Cleanup Saturday

Mornin’!  This is me this morning:

This is Pupster Boy 1 this morning:

I find your lack of bacons…disturbing.

[Leon]: Jewstin was apparently at Tushar’s place in NJ today.


  1. Also, FU WordPress for your photo tools.



    He was fine when we got home. How he felt between when we left and when we got back is anyone’s guess. He hit puberty this week and has decided to bark at the universe.

  3. I know we have the 8th amendment, but I wish we could stuff that toddler-killing dad into a hot car for hours and hours and see how he likes it.

  4. Good morning cool kids

  5. Good lookin’ boy you got there Puppeh. Where did he get the curly locks from?

    Also, it only took me five minutes to figure out he’s defying gravity.
    *mainlines coffee*

  6. Oh man, Kleenex warning on Tush’s 9:36 link,

  7. Also, it only took me five minutes to figure out he’s defying gravity.

  8. Ha ha ha!


  9. Goddammit Tushar

  10. Someone at imgur captured the time and travails of George Washington.

  11. George Washington was a ginger.

  12. Sorry about that, Dave.
    I see that you have started to like this young man a lot.
    My best wishes to him and your daughter.

  13. Morning everyone!

    Practice this morning, and then I get to drive up to Denver to go clothes shopping. Blerg.

  14. There is a squirrel on my patio that looks uncannily like Jewstin. I took a photo and uploaded it to H2. Cannot figure out how to get a link to it and put in comment.

  15. I’ll add it to the poat if you like.

  16. Added.

  17. When you look at your image on the Edit page, you’ll see a button that will give you a shortlink; click, copy, come back to your comment, paste, fin.

  18. *waves at Jew at Tushar’s house*

  19. Thanks, Leon.

    Cyn, I can do all that on a PC.
    Not on iPad

  20. Tap and hold becomes your friend on teh iPud.

  21. Question to anyone who does more entertaining than me –

    Rocketboy’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor will be at 1:30, so we’re not doing a full lunch. Then again, there will be a bunch of teenage boys (read: locusts), so I plan on having some sammiches, hors d’oeuvres, and, of course, cake.. Plan on 1/4 lb of meat per person? 1/3 lb?

  22. Teenage boys? 8 oz meat. I usually plan that for Adult guests. Then I cook an extra 2 lb and eat them myself if no one else does.

  23. Not a full lunch, more like a 2:30 – 3:00 snack by the time the ceremony is over. Slider-type sammiches. Only a few people have RSVP’d, so we’re looking at anywhere from 21 to 100 people. 50 lbs. of meat will bust the budget big time.

  24. Probably too late to order a 6 foot long sub sandwich. Those seem to go over well with kids.

  25. Ah, okay. 1/4 should be fine then.

  26. One-quarter or less per person… you’re just tiding them over until cake.

  27. I want all of you to say these in your prayers for the next 12 months. 3/3rd.

    Thank you.

  28. Jimbro, it’s next Saturday, so I’m just trying to plan ahead. Sub sammich is a possibility. I scoped out what Costco offers vs. Publix. Costco means some assembly required, but there’s cost savings and better selection of what this group will actually eat.

  29. Did I just find Mare?

  30. You can say Ironhawk too. That would be good

  31. Squeeeeeee! Tommy Hill!!1!

  32. If it’s a Limerock day, I’m not listening.

  33. Brats were super on-sale yesterday. Might be able to shop them today and then do half-brats on half-bun for next week. Sassage sliders.

  34. That poor alligator.

  35. Okay, I’m listening.

    Sassage sliders sound scrumptious.

  36. Sausage sliders sounds dirty……………

  37. I’m on the porch with the dog overlooking the lake. I’m here because of a stogie, she’s here because she’s wet and dirty because of the torrential rain. This weekend has been a bit of a bust weather wise but ‘Merica dammit !!!

  38. Jimbro, you should have been here, and we would have had the trifecta: alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. We celebrated the 2nd amendment yesterday then drank some of Mr. RFH’s home brew.

  39. That would’ve been ideal!

  40. I might be talking about this too much. My bad.

    we talk about the things we care about. I think humpy told me that.

  41. With all the antihistamines, I haven’t had a drink in weeks.

  42. Keep talking, Dave – never think for a moment that we don’t care about you and yours.

    For those who may be interested:

    If I’m reading this right, SSgt Alex is in the “I” Troop of the 3rd Squadron of the 3rd Regiment (I’ve never dealt with the military, so if that isn’t right, someone please correct me).

    Looks like the 3rd Squadron was previously commanded by Patton – proud history in that Squadron, I’m sure.

    Prayers continue to go up ♥

  43. My brother showed me a facedouche post from one of the younger kids we were in scouts with in the late 70’s. He’s active duty army infantry now and I had similar feelings Dave. They were a big irish Catholic family and 3 of the boys served. Two are retired now and the one who is active was just a little guy in his first years of scouting when I got my Eagle award. He’s got my respect as does your future SiL.

  44. G’morning, assholes.

  45. Flush Ferris!

  46. Thank you T. God. I never even thought when this baby girl was a baby giel… shit

    I have to go buy a car now for mom.. baby girl gets the hand me down Camry and it’s time to sell the 2000 Sierra for whatever I can get for it.. I’m hoping $4k

  47. I can’t spell girl when I have tears in my eyes

  48. {{Hugs Dave}}

  49. Nice little earthquake here just now.

  50. G’morning, Xbrad

  51. 4.8; that is nice

  52. A 4.8, a 4.6, and a 2.7 all in the same spot, in the space of about 2 minutes.

  53. suckin it up.. the most important thing now is not to be a mush when kid’s here. I’ll be a mush with y’all. Fuck this shit

    I have to go buy a car now.

    I love you all very much.

  54. It’s all good.

  55. Mush away, Dave ♥♥♥

    Heck, when Rebecca was born, Mr. TiFW and I could only talk to each other about what we were feeling – we couldn’t let the other three TiFW girls see/know what we were going through/feeling; the Internet was still in its infancy at that point in time.

    It’s part of being a grown-up/parent. We’re strong for those around us when they need us to be strong, then we fall apart when no one’s looking.

    You just keep letting us know what’s going on – we’ve got your back.

  56. Whoa, XB – that’s pretty scary! Please stay safe, m’kay?

  57. TiFW, not really scary. I thought I felt the chair move. Wasn’t really sure. I had to go check my chandelier to see if it was swaying to be sure.

  58. Dave I-a-bone.

    Ha ha ha ha

  59. best thing about youngest and me, she doesn’t talk about how she feels. We just feel it and know it. I guess I’m connected to my adult child.

  60. Steve Obnoxious guy…. this is the first time Tom Hill has really been funny, ever.

    I wonder who wrote this bit.

  61. Connections, and hugs, are a good thing.

  62. Does MJ’s drink taste like freedom?

  63. ‘Merica Bombpop Fuck Yeah

  64. It tastes like fear.


  65. Nice job, MJ.



  68. Nice job, Wiser (and Tom)

  69. DotW

  70. Anybody have a good movie to recommend on Amazon Prime?

  71. Edward Jemkemhands.

  72. Gross.


  73. Jack Reacher?

  74. Bedknobs and Fishsticks.

  75. WE ARE OUT OF COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh God, Oh man, OH GOD, OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN


    la show, she iz posted….

    Oh God, Oh man, OH GOD, OH MAN OH GOD OH MAN

    *starts truck…

    Hang on, man!!! I’m on my way!!!!!

  77. Me and car guy, negotiating. This is the ice phase. Walked out

  78. I hate haggling prices. I’m not very good at it.

  79. GODDAMIT!!!!

    Put on a pair of shorts, mixed up a frozen margaritas and went to settle into the hammock..

    And dropped the margarita.


  80. That’s what you get for drinking anything other than whiskey.

  81. >>>That’s what you get for drinking anything other than whiskey.

    Whisky is icky.

  82. >>>Me and car guy, negotiating. This is the ice phase. Walked out

    Demand free floor mats….

  83. How many cupholders does it have?

  84. The hammock, I mean.

  85. GODDAMIT!!!!
    Put on a pair of shorts, mixed up a frozen margaritas and went to settle into the hammock..
    And dropped the margarita.
    And then what happened?

  86. I’m not really good at it either, but I armed myself with Edmunds pricing info and I never fall in love with a car.

    So if we don’t do it, big deal. There’s always another car

  87. was amazing about 9 years ago.

    I think it’s dealer cost plus $150.

  88. There was this seminal book back in the 80s, “Don’t Get Taken Every Time”, a guy who sold cars for a while disclosed all the silly things they do. You just have to figure out what they paid for a thing and offer em $300 more

  89. >>>And then what happened?

    Luckily I buy the ingredients in bulk.

  90. There is nothing more fun than negotiating for a new car. Nothing.

    Okay eating ice cream for breakfast is more fun, but after that, nothing.

  91. >>>The hammock, I mean.

    Not enough, obviously

  92. It is funs. He called me twice this afternoon. Also didn’t answer

  93. It was so freaking easy. You tell them exactly what you want, and they tell you where you can pick it up.

  94. the local Chevy guys are always like this.. we’ve come to terms 2x

  95. The credit union also does a damn fine job of finding and pricing cars. My in laws just did this and they still asked me to crunch the numbers. I’d buy thru ’em.

  96. Wash me in the water. . .

  97. You’re really looking at a Chevy?

  98. I looked at one. The interior looked like a 1976 Mazda.

  99. That was not a bad little movie. And that Pike chick… where else have I seen her?

  100. Reacher was a nice surprise, Cyn.

  101. Rosamund Pike was in Die Another Day, James Bond Flick. Last Pierce Brosnan Bond picture.

  102. Also in Johnny English Reborn :)

  103. Now watching Raising Arizona. Fun to recognize parts of town.

  104. The doctor said her insides were a rocky place, where my seed could find no purchase.

  105. T-i-g-e-r


  106. Did you shop at Unpainted Arizona?

  107. Great googly-moogly it’s hot out here.

  108. Ew, and the poat is beginning to decompose now. Nasty.

  109. This is pretty cool

  110. I just heard of rolling coal.

    HA HA HA – I love rednecks!

  111. This may be cooler. Opinions vary.

  112. Scott, I saw a youtube vid a couple of years ago where an old boy with a Dodge diesel dualy was doing that shit to bicycalists as he drove by them. He had it geared at a real low RPM’s so that it would lug when he tried to accelertate. There was a mess of them and he smoked them all.

  113. DAmn!! Ipm pretty sure I mispelled dually and bicycleists. That’s what I get for not drinking anything for the past two weeks.


  115. Faith restored, we still have a chance.

  116. 1-800-288-7664

    ^Why you don’t see much of that here in California.

  117. Is that the SaveDave number?

  118. >> You’re really looking at a Chevy?

    Nah the dealer is a Chevy/Toyota joint.

    Time to shop online

  119. Hey Dave, what do you know about pool salt?

  120. I know it eats up/destroys every damn rock ever.. my builder wanted me to sign a waiver, I went with straight chlorine and an ozone generator. Which oddly enough is less chlorine than a salt system

  121. So I don’t know jack shit about pool salt

  122. So it’s for above ground pools?

  123. Dave, visit

  124. BTW, Dave,
    If you have decided on Toyota, it is time to think beyond the sedan. Their crossovers and that Venza thingy are not bad vehicles.

  125. The huge in-ground pool at my apt. complex uses the salt system. It is not as salty on your skin as the ocean. My dad wanted to switch the family pool to that, simply because he hates putting chlorine in every night.

    But now they just put in a system that automatically chlorinates the water as it goes through the filter, so no salt. Good, because the rest of us were worried about what it would do to the pipes and filter/heater, etc.


  126. That should be

  127. Nice, Highlander is on.

  128. Is that the SaveDave number?

    1-800-CUT-SMOG. Allowing Californians to inform on one another since I was a little kid.

  129. I hate snitches.

  130. Ace’s fireworks post was pretty nifty.

  131. Start at the 4 min 30 sec mark, and stop when you have had enough.

  132. “Rolling Coal” seems like a very dickish thing to do. Sort of shit UAW guys would pull.

  133. Hey Leon. I cut back on dairy fats, and upped my protein intake.
    This is just the third day of logging my diet, and I can already see discipline setting in.
    If you don’t mind, after I complete one week, I will send you the full report. I may just send you my login and password. That will be easier.

    Also, if I am restricting my dairy intake, should I avoid whey protein?
    I won’t go for whey protein yet, but the wife is getting interested. She won’t go for too much meat, so I have to find protein sources for her.

  134. “protien”

  135. I’ll read it if you send it and give my best take on it. Whey without any added junk ( I use this) should be okay for most people, but it really should be only for when you can’t get protein from solid food. Drinking calories is something humans only naturally do as infants, and it’s really easy to blow past satiety with liquid food.

  136. Tushar, does your wife like egg dishes?

  137. >> So it’s for above ground pools

    Oh no, it’s been used with in-ground pools forever.. my builder noticed 8 years ago that the salt breaks down decorative rock. They haven’t found a rock that can withstand it so they recommended NON.

    I’m happy with the result. An O3 generator and a chlorine system is actually less chlorine than a salt generator. Ask Andrew, he’s been around it with his sweet kids.

  138. I’ll note in passing that a scoop of that with ice and almond milk makes a very decent shake in the blender.

    If you throw in a scoop of this you get a lovely shade of green, too.

  139. Laura, my wife is in a bad spot right now. She is exercising a lot, but not eating well because she is bored with the taste of the food that she makes. She is horrified with what I make, so that won’t work either.

    I will suggest your garden salad with eggs and paneer idea to her.

  140. She seems nice…. WHAT??? I was out celebratin the best damn country on Earth yesterday…

  141. Do Indians use boiled eggs in other recipes?

  142. We have a dish called egg curry. Basically a spicy curry with hard boiled whole eggs in it. Not much apart from that, I think.
    I will see if she will eat more eggs.

  143. Tushar, I don’t really think that most women need to eat as much flesh as men do. And we certainly will not cook just to satisfy ourselves when we have family to feed.

    I haven’t had an artichoke in years. Love them. See them often at the store. Won’t bother. Because I can’t share them with Scott. Therefore the effort is pointless.

    Maybe you tell her that *you* are craving a big salad with boiled eggs.

  144. I must have run into a pool salt snob.

    According to them it was the greatest thing ever.


  145. >> , I don’t really think that most women need to eat as much flesh as men do.

    Had to read that a few times to make sure about context.

  146. Dave, what car are you buying, if you don’t mind?

    Sorry, but I am quite nosy when it comes to cars.
    If I ever meet the Sultan of Brunei, I will hound him to death by asking about all his cars.

  147. ~waves~

  148. Did anybody find themselves unable to look away from the crotch area of anybody else’s superhero costume today?

  149. boom boom
    BOOM! pop pop pop pop

    They’re still at it out there.

    This is the only time when it’s good to have a dog that is going deaf.

  150. Superhero costume? No.

  151. Laura, I am trying to change her mind. She needs to eat healthier. She loves Indian junk food.

  152. Slim Jims?

  153. Lauraw, we have thunder and fireworks. Both dogs are under the bed.

  154. Dorkus did somehow sense the T-storm the other night. Maybe because I was perched tensely by the window, counting loudly and going, “WHOAH!”

  155. Pets can sense their owner’s feelings. The cat isn’t freaked out around storms with me, but she is around Mrs. Jay.

  156. Curried doritos?

  157. Wait- sweets? Do you mean she eats too much sweets?

  158. Star doesn’t panic with thunder or fireworks but she does look skittish and folds her ears back.

  159. What is Indian junk food and where can I get me some?

  160. Mango lassi. I could o.d. on that.

  161. J’ames, Gingy was never a freak about thunder or fireworks. Just wind and rain. MaryAnn freaks out about everything. Gingy seems to feed off MA’s anxiety.

  162. Curried doritos?

    They scoff at our “Flamin’ Hot” Cheetos.

  163. They tried marketing a bhut jolokia Dorito but there is no bag that can hold them.

  164. We had another pooper in the Club yesterday. They used clothing to wipe with. I’m so glad I had the day off. I H8 people.

  165. I’ve experienced that Jay.

  166. Not sweets. Indians make some really nifty fried salty snacks using chickpea floor. She loves that.

  167. WTF is with that, oso?

  168. Poories.

  169. Jimbro, go to the local Indian store, and ask for Farsaan, khari boondi and Sev. It is best to write these items down and show to the shopkeeper. Don’t try to pronounce them.

    On a different note, one of my kids needs to be given vitamin B injections every third day. I do it when he is asleep, but he still wakes up and curses the humanity.
    Is there some OTC cream that can numb his dumb ass?

  170. >> Slim Jims?

    Best diet food ever. Skinny person.

  171. “WTF is with that, oso?”


    It’s why the Northern border is tighter.

  172. yes, Tushar dear.

  173. Usually it is Res folk. Most Res folk don’t wipe. I’m going with someone that has a FU with WalMart/Sam’s

  174. Slim Jims make great candles.

  175. It’s sad that the People of Walmart song is an accurate reflection of reality.

  176. Laura, I just need to numb his ass, not his whole body. I think I specified that.

  177. Ask your doctor for some EMLA cream if it’s that bad of an ouchie. There are some sprays that work too but I’m not familiar with the brand names.

  178. We caught some guy trying to take pictures of an associate’s bubble butt. We thought he was taking pics of info tags at the phone center. An older associate and my flat butt ran interference and shamed the jerk into leaving.

  179. An ice cube would work Tushar.

    I can put a cigarette out in my hand after holding an ice cube.

  180. We caught some guy trying to take pictures of an associate’s bubble butt.


  181. Ketamine maybe?

  182. Ethyl chloride spray seems to be one from Gebauer. Not sure if it’s OTC or Rx or even how effective it is. I’m aware of its existence but don’t use it.

  183. Indians make some really nifty fried salty snacks using chickpea floor.

    You have a whole floor dedicated to chickpeas? Fascinating.

  184. I don’t go to Sam’s Club.

  185. Lauraw, he was short enough…but Messican.

  186. I only go to Sam’s to poop

  187. Oso,

    The Butt-Blocker!

  188. I gots some novocaine gel that does wonders for toothache. That shit should work, but I don’t want it to interfere with the vitamin b itself.

  189. Yeah, I haven’t spent enough time outside to pass for Messican this year. Stupid allergies.

  190. I only go to Sam’s for the hot dog combo.

    …And the cheap liquor.

  191. Tushar, I suspect a numbing gel would be safe if you swab the area between numbing and injecting.

  192. Why does it have to be injected?

  193. Scott, Jimbro can correct me, but orally administered vitamin B is mostly pooped out.

  194. Viscous xylocaine works well on oral mucosa where it’s rapidly absorbed. On skin it may take longer to absorb and will work if given time. Alcohol swab and you’re in business. I’d probably test it on yourself first to see how long it takes.

  195. Is Capt Morgan paleo?

  196. Phat, do you have Total Wine in IL? Cheaper than Sam’s.

  197. Vitamin B12 needs Intrinsic Factor to be absorbed through the gut.

  198. Just got home from a brutal 4 day trip.

    Wife and kids are still at the lake. Dogs are off at the kennel.

    Going to the evil neighbor’s garage to drink and explode shit.

    Yeah, I’m all about bad choices tonight…

  199. Tushar,

    The fact that you searched for that is disturbing,

    Can’t wait to see what your ‘Amazon Recommendations’ are going forward.

  200. Man Delay. Oh to be a fly on the wall when they were bouncing brand name ideas at corporate headquarters…

  201. Phat, I was looking for skin numbing cream. Not sex creams. Honest.

  202. Is Capt Morgan paleo?

    Close enough.

  203. heh

  204. How did you come across the underbelly of the internet, Tushar? Was it a certain search phrase that triggered it?

  205. Yep, ‘and I swear officer, that tranny just fell onto my dick face first.’
    We get it man, you’re among friends.

    Let your freak flag fly.

  206. >> I can put a cigarette out in my hand after holding an ice cube.

    Not now you can’t. You’re outta practice.

    That’s a good thing

  207. OK,

    Off to go explode stuff.

    You guys be nice to Tushar. He’s my 3rd favorite Hostage.

  208. Act of Valor Blu Ray, for the win!

    So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion;respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.

    Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and grovel to none.

    When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

    When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

  209. >>Let your freak flag fly.

    Says the man who ended up naked in a gay bar.

  210. Best movie-nap-afternoon-evar.

  211. That 70s Mommy Blog in the sidebar at Ace’s is pretty funny.

  212. Kindle screens are smaller than computer screens.

    Thanks a lot, Tushar – now my comforter is all wet, too…..

  213. Tushar, for your boy’s shots, I was reading not long ago at a few web places that EMLA is used my mom’s with the diabetic kiddos to insert their infusion and sensor site sets (they are much more “intrusive” than a shot). Put it on a bandaid and wait about an hour/after they’re asleep. They said it works like magic.

  214. Also, it could be that you suck at giving shots.

  215. Or your boy is a pantywaist that can’t hack having a needle jabbed in his ass.

  216. >>Also, it could be that you suck at giving shots.

    I blame my trainer, the internet.

  217. Talk to your pharmacist about a thinner needle. And see about getting some saline and inject yourself for practice. We came home with tons of syringes and saline and a funky thing to practice on after Axeman left the hospital with his T1D.

    Also, ask your doc for a script for the EMLA, even if you can get a version of it OTC; you’ll get to write it off. And you don’t want him to develop a complex over shots. Really. Seriously. Trust me on that one.


  219. That would make being a heroin junkie pretty rough.

  220. Worked for me.

  221. Hey, Cyn….

  222. Psychiatrist: So, tell me about your dad.

    Tusharson: Well, he used to poke me in the ass every three nights after I fell asleep.

    Psychiatrist: What!?

    Tusharson: Yeah, then he put some cream on it so it wouldn’t hurt so bad.

    (I don’t envy your parental duty Tushar. At least I can hide behind my license when I inflict pain on kids)

  223. I’m the worst diabetic, EVER! I H8 the sight of my own blood. You could all have arterial sprays and I’d be like “Meh”. I H8 needles, too. Dan used to have to monitor my diabetes and inject my infertility drugs. He’d be everybody’s favorite Hostage, if he wasn’t such a girl.

  224. Cyn, actually now that I think about it, it is me that hurts more than the kid when I am giving him a shot. He winces a bit and goes back to sleep. The needles are the thinnest already.

  225. I got several shots last month and was astonished at how little I felt. These modern needles are great.

  226. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  227. Fuck my life! I thought I have to give him shots for a couple of weeks. Wife says we might be doing that for the next year or more.

  228. … it is me that hurts more than the kid when I am giving him a shot.

    I do know this very well.

    Get the numbing cream for him and a nice single malt for you, honey.

  229. Cyn, she was awesome in Spiderman 2.

  230. If he’s only wincing and then going back to sleep, seems like a pretty good deal.

  231. This is what I am talking about.
    The doc talks about EMLA cream too.

    It is subcutaneous rather than intramuscular, which is good.

  232. Also, if you are using alcohol on the area, fan it with your hand, then wait a bit. What makes me wince is when the alcohol is not dry and it gets shoved in with the needle.

  233. G’night.

  234. Saw your video, Tushar. EMLA has Lidocaine (sp?). That is effective stuff and often works for pain deep down, too. I scoffed but it works.

    ChrisP — have you tried this? It comes in big patches about the size of a hand.

  235. Pfft, shots. Shots aren’t so bad.

    Jagermeister? Tequila?

  236. Nighty nite, Oso

  237. Bedtime already? Nightie Oso.

  238. Oso to the family bed? Already?


  239. Evidently she thought phat was talking to her when the freak flag comment went up.

    Good luck, Dan!

  240. Jay, you offering shots goes so well with the Issac pic.

  241. Waiting for the alcohol to dry is a biggie.

  242. On shot over here please!

  243. Went to microwave my dinner, and there was food in there that had exploded when someone didn’t clean up after themselves. And ants. So nasty.

  244. Or “one”

  245. Thunder and fireworks. Major Doxie Drama.

  246. Nasty is just one letter away from tasty, Sean.

  247. Slides an Avion Anejo to Cyn.

    Jagermeister to lipstick.

    Anyone else?

  248. wet a paper towel, and microwave it for 1.5 mins, then let it sit in there for 10 mins, Sean.

    That crap will come right out, and the ants will die a steamy death.

  249. Riley blew up the food and left it?

  250. Work microwave? UGH! Kill me nao!

  251. I bet the owner left it as a present.

  252. Vaping has cut down cigarette consumption by 85-90% Holy Smoke!

    I am loving this. And it requires no will-power because I prefer the vaping. Just going to the cigarettes more out of curiosity now.

    All thanks to Cyn for her help and for mentioning Red Hots flavored liquid stuff that goes in the receptacle thing. That is what made me ask to try it out at a smoke shop.

  253. Yea Lips! So glad it’s working for you :)

  254. :)

  255. I’m pretty pleased with the results I’ve experienced with little effort.

  256. Nasty is just one letter away from tasty, Sean.

    A-are you…coming on to me?

  257. *waggles eyebrows, winks, finger-guns*


  258. Um, okay.

    *hides assortment of flavored oils behind back*

  259. Are those oils paleo?

  260. Can they be vaped?

  261. Hahahaha

  262. J’Ames: No, they’re relatively new.

    Lippy: Sure, why not.

  263. I’ve actually only had three cigarettes since the end of January, and that was only because I was out at a show and ran out of juice.

  264. That’s fantastic.

  265. Back at the house to refill the cooler.

    BTW, vampire/comedy fans need to look into the ‘Tome of Bill’ on amazon.

    I usually don’t laugh out loud when reading books, but this series (Just started book 3) made me snort in public.

    Definitely written by a moron or a hostage.

  266. OK, back to the cul-de-sac party.

  267. You get a shiver in the dark
    It’s raining in the park but meantime
    South of the river you stop and you derp everything
    A band is blowing Dixie double four time
    You feel alright when you hear that music ring

  268. Fireworks hangover. My brother shot his box of pyrotechnics off the dock last night. Only one tipped over and launched a few into the neighbor’s yard. Thankfully they weren’t home and no conflagrations resulted.

  269. Obama supporting Lizzie Warren, the fake Indian, over Hillary! is hilarious. Political soap opera.

  270. My local paper’s on line news site has begun a new thing where they make you answer a question before you read the rest of the article. At first it was not intrusive but after a few days of this and a question listing about 7 different psychiatric medications and asking whether you or anyone in your family took these in the past 30 days I’ve had it. Seriously?

  271. Gomernom.

    Another gorgeous clear day. I should be putting on my gardening rags and having fun in the dirt. But.

    Jimbro, I know the papers are trying out different ways to stay financially afloat. But who’s paying them to get that kind of survey info? It does seem a bit odd.

  272. Goosh morrow.

  273. Just saw my brother off for their trip back to NH. Now it’s time to take a week and a half’s worth of trash from camp to the dump and mow the lawn at home after two weeks of neglect.

  274. Jimbro
    Wouldn’t those questions violate medical records security?
    Maybe not asking them but if ever published?

  275. Bangor Daily makes me giggle every time.

  276. Cyn knows we love Jaeger. She is ready for the meatup.

  277. Goomerrmeeen

  278. Poat

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