Sleepy Sunday

Gotta help out at a bake sale soon, so let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Diet Dr. Pepper for Sean!

Et tu, Broccoli?
This made me think of Wiser.
nice day
New poat!


  1. Excellent

  2. Working on Friday’s poat early. Y’all are going to be amazed. Except for Leon, because I think this week’s model may actually be his wife.

    Sorry Leon.

  3. Cyn’s just happy that she doesn’t need to poat. :)

  4. Morning Tiger.

  5. Tell me when I need to have ‘The Talk’ with Mr. RFH about you coming to TITS.

  6. Morning Roamie. Have fun at the bake sale.

  7. Herro Puppy.

  8. Fuckers.

    Not silent.

  9. Oooooooooooh…….. it’s supposed to be silent???

    That explains so much……

  10. L to R

    H2, Pupster

  11. *beats MJ with a miniwhisk, muddles him*

  12. Softball team is now 5-3, fuckers.

  13. Good work, wiserfuck!

  14. Wiserbud, this is relevant to your interests:

    PS wear gloves.

  15. Really fun game today. Back and forth scoring, lots of amazing plays to keep it close. Outfielder made a diving catch in the bottom of the 7th to push the game into extra innings. We scored one run in the top of the 8th and shut them down in the bottom of the inning. 3rd basement made an awesome grab on a screaming line drive to end the game.

    I love games like that, especially when we come out on the winning side.

  16. That linky was actually a cool idear, Puckster; one of the comments also recommended using a fan to blow away the glass dust when filing.

  17. >>>Wiserbud, this is relevant to your interests:

    And to think… I didn’t think I had anything to do today…

    And now I know what I’m giving wiserbride for our anniversary.

  18. There are videos of the operation in the comments.

  19. Those look like they would make awesome martini glasses.

    I’m seriously gonna try it. I’ll send pics if I’m succesful

  20. I thought Oso was in New Mexico?

  21. I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that snickering at the first paragraph makes me a racist.

  22. Black Expo with pics of Hispanic girls. Yes, that works.

  23. GMSRNINg ,.

    WErrhewls htewfcocc ffeeea?

  24. Heh, wish I would have gotten a picture of it, but a dog we used to have would chase a frisbee, catch it, and wait for you to throw a ball to him. He would stop the ball with his paw, turn the frisbee over, put the ball in the frisbee, and bring them both back. The ball would roll back and forth in the frisbee, hitting him in the snout.

    I wanted to put him on Letterman’s Stupid Tricks segment, back when he was funny, and didn’t irritate the crap out of me.

  25. XMom and Jay’s mom had a lot of awkward moments when they were kids.

  26. Video, for those interested in more research

  27. Who was the second basement?

  28. That is a display of some serious skill from the pilot.

  29. Ok the Caesar thing made me laugh

  30. **calls INS, reports Tushar**

  31. Isn’t it ICE now?

    I forget. Anyway turn him in, no wait, he has two cute little anchor babies.

  32. Those, we’ll keep.

    Laura needs help at the shirt factory.

  33. Sorry Leon.

    Eh, it was bound to happen eventually.

  34. Well, after going through the whole legal process for 11 years meticulously, I got my green card in fall 2010. Which means, (unless the tyrant decides to come up with new executive orders) i cannot be deported unless I commit some serious crimes. I don’t plan on committing any.
    I will become eligible to apply for citizenship in fall 2015. I will probably apply soon after, and it usually takes six months to get citizenship. So, by summer 2016, I will be a citizen.

    Whoa!!!! I get to vote against Hillary!

  35. 11 Years eh? Thats a long haul that takes commitment and a good deal of capital I assume. Good for you Tushar.

  36. If you register as a democrat, you could already be voting.

  37. Chumpo, 11 years, close to $50k in direct cost, a lot more indirect costs because of the career compromises I had to make to avoid hurting the immigration process.

    In last 16 years, I contributed a shit ton in taxes, and the only benefits I got are the ass kicking US Military delivers to bad guys, and the dilapidated roads I drive on.

    And this bastard wants to give amnesty, full welfare and voting rights to anyone who waltz in without any papers.

  38. We saved a seat for you, Tushar.

    It’s on the back of the bus, scary brown dude.

  39. Cool bit on Yodaville, H/S. I’mma steal that.

  40. I am brown, not black. Do I get to sit somewhere in the middle of the bus?

  41. Just be glad you have a seat. they make me drive.

  42. A comment on

    I recently realized how important the ‘R’ in Gary Oldman is upon seeing the unfiltered Google image results.

  43. Bake sale raised over $1,200 to help one of the students at my daughter’s school. He is 7 and has leukemia. I wanted to cry when I saw the fantastic turnout.


  45. Xbrad, I was just fiddling around on GoogleEarth, and spotted this shape out in the middle of nowhere east of Yuma. When I zoomed in I wondered what the hell it was. It took me a while but I finally found the name of it on a map. It looks very Hostagesque.

  46. Hotspur is still alive? WTF.

  47. Off to the beach! One of the few perks of living on the coast.

  48. Tushar, don’t forget 30 SPF!!

  49. Tushar is headed to the Jersey Shore to hang out with his fellow guidos.

  50. Can you get Early Release to attend TITS, Rosebetta?

  51. Kids are staying the week near Thunder Bay. . . freaking huge thunderstorms just went through. . .

  52. H/S, here’s a little combined arms live fire at Yodaville:

  53. That video is Flash, so I’ll have to watch it at work tomorrow. No worky on iPad.

  54. RIP, Meshach Taylor (of “Designing Women” fame):

    Anyone check on Shadrach and Abednego?

  55. Thunder Bay

    Aptly named, eh, MCPO? How’s DG at traveling?

  56. Roamy – Good. . . as long as you have Cinderella and Frozen downloaded to your tablet!

  57. *snicker

    Yep…. I’m a racist….

  58. I have Cinderella, still haven’t seen Frozen yet.

  59. Wiser – Bwaaahahaha! When you work that hard to fulfill every stereotype. . .

  60. ROAMY…..WHAT WHAT WHAT????? O M G You have got to see Frozen. I prefer Do you want to build a snowman? to Let it Go. Bcoch could probably tell you more about it than I could.

  61. So we bought a hand-woven hammock in Mexico about 20 years ago.

    Finally hung it on the porch today.

    Just swinging here and drinking a frozen margaritas.

    It’s a good day.

  62. You finally hang your Mexican hammock and Mexico loses to the Dutch? Serious mojo.

  63. >>>You finally hang your Mexican hammock and Mexico loses to the Dutch? Serious mojo.

    Huh? Did I miss a war or something? What are you talking about?

  64. I can’t escape the World Cup. Mexico is out in the Knockout Game.

  65. Two girls, one World Cup.

  66. Sunday is usually Mexican National Day in retail. I’m glad I worked my 8 already. Bunch of pissed off Mexicans today.

  67. Does this mean if the US advances further than Mexico in the World Cup, we can expect another wave of invaders crossing our southern “border”?

  68. Osita, I’ll wait until it comes out on Netflix.

    Actually, I have no idea what’s playing in the theater right now. Mr. RFH was kind enough to take Mini-me to see some dreck called The Fault in Our Stars. Last movie I saw was the Hubble IMAX.

  69. The Fault in Our Stars is my best selling book at The Club. I’m going to see Jersey Boys. Probs Friday. X-Men was the last movie I saw.

  70. MCPO, we didn’t have any USA jerseys. The few soccer gheys that we have, couldn’t even get a cheap USA jersey. Buyers didn’t even acknowledge USA soccer. And now…Mexico is out!!! LOLOLOLOL

  71. Oh, Roamy – you will absolutely LOVE “Frozen”! DD#1 is almost 28, and she adores it. It’s one of Rebecca’s current favorites, and I have to admit to an overwhelming fondness for it as well.

    Just sad my sister isn’t here to share it with me – it’s a special movie for anyone who has a sister.

  72. Osita, let me know what you think about Jersey Boys – I’ve never seen the play, and I rather doubt I will be able to drag Mr. TiFW to see the movie. We both love Frankie Valli music!

  73. I am brown, not black. Do I get to sit somewhere in the middle of the bus?
    Way to bring logic to the discussion. Back o’ the tuk tuk.

  74. TiFW, I will let you know. We’re going Friday.

  75. We make MaryAnn ride in the backseat. Dan calls her “Rosa Parks”

  76. I wanted Electric Lemonade. How do we have Blue Curacao and no Sweet & Sour? How does this happen? How?

  77. *Looks at clock: Why am I owning comments in the middle of the day?

  78. 99 degrees in the shade today. I picked a good day to heat treat some blades………………

  79. pepe, how was your trip to the city different?

  80. did you get a lath Pepe?

  81. Tonight’s entertainment will be Gene Hackman in The French Connection.

  82. I like that 4F Pepe. I carry a Benchmade Osborne that “looks” very similar although I’m sure your product is superior. I like a drop point with out serration.
    Your Website is cool.

  83. Trip to Santa Fe was okay. I didn’t get the lathe. Easier and cheaper to modify the one I have. It was a neat little machine, though. A Hardinge made in the ’30s. Still really accurate.

    Gotta go take the blades out of the oven. 1950 degrees of fun.

  84. Was your WalMart story from SF or Socorro?

  85. Hammock……. Really bad ide…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  86. Is that a dvd, xbrad, or online?

  87. Is that a dvd, xbrad, or online?
    3 out of 3 of the nouns in your sentence are strongly correlated to porn.

  88. Costa Rica/Greece in Extra Time. Might have a Shoot Out. (FFS kill me nao!!! Cards/Dodgers on TV)

  89. DVD. I picked it up when I was getting some stuff at the local public library for Xmom.

  90. Fine, I’ll download it, then.

    Sounds like a fine thing to watch after the Cards lose.

  91. well played, MJ. It’s amazing that you spotted that so quickly.

  92. I wanted Electric Lemonade. How do we have Blue Curacao and no Sweet & Sour? How does this happen? How?

    Do you have lemons or limes and sugar?

  93. Meatballs are made and waiting to be put in the oven.


  94. CoAlex, we do, because Dan is a Produce/Grocery super lead, but still. I had to have Bloody Mary’s to make up for the faux pas.

  95. Dan is mocking the NBA and FIFA in one epic Capt Roadrage rant. FU Baclava is my favorite.

  96. I don’t know why he just called someone Souvlaki and Enya.

  97. I’m like “Enya?”

  98. You need to record his rant and then transcribe it here.

  99. I used to text his rants to friends. He is MST3K on steroids.

  100. Got my lobster bib on today: steamed clams, twin lobsters with butter and lemonade in Stonington on the deck overlooking the harbor. Summer has now officially begun.

  101. BTW Thanks Jimbro. Dan wants to move to Maine to get away from Messicans. Family and new recruits.

  102. New England summers are pretty good. The weather is amazing, the seafood is good, and there’s always a great ice cream stand just down the road.

  103. We have Messicans here raking blueberries in Washington County

  104. We drove through some beautiful towns to get to Stonington. Even we, rural hicks that we are, said it would be remote and lonely in the winter. The back roads have shacks and the coast has summer mansions occupied a month or two per year.

  105. Best nap evar.

  106. You’re welcome, Cyn.

    /sends invoice for cholorform

  107. Did you rape her good and hard?

    Also, the meatballs are done and are awesome.

  108. Why Hotspur should not be driving a car.

  109. I remember going to the HoJo’s for ice cream when I was a little boy visiting Maine. And my aunt’s homemade fishsticks.

  110. How do you make your meatballs, Alex, and are they wet or dry (SYWM)?

  111. I’ve never been to NE. And by NE, I include Mass and Conn. Bucket list.

  112. HO Jo’s is pretty much gone now. I remember them as a kid too. Awesome fish sticks with tarter sauce.

  113. Gone?! GONE??

    Well, Maine will never get my business again.

    *slams door*

  114. Cyn,

    1lb beef,
    1lb pork
    2 eggs
    bread crumbs,
    garlic powder
    assorted spices

  115. *slips Xbrad a twenty for the chloroform nap*

  116. When I was a kid, HoJo’s was 3 blocks away.

    One day of the week was all-you-can-eat fried clams.

    I got sick on that just about every month.

  117. Pork? Hunh… that sounds good.

  118. Before HoJos closed here, we had a couple of epic episodes on COPS. Right in the HoJo parking lot.

  119. Oso, chicks with hairy backs were at the Los Lunas WalMart, and one at the Sam’s Club on Renaissance.

    Did you feel the earthquake? It rattled the blinds here and the house shook a tiny bit.

  120. Seems to me too that HoJo’s also used to make the best mac’n’cheese on the planet.

  121. I need a stiff drink!

  122. HoJo’s was right up there with Stuckey’s and Wayfara’s. After a while, you wonder why you ever went there.

  123. We drove around the country quite a bit when I was younger. My folks liked HoJo’s and especially Stuckey’s. But mostly they liked to stay overnight in a Motel 6 and make us eat pimento and cheese sammiches, or egg salad sammiches. Lunch in a restaurant was a real treat.

  124. Didn’t feel the Earthquake. My friends in Tucson did. It was so hot in the Duke City today, I got to see all kinds of nasty!

  125. Good evening, nozzles of d.

  126. XB, did you have to hide in the station wagon and sleep in sleeping bags at the Motel 6?

  127. With or without the umbrella and cherry, Master Chief?

  128. Driving around the country with people who have been eating egg salad sammiches sounds awful.

  129. Shoney’s breakfast buffet.

  130. To be fair Sean, they had the option to eat pimento AND cheese.

    I kid you not, pimento cheese is a big thing in Charlotte. It’s in omelets, a sandwich, on a fried goat face, on top of your car after dinner, etc.

    But mostly in omelets. And fish sticks.

  131. My Mom didn’t believe in motion sickness. I would usually puke in the station wagon at the same point on every trip. Then, they started drugging me. I missed meeting an astronaut on a flight, because I was so drugged. He signed shit for my bro and my sis. I’ve blocked his name due to bitterness.

  132. >> I need a stiff drink!

    You and me but it’s a school night plus my kid and this puppy are here right now. Maybe I should give her one.

  133. Pimento Cheese and Fried Goat Face is…

    A) …a scam

    2) …good eatin’

    ¢) …a band I saw open for Ministry back in 1991

    IV) …all of the above

  134. That puppy sooooo looks like my Pebbles when I was little. We used to dress her and wrap her in blankets and push her around in dolly carriages. Too cuuuute.

  135. Cute puppy! Missing the SSG/future SIL? We’ll be keeping him (and your families) in our prayers.

  136. Thanks Teresa, yeah, that was the day he shipped out, Friday. She bonded to him some. Youngest gal and that pup stayed here this weekend.. she lives close so that’s good.

    *looks around for a dolly carriage.. Molly would probably like that*

  137. Remember, you just have to say “Service Dog”

  138. IV) …all of the above

  139. Dan over served me. I tried to keep up. Hostages United!!! Avenge me!!!!!

  140. We also would have accepted “A short-lived buddy cop show starring Judd Nelson and Edward James Olmos.”


  142. We also would have accepted “A short-lived buddy cop show starring Judd Nelson and Edward James Olmos.”
    I think he’s dead.

    He was pretty good in BSGUAsshole, but I kind of wanted to punch him a few times.

  143. EJO is a hero in the Hispanic community. In the pedo community…not so much. Harvey Keitel

  144. Dan is cutting me off. G’night

  145. “Two girls, one World Cup.”


    Yes I will be at TITS. You and my secret girlfriend Hotbride?

  146. My dad uses a cart. Usually because he’s buying at Table & Vine in Massachusetts in order to lift his finger at Malloy’s liquor tax in CT.

  147. Dan is cutting me off. G’night
    I’m pretty sure its 9am in NM.

    Or maybe 9:45.

  148. OH, and he’s a mad prolific drunkie drunkity drunk. Perhaps you’ve seen some of his work

    *falls over a chair*

  149. I’m buying my booze by the tanker truck once I hit the lottery!

  150. What game should we play?

  151. *subscribes to MCPO’s newsletter*

  152. What game should we play?
    The question game is so boring, don’t you think?

  153. EJO is a hero in the Hispanic community. In the pedo community…not so much. Harvey Keitel

    That was…cryptic.

  154. You know what’s not boring… the exclamation point game!!!


  156. gots to go, kidlet here.

    love you all.

  157. You’re a good man, dave. In spite of the buoyancy issues.

  158. CEREAL?!!?!?!

    *puts on helmet*

  159. Pin the tail on the jackass!

    //stabs Rosie with a “tail.”

  160. Dave is a model father.

    Love that guy.

  161. How many tanker trucks of booze will the Hostages’ compound require do you think?

  162. One Brazillian

  163. I am an idiot but I can’t be all sniffly and stupid cause that’s useless to my daughter. I gotta be tough and huggy.

    Thank you all. Laters.


  165. Watching The Breakfast Club with wiserson.

    Weird new perspective…….

  166. >>>Dave is a model father.


  167. I started watching The Breakfast Club for the first time in forever the other day, got real sick of Judd real quick and turned it off.

  168. Then what happened:

  169. Watching The Breakfast Club with wiserson.

    Get him a carton of smokes for Christmas. He’ll appreciate the joke.

  170. Then what happened:

  171. Richard, halfway through the movie tape his butt cheeks together.

    Then when that comes up in the movie, say you’re sorry.

    Then try and tape wiserbrides’s butt cheeks together so she kills you with a pick axe.

    Report back.

  172. Too bad Dave’s not there. He could do that thing where he puts the lipstick between his moobs and applies it to his lips.


  173. hi Rosie

  174. Pretty In Pink was better than The Breakfast Club.

    *totally keeps a straight face*

  175. Gags:

  176. but but Molly

  177. but Demi was an order of magnatude hotter.

  178. logarithmic scale order

  179. Molly was gross:

  180. Looks like scott is playing the colon game.


  181. maybe scott, but gingers are +2 or better

  182. Crazy is a – :

  183. Demi over Molly times 1000:

  184. Molly could be a Fat Lip Friday model:

  185. Demi over Molly, sure.

    But who didn’t fap to Pretty in Pink Molly at least once?

  186. :That’s what she gets for not making sammich fast enough:

  187. I’ll watch Dazed and Confused before the Breakfast Club!

  188. Hello Vmaximus. How has life treated you today?

  189. feh. You can’t not love this dog

  190. That freak has always repulsed me:

  191. Dazed and Confused is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time.

    The soundtrack is the best since Saturday Night Live.

    Floyd the bulldog was named after “Randall Pink Floyd, you’re in need of a serious attitude adjustment, son.”

  192. Molly’s a cutie-pie, Dave. Give that gal of yours a great big hug from me and Mr. TiFW, wouldja? Then give yourself one from us, too.

  193. and then flog yerself Dave, and pick up the garage, and make us some drinks, and lots of stuff

  194. Molly has a jazzy music career these days. She does a jazz version of “Don’t You Forget About Me” as an encore.

  195. So hot:

  196. *stabs Rosetta with a spork in the spleen for that link*

  197. Careful, Mr. Chumpo, or it’ll be no T.I.T.S. hugs for you…..

  198. ok really out. nite

  199. Chumpo, what are your three favorite movies of all time?

  200. will do Teresa and thanks

    long weekend

  201. Cyn is like the first piece of bread in a loaf. Everyone touches it but nobody wants it.

  202. Did anybody dip anybody else’s pigtails in ink today?

  203. Everyone loves Cyn. That first piece of bread is you:

  204. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::obstruction::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  205. Wow, I did not expect that jazz number. She’s still the anti hot.

    Uh… Deathrace 2000 (the original), Apocalyps Now, True Romance.

    I like Dazed, and patterned an early eighties screenplay off of it, I would really like to start shooting it soon. Maaybe we can get started at TITS?

  206. Better Molly:

  207. Not at all bad Molly:

  208. I’m low-carbing it dammit!

  209. True Romance is outstanding. Tie for the best scene::::::::::

  210. I guess yer right HexBrad. She looks better with some meat in her seat.

    *Burns the Anti Hot list*

  211. Also, those Molly links might as well be Pink Floyd suckage.


  212. The second link wasn’t her.

    The first one? Gross:

  213. MMM will be a little late tomorrow, because my eyes are too itchy for me to actually make a poat right now.

  214. You should feature a sloppy fat redhead with puffy lips:

  215. Arg! Better?

  216. Or Rosetta.

  217. Yeah, That movie has it all.
    I liked Fire Walk With Me too but I watched it a couple of times and then I thought it was too gay. Kyle Mcglauffalin sux. Michael Peter Robyn Lynch whatever has got too many mirrors in his house.

  218. I need to get a better class of criminals around here. Our current ones are so pedestrian.

  219. Mrs Rosie is out of town until Wednesday so I have to pretend to be a responsible parent tomorrow so I’m hitting the sack like the crips hit your mom.

    GO TO BED!!!

  220. Nighty dreams, Rosie

  221. out here too

  222. Chief,
    I’ve got 450 pounds pounds of “Rock-Powder” Dynamite, 100 yards of underwater-fuze, 50 electric-caps, and a bad attitude.
    Where we going here?
    Oh, wait, that was 45 years ago. Never mind…

  223. *heats soup in office microwave*

    *looks in drawer for spoon*


  224. Poor Moses ain’t feelin so good

  225. Whaat!!! whats wrong with yer dog, D?

  226. drive by buggery –

  227. Rosie, good luck. If you need help w the diaper bucket call Chrispy. He’s got loads and loads of dynamite.

  228. This is horribly depressing. 1984 is arriving, just not quite on time nor all at once.

  229. I just saw that, George. Yeah, that’s going to be used to cull the herd at Chase.

  230. That’s disturbing. I hope we all get adjoining cages at the re-education camps.

  231. Have a good week, fellas.

    ch 0

  232. George, those questions are incredibly personal and I don’t think any of those are any of the bank’s business.

    Also, wasn’t Chase one of the two banks that shit the bed and then had to blow Barry?

  233. The message where my ATM asked me to join the bank in celebrating LGBT Pride Month makes a little more sense now.

  234. I think they were just data mining you, Sean.

  235. So you want to jump out your trick bag
    And derp on into a hip bag
    But you ain’t just exactly sure what’s hip
    So you start to let your hair grow
    Spend big bucks to cop you a wardrobe
    But somehow you know there’s much more to the trip

  236. woke up at 1:30 is it worth going back to sleep now?

  237. not sure it was
    where is leons poat?

  238. Yes

  239. leon is late today. Something about eyes. He needs to discover Claritin or Zyrtec.

  240. My last employee survey asked if I was straight or LGBT. I checked “Prefer not to answer” just to screw ’em up.

  241. Interesting, that we now cater to 3-10% of the country, depending on the survey.

  242. Was there a “curious” or “3 martini” option?

  243. My last employee survey asked if I was straight or LGBT. I checked “Prefer not to answer” just to screw ‘em up.
    420 friendly ought to mess them up. I mean O’Bumbles in in charge!

  244. I don’t care if it’s old.

  245. Conferences are done, no more traveling for a while, so I plan to spend a long day in the lab. :) Y’all have a good day.

  246. Jay, I took Zyrtec last night 2 hours before I needed to do the poat, still couldn’t put my glasses on by then.

    I’m praying for an early Winter. Give me 15 minutes for MMM.

  247. Did you bring that pierced-up dude back with you to play with the big magnet?

  248. Interesting, that we now cater to 3-10% of the country, depending on the survey.

    2%, tops, but they are obviously more important than the rest of us, since only they will produce the next generation of Americans Broadway musicals.

  249. Sounds like you need to visit the allergy doc, leon.

  250. I still question the 3% figure, but that’s about the lowest universally accepted figure out there.

    Most of the rest is everyone trying to get laid, or declaring their social superiority over the rest of us heathens.

  251. New poat.

  252. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on June 30, 2014 7:01 am
    My last employee survey asked if I was straight or LGBT. I checked “Prefer not to answer” just to screw ‘em up.
    Should have checked the LGBT, you’d probably have gotten a raise and be un fireable.

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