Have A Nice Day.


  1. Poated

  2. *gives Cyn the “Poat of the Year” award for July*

  3. *blushes*

  4. Speech! Speech!

  5. *readies tomatoes

  6. *strikes up band, motions for ushers to hurry her off stage*

    We have to keep this awards show on track. We’ve got an inappropriate dance routine by Miley Cirus scheduled before the first commercial break.

  7. Well won’t that be precious.

  8. Cyrus


  9. I wouldn’t have known how to spell the cunt’s name, so don’t blame that on me.

  10. Oso would know.

    *holds her H2 Card in hand, looks down wistfully, single tear streaming down cheek*

  11. Will there be a wardrobe malfunction?

  12. More to the point, does anyone want to watch that wardrobe malfunction?

  13. The wardrobe starts dysfunctional.

  14. She’s calling her new act, The Aristocrats!.

  15. “NOW calls Catholic nuns ‘dirty'”

    The National Organization for Women, one of the nation’s largest pro-abortion lobbies, named a Catholic order of nuns to a list called “The Dirty 100,” a catalog of the 100 entities which filed lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate.

    The order of nuns NOW finds “dirty” are the Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious institute for women founded by St. Jeanne Jugan in 19th century France. They are dedicated to care of the elderly impoverished, and describe their spiritual charism as “grace of hospitality toward the aged poor.” […]

    They truly are a nasty bunch, aren’t they?

  16. I saw a movie about dirty nuns.

  17. Well, there are a group of nuns and religious women that were recently sanctioned (http://ncronline.org/news/vatican/pope-francis-reaffirms-critique-lcwr-plan-reform). Some of those nuns are a little “dirty”, in the sense of propagating false doctrine bordering on heresy.

  18. They truly are a nasty bunch, aren’t they?

    Yes they are. Sluts calling nearly saints, ‘dirty’. That shit boils my blood.
    Little Sisters do great things for the elderly in their care,. What does NOW do for anyone?

    Some of those nuns are a little “dirty”, in the sense of propagating false doctrine bordering on heresy.

    Like ‘Catholics’ who support abortion….they aren’t Catholics or nuns.

  19. Those types of nuns are always loved by the liberal crowd

  20. Most of the Little Sisters are elderly themselves. Why in hell do they need contraceptives?

    *wonders about the dollar amount the NOW harpies get from the pile of dead babies*

  21. Has any pro-abortion Catholic ever been denied communion, or a wedding, etc? I know there’s always talk about it but has it ever happened?

  22. I think dead babies are sold by the cubic foot.

  23. The liberal crowd can go f*ck themselves. They bray about the poor and bray about ‘choice’ and that is all they do. You won’t see a one lift a finger to physically help the former and pick up the pieces from the latter….just attack those who do.

  24. Beasn, that’s what they were doing, more or less, and a Cardinal said “stop that” and I don’t know that they have.

    There’s a Latin phrase for that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latae_sententiae

    By that standard, I believe most Dem “catholic” politicians are already excommunicated. Pope Francis recently added participation in organized crime to that list, by the way, that’s what all the hullabaloo about “Pope Excommunicates Mafia” was about. What Francis really said was that the act of being a gangster is identically the decision to part ways with the Church, in the same way as procuring an abortion or shooting at a bishop.

  25. It needs to happen, Jay. And if not that, then a prayer said over them as they come for either. Stop everything and prayer them into shame.
    I prefer a whack upside the head and WTF are you doing here…but I never claimed to be a good Catholic.

  26. Has any pro-abortion Catholic ever been denied communion, or a wedding, etc? I know there’s always talk about it but has it ever happened?

    I have heard that Kathleen Sebelious’s Bishop asked her not to receive while she still served at HHS, but that’s all. The priest is taught that he should present communion to whomever presents themselves for it, with the assumption that the person is in fact a practicing catholic in a state of grace. If the person ISN’T exactly that, they are eating their own judgment and likely damnation, per St. Paul’s letters. The only time a priest will/can withhold is if they have specific knowledge that the person intends to defile the host, such as theft for the purpose of a Black Mass.

  27. How can anyone call these women ‘dirty’?

    *videos down on the right of what it means to them to be a Little Sister*


  28. They are clearly monsters, Beasn, and malignant foot-soldiers in the War on Women.

  29. Republican convention is going to be in Cleveland. I think a site in Dallas was the other possibility. If they chose TX they’d be criticized for playing to their base. By picking Cleveland they’ll be accused of something soon enough.

  30. They’re being masochistic.

  31. Blue on Blue in the state of Maine:


    Independent candidate Cutler is Paul LePage’s best hope of winning reelection as Governor.

  32. I’m listening to the Dave in Texas episode of the AoSP.

  33. Cleveland could be a smart choice. Build momentum in Ohio.

  34. They are clearly monsters, Beasn, and malignant foot-soldiers in the War on Women.

    No doubt as they keep them alive with good care and love instead of snuffing them for the good of the leftist cause.

  35. Ohio is like Pennsylvania: Dems always win the close ones. They just aren’t GOP states, like everyone hopes.

  36. I wouldn’t count Ohio out. Cincinnati is a pretty conservative town, for a biggish town. Toledo is pretty liberal.

  37. Should have done it in Detroit.

    “Here, in the most blatant example of what Democrat party leadership can do to a once-great city…”

  38. If I’m remembering right some of the states you’d think are red skew blue because of the big cities voting for the Dem every time.

  39. I’m not counting it out, I’m just not gonna set my hopes on it.

    Just like Iowa.

  40. I like the map of the US that shows the counties that voted McCain instead of Obama. It’s a sea of red.

  41. I don’t know what the purpose of counting something as a GOP state, J’ames. I mean, it’s about more than the electoral vote.

    It smacks to me of the strategists, and I look at what they’ve accomplished recently.

  42. If I’m remembering right some of the states you’d think are red skew blue because of the big cities voting for the Dem every time.

    Michigan is red if you subtract Detroit. The rest of the state outnumbers the remaining blue cities.

    Our state government (governor, house, senate) is all GOP since 2010.

  43. I am specifically speaking of the electoral votes. I agree it’s about more than that, but those states are always a thorn.

    North Carolina
    West Virginia

  44. I think if you chase the electoral #s, to a fault, you’re gonna lose. Merely shoring up your “sure thing” states.

    i think having the convention in Cleveland is a good idea. You’ve got it right there in the middle of Ohio, Michigan, and Pa.

  45. Iowa is GOP in the House and Gov. Now watch a farming state elect a liberal dem lawyer who’s been known to make fun of farmers, and farming Senators. Eastern Iowa is lib, Western looks more like Nebraska, Utah, and Texas.

    Guess where the people live.

  46. Jay, is there a state division movement? Have you considered starting one?

    You could call them “East Iowa” and “Corn”.

  47. there isn’t enough of us to matter, anyway.

    But it’s fun pointing out that the city of Ames, home of deep blue Iowa State, has Steve King as their congressman. That really chaps their ass.

  48. Oh, and the largest city, Des Moines, has Tom Latham, another GOP congresscritter, and former congressman from up here in Ames.

    Ames and Des Moines are 2 different districts. Braley the lawyer and Loebsack (the other Dem) are the Eastern Iowa reps.

  49. Hey, but the home of Rock n Roll is in Cleveland.

    /Huey Lewis and the News

  50. You can get good Chicago stuffed pizza in Cleveland.

    That’s the best thing about Cleveland.

  51. >>>You’ve got it right there in the middle of Ohio, Michigan, and Pa.

    *looks at map, looks at Car in, turns back to look at map*


  52. So… Hostage Meatup in Cleveland in 2016?

  53. If Ohio is in play, that’s where the buses will go.

  54. Pupster is going to have 30,000 new brown neighbors.

  55. Haha, AOS comment:

    Cleveland is safe. Those teabaggers won’t come to Cleveland.

  56. At least it’s close to Scott Walker.

  57. By the way, I think we should have the conventions in places like Cleveland. We don’t have to preach to the choir.

    It will be hostile, no matter where the GOP goes.

  58. Yeah, I don’t have a big problem with it. It’s far more manageable than something like NYC, and might even pay off.

  59. So, my 21 year old daughter is finally wanting to get her license this summer.

    Not going to happen.

    I made her drive me to White Castle yesterday night – she refuses to drive during the day. As she pulled into the turn lane, to make a left turn at the light, she slowly moves over the white line on the right..with traffic coming up in that lane. (I’m thinking the oncoming traffic is spooking her). I touch the wheel and try to help her move it left and tell her to keep it straight and stay in the middle of the lane.

    That and maneuvering the drive thru has her shaking like a leaf and she couldn’t drive home. Apparently it was my fault for making her nervous.

    I feel like a failure and not sure I can take much more of this.

    *looks in Yellow pages for go-cart places*

  60. Leon,
    I have been logging my food intake for a few days now, and here are some key findings:
    I was consuming roughly 500 calories of heavy cream a day. Now I have cut back to roughly 200 calories (3-4 tbsp a day).
    I am hitting 90 grams of protein, but struggle past 110.
    I struggle to consume more than 1600 calories day. The only time I managed to cross 2000 was when I pigged out on a bag of pork rinds.
    My weight has started to come down. I was stubbornly hovering around 215.8 and now I am at 214.4. First time I am under 215 in years.

    I will send you full report after completing a week.

    **bows deeply to Guru**
    **a massive gong sounds nearby**

  61. Beasn. My driving instructor told me a vital trick: look where you want to go.
    If you look at the straight road, you will drive straight. If you look at a tree, you will hit it.
    She was probably watching the oncoming traffic too much, and automatically steered towards it

  62. Don’t sweat it beasn, she’s just blaming you. She’s frustrated, and doesn’t know what to expect. She’ll catch on, and then you’ll have an easier time giving tips.

  63. I am hitting 90 grams of protein, but struggle past 110.

    If you aren’t lifting, honestly this is plenty.

    I struggle to consume more than 1600 calories day.

    Same with this, particularly if you aren’t hungry. If you find that you are, don’t panic if you go higher as long as you’re eating well. Stored fat should be being used to fill the gap between your consumed calories and your expended ones.

  64. Make her take a class. Possibly twice.

  65. When I learned how to ride a mountain bike in thick woods that’s what they told me too Tushar. Not that it made much difference in my case, but still, useful info.

  66. Beasn,

    Why hasn’t she gotten her license before now?

  67. **bows again and thanks the Guru for his generous advice**

  68. Make her drive with my dad. She won’t be yelling at you, anymore.

  69. You forgot the gong, Tushar.

    Weak shit.

  70. Jay,
    True reverence is alway accompanied by awed silence

  71. I would need to be higher on protein, I think I normally get about twice that. 90g is probably a bare minimum, but unless you’re getting a fair bit of exercise you won’t need much more than that. If you start to work out, you will likely find the low amount doesn’t satisfy you anymore.

  72. How do you know if you aren’t getting enough protein? Are there symptoms?

    Just wondering what to look for.

  73. Actually, assuming you’re at 30% bodyfat, that means you have ~150 lb of lean mass, and at 0.7g/lb you’d need around 105g according to most sports nutrition books (“high activity”, but standardized on an endurance athlete). I would definitely not sweat your numbers here if you’re mostly at 90-100g.

  74. How do you know if you aren’t getting enough protein? Are there symptoms?

    Long recovery from exercise-related soreness. Slow healing. Low energy. Poor muscle tone, even in frequently-used muscles.

  75. Leon,

    I do a 30 crunches here, a 20 squats there. But nothing regular. But I get restless and feel like working out. Some unstructured exercise makes me feel better. I will start more serious exercise.

    Jay, if the cat starts to look delicious, you are not getting enough protein.

  76. >> I’m listening to the Dave in Texas episode of the AoSP.

    Put away all your knives and firearms.

  77. Leon, by most calculations I have done, my lean mass is indeed somewhere in the 142-150 range. So your numbers look right.

  78. Just a guesstimate on my part because I wanted to take a WAG at your macros.

  79. I’m on the Adam Baldwin one now.

  80. Actually, recovery time for muscle soreness after workouts is going dramatically down, so I’m probably ok.

    Not much muscle tone, but that’s because I’m out of shape.

  81. Tushar, I started a workout class, and it’s fun. Combination bands and kickboxing type stuff.

  82. Jay,
    I need to exercise more. But my schedule is too uncertain. Someday, I can get out if work at 6, and sometime at 10 pm

  83. I kinda want to get to this point:

  84. She was probably watching the oncoming traffic too much, and automatically steered towards it

    No, she is looking at the oncoming traffic and veering away from it..into the other lane….with traffic coming up alongside her.

    She favors the left side of the lane she’s in. It’s giving me palpitations.

  85. Why hasn’t she gotten her license before now?

    Good question. She had absolutely no desire, and still really doesn’t, until now. She had built up this irrational fear of cars stemming from an incident when she was younger, where a neighbor backed over and killed his 3 year old son. She didn’t see it happen, but it was all the talk of the neighborhood at the time.

    That kind of thing doesn’t mesh well with her personality. When she was learning to walk, she refused to take-off until she was certain she wouldn’t fall on her face. We had to monitor her teevee from early on because she’d get night terrors.

    She brought up her grandmother never getting her license and I had to kibosh that because her grandfather didn’t tell her where to put her feet and would holler at her.

    I didn’t get my license ’til I was 21 because I lived on campus and couldn’t afford a car. I borrowed a floormate’s car to get it and I had only driven 3 other times in my life and never that car. While she lives on campus and doesn’t need a car there…..where we live, you need one to get anywhere.

  86. Bold new bikini top design, trompe l’oiel style and also nsfw

    NSFW link


  87. XMom passed her written test at the DMV this time. So her license gets renewed.

    I’m still not about to let her drive, though.

  88. My dad gave his up about a year after he stopped driving at all. My mom was doing the driving for them and he told her one day out of the blue that he no longer wanted to drive. Good decision on his part.

  89. Mom has no desire to drive, but she does want to keep her license, in case of dire emergency. Plus, it’s a talisman that lets her pretend she’s still somewhat independent. As long as she doesn’t really expect to drive, I’m OK with that.

  90. Understandable

  91. Plus, it’s a talisman that lets her pretend she’s still somewhat independent.

    This ^^

    I think my FiL drives all of two miles twice a week; after that, I don’t think he has the interest anymore.

  92. My grandma is 93. She drives to her church every day.

    5 blocks, no lights. That’s as far as she goes.

  93. *drives*

    Pish posh…a luxury! My Irish grandmother walked to St. Senan’s Church daily! It was less than a mile total however.

  94. My FiL is 86 and still drives. Not as much, but he still does. Even comes out here, which is a 45 minute drive. I think it is time for him to stop. My MiL says he scares her.

    He called here and offered to teach the girl how to drive.


  95. facebook friend’s post –

    “Rockets….sirens…explosions….Direct hit on Jerusalem…ambulances out side.”

    Her daughter lives there.

  96. http://www.inniscarraparish.com/

    My father and brother have the middle name of Senan.

    One of the less frequently mentioned saints.


  97. My Irish grandmother walked to St. Senan’s Church daily! It was less than a mile total however.

    The husband’s grandmother used to do the same while in her 80s. About a half mile. Until one of obama’s sons took her purse and knocked her to the ground.

    The city has been swirling the bowl for awhile but is getting more like Detroit in many areas. It’s getting so bad, even the Bosnians are moving out. They aren’t exactly Boy Scouts.

  98. Whoa, just looked on Drudge after reading your comment. I don’t think Israel will use the Obama “Red Line” Method to retaliate.

  99. If they are hitting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv from Gaza, then these are far from the harmless little rockets everyone claims they are. Nuisances, I think I heard.

  100. That’s over 40 miles.

  101. Rockets hitting my town rises above the level of “nuisance”.

  102. You know what I mean, though. There’s literally hundreds of rockets fired into Israel every year, and you don’t hear a thing about it. When you do, it’s downplayed.

  103. It’s testament to the patience and long-suffering of the Israeli people that it persists in that manner.

    If the Caliphate gets busy enough, I suspect “Palestinian” will join “Carthaginian” in the list of people you can’t hang out with even if you want to.

  104. Palate cleanser (as safe for work as MMM):

  105. J’ames, the MFM and the UN only GAS about missiles in Israel when the Israelis fire back. Saw some video of The Dome in action. That little shit from FL is lucky that IDF only curb stomped him.

  106. *ignores Cyn by listening to The Climb on my iPod*

  107. Thanks to the Costco kerfuffle, I actually sold 2 of the D’nesh America books today. Haven’t sold a copy of Hard Choices in over a week. A few copies of Blood Feud. The Ben Shapiro book is down to 1 sale a week. I have Members that play politics with my book displays. Annoying.

  108. Working on data all day and excel crashes at 5:30.

    FU Bill Gates.

  109. If your work was that important, you would have periodically saved it. Just go home and have a zombie.

  110. *holds a lit match near Oso’s H2 Card, lower lip quivers*

  111. Hahaha (Pre-orders new Pink Floyd album for Cyn)

  112. *searches Amazon for adorable little stuffed animal grasshopper toys for Ginger and Mary Ann*

  113. Crap. AUGH!!!!!

  114. http://tinyurl.com/nzjvmzf

  115. Oso <3 Cyn.

  116. ♥♥♥mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah ♥♥♥

  117. Also, do NOT click on Xbad’s link. Cereal.

  118. I live in the deepest, greenest, most Hopperest, part of ABQ. We are in the middle of traditional Hopper season RIGHT NOW!!!! We have crickets, too. (No tornadoes, hurricanes, or sharks. No tornados, hurricanes, or sharks)

  119. A grasshopper almost got me when I was cutting the lawn on Sunday.

  120. Scott, did you kill it?

  121. http://is.gd/uBEagX

  122. No, I just ducked.

    I think he had a knife.

  123. Their legs are pretty sharp.

  124. There was one between my locker and me at work. I really didn’t need anything in my locker. I mean, I could clock in on a computer, and box cutters are overrated anyway.

  125. (just freed PG from teh bucket)

  126. Thanks. I thought my shit was invisible or sumpn.

  127. Did everybody else get raptured or what?

  128. Not sure. My workday today has sucked ballz though. One of those days when you’re not sure if today-is-your-last-day-or-not kinda day. But I’ve only had three ciggies today and we’re having hot wings for dinner, so there’s that.

  129. Mmmm…hot wings. Dan is making some kind of salad for dinner.

  130. You should axe him to make you a hot wing salad.

  131. SOON!!!!

  132. Grasshopper salad.

  133. The stir fry he made last night was amazing. I finally broke down and went to a local Asian market with him. It was stinky, but not Taiwan stinky. Now we have to go back and get more stuff. The chinese mustard nearly killed me.

  134. Hush. I don’t knowingly eat insects.

  135. Ha. Why do Asian markets smell that way? It’s the same in Iowa.

  136. How do you feel about crickets?

  137. Don’t like things that jump. Or fly. I H8 butterflies and effing hummingbirds, too. Assholes. Not a fan of scorpions, centipedes, or cicadas. Really H8 roaches.

  138. Ha. Why do Asian markets smell that way? It’s the same in Iowa.

    Fermented fish.

  139. Did anybody take the valuable coin collection anybody else’s Grandpa left them in his will to the Coinstar machine today?

  140. Messican markets are stinky, too. I avoid the butcher case at both. Pickled pigs feet are disgusting. H8 em. They had them at the grocery store in MS, too. I’m truly a Mexican Hillbilly. Diet is soooo close.

  141. Did anybody take the valuable coin collection anybody else’s Grandpa left them in his will to the Coinstar machine today?

    Friend of my dad’s got a 1850’s New Orleans-minted dime in his change for coffee at a 7-11. He bought out the rest of the change in the drawer and netted a few other keepers. Someone spent Grandpa’s collection on candy.

  142. Someone spent Grandpa’s collection on candy.

    I would have guessed beer, but yeah.

  143. I got an email today for a class called Fun with FAR, FAR being the Federal Acquisition Regulations. I may have gone Tourette’s Guy on that one.

    On the other hand, I did get to do a science today that did not involve any laws, other than gravity.

  144. Smart cashiers buy change from their drawers when they notice cool change in the till. And by smart I mean “Old”

  145. We have a JD on staff. His job is the FAR. He gives informational Brown Bag lectures every year on how it changed since last year.

  146. I get emails every year insisting that I need more continuing education classes to keep my COTR status. They assume I want to continue being a COTR.

  147. I got a pristine Series 1963 $100 bill at the range not too long ago. Looked it up and it appeared to be genuine, but not really worth anything more than the face amount.

  148. Osita, I still find wheat pennies every now and then.

  149. My Dad would bring me money from his travels in the Navy. My brother broke my piggy bank and stole all my coins. 1978. My Mom thought I should have been more careful with my piggy bank. Totes not bitter. (Keeps cool coins locked in bank)

  150. I delivered a pizza once, and a kid paid me with 10 $1 silver certificates.

    I called the parents afterwards, but they were mad I was checking up on their kid. Fine. Kitchen help got a nice tip that night.

  151. Counting quarters from pool tables at the bar netted me a roll of silver quarters.

  152. J’ames, I always ask “Are you sure you want to pay with this?”

  153. The kid was 10. He probably got it out of the collection.

    Oh well, I tried.

  154. I told mr that if he was unable to buy D’inesh ‘s book tomorrow we’re switching to SAMs . He didn’t argue.

    Incoming, oso,

  155. We were in a card shop that had a Larry Doby Rookie Card for 2.50. I asked the clerk if that was right. She assured me it was. I was like NO Effing WAY! Dan wanted to buy it. I took some convincing, because I knew it was wrong. Finally said OK, fine, let’s buy it. Card shop owner was back from lunch. Nearly had a heart attack that dumb ass clerk had priced a $250 card at $2.50. 20 years later Dan is still pissed that I wouldn’t just buy it. $20.

  156. Mr. RFH wasn’t kidding when he said he was sick. Someone please do HHD for me. TYIA.

  157. Car in, I haven’t sold a single copy in 2 weeks. Sold 2 today. We also have another D’nesh book in Trade Paper. Haven’t sold a Hillary book in over a week.

  158. Fox news on my laptop! Screw you Cox!

    Megyn Kelly is still hot.

  159. I enjoy Megan Kelly even though she’s blonde.

  160. Not really.

  161. She’d be hotter as a brunette.

  162. But then Rupert “Amnesty” Murdoch wouldn’t have hired her.

  163. Really?

  164. Movie night. G’night.

  165. You CAN make Miley Cyrus sound good!

  166. But then Rupert “Amnesty” Murdoch wouldn’t have hired her.

    Andrea Tantarros and Kimberly Guilfoyle beg to differ.

  167. I suspect he has a blonde quota.

  168. And he’s pissing me off lately, so I am having an easy time assigning bad motives to him. It’s something the libprogs taught me.

  169. * invents NOWG – National Organization for White Guys –

  170. I wonder if ND will be mostly Hispanic in a few years.

  171. Scott, you can’t have that, it’s racist.

    It also implies that we as Americans have Freedom of Association, which we clearly don’t have. Because rayciss.

  172. 12 hours between bottle and throttle –

    welcome back Phat –


  173. I can pretty much guarantee it will be more Hispanic, MJ.

    But it’s really cold, so who knows.

  174. I bet if we graphed the Hispanic population in the US it would look like a hockey stick.


  175. In other news, Sarah Palin has lost a lot of her hotness,

  176. Too thin. She’s still funny. The movie I picked sucks. I’m on movie probation. 6 mos.

  177. Hispanic immigration causes global warming.

  178. hmmm-

  179. Leon, you could probably find a stronger correlation for that than for CO2.

  180. So far only Las Cruces and Artesia are accepting illegals. We already absorbed a buttload when AZ went all rayciss. Go Jan. Go Jan. take that JEF in the WH to his knees.

  181. It could be caused by the loss of pirates.

  182. Holy crap….graph the number of solar panels.

  183. Beans=Methane=Climate Change. Beaners are bad, mmmkay?

  184. Also windmills. I think we’ve got a Nobel-winning paper on our hands.

  185. Geoff is slacking.

  186. Dodgers/Tigers were all tied up. Dan thought the game was “Boring” Guess who missed ALL the Tiger scoring?

  187. I had the Pope’s book for a week. No sales-GONE!

  188. Dana looks like crap!

  189. F*ck windmills.

    F*ck old power poles.

    To those not on faceass–

    A nice finishing SUCK to my evening – one of the male Decorah eaglets got electrocuted this morning. That leaves the female and the other male who is recovering from a broken wing.

    Two eaglets were electrocuted in ’12 and they went around raptor proofing the power poles in the area. This one that did the deed today was farther out. What the hell humans, we have the capability of living fat and happy AND protecting wildlife at the same time.


  190. Roamy – I will cover HHD.

  191. It’s been a month and this damn cough still won’t go away.

  192. Sounds like prostate cancer.

  193. Nah, the Doctor checked it. At least, I think that was a doctor.

  194. Dinesh is #1 on Amazon.

  195. Oooo..Unbroken is #4. May have to do another amazon order afterall.

  196. Use our Amazon linkie up at the top of this page and you’ll keep the H2 slush fund alive.

  197. OMG, dying here talking to my long-time friend. Just listened to story after funny story culminating with the one about how she was hungover and vomited on her cat while taking it to the vet to have its anal glands expelled.

  198. Will do Cyn if both books are cheaper through amazon..than say, with my daughter’s Target discount and my red card savings.

  199. It’s been a month and this damn cough still won’t go away.


  200. CA, have you recently hung out near any recent immigrants?

  201. Of course, you might just have AIDS and that’s caused your TB to arise.

  202. Isn’t a cough one of the first signs of man-bear ebola?

  203. Comment by leoncaruthers on July 8, 2014 11:03 pm
    It’s been a month and this damn cough still won’t go away.

    Oh good. I was planning to audition for a tranny version of La Boheme.

  204. Superflu.

  205. What can I get for 80 cents on amazon to bring my order up to ‘free shipping’?

  206. Slightly used rubber fist?

  207. Smartphone screen protector?

  208. A hand-held fan?

  209. Some duct tape and a pack of Beeman’s?

  210. Beeman’s!!!

  211. Beasn, GermX hand sanitizer towelettes. Always useful to have around. More expensive than 80 cents, though.

  212. Meh. I’m looking for another book. There is one I’ve been waiting for, for the past 4 or 5 years. It’s the 8th in a series but the 7th one was so disappointing and annoying, I may have to pass on it.
    It’s getting good reviews though many are expressing what I thought about the last one….it’s time to end the damn series.

  213. Which series, Beasn?

  214. Gabaldon?

  215. Diana Gabaldon. Mind candy. Historical time travel with some sex and violence thrown in. Female audience mostly. About 700 pages a book. The first few were entertaining.
    I’m pretty sure this last one I will borrow from the library just to see what happens to the characters though some of the reviews I read, had spoilers.

  216. Lipstick, she started pissing me off with all the rape and snake bites and hangings.

  217. Yeah, it got egregious. Plus the in last one it was clear that she was in a hurry to finish it and just rushed through the end of it. Awful.

    Plus the matrimonial story line — ugh. WTF? Stupid, and again, egregious. Barf.

  218. Also, the daughter turned out to be a total bore. I had higher hopes for her.

  219. Yeah, Brianna bugged. And I didn’t care much for the last one. Wasted money.
    She started developing Jamie’s bastard son and I hear he turns into a whiner in book 8. I also thought Lord Grey a bore.

  220. Never read them, but know some women that love her.

  221. Holy shit, Andy Griffith died Thursday.


  222. In 2012…..

  223. Evil turns to statues and masses form a line
    But I know which way I’d derp to, if the choice was mine
    The past is knowledge, the present our mistake
    And the future we always leave too late

  224. Up early for work, nice and quiet at the lake. Coffee in one hand, dog getting scratched behind the ears with the other (but Jim, what are you typing with?), life is grand.

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