Tuesdays are real

I’m sorry, they just are. And I need them, they provide a valuable rest day between Monday and Wednesday.

Ever wondered what Islam says about Jesus? Wonder no more

I’ve been listening to this a lot lately:

Learn some shit:

BTW, my opinion is that IIFYM is garbage. Need carbs and protein? Have a big pile of inulin blended with black widow venom. You’ll be dead and farting, but hey, it fit your macros.


Happy Birthday Lauraw!!

We all chipped (heh) in and got you sumpin’ speshul:


  1. All Hardbody. All The Time. H2 V2.9

  2. >>>IIFYM is garbage. Need carbs and protein? Have a big pile of inulin blended with black widow venom. You’ll be dead and farting, but hey, it fit your macros.

    I was skeptical when Aprilwine said it’s like we’re speaking another language here but now I’m coming around to her way of thinking.

  3. Look, if you’re not going to watch the video and Learn Some Shit, you can’t criticize me using an acronym.

    And inulin is basically the fartiest carbohydrate ever. Look it up.

  4. And I even included some theology and sweet tunes, whattya want?

    I’m providing content, people.

  5. Muslims – making shit up 24/7/365, since mohamed started buggering little boys.

  6. If it fits your pie hole.

    That’s the one I’m on.

  7. Lat night Oso said that melanin is not a sunscreen? I think actually that it is.

  8. Compare and contrast:

    mildly nsfw link below

  9. Melanulin pie is yummy

  10. workie workie

  11. Melanin is sunscreen. Check skin cancer rates cross-correlated with skin darkness.

  12. From Leon’s link:

    The third and most popular objection to the Crucifixion among Muslim apologists is the argument that it never happened. In their view, the Gospel accounts of the event were corrupted and are laden with errors and falsehoods.

    And the holocaust was just people making shit up so we could give Israel to the jews, and get them out of Europe.

  13. Can someone find out when that photo was taken of Cankles?

  14. And the holocaust was just people making shit up so we could give Israel to the jews, and get them out of Europe.

    Well duh… I mean, it’s not like the Nazis were exactly the sort of systematic and efficient folks who might pursue their goals in a dedicated and consistent fashion, including the destruction of their designated internal enemies.

  15. Power outage is rather large up here. They’re saying all day . Maybe tomorrow. Fack.

  16. Bummer, Carin.

  17. Breaking Ben- I like sugarcoat .

  18. How’s the car/kid today Carin?

  19. Power outage is probably due to hit and run at a nearby construction site……………. ;)

  20. Wasn’t exactly a ” run” since we were there for over an hour, and talked to the workers when they showed up.

    Kids ok. Car was just picked up .

  21. Could he have run?

  22. DTE Energy and Consumers Power now routinely shut off power in the sticks so we can keep ours here in civilization.

  23. Better get that generator and an extra propane tank or two.

  24. I cooked 8oz of steak last night. It was delicious.

  25. So… you had a snack?

  26. I had mushrooms too.

  27. Gross.

  28. It was actually very good.

  29. Impossible, it had mushrooms.

  30. I like mushrooms.

  31. Steak with mushrooms is a great combo.

  32. So, Hillary is running. She just put everyone on notice that if you oppose her, you’re sexist. War On Women™ See how that worked out?

  33. Careful, she’ll hit you with her walker, HS!

  34. Melanin “is a sunscreen”, but people of color don’t think they need sunscreen. Skin cancer rates are rising in NM among Hispanic and AA populations. I just think we should encourage sunscreen use by people of all shades.

  35. Power’s back on. !!!! yea.

  36. I just made the mistake of reading several pages of the “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” blog. This is why I hate social media.

    And I hate learning that my friends are twats.

  37. mushrooms and onions even better

  38. Be sure to sauté them in butter and red wine. And some garlic.

  39. Sauteed mushrooms and a bit of blue cheese on a nice filet.

  40. Anyone got keys to Ace’s blog? He had something about this in the sidebar a month or so ago, but it wasn’t an official project yet. Now it is, but there are only a few days left. People seemed interested, so I thought he might want to let folks know about it.

    Behold, the Cthulhu Pony that will have all of the other My Little Ponies (and their wussy Brony fanboiz) quivering in their horseshoes:


    The company has “The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse” on the drawing board, too…..

  41. Thirteen years ago, today:


  42. Mushrooms and bleu cheese on a filet? Why not just put ketchup or BBQ sauce on it.

  43. I had an 11oz steak from Longhorn yesterday. Ate a third of it. Dipped in ketchup. :D

  44. Could you see the marks where the jockey was hitting it?

  45. I have now been able to see with both eyes for 30+ hours.

    Thanks, Big Pharma!

  46. What’s that Hotspur?

  47. Looks like a big heart over Westminster Abbey.

  48. I went to notre dame and Westminster abbey and St. Paul’s last summer. All three are spectacular.

  49. I was sad that Notre Dame has to guard all of its stained glass from the outside as it does.

    Salisbury Cathedral is beautiful too, if you ever get back over there, but it’s sort of a long drive from London.

  50. I hear the steak is really good there, leon.

  51. Hey Hotspur.

  52. oso will probably punch me in the junk for that one.

  53. Don’t look at images for Paul Robeson High School, or you’re a racist.

  54. Hahahahahaha

    I saw that earlier. The teachers their our the best.

  55. I actually had chopped steak across the street from the cathedral.

    It was okay.

  56. mushrooms and onions even better
    I threw in an onion for good measure. Then I hit it with a little red wine.

  57. Jay!

    I’m going to be in Chicago next week. Let’s go to a ball game.

  58. Crap. They’re in Seattle.

  59. Maybe you and Jay can go TP and/or egg Obama’s house instead.

  60. We’ll start up a fund to bail you guys out of the pokey afterwards.

  61. I’m not going to Hyde Park. It’s a small square of upper middle class assholes surrounded by the ghetto.

    Total dump.

  62. PB&J on whole wheat flat bread just ain’t the same. . .

  63. PB&J is racist.

  64. I swear to Dog I’m the dyslexic luckiest earth on man.

  65. Poaty updated

    Happy Birthday Laurawwww!

  66. Happy Anni to you and Hawtbride, ‘Spurt!

  67. Happy Birthday Humpty Hump!

  68. It’s so weird that both of those men are dead now.

  69. It’s LauraW’s Birthday??!

  70. It’s so weird that both of those men are dead now.

    Ha Ha! What a lovely and thoughtful birthday sentiment!

  71. You’re welcome :)

  72. That fucker had tried 4 excuses so far:
    -He served honorably
    -he was about to die
    -we never leave them behind
    -chucky Hagel did it.

    Here is my prediction for next ones:
    – after resisting torture for 5 years, Bergdahl was about to break down and spill all US national secrets.

    – he is actually a super secret spy who deliberately infiltrated Taliban. We had to get him back to see what he learned.

  73. laura’s birthday, on a Tuesday?

    *checks for SMOD

  74. Happy b’day Laura
    Happy anniversary Hotspur and Hotbride

  75. The ones on Tuesday don’t count.

  76. Happy birthday Humptress!

  77. *immediately schedules all my future birthdays on Tuesday*

  78. Happy Birthday Schmoopsie face!

  79. Happy B’Day, Humpy!

    Happy Anniversary, ‘Spur!

  80. Salisbury Cathedral is beautiful too, if you ever get back over there, but it’s sort of a long drive from London.

    And the big bonus is you get to see an original copy of the Magna Carta.

  81. Happy Birthday, Laura and Michael!

    Happy Anniversary, Hotspur and Hotbride! Both should wear kilts tonight, for easier access, IYKWIMAITYD

  82. Happy birthday, LaraWara.

    It’s actually the anniversary of our engagement, but it’s the one we celebrate. We have to look up our wedding anniversary – a year later.

  83. No, Jay. We have a friend’s adult son from up north sleeping on our sofa tonight because he has an eye procedure at UofM first thing in the morning.

    I thought when I made the middle bedroom into my War Room, and the front bedroom into Hotbride’s office we wouldn’t have to put up with any sleepovers.

  84. What an awesome day: power-washing, pluck-n-loofas, and hot waxes for everyone!

  85. Cynnabuns, aren’t you signing paperwork today?

  86. I should be, X: I talked with the manager this morn and she’s getting the contract whipped up ASAP. Once I get that in, I’ll put out an email blast with the particulars.

  87. Cyn is planning my next birthday party.

  88. I’m a meat popsicle.

  89. Dude…

  90. Ha ha ha! That’s Master Chief’s favorite word of all time :)

  91. Don’t taze me, Bro!


  92. We got married in a fever….


  93. Comment by Hotspur on June 10, 2014 4:01 pm

    We got married in a fever….

    That’s actually a pretty neat photo. It looks like something out of an action/disaster movie. Wedding At the End of the World or somesuch.

  94. Cyn is planning my next birthday party.

    Midget strippers for everyone!

  95. Midget tranny strippers for everyone!


  96. ^I double dog dare you to google that. ^

  97. I’m not googlin’ nuthin.

  98. Are you ready to book your room Xbrad? Is that why you were axing?

    Just Curious

  99. Would anyone be interested in t-shirts for this meatup?

  100. Yeah, if they’re wet.

  101. I’mma wait a bit for the email blast, and maybe another couple days. Gotta triple check on just how early I can head over there.

    A t-shirt might be nice.

  102. Happy birthday, Laura!

    Happy engagement anniversary, Hotspur & Hotbride!

  103. Of course they’ll be wet – it’s fucking hot in Arizona.

  104. Behold

  105. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t moved there.

  106. My favorite thing about Westminster was Oliver Cromwell’s grave. The stone is marked THE BURIAL PLACE OF OLIVER CROMWELL, 1658-1661.

    Cause after 3 years the royalists dug his dead ass up and “executed” him as a traitor. Stuck his head up on a pole outside.

    That right there is some serial grudge holding.

  107. http://i.imgur.com/TDUmArl.png

    it actually is supposed to rain, but I want to get a run in anyway.


    Been too busy all day to work out.

    And, by "busy" I mean sitting in my house waiting for the electricity to come back on.

  108. Cromwell’s adventures in Ireland put me firmly in the grudge camp.

    Irish Alzheimer’s: forget the good times, remember the grudges.

  109. Fixed your italics, Carin.

  110. fanx.

  111. Fixed yours too, leon.

  112. Jay is a weenie.

    Sorry, Jay is a weenie.

  113. Why do you have to wait for your power to come back on?

  114. Happy birthday, Laura.

    Happy engagement anniversary, Hotspur.

  115. The power was out all around me. At least 10 square miles, maybe more.

    it came back on at noon. but I had to wait, because … ???

    what else was I to do? i was just about to take the kids out to lunch when it came back on. We’re on a well, so we didn’t have water or anything.

  116. You need electricity to work out.

  117. Happy Birthday, Laura.

  118. You need electricity to work out.

    Power went out at my gym during a workout once. I kept going for 45 minutes. Had to get a little help opening my locker afterward. Combination locks are tricky in the dark.

  119. I need electricity to take a shower after i work out.

  120. Or to get a drink of water, to quench my thirst.

  121. Shower? After gaining an armor of earned sweat?

    Besides, you’ve got a lake.

  122. Happy Birthday, Lauraw!!! Happy Engagement Anniversary HS & Hotbride. (Kicks J’ames in the junk for Salisbury Steak)

  123. It’s freakin freezing in that lake right now.

  124. Got the job and it came out where I thought it would.

    Turns out I didn’t have to move to NC, though.

  125. Will the T-Shirts read “PMS”? XBrad will definitely need one!

    *sticks tongue out, ducks and runs*

  126. Turns out I didn’t have to move to NC, though.

    That sucks. Where to, then?

  127. Afternoon.

  128. Today I built four (4) of these:


    and one (1) of these:


  129. Incidentally, those are the last Transit-Trays that will ever be built.

  130. ~waves at Jew~ I think it is sad. Do you have a line on a new job?

  131. I’m going to a job fair tomorrow, and I’m taking a day off next week to put out applications and register at a temp agency.

  132. Good luck.

  133. I need to remind myself that I really can’t work 5 pallets of books in 2 hours. The Hillary books were re-stacks after I set the New Release EC. I didn’t sell a single HRC book in 9 hours. Sold 3 Diana Gabaldon.

  134. Not sure where I’ll move. Probably back to a tax free state.

  135. Seems wise. How long is your lease?

  136. Happy Birthday, Laura.

    I got you one of these:

  137. FL or TX?

  138. Washington state is still income tax free, I think.

  139. I love Breaking Benjamin!! I hate Tuesdays!!

  140. Tomorrow just postponed for a week.

    This ruins everything.

  141. The IRS isn’t the only one who wants a piece of your paycheck – 41 states have a broad-based individual income tax. Only seven states lack an income tax altogether. They are:

    South Dakota

  142. Not sure. NC has been flirting with going tax free. If it is, I’ll stay.

    If not, I’m going to leave.

  143. And congrats on the new jerb, MJ.

  144. continued from prior quote/some shit got left off

    Two states have a limited income tax on individuals. These states tax only dividend and interest income:

    New Hampshire

  145. Because you wanted moar… (and I’m trying to tax the shit out of my computer to resolve an issue)


  146. Ugh, I hate to be a prude, but can we be careful with what pics get put up top? I do try to check this site at work.

  147. I’m with CO, that shit is NSFW.

  148. Oh, great, he deleted his comment. Get off my lawn.

  149. His comment wasn’t deleted… went into spam, but has been FREEEEEED

  150. The head pic is NSFW?

  151. So, did you get the new job, MJ? (On my phone and too lazy to go back and read the comments.)

  152. Oh… wait… now I see the poat update.

  153. Cyn – the Great Liberator!

  154. Great Lib!

  155. Ha! Clintbird, you asshole… adding in that pic under my edit/name. That’s a paddlin’!

  156. Okay then: I freed CoAlex, fixed/deleted my POL pic from the poat *puts hands on hips, surveys the scene, dons cape* what’s next?

  157. Happy Anniversary to Hotspur and Hotwife!!!

    And thanks for the bday wishes, guys.

  158. Here, Cyn. Drinkie drink.

  159. Yes HS, I did.

  160. Good for you, my good pal. Where next?

  161. And congrats on conning a perfectly decent woman into marrying the likes of you.

  162. I’m staying in NC for at least Feb of next year. Not sure after that. I just need to be close to an airport on the East coast.

  163. One of my primary rules for surviving international travel is “Don’t ever fly on a Russian airline.”

    I may have to rethink that.


  164. Happy B’day, Laura. And to your twin.

  165. Holy shit, Cantor is toast!

  166. Happy Birthday Humpy.
    I made you a cake.

  167. xbrad, there have to be some Republican incumbents shitting their underoos right now.

  168. Far more appropriate cake for LauraW.


  169. I’m not saying it’s amnesty, but it’s amnesty.

  170. I like that the winner is named “Brat”. Heh.

  171. WTF is going on in “that” part of the world?
    does that make me a Raaaaacefan? I don’t know anymore.

    Hi Tiger Lady. Grrrrr.

  172. Did anybody get into a long, drawn-out brawl with anybody else over the sunglasses that allow you to see the aliens’ true faces today?

  173. Ho Lee Fuk. I drive home from work and the House Majority leader gets his ass kicked in VA-07. He’s fucking losing in Richmond. Jesus Tittyfucking Christ

  174. The voters of Virginia have shown Eric Cantor a path to private citizenship. #KruiserFeelings


  175. Huh. Those are gluten free.

    Hi Mr. Bus Driver. Raaawwwrr.

  176. It put a smile on my face.

  177. Happy birthday lauraw!!!

  178. If MJ didn’t have to move to NC, why did he?

    Happy birthday Lauraw!!! Happy anniversary of whatever Hotspur and bride.

    I have no idea what NSFW picture I missed, but I did go for a run, and it didn’t rain on me.

    I think I’m caught up.

  179. I had sushi for dinner in honor of everyone’s special day.

  180. Maybe i’ll debrief and get a cocktail.

    *looks sideways at cyn

  181. Congrats on not dying for another year, layra.

  182. Raw fish for dinner?

    Is there anything we can do to help?

  183. You too, Sean. *clinks your Diet Dr. Pepper*

  184. Oooooooooooof! Cantor gets the hook! Holy crap. I guess Tea Party isn’t dead.

    Does this mean the Dem in the district has a better shot at winning the seat? If that happens I’m afraid that will be a seriously late nail in the tea party coffin.

    And why the fuck can members of the opposite party vote in the primaries. That’ some muhfukin’ bullshit.

    Man, Brat had 1/10th the money Cantor had. WTF.

  185. Happy 60th birthday, lauraw!

    *runs the fuck away*

  186. Cantor will need to wage a write in campaign.


  187. Dan is yelling at me for stocking Hillary’s book. Our Club manager doesn’t care about books and Dan says no one would notice if it Returned To Vendor without sales.

  188. VA is fairly purplish, so Brat may well lose the general. But this is shaping up to be a wave election, and we’ll almost certainly have a net gain in the House. After all, the conversation since October has been, “can we pick up the Senate?” It’s already assumed we’ll gain seats net in the House and Senate. So it’s a question of how much, not if.

    So, yeah, if it puts a stake through the heart of amnesty (if only for a while) even if we eventually lose VA-07, and still gain net seats, I’m pretty fucking OK with that.

  189. Add me to the birthday well wisher list. And the anniversary congratulation roster..

  190. No Sore Loser law in VA. You lose the primary, you can’t be on the general ballot.

  191. Yeah, we were happy when Miller beat Murkowski in the Alaska primary, too. Look how that turned out.

    I’ll believe it in November. I hope Amnesty Ryan loses too.

  192. Rosie’s here?

    it has to be my bedtime.

    *looks at clock


  193. Fuck Ryan, Rubio too.

  194. Happy birthday Humpy!!

    >> Does this mean the Dem in the district has a better shot at winning the seat?

    No, he’s a lunatic and he also filed late. Brat is unopposed

  195. The scuttlebutt is that the Dem failed to file before the deadline. Which would be hilarious. Brat might actually have already won. I am not sure this is correct, though.

  196. Nevermind, looks like Dave knows.

  197. J’ames, I still hold a grudge against the GOP because of Miller in AK

  198. They gave it up (the dems) cause they thought they had no shot against Cantor.


  199. *puts the birthday bucket on my head and runs around in circles banging the pots together*



  200. Awww…I love it when DiT is a bucket head!

  201. *backhands Car in, et al. But mostly Car in.

  202. MJs backhand is a microaggression and totes saxciss!!!

  203. Well, duh.

  204. Cantor will end up working for Obama.

  205. A friend of mine in VA07 thinks Cantor will run for governor

  206. That…would not be so bad, actually.

  207. I just need to be close to an airport on the East coast.

    I’m about 10 miles from Detroit Metro. Cheap cost of living, lots of open space, and Carin and Hotspur are close by.

    Just sayin’.

  208. Eh, too close to Leon.

  209. I follow Cantor on FB and Twitter. Dude kept pushing amnesty. Tin ear about what’s going on. Kind of a wonk like Ryan.

  210. MJ, the stars at night are big and bright…


  212. We have no native poisonous snakes.

  213. So’d y’all hear about Cantor?


  214. The Hoppers aren’t as prevalent. I was alluding to TX for MJ. NM is and has always been a workfare state. We love us some gubmnt cheese.

  215. Dan is evil. My family is kind of notorious for having large melon heads. Dan thinks the reason I have taken so many Hopper hits to the head, is because there was no way they could miss the Target. Have I mentioned that Dan isn’t as funny as he thinks he is?

  216. I wonder how grasshoppers feel about amnesty and cheese.

  217. Manchester, NH has a good airport, no state income tax and a lack of locusts.

    But: http://youtu.be/uJMJ451MSlQ

  218. That Tea Party cop killer in Las Vegas?



  219. I think Cantor got unplugged from his constituents in a big way. For crying out loud he spent $5 meelyun dollars. Brat spent less than $200K

  220. Who’s Cantor?
    Hi Rosie, my deadbeat fake internet boyfriend! Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me, huh?

  221. The wife in the LV shooting was the WTF? The CCL at WalMart who lost his life is a hero.

  222. thin xb

  223. this race turned out like the Ernst race in Iowa. Big money candidate spends spends spends, and it looked close up until election day.

    Then the walls caved in, and Ernst cruised.

    I think this bodes well for the conservative candidates in the fall.

  224. DiT, Cantor has a tin ear. Total inside the Beltway. I follow him on Twitter and FB and he is clueless. He comes across as a policy wonk.

  225. DinT, yeah. My point mainly is, the guy was a whackadoodle.

    The left is gonna portray this guy as THE Archetype TEA Party member.

    If they’re gonna spin, so am I.

  226. Xbrad, that ilk seems to be simply mentally ill to one degree or another. They just fixate on politics.

  227. Gotta agree with auraw on that one. Crazy is the common denominator.

  228. He’s a professor. It’s going to be hard to make him look like a nut.

    He’s fairly unlikely to start talking about the how if you jump up and down after sexy times, the girl is less likely to get pregnant.

  229. Like the dude that flew a plane into a building in Austin.

    *puts bucket back on, minor concussion, resumes celebrating Humpy’s birthday*

  230. Will they ever release a breakdown of how many Dems voted in the Rep primary that has ousted Cantor?

  231. Alabama primary results from last week. Senator Jeff Sessions unopposed, Congressman Mo Brooks (http://youtu.be/5mtQyEd-zS4) won 80-20 over independent Jerry Hill, pretty sure he is unopposed in the general election. No Dreamers here.

  232. He’s fairly unlikely to start talking about the how if you jump up and down after sexy times, the girl is less likely to get pregnant.

    But, um, that’s true, right? And if you want her to get pregnant it’s best if she does a handstand for awhile, right?


  233. He’s fairly unlikely to start talking about the how if you jump up and down after sexy times, the girl is less likely to get pregnant


    Yea, that totally doesn’t work

  234. Sixth try is the charm, Carin

  235. Hard to call VA07 a Dem insurgency, they basically gave up on the district.

    This is wishcasting.

  236. To repeat..

    Eric Cantor just had his second bris

  237. That poor mohel.

  238. Blake’s future dad canceled adopting Blake.I am bummed but have another family lined up. They are in the Woodlands so another 3 hours of my Saturday gone.

    I am glad Cantor lost, but am dismayed be the numbers. Just low 10’s of thousands turnout?

  239. Second Bris?

    I think it was a different area of his nether-region.

  240. It’s a safe seat for whatshisname. Rs hold it.

  241. Poor Blake. Just means that home wasn’t right for him.

  242. Better that the future dad cancelled now rather than later. But still unfortunate.

  243. Happy B-day Humpy and Engagement anniversary happinesss to the Hotspurts!

  244. Happy birthday Lauraw and happy anniversary to Hotspur and Hotbride.

  245. Happy Birthday Michael!
    According to Wikipedia Cantor’s district has almost a million (800k) 60k total votes is abysmal under 10% turnout

  246. wow this is a day.. happy everything Hotspur and Hotbride,

  247. Very roughly, Vmax, house seats have the same populations in their districts.

  248. 115 years ago, a House Majority Leader lost his seat in congress.

    And then again today.

  249. It was a normal primary turnout, as I’ve heard it.

  250. Here I go. I vote. Every election. Muni, State, National. I don’t have kids. I vote in school elections. I vote. My money, my vote. Bond elections…THERE! 13% turnout that votes down every school bond? Me. Fucking bitches that run the exact bonds during a “Special Election” because 13%? FU

  251. Leon, my understanding is that the 1899 date is the creation of the position of House Majority Leader, not that one was defeated then.

  252. Aw fooey.

    So, wait, it’s never happened before?


  253. We have been telling these bitches since 2007 to secure the border and send the illegals home. Maybe longer.

  254. Oso, Sumpter Township, MI, has approximately 8500 residents. In an off-year election, that means I could get the job of township treasurer with as few as ~476 votes. If I ever get laid off, I plan to start knocking on doors until I make a few friends.

  255. Good luck, Leon. My CiL lost his election by fewer than 100 votes. Power of the incumbency in NM. Thanks Susana for bringing in a friend from Las Cruces. D-rats are strong. Their candidate is local.

  256. Bobby would’ve won if we had open primaries in NM. I’m glad we don’t.

  257. I’m making plans now to listen to Rush tomorrow. It oughta be good.

  258. I’m going to have to listen to at least the first twenty minutes of Glenn Beck. That crew gloats well.

  259. Coming up on four hours here… where’s my doctor’s number?

  260. Don’t question why she needs to be so free
    She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be
    She just can’t be chained
    To a derp where nothing’s gained
    And nothing’s lost
    At such a cost

  261. Morning, dickholes.

  262. Morning, children.

  263. Paula and the boys took a trip to a new waterpark that just opened in MA. I’ve had to make my own sandwiches for the past two days. Morning coffee too. They’re coming home today thank dog.

  264. http://www.greatwolf.com/newengland/waterpark

    She was searching for fun trips for the boys and stumbled across this. They had an early season discount rate for some reason and she decided they could miss a few days of school.

  265. We have one of those up north in Traverse City. I went inside once. Once.

  266. Thankfully I had just gone to my conference in VT and was able to use the excuse of not missing more work. She has far greater tolerance for dealing with this kind of chaos than I do.

  267. If I want to be around screaming out of control kids, I’ll just go to any public elementary school.

  268. Leon?

  269. Vietnam style stimulus package: New plastic bags!

  270. wakey wakey

  271. No.

  272. This is why we have to get rid of these dickholes:



  273. Fetal position desks is more of a Millennial thing. I’m Gen-X.

  274. I’m Gen-Z.


  275. knew poat fro teh ladiez

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