorice Dick will fund it with boxcars of taxpayer money.

  301. Dan is Mr. Chumpo?

  302. I know!!!!

  303. pupster, the nap stealing dee oh gee:

  304. Nice of the Cardinals pitchers to give up all the runs tonight.

  305. By the way, when will LGBTQICetc. activists deliver a stern rebuke and rain blows upon Islamic mosques nationwide for their rejection of gays? For refusing to marry gays? For refusing to let them be imams? I’m waiting.

    Here, I’ll hold your coats.

  306. Which came first? Dan’s pickled eggs or Mr. Chumpo?

  307. Shut it, J’ames. Come October, you’ll be fine. We’ll still be waiting for Votto to get a hit. Fucking Canuck.

  308. Only because the Rangers pitchers couldn’t be there

  309. MJ, LOL. Dan doesn’t know his pickling is public.

  310. MJ, LOL. Dan doesn’t know his pickling is public.
    Well don’t worry; I won’t tell him.

  311. and the tune:


  313. hahaha Day 2 of disabled Dan: Get out of my kitchen. You’ll only fuck it up. Today is Day 4. The fajitas were delish. I may have been cursed and booted today, too.

  314. HandiDan!

  315. You can’t move to Maine. Look what happens when Dan encounters a freezer!

  316. LOLOLOLOL HR: They are going to try to Fuck Sam’s with PT. Dan: HR was right. I’ve got PT Thursday, too. (BTW we all know that Dan can’t handle real cold)

  317. Yo mail checking to commence at once, Tushar.

  318. If you want a Kickstater for Mexicans to fund the invasion of Mexico to succeed all you have to do is promise that after the invasion we promise to make Robert Smith El Presidente, Metalica El Cabinet, Pantera will be the Mayors of Chiapas and Beyonce and Pitbull will be the new Queen and King.
    Load the trucks, this is going to be EZ.

  319. You can’t move to Maine. Look what happens when Dan encounters a freezer!

    This needs to win a prize.

  320. Imma workin from home, RIGHT NOW!

  321. I’m laughing now, but scrambled brains Dan was scary!!!

  322. We can laugh now, oso. Scary time is over.

  323. Yep; gotta laugh. What’s he doing the PT for?

  324. My laughing still makes people uncomfortable. Whatev. Strokey Peter Griffin FTW

  325. Cyn, he was lying on the floor of the freezer and got cold. He was rolling side to side to get up. CSI Assets Protection, you could see the evidence in the frost. Whiplash on neck from the initial skull bounce, and pulled lumbar from trying to get up and out of the cold.

  326. You could see the gauges in the ice from his feet when he slid.

  327. He wears Keen non-slide/grip shoes from REI.

  328. I bet he’s got ouchies in places he didn’t even realize existed. Falls suck. Falls on ice suck11.

  329. Yet he still told the Dr 5 on the pain scale! SMH. 8. Always 8. OTC ibuprofen.

  330. I dropped off my doggies tonight for my early flight.
    The place sure is empty.

  331. Dude, I’d get morphine for a hangnail. Dan is the Black Knight and he doesn’t even like MP!!!

  332. Dan is an idoit!
    5 on the pain scale? What was he thinking?
    WAS he thinking?

  333. ChrisP I KNOW!!! He was all 2-3 at the ER on Saturday!!!

  334. Safe and fun travels, Vman. Did you end up getting something on or near the beach?

  335. I rented a corvette Cyn.
    I figured I am fat and that close to the water I needed to watch for harpoons. I am pasty white, 5 minutes in the sun and I will be imitating a fat lobster, and lastly, I am busy and have to spend time with Red, the family, friends, the wedding, etc on the mainland. I will be mostly sleeping there. All hotels look the same asleep, and $300 a night to look at the Gulf o’ Mexico, that I grew up in.
    However running around in a corolla for $15 a day or a ‘vette for $130 a day is much more preferable and saves money.

  336. You are going to be very busy and lookin’ spiffy. Rawr!

  337. Sir Elton never floated my boat Master Chief.

  338. I booked my flight and rented a Hemi Challenger for Tempe Cyn You are invited for a ride or 12.

    The Coupe is less than the convertible. Is it ok to go topless on Labor day?

  339. It’s not Labor Day VMan. we are crazy not insane.

  340. Yes; just don’t wear white shoes.

  341. Fuck. I just can’t catch a break.


  342. You want me to phone in the bomb threat Car in?

  343. Fire alarm is always a good option too.

  344. I think I gotta call it too – I saw freaking oh-three-hundred this morn. Ugh.

    Sweet dreams to all you cool peeps. And yes, Xbrad too.


  345. Thanks, Cyn. Happy Sleep Time.

  346. Bye Kitty.

  347. What’s up, B. How’s The Empire today?

  348. I just phoned in a bomb threat to the fir tree where the crows are roosting. That’ll show ’em.

  349. I’ve got about 6.5 million hits on my blog since 2008.

    This blog only covers female journalist… in boots.

    Kind of a niche blog…. with 10 million hits in just 4 years.


  350. My heroes had the derp
    To live their lives out on a limb
    And all I remember
    Is thinking, I want to be like them

  351. I think you need to refocus BTHBTS’s theme to Men who love sports AND women’s fall collection shoes.

    It’s a growing demo.

  352. Jinx

  353. They do wear some nice boots.

    10 million +1

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