Big Beautiful Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

Mrs. Pupster got her cast off and the stitches removed from her elbow surgery this week. She still has to wear a brace for a few months, but is feeling better not a moment too soon, as the sandwich making robots have been getting a little flaky.

I haven’t spent a lot of time on content this week, but here are two gifs that made me laugh (wait for it).

Click this link and tell me what color do you see? It may not be the same for everyone:–1uUYMqoc–/fxujieoytrujdulq7 vcd.gif

Learn some shit:

This kid’s dad is a special effects guy, makes some cool videos:


Your model for today was born on September 25, 1984, she is an American model from Miami, Florida and measures 34DDD-24-40. She got her start dancing in hip-hop and rap videos, and is an aspiring actress. Please stop rolling over the Iraqi Security Forces and welcome Ms. Esther Baxter!









  1. L to R

    Friday, Pupster

  2. Boobs!

  3. Sohito Frito pie!

  4. orning, children. Nice job, Pups.

  5. ^^ Who stole my M?

  6. Wakey wakey

  7. So … when should we have the Michigan meet up? Tentatively, i’m going to make prime rib.

    i’m a good cook.

    Who’s coming? Any random Sunday. Anything but third week of July – we’re going camping.

  8. I’ll make creme brulee as well.

    *starts feeling desperate

  9. October. I’m pretty booked in July and September.

    Plus we can do a bonfire. If you hold off, I’ll bring GND.


    I should put this up over at XBrad’s, but everyone there already reads Doctrine Man.

  11. october can be iffy here. Plus, no swimmin.

  12. Fine. Just fine.

  13. I’m booked the weekend of the 28th and the 5th/6th.

  14. Nice! I laughed uncontrollably, Mrs. Dr. B said “meh”.

  15. We could meet again in October if MJ is willing to come up.

  16. Very true. We could get GND by herself and warn her.

  17. That sounds like a good plan.

    Wait. Wha?

  18. Mrs. Pupster expressed an interest in a Lapeerpalooza II.

    We can do it in July or early August, October would work too.

  19. Will she be able to make sandwiches by then?

  20. Mrs. Pupster expressed an interest in a Lapeerpalooza II.


    I’d like it in the summer, though. Deck time, etc. October gets iffy.

    Lemme double check when my camping is, then we can do it any other time.

  21. Will she be able to make sandwiches by then?

    She is supposed to wear this thing for 3 months.

    Limits her range of motion, and it irritates the surgery sites. We hates it, my precious.

    They said she shouldn’t drive. Lifting, pushing, pulling with the right arm is forbidden as well unless it is PT.

    *warning – kinda ouchy looking pictures before the stitches came out*

    Those are closed with butterflies now. She ices them and tries not to move her arm much. Getting better, but still sandwich differently-abled.

  22. Sounds uncomfy, I hope she isn’t suffering too much.

  23. Are you sure they didn’t perhaps make her bionic?

  24. Ahhhh.

    I needed a trigger warning for that.

    She’s still too good for you, though.

  25. I think she’s trying to say something like that, but by emphasizing repeatedly how quickly American society changed, Gross takes her as meaning that she actually changed her mind earlier but didn’t feel politically safe in announcing it until recently. Which is a cardinal sin in American politics: Better to maintain a bald-faced lie, even if everyone knows it’s a lie, than admit to political cowardice. The left will tolerate the former, as we all saw when they pretended Obama was anti-SSM in 2008. They won’t tolerate the latter, which is why Hillary gets so testy at Gross for badgering her near the end.

    I listened to that interview yesterday while driving home. (Yeah, I listen to NPR – only place I can find decent music and stimulating discussions. Most “talk radio” is banal at best.)

    Anyway. It was delicious watching Terry Gross make Hildebeast squirm.

    Worth a listen.

  26. Today’s buxom beauty is a bit thick for my taste. She looks like the female equivalent of Warren Sapp.

  27. Hooray for tits!

    I don’t want to go to work.

  28. That girl is healthy!

    The funniest military punishment thing has me crying with laughter, Xbrad, thanks. The trash can one made me very, very happy.

    The stories in the comments section are also pretty good.

  29. Heh, Laura thinks Roamy is Xbrad.

  30. *scrolls up*

    Awww darn. Sorry.

  31. On the way to work this morning, as I passed by the church where the hobos eat breakfast, I saw a guy on a hoveround talking on his cellphone, smoking a cigarette.

    I burst out laughing.

  32. Being a hobo here >>>>>>>>>> being a hobo anywhere else.

  33. At least until The Collapse.

  34. Today’s buxom beauty is a bit thick for my taste.

    She’s been in the business of showing herself off since 2004 with a wide range of thicknesses. I found a recent yoga pants selfie that I did not include because of low resolution, but I think she’s fine as frog hair.

  35. I have no complaints about today’s model.


    Reliable investigative sources in California say that radical Muslims are planning to go on a rampage in the City of Los Angeles, killing anyone who is a U.S. citizen.

    Police fear the death toll could be as high as 9.

  37. I work with a guy who spends about $100 a week on cigarettes and bitches about not having any money.

  38. Smokes are a necessity

  39. Wow, that’s a funny, xbr, err, roamy!

  40. She’s still too good for you, though.

  41. I don’t miss spending money on cigarettes.

  42. Today’s model is a triple threat: attractive, nice rack and super booty.

    What’s her GPA?

    We’re hiring…

  43. She’d make an excellent administrative assistant, IYKWIMAITYD.

  44. I’d have to hear her phone voice.


  45. Nice flotation devices on today’s BBF model –

  46. And WTH is Sohos doing, posting in the wee hours of the morning over here?

    Somebody tell her to come back!

  47. Good work, Puppeh!


    This seems like a good and well written story about Iraq from API.

    It also seems like the end of the great experiment into introducing democracy to the Middle East.


  50. Dear Fuckers of Goats,

    Please enjoy killing each other with the high quality weapons we left behind. If you aim any of those weapons at us, the desert will be a sheet of glass.


    ‘Merica–Fuck Yeah

  51. She appears to have been inebriated.

  52. It was worth trying, but we clearly don’t have the stomach for it. As long as whoever’s left is selling oil, I pretty much don’t care anymore.

  53. Hahahahaha

    That fucking cat was seeing stars.

  54. Who’s got 2 new Longmire books on tape to listen to?

    This guy!

  55. Awesome bike!

  56. Anyway. It was delicious watching Terry Gross make Hildebeast squirm.

    Yeah, want to know althouse’s take on that?

    “It’s true that the interview gets more intense at one point, on the subject of same-sex marriage, but that is because Terry Gross (the interviewer) decides to keep following up, probing, in an effort to get Hillary to concede that, years ago, she covered up her support for same-sex marriage because it was politically opportune. Gross was trying to pin something on her, and I liked it that Hillary noticed and, in the midst of eloquently elaborating her thought-out talking points on marriage equality, turned on a dime and put Gross in her place.

    We need that kind of sharpness on our side. You can’t be sliding along, acting amiable, when you’re talking to Vladimir Putin. I want someone with that kind of mental and verbal skill working for us.”

    Too bad she didn’t exhibit that kind of mental and verbal skills to our enemy while SoS. #Benghazi
    Instead she exhibited it towards the enemy of her enemy. The families and the American public while she stood there and lied to their faces.

    Want to guess who althouse is going to vote for next?

  57. We’re gonna need bigger training wheels.

  58. So….. no handys for Pupster for a while.

    Sorry, Pups.

  59. He’ll just have to do it himself.

  60. Like it ever took two hands.

  61. Microweenus.

  62. Gotta start tearing out the carpet and putting in a wood floor in a few minutes. Wish me luck. What could go wrong?

  63. I’m gonna do that too, Pepe. Let me know how it goes.

    What floor did you go with?

  64. Watch the tack strips, they are sharper than they look.

  65. Ha, no kidding, leon!

  66. On that note, I don’t care how hot it is, wear thick denim pants.

  67. I didn’t know anyone still read Ann Altwagon. If she ever had any relevance, she lost it in 2008.

  68. Comment by Pupster on June 13, 2014 11:44 am

    Like it ever took two hands.

    But now she can’t make a sammich at the same time.

  69. hotspur, I can’t stand her but I like the comments. She turned them off for awhile and probably lost a lot of readers as she is now moderating them.


  71. Pepe, you really need a nail gun for that job, and beer.

  72. Al Sharpoton’s job is to read. He can barely do that.

    Fire him? He’s be on their ass like fleas on a dog.

    He has permanent job security.

  73. P-Jiddy.

  74. He’s the most incredible hustler in the world.

  75. Good morning morons! Sheesh you guys are chatty in the morning. I haven’t even had a second cup of coffee yet, and I gotta read all these comments? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    If I don’t get back here for awhile, hope all you dads have a great Father’s Day. Hope the rest of you have a great weekend!

  76. I could do Al Sharpton’s job. I just need a darker tan.

  77. Pepe, you really need a nail gun for that job, and beer.

    And someone to hold your beer.

  78. And someone to blame.

  79. And someone to run the camcorder.

  80. And don’t forget the lube.

  81. LOLing in a hospital waiting room appears to be frowned upon. ASSHOLES.

  82. Going in for breast reduction finally, Cyn?

  83. Comment by xbradtc on June 13, 2014 1:04 pm

    Going in for breast reduction finally, Cyn?

    You shut your whore mouth!


  85. Live house fire

  86. Who builds a house in a place like that? What insanity would possess you?

  87. We’re doing half the room at a time. Shifted all the furniture to one half. Ripping out carpet went well. Putting screws in creaky parts is done. Pulling baseboards now.

    Penelope got some snap together stuff from Costco. Supposed to be easy. We shall see.

  88. It was built on a fault line.

  89. It’s an old builders trick.

    “I am so sorry your house fell into a lake, let me build you another one.”

  90. I bet Hotspur wishes he could do that. Too bad the closest faults run through Indianapolis.

  91. Once – just once – I would like to hear a politician tell a reporter that their stance on gay marriage is the same as that of the Muslims.

    Let the reporter squirm in their politically correct shoes for a change.

  92. The owner had assurances from the Corps of Engineers and private geologists the thing was safe. If you look at a before shot of the back it used to be well back from the cliff.

    But everybody was wrong and he’s screwed. Insurance will not cover the loss. AND the owner is liable for all salvage/clean up costs.

  93. Once – just once – I would like to hear a politician tell a reporter that their stance on gay marriage is the same as that of the Muslims.

    Nah, just tell them, “I hold the same view of gay marriage as the noted gay icon Harvey Milk”.

  94. 200 American contractors trapped at Balad AFB in Iraq.

    We probably don’t have time to try and rescue them or something.

  95. #BringBackOurContractors

    There, I fixed everything.

  96. Good thinking.

  97. Hopefully the story is wrong.

  98. Obama has little white balls to hit. The contractors can wait until Monday.

  99. They are mercenaries and deserve to die.

  100. For all I know, some of them are my coworkers, or easily could have been.

  101. Don’t we have anything that we could trade for them?

    Like maybe some of those poor guys being held down in Gitmo?

  102. I’m so tired.

    The gentlemen who hired me for this job 3 years agoa passed away from complications related to ALS on Tuesday, I just got back from his memorial service. He was a good man.

    Grief makes me weary.

    Anyway, I’m feeling introspective and tired and sad and scared all at the same time.

    Then Leon’s hashtag made me laugh, so thank you H2; you bunch of awesome internet friends. I’m the luckiest man alive and my life is awesome.

  103. You could squeeze 200 on one C-17

  104. You could squeeze 200 on one C-17

    Are you suggesting that we could actually bring them home without giving the insurgents something in return?

    Sir, that is simply not how it is done anymore.

  105. Ladies and gentlepersons, I give to you….. the brain trust that are our CT lawmakers!!!!:

  106. We’ll empty Gitmo and throw in a few hundred Mexican kids as a bonus.

  107. If only there had been a gun ban in place before Sandy Hook.

  108. Fleet of drones in front of the C-17, bombing everything in its path, clearing the runway, etc. C-17 lands, our people get on, drones continue to clear the path as they fly out.

  109. Is it my imagination, or did Chris Murphy and Blumenthal start looking a lot more alike?

  110. Whoa, 79 shootings at Wal Mart.

    If customers leave their guns outside, and buy guns at Wal Mart, will a black hole appear when their credit card is debited?

    After all, then the gun will be illegal.

    *scratches head


  111. No cat/kitten sighting since last weeks coyote party.

    I’m going to miss her, she was a good mouser.

  112. Hillary’s campaign bus is not ready for Hillary

  113. There must be more Wal-marts than schools. There have been more shootings at Wal Marts than schools since Sandy Hook


  114. Real music. . .

  115. Does Hillary’s campaign bus have one of those wheelchair lifts?

  116. Carin – We’ll be up the third week of July. Just leave a key under the doormat.

  117. Connecticut is working hard to move from 3rd dumbest state government in the USA up to first.

    ‘Merica. FUCK YEAH!

  118. If only there had been a gun ban in place before Sandy Hook.

    or a “No guns allowed sign…”


  119. 3273 stores X 365 x 2 = 2,389,290 Walmart days of business

    19 fatalities

  120. Connecticut is working hard to move from 3rd dumbest state government in the USA up to first.

    Well, we certainly have the right people in place to make that happen.

    For example, Gov. Dan (Not “Dannel.” “Dannel” is pretentious) Malloy recently announced that there is no $1.3B deficit.

    He just made it gone. *poof*

    Despite what the state comptroller and anyone who can add says.

    And there was much rejoicing.

  121. According to The National Safety Council your odds of being killed by a gun are 1:356

    Does Math—-odds of a shooting at Walmart on any given day 1:124,752

    Odds of being that person?

  122. Odds of being that person?

    depends. Are they having a sale that day?

  123. 245 million customers a week.

    They lose 19 over two years?

    Safest place on the planet.

  124. Odds of being that person?

    Much higher if you are in a bad relationship and/or managed to piss a coworker off (I’m guessing).

    Or if you shoot 2 police officers at a nearby restaurant and seek refuge in one of their many stores.

  125. 245 million customers a week.

    And I’m always behind each and every one of them in the checkout line

  126. How many people were accidentally killed by the police over the last two years?

  127. I bet Walmart is safer than the average police station.

  128. The odds of cops killing you in your own home are higher.

  129. I bet Walmart is safer than the average police station.

    Of course they are. Most high-crime, low-income neighborhoods won’t allow them in because they don’t pay enough in wages.

    So your data is skewed.

  130. Wiser – Weren’t there two checkout lines open out of the 43 they have installed?

  131. Odds of being shot on the South side of Chicago if your name is DayShown…


  132. Un. fucking. believable.

    Today, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) issued the following statement regarding the Internal Revenue Service informing the Committee that they have lost Lois Lerner emails from a period of January 2009 – April 2011. Due to a supposed computer crash, the agency only has Lerner emails to and from other IRS employees during this time frame. The IRS claims it cannot produce emails written only to or from Lerner and outside agencies or groups, such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices.

  133. According to The National Safety Council your odds of being killed by a gun are 1:356

    Did they break those odds down any further?

    Like, OOBKBAG if you are a criminal / live in Chicago, Detroit, Miami, LA, NYC, or near MLK Blvd / hang out with bad people / etc. vs. law-abiding citizen / live in high-tax neighborhood / member of PTA / etc?

    ‘Cuz I’m betting the odds for most people in that 2nd group are much, MUCH lower than 1:356.

  134. Comment by wiserbud on June 13, 2014 4:01 pm

    Un. fucking. believable.

    Incredible. The sheer brazen corruption.

  135. Congress needs to subpenoa everything regarding this supposed “crash”. Every technical support document, every email sent, and call in every tech who worked on it.

  136. My computer crashed???

    Was there a fucking term paper due??

  137. L to R: IRS, Congress

  138. actually, the more complete scene is even more representative of the situation:

  139. I hope Lois is heckled every day for the rest of her life.

    I hope for the chance to hurl obscenities at her.

  140. I would unleash the c-word.

  141. I hope Lois is heckled every day for the rest of her life.

    You’re kidding, right?

    In the circles she runs in, she’s a fucking hero.

  142. Wouldn’t it be against Sarbanes-Oxley to not have those emails backed up if the IRS were a financial institution? Isn’t it one? They sure handle a lot of (our) money!

  143. Wouldn’t it be against Sarbanes-Oxley to not have those emails backed up if the IRS were a financial institution? Isn’t it one? They sure handle a lot of (our) money!

    I was just asking Barack Obama that exact question and he told me to STFU.

    So there ya go. Nothing to see here. Move along, peon.

  144. TFG! (PBUH) When did he get time to talk to you on his way to hit little white balls, Wiser?

  145. While Bagdad is under seige, even!

  146. I bet that if you wandered into the IRS IT shop and offered “One Million Tax-Free Dollars” for those e-mails, they would appear…

  147. When did he get time to talk to you on his way to hit little white balls, Wiser?

    Well, considering the fact that I am now a powerful member of the media, I have direct access to him at any time.

  148. I bet that if you wandered into the IRS IT shop and offered “One Million Tax-Free Dollars” for those e-mails, they would appear…

    Heh, I was just wondering the same thing.

  149. TFG is coming to my neighborhood this weekend.

    That fucking fuck.

  150. And Congress will do exactly what? Boehner will stand in front of the media and cry about how a co-equal branch of government is being naughty. Fuck’em all.

  151. Eliminate the IRS. Put the responsibility for tax collection on the states. California gets a percentage of the Federal budget and we don’t care how they get the money.

  152. Eliminate the income tax altogether. Flat tax or Fair Tax – either one is better than the current crap.

  153. Fascists!!

    Progressive taxes help the little guy while fat cat private jet owners hire fancy tax lawyers and hide their money the Cayman Islands.

    Tax the rich and MCPO, eleventy!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!

  154. I actually have to disagree with Dave Brat. The government doesn’t have a monopoly on violence. It has a monopoly on revenge. If someone breaks into my house while I’m inside, I can shoot them to defend myself. If I come home to find my house ransacked, I can’t go hunt down the perpetrators even if I have irrefutable proof of their guilt.

  155. Greetings, motorboaters.

  156. Dad to youngest kid, today:

    I’ve been married to your mom for 31 years, I know what kind of bullshit she’ll put up with and what kind she won’t. This is the “won’t” kind.

  157. Greetings, motorboaters.

    Sometimes I’m the little man in the canoe.

  158. *debriefs*

  159. Hawt.

  160. Dave, do I want to know what kind of bullshit we are talking about here?

  161. Mom’s two eyes are now done (cataracts) so no more trips to the hospital – yay. I don’t think I’ve done actual work in a full week… ugh.

    So… should I start at 4:00pm on a Friday afternoon or just proceed directly to Absolut-time?

  162. Absolut – It’s 7PM Easter time.

  163. You’ve already debriefed, time to get cocktailed.

  164. HA! I google addresses of jobs I’m about to do. I can learn a lot in advance. I googled Tuesday’s job and hit street view to see a Four Points Hotel.

    It’s the one that called the police on us!

  165. Absolut – It’s 7PM Easter time.

    You should maybe make one of these.

  166. I’ve been married to your mom for 31 years, I know what kind of bullshit she’ll put up with and what kind she won’t. This is the “won’t” kind.

    Ya tell them that, then they go ahead and do it anyway. Some people learn the hard way.

    What’s funny is when the kids tell their dad, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

  167. It’s the one that called the police on us!

    ??? Do tell.

  168. Last CT meetup. They weren’t OK with the parking lot party.

    Laura and I drove out of there as the police pulled in.

  169. Was that the cop who frisked Rosetta?

  170. Wow, check out the hot chick.

  171. Nope. That was a different day.

  172. Damn! That chick face-planted!

  173. consider this as public service:

  174. >> Ya tell them that, then they go ahead and do it anyway. Some people learn the hard way.

    I try to help her but she has a death wish.

    Tushar, it was just a run of the mill guilt trip attempt. Momma don’t play that shit.

  175. >> Mom’s two eyes are now done (cataracts) so no more trips to the hospital – yay

    Glad momma can see. I’m still amazed at mine, even though I had to get the retina repaired again after the new lens.

    Dave is part parts.

  176. Tushar – Yeah, I needed that.

  177. Good. I was afraid it was another rescued puppy foisted on Dave.

  178. Dave, one word. Superglue.

    I have suggested this before, but you just don’t take me seriously.

  179. Noo.. this is the eldest one. The blonde.

    You feelin me here? Blonde

  180. >>Noo.. this is the eldest one.

    The truck wrecker….

  181. Colorado Alex, saw a column addressing just that issue re: Brat.

    If you shoot the guy in your house, you still have to answer to the state for your use of violence. It may condone it, it may condemn it. But it is still up to the state to decide.

    There’s effectively no such check on the state.

  182. Little incest in Game of Thrones.


  183. As in “There is very little” or “There is a little”?

    Or is it the dwarf guy porking one of his relations?


  185. Chief, are you still watching Penny Dreadful?

    Did you find the sudden gay thing offputting?

  186. Leon – Just thought it was a nod to our new culture where every other character is gay. According to Hollywood, at least 52% of the population is LGBT.

  187. I found myself agreeing with Jennifer Rubin. WTH just happened?

  188. Yeah, it seemed forced, like they’d decided that they’d let Anne Rice write an episode just for giggles.

  189. (If you’ve never read Anne Rice, every interesting male character is bisexual)

  190. I would be a very dull Anne Rice character

  191. ^so, just gay… not even bi.^

  192. Evenin’

  193. for the tri-sexual in you:

  194. *****SPOILER ALERT*****

    In the next episode, the gay cowboy eats pudding.

  195. Gross.

  196. Actually neither character was even in the next episode, it was all a flashback for the Strong Independent Woman character.

    Who also appears to have been/be a dirty, dirty whore of Satan.

  197. But she wouldn’t have been (a dirty, dirty whore) if another character’s brother hadn’t also been gay.

    He’s dead already.

  198. I liked my spoiler/South Park reference better.

  199. If there’s pudding in the next episode, Sean, I shall thereafter refer to you as prophet.


  201. Esther Baxter, please call me back. I think I left my furry handcuffs and my firehouse over there last weekend.

  202. How do you leave a whole firehouse somewhere?

  203. Cheese and rice Puppah! Thanks for the eye strain. top 10.

    Hi Andy, good work @ The Madreship. Ah like the gun thread a lot.

  204. Esther is hot like the muhfukin’ sun!

    “Family, this is my girlfriend Esther.”

    *high fives all the men”

    *listens to unattractive female cousins gasp*

    *takes burning cross out of grandma’s hands*

    *retires to the bedroom for an 18-hour motorboat session*

  205. “How do you leave a whole firehouse somewhere”

    It’s one of those that shrinks down when you’re done.

  206. “How do you leave a whole firehouse somewhere”

    How do you leave a hole firehouse somewhere.

    There you go.

  207. Please remove the “u” from those last few comments.


  208. Goddamn. They’ll let anyone in this joint.

  209. Thanks, Chumpo.

    Long time, no see. How’ve you been?

  210. quite down, I’m trying to concentrate.
    *dragging still plugged in PC and Monitor into the bathroom. Cusses at tangled extension sword.

    SHUT UP!

  211. What’s the difference between Chumpo sucking a gorilla’s dong and Sean sticking a plunger handle up his ass?

  212. We’ll if it isn’t my balding nemesis Annie Oakley…

  213. You know it.

  214. *Yells at mirror.

    Don’t look in my eyes, dammit!

    It throws me off.

  215. “You know it.”

    How are you my good brother?

  216. “Don’t look in my eyes, gorilla!
    It throws me off.”

    There you go.

  217. Rosie, did you look at the pets page yet and see my hideous new dog? I can’t remember.

  218. Theres so little funneh here, i thought it would be better on a phone.

    Its not.

  219. Doing well. Except the usual Friday evening cocktails are delayed as I have to pick the daughter up from school here in a bit when she returns from her 8th-grade DC trip.

    How are you and the fam?

  220. Andy, Go to AZ Beat up. there’s going to be popcorn and pie.

  221. It’ll be funny as fuck when you leave, J’Ames.

  222. Hold on Leon. I’ll check it out.

    What’s the bitch’s name?

  223. I have the dates circled on the calendar. We’ll see.

  224. Benedict. There’s a pic of my goatee and some video.

    I warn you, he’s monstrous.

  225. Duly noted, Andy. I’ll pick you up at the airport or tranny station personally.

  226. “How are you and the fam?”

    In the sweet spot of life. All is well. Except for the fact that Henry is either going to kill me from a massive cumulative heart attack from his general stuntman jackassery or from the 187 random viruses he brings home from pre-school.

    He’s a walking Petri dish from Area 51.

  227. Its not.


  228. Well Benedict is about the cutest baby ever.

    Having a dog that snuggles like that does a lot to suppress homicidal tendencies I’ve found.

    How did Benedict come into your life?

  229. Cheese and rice Puppah! Thanks for the eye strain. top 10.

  230. Wife’s work friend has a dachshund, his gf has a pomeranian. She brought him over for a Christmas party and magic happened.

    Then my wife saw the puppies and begged and cried and bribed me and now he’s sleeping on my couch.

  231. “him” being the pom-daddy to the 4 cutest animals you’ve ever seen at once.

  232. Hey when was the last Mare siting around here?

    Dog the bounty hunter owes me a favor so I’m going to have him hunt her down.

  233. Well, Rosetta, that’d be fine for a normal person, but I understand with your compromised immune system and all.

  234. Since it’s a sausagefest….

    Everyone look at your balls.

    Why aren’t you looking at your balls?!?

    Haha. Everyone is looking at their balls like a bunch of pervs.

  235. Immune system? HAHAHAHA!

    That’s for faggots.

    *checks E-bay for liver*

  236. Mare gave us up for Lent. Haven’t seen her since before Ash Wednesday.

  237. *buys last liver on E-bay*

  238. MJ, what color of fishnet hose are you wearing right now and do they match your buttplug or no?

    Sicko. You need professional help.

  239. She has been spotted on twitter, and Hometown Buffet.

  240. *buys liver off Craig’s List, gets raped*

  241. I haven’t been to the Chinese Buffet lately. I bet she’s been there the whole time.

  242. Mare is my demented abusive comment muse. I need her.


  243. Mare’s been on Twitter? WTF is that about.

    She barely knew how to comment here.

  244. She can comment as fast as she wants on Twitter.

  245. Benedict is a great little guy, Leon. I can tell by looking at him.

    Good job Mrs Leon’s friend.

  246. Here’s the official Mare call.

    It doesn’t work.

  247. She can comment as fast as she wants on Twitter.

    Heh. Vman’s Tweets never end up in the Spam bucket, either.

  248. Mare doesn’t need a format for fast commenting. IYKWISAITTYD.

  249. To my earlier comment about Sean being a prophet:

    Yorkshire pudding does NOT count.

  250. There is more sausage here than at the Jimmy Dean factory.

    Where all da chicks at?

  251. Benedict is a great little guy, Leon. I can tell by looking at him.

    He is very friendly and cuddly. He also barks like he’s ready to kill the neighbor’s boxers when he sees them.

  252. Our little bulldog Daisy is a barker too. She would lose a fight with a crippled gerbil but she’s a barking bad ass.

    When she hears a strange noise and she gets in the kill position Floyd looks at her like “please shut up stupid spaz I’m sleeping”

    And then Floyd usually farts.

    The two of them combined are the worst home defense ever.

  253. Movie time. See you howler monkeys later.

  254. Riley is also all bark and no bite. Except that he bites one of us every once in a while. But quite cowardly around strangers.

  255. Bubba bites everyone, but he’s 15 and out of teeth.

  256. I’m Scott and Laura’s dog?

  257. Actually, he’s nice to me now. He bites Laura daily.

  258. Benny is still teething. No idea if he’s going to be a biter as grown up.

  259. Actually, he’s nice to me now. He bites Laura daily.

    Might have something to do with the spatula.

  260. You can’t what puppies will be protective, and what they will be protective of.

  261. I had a short lived dog that was protective of my stuff.

    He was amazing. Unfortunately he was born without an immune system.

  262. He would take one look at you and either accept you or attack you.
    He was always right. (unless you wore a hat)

  263. Did anybody explain to anybody else where babies come from today?

  264. Predict – missing word.

  265. They burned down a house today to keep it from falling over a cliff.

    You just know some guy suggested this

  266. blerg.

  267. so, tonight a “guest” gave me one of those stupid Keno things. I took it to the bartender, and he gave me a new $20 ticket and $4. She had won $24, but didn’t want a new ticket (she GAVE me the form, and I’ an idiot waitress – I take what you hand me TO the bartender).

    So, I’m informed I just bought $20 in muthafocking Keno tickets.


    The guilted guest gave me a bigger tip than they would have otherwise, and then I won $44.


  268. They should have let it fall. That would have been much cooler to watch.

    That’s just me, though.

  269. You guys are so useless to me. Cripes. Can’t anyone stay up late when I’m working?

  270. I hate you all. goodnight,.

  271. Blerg

  272. They should have set it on fire as it was falling.

  273. I don’t know what Keno is. It’s like bingo but keener or something?

  274. Ugh. I’ve never played Keno, but I’ve been in Vegas with family members that played. We would have to eat at Casino restaurants that had Keno. I was like, dude, let’s go to the sports book!

  275. I’ve had 2 severe allergic reactions this week. I will probably start wearing gloves like a freaking germaphobe while back-up cashiering.

  276. Plastic bubble. I’m sure they can accommodate that at your job under the ADA.

  277. Special Sign like the Under 21. No Aloe, Lanolin, or Dove Soap. Please don’t be covered in cat hair. No BO.

  278. Ugh. RL friend just posted an article about putting MLK on currency. I guess Jackson and Grant don’t deserve to be on cash money, yo. To be serial, Alexander Hamilton wasn’t even a President. Neither was Benjamin Franklin. Sacajawea!!! Chester Cheeto! TFG!!!

  279. Prolly takes too much ink to put a dark face on US currency – would wreak havoc on lithography plates.

  280. calls Ca rin before I fall asleep

  281. Meh, put MLK on a dollar coin or something. I could live with that. If we had to replace one of the people on folding money, I’d go with Jackson. He was kind of a bad guy.

  282. Jackson was trailer trash before we had trailers. White trash represent!!!!

  283. Jeebers, I don’t know if any of youse guys watched the “Hannibal” teevee series, but they must have spent a fortune on the fake blood alone.

  284. I think Jackson was our 1st birther President. All of the H2 “Your Mom” jokes applied to him.

  285. Kings won their second Stanley Cup. Let the riots begin!!!!

  286. 3 OT wins. Way better than soccer.

  287. Fingernails in the header pic really need to be cut back. Just saying.

  288. BTW I thought that I had sold some Hillary books, but I was wrong. Someone took the Hillary books and covered up the Ben Shapiro books. I did sell 6 Ben Carson’s though.

  289. What’s soccer?

  290. Foosball.

  291. BTW I H8 Dana’s shoes. I know they are trendy, but I really H8 her shoes.

  292. RIP, Chuck Noll.

  293. Dana? Shoes? Wha?

  294. well, i lost an hour there. Guess my comment was a bit out of place.

    Carry on!

  295. Are you derp enough? will you be ready when I call you bluff?
    Is my timing right? did you save your love for me tonight?

  296. Add this fine woman to your binders of MMM candidates Leon:

  297. I think I’ll examine my biases today and see how badly they are hurting my relationships w my colleagues.

    **awards self a masters of priveledge degree**

  298. Morning, children. About 1/3rd of the way done with the new floor in the living room. Not divorced yet, so that’s good. Penelope has a meeting this morning so I get a break. Hopefully we can get another third done this afternoon.

  299. Power went out last night, so I didn’t get to share that Rocketboy passed his board of review for Eagle Scout. Party time!

  300. Congrats Roamy.

  301. wakey wakey.

  302. Yay Rocket Boy!

  303. I wish he had finished in time to put it on his scholarship applications, but the main thing is that he finished before he turned 18. Credit to Mr. RFH for keeping him on track.

  304. Gimme a minute, and I’ll have a new poat up.

  305. Congrats, Rocketboy!

  306. New poat!

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