Love makes the world go ’round

and bread


  1. Bread.

    I miss it.

  2. I just had a great brunch.

    Crab cakes benedict with jalepeno sauce. And bacon.

  3. I just had the same thing.

  4. Your mom.

  5. breakfast

  6. What are the chances?

  7. Wow there’s a coincidence, I had crab cakes benedict with jalapeno sauce at IHOP this morning

  8. So I just took Boy2 to get a haircut, and got one myself. I’ve been getting a crew cut (#3) for the last couple of years. He likes to go 10-11 months before getting it cut. I didn’t say a word to the stylist, I let him tell her what he wants. I don’t mind long hair, I just want it to look neat and cared for. He got it cut in a page-boy Beatles style and is very unhappy. He’s too shy to complain so I guess we are going to have to live with it. I’ve been calling him Ringo all day.

  9. When I was 17 my hair was over my shoulders.

  10. I hate you guys. Don’t like to cook in the morning and hubby isn’t hear to make breakfast so I Greek yogurt with granola and strawberries. I’m thinking mexican for lunch.

  11. I have a Dart Frog Slushie.

  12. I’m cooking breakfast right now. Bacon first, then a chorizo&cheddar omelet.

  13. I had coffee and cigarettes for breffish.

  14. I made scrambled eggs with cheddar in garlic butter.

  15. Scrambled eggs and pineapple chunks. And coffee.

  16. The blowie for breakfast I was hoping for is still sleeping.

  17. Mr. TiFW made us scrambled eggs, bacon, and fried potato discs. There was no cheese in the fridge – Rebecca must have made off with it while we weren’t looking.

    Cyn, why aren’t you eating bread?

    Sounds like you and phat had a good time – he’s lots of fun!

  18. Two Krispy Kreme donuts, a Dt Mtn Dew and a side of Skoal.

  19. Apple or Peach?

  20. Mint

  21. Gross.

  22. Says the guy who likes veiny dudes who tuck.

  23. low carbing too

  24. I stand by my assessment.

  25. Mint is tolerable. I’ll still talk to you.

  26. ‘Preciate that.

  27. The blowie for breakfast I was hoping for is still sleeping.

    That one is still out there? Really?

    It’s like I don’t know you 4th graders any more.

  28. *runs away crying, waving stick arms*
    Jay. You bastard. You had me laughing like a lunatic in line at the grocery store on Friday. I will not forget.

  29. Haha, glad to be of service, Mr. Chumpo.

  30. Kissed a guy who had a dip of Skoal. Wish he had warned me.

  31. Chumpo, your POL picture is decidedly less hairy than your gravatar – almost didn’t recognize you!

  32. Kissed a guy who had a dip of Skoal. Wish he had warned me.
    Happens to wiser all of the time.

  33. This is awesome.

  34. ~hi guys~

  35. Pups, sorry about #2’a haircut. Poor kid. Practice him how he really wants it, and take him to another place.
    If I were there, I’d fix it.

  36. No worries beasnseses. 2 is learning valuable life lessons.

  37. Burgers and hot dogs on the grill for six.

  38. Burgers and hot dogs on the grill for six.

    Be right over

  39. Bread = carbs = not fitting into my new skorts = bad

  40. ~hi guys~

  41. I was napping in the pool, not bothering anybody, and my youngest kid came over and splashed water on me.


    So I decided to wake up and get a haircut.

    I look good.

  42. Pups!!! I took my Stitch lunchbox to work today. Best lunchbox EVER!!!

  43. heh on the bear meme.

  44. Which hair?

  45. I’m gonna get a lunchbox. That will be a hit in the office.

  46. You should. I got mine at the Disney Store. It didn’t have a thermos.

  47. I cut my hair a few nights ago.

    I did a pretty good job.

  48. Comment by Cyn on June 8, 2014 5:28 pm
    Bread = carbs = not fitting into my new skorts = bad

    *nods head*
    Glad it’s just self-imposed!

    There are times when both of us are sooooo tempted to cheat – I miss flaky croissants and the local bakery’s sausage rolls and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and…..

  49. Oso!

    Rebecca just watched L&S for the first time a couple of days ago – she loved it!

  50. Like, hey.

  51. Scott’s hair is cray

  52. TiFW, I’m glad. One of my favorites! Kaua’i, Elvis, and Disney!

  53. I’ve cut my hair for years.

  54. I cut what is remaining of Mr. Beasn’s hair and my own.

  55. I need a haircut. I’m a freaking flower child here.

  56. Margaritas anyone? salt, Clink clink clink, pour, stir, and serve. There you go.

    Cheers Amigos.

  57. blerg

  58. Congrats, Car in.

  59. I got a haircut once. I didn’t like it.

  60. Only three more, Oso.

    Only have to sit through that graduation ceremony three more times.

  61. Margaritas anyone? salt, Clink clink clink, pour, stir, and serve.

    Nothing against you personally, but I’ll pass.

    And fuck salt.

  62. Car in, 3 more blessings.

  63. Pupster,that is exactly the way I feel about it. And the speeches … oye. They get a bit much for me.

  64. ANd my stupid ass son didn’t wear his “high honors” thing. he had the braid, but he also had another thing he was supposed to wear.

    oy well. It would have clashed with his bare legs and YELLOW shoes.


  65. Hmm, wonder what those cookies would taste like if I substituted Valurite whiskey.

  66. Congrats to you and your stupid ass son, C arin.

  67. Thats ok 007.

    Congratulations Car in. How was grad night?

  68. How’s that lawn doing, Car in?

    Can I get off it yet?

  69. Well, ceremony was at 1 today. He’s got an all-night lock-in party in a few hours.

  70. I noticed the bare legs. Keeping it real!

  71. Anchorman 2 is quite possibly the dumbest movie ever.

  72. Finished planting fourteen pepper plants juuuuust as the skeeters were coming out. Almost poifek timing.
    *itch, itch*

  73. The lawn could us a little mowing, J’ames, to be honest.

    chop chop.

  74. So, I gave up Sunday shifts. i get all day off now. yea. I mean, it’s good. but I should probably pick up a different shift to make up for it. sigh.

    I have some regulars who are going to be upset with me.

  75. Juan Williams makes me want to throat punch a bitch!

  76. Yay, Car in. You need one day for you and family. Sunday is a good day.

  77. What kind of peppers, laura? Jalepeno? Habenero? Ghost?

  78. Mrs. Jay and I enjoy the baseball games on Sat and Sun.

    Family time.

  79. I cut my own hair once a week. With a Gillete.

  80. I prefer days off during the week. Good thing my life has been spent in retail. Dan had a new guy go to break and never come back yesterday. Albino Nigerian is a really good worker.

  81. J’ames, is Mrs. Jay a Cards fan, too?

  82. Congratulations, Carin. You have a 40% success rate as a parent, keep it up.

    I informed Rocketboy that he will get a haircut prior to his uncle’s wedding. We are still in negotiation over the beard. At least it’s not a soul patch.

  83. Of course, oso. She’s normal.

  84. Jay,
    1) Ten ‘Yummy’ mini-bell peppers. ‘Yummy’ makes 3-4″ long sweet bell peppers that kinda look like big jalapenos. They mature to orange, and taste wonderful when picked either green or ripe (I fell in love with them last year mainly because they are sooo early). 2) And four Italian hot cherry peppers. Mom’s request.

    Last year, half a dozen bushy ‘Yummy’ plants yielded enough little peppers to share with family, add to summer salads, and freeze to add to a whole Winter’s worth of omelets and soups.

    This may be common in other climes, but in the Northeast an early, productive pepper is very appreciated. Regular bell peppers just take too long here; by the time they start to put out, Summer is over.

  85. MMM may be a little late tomorrow, depending on how the rest of the evening goes. The pattern lately has been “fine until about 3pm, then torment until about 9pm”. Yes, I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

    Lifting at the gym appears to interrupt it. It worked on Friday, going to do that again tomorrow and hope for the best.

  86. The only thing that dents the “torment” period drug-wise is sudafed (aka pre-meth). I may just become a junky until the pollen dies down.

  87. While I was gardening, I absently sing-songed ‘trans-2,5-dimethylpentane,’ or something like it. Actually, I think it was a cyclopentane. Just dribbled unconsciously out of my mouth, like I was singing an earworm.

    Gonna be real happy when Summerschool is over.

  88. oooh…sing song pass it along…

  89. Heh.

  90. Just remembered that I have been dreaming about this stuff too.

    Will someone please kill me now. This could be worse than that stupid song Rosetta kept torturing me with.

  91. Car in, congrats on your sons graduation!!! What’s he gonna do with his stupid ass now?

  92. Lauraw, dreaming is learning. Super serial here. Way to move short term to long term memory.

  93. I never have dreams, only nightmares. I luckily can never remember them ;)

  94. Lauraw, I can draw dimethyl pentane but have no idea what it’s used in. Hint?

  95. I always figure that sleeping/dreaming is for your body/brain to sort out everything that’s happening and file it where it needs to go. Some of the hardest things my brain has wrestled with will all of a sudden fall into place a couple of days later.

  96. I dream code and infrastructure diagrams. Sometimes in Spanish or German.

    And sometimes booty. Very rarely booty.

    Mostly I dream that I have forgotten to do something important.

  97. Do you have an Uno’s nearby? Try their seafood pizza, they give me trippy dreams.

  98. AW, I’ve learned to program my dreams. Helps with the sleep walking and night terrors. Programming involves setting up scenarios based on daily input. I may be weird, but that is how I program my memories/dreams.

  99. My guess is as a solvent.

  100. No fucking clue, Romy. I don’t even know if it really even ever happens/ is created/ was just imaginary brain goo.

    We just started learning how to name and draw this stuff and some basic reactions.

  101. Closest Uno’s is in Las Cruces.

  102. Lauraw needs to watch Monty Python’s Meaning of Life.

  103. Mostly I dream that I have forgotten to do something important.

    Yeah. Big yeah.

  104. I spend my dreams programming my work day. Every once in awhile, the sub con kicks in and freaks everybody in the family bed out.

  105. Finally watched Kick Ass 2 last night.


  106. ^^^^ I still love Hit Girl.

  107. Kick Ass 3 should be epic!!!

  108. Hey oso, the Cardinals won today.

    I know you were wondering.

  109. Reds won. June. Wake me up in September. (Do you think he bought it?)

  110. Kick Ass 2 sucked. But, so did the 2nd Thor movie.

  111. OMG!!! Thor: The Dark World was EPIC!!!! I love Loki!!!!

  112. Yeah, I didn’t like the 2nd Thor, either.

    Loki still sucks. His best role was as Hulk’s play toy in Avengers.

  113. Movies are a scam.

  114. I H8 all y’all!

  115. *types “Fleetwood Mac” into youtube…

  116. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie that was made in the last decade.

  117. I PM’d Chey about you H8Rs

  118. Scott, I can’t quit the biz. I’m a Marvel and Disney whore. Maleficent was incredible. Totes ruined my favorite classic Disney. Chernabog is next.

  119. Chey is too busy campaigning for the end of rape culture at Comic Cons.

  120. We’re still PMing.

  121. She’s writing. She’d totes have my back…if she wasn’t busy and didn’t know that you guys are cool.

  122. Looks like I saw one, The Simpsons Movie from 2007.

    Prior to that, Meet the Fockers in 2004.

  123. Who is Chey?

  124. Sky.

  125. I’ve never seen a space movie. I must not believe in space.

  126. I can’t help it, I love Disney and Marvel. Take my money!!!!

  127. I try not to watch movies with hardcore TFG symps. It is rough.

  128. She’s still around?

  129. On FB. She is still writing on Blogs.

  130. I thought she left here after taking peoples money.

  131. This popped into my head earlier today…

  132. I believe I’m on the record as being pro Rape Culture, if only because it’s too stupid an idea to actually exist, and the people fighting it deserve universal scorn.

  133. Looks for PM tab on the H2.

  134. Leon, we have to agree to disagree. Predators recognize prey.

  135. I just think it’s silly to think there’s a “culture”.

    Guidos are a culture. Gypsies are a culture. Irish are a culture. Ball-busting feminazis “fighting the patriarchy!!11” are a culture. Rape is not a culture.

  136. Eye rape/Sexual harassment is. Predators are predators. They recognize damaged prey when they see it.

  137. I don’t watch space movies either, though I don’t count the Hubble IMAX movie.

    Watching Fellowship of the Ring right now. Sean Bean FTW.

  138. Sean Bean!!!!

  139. I’m micro-aggressing right now.

  140. Sharpe’s Rifles.

  141. If Eye Rape is a thing, then so is Women Dressed Slutty.

  142. Evening Hostages.

  143. I feel like a total tard, but every now and then I fall apart. I wear pants. I wear long sleeves, I never show cleavage. The best defense against sexual aggression is to be fat, but not too fat. Size 12-14 is the invisibility zone in our Culture.

  144. Why isn’t she fighting thief culture?

  145. Pickpocket Culture. Identity Theft Culture.

    I could get behind fighting those. With clubs and tire irons, even.

  146. Exactly. Let’s end this scumbag culture.

  147. SMOD!!!!

  148. Check your privilege!!!!! *looks in pockets*

  149. I am 95% with you guys. And then I meet up with people that don’t provide service for whatever reason. We’re too white. They’re too brown. Black people. I H8 being touched. Old guys think that they can touch my hand, arm, shoulder. FU! Don’t touch me!

  150. Scumbags against rape!

    Send money.

  151. Step-Dads against rape!!! (Crickets)

  152. You said rape twice.

  153. Thief’s against rape.

  154. Speaking of predators, how is everyone this evening?

  155. Scott, I can’t speak for Chey. I just know that she was in a really bad place, and any healing needs to come from her.

  156. What did you have for dinner?

  157. You said rape twice.

    I like rape.

  158. Predators are watching Miss USA. The rest are watching the Tony’s.

  159. Speaking of predators, how is everyone this evening?

    Been a pretty odd day. Ended with dinner with my family. The restaurant screwed up my wife’s order and gave her something she’s allergic to. Which she didn’t realize until she’d taken several bites.

    She’s currently fairly stoned on Benadryl on the couch next to me.

  160. I liked her Oso.

    She made me hate her.
    I won’t get over it.

  161. She’s a freakin’ thief.

  162. Sat next to a guy on the flight to Atlanta who had a jew-fro and a 2″ long soul patch thing that was just horrible.

  163. You sat next to Lenny Kravitz?

  164. I wish she would make it up to TiFw and Roamy. I don’t know if she even remembers.

  165. She remembers.

  166. She cut us off for $20.

  167. Good day overall. Pentecost, so RCIA is technically over, but we missed a bunch of days during Easter for Mystagogy so we might linger awhile to meet more people/groups. I’m deciding whether I should offer to join the choir as we have only one man and only one singer under 50. Finished reading Mark, and I’m about halfway through Luke.

  168. This is where my Pollyanna kicks in. I want people to be honest and good. I hope for their better natures to kick in.

  169. Crap!

  170. This is where my Pollyanna kicks in. I want people to be honest and good. I hope for their better natures to kick in.
    You’ll probably be waiting for a long time.

  171. Scott, I forgave her a long time ago. If she needed the money that bad, I would have just given it to her and not expected anything in return.

    I do hope she’s gotten her life straightened out because it was a mess.

  172. MJ, I guess. I may be the Hippie that MCPO accuses me of being.

  173. Sends Sky $20


  174. If you’re handing out money, scott…….

    *holds out hand*

  175. I’ll send you naked pictures for $20.

    Of mare.

  176. Game of Thrones tonight?

    All I can say is Wow, well done.

    I did not expect to be impressed.

  177. Did anybody commission a life-size nude statue of anybody else today?

  178. Then I have to watch the promos for The Case Against 8, which they are showing every break.


  179. I just hope that Chey does the right thing.

  180. I’ll send you naked pictures for $20.

    Of mare.

    Collect the whole set!

  181. Doing nothing all day is exhausting.

    I don’t know how lazy people do it.

  182. Booze, cigarettes and cheetos, pupster. All paid for by us.

  183. Heh. 2 out of 3

  184. *pours me a double trans-2,5-dimethylpentane*

    yo whassup?

  185. Looks like a real mess in Karachi.

  186. Xbad,
    It’s great that our “Ally” has such firm control of the militants in their country.
    We should have burned that place to the ground at the beginning of the AFG campaign.
    No bribes, no ISI perfidy, no convoy attacks, no delays to traffic into, or out of Afg.
    Kill ’em all. Allah will know his own…

  187. Oso loves Lauraw. My Mom’s BF is one of those creepy family members that holds a hug just a bit too long. He has been great to my Mom. I prefer to not have contact with him.

  188. *deleted the reason but still sits on the recess bench w/oso*

  189. What ChrisPy said. Duplicitous goat humpers.

  190. Holds hands with Lauraw on the recess bench.

  191. I got some chocolate here somewhere..

    I mean that nicely

  192. Grabassing sonsabitches!

    *squeezes Oso’s hand and slides the rest of my Lunchables over*

  193. *Goes all Gollem on DiT and chocolate*

  194. Mmmm…turkey and cheddar Lunchable

  195. Stranger Danger is a crock! (Kicks the crap out of the Ice Cream Truck Guy)

  196. Saw a comment about Mooch & TFG spawn “malaria, Malia, whatever” going to her first prom.

    “She wore a white corsage on her wrist. He wore a red laser-dot on his forehead.”

  197. Heh. Jenna and Barbara couldn’t be reached for comment.

  198. What Roamy said (regarding Sky).

  199. chaste shoulder hug oso.

    I know how to do that.

  200. Thanks, Dave.

  201. Fist bumps work too!

  202. Does anyone tell black people in Africa to check THEIR privilege? After all, they’re the majority race in those countries.

  203. Only the Christians…

  204. Albino Nigerian is a great worker.

  205. Lauraw and Scoot, are Lowe’s and ND set up for SNAP? Our veggie and fruit trees are tax exempt and SNAP eligible. (WalMart/Sam’s)

  206. Ugh! HD not fucking Notre Dame!

  207. All my life, I’ve heard tough guys talk about what they would do. All my life, I’ve been disappointed.

  208. Old guys get a pass. They are allowed to hug, touch, pinch, caress…they’re old. Dirty old man is part of our “Culture” Moon gotcha.

  209. At the beginning of the Afghanistan campaign, I bought all the Tac-Air maps of Afg and pinned them to the wall, so I could track what was going on with the interactions with the various warlords and groups.
    One of the names that kept coming-up was “general” Dostum.
    This asshole had fought on every side of every war in Afg.

    The other big name, was “Hamid Gul”. You might want to bing him. This was a “really smart guy” who was the “Former” head of the ISI, hated the US, but was now “retired”.

    This mofo had his hand-in the whole thing. “Retired”, my ass. I was watching this with a magnifying-glass in the early going. It was fascinating.
    After the ROE went to hell (PC), I slacked-off. We could have scared the shit out of them, then left.
    We did not, We chose to do a “Hearts & minds” campaign, and not be “mean”.

    Now, “WE” choose to “end the war”. WTF, you stupid MOFO”?
    “End The War” means you win or lose, you don’t just walk off.

    I am so glad that I am old, and will die soon, leaving no children to suffer through this goat-fuck…

  210. I had H8 CHKN the other day. The shift trainer had his arm wrapped over the trainee’s shoulder. I was ready to go ballistic. I checked my privilege.

  211. ChrisP, you and Dan are on the same page.

  212. Osoloco,
    I am an “Old Guy”(got the membership-card), and if I met you, I would hug, touch, caress, and maybe Pat your butt, just a little.
    It’s just affection, honest!

  213. I just don’t like being touched. People think that my Blue Vest is an invitation to hug. I don’t have a butt.

  214. Unfortunately Blake’s adoption fell through. I was hasty, but his forever dad backed out.

  215. Does that mean you get to keep him for a little bit longer?

  216. Yes Oso
    I also volunteered to be a foster failure it seems the org I am working with is falling apart.

    I am not in the loop so it is pure unfounded speculation on my part based on rumors.

  217. Oso,
    Cyn and Car in, would let me pet their butt. Why not you?
    I’m half tempted to drive down to Tempe just to try it out on you.
    Anita would come with, just to meet some of you “fake internet friends”…

  218. Mixed feelings. Blake needs a forever home. If you get too many, it totally makes “Foster” redundant.

  219. Vmax,
    I’m so sorry about Blakes adoption.
    That’s gotta suck…

  220. ChrisP, I don’t get to go to Tempe. Blah blah blah AZ family coming to UNM for the foosball.

  221. I really H8 being touched. Firm handshake OK?

  222. ChrisP, if we’re so eager to win their hearts and minds, then what does it say about Obama that he is willing to unleash those 5 wolves – with more to come, no doubt – on all of the “peace-loving people” of those countries?

    Who, exactly, does he want to have a favorable impression of him? The terrorists?

  223. TFG doesn’t GAS.

  224. Sometimes I feel sorry for Dan. He didn’t deserve the Cray cray. Then, I remember white privilege and I’m like “Fuck you, JoBo!”

  225. Dan guessed NV. Not like it’s North Dakota! Sends Dan to tranny camp

  226. My tranny friends just hang with us and we pretend all is good. Baseball season is here. Crickets from tranny friends. RL friend wants to watch a ballgame together. Her X and Bio mother of the kid, is now a dude. Dan is friends with Di, H8s Zarah. I just want everyone to get along. Dan still can’t believe he lives in the real world.

  227. I remember going into Mexico when I was 5. I had to cover my shoulders and legs, until we got to the studio. I had to cover my hair. I WAS 5!!!

  228. Family AC time

  229. Wow. Neil De Grasse Tyson was just talking about how we don’t fully understand dark matter and dark energy and said something like “It’s better to admit that we don’t know all the answers than to cling to a belief that may be wrong.”

    Last week, on COSMOS…

    “Global warming is real. It’s going to kill us all if we don’t do massive, expensive things to stop it. The science is settled.”

  230. OK,

    Just got home.

    Family is all in bed and I’m still in ‘all-night’ flying mode. Gonna read for a bit then hit the rack.

    Vmax, what breed/size is your foster pup? We may be looking for a new family member.

  231. Thinkin’ of a master plan
    ‘Cuz ain’t nuthin’ but derp inside my hand
    So I dig into my pocket, all my money is spent
    So I dig deeper but still comin’ up with lint

  232. Hmm, no muscle bound wimmin…odd.

  233. MJ?

  234. Wakey wakey.

  235. off to workie workie

  236. *should someone check on Leon?

  237. I’m up. 15 minutes.

  238. Gambini

  239. Goomerming

  240. Glabforsering.

  241. Merming, Cyn.

  242. MMM up.

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