Check your privilege

This just said H2 to me.
Good morning.


  1. Tushar, I sent the truck video to my dad and asked him if he ever unloaded like that. Thanks.

  2. Fat black womyn make great pancakes

  3. I had to look up kawaii.

  4. Everyone must be reading the Sunday book thread.

  5. or packing stuff.

  6. Watching Justified.

  7. Gmorning .

  8. Scott, I know there are differences from model to model, but is Craftsman generally an ok brand or is it bad quality stuff?
    I don’t need heavy well built contractor grade miter saw and table saw. Just something I can use around the house easily. Laminate flooring, molding, little toys for kids, that kind of stuff.

  9. The Craftsman brand used to be the pride of the entire Sears empire. People like my dad swore by their tools. I have some and have always been satisfied. Don’t know if they have maintained quality now. Overall, the Japanese brands have become dominant in quality power tools.

  10. I would look for reviews Tushar. It gets confusing because there are only a handful of manufacturers for the dozens of brands.

    I am pretty sure that Craftsman power tools are made by the same company that makes Ryobi, Ridgid, and Milwaukee.

    Not the greatest but good enough. I’m very happy with the Ryobi stuff I have.

  11. Do they guarantee their power tools for life?

  12. My father used to love using craftsman hand tools because they had a lifetime warranty. He’d beat the shit out of a hammer at work and when it broke just swap it for a new one.

  13. Black and Decker and Dewalt are the same.

  14. Tools


  15. I doubt anyone gives lifetime warranty, and I am very doubtful they would honor it anyway.

    Here is what the issue is: the only saws that get good reviews are from companies like Ridgid, Bosch, Dewalt etc, and they are all $600-$1000 machines. They are great for a contractor who uses them 8 hours a day. A person who needs them for 8 minutes per year does not need the accuracy, repeatability and ease of setup of the more expensive stuff. But all the reviews I read do not make any distiction between the professional and the DIY tinkerer at all.

    I must have read a few hundred reviews by now. They all talk about how the cheaper Skil lost its accuracy after only (only!) 500 hours of use and had to be recalibrated. Well duh. I won’t put 500 hours on it in my lifetime.

  16. Even the worst is pretty good these days.

    My new Chinese made Ryobi drill is 10X better than my brand new Makita was 20 years ago.

  17. >>Even the worst is pretty good these days.

    Exactly. People see old stuff made from cast iron, and think the newer sheetmetal/rigid plastic stuff is bad. Not necessarily.
    In old days, lot of weight was the only way to achieve dimentional stability and rigidity. We have better material and manufacturing processes now.

  18. The bloodsucking tic on America’s artery says she is not truly well off.
    Her net worth is north of $100 million.
    How much more does she need to be truly well off?

  19. $101 million, and she’s SET!

  20. $102 million would be moar better.

  21. Dr Evil comes off as more reasonable.

  22. I can’t imagine scraping by on $99 million

  23. That’s right there at the breadlines and the homeless shelters.

  24. We should send care packages.

  25. Can of bug spray
    Baby wipes
    Can of Chunky Soup


  26. I got a tube of barely-expired toothpaste I could kick in.

  27. Hmm, Dr. Evil and Hillary! both wear pantsuits.


  28. Can of bug spray… Will be poisonous to her. Good idea actually
    Baby wipes… With her advanced aged and limited mobility, may be useful
    Condoms….. They haven’t needed those in decades
    Can of Chunky Soup….. She’s got chunky covered already.

  29. Anyone ever spray painted their interior walls? Good idea? Bad idea?

  30. It’ll look greaaaat

  31. Nah, I took Mrs. Dave and youngest out to lunch for Mrs. Dave’s birthday (tomorrow). This is my favorite time of year cause till Sept she’s 3 years older than me,

  32. * places can of spray paint on burner *
    * sets burner to high *
    * waits 17 seconds *


  33. Hah, Penelope is 2 years older than I am for the next month. :)

  34. Brisket at 178°.

  35. I could be set for life and cure at least one major societal problem if I had $100M.

  36. I have enough manners not to mention it to her. I just laugh to myself!

  37. My allergies aren’t all the way gone, but I had to mow, so after church I took a sudafed and prayed. I finished, we’ll see if it kills me.

  38. Tushar, spraying indoors is a bad idea for reasons of air quality and what ends up in your vents and on surfaces you never meant to paint, iirc.

    Rollers work fine, and almost as fast.

  39. roll slow though

  40. >>>This is my favorite time of year cause till Sept she’s 3 years older than me

    I prefer women who are younger than me.

  41. If you roll fast, you’re done faster.

  42. How much more does she need to be truly well off?

    More than everyone else.

    Condoms….. They haven’t needed those in decades

    On the one hand, I wouldn’t get near Bill without one. On the other hand, who would want to sleep with Hillary?

  43. On the other hand, who would want to sleep with Hillary?

    *Beats Roamy with a mini-whisk*

  44. Cyn, I almost said “I wouldn’t fuck Hillary with (insert male Hostage name here)’s dick”, but I couldn’t decide who to pick on.

  45. I prefer women who are younger than me.

    **insert “Friends” gif with “How you doin’?”

  46. I’m pretty sure that no dick has been near Hillary since (insert daughter Chelsea’s age plus nine months here).


  47. Turkey baster baby??

  48. >> If you roll fast, you’re done faster.

    Who wants to get done faster?


  49. Ha!… listening to Wiser’s show from yesterday and I just now hear the “It’s Not My Fault” scene from Blue’s Brothers.
    *raises glass to Radiobuns*

  50. Everything should be done fast.

    This is the right way, I heard.

  51. Shit. Back to Urgent Care with Xmom for another UTI.

  52. “My Little Surfer Girl”… did wiser just out himself and MJ?!!?

  53. Awwww, damn. Tell Pogo to give them doc’s hell!

  54. Use plenty of fire, it cuts the dry time in half.

  55. If you do it fast the first time, you can do it slower the second and third time.

  56. It only takes a minute if you wait to the last minute.

  57. Brisket at 178°.

    You just had to burn it to death didn’t you?

  58. >>>“My Little Surfer Girl”… did wiser just out himself and MJ?!!?


    I’ve been waiting for two days for someone to comment on that.

  59. It’s a cover?

  60. Softball game …… won…

    Yard work…… completed.

    I think it’s margaritas time.

  61. Did you try the beergarita?

  62. No booze until the packing is done.

  63. “Beergarita” sounds like the name of the last choice chick in the bar at last call just before the lights come on.

  64. From September til November, I will be 2 years older than Dan. He never lets me forget. 2 months and 2 days of stupid comments that are no way near as funny as he thinks they are. He is turning 50 and I am LOVING it!

  65. >>No booze until the packing is done.

    If you don’t have booze before packing, you will have fewer injuries.
    If you have booze before packing, you will have fewer injuries that you will notice.

  66. storms let up. nap time in the pool.

  67. Looks like we are teeming with guys who married women older than them.
    And then we have Scott.

  68. I am 501 days younger than Mr. RFH. He says this is a good thing because if I do something mean for his 50th birthday, my turn’s comin’.

  69. I had a surprise party for his 40th. He tried to return the favor except Mini-me and I got sick.

  70. >>>Did you try the beergarita?

    Not. Happening.

  71. I want an 18 y/o Swedish Au pair.

  72. Dan had a surprise party for my 40th. Video exists of me punching him in the chest when we walked in my cousin’s house. He said he didn’t want a party for his 40th. I did nothing. O M G. Cost me lots of $$$ to make up for that one.

  73. Paula is 16 younger than me. Sometimes I feel like one of those Civil War veterans who married a young woman and had kids as an old man. Not that we plan on having kids…

  74. I want an 18 y/o Swedish Au pair.

    Who doesn’t?

  75. MaryAnn is toy obsessive. Her toy of choice is a doughnut shaped tennis ball material throwing disc. Called Do. Last night, she lost Do at the park. Dan and I weren’t paying attention, and now we can’t find it. She has stopped eating. She is so depressed. It usually takes her a month to accept Replacement Do. $20 is not enough.

  76. Wife #1 was 15 months younger. Wife #2 is 6 years and 4 months younger. I dated a woman a year older than me once. The biggest gap was my 18yo gf when I was 27.

    Don’t judge me, you’re only jealous.

  77. Jimbro, didn’t the last kid of a Civil War Vet recently pass?

  78. MCPO, are you watching golf?

  79. I read something about that recently. I think it was an article about benefits being paid by the .gov for dependents of the Civil War and Spanish-American war or some such thing. As a kid I vaguely recall WW1 vets marching in parades. Soon there will be fewer and fewer WW2 vets marching.

  80. Crazy neighbor isn’t cutting her lawn this year. It’s getting interesting.

  81. We are losing Code Talkers and Bataan Death March survivors on almost a weekly basis in NM. RL friend is in the Natl Guard. They provide graveside honors. Boom box for Taps and 2 Guardsmen to fold the flag.

  82. WooHoo! Michelle Wie is awesome!

  83. As a 6th grader I played Taps on my trumpet for the Memorial Day thing we did at our school for the vets. After 7th grade I gave up the trumpet since it was a pain in the ass carrying it back and forth from school for two miles to and fro. Plus, by then I knew that the chicks always went for the bass player.

  84. Bass player? Really?

  85. Ask Dave, he knows.

  86. What’s everyone talking about? Escape velocity?

  87. Packing is done!

  88. Yay!!! BTW I’m glad that Michelle Wie is in her 20s. Otherwise, the camera angles would be just creepy.

  89. Good day, cisfat hitlerphobic pandaists.

  90. Lauraw, who are you for, USA or Portugal? (Like I freaking care)

  91. Hi Sean.

  92. Hi, Sean!!!

  93. Poll: Which is more ghey, LPGA Women’s Open or World Cup?

  94. Poll: Which is more ghey, LPGA Women’s Open or World Cup?
    LPGA. Those women could lick 9 layers of paint from a old door.

  95. Actual quote from Dan: This isn’t the Nancy Lopez/Kathy Whitworth LPGA.

  96. Which is more ghey, LPGA Women’s Open or World Cup?

    World Cup. Watching the LPGA will put hair on your chest.

  97. Today I learned that unbreakable cups aren’t.

    I should have returned those kids to the hospital when I had a chance.

  98. Unbreakable or break resistant?

  99. One size doesn’t fit all.

    Universal never is.

  100. >>Unbreakable or break resistant?

    What difference, at this point, does it make?

  101. You’ve obviously never worked Customer Service in retail. (Has returned $$$$$ in watches, cameras, and melamine due to the difference between proof/resistant)

  102. Interchangeable parts aren’t.

  103. Scratch resistant surface isn’t.

  104. That SJW tumblr is a hoot. Nice to see someone lampooning the incredible stupidity of SJWs.


  106. SJW?

  107. SJW~ Social Justice Warriors.

    Pansy little teens and 20s that make a profession of taking umbrage at anything that could possibly be seen as criticism of anyone… unless they’re a heterosexual white male, in which case, they must be pilloried just for existing.

  108. I look white, because I am white. My dermatologist cousin, had her eldest graduate from HS this year. Academy, not Pius. He is in Mexico now, in a Spanish immersion program. I can no longer make fun of him by singing Cheech and Chong’s Mexican Americans song. I lie. I still make fun of him.


  110. These idiots don’t like the word ‘human’, because it has man embedded in it.
    I wonder if the find the word ‘pesron’. It has the word son embedded in it. That is very gender normative, cis normative, ableist, white supremacist something or the other.

  111. I miss Mare. She would totes <3 Scott's youtube.

  112. Tush, why are all your people Drs?

  113. There are two types people in the world I choose to live in: good an bad. That’s it.

    And there are two types of people I can’t stand: bigots and the Jews.

  114. Pansy little teens and 20s that make a profession of taking umbrage at anything that could possibly be seen as criticism of anyone…

    To be fair, there are plenty of them who are well into their 60s and 70s. You can find them in just about any college town. Some of them are even perfessers.

  115. Ugh. Watching USA/Portugal. Dan is being especially rayciss.

  116. Really? Really? Why is Dan calling portuguese players “Fucking Beaners”? RAYCISS MOFO. He is horrible. You people don’t even know the rayciss BS I am being subjected too.

  117. Let me see if I can find the Mare call.

  118. Oso, until the wave of computer programmers like me hit, most Indians in US were doctors. They are the new Jews.
    Programmers congregate in big cities, but Doctors are everywhere and much closer to the community. So it is not a surprise that the only dot head an average American knows has a stethoscope around his neck.

  119. Scott,

  120. My FiLs oncologist is a dot. I helped 2 dot Drs today, while being a back up cashier. For a few years, most of our nurses were dot Indians from Canada.

  121. I’ve been in a news near-blackout for the last three weeks or so. Nothing matters but org chem, and org chem is the world. At work tonight one of my coworkers complained that she was going to miss part of the USA game. I just looked at her like, ‘The huh?’ and she explained to me that there was a soccer match. I said ‘oh,’ resumed work and never thought of it again until now.

    Tomorrow and Tuesday: moar study marathon.


  123. Lauraw, nobody really cares about the WC. Maybe Portugal cares. Keep on keeping on with the org chem. (Totes hippie reference that you are too young for)

  124. WTF? Tie? So if we tie Germany and Ghana and Portugal end in a tie we are in? What kind of sport is this? WTF? Gives everybody a participant ribbon and starts kissing siblings. A MFing tie?

  125. Fanks, Oso. This is the last week.

  126. By best friend played soccer up until high school. He keeps posting updates on facechimp, which makes my phone buzz, which makes me think something actually important might be going on.

  127. You can do it!!!

  128. Sean, yep. Dan messed with my phone and I get STL Cards updates!!! We all know I’m too lazy to fix that.

  129. I’m not checking any goddam privilege, I napped in the pool too long.

  130. Check your privilege, pool boy!!! Jimbro is daft enough to think that bass players get chicks.

  131. I have no words.

  132. well that doesn’t happen

  133. I H8 the new rules against catchers in BB. BS. Put ’em in skirts and make ’em hit off a tee.

  134. Ooh…

    *sharp intake of breath*

    …having a pool? is, like, a sure sign that you need to check your privilege.

  135. Lol

  136. Oh shit. Obama’s forming a task force to save the honeybees. We’re doomed.

  137. Sweet—I now have a plan to get some of that sweet government money! I’ll get paid to not keep my bee hives.

  138. Winnie the Pooh and Yogi?

  139. Honey that was intended for tourists and sold on the side of the road with the good apples, cherries, etc…strained. Honey for us…parts were suspended in it. Bee parts. Check your privilege.

  140. Jimbro, how big of a hobby is it to keep honeybees? I seem to remember it was a very occasional deal, but then I was a kid and actually not doing the work.

  141. the redneck riviera.. I might have napped here today YOU DON’T KNOW

  142. When everything goes well it’s fun. When things go bad it’s a pain in the ass. The two big problems I’ve had are colonies not making it through the winter and swarms. Both are seen as failures by the beekeeper for not paying attention to the hives. My colony made it through the winter this year but had a swarm last week. I should have put the honey super on it to give them more perceived room for the hive. Now the remaining bees will produce less honey for me this year. It’s cheaper to just buy local honey at a farmer’s market or a local beekeeper. If you have the urge to someday try it get some used equipment from someone who has extra and leave it in the cold over a winter to kill any mites in the boxes and start with new frames to avoid disease carrying over from the old hive. It’s an expensive hobby:

    After this hive dies I’m giving it a rest for a few years to let my interest build again.

  143. I had friends in high school that kept bees. One got on my friend’s older brother and hit an artery and he went down like a sack of potatoes.. I was all freaked out and Jeff said “he’s ok, he got mainlined”. Bro was up in a couple minutes.

  144. Keeping bees is not a hobby. I’m thinking deathwish.

  145. It was kinda cool how they used the smoke to calm em down though.. I liked that.. plus, fresh wax honeycomb.. there ain’t anything sweeter than that except Cyn

  146. I learned a new word yesterday. Beeswing. It is not the wing of a bee but the dregs in a bottle of wine.

  147. I have wtfsocialjustice bookmarked, XBrad, she’s hilarious.

    Also, I checked my privilege. I like it, think I’ll hang on to it for awhile.

  148. That smell is heavenly. You can smell it when you get within 10 feet of the hive.

  149. Anita came in from mowing, looked at FaceChimp, and says:
    “Oh No! Osoloco saw my picture and knows what I look like!”

    Well, don’t put your picture on FaceChimp. Duh!

    /First world problems…

  150. *waits for a favor request from Dave*

  151. She’s amazing! Oso loves Anita!!!

  152. Goooood evening Hostages.

  153. It’s okay Anita. Oso doesn’t stalk and dismember. That I know of.

  154. Evening, Bcoch. How’s the girls?

  155. >> *waits for a favor request from Dave*

    wut, I sent you the email addrs.

    beeswing with roamy.. I think this is a dance

  156. Jimbro, I remember. And chewing on a little chunk of freshly-cut honeycomb, OMG. So good. Fragrant and satisfying.

  157. It was kinda cool how they used the smoke to calm em down though

    This also works for hippies.

  158. Bees have more practical applications than hippies.

  159. Hey beasn. They’re good. I just flew back from BWI today. The wife and midgets are staying for like two weeks to visit a bunch of family up there.

  160. Jimbro, my grandfather kept bees and never wore protective gear. He was an amazing, quiet man. His eyesight was so sharp that he could be walking along and spot a four-leaf clover or spot the queen among a big mass of bees.

  161. You know what’s great about dancing?

    Girls. That’s what’s great.

  162. And Dave, if you’ve got my email addy, can you email me? Need to talk to you about something involving the Mothership.

  163. Lippy, my Grammo, too.

  164. This happens about once every two weeks:

    Asian customer who hasn’t been here in a while and sees me in the office: “Is, uh, this place under new management?”


    Acwhbhiawasmito: “So…”

    Me: “No, I just work here. The Koreans still own the place.”

  165. bc, I sent you an email at the one I think I have

  166. swings Lipstick around some

  167. Acwhbhiawasmito…HA!

  168. For three years in my early twenties I had a boyfriend 19 years older than me.

    For many years I had a “Same Time Next Year” relationship with a guy 24 years older.

    Older men were always more interesting — they had more to offer intellectually. They had lived and you could have interesting conversations with them.

    Me: So, I started dating someone new.

    Friend: So how old is this one?

  169. I’ve been stung a few times which doesn’t hurt bad at all. The next day though things swell up something awful. (Apiary Viagra?) Two years ago they got my ear and half my face looked like the BBF model’s chest. I always wear the head piece and the gloves.

  170. College age Lippy: I’m going to London for my Junior year!!
    College age dude: Why would you want to do that?
    College age Lippy: *sighs*

  171. >> Older men were always more interesting

    How YOU doin?

  172. Jimbro, he must have had some sort of freaky immunity to do something so crazy.

  173. Bcoch,
    How was the NoVaMoMe?
    Did you manage to not get arrested?

  174. Received and responded, Dave.

  175. Lipstick – walking-stick robber.

  176. It went well for the most part Chrispy. A few of us stayed out well into the night. MoMee itself closed down around 1015 (they kicked us out of the room). About a dozen of us walked to a bar down the street. We closed that place down. Then went and hit up some food. I think I got to sleep a little after 4am this morning.

    I did not get arrested. I did get in a minor yelling match with some popped collar broseph as we were leaving the bar.

  177. Lippy knows things.

  178. swings Lipstick around some


  179. The wife and midgets are staying for like two weeks to visit a bunch of family up there.

    Last minute meat-up at B’s place!

  180. Good bee keepers can do that Lipstick. I’m an amateur for sure. My queen is wild and not a bred queen so the hive is more aggressive. Italian and Carniolan queens are pretty docile, Russians are feisty but winter hardy. Don’t get me going on the Africanized ones!

  181. Tush, you can’t prove I’ve stolen any walking sticks! (Cause they are all in a super-secret hiding place)

  182. How do you get/catch/lure a wild queen bee?

  183. picks something swingy

  184. Did the coolness of anybody’s popped collar fail to impress anybody else outside of a bar today?

  185. MMM scheduled for 601am.

  186. It’s called supercedure when the bees make their own queen. When the old queen is laying eggs inconsistently or they’re crowded they make a new queen and kill the old queen or she takes off with the swarm and the new queen emerges from the supercedure cell soon after. That’s when the drones get to make sweet bee love to the new virgin queen. Drones get kicked out of the hive in the fall.

  187. I’ll never eat honey again.

  188. sets out the bone glue on tray number 3 for doc Jimbro.

    Make your patient better Jim.

  189. this one is snappy too.

  190. Bees are a matriarchal society. Male bees exist for only one reason. When they’ve fulfilled their “special purpose” they’re cast aside like yesterday’s news.

  191. Older men were always more interesting

    Well, when the alternative is some popped collar broseph (good one, Bcoch) or one of those guys MJ found on Reddit who has erectile dysfunction at 25, yeah.

  192. MJ found those?


  193. What Roamy said.

  194. MJ is weird.

  195. Consider that the average 25yo male in this country has had access to high speed internet porn since the age of 12 or so and the ED with real, live, human females becomes easy to understand.

  196. I remember someone once saying “Honey is bee poop!”.

    So we are bees’ dung beetles?

  197. It’s not poop, silly.

    It’s vomit.

  198. Bee vomit by any other name would be as sweet

  199. Two Bees One Cup

  200. Bee poop? No. Bee vomit.

  201. *books flight to kill Jimbro at once*

  202. back from fake double at my Obamajob.

  203. everyone is grossing me out with the bee stuff stoppit

  204. My obamajob let me watch parts of teh soccer game. it’s important to my children, so I try to stay current.

    Erin was despondent when I got home.

  205. *gets spoonful of bee vomit and eats it

  206. Comment by scott on June 22, 2014 4:45 pm

    No booze until the packing is done.

    I had a drink while I counted my drawer. (bartended today) it takes a long time to leave when bartending, so i deserve a drink.

  207. I hear bee vomit is good for allergies, it don’t work so good in Houston.

  208. Hi Car in!

  209. Hey, I wasn’t saying it was poop.

    And the ending of the soccer game was awful. 20 seconds left and they score. I KNOW YOU GUYS DON’T CARE, TOO BAD!

  210. *swings Lipstick around some more*

  211. It’s too late in the season for bee vomit to help my allergies.

  212. Bedtime.

  213. If I get through tonight without having a cigarette, I have truly broken the habit.

    On a completely unrelated topic, I regret not selling my daughter to Michael more and more, every single fucking day.

  214. I guess I needed a nap.

  215. I did a spoonful of bee vomit everyday for years, boys too. Nada.
    I think it’s a myth.

  216. Dave, I love “Sing Sing Sing”. I played that in high school. The band director passed out the music and told us to put on our zoot suits. We had no idea what he was talking about, but we learned. The tympani player was a chunky kid, and I think he lost about 15 lbs from rehearsing that song.

  217. Time for my overnight nap

  218. >> I regret not selling my daughter to Michael more and more, every single fucking day.

    Dies laughing in the middle of me loving that you kicked the smokes.. just fucking dies.

    HEY Roamy, I was the bass player in our HS jazz band.. the conductor was a clarinet player (and a bit free with his hands on high school girls but that’s not the point of this story) I played lots of big band tunes which were easy cause dad had the records

  219. Yikes, Wiser.

    Crashed the car? Ran off with a hippie?

  220. Hey Vman! What’s shaking.

    I eat bee vomit just because I like it.

    *licks spoon clean

  221. Wiser, you want to tell us what happened, or is she just going to get a plane ticket to Dallas with your frequent flyer miles?

    My bet is she changed majors.

  222. lippy, she probably disagreed with him on the coversong theory.


    I’d disown a child of mine if they did that.

  224. see this is me understanding a daughter did something to make dad insane and not even needing to know what it was, because that’s what they do

  225. Or Gender studies.

    or journalism.

    sorry Seanm.

    (I was a journalism major as well, so i’m joking)


    not really

  226. I’ve got a fake double tomorrow (third fake double in a row) so I’m hitting the hay.

    see you guys in 7 hours or so.

  227. Oh goody, sounds like a wiserrant brewing!

    *gets popcorn

  228. I care

  229. Well, maybe not. I gotta get up early too.

    G’nite! See you on the “women’s” fitness poat in the AM.

  230. >>>My bet is she changed majors.

    She’s been in two car accidents in two years, both her fault. She got a letter from DMV telling her she needs to attend e nd driving school.

    She went over-the-top apeshit, screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs at wiserbride as to how unfair this is. I tried to calm her down by speaking very calmly and quietly. She turned her insane, obsenity-laced screaming towards me, and added a few swings at my head.

    I finally had enough and slapped her. Well, that worked just as well as you can imagine.

    Now, wiserdaughter has left, wiserbride is pissed at me and life is just fucking grand.

  231. >>>Crashed the car? Ran off with a hippie?

    I may have told her that if she leaves, don’t come back.

    And I may have been stone-cold serious about that.

  232. oh shit

  233. Dave, I played flute in the “wind ensemble” with occasional bits with the jazz band. I dated one of the trombone players. There’s one jazz band song that I dearly love that I cannot find a recording of. I think it was called “Sheba” or “Little Sheba”, and it was kind of a belly-dancing song. The jazz band guys all put on cool sunglasses and keffiyehs, and the director had a little sign that said “OPEC Jazz”. Long before PC and 9/11. It’s on a cassette tape somewhere in the basement, and I’ll find it one of these days.

  234. *pictures wiser as Lloyd Bridges doing the “Looks like I picked a good week to quit_____” bit*

  235. She took swings at you?!

    That’s a paddling.

  236. >> I dated one of the trombone players

    at least it wasn’t the bass player.

    They are the worst. Except for drummers.

    * find it I want to hear it*

  237. >>>oh shit


  238. Seriously, though, I hope things work out okay, man.

  239. see this is me understanding a daughter did something to make dad insane and not even needing to know what it was, because that’s what they do

    No shit.

  240. >>>That’s a paddling.

    She’s very lucky that I unclenched my fist before I hit her.

  241. Even clothes are discriminating against these angels.

  242. Wiser,
    You make me re-think my decision to get a vasectomy in 1970.
    Now, I’m thinkin’ it was a good choice.
    Before, I was thinking that we would die alone, with no children or grand-children.
    Now, I’m thinking that that’s cool…

  243. >>>Seriously, though, I hope things work out okay, man.

    Right now, “working out okay” is either her getting the fuck out of my house or checking her into a psych hospital.

  244. Ouch, that’s a tough one, wiser.

  245. oh shit, I’m so sorry wiser

  246. We love our kids so hard, and sometimes they are just idiots.

  247. Not on wiserbride’s side in this. You take a swing at dad, you get both parents pissed at you, not at each other.

    Driving school is a good idea, especially if it will make the insurance lower.

  248. We love our kids so hard, and sometimes they are just idiots.


  249. Not gonna burden y’all with anymore details, but …… holy fucking shit…..

  250. Holy Shit. I’m sorry, Wiser.

    Do you think she’ll go to the cops and claim abuse?

  251. Wiser,
    Had you slapped her here(WA), CPS would be on your ass in a heartbeat.
    You would be arrested, jailed, and prosecuted for “child abuse”.
    Why yes, WA is a BLUE state.
    Why do you ask?

  252. We love our kids so hard, and sometimes they are just idiots.

    Who date filthy trollops?

  253. //brohugs//

    Sorry, Wiser.

  254. Wiser, how old is she?

  255. (((HUGS))) Wiser

  256. Not on wiserbride’s side in this. You take a swing at dad, you get both parents pissed at you, not at each other.


    WTF, daughter gets to do all that and you’re in the doghouse?!

  257. I know if I would have done that, I would’ve gotten clocked, and that’s probably from my mom. Then dad would get a chance. It’s a different world.

  258. (((Hugs))) Wiser.

  259. Parents need to be a team, even when they’re not. Hugs, wiserbuns.

  260. >>>Wiser, how old is she?

    She’ll be 20 in a couple of weeks.

    >>>Do you think she’ll go to the cops and claim abuse?

    She could, but we’ve got a long history of this b.s. documented.

    >>>>Not on wiserbride’s side in this

    She’s more pissed because of the situation. Not so much at me. But it really is the last thing we need in our lives right now.

  261. Dittos on the hugs. Of the “outraged on your behalf” variety.

  262. We love our kids so hard, and sometimes they are just idiots.

    I was on the idiot side of that equation for a long-ass time. Trying to do better now.

  263. Maybe it’s the heat of the moment, but I seriously would not be all that upset to have her gone.

    I am so tired of her crap. Get out there and try this fucking bullshit in th real world, you spoiled little brat.

    A slap in the face is the least of your worries there.

  264. I’m sorry for bringing this garbage here, but I am fucking livid and I have no where else to vent.

    Thanks for the hugs.

  265. I hope she comes home soon, clear-headed and safe, and a good adult conversation can happen tomorrow.

  266. And by the way, Wiser, you’re not “burdening” us with this; that’s what we’re here for.

  267. If I read upthread and get the full dope on wiser’s family story, will it make me want to drink?

    Because I have to work tomorrow.

  268. >>>I hope she comes home soon, clear-headed and safe, and a good adult conversation can happen tomorrow.

    I hope she hops a bus to Duluth and I never have to spend another dime on her again.

  269. Yeah, okay, we can hope for the bus ride too. ;)
    {{Moar hugzzzz}}

  270. wiserpal you and I are broken hearted over our daughters for different reasons, but the pain is the same,

    we signed up for this when we made them. *clinks a beer with you*

    It just hurts

  271. >>>>And by the way, Wiser, you’re not “burdening” us with this; that’s what we’re here for

    I know and thanks, lippy.

  272. ya did good Wiser.
    Never reject, always accept communication.

  273. >>>It just hurts

    Well, the hurt may come after the overwhelming anger fades.

    I’ m guessing that’ll happen sometime around 2017.

  274. Uh oh. I wish I hadn’t read upthread.

    *pours two drinks, shoves one at wiser through cable modem*

  275. The tears…. these are tears of fury……

  276. also can we not take on the entire postal worker’s union again?

  277. >>>also can we not take on the entire postal worker’s union again?

    Tonight, I regret not having done that.

  278. Not so much at me.

    Glad I read that wrong. And yes, what Lippy said about venting.

  279. Tonight, I sincerely believe I could destroy them all.

    I do not remember ever being this angry…….

  280. well my teeth say thank god for restraint

  281. cause we would have died

  282. I totally understand you being angry. How many jobs are you working now? 5?

  283. This sounds like an interesting story. The postal union?

  284. I’m trying to imagine a way in which this gets fixed. Some way in which we walk back from this.

    I can’t see it.

    I’m literally shaking…

    I need to go away now….

    Thanks for all of your support.

  285. me and wiser were drunk a morning at the CT meet, and we were walkin by a conference room with CT Postal union workers and he went off listening to some commie speaker.. I had to pull him down. It was self preservation there were like 200 of em.

    I admired his spunk. I did not want to lose teefes.

    Later we had breakfast with a bottle of vodka on the table.,

  286. Hahahahahahahaha

  287. I put some in my OJ and also on my eggs

  288. Ha Ha! Was the pic of Wiser hanging off the tree before or after the visit to the union assholes?

  289. Later we had breakfast with a bottle of vodka on the table

    Hey, it’s gluten-free.

  290. Carb free too

  291. On the lighter side of things, I just booked my hotel room for teh TITS.

  292. the tree shot was before we went in to have breakfast and I love that pic

  293. Vodka. On eggs.

    That’s horrific sounding.

  294. SEAN! I GET TO MEET SEAN!!!!!!!!!

  295. gotta go my kid needs me

  296. If she’s twenty years old then kick her to the curb. You don’t need that crap and she’s a grown woman who can handle her own damn problems.

  297. I’m really rather disappointing in person. Ask b-rad.

  298. Sean’s really rather disappointing in person.

    Hell, last time I saw him, he still drank to improve his personality!

  299. Five bucks says the TITS hotel will be hosting a SEIU convention simultaneously.

  300. his diet Dr Pepper is on me

  301. gotta go, youngest is crashing here and needs hugs. Nite friends

  302. Sean’s really rather disappointing in person.

    How do you know he won’t send a stunt double?

  303. G’night dave. I’m actually really psyched about meeting you.

  304. I excited that I get to meet old people and new people… squeee!

  305. I watched The Final Option last night, about the SAS.

    This movie actually really made an impact on me in 1982 or so. My favorite scene.

  306. I’m meeting no one!!!!

  307. I am putting a comforter over my youngest kid and calling it a night.

    Later y’all

  308. Goodnight Dave and comfort to daughter Dave.

  309. Wiserbride is a great mom and Richard is a fantastic dad. I know these to be facts from personal experience over many years.

    Wiserdaughter is an intense young lady, no doubt about that. But she’s also smart and I think and hope that calmer heads will prevail.

    I have a hard enough time with a three old boy who eats his own boogers and throws Hot Wheels at Daisy. I know I would be incapable at this point in my life dealing with an emotional, smart but still-a-bit-lost 20-year old young lady.

    She loves her dad and I know he loves her and I think this will work itself out with the passage of time despite this bit of a mess.

    And probably like most of you I had my share of whippings and slaps in the face when I had it coming as I was growing up. It’s great that some people think we’ve evolved as a species to the point that “time out” and mature conversation are all we need as parents when it comes to discipline.

    That’s a bunch of new age horse shit. There isn’t anyone I know, including myself and my 94 year old grandma who wouldn’t benefit from at least a slapping (grandma) if not a full-on beating (definitely me) at least once a year.

    My heart goes out to you wiser and I hope things are better soon.

  310. Thanks honey she’s sacked out on the sofa with a blanket on her and I am out too

  311. I think my old friend Bottom Shelf Vodka and I are gonna have a talk tonight.

  312. My best friend on facechimp about an hour ago:

    there is no greater feeling than having a teething baby finally fall asleep in your arms.
    and there is no worse feeling than seeing her wake right up once I put her down to sleep.

    I don’t think I’ll tell him about this thread.

  313. Finally back home to an internet connection. Hugs to Wiser and family. I get to meet Sean, too!!!!!!

  314. Well, that’s just great – Barky supplying the bad guys with the instruments of the good guy’s destruction.

    How’s Pogo doing? Give her a gentle hug from us!

  315. I saw her, yea I saw her
    With a black derp tied round the roses
    A fist pounding on a vending machine
    Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger

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