Big Boob Friday

Greetings, scaredy cats, pardon me while I whip out another award wining edition of Big Boob Friday, Independence Day Style.


Fireworks fails:

Quit Screwing Around Mesablue

While scouring the interwebs for gif links, I ran across an animated picture from Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, and followed him to his vimeo page. He animates paintings into films, and I think it is wonderfully done, go full screen nao.

Your model for today was born somewhere in Maryland sometime in the 1990’s. According to internet legend she stands stoops under 5 feet tall, and the powers that be have seen fit to mount a pair of 30FFF peace blimps to that chassis. Please stop destroying the moral fabric of America long enough to ogle Miss Emily Born!

Classic Black and White


Tiny Hand Bra

Obligatory Hand Bra



Subliminal Messaging


Look at those tiny little hands!


Pointy Elbows!


I do my own makeup!



Probably just a cyst. Nothing to be concerned about.


  1. Lawd reekus.

  2. She seems nice. (and looks better as a brunette, imho)

  3. Morning, children.


  5. I like her blouse in the last one. I would not look like that in it, but that’s okay. A camisole, a good hairdo, a nice pair of earrings, all will be well with the world. Even without the giant mutant mams.

  6. “The girls get camisoles and the guys get shirts!”

  7. Worky worky.

  8. After reading about the Chase bank stuff, I wonder if unions would defend straight people in a hostile work environment.

  9. If Scott is working that means the rain and hail didn’t lead to the Apocalypse.

  10. We’re getting torrential rain tonight. 1-2 inches per hour with flash flood warnings. Looks like my brother will be bringing his fireworks back with him.

  11. >> I would not look like that in it, but that’s okay

    Yes it is ok.



  13. Weather is perfect in central Oh HI oH. Too bad everybody in my house except for me and Nessie the Wonder Dog sleeps through half of it.

  14. Lap dog.

  15. NIPPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Good morning cool kids and Happy Birthday America.

    Great work on the cans today, Puppeh.

  17. She looks nice

  18. Preseason football is only a month away!

    Screw you baseball!


  20. Interesting photos

  21. *Hits screaming line drive at Scott.* Suck it, sucker!!!

  22. Am I the only person in US who carries neither a gun nor a knife on him?

    I better get a knife.

  23. She’s weird looking.

  24. God damn the Rangers suck BEFORE the All Star break

  25. Get a knife Tushar. Nothing big or scary looking.

  26. Red Sox are awful this year Dave, I feel your pain. World Series champs to minor league in less than a year. How does that happen?

  27. I use my Swiss Army Knife nearly daily. I miss it when the couch eats it and I don’t notice 🙂

  28. No patriotic bikinis for BBF? Did Obama say that American boobs are not exceptional or spectactular?

  29. She’s weird looking.

    I’m waiting for Leon to chime in.

  30. Check out the “Independence Day Style” links kinky bear.

  31. I have 10 or so knives Tush, I only carry 1 at a time, but yes you need to get at least one knife.

  32. It rained so hard yesterday that it flattened our birch tree.

    Our little sapling is a goner.

  33. Most of my folders are Spyderco and I have a few fixed blades from Bark River. 99% of what I need a knife for is a little Swiss Army knife on my keychain. I tried to get on Pepe’s list for a Chunky model but fell asleep before the time and missed out. Next time.

  34. That storm that was behind the haboob last night moved over us into town and we not nutin’.

  35. We got curb stomped with rain but nothing boke

  36. Put out flags around town.

    Ate breakfast.

    Mowed lawn.

    Drank tea.

    Watered grapevine.

    No overt displays of exercise.

    /car in.

  37. Happy Birthday, America!

  38. On my tv, man-on-the-street Fourth of July Quiz…

    “Which one of the following was not a signer of the Declaration of Independence?”

    a. Sam Adams
    2. George Jefferson
    π. Benjamin Franklin
    Z. John Hancock

  39. Where has Jewstin been?

  40. Weezy’s man was not present that day.

  41. Yes he was. He just wasn’t allowed to sign.

  42. I keep thinking it’s Saturday. I was about to ask why Wiser wasn’t on the air.

  43. Hawt!

  44. Watching the send-off as one of our local anchor/journalists is retiring after 31 years. I have been watching her for almost her entire career on this station. Now I feel old. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU

  45. **squeezes Cyn like Charmin**

    You don’t feel that old.

  46. Awwww, fanks.

  47. I’m waiting for Leon to chime in.

    Busy morning.

    As a blonde, yeah, other than facial features, it’s pretty familiar territory.

    Not quite that big.

  48. Also, this was my favorite PG tune:

    I think I left So in my CD player (the one that was the size of a VCR) for several months of daily play in high school.

  49. I grilled steaks and weenies for breakfast, because ‘Merica.

    And because my wife wanted weenies.

  50. I’m seriously considering ripping the everlovin’ entirety of my driveway landscaping out and making that my vegetable garden. Possibly with a jungle gym.

  51. And because my wife wanted weenies.

    Give her one of your MMM ‘girls.’

  52. this is the worst thing in the world, waiting for the leaf sucker to clean up the pool before I get back in. I hate me

  53. Tushar, everybody needs a knife. The best buy out there is the little Swiss Army Classic. It can go on your keyring, has a blade, scissors, tweezers, nail file/screwdriver. Only $10 – $15.

  54. I never leave home w/o my little pocket knife. I have a Leatherman knock-off that I carry in my briefcase too.

  55. Always have my little Swiss Army Classic. Lots of companies give them out as swag in corporate colors. I’ve had 5 or 6 of them, and never bought one.

    Used to have a great Spyderco for heavier tasks when I was in the Army. Kept it on a leash about 3′ long tied to my belt. By whirling it around the blade would pop open. Pretty handy.

  56. Waiting for the pool cleaning robot to do its job is just like the holocaust.

  57. Is there a telethon for Dave relief?

  58. *pledges a buck-o-five*

  59. 1-800-SAVE-DAVE


  61. >>>Give her one of your MMM ‘girls.’

    Okay, whoever had the 4th day of the month this month, please proceed to the window to collect your winnings.

  62. why don’t you lasso one of those quadrillion yoots from central ‘Merica that are parading past yer house and supplement your leaf sucker with some human power.

  63. >>>

    Where’s Sally Struthers when you really need her?

  64. *shaves head to show support for Dave*

    Wait a minute, he has his hair


  65. Where’s Sally Struthers when you really need her?


  66. *sets up lemonade stand and wears a Hawaiian shirt in solidarity*

  67. >>>Applebee’s?

    Is it “All you can eat” Friday again?

  68. *stands on the corner holding up a sign, “Honk if you are with Dave”*

  69. No, it’s the day they put the barrels of used grease out back for recycling.

  70. No way. Golden Corral. They don’t limit you to one entree like Applebees.

  71. *writes a polite and complimentary letter to Golden Corral asking that they donate a portion of today’s proceeds to the Save Dave Foundation*

  72. THAT’s where Mare is!!

  73. *sets up a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about Dave*

    *designs nifty logo featuring a leaf-sucker machine and an hourglass*

    *pays myself an exorbitant consulting fee out of donated moneys*

    *is indicted for fraud, hounded out of office, disappears before court date*

    *Dave is still waiting by his pool, in agony*

  74. //Gets Nick Searcy to wear a light blue WWDiPLSF* rubber bracelet on season premier of Justified//

    *When Will Dave in Pool’s Leaf Sucker Finish

  75. We need Dave to do a crying Indian scene, only instead of litter, it’s leaves in a pool, and instead of a crying Indian, it’s Dave lookin’ bitchy.

  76. Soon……


  78. OK, the Chief is gonna KILL me for saying this, but doesn’t that young lady’s face in the last picture look like an older version of DG?

    *runs far, far – “Marianas Trench far” – away*

  79. She is a bit babyfaced.

  80. Can’t we get Animosity International to force some poor Mexican to help Dave?

  81. Can’t we get Animosity International to force some poor Mexican to help Dave?

    How does voluntary exchange of capital advance our promotion of international hatred and enmity?

  82. Uh, did you not see the word “force” in there, Leon?
    Well done, Tushar
    Nightmare fuel

  83. A leaf in water???

    A Trigger Warning please!
    Some of us are sensitive pansyasses.

  84. I have to go back in.. the leaf sucker is done. Please send me money, the pool payment is due this week

  85. Uh, did you not see the word “force” in there, Leon?

    You can barely pay those people to work, let alone force them, so I assumed you were kidding.

    I denounce myself.

  86. Dave, the wife and I are planning a long awaited trip to check out Texas from future perspective. The tentative plan is to fly to Dallas and rent a car. Drive to Austin, on to Houston and back. On my way to Austin, I may want a refreshing dip in a pool.

  87. hopefully in fall.

  88. It’s always fall when Dave’s near water.

  89. It’s the 4th of July and I got people to pay invoices today.

    These are crazy times.

    I used to type invoices and wait weeks.

  90. I’m going to be at the Tigers game tonight. Military Appreciation Day free tickets.

    Mrs. Caruthers is deciding whether she wants to spend a little time on the field at the start and get a free t-shirt.

  91. I think the Texas cabal is going to be huge.

  92. Scott, I think Mare lives somewhere in Texas.

    This is me driving through Texas:

  93. This is Texas when it sees Tushar:

  94. Where is the next DNC convention?

  95. She’s gotta do it, leon. Do it while you have the chance, not everyone gets to do that.

  96. Time to get ready to make pizza.

  97. Greetings, powdered wiggers.

  98. I bought some ground bison meat today. Let’s see how it turns out.

  99. However it turns out, as an Indian, I’m sure you’ll find a use for all of it.

  100. Bison is probably good for smoking.

  101. AGHH!

  102. You’d need some fucking huge rolling papers.

  103. I almost tried a bison burger once, but they had a buffalo in a pen and it was looking at me.

  104. It tastes like beef that’s about to turn.

  105. Metal patriotism:

  106. I am doing this recipe:

    But using ground bison meat instead of goat.

  107. I thought the ground bison was pretty lean.
    I mixed with pork sausage 50/50 and made meatloaf.
    It was good…


  109. I’ve seen the packs of ground bison before but never pulled the trigger. I had a bison burger in the distant past and it wasn’t that good even with draft beer freely flowing.

  110. >>It tastes like beef that’s about to turn.

    I chose the correct recipe then. Indian spices can mask the flavors of anything.

  111. I just read your Dhabhe da Keema recipe Tushar. With the amount of spices in there you could use just about any minced up mammal meat and it would still come out good.

  112. This turned out awesome!

    While I am myself not averse to beef anymore, I still have to respect the wife and not cook beef in the kitchen. An occasional hotdog is ok.

    This gives me a new option.

  113. There is no beef in hot dogs.

    It’s mostly fish snouts.

  114. Pig lips and chicken assholes.

  115. Tatonka

  116. Evening.

  117. Dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy).

  118. Hey Cyn, can you drive through a haboob?

  119. JEW!

  120. Sometimes yes, sometimes no; depends on how dense the dust really is.

    This time of year, we start seeing reminder commercials for people to pull WAY off the road, turn off your lights, put your vehicle in park, and take your foot off the brake: Sometimes, to get thru the dust, you just follow the tail lights in front of you. Foot off the brake will save your life.

  121. What if you drive a manual transmission? How do you survive if you can’t put it in park?

  122. Jewstin, please do check in once in a while. People had started to speculate about your very existence.

  123. How do you get gas if you have a manual transmission vehicle and cannot park?

    *squeezes the stuffing out of Jewstin*

  124. Foot off the brake? Why?

  125. Sorry Tushar, and others. The last few weeks were brutal. Of the entire factory, mine was the last department making product, and I was the last person building.

    670761405030 is the serial number of the last commercial product to leave the factory floor.

  126. If you’re on the side of the road, and your foot is on the brake, your tail lights illuminate – and you’re then very likely to get rear ended by someone not paying absolute attention.


  128. So what was the product Jew? Did you get to put swirls on it?

  129. Happy Independence Day Jewstin!

    Burgers, dogs or Dhabhe da Keema?

  130. It was one (1) of these:

    I swirled the hell out of it.

  131. Cous cous and chicken fat. Duh.

  132. Must do a number on air filters.

  133. I swirled the hell out of it.

    Fuck Yeah!

    I’m a little worried for you – do you have something lined up?

  134. Saturday was a friend’s birthday. We started celebrating Friday and were both twisted Monday at work. I sang ‘It’s the End of the World’ all day. Loudly.

  135. New air filters are almost a ritual. As are wiper blades; the sun bakes the heck out of them.

  136. I took this week off just to do some chores, help my folks with a few things, and have a vacation. Monday it’s back to business. I know a few guys in the oil fields, I have an in at a railway manufactory, and I know a fellow at a structural steel place. I’ll be fine.

  137. As Mr. Rogers might say; It’s all good in the hood.

  138. Good to hear.

  139. Good to hear you have some connections.

    Next time, you’d better get an H2 hallpass, mister.

  140. Please, sir? May I have another?

  141. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  142. JEW!!!! Whew, so happy to have you back!

  143. That ground bison recipe was 1500 calories. I ate half of it, and now have a hankering for the other half.

  144. I don’t believe in calories.

  145. But it’s zero carbs. Go for it.

  146. Did anybody help anybody else to smuggle in fireworks from a neighboring state today?

  147. Hey, Chief – let’s dance!

  148. It’s practically 80 degrees here. This must be how it feels on the surface of the sun.

  149. TiFW, no movie review. Dan’s BFF came in from TX and today was the only free time his wife hadn’t planned 100%.

  150. It’s practically 80 degrees here. This must be how it feels on the surface of the sun.

    Is it a Hate Crime if I call you a pansy for that?

  151. Tushar,

    I make bison burgers often.

    It’s so lean that I never cook it more than medium. Medium rare is optimal.

  152. “Dan’s BFF came in from TX”
    i’m gonna up the hate crime ante and ask,
    do guy’s actually have BFF’s?

  153. somebody napped in the pool too long with his Wayfarers on and looks insane stupid now

  154. In downtown SFO now. Got a great view of Coit tower and were the fireworks will be, but have to go to bed to early to enjoy them.

  155. Fireworks on the teevee with a/c and push button ice. FTW.

  156. You know the rule, Dave…..

  157. and now, the beagle goes nuts

  158. If people do not follow signboards posted by authorities, there can be only anarchy.

  159. I can see dave, his red skin peeling in the sun
    There’s white spots where he had his Wayfarers on, baby

  160. It’s still too light outside to see any fireworks (not that we can see any from the yard…..)

  161. Jam2, they have been friends forever. They go to sporting events together. Yes, I make lots of gay jokes about them.

  162. ICYMI, this hero passed. He chased and downed an ME 109 under the fuckin Eiffel Tower. Rest in honored glory William Overstreet Jr. You had big brass ones.

  163. This’ll give you goosebumps:

    Happy Independence Day, everyone! ♥♥♥

  164. Are fireworks illegal in Tx?
    I have heard a few far off rumbles, but nothing local. In Florida fireworks were only available for “farming”.

    My street was often shrouded in thick “farming” smoke.

    i have heard 2 firecrackers. Houston is full of slackers!

  165. And the “Unbroken” guy from the pacific died ay 97 yesterday Dave.
    My hat is off to all those WWII vets

  166. We’ve had fireworks for most of the past two weeks. Tonight should be spectacular.

  167. I am completing 5 years on green card in Oct 2015, and can apply for citizenship soon after, and vote against Hillary in 2016.
    On the other hand, I can delay it a bit, hope that a republican wins the presidency, and see if I can take the oath in a ceremony presided over by the President.

  168. Those guys left big shoes to fill.

  169. >> Are fireworks illegal in Tx?

    No, we’ve just had a lot of burn bans these past few years

  170. G’night. Wieners are freaking, so we’re headed to the safe room. AKA family bed.

  171. We need your vote, Tush. Best to do it sooner rather than later. Besides, it has an amazing meaning whoever presides over the ceremony.

  172. Btw, why don’t they allow private citizens to administer the oath of citizenship? I would rather have someone like MCPO, XBrad or Phat administer the oath to me than a judge or some USCIS asshole.

  173. New Jersey may be in play if Christie is the nominee. I don’t like him a lot, but he is far better than Hillary. I better get my citizenship early, just in case.

  174. Oh yeah, the classic Lawdy Reekus video. That’ll always be worth re-visiting.

    Did anybody help anybody else to smuggle in fireworks from a neighboring state today?

    That’s sacred tradition in Pennsylvania. We go dahn Marilin for thah good stuff.

    Pittsburgh Dad seems to think Ohio is the place, though.

    For Dave, catching lightning bugs:

  175. Watching tropic thunder.

    Going to bed.

    Yes, It’s sucks,but have to wake up at 0345.

    Good night!

  176. Do it, Tushar. The sooner the better.

  177. Nighty dreams, Oso.

  178. And nighty to you too Phat.

  179. Phat can probably administer the oath.

    MCPO and I, not so much

  180. Nope. Scratch that. has to be CIS>

  181. Youngest kid is crashed out on the couch, her puppy curled up around her. She is a bit fretty about her boy but she doesn’t say so. She’s just here.

    Tomorrow I gotta do stuff on her truck.

  182. Lippy, the Pittsburgh Dad clips are great. Mr. RFH and the kids have been to Kennywood.

  183. Excuse me, I think you dropped something.

  184. and her boy is on the ground

  185. Sparky status, cranky at all the popping noises.

  186. he gets to talk to my kid for a few days, for which I’m grateful. After the few days he’ll be in some goddamn FOB shithole and out of band.

    And that’s gonna suck a lot.

    Prayers for SSG Alex are welcome. For my kid too.

  187. A dad is a comforting thing.

  188. well I’m doing my best not to be a total mush which would not be helpful but I am emoting here

  189. Hes a good man, prayers on the way, dave.

  190. Mr. RFH and the kids have been to Kennywood.

    Ha! That’s right, you have family back there, right.

  191. No one wants pizza on july 4, who knew?

  192. Good thoughts, prayers, and hugs for them both.

  193. Some people want golf balls on the 4th of July.

  194. thanks

  195. gross

  196. Dave, a dad just being there is what’s comforting to a daughter. Just hanging, open to talk or not. That’s the best.

  197. Sounds like a war zone out here. That’ll happen when the two largest ethnic groups in the area (Messicans and Chinese) love them some fireworks.

  198. My impression is that men often seem to think they need an action plan to fix things. 12 point plan, get crackalacking.

    Nah, at various times I only worked up the courage to talk about something or ask his opinion about something when we were in the daddy daughter zen zone. Comfortable quiet marked with an occasional offhand comment is what led me to finally bring up something that was bothering me.

    Yer doing it right.

  199. And props to shawn for this:

    >>>I can see dave, his red skin peeling in the sun. . .

  200. Thanks, Lippy, you DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER!!!

  201. Lipstick I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just trying to love her and help her as best I can. Hugs seem to be helpful.

    I never had to deal with a boyfriend. Now I have to deal with a boyfriend who is in some shithole FOB in the stan. I hate this because I see it hurting my kid.

    I also hate this because I’ve talked to him, gripped his hand and looked him in the eye. Youngest told me he was embarrassed about his arm tats, meeting me. That was respect and he gets it back.

    I might be blathering about stuff.. but I appreciate your kind words about me. I’m hanging in there

  202. You’re most welcome, DOUCHEBAG!!!

  203. Timing is everything

  204. You’re doing just fine, Dave – your girl just needs her Daddy to love on til her fella gets back home.

    Been praying for your SSgt and your two families, will continue to do so for as long as it’s needed. Give her a big hug from us here in FTW (and give yourself one, too ♥♥♥)

  205. Heh. The whole DMF thing is something I yell at people when they misspell my name, Lips. I think it started with Rosie calling me Shaun.

    You’re a good man, dave. I have no idea what it takes to be a good dad, but I think you’re at least on the right track.

    I think somebody just blowed up my car.

  206. OK Dave, obviously you are not the douchebag. You’d invite me to drive with you to TITS, after all.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a good man and some of the proof of that is you raised two good girls. Prayer is all we’ve got for the boy’s safety.

    And didn’t my dried out, flattened, cynical heart just melt about the arm tattoo story…oh my gosh Dave!

  207. Rays beat the tar out of the Tigers, then there were fireworks.

    Now bed.

  208. IS BENNY ALL RIGHT???!?

  209. I love you all so much. Thank you for loving me and my kid and her guy,

  210. Time to rent a convertible and invite Lipstick Dynamite to take a ride in the desert with me

  211. Wait, dave isnt a douchebag? Someone inform wiser.

  212. WOO-HOO!!!! We’re ON!

    Imma wear one of those long trailing scarfs, too. Or a cowboy hat. Or both.

  213. the top pulled back, Wayfareres on

  214. cowboy hat, just sayin is all

  215. M Night Shamalamadingdong does a decent movie.

  216. Cowboy hat it is, then!

    I keep one in the backseat of my gas-guzzling SUV at all times.

  217. Epic. See you at Sky Harbor

  218. I need to go hug my kid now,, Goodnight you wonderful people.

  219. Goodnight Dave. Sweet dreams and peace to your girl.

  220. Thank you honey.

  221. Cynnie, what is M Night Shamalamadingdong?


  222. M Night Shamalamadingdong does a decent movie.

    Diminishing returns.

  223. Lippy, the director of The Sixth Sense

  224. Thanks Jay.

    Still Puzzled But Not Going to Worry About it Tonight

    ‘Night all, whoever’s left

  225. If I could derp this lifeless lifeline to the wind
    Leave this heart of clay, see you break, break away
    Into the night, through the rain
    To the half-light, through the flame

  226. Morning, children.

    Comment by Jewstin on July 4, 2014 8:58 pm
    I know a few guys in the oil fields, I have an in at a railway manufactory, and I know a fellow at a structural steel place. I’ll be fine.

    *cough* gay mafia *cough*

  227. wakey wakey

  228. Good morning.

  229. Good morning!
    Baked Elana’s paleo bread this morning. Just did a mini-loaf to try it out.


  230. Lauraw, I’m almost ready to send you a picture of my new garden.


  231. Worked in the yard all day yesterday until it was time to go to a wedding.

    Then last night watched “Lone Survivior” with the kids who stayed home (other’s drove up to bay city to watch fireworks with friends). There were fireworks on our lake, but I only watched a few. The dogs were most upset. THe keep looking around the house for a safe place. Poor things.

    TOday I work.

  232. Nessie the Wonder Dog is not afraid of fireworks and thunder. I had to hold her back from sticking her nose into the noisy smokey sparkly things on the ground.

    Also new poat.

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