The Guys Get Shirts

My esteemed colleague *snickers* Mr. Chumpo has stepped up to the golf tee and hit a line drive to third base by creating two logos for us to vote on for the September 2014 TITS MU. The shirts will be available for purchase in a CafePress shop just a few days after the election for the bestest logo is final: Midnight Friday 07/11/2014. These are your candidates so get your voting buttons ready…

Sunburst Logo: Sunburst_Logo Wagon Wheel Logo: Wagon Wheel I’ll have the voting poll up momentarily; for now, please enjoy the hold music.



Voting Ends Midnight Friday 07/11/2014



  1. I cannot thank Mr. Chumpo enough for all his work on these designs. Seriously. Lots of changes and finessing and fine tuning and whatnot to make sure that they look good no matter what color shirt is chosen. *raises glass to Brandyho* You effing rock.

  2. “No comments yet” my ass

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Kitty. I’d like to say that it was all a labor of love but, there wasn’t really any labor involved. Happy voting, Tardos.

    I (heart) Morons


  5. Who voted?

  6. Um, that was me *fans the air*


  7. Well then, looks like you and I hookin up is OUT OF THE QUESTION THEN if we can’t even agree on the logo. harummmmph

  8. Fine then, TG.


    *storms off*

  9. Will you be able to peel yourself away to come to the meat-up, TGSG?

  10. There’s a barber shop across from Thun field that has a couple of Korean ladies cutting hair. They have very little English.
    I can only assume that they are only accustomed to military cuts.
    A “regular” cut is $7.
    I bought one. It only takes a minit.
    My hair has not been that short since basic at Ft. Campbell, KY in 1968.
    I will see them twice a year. That’s all it will take.
    I give them a $10 bill and go away for 6 months.
    So it goes…

  11. Valley of the sun!!! Voted anyway. Stupid Sparky. Fork You!!!

  12. I don’t think so Cyn, I am pretty certain I will be in the middle of a change of employment at that time.

  13. I know Oso :(
    Stupid Sparky.

    They will be available for everyone to buy so even if you cannot go you can still get one.

  14. I hope the job change is a most-excellent one with most-excellent surprises and most-excellent adventures, TG.

  15. Maybe we can go into business Great Satan. If I write a stupid book, can you wear a stupid suit and sell it?

  16. Hawt

  17. I am tempted to write a not-stupid book. Fiction, but not stupid.

  18. “can you wear a stupid suit and sell it?”

    uhhh, I don’t own my own business anymore because I was a terrible salesman, but if’n ya want to garanteeee 6 figures I can fake it!

  19. Actually, I can’t guarantee six pages much less six figures.

    Hey! That’s a peanut!

  20. Is your company closing too TG?

  21. I need to somehow turn my “that could be an interesting story” into 30000 words.

    Should be no trouble.

  22. Piece of pie, Leon.

  23. Thanks to Costco, I’m selling the crap out of D’nesh. I may be pimping Ben Carson and Ben Shapiro. $$$$$

  24. Nope Cyn, my current job has me on my feet all day and my knees can’t take it anymore, also, my supervisor is an idiot so I’m looking to change for those reasons.

  25. …my supervisor is an idiot…

    Boy howdy do I ever “get” this.


  27. “Actually, I can’t guarantee six pages much less six figures.”

    * whispers *

    decimal point


    Heh heh.

    – – – – –

    Damn I miss my country.

  29. I think I am taking tomorrow off.

  30. Do it.

  31. We are going to see if our lake is still around.

    There may be nudity.

  32. Be free I say, be free

  33. Mosquitos. West Nile. Sun Burn.

  34. They both have the same font why are comments fucked up?y b

  35. West Nile?


  36. We’ve got it all in the Land of Entrapment. Bubonic Plaque. Rabies. Hanta Virus.

  37. My Grammo’s adobe was known as The Hondo House. Dan called it The Hanta House. My Grammo loved him, because he went to Catholic School. Plus, he ate without cutlery using tortillas. Only person allowed to make fun of the family home: Dan.

  38. Dan and I are both off tomorrow. Yay? He doesn’t let me sleep in and I spend my day off visiting family and running errands.

  39. My new boss is gay married with a son. Her family is originally from French Canada. She drives a Suburu. I’m like…WHERE DO I START?????

  40. G’night. Dan and the Divas get up early. Charging my phone.

  41. I have not dumped this here while there has been a smidgen of hope that something might be wrong in the diagnosis, but there is nothing that has changed in three blood tests.

    My son is dying of chronic kidney disease. He only has 25% function. More than likely he will die of complication due to a flu or cold in the future, but he has less than 2 years without heroic intervention.

    He was born with one kidney, It is undersized, which if it was paired would not be worrisome. Lots of people have one or even both kidneys on the small side and live normal healthy lives. His solo kidney isn’t up to the task of cleaning his blood.

    His transplant chances are poor to middlin do to health issues accompanying his autism (like poor ability to take medication, resistance to invasive therapy, poor impulse control). Dialysis may or may not work, but that is the next step if his function drops any lower.

    Sorry to lay this out here like this, but some may have wanted to know why I disappeared. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer in a light thread.

  42. So very sorry, Mundo. Any luck with kidney registry? Any chance at all? Anything?

  43. I’m so sorry, Mundy. I offer my prayers for your son, and for you. What a man you are to face such challenges.

  44. Romantic Piscean seeks angel in disguise
    Chinese speaking girlfriend, big derp eyes
    Liverpudlian lady, sophisticated male
    Hello partner, tell me love can’t fail

  45. That’s terrible, mundane. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your son. Stay strong, and don’t be afraid to vent a little here. We’re pretty good listeners.

  46. Morning, children.

    Thoughts and prayers out to you and your son, Mundy.

  47. Sorry mundane . My dad had renal failure of unknown origin. I know the ins and outs of both transplant and dialysis if I can be of any help.

  48. We should get Brandon (CAC) over here to call the election. I think it’s over.


  50. Prayers for the little one, Mundane.

    Happy almost-Friday, everyone.

  51. Where’s my “I voted ” button?

  52. For Car in:

  53. Your vote doesn’t count, cracker.

  54. Has COCK ever come here to chat? I don’t know that I’ve seen him.

  55. I’m sorry to read about your son’s condition, Mundane, please know that we love you and we pray for you both.

  56. I voated in the pole.

  57. The comparison pics between Jamie Gorelick and Lois Lerner on AOS makes me laugh.

  58. New Jenna.

  59. Good morning cool kids.

    Mundo, you and your son are in prayers and thoughts; much love and hugs.

  60. New Jenna speaks truth.

  61. Do you take marinara baths, Cyn?

  62. I brought a dozen Mexican truck drivers who may or may not be citizens over to my desk to vote on the tshirt. That’s the American Way. You can either agree or be a dirty rayciss. It’s up to you.

  63. Never once, Leon, but I do have a melty smiley face shirt at the ready.

  64. Nice voting there PG!

    *scribbles in H2 notebook, frowns and glances over top of glasses*

  65. The poll wouldn’t let me vote more than once. What kind of a third world shithole dump is this?

  66. Dang, this voting thing really is just about done.

  67. Fourth world shithole dump?

  68. Can we all get H2 notebooks?

    And pencils?

    Probably ones with the big erasers. We don’t want to poke out an eye.

  69. You need another screenname, HS.

  70. I just saw a youtube comment under my real name. It wasn’t me.

    *sends info to Sallie Mae*

  71. Think it’s them, leon? or just coincidence?

  72. H2 Helmets would be good too.

  73. and water wings

  74. Soon!

  75. Probably coincidence. The name isn’t especially uncommon, particularly in England.

  76. You’re not naked yet??? Slacker.

  77. The 90’s called, they told me to go to this awesome website:

  78. HAHAHAHA Awesome

    That site has just the kind of catchy tune that Rosetta would bombard us with for a month.

  79. I’d buy a car from that guy. He knows HTML.

  80. And there’s no way to shut off the music…. aaaaaaahhhh! LOLOLOL

  81. Oh, Mundy!!! {{{hugs}}}

    Please let us know how things go, and don’t ever be afraid to share – that’s what we’re here for. You and your son will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Cherish the time that you have together, and please let us know if you need anything.

  82. The best part of that site is that it would have taken forever to load back when it was built.

  83. And your mom down the hall screaming for you to get off the phone line.

  84. H2 Helmets would be good too.

    That way, Russ could puke in his helmet anytime he likes.

  85. Let’s class it up a bit: H2 barf bags.

  86. H2 toilet paper

  87. So what has everyone been up to?

  88. H2 toenail clippers

  89. My project at work is losing two out of three developers for most of the rest of the time prior to our first delivery of the field-able system. I’ve been trying to learn what they did/were supposed to do and trying to find replacements.

    Also reading Convict Conditioning.

  90. I took a road trip to Nashville with my boss and another consultant to kick-off a new project, we got back @ 1AM.

    Today/tomorrow we have to figure out how I can bill 80 hours a week without working “real” doubles everyday for the rest of my life.

    *checks on cloning technology*

  91. Also

  92. My project at work is losing two out of three developers for most of the rest of the time prior to our first delivery of the field-able system. I’ve been trying to learn what they did/were supposed to do and trying to find replacements.
    Also reading Convict Conditioning.
    Correction: Has anyone been up to anything interesting?

  93. I’d come help you out, Pupster, but if I leave now I’ll be hunted and killed.

  94. Correction: Has anyone been up to anything interesting?

    I’m poking around looking for ways to get the few shows I used to watch without paying for them.

  95. H2 Wart Remover

  96. That’s easy, leon.

    1. Mu Torrent
    2. Pirate Bay

    I haven’t paid for tv in about a year.

  97. That was my bet, now I just need to rig up a way to see that on my big ol’ flatscreen.

  98. I connect the computer to the tv.

  99. Damn, this is still boring but you sucked me in.

  100. I’m King Kong with a badge.

    I am indispensable. I am a rock. I am an i-i-i-i-i-i-i-land!

  101. I’m thinking I might be able to tap the laptop HD from the PS3 wifi.

  102. Damn, this is still boring but you sucked me in.


  103. I might be able to tap the laptop HD from the PS3 wifi.


  104. Fuuuuuck. Why can’t I just keep my house clean all the time so I don’t have to do this when people come to visit?

  105. I occasionally entertain just so I’ll clean.

  106. I’m thinking I might be able to tap the laptop HD from the PS3 wifi.

    NOW you’re pirating correctly!

    That or a thumb drive.

  107. Why not make your visitors clean? It’s for their benefit, anyway.

  108. H2 Bandages

  109. H2 DoF glasses.

  110. What is DoF?

  111. Double old fashioned

  112. Retail speak. Wms-Sonoma has a ToF

  113. double old-fashioned is a drink

  114. Pupster, you fucking tosser, that gif is getting as annoying as MJ’s SWAT humper.

  115. Dumb old fucker.

  116. Ha Ha! Not you, ‘Spurt; was replying to DoF.


  117. I’ll check the cafe press thingy.

  118. Need the link

  119. Thanks; sent. Just look for glaring errors – this is NOT yet ready for prime time.

  120. Leon-

    Lot’s of pop-up ads, but it’s a great place to find your favorite TV shows.

  121. Plus, there’s Scott’s sports linkies to watch.

  122. Seriously, before I found that free TV link, I thought the only thing you could download from the internets was porn.

  123. Oh, sorry Hotspur. I don’t post it for you, but for my office IT guy that absolutely does not monitor my time and site visits while I’m at work.

  124. There’s porn on the internets!?

  125. If you look real hard, some of it is even FREE.

  126. The grand irony being that it’s much easier to get free pr0n than episodes of Swamp People.

  127. If you know where to look, there’s Swamp People Porn.

  128. Eww.

  129. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  130. Has someone been on the lawn?

  131. Why? What did you find?

  132. Comment by MJ on July 10, 2014 11:47 am
    So what has everyone been up to?

    Mr. TiFW asked if I could “re-create” his favorite album from when he was growing up – he actually took a picture of it when he was at his mother’s house last time (yeah, we’re geeks, all right…..)

    Managed to find 18 of the 20 artist/song combos on Amazon Music Prime, found another one on YouTube and pulled out the mp3 track, then uploaded it to my Amazon Music account, and found an acceptable replacement artist for the last song.

    Then I went out and started digging through the internet, and I may have actually found some copies of that album for sale.

    Which is good, because that album is probably the ONLY thing the brothers will fight over when my MIL passes away…..

  133. I was happy to find live Fox News the other day.

  134. Well crapola, I think I’m gonna be headed into urgent care. I’m on hold to talk to a nurse, but what I thought was a small muscle tear in my calf from about 10 days ago is not getting better and the calf is now swelling a bit.

  135. How did you do that?

  136. I could tell you that I was erotically positioned on a hammock after swilling Mai Tais for several hours with the pool boys, but in reality, I was simply startled awake and I remember my legs jerking.

  137. Okie dokie… urgent care sayz come for a visit. Yay.

    It’s gonna fine and I am a wuzzy.

    *downs a Mai Tai before I leave*

  138. Gracious! Hope everything is OK, darlin’ ♥♥♥

  139. Hope everything is OK.

  140. Muscle relaxers and rest.

    That’s my guess.

  141. Differential diagnosis: gastrocnemius muscle strain, tendoachilles rupture, popliteus rupture, deep venous thrombosis, prostate cancer.

    Better get down to the clinic.

    Hopefully it’s just a muscle strain and you’re banging down Mai Tai’s by 5PM.

  142. Cyn, maybe a blood clot? My two started with the feeling of a pulled calf muscle. Swelling is another indication.

    And you have been in your office chair a lot working on month, quarter and year-end stuff. Mention that possibility to them because those things can travel.

    Good luck and don’t catch scabies!

  143. Gonna have to get compression socks.

  144. Gonna have to get compression socks. your ankles up in the air.

  145. When I was a resident and up on my feet for 24-36 hours at a time I used to wear compression socks. Thankfully that didn’t happen too often and I’d get a few hours sleep. That was back when they let those call hours happen and there were unlocked supply closets.

  146. Unlocked supply closets were useful for getting nurses’ ankles up in the air

  147. Next time I’m in the hospital I’ll wonder which nurse was getting hammered by which doc when the sheets currently on my bed were simply minding their own business in the supply closet.

  148. May you never be in the hospital long enough to wonder that PG. Other than working at one I don’t like needing hospitals myself.

  149. The only times I’ve ever been in so far was when I had to fix a broken bone, clean out a trashed up joint, or have my prostate gently and lovingly probed.

  150. I see someone has already diagnosed prostate cancer, so I don’t have to.

    Good work, Dr.!

  151. Dance, monkeys.

  152. Speaking of monkeys, is the new Ape movie out yet? I watched the last one Tuesday night and may take the boys to the new one soon.

  153. Jimbro, gmail.

  154. I didn’t do a damn thing today. It was really nice.

  155. Tomorrow. Dawn comes out tomorrow.

  156. Hahaha

    My 12-year-old daughter runs track and I was impressed to see the track coach had them doing squats and power cleans in the off season…

    …until I noticed 14-year-old boys checking out her sculpted legs at track meets, at which point I wanted to run over her coach with my pick up truck.

  157. I’m on call this weekend so will probably take them next week. It never fails that I get called in when I make plans for a movie or dinner out. Plus, I hate crowds.

  158. Scott, no swimming?

  159. There was swimming.

  160. Youtube is on Roku now. Pretty cool.

  161. I liked the picture of the swimming hole. I’m glad you were able to swim.

  162. Swimming hole is one of those phrases that is innocent but seems sort of dirty.

  163. Perfect for this place.

  164. The amount of wildlife in and around that lake is amazing.

    I love it there.

    Today we had to share it with naked guy, but we often have it to ourselves.

  165. People used to swim naked, didn’t they?

    Out in the country.

  166. People still do.

    Whenever possible.

  167. Next month, at my parents pool which can’t be seen from the house or the patio or the neighbors. Yay!

  168. >>Gonna have to get compression socks.

    Tell me about it.

    But I’ll tell Cyn where to get the thigh high sheer black ones with a wide band of lace at the top.

  169. But I’ll tell Cyn where to get the thigh high sheer black ones with a wide band of lace at the top.


  170. I’m home. Whoever had menstrual hemmroidal ebola in the pool is the winner.

  171. Got sent out for an ultrasound and all clear top to bottom of the leg. *whew* Although I was told they’re not that big a deal anymore from a need to be hospitalized stand point.

  172. I credit the presence of naked old men, and the fifteen minute hike through deerfly-infested woods to the water, and the many mendacious PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING signs, for the conspicuous absence of other humanity at secret lake.

    And, please forgive me, I also credit these things for the absence of families full of shrieking children.

    The most annoying sound in the world is not the one from Dumb & Dumber. It is:


    There is no other publicly-held body of water like it in this densely settled state, I would hazard some uncomfortable amount of money on this.

  173. Cyn, Squeeee!!! Glad there’s no clot or embolism.

  174. hemorrhoidal


  175. That sounds like a little slice of heaven, Laura. I’m in.

  176. Lauraw, membership retail is mostly devoid of rug rats. Had a screecher the other day. Icee. Icee. I want an Icee.

  177. Your Secret Lake sounds divine.

    Glad your scan was normal Cyn. Even though they reassured you it was “no big deal” they’re still a big effin’ deal.

  178. Shhhhh, I know they are, Jimbro; I’m just trying to dial down my psyche from Defcon 2.

  179. How’s your prostate, Cyn?

  180. Supple. I’m told.

  181. GET OFF MAH LAND!!!
    *loads double barrel video shotgun*
    you all deserve this.


  182. Good news, Cyn. Sorry about the Ebola, though.

    Can I have your stuff?

  183. I had prostate cancer in the pool, and I am the winner. No fucking around with BS reportage.

  184. Did anybody find anybody else’s red eyes and constant giggling somewhat suspicious today?

  185. Is beef fat paleo?

  186. This was my view today.

  187. Is beef fat paleo?


  188. 100 yards in the other direction is a beautiful beach, with an old naked fat guy in a lawn chair.

  189. Is rendered tallow paleo? Is chicken schmaltz paleo?

  190. Yes and yes, Laura. Ideally they come from well-fed and raised animals, but they are generally good eats.

  191. Are there leeches at hidden pond? (Why yes, I do have issues)

  192. That reminds me, I need to thaw some beef broth.

  193. We had eggs fried in my rosemary-schmaltz this morning. It makes food so yumyum. I don’t care. I don’t care.

  194. I’m craving chicken schmaltz. What is that again? zoundz delicious.

  195. No leeches yet.

  196. Rendered chicken fat, Chumpo.

  197. Gawd that is my favorite.
    *Builds a Chicken Schmaltz Hat for vacation*
    Fuch Yes!

  198. Allergic to rosemary. And sage. Parsley and thyme are still OK.

  199. *imagines Mr Chumpo on vacation with hat*

  200. Leeches = a fish food of high preference

    If there are any leeches there, I doubt they could get a foot away from whatever rotten log they’re breeding in, before getting snapped up.

    The fish population in that lake is off the fucking hook. Constant jumping and flopping of bigass fish to be seen and heard across the lake, and meanwhile the littler ones gather around and poke at you while you’re sitting in the shallows.

  201. chicken schmaltz eggs, mmmm

    Only thing better would be bacon eggs.

  202. Poke or nibble? (Refusing to let go of nightmare)

  203. Heh, thanks Jimbro! That guy is a smarty. I am double fisting tonight (not that kind, sicko!) because my laydee and I started going together 23 years ago tonight. Cheers Big Ears.

  204. Do you or scott fish, laura?

  205. They ate fried leeches on Dirty Jobs. I’m skeptical that was a real thing. I think it was haze the non Minnesota guy.

  206. Annelids are survival food, if anything. No one eats them on purpose.

  207. Lauraw n Scott.

  208. It’s more than a nibble.

  209. Oso, I suppose they think they’re nibbling. Some of the bigger ones can leave a little scrape on me. They don’t hurt, though. They just surprise and annoy. My girlfriend stayed in one spot too long and got goosed too many times by these sumbitch fish and she won’t ever go back in there, I am sure.

    On the other hand, we see the tips of big turtle snouts (probably Snapping Turtles) and slinky Copperheads crossing the water all the time there too. If you feel like you want to feed your nightmare.

    (Copperheads are technically poisonous but relatively gentle and shy)

  210. Leon, check your gmail, por favor.

  211. Mmmmmmmm. Rendered Chumpo fat.

  212. Is Cyn ok? Did someone check on her?

    She might have fell into the bucket of mai tais!

  213. OMG! I remember copperheads swimming in the river when we would camp in the Blue Ridge mountains as a kid. My favorite beach on Taiwan had stinging jellyfish, sea snakes, and tiger sharks. I used to be fearless. Deliverance and Jaws give me nightmares.

  214. Just saw the email, Tushar. I’ll look at it either later tonight or early tomorrow. I’m in an RPG via Google Hangout at the moment.

  215. I think you forgot to put up the good options for the shirts.

    *trademarks Nerobama because that’s about to be a thing*

    I like how the President decides to adopt the “let it burn” strategy. Drew should sue his balls off.

  216. Congrats to you and the lady, Chumpo!

  217. No hurry, Leon.

  218. Mj, It’s called Chmaltz. Its a forbidden delight.

    on another note I bought and shared with my Bride a Raspberry Cuvee this night that would make great French 75’s. Stay tuned.

    G’night yous Cut Throats and Dames.


  219. *trademarks Nerobama because that’s about to be a thing*
    This occurred to me on the way home from the airport last night:

    Happiest living person: Jimmy Carter.

    Happiest dead person: Nero.

  220. Rosetta, please eat a bag of dicks.

    Bagged dicks are paleo.

  221. (Copperheads are technically poisonous but relatively gentle and shy)

    TiFW DD#2 says that’s “venomous”, not poisonous.

  222. Thanx TiF. See you soon!

    Risotto, just make SURE you order a shirt. Bee leave me now and buy me a buchette of beer later.

    gotta go.

  223. Bagged dicks are paleo.

    And low carb!

  224. Who asked her?

  225. I like how the President decides to adopt the “let it burn” strategy.

    No, the President is the one who gathered the wood, lit the fire, and now is throwing gasoline on the pile.

    “LiB” folks don’t start the fires.

  226. TiFW DD#2 says that’s “venomous”, not poisonous.

    She needs to go to bed. It’s getting late, and she has a big day of getting off my lawn ahead of her tomorrow.

  227. No one asked her, Scott – we just get a kick out of teasing her about it; she gets so cute when she hears people saying it :-)

  228. HAHAHA Watching Gran Torino. You just missed the GOML scene.

  229. Clint is the best. I have watched all of his movies about 35 times.

    Just not the ones with monkeys in them.

  230. Unclefacts had a fine rant on Facedouche about Nerobama. Jackhole with a shit-eating grin, while the rest of us worry about TB, whooping cough, measles, scabies, lice, and God knows what else plus where four billion dollars is going to come from for this Katrina without rain.

  231. This is the pic, or close enough to it. Laugh it up and go play golf.

  232. Venomous vs poisonous is a distinction based on delivery mechanism.

    Venom and poison are the same thing, unless you want to argue that venom comes from venomous and poison comes from poisonous creatures. It is a difference without distinction. (Or a distinction without difference. One of those two).

  233. Or that Misty piece of crap.

  234. I love Clyde!!! Every which way but loose, you turn me every which way but loose…

  235. Play Misty for me….another earworm movie…

  236. * shoots Tushar with a venomous dart *

  237. FFS I H8 this crap. Americans called a popular hiking place “Dog Head” because it looked like a dog. Locals called it “Cobra Point”. I H8 cobras.

  238. *points cobra at Oso*

  239. Dude…they’re aggressive.

  240. I once had a close encounter with an Indian cobra. I was 4 year old. I was sitting on the steps of my house, and a cobra slithered and settled a foot or two away. My father pointed a flash light at his eyes. He got annoyed and left.

  241. That’s not a cobra, and that’s very impolite, Leon.

  242. Haha, laura, Perry looks like he would jump over the table and wipe the smile off his face.

  243. I think you meant that for Romacita, J’Ames.

  244. You’re right, she said she was scared of them.

  245. I’m not apologizing, though.

    *puts cobra away*

  246. MFM is only showing the handshake on the tarmac. FU pain pill boy.

  247. >>*puts cobra away*


  248. Leon, I am thinking of getting a weight bar and plates. Going to gym is not something I can do with my schedule.
    I have a 10 year old weider system at home, but I don’t use it much. It is ok for upper body, but not so much for core and legs.

  249. Yeah – Perry was not amused.

    Dude sitting immediately across from Nerobama is the Dallas judge who wants to allow the invaders to be housed in a couple of facilities in his fair city.

    From the look on his face, I’m guessing he might be rethinking his grand gesture.

    I’m still trying to figure out how it is that Perry is sitting where he is, instead of directly across from TFG. It’s probably to keep Perry from throttling the ever loving shit out of him.

  250. Catholic Social Services is stepping up to provide cover for TFG.

  251. Look for a used power rack on Craigslist, maybe.

  252. Venomous vs poisonous is a distinction based on delivery mechanism.

    Believe me, Tush – we’ve heard that lesson from DD#2 on more than one occasion. Snakes are “venomous” because of the method of delivery of their toxin.

    Girl has always read whatever she could find on snakes and lizards – she’s easy to shop for…. :-)

  253. Teresa, sitting across from a lesser political being rather than Perry = a snub from Obama. The President controls these optics.

  254. Catholic Social Services

    And this is why my tithe is earmarked for my parish.

  255. Osita, what I’ve seen is that the Catholic priests and social services people aren’t being allowed into the camps/bases either.

  256. Comments at the HQ aside, the MFM went with the handshake on the tarmac. Can I get a FU?

  257. ah yes, I did mean roamy. Sorry roamy!

  258. Catholic Social Services is stepping up to provide cover for TFG.

    What is it with CSS? They’re worse than an abused spouse.

    It’s like they don’t remember TFG’s insistence on allowing gays to adopt, or his treatment of the Little Sisters of the Poor, or his disdain for Christians – Catholics in particular – the entire time he’s been in office.

    And TFG will only use them to shame everyone else, then toss them aside when they have outlived their usefulness.

  259. Roamy, in my neck of the woods and in Cali, they are being used to transition the invasion. Used to refugees here. Getting post hearing illegals.

  260. TiFW, it is horrible. I H8 my Archbishop.

  261. There remain a large number of Catholics who persist in believing that advocating for Caesar to distribute bread is the same as giving bread to the poor on your own.

  262. I always wondered how people figure that, leon. Laziness, and no better option (in their narrow view)?

  263. Teresa, sitting across from a lesser political being rather than Perry = a snub from Obama. The President controls these optics.

    I figured that was why he did that; plus, he put him on his right. TFG is left-handed – I find that I have to remind myself to look to my right because it isn’t a natural thing for me. I don’t know if right-handed people do the same thing for those on their left or not.

    Screw him.

    Perry probably appreciated the distance –

  264. The charity by way of government I can’t figure at all. The advocating for illegal immigrants is more consistent, because borders belong to the government and Mexico sucks.

    I oppose it because Mexico with 11 million motivated workers would suck less.

  265. Lots of Catholics are cultural catholics and not spiritual catholics. Small case for a reason.

  266. Today is Rebecca’s 13th birthday. She got an “Anna” doll (from “Frozen”), a Frozen tea set, and a Princess coloring book and crayons.

    And she got to pick dinner, so she’s getting pizza twice this week.

  267. Yeah, there’s a reason I don’t see many long lines when I go to Confession.

  268. I prefer “Do you wanna build a snowman” to “let it go” anyway.

  269. My parish has confession 3X daily and twice on Saturday.

  270. Did I mention that we drive past 6 parishes to attend Mass at our parish?

  271. Ours has it twice on Saturday and once on Thursday. We have several hundred parishioners. I’ve never seen a line longer than 4, and that was during Lent. And I was #4.

  272. Dave confesses nothing ever

  273. I Love Confession. We attend the local Jesuit Church. In addition to the social justice stuff, our priests actually go OT and address the elephant in the room.

  274. Flexeril is the new Mai Tai. FTW.

  275. Mmmm…Mai Tai. Road trip to Kauai for Koloa rum? (Hush)

  276. Get in I’ll drive let’s go.

  277. Thelma and Louise go to Hawaii

  278. Rats. Available in PHX now. Short trip to Total. Really is YUMMY! Back in my day, you had to fly to Kauai or drive to La Jolla to get it.

  279. Haven’t been to Kauai since 2010.

  280. Mr. RFH is on Tramadol. Entertaining, except for the part about being sick

  281. Entertaining how? (Narrows eyes at Romacita)

  282. The thin veneer of civilization is gone.

  283. Yikes – what did he do to warrant that? I hope he feels better soon.

  284. The thin veneer of civilization is gone.

    Oh, that’s me after 3 drinks.

    I’m extremely happy about it, though, so it’s mostly that I just tell women if I think they’re pretty.

  285. Which is more wrong:

    -That I am baking Pillsbury Crescent Rolls that expired June 26, or

    -That when rolling them up I was humming that Every Which Way But Loose song? OSOOOO!!!

    At least I was having a laugh at how bad an actress Sondra Locke is and imitating her.

  286. He finally went to the doc-in-the-box first thing this morning. Tested negative for strep, but the doc thinks it’s strep anyway. I think it’s tonsillitis. He’s got a white tongue, swollen lymph nodes in his neck, and two angry red golfballs where tonsils are supposed to be. Can’t eat, can’t swallow, he’s gone all redneck with a spit cup, complains about how much it hurts until the meds kick in.

  287. The latter.

    Definitely the latter.

  288. I love that song!!! Every which way but loose you turn me every which way but loose…

  289. Wow Holy Crap – that is awful, Roamy. I hope he feels better waay soon.

    What’s kinda weird is that I just read a story about a dude, exact same thing with the negative strep test.

    (P.S. stash one or two of those pills for down the road ’emergencies’)

  290. Roamy, good meds?

  291. Osita, yes, I forgot the name of the antibiotic, but it seems to be kicking in as well. He was able to eat a little soup tonight.

  292. Not on Flexeril or Tramaramadan. I’m on Glenlivet at the Houston airport Marriott doing work.

    Work work work work work hello boys I missed you

  293. You going to have a mini-meat with Vmax, Dave?

  294. He was able to eat a little soup tonight.

    That is some good news. Hugs to Mr RFH (and you too).

  295. Gazpacho?

  296. I’ve got some spare canine clindamycin if you need it, Roamy.

  297. I’ve got one spare vicodin and a couple spare tramadol. And vodka.

  298. Can’t. In for one day and out in the am

  299. Flexerilllll seeeeems to bee werking purtee gooood naaoo.
    G’nite cook lids.

  300. Be careful getting out of bed in the morning, Cyn.

  301. I’ve got one spare vicodin and a couple spare tramadol. And vodka.


  302. Roamy,
    Fuckin’ Tramadol is a morphine agonist, in that it binds to the same receptors as the opiates, though it is not an opiate.
    It did nothing for me, other than make me sick.
    Tramadol is a sham, a farce, a hodoo, a quack.
    Fuck Tramadol…

  303. Ima smush gnote

  304. Alas Dave I hae to work tomorrow, otherwise I am off on the 18th and the 1st.

  305. yeah I knew it was a school nite bubba. another time

  306. I’ve got one spare vicodin and a couple spare tramadol. And vodka.

    Is it dark out? Are you wearing shades?

    How far is it to Chicago?

  307. Totes not a Blues Bros reference.

    Though I do hate Illinois Nazis.

  308. In this derp I’ve seen everything I can see, woman
    I’ve seen lovers flying through the air hand in hand
    I’ve seen babies dancing in the midnight sun

  309. This is a must see video!
    Not freaky. Just a stunt squirrel.

  310. *looks around, sees no boobs, retreats to hidey hole*

    Busy OR day today, then call till Monday AM. Gah.

  311. That squirrel really wanted those nuts!

  312. You know that noise that cows make?

  313. Moo poat.

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