You guys

You guys

[EDIT] Cyn: I pulled this out of the dumpster for something on Saturday. It’s covered in banana peels and coffee grounds and the shame of Rosetta, so feel free to push back down if yer so inclined.


  1. heh

  2. Well, this didn’t work out well.

  3. smells funny around here

  4. some music while you wait for the coffee:

  5. this post is a masterpiece: i’ve fucked around long enough, time to get to work.

  6. Ug.

  7. Careful what you name your children. They may live upto the name.

  8. ———————
    Ok, that’s pretty funny but the comments are disturbing. No one can take a joke. Jeez.

    And what the fuck is fat shaming? I think we need Car in’s opinion on this.

  9. We’re doomed. Read the comments.

  10. What the fucking fuck?

    From the old tread:

    Good, early session this morning. Traditional elderly hip fractures are decreasing thanks to emphasis on increasing bone density but non-traditional fractures are up. Law of Unintended Consequences. The increased density leads to more subtrochanteric and acetabular fractures which suck. Also, no eggs or hash at the course breakfast….tables full of gluten.

  11. I don’t see the point of making someone feel bad about being overweight, I don’t see how that helps, but then I also don’t agree that people should be made to feel it’s ok either. It’s really their problem so i sorta don’t care. but if people tell me they want to lose weight,i will get on their case. I take away bread and crap from co-workers all the time. sometimes I just give them the look and they throw it away. Obviously< i'm a TON of fun to work with.

  12. Down with lardasses!

  13. subtrochanteric

    What’s singing got to do with it?

  14. Car in, studies actually support the idea that shame works to treat obesity. What for sure does not work is “Fat Acceptance” BS.

  15. Anatomical site Leon. Usual spot is intertrochanteric or base of femoral neck. With the increased density in the upper part of the hip they fracture below the troch region or smash the acetabulum (so called protrusio). Protrusio is a fun word to say. Sounds like your Italian uncle.

  16. I’m not interested in shaming anyone. Making them take ownership, yes.

  17. Emotions fuck it all up. Just cold facts. X caused Y.

  18. We’re doomed. Read the comments.

  19. Down with lardasses!

  20. I think all young people think that judgement is bad. But then they grow up and it changes.

    *thinks of ways to shame Car in into doing more pull ups

  21. Worry not, CItizens. Your personal information is perfectly safe with the non-vetted, possibly former felon Obamacare navigators.

  22. *thinks of ways to shame Car in into doing more pull ups

    In a certain light, her triceps do look a little saggy….

  23. I think all young people think that judgement is bad. But then they grow up and it changes.

    Unless it is judgement against a conservative or Republican, then that’s OK forever.

  24. “triceps”

  25. Carin,
    Check your g-string-mail thing

  26. CERTAIN (not all) wimmens like to maintain flabby triceps ’cause the help slow down their landing if they come in hot on their brooms.

  27. *thinks of ways to shame Car in into doing more pull ups

    Is Car In planning to lay by the pool at the AZMU?

  28. AHHHHHHH! Mine eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. CERTAIN (not all) wimmens like to maintain flabby triceps ’cause the help slow down their landing if they come in hot on their brooms.

    wow. do NOT search Bing Images for “triceps flaps”

  30. btw, greatest invention ever?

    Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Arnold Palmer Coolata

  31. Well, wiser ruined the thread. Nice work.

  32. Well, wiser ruined the thread. Nice work.

    It’s a gift.

  33. Hahahaha. Good going, Wiser.

  34. I’m a comics fan but, other than a local show or two, have never been to a convention. I read a recent post about a female cosplayer who was outraged by the behavior of the fanboys. Apparently they made rude comments and clumsy attempts at come-ons. One or two grabbed her lady bits. All the beta males on the comment board were outraged at this behavior.

    What precisely is “beta male” about expecting men to behave themselves?

  35. Made the TiFW airline reservations last night – Phoenix Meat-up, here we come!

    It was actually cheaper to book a late Thursday night flight, so we’ll lounge around the hotel on Friday. One of you can fish us out of the pool when you get there – we’ll be all hopped up on caffeine from the Coke and Dr Pepper.

  36. Have we come up with a “witty” name for the Phoenix MU?

    If not, may I suggest PMS?

    (Phoenix Meat-up – September)

  37. “All the young girls love Alice. Tender young Alice they say. . .”

  38. What precisely is “beta male” about expecting men to behave themselves?

    spoken like a true gamma male…

  39. Nothing at all CoAla. If they put it that way and didn’t wander off into the tall grass of feminism and grrl power I’d agree and would’ve forgotten about it by now. Having the expectation of no raunchy comments when you’re standing partly naked with a push up bustier on surrounded by male comic fans is probably unreasonable. Grabbing a butt or breast is not warranted and they should alert security in that instance or anticipate it and take measures to prevent it from happening. Sad reality in this day and age but not unexpected.

  40. Do we know who is going?

    I like PMS. That’s some funny shit.

  41. Alcohol + sexy girls = girl getting hit on.

    Grabbed? That’s a no.

  42. Grabbed? That’s a no.

    *cancels plans to attend PMS

  43. Ok, that makes sense and I agree. I’ve heard some assholes elsewhere who would have tried to justify the bad behavior.

    Cons are weird places and unfortunately creep central. When you often have to put out propaganda efforts to get people to bathe, something is wrong. I know a few geek girls trying to get other girls interested in gaming and such, and so I’ve heard these complaints before. It’s not just the girls in skimpy outfits who have problems, and some obviously underaged girls get targeted quite a bit.

    Dealing with awkward come-ons is part of life, and any woman who doesn’t know how to deal with that is probably a delicate flower who should be chaperoned by her father at every social event. The grabbing and the rude comments (not just overheard but from what I’ve seen/heard often said directly to the girl or in front of her)? Pull the jackass aside and tell them to cut it the fuck out or an invitation to step out to the parking lot of he doesn’t get the fuck away.

  44. Usually if you point out that someone is being a dick, they’ll stop.

    Except if you’re hotspur.

  45. Comment by MJ on June 7, 2014 10:46 am
    Usually if you point out that someone is being a dick, they’ll stop.

    Yes. I have a problem with the “run and tell the authorities for every little thing that upsets you” mentality. If someone’s behavior is inappropriate, tell them. Don’t run off to write your op-ed or take a video in secret and post it online.

  46. Good morning, peeps.

  47. Good morning and way to break my post. You’re comments are stupid random and serious. What’s going on?


  48. April!

    Ha ha, yeah I broke it… whatchugunnadoaboutit?!

  49. I saw Stupid Random open for The Comicon Dicks at the Orpheum in ’09.

  50. Not you Cyn, but I’m still going to think about something to do about it.

  51. I saw Phat’s comment about ComiCon being in town
    *wonders what kind of outfit I can throw together last minute*

  52. Now that it’s named PMS, I’m afraid to ask what the Official Drink will be.

  53. Comicon= Release the Neckbeards!!!!!!

  54. I think it pretty much has to be a bloody mary.

  55. You’ll have to make a video showing us how to make one.

    Be sure to include Faceripper, GND, *and* a mini-whisk.

  56. WAIT WHAT? Hi aprilwine!

  57. >>>If you are a fan of Calvin and Hobbes you will love this

    “I could have done better if I had more space.”

    Yes. Yes (s)he could have.

    Loved it.

    Reminds me of the time I collaborated with ….. Well, I promised I would never tell.

    But it was cool.

  58. The Watterson thing was awesome. Very cool.

    Yes, yes, we know wiser. You talked to an astronaut.

  59. >>>Now that it’s named PMS,

    The other option is Arizona’s Spectacularly Serious Health, Opinion and Lifestyle Extravaganza – September

  60. >>>Yes, yes, we know wiser. You talked to an astronaut.

    Oh yeah… I almost forgot.

    That was sorta cool too.

  61. I miss Watterson’s work, but I respect how he went out on top. We all felt it when Calvin and Hobbes rode the sled away. It was a sincere goodbye, a thank you.

  62. >>>We all felt it when Calvin and Hobbes rode the sled away.

    That was probably the only time I ever shed a tear over a cartoon. It was so uplifting yet bittersweet.

  63. Best part about my comment @ 1:04 is that I can almost see Dave’s lips moving as he’s slowly sounding that out, searching desperately for the underlying meaning….

  64. >>>Now that it’s named PMS, I’m afraid to ask what the Official Drink will be.

    Muddle 4 Motrin and a Prozac with a bar of chocolate…..

    Add 16oz of white wine.

    Pour over ice, serve and run away quickly.

  65. When I went to broadcasting school, we had to write and perform our own tv commercial for any product we wanted, real or fake.

    I wrote a commercial for Prozac PMS. The last line of the ad was “So ladies, next time, try Prozac PMS. And give us a break.”

    The woman teaching the class was not amused.

  66. Sounds like A+ material to me, wiser.

  67. Thanks for sharing the Bill Watterson Pearls Before Swine guest artist thing Dave. That was cool. I have too many strips to follow at GoComics and I totally missed it until now.

  68. Elevator rides at the hotel are ‘interesting’ during Comicon. Stops every floor to allow more geeks on. Unfortunately, I’m on the 21st floor.

    I’m pretty well-read in sci-fi/fantasy/comics, and I have no clue what half these costumes are.

    Lotta steampunk and anime, never got into any of that.

  69. >>>Sounds like A+ material to me, wiser.

    I’ll have to see if I still have the tape

  70. Hi Aprilwine.

  71. DD#3 is at some geek convention over in Dallas this weekend with her boyfriend and some of their mutual friends. They have fun, and they’re among the less-weird of the whole convention scene.

    Hey, it could be worse – she could be hanging out with…..well, us.

  72. Can’t believe that it’s been almost 20 years since Calvin & Hobbes ended.

    Lotta steampunk and anime, never got into any of that.

    My family goes to the Denver anime convention every year. We’re hardcore. My wife makes costumes for the kids, but never for me. She says it’s because she runs out of time, but I’m starting to suspect there’s more to it.

    Like an unhealthy attachment to dignity.

  73. The kid who cuts my grass is graduating this year, 4th brother of the lineage who all cut my grass. Good kid.

    We gave him a few bucks as a grad gift. This is the card we got back in the mail.

    Dear Mr (Dave and Mrs Dave)

    Thank you very much for your generous gift you sent my way for graduation. I know it will definitely aid my temporary financial shortcomings I may face in the near future. I am way excited to begin my years at UT next year while at the same time a little nervous! Also thank you very much as always for the generous amount you pay to have your yard mowed. Again thank you both very much.

    Sincerely, D

    There are people who raise fine children that become good people. My neighbors are those kind.

    I still have to convince them to adopt a kid to keep cutting my grass.

    Went through all 4 boys on the yardwork, and all of them are remarkable.

  74. Blake found a forever home today. I have him until the paperwork gets signed.

    His new back yard is made for him. 1/2 grass and 1/2 dense pine stand, he spent an hour looking for squirrels in the pines.

  75. Better Elton:

  76. Yay for Blake! We’ll miss him, but it’s great news.

  77. I was this close to being a foster failure with him X, he is a great pup

  78. Rob Ford everyone. Rob Ford.

  79. The mayor that has always refused to take part in the Toronto Pride parade, seems very comfortable to act as a SM fetish Master in Toronto dark back alleys.

    You mean he wants to keep his private life private?! Perish the thought! Everyone knows that the only way to be proud of who you are is to engage in sexual acts in public where children can see and then condemn anyone who complains.

  80. I think Rob Ford should just say “fuck it” and show up to the next council meeting dressed as Lord Humungous complete with entourage and vehicles.

  81. Pretty sure Ford entered the “ah fuck it” phase of life some time ago.

  82. Which one of you f***ers put that picture of Dungeonmaster Rob Ford up there?

    My eyes! My eyes!

  83. Spent the morning outside with some friends who wanted to visit the farm. Huge mistake. Symptoms are back and now I have to miss the Lindsey Sterling concert.

    Yes, I was going.

  84. Roamy could probably find some spots for that sign.

  85. We should get that sign printed up on t-shirts for the ‘ettes.

    Maybe Cyn could wear it to Comicon.

  86. Conners and McEnroe playing tennis?

    WTF year is it?

  87. Greetings, assor–

    *sees what looks like Rob Ford’s peen in the header*

    Never mind.

    *backs away slowly*

  88. Horse race.

  89. Wanna know the very best name for a race horse?

    A Crackwhore With My Wallet.

    At the third turn it’s A Crackwhore With My Wallet.
    Way out in from, Whoa! Look at her run folks.
    By three and a half lengths,
    No one is going to catch A Crackwhore With My Wallet!

  90. Run, Rob Ford, run.

  91. Whats on the HiFi today MJ?

  92. Good question.

    Right now I’m listening to ‘The Queen is Dead’ by The Smiths. I just got the record a few days ago.

    I see why U2 was/is so popular.

    It’s really close.

  93. Costas looks botoxed.


  95. Once again, California fails to live up to its promise.

  96. I would have cleared $800 had I been there.

  97. What are you listening to, Mr. Chumpo?

    Your kid’s screaming doesn’t count.

  98. U2 is something. I hear them and I’m whatever; and then I see them play (never Live live) and they are so tight and great that I have to like ’em. I don know. like/hate ’em.

  99. not U2. They get to listen to KUTX ’cause that is what I like. And they get to listen to me sing.

    Poor bastards. I’ll drive them out of the haus one fine day.

  100. Er-zack-lee.

    I want to hate them but they sound so good. They are the-brunette with-big-tits of pop music.

  101. U2, that is.

  102. “The Unforgettable Fire” and “The Joshua Tree” still hold up as really good albums.

  103. Hey. I married that chick.

  104. Hey, Chumpy, where have you been hiding for the last few months?

  105. [IMG][/IMG]

    Sorry, stupid tinypic.

  106. Best comments ever.

  107. changing diapers

  108. Kinky.

  109. I got poop on my hand today.

    I had a prefect farking record going too. Six point five years down the tubes.

    I’m going to miss that hand in many ways.

  110. *hands Mr Chumps a chainsaw and a chloroform soaked rag.

  111. Too late MJ. I shoved it down the garbage disposal. There it can keep my libido company.

  112. DAMMIT, or however you spell that.

    DAMNIT? Hotspur?

  113. Hi people that weren’t attacked by Grasshoppers today!

  114. In 1981 my cousin Damian immigrated to the US. He gave me a copy of U2 “Boy” on vinyl. He said they were big in Dublin and thought they’d make it in America too. I did not buy stock in U2 unfortunately. And, no, you can’t buy my copy of this album MJ.

  115. Can I buy your copy of ‘Boy?’

    Kidding. I already have a copy. .

  116. I ran into this guy at Home Depot today.

    He’s a good guy, a conservative, and his dad was once threatened by the secret service for calling Hillary a bitch.

    Many moons ago I shipped demo tapes for him, he still remembers me.

  117. Big clouds of Angry Grasshoppers in NM? Cool.

  118. The last time I was at this spring conference on a potential Triple Crown winner was when Smarty was the contender. It was in NH at the Mt Washington Hotel. I only remember because the happy hour migrated to a tiny room with a TV and everyone was chanting “Go Smarty” over and over. It served as a reaffirmation of my hatred of people.


  120. Heh. My Brother in law was a secret serv. agent and Hill was his detail. He called her a Super Kamea Kamea Biotch all the time.

  121. Not as cool as an Haboub.

  122. I can only imagine what HRC’s time as a senator, SoS and civilian contender have done for her biotchiness since flotus

  123. No shit Jimbro, and she’s old and cranky

  124. Jimbro, I think losing to TFG when it was “Her turn” really crankled her canckles

  125. In 1981 my cousin Damian immigrated to the US.

    Does he love tacos and burritos?

  126. Is the header pic W dancing with a Wounded Warrior?

  127. 2-0 Rangers!

    Screw you LA!

  128. More like bangers and rashers Sean. He’s a mick, same as my dad.

  129. Jimbro’s Irish? Are you a soul stealing Ginger?

  130. I saw Bangers and Rashers open for Poison back in ’88.

  131. Nah, blond as a wee lad, then brown, now mostly gray. My grandmother was Irish, grandfather rumored to be Welsh. He died when my dad and uncles were kids. He may have been a Protestant which is why none of the brothers ever spoke of him.

    Irish Alzheimer’s : forget the good times, remember the grudges.

  132. Jimbro, that is my FiL!!!! I didn’t realize it was the Irish. Always thought it was the Lancashire side.

  133. English, Irish.

    Still a bunch of limey pricks.

    I think.

  134. Dan has an elephant memory. He’s such a girl! The only story he gets wrong is the proposal story. We got to Arlington early for the Yankees/Rangers. He asked me to marry him at a Bennigan’s. We were waiting for our drinks when he asked. I didn’t get him drunk at Bennigan’s and make up a proposal.

  135. If I was still a drunken stereotype, I’d fight you over that, MJ.

  136. My dad is a member of the Pioneer Temperance Society, never drank liquor, ever. As an Extraordinary Communion Minister he would do a pump fake with the wine chalice but never drank from it.

    Needless to say, his kids didn’t take the pledge. We drank the social club out of Guinness at my brother’s funeral.

  137. I have Feather Indians that don’t drink, but I didn’t know there was an Irish organization. I’m checking my privilege.

  138. *throws poo at seanM

  139. There are Irish that don’t drink?

    The hell?

  140. Yeah, they’re called English.

  141. IDK, my English ancestors drank like fish! (WTF does that even mean?) What is “Small beer”?

  142. Dan’s Mom is from St Louis. Maiden name :Lagermann. Dan’s Dad is from Golden, CO. Mostly Irish, little English. No way that beer wasn’t flowing like water.

  143. *debriefs*

  144. *peeks through curtains while Cyn “debriefs”*

  145. ~waves at Cyn~

  146. Wooo Hoooo! A peeker!

  147. Hahaha Totes misread the 2nd “e” as a “c”

  148. It was a great lunch with Phat: got to see a crap ton of people dressed up all weird and shit, great food, and excellent hawt company. He is not the asshole that Rosetta has tweeted about.

  149. Where’s MCPO?

    He needs a Hoveround conversion.

  150. Yay!



    Time for me to feed the chillins, bbl.

  152. Sam’s hired 2 guys for Grocery. Dan hasn’t been staffed since he took the Super Lead position. Produce guy called out for tonight. Dan had to work a split. While he was at home, Hispanic new guy decided the job was too hard for the pay and quit. Other new guy is an albino from Nigeria. Nice guy, but he looks like a photo negative from back in the day when people developed film. 20$

  153. Testes

  154. Thanks, Sean.

  155. I was watching a show about tea the other night (we don’t get cable at work, so the choices are limited) and they mentioned that one reason the stuff was heavily taxed at first was that brewers of small beer saw it as a threat to their business. Rightly so, I guess.

  156. I would have cleared $800 had I been there.
    There is a website where you can place bets, Scott. Friends in PA use it. Day late and $800 dollars short.
    Can’t stand U2. Every song has that stupid dumdadadumdadadum background noise. Like The Smiths and Morrisey though. Never liked The Beatles, overrated. Reeeally can’t stand that sanctimonious prick Paul – oh wait – Sir Paul McCartney.

    Ever notice how he insists on being introduced with the title and, say, Mick Jagger, doesn’t.


  157. Wordpuss is acting like a Sir Paul McCartney for me today.

    Good evening.

  158. Rock ‘n’ Roll and knighthood just don’t really mix.

  159. British history is fun. One of my HS teachers taught American history as a continuation of British history. Best class ever.

  160. Hi, Lippy! I’m more of a George Harrison fan myself.

  161. We got 2 years of WWI by a history teacher obsessed with it. But, those were the days when a teacher could bring in a WWI rifle and it was regarded as interesting, not something to panic and lock down the school over.

    *orders cool Hoveround*

  162. Hi Oso!

    That Nigerian albino is lucky he wasn’t burned as a witch. I’d give him asylum here for that alone.

  163. Lippy, I took a Entry into WWII class in HS that focused on revolutionary movements in the 19th century that led to WWI and eventually WWII. I also had Russian History. Lots of opportunities for nerds in my HS.

  164. We were issued WWI rifles in high school.

  165. Lippy, I know. Nice guy. Hard worker. Dan is trying to get an African cashier moved to grocery, too. African immigrants that we’ve hired are really hard workers. No call outs.

  166. Hey, guess what GoogleUK had as their theme on D-Day? A tribute to a member of the Axis, yay!

  167. Ok a few things 1) Hi Dave 2) Hi Michael 3) Does DD stand for damn daughter? 4) U2 is my favorite band. I’ve seen them in concert so many times, I’ve lost out.mbu far the best live concert I’ve been to. Every single one!!! And lastly, my beautiful loving dog, Diesel had a severe siezure today. Omg something that is so hard to watch and keep calm. He looks like he’s demon possessed when he’s having one. No known cause. He’s had maybe 4 in the last 3 years, but only 2 of them were severe. I hate it!!!!

  168. My sons apparently aren’t interested in a plate of broccoli as dinner. Ungrateful little stinkers.

  169. Poor Diesel! Poor AW having to watch that… Do you have some sort of medication for that?

  170. Lippy, I’m surprised there was an apology. I just assume trolling at this point. AW, is Diesel epileptic? Does your Vet have him on Meds?

  171. Is Diesel a lab?

  172. Oh dear, Poor Diesel! He’s such a good boy!

  173. Did anybody else watch The World Wars on History? I didn’t think it covered any new ground, and worse, their re-enactment footage was a jumbled mess. They were talking about Operation Barbarossa, for instance, and they showed shots of a B-17 flying overhead. And during their mention of the Battle of the Bulge, I swear they showed Red Army soldiers getting cut down by German paratroops.

    Also, Jeremy Renner kept saying “Luftwaff” in his narration. I always thought there was an “uh” sound at the end of that word.

  174. You’re correct, Sean.

    Make a note on the calendar, that ain’t gonna happen again soon.

  175. Sorry about yer dog AW. Thats a tough thing to see.
    My friend Don had a seizure at Bennihana’s. He started chomping his teeth like a dragon on meth and the Bennihanna cook kept flipping burnnig shirmp in his mouth. I laughed my ass off. Then I called the paramedix.

  176. Sean, didn’t TFG do the intro?

  177. Looked too Howard Zinn for me, so I passed.

  178. Yeah Sean, I always heard it with the “uh” too. It’s amazing how many errors and wrong word usage gets by editors.

    Fantastic POL Chumpo, the PMS will be a blast with you there, I can just tell from that.

  179. Yes he’s a lab. The vet didn’t recommend meds yet because once they start them, they are on them for life, (Supposedly) they are not guaranteed to work and are very expensive. If they start happening often, then we will put him on meds. The vet said that as long as they are safe while having them, the siezures won’t cause any harm.

  180. haha, there I am complaining about grammar and I screwed up my own.

  181. Did anybody else watch The World Wars on History? I didn’t think it covered any new ground, and worse, their re-enactment footage was a jumbled mess.

    I loved the part where Hitler was cloned by Nazis using technology recovered from ancient aliens.

  182. I don’t remember seeing TFG anywhere near it. And I didn’t detect much lefty bias in it, either. It was just kinda sloppy.

    Sorry to hear about your puppeh’s seizure, AW. Is he okay?

  183. LMAO Mr. Chumpo, (ahem) I mean oh wow, I’m so sorry.

  184. AW, that is where we are with MaryAnn. Not frequent enough for daily meds. She is on a post seizure med that I can never remember the name of.

  185. My lab had those. One or two a year that I saw.

    I hated them.

  186. Sean, we were seeing the trailers at the movies and they kept advertising opening remarks by TFG, so I just stayed away. Bad enough we’ve been getting the 1 is 2 many PSA before my summer movies.

  187. Bartender! A saturday night round for my friends.

  188. MaryAnn is your???

  189. Give Diesel a hug for me.

  190. MaryAnn is my epileptic dachshund.

  191. Ginger is my fat dachshund that I am allergic to.

  192. Hey bartender pour ‘em hot tonight til the party and the music and the truth collide. Bring it til his memory fades away. Hey bartender!

  193. Dan told me that I should wear my UV shirt to the park, so I don’t break out in hives while carrying Ginger.

  194. Thanks Brad. Awww oso, I’m sorry.

  195. Hey it’s worth a try. So you’re only allergic to one? That’s weird.

  196. What I’m really needing now is a double shot of crown.

  197. She’s a short hair and I guess I’m allergic to her dander and not MAs. I’m allergic to my cousin’s Boxers, too. (Takes a Benadryl and sucks it up)

  198. Mmmm…Crown.

  199. .”I’m allergic to my cousin’s Boxers, too.”


  200. Anyone watching the Kings? What a game!!

  201. Briefs don’t bother you? Strange.

  202. What I’m really needing now is a double shot of crown.

    *slides bottle of Crown to AW and Oso*

  203. Hahaha

  204. Nope. I’m watching the Rangers.

  205. CHUMPO!!!! **tackle hugs**

  206. *Laughs out our at Scott. gets yelled at. Walks outside to laugh*

  207. my friend has a dog that has seizures. Through careful observation she found that eating rawhide caused it. Watch what D eats April. it isorth a shot

  208. Home from Rolla. Waved at Beasn and Rosetta through the pouring rain. Rocketboy assured me that he is not nuts for signing up for 19 hours of classes. Can’t say anything because it’s only one lab and I did the same thing.

  209. Did anybody catch anybody else returning to the scene of the crime today?

  210. Make sure the stuff labelled “rawhide” is actually beef, and American.

  211. Hey Romita!
    *presents a Bouquet of Flowers*
    Can you knit me some leggings for AZ? It’s going to be freezing I hear.

  212. I do Vmax. He doesn’t get much other than his dog food, carrots and frozen green beans.

  213. What is his food?

  214. The Kings are better than the Rangers!!

  215. LOL, Chumpo, sure. You have to send me a pic of your legs so I get the size right.

  216. Nutro Max

  217. California sucks at everything, except porn.

  218. Cali has the most beautiful coastline in the Continental 48. FU Maine!

  219. That is good eats.

  220. Have you guys gone to Target to get your Pride tees yet?

  221. I kinda prefer the Oregon coast for pure aesthetics.

  222. Oregon, meh. I said Meh!

  223. Diesel eats better than my boys do if left to their own choices.

  224. Hawaii first, California, close second. If our water was as clear as Hawaii, that would be so nice!

    Target has pride tees? I won’t hold my breath until they get proud heterosexual tees, or proud gun owner tees, or poor libtards tees.

  225. Roams-is Rocketboy taking summer classes?

  226. Hawai’i is first. Can’t decide if Kaua’i is better than Hawai’i. Love them both. La Jolla or Point Loma in SD would be next for me. Suck it, NoCal!

  227. Have you guys gone to Target to get your Pride tees yet?

    No, but the ATM at my bank asked me to join them in celebrating LGBT Pride Month yesterday.


  228. Trannies got a special parade the Thursday before Pride.

  229. Yeah they are really special.

  230. Wel, Sean… did you?

  231. The Coast? Huh? Why E?
    The Water Huh? Why E? and the Keys.
    The Beaches? Sarasota Bradenton, with a nod to Clearwater / St Pete Beach as well.

  232. huh? Why E? beaches stink

    the black sand ones are disappointing in that they are small.

  233. Hush, FL.

  234. Can’t decide if Kaua’i is better than Hawai’i.

    Way better, I think.

  235. Scoreeeeee Kings win in double overtime!!!!

  236. heh Fl Rocks Oso.
    I am reading a funny book that calls LA El Leah. Hawaii Huh? Why E? and Key West E what?

    His lawyer advised him to change the names tp protect the guilty.

    So my misspellings are not truly mine.

  237. I’m partial to the Washington coast… SINCE I GREW UP THERE!

  238. Wel, Sean… did you?

    I may have jammed out to some Pet Shop Boys on the way home.

  239. Ok Rocket Lady. I didn’t have a robe to slip into so… definitely NSFW.

  240. Beaches are over-rated.

  241. I love Kaua’i. My spiritual home.

  242. Big Makena is beautiful.

  243. Beaches are over-rated.
    It depends on where you live PG
    and where you Vacation.

  244. Dunes are where it’s all at.

  245. Just being contrarian vmax since I live 500 miles from the ocean.

  246. Dunes are cool, I know of some in Michigan that are awesome.

  247. blerg.

    12 hours of working straight is enough. I wonder what a double would be like?

  248. White Sands is cool.

  249. I have lived on the Gulf most of my life. I do not consider Houston to be on the Gulf, but it is on the fringe. As far as Oceans go I was 100 miles from the Atlantic. Unless I was in the Keys when I was on the Atlantic side (South) and the Gulf of Mexico was North. A1A was farged up North was East and South was west.

  250. A1A made me realize how beautiful the PCH was.

  251. Massages Car in’s feet.
    Carin Honey email me please.

  252. Done, vman.

  253. Foot massages? I’m in.

  254. I own property close to white sands Oso.
    I have not seen it in 30 years but NM says I owe them $6 a year for taxes on it.

    They are not making any more land so $6 is not onersome.

  255. and done again. Just found the email from earlier today.

  256. You too Cinnabuns!
    Do you like oil between the toes?

  257. VMan, if you need a winger let me know.

  258. I pay taxes on property in FL. I guess we’re even.

  259. Hawaii blows compared to Kauai.

  260. Yes, yes, yes. Oh and that heel squeeze thing will get you a bonus shot of a single malt.

  261. They made me bartend today.

    And again all day next saturday. sigh. it’s a nice break from the usual, but I’m not really sure how I feel about it.

  262. pg sez beaches ain’t shit. He into dunes.

  263. I don’t even like scotch, but I think I’m up for that single malt thing, cyn.

    *squeezes cyn’s heel.

  264. Car in, I got to be an MSS today. I was running the front lanes for 3 hours. Kind of BS.

  265. Sean with the funneh!

  266. What are these beaches and dunes things of which you speak?

  267. *melts*

    *leaves CaRin the whole bottle*

  268. Real Zoners go to SD for the wknd and not Payson.

  269. Oso loves Heber and Payson.

  270. And the OR coast has a nice stretch of dunes.

  271. There are awesome dunes here in michigan.

    *chugs scotch, does special swirly squeeze on cyn’ s foot

  272. G’night H2. 5AM work time. I only have 7 pallets to work. Yay!

  273. Edge of Tomorrow – good easy popcorn film. Fun premise, straightforward execution, and not a little homage to Omaha Beach/D-Day.

  274. Really? Edge of Tomorrow kilt it?

    Look, Tom Cruise gets shot 5000 times in the movie. Even you haters gotta like that.

  275. It may be hard to discover
    That you’ve been left for another
    But don’t forget that love’s a game
    And it can always come again
    Oh don’t let the derp catch you cryin’

  276. Wakey wakey

    Rant on: Gonna sign in for the conference, grab the CME sheet and hit the road. Every year I forget to take the Monday after the conference off and also forget to just gtfo after the Saturday session. 6 hour drive home kills my enjoyment of these things. Next year it’s in Maine so I’ll have an hour drive and Paula will be able to join me. :rant off.

  277. Good night!

    Just landed in Newark after a lovely lunch with the lovely Cyn and a lot of crazy at the Comicon hotel.

    Got time for 1 cocktail and then it’s bedtime.

    G’night daywalkers!

  278. Morning, children. Off to the last day of the knife show. That benihana seizure comment was funny.

  279. Good morning. Thunderstorm rolling through knocked out the power for a while..

    Cyn, Rocketboy is not taking summer classes. We’re pretty sure he didn’t get the job he wanted (they sent him an email saying they had received his application but nothing else since, and it’s supposed to start tomorrow), so he has another job lined up with a friend doing landscaping.

  280. Landscaping is hard and hot. Give him lots of Gatorade.

  281. germergi.

  282. In case anyone else was trying to watch it, Penny Dreadful decided to celebrate LGBT Pride month last Sunday. I only just got caught up. It seemed really stupid and forced, so I can only conclude that a producer thought it would be “edgy”.

  283. wakey wakey.

    Busy day today. Gotta clean the house, go to Matt’s graduation, make dinner, go for a run.

    good thing I didn’t work a “real double” yesterday.

    [insert Puppy’s mantra right here]

  284. NASA is celebrating LGBTQRSWTF Pride Month. Why, I don’t know. I finally filled out the employee survey they’ve been hounding me about for the last three weeks. They cut out all the comment boxes, so it was just very satisfied/satisfied/dissatisfied/very dissatisfied/ don’t know. Next year, I’m just going to randomly hit buttons. It’s not like they pay any attention to the peons anyway.

  285. Scotch seemed like a good idea last night. Not so much now.

  286. Scotch seemed like a good idea last night.

    So what do they wear underneath the kilt?

  287. Good Morning! Up at 4, have to run around all day, just scarfed a Smuckers Uncrustable mini peanut butter and jelly sammich. Those rock.

  288. Trying to figure out if a 3-year-old laptop is worth the $100 for someone to look at repairing it. Probably not, but damn, I don’t want to drop another chunk of change right now.

  289. Heh. Accurate.

  290. Good morning! It’s been an interesting Sunday morning so far. I was going out to get the paper and look to my left, and see an older woman (80+) walking away in pjs, with her wrinkled ass out. She was shuffling, trying to pull up her pants. My neighbor just drives up from work. (He’s a firman, not as attractive as he thinks he is and such a douch!) he said he called the police. In the mean time, I’m in my pjs Trying to cover up my girls, wanting to get back in the house. The douch asks me how the Kings did. Ugh, really? I said, “they won!!” I high tailed it back in the house. So the police are down the street talking to the old lady. Now I am so scared of what my ass will look like at that age.

  291. ^^^ Shit happens.

  292. Now I am so scared of what my ass will look like at that age.

    The good news is that when you get to be that age, you won’t really care what your ass looks like…..

  293. It kinda depends on what your ass looks like right now.

    Let us help you.

  294. Yeah I’m doing squats and leg lifts none stop for the next 30 yrs, then hopefully I won’t care, or won’t remember what it’s supposed to look like.

  295. Asses are over-rated.

  296. no they ain’t

  297. Lasses.
    Hawt Asses.

  298. It’s raining.

  299. Stop whining.

  300. Eh, bloweth me.

  301. At least it’s not raining men.

  302. Hallelujah

  303. Poat of newness for everyone except [insert name here].

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