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And a big congrats to Radiobud for a most excellent SES season!

Wiserbud WATR radio monkey


  1. Nobel-worthy.

  2. Lookin’ good, Cyn, but I can’t read the fine print on the back of the shirt.

  3. Yay!

  4. Buy the shirt then

  5. Just a sneak peak… the shop will go live soon.

    You have a CP store right? If so, I have a question or two to axe you.

  6. Oso got her Messican musica.

  7. Loved that last song

  8. Aww. I thought there were going to be gnus. I feel cheated.

  9. check your white privilege and your gmail.

  10. Ferris! Wiser seemed. . . reluctant to take the call

  11. Sorry ’bout that Jew.


  13. Ha! Touché

  14. Fake lumber?

  15. Fake lumber — produced by Viagra

  16. Don Johnson

  17. Cut down 4 trees (small), and limbed a 5th up to 7′.

    Tea and video games until 230.

  18. Is anybody calling in with a tech question?

  19. Stupid MJ, he still doesn’t know how far he can hold 20 MPH after a night of drinking.

  20. Ben Mills is awesome.

  21. Call in and try to make him ask “is it plugged in?”

    When I turn my computer on, why doesn’t my monitor power up?

  22. I have a TI-81. How can I make it talk on the internets?

  23. Tom Hill called him Frollicky.

  24. gross

  25. Tom + MJ = ♥

  26. Excellent show MJ & Wiser – congrats on a fun season!

  27. Jeesus Scott what the hell is that av?


  28. Wow. That’s a strong drink.

  29. Practice today was the basics of the longsword, the foyne and rake, the foodwork, and the hauk. I did something this week that messed up my wrists because they’ve hurt for the past two days. I guess I’ll skip weightlifting for the next week and see if that helps.

    Time to eat lunch and watch Farscape.

  30. Yo ho ho, a big barrel of rum.

  31. Help, tech people.

    I got a new computer ’cause mine kept stroking out (not like XBrad). The new one won’t play a youtube video, and won’t open most pics. If I try to view a .gif, like on BBF, it tries to save it to the hard drive and then won’t view it. I assume I need to check or un-check a box somewhere, or the computer lacks a necessary program. Any ideas?

  32. I did something this week that messed up my wrists because they’ve hurt for the past two days. I guess I’ll skip weightlifting for the next week and see if that helps.

    You should prolly hold off on all wrist-related activities.

  33. And yes, I have jiggled the handle. Not like XBrad…………….

  34. 1. Reboot
    2. Go here and clear everything:
    3. Reboot… this should fix the youtube issue.
    4. What browser are you using?

  35. This would have been a great issue for Ben.

  36. Also, what is your OS?

  37. It’s broken. Smash it and burn the pieces.

  38. This puppy is about one year old and running around in the yard today.

  39. Nuke it from orbit, Pepe. It’s the only way to be sure.

  40. Look for a thumbnail zoom or preview app Pepe, the links can open when you move the mouse cursor over them. Also, when it tries to open and save, look for an option that lets you open instead, also also change the file association for gif files to your browser instead of paint or whatever photo program it is trying to use.

  41. Anyone ever grow ghost peppers?

    When are you supposed to pick the fiery bastards?

  42. Planted them to add to salsa and also as a deer/rabbit deterrent for the garden.

    Damn deer ate my jalapenos last year. Like to see them try now.

  43. Phat, pick the ghost when they are a nice deep red.

    And use sparingly. They are VERY hot. It doesn’t take very much.

  44. Are ramen noodles paleo?

  45. Sure… Why not

  46. I’m taking a shot at watching Frozen. It’s free.

  47. Cyn will be singing for the rest of the day.

  48. Cyn,

    Good luck getting ‘Let it Go’ out of your head.

    I had largely succeeded until I read your comment.

    *shakes fist

  49. Debating if I want to trade my Dallas-SFO-Bozeman trip for Denver – Cabo San Lucas-Ft. Lauderdale.

    The Bozeman trip gets me home 10 hrs earlier, but…23 hrs off at the Hilton Beach Resort in Los Cabos!

    Got to think on this a bit.

  50. No singing allowed

  51. There will at least be humming along, right?

  52. Okay, but only a little.

    I managed to talk The Googleman into watching with me so I didn’t have to suffer alone.

  53. Hah, we have to rally the troops for the 14 elections. is right on the ball with their I Miss W t-shirt.

    No wonder we always lose.

  54. “Let It Go” just came on… oh shit

  55. *shakes fist at Phat

  56. Cyn, it will make you pine for good Disney movies of yore.

  57. Just thinking about how much better today’s show would have been without Hill.

  58. >>I’m taking a shot at watching Frozen. It’s free.

    I watched that the other night.

    I hate my television now.

  59. I’m thinking of nuking it. No associations for files, yet. I’ve tried Chrome and Opera. HoverFree downloads the files. Advertisements when I look at a page download without ever appearing. Aaaargh.

  60. Can you right click the file, and use Open With to change the association with the file type?

    Also, have you done a virus scan? Ad Aware and Malwarebytes also help find things lurking on your computer that mess things up.

  61. I am assuming you are on a windows computer, pepe. I’m not sure what programs to use for a Mac.

  62. I’ve never really been a big Disney fan. The only thing I’m pining for is a Zombie to get me through this movie. Stat.

  63. You’ve got Olaf the animated soulless snowman.

    Pretty sure he counts as a zombie.

  64. Just suck it up and hum ‘Let it Go’, buttercup.

  65. Sober?!? Dammit man!

  66. A little neighborhood grocery store near me just closed. It’s been a around since 1930.

    2 idiots bought it in 2012 and ran it into the ground.

    70 years of success, destroyed in 2 years.
    I suspect democrats.

  67. Lots of elderly in that neighborhood depended on this place.

    I am going to miss their stuffed pork, and no more chicken marsala for Laura.

  68. and flourless chocolate torte, and potato salad, and calzones……..

  69. Such a shame.

  70. I want one:

    (saw a smaller version on big diesel pickup in Des Moines. Was probably preparing to go “rollin’ coal”)

  71. Greetings, people of low birth.

  72. Okay, I hate to pat myself on the back here, but I handled Ferris great today.

  73. Hey pep? If you had called my show earlier, I guarantee Ben could have solved your problem.

  74. >>>Greetings, people of low birth.

    Hmmmm…. low-cost?

  75. You’ll shop at Whole Foods and like it.

  76. The moms get cars. Made the deal on a 2012 Rav4, youngest gets the 04 Camry and I get to sell a 2000 Sierra.

    Takers? New brakes, a tran rebuild in 2008 and new rack and p

    Call me

  77. also I loved calling into your show broseph and telling that gorilla joke.

    I loved calling in before and saying you’re the dumbest person ever which freaked out your pardner

    Good times. What’s on the horizon?

  78. >>>Good times. What’s on the horizon?

    I’ve been told I am coming back, but I need more features and interviews, less me.

    I kind of agree. I like having people to interview. But it’s hard to get people to be there on a Saturday

  79. >>>>I loved calling in before and saying you’re the dumbest person ever which freaked out your pardner

    I still hate that he hung up on you on that.

  80. a tran rebuild in 2008

    Hmmmmm…Vietnamese joke or gender reassignment joke?

  81. >> I still hate that he hung up on you on that.

    I was angling for that, but the nice things you said about me ruined it.


  82. Sean you buying or making jokes?


    You know that truck has been underwater at some point.

  84. I don’t buy jokes.

  85. it never! much

  86. Were you cutting in line at the Franklin BBQ with Obama, Dave?

  87. >>>but the nice things you said about me ruined it.

    I was drunk.

  88. Jay I *barely* avoided the two hour flight grounding on Wednesday at DFW. My work buddy heading back to DC had to stay the night

  89. so was I

  90. Let me get you guys a cab.

    *checks couch for change

  91. >>>>so was I

    memories…… like the corner of my mind…….

  92. You two are sharing a room at TITS, aren’t you.

  93. They’re crashing at your place.

  94. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending equal time at TITS and the Grand Canyon.

    That sounds dirty.

  95. I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending equal time at TITS and the Grand Canyon.

    They like it when you do that.

  96. >>>>You two are sharing a room at TITS, aren’t you.

    He refused.

    The birch.

  97. >>They’re crashing at your place.

    Oh good… Then I’ll miss everything.

  98. >>>They like it when you do that.

    Okay…. I think we’re done here. Shut ‘er down.

  99. The larch.

  100. *birch-slaps Kindle auto correct

  101. don’t let Cabo go Phat, chase the dragon.

  102. Comment by Cyn on July 12, 2014 6:55 pm
    >>They’re crashing at your place.
    Oh good… Then I’ll miss everything.

    Wait until Googleman and Axeman get a load of the midget stripper…

  103. Noooooooooooooooo!

  104. Anybody up for a joke thread? I was thinking terrible names for movie sequels.

  105. Dave, Rav4 is an excellent choice. I have a 2011 Rav4. Nearly 30k miles, still runs like new. If it is anything like the Corolla it replaced, I will be driving it at least till 2030.

  106. Cyn, if they don’t learn from us they’ll just learn it from the street.

    Oh, wait…

  107. Heh heh. Greeeeeaaaaaat.

  108. Frozen: No, I don’t want to build a fucking snowman

  109. Frozen II: Just let it fucking go already.

  110. Pupster,

    Just ‘Let it Go’.

    Take that, Cyn!

  111. Frozen III: Still Kicking that Cash Cow

  112. Cyn,

    ‘Just conceal, don’t feel.’

    I can (and will) do this all night.

  113. Sophie’s Choice II: The Choosening

  114. Bastage

  115. Mission Impossible Pretty Fucking Likely

  116. Adult Toy Story.

    //batteries not included

  117. An Inconvenient Truth II: I Owe Tipper Alimony

  118. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island II: No, The First One Wasn’t A Sequel

  119. Schindler’s List 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold

  120. Hmm, Gyro sandwich, or Hunan chicken.


  121. I’m am idiot.


    I left the grill on low last weekend. Emptying the propane tanks.


    Meaning I had to take the convertible to HD for refills.



  122. Jaws II: Dave, seriously get outta the fucking water.

  123. >> You two are sharing a room at TITS, aren’t you.

    Not again.

    He’s too huggy.

    Just drove Mrs. Dave’s wheels around some more. Peppy little thing. She likes. Which is the main thing

  124. It just occurred to me I haven’t bought a car since 2006

  125. Boogie Nights 2: AIDS

  126. I must see this film.

  127. Forest Gump II: don’t you wish you’da paid more attention in history class.

  128. Superfuzz is the bestest movie eveh

  129. I don’t care, what Cyn is going to say….let the comments rage onnnnnnnnnnn….

  130. Ernest Borgnine is in it, so it has to be good.

  131. I am surrounded by dogs. Well, two dogs.

  132. R-L

    Wiserbud – Russ

  133. Girls want to watch the original Grease tonight (wife is out of town).

    I can not do this sober.

  134. Cyn,

    You live in a Kingdom of Isolation and it looks like you’re the Queen!

    *frozen blogging

  135. Girls want to watch the original Grease tonight (wife is out of town).
    I can not do this sober.

    They wanna watch it with….

  136. Do not be alarmed fellow Hostages, I will start Grease blogging as soon as the girls put the movie in.

    Actually, you should be very alarmed.

    Phat+alcohol+no wife supervision= bad choices.

  137. Cyn,

    Does the cold ever bother you anyway?

    *frozen blogging

  138. Only when her power flurries through the air into the ground…

  139. I will start Grease blogging


  140. At least it ain’t Grease 2: We couldn’t afford to bring back anybody good.

  141. The funny thing about ‘Let it Go’ is that it’s such a total ripoff of ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked. Also sung by Idina Menzel.

    Wait, I know this? What have I become!

    *turns in man card, slinks away from blog

  142. Yeah, I don’t believe I would have admitted that.

  143. On the one hand, I haven’t seen Frozen or heard any of the songs. On the other hand, I have nobody to care for me should I manage to survive to old age.

    I think it’s a wash.

  144. Grease 3: Repacking the Wheel Bearings (SYWM)

  145. Transformers 4: The Tranny Wars

  146. I never saw Grease, or got my eyebrows done.

  147. As the man card floats to the blog I submit:

    Defying Gravity:

    Let it Go:

    I’m going to take a testosterone shot and go get in a bar fight.


  148. Dan fell in a walk in freezer at work. The floor had iced up. We spent 2 hrs at the ER. He’s ok. Mild concussion. No stitches. Starting to feel pain everywhere. Did not get good meds. He has follow up appts on Monday, so I won’t be watching the monkey movie. It was scary for a little bit.

  149. Catwoman 2: More Furballs


  151. Ugh, hope he mends quickly, oso!

    Get well, Dan! Or oso will pick the movie you watch.

  152. I prefer “Do you want to build a snowman?” to “Let it go”. I like ice cream. Up is my favorite Pixar. Lilo & Stitch is the BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER!!!!

  153. Glad to hear he’s ok, oso.

    Phat, meh. I mean, I get the comparison. Similar message, same voice, similar style.

  154. Thanks, Jay. I can’t pick movies for 6 months. There are no mulligans.

  155. The first 15 minutes or so of Up are perhaps some of the saddest in any movie I’ve ever seen.

  156. Well, at least the premise of Gravity was the Russians shot down one of their satellites.

    I figured it would have been the CIA.

  157. Oso,

    As someone who has had a couple of concussions (and is evidently suffering from one now) If Dan gets nauseous tonight take him to the Urgent Care or ER ASAP.

    I’m sure they told you that, but it’s always good to remind everyone.

    Going back to creating my ‘Smart Showtune Poat’.

    I like Broadway.


  158. Grease is probably a good movie to watch while having your dress hemmed.

  159. I treated my last concussion with a 10 lb bag of ice, and beer.

    He needs fluids.

  160. mmm, went with the Hunan chicken, good choice!

  161. Phat, thanks. Yep, the ER Doc this morning told us the same thing. We got a print out of all the things I need to be looking for.

  162. Listen to phat, he’s pre-med.

  163. oso can pump phat’s showtunes really loud to keep Dan from falling asleep, so there’s that.

  164. He’s getting lemonade. We’ve got ice packs. OTC ibuprofen. We were told to expect the pain to really kick in by Monday.

  165. I even have Grease on my iPod!!!

  166. I still can’t believe that Idina Menzel was in Enchanted and didn’t even sing!!! What’s up with that?

  167. If he’s young, tomorrow will suck.

    If he’s old like me, it happens Monday.

  168. He turns 50 in November. We plan on Monday sucking.

  169. I have to cook tonight. Frozen pizza. Most of you aren’t on FB. I consider providing a meal as “Cooking”. Dan doesn’t consider microwaving or heating frozen foods as “Cooking”. I catch a lot of abuse.

  170. OK, for the record I don’t like all showtunes.

    Wife and kids went to see ‘Porgy and Bess’ at the Muny without me last week.

    I had just flown in that day from a trip, so I claimed fatigue. In reality, if it was a better show I would have gone. Weather was nice for St. Louis in July, it’s just that ‘Porgy and Bess’ is the Gershwin’s worst musical.

    Decided stay home. drink beer and watch the Cards.

  171. When I put change in a vending machine I call it cooking.

  172. yep. porgy and bess has one good song.

  173. Yay, Scott!!!

  174. Patton 2: In a former life I was General George S. Patton

  175. never take a late nap in the pool

  176. Naps are a scam.

  177. Napping killed Michael Jackson.

  178. Scott’s new haircut is a scam.

  179. When the wife said they had tickets I showed her Cab Calloway’s performance of ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So’.

    Yeah that’s about as good as the show gets.

    Here’s Cab doing what I always assumed was only a Sinatra song:

    Here’s Old Blue Eyes version:

    Personally, Frank nails it. His phrasing is perfect.

    Get Sinatra Live at the Sands, his best record.

  180. Sorry to hear that about Dan, yikes. If he’s hurting now, he’s going to be really bad come Monday.

    *drop ships a weeks worth of teevee dinners for Oso to “cook”*

  181. Pendejo,

    You made me think of this:

    Patton (as he was in WWII) could not have survived in a post war army.

    Like Churchill, I’ve always considered him as exactly the right man, in the right place, at the right time.

  182. Did anybody read anybody else’s diary to all the neighborhood kids today?

  183. On the topic of Churchill, go read ‘The Great Liars’ by Jerry Jay Carrol.

    Total fiction, but funny and thought provoking.

  184. No worries, Cyn. I’ll be loading up on the SNAP diet tomorrow. Corn dog nuggets and Totino’s.

  185. Oso, sorry bout your guy. Hope he heals up ok.


    Plain good old sense – I liked ’em.

  187. Sean,

    LAX layover this week. At the Renaissance Airport for the day.

    Can do lunch on the 16th if you’re around.

    If not, No biggie, I have a bunch of LA layovers next month, most of them are in Redondo Beach.

  188. Totino’s Pizza Rolls are my go-to for a cheat meal. Yum…

    I think they have healing properties too so you should make sure Dan gets plenty of them.

  189. Thanks, Dave. The “What ifs?” are the reason that all the guys that unloaded the freezer trucks are getting coached.

  190. People eat that?

  191. Cyn, have you tried the Buffalo Chicken rolls?

  192. Scott, not only do people eat that, but you pay for it. Mostly.

  193. it’s crap.

  194. I have not, Oso, but I’m on a Foster Farms Hot N Spicy hot wing kick at the moment.

  195. Tasty crap.

  196. The basics Oso. No trash or shrink wrap on the floor. No open pallets for people to step in and break their ankle. Floor swept clean ever day

  197. Mmmm…sounds like yummy crap.

  198. Garnish with some garlic powder and fresh ground pepper. Top shelf crap.

  199. Cyn, is there a tour guide in Sept?

  200. I’d be happy to do lunch on the 16th, phat. You have anyplace in mind?

  201. DiT, the truck unloaders propped the freezer door open and Dan was looking to see who was in the freezer when he went down. They had used a clear plastic sign holder instead of a red pylon. Dan was “Cold” and made it out of the freezer and walked to the closest chair. It was scary. When the manager walked me back to Dan, he hadn’t recovered any memory of the incident yet. I was really surprised that Dan wanted me to accompany him to the ER.

  202. Holy shit, what a rollercoaster of a day. Rocketboy took Mr. RFH to the doc-in-the-box, which then turned into an ER visit. Props to the boy for texting me pertinent information often enough so he didn’t have to peel me off the ceiling. Mr. RFH released from the hospital in time to make it to Rocketboy’s Eagle Court of Honor. Court of Honor and following party went well. Gonna sleep well tonight.

  203. Yes; ask for Babs.

  204. Whoa, Roamy – hoping Mr. RFH gets better now! And big congrats to Rocketboy.

  205. Roamy,
    WTF, O?
    What was the diagnosis? Is he doing okay?

  206. Two men down.. Oso, RFH, they ok?

  207. Okay, no more Hostage-spouses in the ER, dammit.

  208. They had used a clear plastic sign holder instead of a red pylon.

    Stupid, stupid mistake. Damn.

  209. Same stuff as before, except they were checking his tonsils for abscesses this time. Gave him morphine. He looks like hell in all the pics, and we never got one of Rocketboy in uniform standing with us. Gonna have a do-over for the cameras.

  210. Wow, hope everybody starts to feel better. Hugs to Osita and Roamy.

  211. Dang, Roamy.

  212. That sounds just awful, Roamy. Does he really still have his tonsils?

  213. Okay, I hate to pat myself on the back here, but I handled Ferris great today.

    Snortled. LOLed. You totally changed a filibuster into funny.

    Aaand Totino’s Pizza Rolls are proof of America’s greatness, period. *done with TFG’s arrogant Mussolini head tilt*

  214. Rocketboy took care of his dad when it was most urgent. That is as awesome as earning the Eagle Scout badge!

  215. Wait. He’s on morphine and they don’t know what’s wrong?

  216. Put him on a plane.

  217. Cyn, yes. Tushar, I felt bad delegating the task to him after it escalated, but he handled it well. Scott, yes. It’s not strep, and he’s not responding to any of the drugs that should have made the pain go away by now.

  218. Dan and I both still have our tonsils.

  219. I’m surprised that they didn’t admit him, then again, I’m sure he’d have fought that to be at the ceremony. Poor guy. Poor Roamicita.

  220. Everyone responds to morphine.

  221. I didn’t think scott could find an avatar that would make we want to shoot him in the face with a cannon full of douchebags as opposed to just shooting him in the face with a regular cannon but he did.

    I don’t know who that smiling fucker is but I want to slap the taste out of his mouth.

    What a fucking cock.

  222. >>Everyone responds to morphine.

    Nope. Maybe after multiple doses, but maybe not.

    Poor guy. What are the plans, Roamster?

  223. Wow, not a good day for H2 hubbies!


    That’s a man, baby.

  225. Cyn, I thought they would, too.
    Lippy, I have no idea. We’ll see how he feels in the morning. Or Monday, if I have to take him to an ENT dr.

  226. Get more better soon Dan and Mr. Hydrant.

  227. Rosetta, you cockmunch, I poated a BBF just for you yesterday.

  228. Prostate?

  229. I don’t know who that smiling fucker is but I want to slap the taste out of his mouth.

    What a fucking cock.

    Heh. Indeed.

  230. I don’t know who that smiling fucker is but I want to slap the taste out of his mouth.

    What a fucking cock.

    Don’t you watch any TV? That’s Bob from Enzyte!

  231. That’s a man, baby.

    I bet she looks pretty rugged before she shaves in the morning.

  232. I responded to morphine.

    Holy shit did I ever

  233. Really big-ass moon out there tonight folks. Go see.

    Had a nice conflagration going in the backyard fire-pit while sipping adult beverages.

    Life is good.

  234. That’s not the moon, pupster, it’s your neighbor pissed at you.

  235. Stupid Monsoon clouds. I can’t see the M O O N.

  236. Mo’on

  237. I like morphine. Who says 2-3 to an ER Doc? Oh yeah, Dan.

  238. I howled at it

  239. M-O-O-N, and that spells Rosetta!

  240. Haha, I wonder if Car in has seen the movie Waiting:

    Pretty entertaining.

  241. I think Mo’on got married again.

  242. Waiting was good. Waiting 2 sucked.

  243. every restaurant joke ever conceived in a 2 hour movie.

  244. Yep.

  245. Does anyone here other than Bcoch know about Sofia the First?

  246. *crickets

  247. I work at 5. Need to split my time sleeping and watching Dan. Love you guys in a totes not ghey way.

  248. Just got back from the local rodeo. The boy rode his bronc, but didn’t win. More importantly, he didn’t get hurt.

  249. Magdalena Days?

  250. Isn’t the Sofia thing a Disney thing?

    My kids are too old, out of the Disney loop/clutches.

    *hums ‘Let it Go’

    *shakes fist at Cyn

  251. “Old Timers” They have a team roping event where the combined age of the team has to be over 100. Parade Queen has to be over 75. I usually avoid it, but you gotta go see the child risk injury.

  252. I think the last Disney flick I saw was Lilo and Stitch.

  253. Gingy’s rescuers were there. (They rescued her parents)

  254. Rosetta?

  255. Princess Sofia was supposed to be Hispanic. Controversy about her skin tone. She has cameos with other princesses. I’m just pissed that she gets woodland animals. WTF Disney?

  256. Tits meat-up…………

  257. Try it again

  258. Seems excessive, but the thought is about right (why things take so long in a restaurant):

  259. Pepe, comp still acting up? It really sounds like a registry issue, or a virus.

    CCleaner is another option.

  260. You know I saw Miss Lucy
    Down along the tracks
    She lost her derp and her family
    And she won’t be comin’ back

  261. G’morning. Spent a late night in the OR washing out and sewing up a major foot laceration. Kid was huge, 117kg. He was swinging on a tire rope over a stream and the rope let to. Both feet landed on rocks and he tumbled into the stream. He had a deep laceration through the plantar fascia filled with dirt and vegetation. The other foot was just scraped up. He had a great sense of humor and nice parents (probably where he got it from). I won’t link a picture of the foot because, a. HIPPA and 2. gross. Spent hours picking out dirt and grass and washing it out with the pulse lavage. Closed it loosely to let it drain.

    *sings “Let it Drain”*

  262. Jeesh, I hope the Hostage Hubbies are feeling better soon.

    I hate ice. It sounds like Dan was totally unaware of the ice that formed on the walk-in floor. Ooof, I’m cringing just imagining that.

  263. F+F is talking about a movie called “Boyhood”. Filmed over 12 years with the same actors. Portrays a family over time. Just the trailer was making the room dusty. Hopefully it lives up to its promise.

  264. Morning, children. Computer is better, but still messes up some images. Reloaded Adobe and that fixed the video stuff.

  265. Pepe, how’s the rain/drought situation near you? Have you guys had any relief yet?

  266. We got one good rain a couple of days ago. But now, you can’t even tell it rained. If it just keeps raining, it will be okay, but we’ve had half our usual rain for several years and it has been pretty brutal.

  267. Grmrmng.

  268. Too much rain here, not enough there.

    Time for a dump run and lawn mowing before the rain.

  269. Time for a dump run

  270. Good morning, cool kids.

  271. Looks Lauraw has a fan.

  272. Death by Dildo Stalking is a shitty way to kill a poat.

    Stalking Dildo is a great band name though.


  274. Hello Kitty.

  275. Hotspur?

  276. Mooom – Pupster is linking shit from his Brony collection again!!

  277. Worx Aerocart!!!!!!

  278. I need to go to the grocery store, cut the lawn, and kill bees.

    If I had an Aerocart I would be done by now.

  279. Googles “how to kill bees with aerocart”

    Finds nothing.

  280. How to go to the grocery shop using an aerocart.

    How to mow lawn using an Aerocart.

    Aerocart is a scam.

    Scott is a scam too.

  281. * lifts 200 lbs of groceries with one hand! *

    * drops 200 lb boulder on bee hive with one hand! *

  282. I’ll kill bees later. I like to have a couple of cocktails first.


    Actually sounds good.

  284. New poat.

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