MMM 127: The Ides of June

Monday’s back, and it’s more Monday than ever. The week begins, whether you wanted it to or not. Better get pumped up and get your game face on.

She’s adorable, but I need to get through there to use the pool.

I like the photographer’s clever use of shadow and composition in this picture. And booty.
Levitating chicks are hot.
Running = tired.
What was the world like before mirror selfies?
I think she’s on the railing to the basement stairs.
We haven’t had a good squat in a while. Let’s fix that.
Good shoulder development here.
Tasteful monochrome.

Now, go forth and make the day what you need it to be.


  1. Fist! Clean and jerk.

  2. wakey wake

  3. Good morning. Making chicken stock this morning. Tomorrow I will can it.

    Needed to make room in the cellar freezer for a meat purchase. Thing was getting too full of bags of scraps and gibs.

    It will be nice to have many jars of homemade stock in the pantry, ready to go.

    *shakes a chicken liver at Carin*

  4. Silly leon. It’s the Ides of May.

  5. What happened to Car in’s y? Did the power go out again?

  6. Y are you questioning me, J’ames/

    I just rolled that way this morning

  7. Carin, what are you up to today? Do you have time to come help me weed my garden? It’s getting pretty bad.

  8. Morning, children.

  9. I’m THERE.

    *wonders if I should wear “the hat”

  10. *dips entire body in deet

    I’m almost ready.

  11. I actually have to work all day, but I do have time to discuss my latest garden I’m working on.

    When you drive up to my house,the side on the RIGHT which was grass/weeds? I tilled all that up YESTERDAY under the guise that I was going to reseed it after I rake all the weeds up and add some good soil.

    What I’m ACTUALLY going to do, is expand my flower garden, and just put a strip of grass in.


  12. Is “weed my garden” a euphemism?

  13. OMG that is going to be beautiful.

  14. I have blueberries in my garden. :)

  15. Pat will never noticed.

    O’Brien family Hostage theater:

    Me: What do you think?

    Pat: humn … is that garden the same size as it was before?


    Pat: oh, nothing. I mean, I just thought we were going to have a big patch of new grass here.

    Me: There is a new patch of grass here.

    [points to 2 foot wide strip of grass lining a HUGE new flower garden]

    Pat: The garden just seems … [looks at garden] … bigger

    Me: You know, you NEVER pay attention to to my stuff. Dud you never EVEN LOOK the garden. And now you’re out here giving me grief. How many times have I asked you how my garden looks? Were you just LYING when you said “oh it looks nice, dear”?

    [runs to room, stuffing garden store receipts for new flowers into the bottom of the garbage can]


  16. At some point today I am going to put down cardboard scraps over the new blueberry bed weeds that have sprunged up, and cover that with pine bark mulch.

    And put up proper tomato supports.

    And feed the pepper plants.

    And plant some herbs and cucumbers.

    And study a chapter ahead in org chem.

    And go food shopping. And cook some food.

    …and about ten other things that are very boring but also must get done.

  17. I can’t wait.

    I also need another blueberry bush. I don’t care how many I have to kill. No, I’m never going to learn my lesson.

    I actually have one that is FINALLY doing really well. I think I know what i’ve been doing wrong. I need two more bushes and a fukksize amount of peat.

  18. Carin, you should see me in the nursery at work. So many nice perennials. I practically cut my hands off to keep myself from buying things.

    I did pick up one pineapple sage yesterday. The flowers bring hummingbirds. My cardinal lobelia did not overwinter well.

  19. Yeah, peat. That is key. They like to be fed coffee grounds, too. No eggshells. Just coffee grounds.

  20. I’ve planted toms again, and I’ve been really diligent about plucking all the lower leaves off, and covering them with grass clippings.

    I have a few more things I picked up yesterday because I still have spare room. More Jalapenos and yellow peppers. Another squash. Something else too. Can’t remember.

  21. I never got around to building my raised beds. I have plantable pots sprouting on the deck. Effin’ allergies.

  22. I have a bunch of coffee grounds to put on the one that is ailing. It is really small though.

  23. I had to stop and take an allergy pill halfway through the day.

    If I worked there, Lauraw, I’d buy stuff every time it went on the discount table. I’d probably barely break even.

  24. *adds pineapple sage to wish list

  25. The discount racks are ridiculous. They discount plants that are perfectly fine, just look sad.

    You should see the nice stuff they throw in the dumpster because it didn’t sell. And you aren’t allowed to save anything, even if they’re just going to toss it. It must get tossed. Policy. I want to stab my eyes, how wasteful they are. But they have reasons for this policy.

  26. See if you can find a honeydew melon sage, Carin. I think they smell even nicer.

  27. They are calling the situation with the border-crossing children a humanitarian crisis equivalent to Hurricane Katrina. Obama hates brown people.

  28. Do you want to build a Straw Man?

  29. A false argument to burn…

  30. Mostly it seems they discount after the plant has been blooming in the gardens. People see a flower in a yard, then run out to get it . Once the bloom period is over, demand goes down so they dump it cheap. Now is the time to buy creeping phlox.

  31. Hah! Good one Leon.

  32. I am always shocked at how many people don’t know that perennials bloom for a while, then they’re done. Some assholes actually dig up and return plants after they’re done blooming, saying that they are defective.

    And of course, we take them back, return their money, and throw the plants away.

  33. People *are* stupid Laura. Why are you shocked?

  34. Because they seem so nice.

  35. Confirmed. People are idiots.

  36. *nods

  37. I got a new hibiscus. Probably won’t get a bloom off it this year, but next year? Cranberry Crush explosion!

  38. The rabbits are busy eating my tropical hibiscus. had to fence them in.

    Shall I start on the workout now?

  39. *throws hands up*

    OK, well the pressure cooker is now on the porch cooling off. Time for me to put a skort on and do some gardening, since lazyass Carin can’t do a quick n’ easy little twelve-hour-one-way drive to help me.

  40. Maybe we can talk about soccer after gardening?

  41. Heh, I have 30 1 cup bags of turkey stock in my freezer too. My new 24 quart canner is pretty handy.


  43. I like the photographer’s clever use of shadow and composition in this picture.

    Me too; it hides the pee pee.

  44. I should get a canner this year. I’ve just been freezing jars of stock with some head room for expansion, and that’s hit or miss.

  45. Jay, you sound like the perfect wife.

  46. No he doesn’t.

  47. MJ likes a girl with a huge canner.

  48. I dunno. How are your sammich making skillz, J’ames?

  49. Oh wait. He’s a Cards fan.

    *draws big X through MJ+Jay on TrapperKeeper.

  50. Is now a good time to go food shopping? Or is the store full of old people?
    I like old people, understand. Just not all of them at once.

  51. The border crossing kids are our future, Obama tells us

  52. Monday morning is usually pretty dead at Meijer. There are old people, but they move slowly and I can usually get around them.

  53. Obama is wrong. The Duggars are our future.

  54. Bitcoin is the future.

  55. I can buy beef from my beef guy with bitcoin. I still haven’t, but I could.

  56. If the border kids are our future what will happen to Mexico and the other assorted third world hell holes where they came from? They’re exporting their future!!!

  57. If they’re so awesome, why don’t they work to change their country into a better place?

    Oh, right. Need someone to cut the grass or watch the kids. And the foie gras at the Savoy isn’t going to plate itself.

  58. If our border were sealed properly, Mexico would be awesome.

    Imagine 10-20 million extremely motivated souls (10-18% of Mexico’s total population) actually standing up against the corruption and malfunctioning of their turd world government. We are hurting Mexico’s future with every immigrant we permit.

  59. Is now a good time to go food shopping?

    I’m at work so go ahead.

  60. We are a flyover country. The whole world is trying to sneak into Canada, those clever little bastards. You can’t just walk into Canada’s front door, you have to be sneaky. It takes a genius like me to see their overall plan. Everyone said I was a progeny when I was little.

  61. Oh, and sweaty dudes holding weights over their heads is a turn off.

  62. Then don’t do it.

  63. I didn’t say I thought it was a good future

    Pretty dim fucking bulbs, from what I’ve seen

  64. Maybe we should do a trade. I’m sure the compassionate, caring, and selfless liberals will trade places with an immigrant so they can have a better life.

    No? Oh right. Pass the drawn butter.

  65. If the border kids are our future what will happen to Mexico and the other assorted third world hell holes where they came from?

    Silly Jimbro, he means the democrat/progressive future. Bring in enough of them and have them fill out a voter registration card while processing them, ba-da-bing, the GOP will be no more.

    Third world shit hole, here we are.

  66. Finally! A cause we can support.

  67. I don’t want to see 99% of the nipples out there.

  68. WTFITS?!

  69. >>>WTFITS?!

    The question game again?

  70. Nope. Just… I just woke up and I’m wondering why there’s a sausage fest.

    Oh…. it’s Monday.

  71. It seems like the questions game, doesn’t it?

  72. Are you poking at my grammar skills?

  73. I wonder what surgeon’s website Leon uses for these “after” photos. Whoever it is, he does good work. You can hardly tell that the models used to be girls.

  74. Do I have to cut a bitch?

  75. Racial profiling via biographical questionaire. Qualified people no longer eligible.

  76. I know crack is a hard addiction to kick, people, but you’re really smoking far too much of it. Seek help.

  77. Shit. Tony Gwynn died.

  78. I must be totally out of it.

    I didn’t know who Casey Casem was until he died. And I don’t know who Tony Gwynn is.

  79. Casey Kasem is one more death from the original Ghostbusters cast (he had an audio cameo).

  80. What? Tony Gwynn? That’s terrible. One of the best hitters in baseball history.

  81. I didn’t know who Tony Gwynn was.

  82. I’ve given myself a headache crying over Tony. I loved watching him play. Stupid cancer.

  83. Tony Gwynn was kind of fat, wasn’t he?

  84. No, that was your mom.

  85. And he talked funny. We would talk like Tony.

  86. Wait — back to gardening! I have 5 gardenia buds on the only plant on my patio. Once they bloom I harvest them and float them in water in those old-style, flat champagne glasses. Their scent is heavenly.

    And I looove lobelia, but it always gets scraggly and sparse after a while in my “care”.

  87. As I passed by my lilac trees in bloom yesterday they smelled good.

  88. I’m sorry, Oso.

  89. NYT’s new editor is being treated fir cancer. Thankfully it is kidney cancer. If it was skin cancer, that whole disease would have been branded as rayciss.

  90. What kind of lobelia, Lips? This is the kind I usually grow as a potted perennial outdoors:

  91. Mom’s favorite flower scent is gardenia, and I had her corsage at my wedding made from gardenia.

    When she was a kid in South America, one of her neighbors had an enormous gardenia tree.

  92. When I entered my office this morning there was a package with barbecue sauce and a dry rub. I had no idea where it came from until my nurse told me that our MA who went to Texas last week brought it back for me.

    “The Original Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q” Any of you Texans heard of this place?

  93. Oh my gosh, Jimbro, lilacs are the one thing apart from my family that I miss from back east. Their smell…ahhh. We had a jungle of them by the pond and could smell them from inside the house. Then when Mom would bring a big bunch in the house… *faints*

  94. Laura, I try to grow the indigo/blue kind like this:

  95. The dog ate Lois Lerner’s emails.

    Obama ate the dog.

  96. Sissy sause? We have Texas xpats so we have 2 Rudy’s in ABQ. I like their brisket breafas burritos. They shop at sam’s and sometimes would bring leftover burritos to the club. We get the brisket and the hot sausage when we go.

  97. Love those, Lips! Blue lobelia is one of those annuals that gets leggy and fags out in the heat of Summer. At that point I shear them down to half their height, top off with an inch of compost/ fertilizer mix and water well. In a couple weeks they come right back. I have some not doing so well in a mixed pot right now. Nights have been cool.

  98. Wow, Jimbro, our lilacs were in bloom a month ago.

  99. OK I have to get away from this computer before my day is all et up. Have a good one!

  100. I think you’re onto something, xBrad.

  101. Everything happens later here except the first frost.

    The way life should be….

  102. My friend’s dad lived 2 years beyond his kidney cancer diagnosis.

    Maybe the NYT will have to hire that harpy back.

  103. Mom’s favorite flower scent is gardenia, and I had her corsage at my wedding made from gardenia.

    aaah, that was a thoughtful thing to do!

    I have a friend who lived in Hawaii and would buy a gardenia at the convenience store and put it on his car’s dashboard. He did the same for my car once (here) and it was wonderful. Of course they don’t last long that way and they leak, but totally decadent. A whole tree?? Hoo Boy!

    Ever notice that perfume makers can’t seem to get gardenia right? It always smells heavy and harsh.

  104. Went to CO a week ago and they were just hitting the peak of spring. They’ve got prettier weeds up in the mountains. Aspens are lovely and the lilacs looked to have larger flowers.

    Each evening we watched the romping of a family of foxes at an abandoned barn. Sproing, sproing, went the cubs.

  105. I will be heading to Detroit and Chicago tomorrow.

  106. Put your wallet in your front pocket, then.

    Are you going to the ghetto bar?

  107. Beasnsnsn, where in Colorado were you?

  108. How long in Detroit?

  109. We were in Steamboat.

  110. Steamboat is nice.

  111. Oh goody, Insty put up a post about legalizing prostitution. Nice to see the libertarian crackpots coming out of the woodwork.

  112. Yeah, it was pretty, but my family gave me grief for profiling everyone as smelly hippies. If it dresses like a duck, smells like a duck, it’s a duck. Almost felt like I was in enemy territory.

  113. Prostitution is de facto legal in most places already. It’s only illegal for the rare instances where enforcement serves some other purpose.

  114. I went to some hot springs near Steamboat a long time ago. For some reason I’m thinking the name of the place was strawberry something.

  115. Strawberry Fields Forever?

  116. Went in a jewelry shop and inquired about a specific gemstone. Got into a conversation with the lady who somehow brought up women still not having equal rights/pay…and mentioned the harpy of the NYT who got canned and proclaimed she wasn’t get paid what her predecessor was paid.
    Shocked me as I tried to control my face and my internals were saying ‘did you really just say that to me?’ She sort of backtracked when she saw I wasn’t going to agree with her as I ‘nicely’ pointed out how it was a lie.

  117. Strwaberry Park Natural hot Springs is what the bing-machine says. Coulda sworn they just called them Strawberry Springs.

  118. My family did a lot of hiking. I did a little as my guts were still not happy and the higher altitude was hard on my out of shape lungs.

  119. Smelly hippies is redundant.

  120. It’s for emphasis, Oso.

  121. I H8 hippies.

  122. Fishcreek Falls, Springcreek Trail, Emerald trail. Madhat trail, and something near Hahn’s Peak.

  123. Also the Nat’l forest. Husband and son have a pass, though it being off season, ‘donations’ were on honor system.

  124. Hey Beanseses…you got something in your teeth.

  125. SQUEEEEE!


  126. Leon,
    Congrats on the 11.
    You are patient. I have yet to complete 4 at any one place. Current place looks like it.

  127. Thanks. I haven’t had the same “job” here for more than 5 years at a stretch, though. I’m currently on my 4th month in this position, after having spent 3 years in my last one.

  128. I’ve also tried to leave a couple of times, but either never got to an offer or didn’t like the one I got.

  129. That rodent munching on the leaf is my favorite gif. It calms me down.

  130. Rudy’s is a chain down here. Not bad for a chain. But still a chain. So your dry rub is the BBQ equivalent of mcdonalds special sauce on a sesame seed bun.

  131. What, are you two Linked In butt buddies? I tried to Link with MJ but he is ignoring me. Maybe I’ll START MY OWN CLUB and NOT INVITE YOU POOPY-HEADS.

  132. Pupster, I’m easy to find on LinkedIn if you remember my real name.

  133. I remember the first part, just not the last part named after a bourbon.

  134. If anyone finds a bottle of this, please let me know:

    [redacted whiskey]

  135. BAM!

  136. Delete the breadcrumbs if you with, err…Leon.

  137. wish

  138. I will, but the statement stands.

    They made a 100 proof edition. I would pay cash money and give hugs for a bottle of that.

  139. I theem to have developed a lithp.

  140. I should probably add a picture to my profile.

  141. I’m only in Detroit for a few hours.

    I’ll be there longer in the next 30-60 days though.

  142. Not the shirtless one.

  143. No. It’ll have to have a shirt, possibly a tie.

    Or I could get my wife to take a picture of me deadlifting.

  144. Don’t feel bad, MJ is ignoring me too, pupster.

  145. He’s a dick.

  146. MJ is on there twice. Make sure you’re finding his active account.

  147. I just connected with some person on linkedin. No idea who. On the internets, they can’t tell if you are a dawg.

  148. It’s more fun to sit and complain, and act like a martyr.

  149. Da fuck? I made a comment and it is awaiting moderation

  150. Probably something screwy with LI and “internets”. I approved it.

  151. Or maybe that comment had tics.

    Thanks, Leon

  152. BORDER PATROL AGENTS say they’re virtually powerless to stop the crush of illegal immigrants flowing into South Texas, with most just being handed a bus ticket to anywhere in America

    Seems like a pretty good deal. I hope we the taxpayers are getting a Greyhound group discount.

  153. 0bama had succeeded in getting us to almost 0 net immigration from Mexico by wrecking the economy. I guess he had to fix it somehow.

  154. Drew sometimes gets on my nerves.
    Yes, Obama ran for election with opposition to Iraq. But the day his idiot VP gloated that Iraq is their biggest success, they owned that war as much as Bush did.

  155. Linked in (however it’s spelled) is a scam.

    It steals your entire email list and harasses all your contacts to join. Then it fucks up your computer with viruses, including ones that prevent you from sending email.

    Serious you guys.

  156. I never gave it my email list, Lippy. I joined when my company told me to. Never had a virus alert from the corporate medicine.

  157. I do get “are you on the market?” emails from head hunters once a week or so, but I find those flattering.

  158. Gym time!

  159. Drew sometimes gets on my nerves.


  160. I never gave it my email list, Lippy.

    You don’t have to, Leon.

    But I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    Also, it’s like the Hotel California.

  161. Lippy I’ve never had that problem either. What kind of security suite do you use?

  162. “Linked In”

    Things that sound dirty.

  163. Clint, Eset and other stuff that I don’t know. I have never joined.

    I personally know 4 different friends and family members who joined and then immediately afterward had problems that were tracked, by professionals, back to linkedin.

    Plus, my sister had to fix my mother’s computer because of the same reason.

  164. Is Ace on vacation?

  165. Everyday is a vacation for Ace.

  166. Ace finally flipped out and joined a monastery.

  167. He’s not the crackfat type, so I doubt it’s that.

  168. Time to make a fresh batch of mayonnaise.

  169. Unless crackfat has a section for smoking.

  170. I was eating lunch in an Applebee’s yesterday and heard this blasphemy. It made me wonder immedietly what Wiser would say.

  171. Time to make a fresh batch of mayonnaise.

    Worst euphamism evah!!

  172. If hobos start disappearing at an alarming rate, we know where ace is.

  173. But… I’m actually making mayo:

  174. Used a full teaspoon of cayenne. Spicy mayo.

  175. Leon,
    For mayo, do you bother with pasteurized eggs, or go for the regular ones.

    I am not sure, but I think you have chickens. Do they produce pasteurized eggs upon request?

  176. Only the ones under a heat lamp.

  177. Nice poat at the HQ lauraw.

  178. My cousin was 7 or 8 years old, and did not realize that boiling solidifies the egg.

    He asked me: how does the chicken know if you want solid egg or liquid egg?

  179. Raw eggs are not a certain death sentence. You’re basically only at risk if the hens near the egg actually have salmonella themselves (it infects the skin on their feet and ankles) and my birds don’t have it. Plus you’re blending with a fair bit of acid from the mustard and the vinegar, so an hour or so sitting at room temp will most likely kill it even if present.

    I’ve eaten/drunk literally hundreds of raw eggs over the years from both my hens and straight from the grocery store and I’ve never been sick from it. The egg industry has all but eradicated the salmonella infection from US birds.

  180. I have 11 hens, Tushar, these eggs are from like, Saturday, so that’s a factor as well. The older the egg, the larger the potential salmonella infection. Even if the birds had an active infection the bacterial load in the egg would be minimal.

  181. The average egg at the store is 1 month old, iirc.

  182. Ugh, cleaning the shop and ordering more supplies. I hate cleaning.

    I’m going to build another workbench this afternoon. Nothing fancy, but hopefully it will work out right.

    Trying to get Penelope to make some mayo from Leon’s recipe.

    Back to work.

  183. Greetings, ambiguity fans.

  184. For those who care, in their match against Ghana, US soccer team scored a goal within first 30 seconds!

  185. My 80+ year old grandmother had a compromised immune system and still ate eggs that were basically raw and they never harmed her. This was back in the early 1990’s.

    I had about half a dozen raw eggs in a giant two-meal smoothie nearly every other day last semester. No problems at all, just the normal bloody diarrhea like always.

  186. Show of hands: does anybody care?


  187. That was for soccer, not laura’s grandmother.

  188. Spicy mayo

  189. From my life as an old lady’s slave. How I must make Nonna’s breakfast eggs:

    Place whole raw eggs in a small sauce pan full of cold water.
    Heat until the water starts to boil. Watch carefully! If it’s ‘overcooked’ she will be pissed off!

    As soon as the water starts to boil, remove the eggs and give them to her.

    She would cut the end off the egg, then take a spoon and scrape the inside of the shell. This way she would stir the 1/8th inch layer of cooked white into the cold, raw rest of the egg. Then she did it as a shot right from the shell.

    Now I have to go look at old pictures of her. Excuse me.

  190. Nice save, Sean.

  191. Thanks, Puppeh.

    You have to wonder why with all the other success they’ve had G+ is such a turd in the punchbowl. The only people I know who use it work for Google.

  192. I love lauraw’s Nonna stories. I love Nonna.

  193. I’ve always been a fairly happy person. I may have to give up social media to remain one,

  194. Mcpo, you are on the right side. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  195. I lasted 6 months on facebook.

    Sanity is nice.

  196. Most of my cousins would talk about how “Sweet” our Grammo was. Um…no. She was mean and she was sarcastic. She made fun of every one and gave really mean nicknames. She and I had an arrangement. She cracked on me. I cracked on her. I’m glad I took the time to know her.

  197. You didn’t call her abuela?

  198. Nope. My Grammo made the Hondo House English only in the 40s. My younger Aunts and Uncles had to learn Spanish from strangers.

  199. Why did she do that?

  200. My Grandfather had a scholarship to UNM, but couldn’t go to school because he had no shoes. His family needed his paycheck. My Grandparents were committed to their kids going to school. My Grammo’s Dad paid for the teacher, housed him, and hosted the school for Alamo Canyon. My Grammo resented the fact that her schooling stopped at the 8th grade.

  201. She wanted a better life for her kids. She voted Republican her whole life. Then she got dementia and became a Democrat. :)

  202. Let’s try again, shall we?

  203. Sounds about right, oso. Lol.

  204. My Grammo’s brothers wouldn’t buy her a horse. She would hide by a watering hole and “Borrow” horses. I called her a horse thief. She told me to “Shut up”.

  205. Oso, that is a sad but wonderful story. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to be denied education.

    My Nonna was an intelligent woman, but could only write her name. She taught herself numbers, so that people couldn’t take advantage of her.

    They didn’t bother to educate girls in southern Italy in the early twentieth century.

  206. Have you lost your winter fat yet, Laura?

  207. No, Tushar. Thanks for reminding me. I’m HIDEOUS.

    *runs away crying*

  208. War on women.

  209. Most Hispanic women in NM had the same treatment. My Grammo lost her only sister to influenza. She was raised like a “boy”. She became a prolific reader. She only read religious tracts. My 2nd cousin tells a story about being jealous of my family. They owned their own set of encyclopedias. My grandfather would get old newspapers and magazines from Anglo neighbors.

  210. Stop fat shaming!!!! Miss Indiana is crying and eating a whole can of Pringles!!

  211. She needs to cut carbs.

  212. Shed might need a Pringle.

  213. They didn’t bother to educate girls in southern Italy in the early twentieth century.

    *mulls over making crack about “The Good Old Days”*

    *prefers not getting shot with hump toxin darts*

  214. If her arm gets lodged in the can you know she has a problem.

    Good grammy stories you two. Never knew mine, but dad’s sis was 22 years older than he was and lived 96 years. She treated me like a grandson. Sweet lady.

  215. That is what pisses me off about Wymyns Studies. Women didn’t fight for the ability to read, to read Toni Fucking Morrison. I can read trashy romance novels, because I read lots of dead white guys first.

  216. Did my link no work? I hate the innerwebtubes! Racist bastard!

  217. If her arm gets lodged in the can you know she has a problem.

    That’s why you use the can opener on the bottom, and put them on a plate.

  218. I never knew my Dad’s Mom. I guess I looked like her. She died when my Dad was in HS. Freak accident in the bathroom involving a kerosene heater and after shave. She was the baby. Her sisters would cry when they saw me. Buckeye family called me “Little Opal”. First time I went to Ohio as an adult, my cousin started to cry. She finally realized why I was called “little Opal”. She only knew her grandmother as an adult.

  219. Mcpo, it didn’t work for me. Thanks to social media, I knew the outcome. Love that little angel.

  220. Link worked for me, Chief. Soooooo cute.

  221. *cocktails BEFORE debriefing*

  222. *cocktails BEFORE debriefing*

  223. AYFKM? Ghana win leads the Sports news? Kill me nao!

  224. Are you saying I have a dirty mouth?

  225. Season 2 of Game of Thrones is dumber than Biden.

  226. You’re not necessarily wrong, mind you.

  227. Sheesh, spoiler alert!!!

  228. Dumb people love game of thrones.

  229. Trigger warning.


  230. I liked the first season. The second not so much.

    I’m average.

  231. My wife is reading it. She wants to watch it. I’m discouraging her.

  232. I don’t know what it is.

  233. I just like saying “No Spoilers”

  234. Who wants a punch in the face?

    The line starts over there.

    *points over there*

  235. That part where the dragon gets rabies and Travis has to go out back and shoot it is heartbreaking.

  236. *Stands in line – over there*

  237. I really liked when Zack and Screech were almost late for Prom because Lord Belding gave them detention.

  238. I told my wife I had several back episodes of GoT to watch. She said she doesn’t like it anymore, ever since the red wedding.

  239. Mayo made, candies made, laundry in the dryer.

  240. Mayo made? Jesus, Leon. Keep that shit to yourself.

  241. MCPO, always a glutton for punishment.

    Chief, did you have good Father’s Day?

  242. “Mayo made, candies made, laundry in the dryer.”

    Did you also remember to buy yourself some new panties and paint your toenails?

  243. I’m a glutton for your mom.

  244. Did you guys hear the story about the WW2 vet that was kidnapped from his nursing home?

  245. Rosie – I got a card from my sweet Debra, Herself grilled me a steak and a Star Wars sunshade for my car. Altogether a sweet day!

  246. It’s a sauce, dammit! I don’t do that other thing!

  247. I like Game of Thrones, both the series and the books. Not enough to order HBO, but enough to watch the uploaded clips on Sunday nights.

  248. The one where Lord Klink finds the radio Sir Hogan has hidden in the mead pot was a real nailbiter.

  249. “I’m a glutton for your mom.”

    What disgusts me about that comment is that so little thought went into it.

    You’re lazier than MJ after a pound of Rohypnol and 24 straight hours of Bert and Ernie fisting.

  250. OMG. Leon’s hands have been chopped off.

  251. I’ve been watching Fargo and Penny Dreadful. Also Crossbones. So I’m way behind on GoT.

  252. I don’t come here to win prizes.

  253. I don’t do that other thing!

    And now we know Leon is a fucking liar.

  254. “Rosie – I got a card from my sweet Debra, Herself grilled me a steak and a Star Wars sunshade for my car. Altogether a sweet day!”

    I knew it would be good although grilling a sunshade sounds weird.

    Henry made me a card with two, count’em TWO different kinds of pasta glued to a piece or original artwork.

    He’s some sort of mad artistic genius.

  255. I remember Andy Griffith in Game of Thrones. He rigged all the throne seats to salute when a Colonel visited.

    Pretty sure that guy was Mr. Drysdale in the Beverly Hillibillies.

  256. Still got both hands, and I am Master of my Domain.

  257. Last time I glued pasta on something it was spaghetti, and it was the ceiling. You should show him that.

  258. “I don’t come here to win prizes.”

    That raises a good question. Why do you come here?

    Do you find Leon and his painted toenails attractive?

  259. It’s interesting when any thread turns into the International Party of Sausage, dave shows up.

  260. That’s what Uncle Hostage is for, HS.

  261. My favorite episode so far is when Sir Arnold, and Sir Dudley are almost molested when the red comet passes over, heralding the return of the dragon king.

  262. Was that when Ned Beatty cameo’d?

  263. You know what’s interesting Rosetta?

    This picture of my dad with my girls when they were babies. Had to be around the fall of 1990, the year youngest was born.

    The other thing that’s interesting is what you had for dinner tonight. There’s some of it on your shirt.

  264. I backed into a car, left a note and the owner seems so overwhelmed at the “honesty and integrity” of that.

    The note, not the idiot damaging their car. Ms. Cyn, what percentage of people do you estimate just drive away?

  265. G’night. Early Happy Birthday, Rosetta.

  266. Watching Odd Thomas. Very fun movie!

  267. Is it Rosetta’s birthday already? It seems like only yesterday he turned ten.

  268. a total of 3 hits, if my wife’s car is any gauge, lipstick.

  269. That depends, Lippy – if they see no surveillance camera or anyone around – 99.99% drive away.

    See if they’ll let you handle it outside of (without reporting it to) your insurance company, or out of your own wallet.

  270. Nighty dreams to you, Osogirliebear.

  271. My car has been backed into four times. Everyone fessed up immediately. None of them were democrats though.

  272. Why is Rosetta all of a sudden showing up? Is his marriage on the rocks? Or has he been laid off at the pickle factory? Or is he home on medical leave after having the moldy bullships switched out for fresh?

  273. Someone scratched the hell out of the bumper on my leased car with the garage door (Herself). I’ll pay for that out of pocket.

  274. I already gave him the insurance info, so out of pocket option is out. Front quarter-panel destroyed, a bit of the bumper, and alignment is off, according to the guy. We both have Geico. I didn’t even think of the me paying for the repairs option. Not my smartest weekend.

  275. Game of Sharknado would be better than this POS.

  276. and alignment is off

    Um…. no. Just no.

  277. Which POS? Obama Kerry? Holder?

  278. what do you mean?

  279. Show your work, Rosetta.

  280. Not entirely sure yet, but youse guys may have a designated driver for the AZ meat.

  281. Get out. That would be great Sean.

  282. At this point I’m just hanging on to see the French girls tits in Game of Funbags.

  283. You’d have had to hit him pretty damn hard with some serious speed for his alignment to be off.

    Oh, and do NOT let on to your insurance company that this was part of any organized or competitive racing event; they tend to get really pissy about that. Sheesh.

  284. Hooray, Sean!

    How are you at designated dead-weight-carrying? I’m just askin’ is all.

  285. >>You’d have had to hit him pretty damn hard with some serious speed for his alignment to be off.

    I was backing up down a one-way street to get to a parking spot. Not fast at all. There were cars parked on both sides of the street. Oddly though, I just have a small brush mark on my bumper that is so minor it looks like it will come off with a feather duster.

  286. Pfffft. That dude’s car was already out when you hit him. He smells like an asshole already.

    Ask a friend to take a photo of your bumper as well as the underneath of your vehicle. Time to cover your own katookiss.

  287. Family successfully fed and watered and medicated.

  288. Yay for medication

  289. All at once, xbrad? Nice work! You’ll be fun at the meat-up!

  290. The medication is in the Soylent Green.

  291. Thanks Cynnie, I will.

  292. Sadly, most of the meds are antibiotics, and not recreational.

    On the other hand, it will be nice to go to AZ without any social diseases.

  293. Did anybody get into a legal battle with anybody else over Casey Kasem’s remains today?

  294. Meat up treat…………….

  295. Yummmmm

  296. That’s incredibly dangerous. People will die.

  297. Note to self: Avoid the marshmallows.

  298. A happy death.

  299. Die-ah-bee-tus.

  300. only real smores for the Sean-ster.

  301. Well it’s a school nite and it’s time for an old man to kick it.

    It was fun to be with my girls yesterday and look at photos and giggle. Nothing bad at all. Had to promise to send them

  302. blerg. Got to work for my normal fake “double” to find that I was scheduled to close the bar tonight.

    So,it wasn’t a real double, just 12+ hours w/o a break.

  303. Oh, I get to bartend saturday night and all day Sunday.


    Sunday was my new day off. i got to enjoy that for one week.

    woo hoo me.

  304. *slides a Marshmallow shot down the bar to CaRiN*

  305. Chief, I loved the Odd Thomas books.I actually rented that movie, but haven’t watched it yet.

  306. Pretty sunset here tonight.

  307. I think the marshmallow shots look delicious.

  308. Sean,
    I had to quickly redesign a wing wall to include a 9’x7′ box culvert and a 78″ rcp on the fly at 5pm it took me an hour. I cannot bill overtime so i am screwed.

  309. Nighty night, Dave-o.

  310. This was a unusual Texas sunset Xbad

  311. I’m only in Detroit for a few hours.

    I’ll be there longer in the next 30-60 days though.

    Really? Gonna rob a few vacant houses?

  312. Oh, Caaarrr iiinnnn… we need to talk about… the muddler, and it being with you when you come to the meat-up here in Sept.

  313. I think it was Super Man!

  314. I love sunset photos. Thanks guys.

  315. Vman, I got your CD. I’m working my way slowly through it (in the car.) he’s CRAZY popular down in Toledo.

  316. the muddler, and it being with you when you come to the meat-up here in Sept.


    *muddles a carrot and some cheese into a beer

  317. Thank u Carin.
    I finished my gift tonight and wish u well.
    Toledo? Really? What about Detroit? or your car?

  318. Toledo killed it. Why not, everyone who thinks Toledo thinks MASH and Jamie Farr.

  319. Gorgeous sunsets but Vman’s wins. XB will get a lovely parting gift.

  320. >>Why is Rosetta all of a sudden showing up? has he been laid off at the pickle factory?

    He was fired because he put his dick in the pickle slicer.
    The pickle slicer was fired too.

  321. I’ll have to wake up early to get your second gift. Which isn’t going to happen tomorrow. LOL.

    I slept five hours last night, then worked 12 hours. too jacked to sleep right away, but it will be happening soon.

  322. Sean,
    I had to quickly redesign a wing wall to include a 9′x7′ box culvert and a 78″ rcp on the fly at 5pm it took me an hour. I cannot bill overtime so i am screwed.

    Um, okay.

  323. *muddles some peanut butter and chips into a glass of wine

  324. They have some funky ways of making drinks at work. Flat out WRONG. I’m going to have to put my foot down, to be honest.

  325. Lips,
    I am flying home in July. Red (Crazy RedHead Ex) has informed me that she would be more inclined to take a day off and visit me if I rented a hotel on the beach. Beachfront hotels are $130-$400+.

    In town is $50 to $100 a night. I am trying to decide if a crazy red head is worth $500+-

    What are your thoughts? or would you like to join me on the beach in July? I will include airfare?

    *Fingers crossed*

  326. *muddles some Cheetos into a diet dr Pepper for seanm

  327. Crazy RedHead Ex is a scam. She just wants the beach view.

  328. Eh. I don’t think crazy redhead is worth it, personally, vman. If you rent a nice joint, do it for YOURSELF. not for her.

  329. Do $175-$200 for the room tops.

  330. Vman, my thoughts are that Red is more interested in the beach than in seeing/spending time with you and if you do as she asks you will be disappointed and a lot poorer.

    What a user.

    *packs bags* :)

  331. Ok $140 a night on longboat key July mini moron meatup?
    With or without Red.

  332. Heh you are the best Lips.

  333. *nods*

    Lips nailed it I think.

  334. Any place with the word “key” in it summons up images of hammocks, palm trees, hot sand and cold fruity drinks. *sigh

  335. Longboat is a 20 mile long by 1 or less mile barrier island with blindingly white quartz sand beaches. Many multimillionaires live there.

    Anna Maria island is where the rich servants live. Or what.AMI is my stomping ground.

  336. I’ve read about how the sand in that area is perhaps the world’s best. *double sigh*

  337. It is Lips
    Blindingly white sugar sand. It hurts your eyes like snow.

  338. Beach sounds so very nice. *sighs with Lipstick*

  339. I can’t believe anyone here remembers when my birthday is.

    Why have you not killed that useless brain cell?

    Thank you nice people for wishing me a happy day. I’m already celebrating. Mostly with just myself and the bulldogs since momma and Enrique Wayones Turneres are both asleep.

    Turning 45 is interesting. I’ve now been out of college longer than I was alive before I went to college.

    Is it time for me to write a couple of autobiographies and then run for President?

    I feel like I’m dumber now than when I was in college. Stupid Jaegermeister. Having an IQ of only 184 is ridiculous. I can’t even see through walls or read minds anymore.

    *enjoys delicious cheese stick, shotguns Foster’s oil can, changes diaper, goes to snuggle with Mrs. Rosetta*

  340. Lido Key and Siesta Key are great too.

  341. In other news, the email for the Sept Meat-Up with details ‘n shit will be sent out tomorrow. TOMORROW.

    G’night, peeps and peepers.

  342. Longboat Key is kick ass. Do that place.

  343. Red didn’t treat you very well in the past, IIRC. I’d pass.

  344. Happy EST Birthday, Rosie!!:)

    Otherwise, come back tomorrow asshole.

  345. Is it time for me to write a couple of autobiographies and then run for President?

    Do you have daddy issues, a sense of entitlement due to racism that you pretty much didn’t experience, a taste for dogmeat, and a semi-talented terrorist ghostwriter?

    If you answered yes to any two of those questions, give it a shot.

  346. Only Oso click. Nobody else!

  347. There’s nothing that you can do
    Your derp is free to be untrue
    The line is blurry
    I call my dreams dirty tricks
    When I wake I feel sick
    It’s unrequited reality

  348. ‘morning

    or, in other words, couldn’t sleep.

    Jimbro! Wake up!

  349. OK, fine.

    *toddles off to catch up on chores*

  350. *Yawn*

  351. *watches Lipstick toddling*

    Moarnin’. Dropped off the truck for service this morning, there is a garage across the street from my office I’m trying out for the first time.

  352. So, Dorkus got me up at 4:30 to pick up his barf which contained a sharp shard of the new pine bark mulch that I put down yesterday.

    So then this morning when he was performing his ablutions I noticed that the other end of him was again consuming pine bark mulch pieces.

    I hollered and he stopped. Then he came up to me and I could tell he was holding.

    “Out.” And he went ptooie, and a huge chunk of drool-coated bark came rolling out of his mouth onto the bricks. Then he looked at it with longing.

    Dopey freak he is. I can’t believe I ever stop beating him.

  353. Pine bark is crazy delicious.

    I’ve seen a skunk in my front yard that last few nights and again this morning. I think it lives under my neighbor’s shed. How long until baby skunks?

  354. We need to get you a medium sized whisk.

  355. I do not own a whisk of any dimension. Life has no meaning.

  356. I’ll bring the mini whisk to the next meet up and we can pass it along since someone *looks at Car in* lost the muddler.

  357. OK, I have to get things done and get to studying real hard for class tonight.

    Be back in a few minutes.

  358. Morning, children. Grumble, wordpress, grumble…………………

  359. wakery waker

  360. I had a pine bark omelet this morning.

  361. the muddler is right here in my hand.

    *muddles eggs into my coffee

  362. *muddles pine bark into coffee

  363. *holds up pinkie, whisks organic, range free, non gluten, locally sourced pine bark into whisks organic, range free, non gluten, locally sourced, fair trade coffee.

    Oh, and my beautiful new car got backed into by some asshole at Whole Foods. Serves me right for being a food snob. It only cracked the paint but I can see it.

  364. What is that headline picture on Drudge?

    “Here we go again…Obama sends Troops to Bagdad”

  365. Hillary’s book is bombing?

    Let me put down my muddler to make my shocked face.

  366. *pours coffee*
    *pours heavy cream into it*

    Muddling coffee? You people are crazy.

  367. Pine nuts are very big in New Mexico

    Don’t think they chew on trees there though..

  368. MJ

    He probably sensed that you are an AGW Denier

  369. I really have to get motivated. but Sunday night I only got 5.5 hrs of sleep, and then I got to work yesterday and discovered I was scheduled to work 12+ hrs straight. And then last night I got another 5 hours sleep.

    I have to friends coming over to assemble bridal bouquets this morning or some such girly stuff.

    *looks around house

    *clings to muddler for comfort

  370. I’m jamming old school this morning.

    Although ‘old school’ for me means Cocteau Twins.

  371. Anyone want to write a post? It is Tuesday, after all.

  372. Car in, you should let them assemble while you nap.

  373. Hahahahaha, this is my favorite from the Powerline link:

  374. Yay, laura is done studying!

    Hows the chicken stock?

  375. Chick? for Leon.

  376. I’ve seen her before from other angles. Woman.

  377. In the fridge, J’Ames. I’m not gonna can it like I thought today. Not while the weather is warming up and there are no air conditioners in the house. I’ve been keeping it cool in here with strategic ventilation from the shady side of the house this morning but now everything is shut. I would hate to have something producing steam in here. Probably tomorrow morning or the next day, whenever Scott gets the AC going.

    Last night I strained it and put it in the fridge to harden the fat for skimming. Undisturbed and chilled, it can wait a couple days longer.

  378. I thawed one of my jars of beef broth overnight. Going to heat that up tonight to have with dinner.

  379. Are you braising something in it?

  380. Let me put down my muddler to make my shocked face.


  381. Good morning, peeps

  382. Poaty of Newness

  383. I was actually thinking of cooking some chopped kale in it to make kind of a soup. Might make some meatballs to drop in.

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