Big Boob Friday

Hello, and welcome to another addition of Big Boob Friday, AZ Meatup Workout Addition.

1ST Annual Hostages Workout Conference – AGENDA

730-8 Cyn, Oso, and RoamieScissorsize your way to a new you!

8-830 MJPullup Motivation that works for me

830-9 Pupster – Cardio Slacking, skip leg day with no guilt

9-930 cArinNo Fat Crack Ho stealing my pipes again

930-10 DaveWaterobics transformed my online life

10-1015 MareWallballing for fun and profit

You read that right, our very own perfectly patriotic pony will be in Tempe on September 5th and 6th. I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.



Rather than music, here is a link to a gallery of happy animal pictures.


Your model for today was born on December 18th, 1988, in Hexham, Northumberland, UK. She is listed at 5’6″, 112lbs, 36-26-35. Please stop releasing terrorists long enough to welcome, Miss Francoise Boufhal!














IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! from Hotspur Studios


  1. Boobpedia says shes all natural. I am skeptical.

  2. So 5:30 this morning I saw several BIG coyotes cross the yard, right after Dorkus had his pee. One stopped and stared at me in the kitchen window.

    So then I asked Scott to come and stand with me outside (coyote that attacked Dorkus in the past was not afraid of me) while we waited for Dorkus to do his other business. Naturally Dorkus decided for the first time in years that he doesn’t need to poop right after breakfast.

    So Scott has gone off to work and I still have to poop my dog at some point.

    *scans the yard with a furrowed brow*

  3. Take Scott’s pellet gun out there with you.

  4. Good idea. Not sure I know where it is. Will look.

  5. Aisle 14, halfway down on the right, second shelf next to the meat thermometer.

  6. Hah. How’s Mrs. Pupster today?

  7. Getting better, she is not wearing the sling all the time because it rubs one of the incision sites, so now her shoulder hurts from the weight of the cast. Always something.

  8. Tell Mrs Pupster that she gets to elbow you in the groin when she is healed. That motivation will help her heal faster.

  9. Poor thing. Please tell her I said Hi and to get well real soon.

  10. You should arrange a prank with her physical therapist where part of her PT is to stack slices of bread. Then bread with cheese. Then, spreading mayonnaise, etc.

  11. Or, you could decide you want to live to old age. Up to you.

  12. Why does laura think more like a guy than most guys do?

  13. wakey

  14. You’re a sexist bastard, you know that, Jay?

  15. “Spreading movements assists with rehabilitating the PB&J joint, while the stacking exercise is meant to strengthen your BLT area.”

  16. “Don’t try the Grilled Cheese Maneuver if the butter is too hard. You’ll tear the br…uh, strain the rotator cuff.”

  17. You should arrange a prank with her physical therapist where part of her PT is to stack slices of bread. Then bread with cheese. Then, spreading mayonnaise, etc.
    Hahahahahaha. Clever.

  18. OK. Gotta get ready, make beffish, run errands and stuff. Be back during study break.

  19. In the third picture she looks like Taylor Swift with a boob job.

    I heartily approve.

  20. OMG. Please shoot me in the bergdahl.

    30 minutes on the phone and 7 people can’t decide what to call a warranty letter.

    How about a fucking WARRANTY LETTER???? Lawyers suck a million dicks with the fury of a million Rosettas.

  21. I haven’t made coffee yet. For the third day in a row I woke up feeling okay. We’ll see how long that lasts.

  22. I’m getting pretty suspicious of the whole “Bergdahl hasn’t even spoken to his parents yet” thing.

    Really? Not on the phone? huh.

    they (under orders from that SCOAMF) have got that dude in solitary until they figure out what to do NOW.

  23. I may be sexist, but I’m no bastard!

  24. Allah is his new parent!

    Allahu Akhbar!

  25. 7 people can’t decide what to call a warranty letter.

    Bill Whittle is on point with his latest video on this.

    Intellectualism versus intelligence.

  26. I think that was the dichotomy he used.

  27. I’m not very smart … I can’t remember.

  28. She looks nice

  29. Saw your comment about the Beatles, VMax. I’m with you. I’ve never heard a single song that I gave a crap about.

  30. Whittle is always good on something like that. He points out the obvious, in a different way.

  31. You may not like the Beatles, but they shaped the music of today in ways that no one else could.

  32. Wow, she’s quite the stunner. Also, “Workout Addition” had me giggling like I was in 1st grade again. Nice jerb, Puppeh.

  33. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    Dig a Pony

    She said, she said

    I me Mine


    A Day in the Life

    Norwegian Wood

    Ticket to Ride

    You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

    I’ve Just seen A face

    She’s Leaving Home

  34. I am familiar with all Carin, while there are several I would not turn off if I heard them on the radio, there are absolutely none that I would buy either.

    That said I hated Zeppelin until recently, now I wonder what I was thinking.

  35. Ok, which one of you made this?

  36. Oh, I would turn the radio off if Ticket to Ride was on.

  37. All crap.

  38. MOM!!! Alex is linking Rosetta’s old POL pix again!!!1!

  39. Mom!!!! Hotspurt is trying to break the blog again!!1!

  40. That said I hated Zeppelin until recently, now I wonder what I was thinking.

    Clearly your judgement is suspect.

    I was a HUGE Beatles fan in middle school (around 1980, so not really THAT long after they were performing, but yet they seemed so much more “retro” than music that is 10 or so years old today … Quick time check, pearl jam’s “10′ came out over 20 years ago … YIKES) .

    Beatles, to Pink Floyd, to Us, Smiths, REM, etc. That’s my progression. i went through a bit of “female” music – lillith fair stuff, then I switched to Metal/prog rock.

    It sorta makes sense, musically. Never, ever listen to pop (or country). The beatles, for their time, were very experimental. Constantly trying new sounds.

  41. Us- U2.

  42. And, I love the beginning, before the chorus, of ‘ticket to ride.” Something about it.

  43. I like that you never got into Country. I don’t get it, personally.

  44. to be accurate, yesterday’s country was different (although I still wan’t a fan). today’s country is pop with a southern accent.

  45. Andy doesn’t read much here anyway. i can burn bridges.

  46. I listen to Country occasionally. It can make for nice background when you’re doing something repetitive that is more of a precision task than a speed task. Worthless for lifting, fine for filling cannoli.

  47. Older country is infinitely better. The girls in modern Country are prettier, though.

  48. Catherine Wheel. Shit, that’s over 20 years old too.

  49. I’m old.

  50. They play WAY to much pop at the gym. i need to find a gym that plays metal.

  51. [Programming Note: April Wine had two poats in the middle of the night and I pushed one out to publish tomorrow morning for new crap on Saturday.]

  52. We occasionally get rock at the gym. Though I haven’t been there in a month, so for all I know it’s 100% hip-hop now.

  53. I liked old Merle, Waylon, Willie, George for drinking beer songs. Still have fond memories of singing the boys to sleep in the rocking chair with this:


    Working in Nashville as much as I do, I can’t really avoid Country Music, but I don’t seek it out and I don’t drink beer anymore.

  54. Music at Leon’s gym:

  55. Does that guy… know… he’s being exploited?

  56. Maybe he’s exploiting himself, that’s pretty much the TLC lineup these days.

  57. Southern Hip Hop Masterpiece

    Heh. He does a fatwhiteboy imitation of all the gangster rap hand gestures.

    Double Heh.

  58. whoever designed that photo in the header is a fucking idiot.

    Those albums are completely out of order.

    Nice BBF today, though. I think I would enjoy disappointing her repeatedly.

  59. Pupster, I hadn’t thought of that, but as a parody pointing out the absurdity of urban gansta culture, he’s almost clever.

  60. OCD.


  61. CDO

  62. I don’t think it’s an intentional parody. I think Big Smo thinks he’s keeping it real.

    Intentional parody on the part of TLC, sure.

    Duck Dynasty is where they are in on the joke. Doing swamp mud donuts in a Hummer, talking about “redneck culture” from million dollar homes.


  63. Looks like we’re gonna need to release more terrorists….

  64. So, “ammo control”.

    I’m thinking it might be time for me to get serious about my “DIY Railgun” project. And once again lament that I’m not an EE.

  65. Although honestly, springs and electric motors to wind them might be easier.

  66. I’ve got an an idea…

    You decide to go on a little walkabout in N. Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, or any other hostile country and you get captured or held hostage, oops, oh well, sucks to be you.

    I’m fucking tired of these fucking idiots thinking that if they just show those misunderstood people that we so hatefully call “our enemies” how sweet and wonderful and loving they are, they are going to be perfectly safe.

    Fuck ’em. Sorry, bags of douche, you screwed up big-time and it is not worth the security and safety of the rest of this country to bail your fucking stupid ass out.

  67. Yeah, I’m not terribly sympathetic to willing vacationer hostages.

  68. Well, that seems harsh.

  69. Well, that seems harsh.

    Really? It was nicer than my other suggestion, which is to just bomb the fuck out of wherever they are being held. Sure, we might “accidentally” kill those poor “hostages”, but hey, you pays your money, you takes your chances.

  70. Actions shouldn’t have negative consequences, ever.

  71. The corned beef hash I had for breakfast disagrees with you MJ

  72. wiser is on the Russian diplomacy plan.

    I’m not saying he’s wrong.

  73. Here’s my other major bitch from this past week:

    Obama said that we always exchange POWs at the end of a war.

    Where’s the peace accord that was signed by the Taliban? Just because we decide to end hostilities doesn’t mean the other side has agreed to as well.

    The “strategic” moves made by this fucking administration are going to make Pol Pot’s killing fields look like a kids soccer game.

  74. God I love corned beef hash. Looks like dog food, tastes like heaven.

  75. My standard Sunday breakfast: corned beef hash, two poached eggs, wheat toast, jelly.

  76. Actions shouldn’t have negative consequences, ever.

    The Rachel Corrie Postulate.

  77. Comment by Car in on June 6, 2014 8:32 am
    I’m getting pretty suspicious of the whole “Bergdahl hasn’t even spoken to his parents yet” thing.

    Really? Not on the phone? huh.

    they (under orders from that SCOAMF) have got that dude in solitary until they figure out what to do NOW he has memorized the new narrative.


  78. The Bomber in Ypsi makes “homemade” CBH.

    I could eat that every day forever.

  79. wiser is on the Russian diplomacy plan.

    I’m just fucking tired of other people having to pay for these asshole’s decisions.

    MJ and I were talking about this last night. There seems to be this mindset taking hold where no one should be held responsible for their own bad choices.

    You want to travel to the most dangerous, war-torn places on the planet and spread peace and joy by holding a sign that says “free hugs” in Pashto? Well, good luck with that and hope it works out. But if it doesn’t, sorry, my sympathy meter is not gonna register so much as a blip for your loss.

  80. Comment by MJ on June 6, 2014 10:37 am
    God I love corned beef hash. Looks like dog food, tastes like heaven.

    Good morning and the wine I had last night agrees with you!

  81. I’m getting pretty suspicious of the whole “Bergdahl hasn’t even spoken to his parents yet” thing.

    He’s being held in the same compound as the survivors of the Benghazi attack

  82. Corned beef hash is only an occasional treat for me. Most of the local places prepare it poorly. When I was a resident in MA I’d drive in to E. Boston to see my brother and we’d head over to JP to Doyle’s where the hash was great. Then it was time to go to the Brendan Behan Pub for Guinness. Good times they were.

  83. Well, howdy there, AW.

    To what do we owe this unique pleasure?

  84. Back in the good old days, FDR was able to conveniently ignore an entire group of Americans who moved to Russia to prove how much better their society was than ours.

    Unfortunately for them, the Russians took their passports (and reportedly sent spies into the US using them). Then the Russian government changed hands, and all of them got sent to parts unknown. American media wasn’t allowed in, so they were forgotten pretty quickly.

    They had been rabble-rousers in this country, so the gubmint was pretty happy to get rid of them.

  85. MJ and I were talking about this last night. There seems to be this mindset taking hold where no one should be held responsible for their own bad choices.

    It’s not just hikers in bad parts of the world.

    Twenty-year-old woman gets blinding drunk at a frat party full of strange men? How dare we suggest that’s dangerous!

    Going hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to pay for vacations and new toys? You’re just a poor soul and victim of The System.

    Decide to start smoking dope all day? You’re just misunderstood.

  86. He’s being held in the same compound as the survivors of the Benghazi attack,,

    this was actually one of the first things that crossed my mind when I heard that was were he was.

  87. Hi Wiser, how are you? I don’t know, just got an email about a comment on my blog and remembered I have a blog. Hahaha

  88. Aaaaand now D-Day is all about Obama – instead of a picture of just D-Day vets, MSN has one where SCOAMF takes up half of the shot. The headline reads “Obama honors D-Day sacrifices in Normandy”.

    That scum isn’t fit to wipe their shoes.

  89. The ironic thing is that these brave world travelers certainly want the adventure and the ‘cred” for their exploits.

    Well, soak it in. you’re getting the full treatment. I’m sure you bragged about how you were embarking on this exciting and dangerous trip. Well, bucko, those weren’t just words. It was dangerous. Now you get to see how much so.

    So don’t expect us to come save your ass. When you took it on, it wasn’t with the caveat that we’d come and haul you back, and release dangerous people on your behalf.

    Kinda like that family who wanted to sail around the world. True adventure doesn’t include a rescue plan.

  90. It’s not just hikers in bad parts of the world.

    oh yeah, there’s all kinds of examples right here.

    Spent 9 years getting a Masters in Lesbian Womens Lit? Why yes, I would like fries with that.

  91. My god, the left is so weird. On the anniversary of D Day they are talking about how arrogant Americans are by not understanding the roles of the British and Canadians.

    Jeez. Can’t they ever lighten up and stop torching straw men?

  92. Hi Wiser, how are you? I don’t know, just got an email about a comment on my blog and remembered I have a blog. Hahaha

    Well, we have missed your pretty little avatar ’round here. Life is well, I assume?

  93. I’m normally not a conspirator theory type, but this stupid Bergdahl thing has conspiracy written all over it. Obama is either naive, or is evil to the core and working with the Taliban so he can gain their trust and become THE world leader. I believe the latter.

  94. *waves to AW*

    Long time no see! Mark your calendar for the weekend of September 5-7 – the H2 is having a meat-up in Phoenix. That’s close (enough) to you, right?

    Saw Mr. Chumpo visited here last night, too – he needs to come to that, too!

  95. Jeez. Can’t they ever lighten up and stop torching straw men?

    Everything is political in their diseased little world.

    Every. Fucking. Thing.

  96. Life is well. I’m working more and my son is getting married in 5 weeks! I love my DIL to be, but I’ll be so glad when the wedding is over. She’s not really a Bridzilla, just super OCD and extremely indecisive. She doesn’t have a relationship with her mom and her step mom hasn’t stepped up, so I’m kinda taking on the roll of mom of the bride along with mom of the groom. I have 1000 grey hairs showing that.

  97. D-Cups on D-Day!

  98. Just got back from the DMV. Had to get new pic taken. I always wear too much makeup on purpose for this task, so that after getting washed out by their crappy camera, the photo comes out looking normal (hate having to walk around with a shitty picture of me all the time). This has worked for the last several license renewals.

    Well, I am happy to report that they have new, better photo equipment now that more accurately reproduces clown images than the old cameras did. LOL

  99. Hi Teresa, Phoenix is not far at all. I have a little weekend reunion planned with some friends from high school that weekend, but it’s tentative. Waiting to hear back from a few people.

  100. I’m normally not a conspirator theory type, but this stupid Bergdahl thing has conspiracy written all over it.

    They are so stupid and insulated, they THOUGHT getting him released would be a bit of good news, to make us forget VA scandal, the economy, Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS scandals, gun running, Pigford, etc etc etc …

    I think they were blindsided by the reaction.

    I mean he held a celebratory ROSE garden announcement. then went golfing.

  101. I couldn’t care less what my dl picture looks like.

    And it shows.

  102. Waving to Tammy Faye, I mean lauraw.

  103. My god, the left is so weird. On the anniversary of D Day they are talking about how arrogant Americans are by not understanding the roles of the British and Canadians.

    Jeez. Can’t they ever lighten up and stop torching straw men?

    Do the British and Canadians talk about the contributions of other countries when they are honoring THEIR D-Day vets in ceremonies in their respective countries?

    Do the folks setting up these straw men go to their children’s schools and force them to talk about the accomplishments of students at other schools during their awards ceremonies?

    The Brits and the French had their D-Day ceremonies yesterday – does anyone honestly think that their citizens are giving any thought to what the Yanks are doing today?

  104. I believe the latter.

    As much as I would like to just write all of this incompetence off to his narcissism and.. well. incompetence, Obama runs this administration about as much as Ronald McDonald runs McDonalds.

    It’s the people behind the scenes that are the truly evil ones. They did not get to where they are by being stupid. Or incompetent.

    They are doing exactly what they have always wanted to do, that being to tear this country apart from the inside.

    The Gitmo deal and the rest of their bullshit are all just means to an end. They could care less about Vets, Benghazi, Bergdahl, F&F, the IRS or any of the rest of the shit they have initiated.

    That’s all window dressing. Things to keep the masses entertained, while they continue to undermine and irrevocably destroy the structural framework that has supported this country for over 200 years.

    They hate this country. Always have. And now, thanks to the fucking ignorance of 52% of the people in this country, they are in a position to finally achieve what they’ve always dreamed of, the permanent crippling of this country.

  105. No no and no

  106. Well, I am happy to report that they have new, better photo equipment now that more accurately reproduces clown images than the old cameras did. LOL

    Smile next time. A smile makes any woman prettier.

  107. Right on Wiser. Sad but true.

  108. Congrats on your son’s wedding, AW! I’m sure your DIL appreciates all that you are doing for her –

  109. Did you pose with duck lips?

    Please tell me you did duck lips…..

  110. Comment by Colorado Alex on June 6, 2014 9:09 am

    Ok, which one of you made this?

    Needs more fur.

  111. Hah! Not quite that bad, Wiser! I was cursing that I didn’t have any dark lipstick and blush left, only the lighter shade I have been using lately. Now I’m glad I was out of that other stuff!

  112. Tammy Faye, heh. What a strange time in America that was.

  113. Aw man, I remember those times. We had growth then, and cheap beef.

  114. They are so stupid and insulated, they THOUGHT getting him released would be a bit of good news, to make us forget VA scandal, the economy, Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS scandals, gun running, Pigford, etc etc etc …

    If it had been accomplished in some other manner, I think there would have been some measure of celebration.

    It’s what the administration was willing to give up that has people upset – and the fact that they can’t understand people’s anger over that is quite telling.

    To them, those guys are just garden-variety misunderstood souls.

    To the rest of us, it’s like they unleashed Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, and Son of Sam on the general public.

  115. When I was being held captive by the Taliban, I offered Obama in exchange for my release. But they refused to trade. They said he was already on their side.

  116. Congrats on the impending nuptuals, AW. Will this be your first time as a MiL?

    Are you planning to enjoy it as much as possible??

  117. To them, those guys are just garden-variety misunderstood souls.

    The idiot Alan Comes started with this notion last night.

    And now….

  118. Hahahahaha

    That article was written by Shashank Bengali and Hashmat Baktash. They couldn’t possibly be lying. Right, Baghdad Bob?

  119. I think you look fine, lauraw.

  120. If it had been accomplished in some other manner, I think there would have been some measure of celebration.

    …like a manner not involving negotiating with terrorists, not getting completely taken in those negotiations, and not trying to create a hero out of a traitor?

  121. Does anyone know if Bergdahl was wearing his uniform when he was taken?

  122. If two eyebrows are good, then four must be better.

  123. or you could shave em off. That would be an interesting look

  124. Preschool graduation complete with caps and gowns.

    What in the fucking fuck?

  125. OK back to studying.

  126. Hey guys! So this is H2 huh……. I see some regulars here.

  127. *scrutinizes sketchy newcomer*

  128. Oh…. Truck Monkey from AofSHQ

  129. No one reads the comments at the Mothership anymore, it’s too crowded.

    Other than Bcock. Guy’s got way too much free time.

  130. Big Boob Delurking Friday.

  131. Where the hell is Hotspur to ask about the bullwhips?

  132. If you show boobs, they will comment.

  133. So…..

    pandlhartmark, how many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass right now? And what kind of a fucking name is pandlhartmark?

  134. Needs more fur.

    Hard to hide it with the bikini.

  135. Crap, that’s the wrong link.

  136. Here’s the link I meant for earlier.

  137. Other than Bcock. Guy’s got way too much free time.

    Well yeah. I mean, it’s not like he’s gonna get laid anytime soon…

  138. Preschool graduation complete with caps and gown

    it’s all silly. graduating from Middle school “with honors”? Silly. everyone should get straight As at that level. criminey.

    lawn. get OFF. Other than the fact that you’re leaving a school you attended for a bit, there is really no cause for ceremony.

    (Oh, and I only share because I know you guys TOTALLy won’t make fun of me AT ALL, but I walked into the gas station a bite ago with crocks AND socks. SHIT SHIT SHIT. I mean to take them off before i went)

  139. Yes my first time being a mil. I will not be a monster in law!!

  140. AW, I didn’t know they let 12 year old boys marry.

    How’s our buddy Diesel doing?

  141. Be sure and continue to tell your son what to do. Wives don’t mind that – ever.

  142. Be sure and continue to tell your son what to do. Wives don’t mind that – ever.

    Oh, and new wives love to hear tips on how to clean, garden, and cook.

    they’re like little sponges, wanting to soak it all in.

  143. You wear crocs? Away from the garden?

    For shame.

  144. I’m going to the gym today, even if I have to do it wearing an eye patch.

  145. Leon, you see gardening happens all day, on and off. I need to be ready.

    I try to remember to change out of them if I’m running out to do something.

    BUT, if I’m going to go to a garden shop … I assume crocks are ok.

  146. Leon, allergies JUST got me today, and only while gardening. I ran out (wearing my crocks) and got some claritan D.

  147. I skim the comments every once in a while.

    Mostly just to watch Bcock make an ass of hisself.

  148. I hope yours treat you better than mine have.

    Worth noting: I boldly came to the office today, and of course they are frickin’ mowing.

  149. When new wives become new mothers, they REALLY like it when their MILs give them advice on how to take care of the baby.

  150. Women are idiots.

    There. I said it.

  151. Still a tough room. Me likey.
    *looks around*
    One, two, three, four, five…
    looking good HToo.

    Missed you latchkey kids.

  152. Hahahahaha

    MJ isn’t getting laid these days.

  153. ZOMG, Mr. Chumpo!!!!! You look like you’ve lost weight.

  154. Just read a fun definition:

    Misogynist: man who hates women as much as women hate each other. Attributed to H. L. Mencken.

  155. Oh, and nice choice this week, Pupster.

  156. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, bacon-wrapped corn on the cob is TO DIE FOR.

    Most of the recipes I saw after the fact called for grilling, but if you put the cobs in a shallow pan, they are able to soak up all of the bacon grease in all of the little nooks and crannies, making it extra special delish.

    I was using leftover cobs which had already been cooked once; I covered those puppies up until no kernels were showing, popped them into a 425 degree oven and baked them until the bacon was nice and done (about 30-40 minutes), flipping halfway through so that both sides would brown.

  157. Chumpo!!!!!! *tacklehugs*

    H2 meat-up in Phoenix September 5-7; details still being worked out by the lovely Ms. Cyn.

  158. Thanks Spurt. Two years in an Afgan village will do that.

    Look Out TiF!
    *parries with a sweet bouquet of dahliahs*

    Here ya go Toots. See u in Feenix.

  159. Were you over there trying to rescue Bergdahl?

  160. I spent a year in an Afgan village.

    No, wait, that was quilts. Amish country, doncha know.

  161. Nah. Fuck that guy. His Dad was my Fed ex Driver in Haley ID. Never on time.

    I was looking for a Hash hook up.

    Found one!

  162. We talked hash earlier. Got me so inspired that I started up the crock pot with some taters, beef, and a sauteed onion.

  163. Which is, not coincidentally, why I pretty much have to go to the gym today. Gotta earn that as dinner.

  164. Wanted to try corning my own beef a while back but never have gotten around to it. Now that you’re talking about hash I think this is a thing that has to happen.

    Love the idea of using a different cut than brisket for this:


    In a week or so, that is. No attention for anything but school right now.

  165. what are you studying LW? How to raise Coyotes for fun and Profit?

  166. i’ve got about another hour of garden therapy time.

  167. Hi Car in. Still Rockin?

  168. Laura is pre-law.

  169. After reading the story of the interpretive dance to honor D-Day, I was reminded of this:

  170. I thought she was pre-Ratched?

  171. CHUMPO!

    Glad to see you’re still wasting O2, mah brutha!

  172. Bonus. I’m going to save some $ on legal advice. I always hire women attorneys because they scare the crap out of me.

    Wiser B. Hey Dude! I heard you were on the air. That rocks. where can I listen in?

  173. I always hire women attorneys because they scare the crap out of me.

    Plus, you can pay them 77% of what you would pay a man.

    I’m on noon to two Eastern here:

    You can hear my old shows (if you really want to torture yourself) here:

  174. I thought she was pre-Ratched?

    I thought she was pre-datory…

  175. Chumpo, I saw you were here last night. Don’t be such a stranger. we can find you hash.

  176. OK Thanks Car in. Evidently Hotshot and Le Hump make it at home now. How things have changed!

  177. TTFN

  178. Whoa. Chumpo.

    God I miss hash.

  179. Whoa, speaker at my conference showed surgery he did on a guy who ejected from his plane of the USS Kitty Hawk in ’94. He had somewhere like 25 prior surgeries on his shoulder and it still dislocated. VA healthcare! He did some major slicing and dicing and the guy’s shoulder looks pretty good. He showed the youtube clip of the plane crash as a bonus.

  180. Hi MJ! Nice Boobehs.
    (also on the model upstream)

    Make some Hash. Spurt will teach you. Lauraw knows how too.
    I’m not sure how they vaporize the onions and pork and all that shiz but they must have a way ’cause they soo smaht.

    gotta run. PU pre-schooler.

  181. Now the team doctor for the Detroit Tigers is talking about biceps pathology.

    *better than a 4th grade concert*

  182. So, the Mrs made some chicken in Alfredo sauce for me yesterday.
    I had a lot of leftovers and brought some to work as my lunch.

    35 seconds in the microwave, the the sauce devolved and disintegrated.
    Some liquid with the viscosity of used motor oil and the color of warm piss. Some disgusting goo with the transparency of Obama administration and the color of terminal sickness.

    If you have leftover Alfredo sauce, throw it away.

  183. You gotta add milk to alfredo. Use coffee creamer.

  184. Heya Chumpo. Thanks for the nice comment on my D-Day post

  185. Ever.

  186. Pupster, the sauce was basically butter + grated cheese + heavy cream.
    Milk in addition to that?

  187. Later Chumpo.

  188. Yep. All that stuff congeals and dries out it the fridge and over time. Need the milk to moisturize and bind it back together. Works with Mac and Cheese too.

    I’m not saying it will taste as good as it did when it was hot off the stove, but it will taste better than what you described above. Just add a splash and stir it around. This is 8 years of bachelor leftover experience talking.

  189. Jimbro, 0-150mph in a quarter second or so when you make the Martin-Baker approach. Kinda tough on the bod. Most folks come out about an inch shorter for a while.

  190. Chumpo!! Dang, missed him again.

    Another study break.

  191. Yeah, he listed all the injuries including various fractures and burns. I’m sure the shoulder was small potatoes at first but became a bigger issue over time.

  192. I’m just…..I can’t…..umm…..I’ll just be over here, banging my head against the wall…..

  193. ‘Dr. Emoto?’ Yes, that sounds like a real person.

  194. A guy I work with has an uncle who landed at Omaha Beach. 5th wave. The first two waves were wiped out before they could even make it to the beach.

    He jumped out in neck deep water. When he got to waist deep he took an MG-42 round in his knee and went down face first. Some other soldier dragged him ashore before he drowned.

  195. I had an uncle at Normandy.

    Also had one at Pearl Harbor.

    Both are gone now, and I never really heard their stories.

  196. Wow y’all have some really great tips for a MIL to be. I’m writing all this stuff down. I’m going to be the best MIL ever!!

  197. *deletes wedding day MIL drama story*

    Good luck April. We are all counting on you.

  198. Leon does photo shop?

  199. Does anyone else’s brain fill in the F after MIL?

    Just me?

  200. The beefy arms really do nothing for me, I just hate wimpy stick arms that suggest a complete lack of physical activity.

  201. *runs away crying, waving stick arms

  202. This place is opening up just a couple of blocks north of our house – drop your car off for servicing, pick up a bottle or two of wine, then they will take you where you need to go:

    Interesting concept….

  203. In case anyone cares — and even if you don’t — the gym was awesome today. Rock music instead of pop, nailed all my lifts, hotties worth looking at. And my head only barely hurts now.

  204. *runs away crying, waving stick arms

    Who’s fault are they, Jay? Who?

  205. Evening Hostages.

    See Leon? That’s what an actual woman looks like.

  206. She ain’t got much of a butt, Bcock. Her thighs aren’t remotely stout enough.

    I bet she doesn’t even lift.

  207. *debriefs*

  208. Those thighs look plenty good enough to me.

  209. I bet she doesn’t even lift.

    I bet you’re just not asking nicely enough.

  210. Bah, probably can’t squat her bodyweight. What use is she?

  211. Afternoon.

  212. JEW!

  213. She looks like she’s about to take a dump on the couch, in the 3rd picture. Gross.

  214. Today I built seven (7) of these:

  215. Beasn doesn’t look good in green.


  216. Over a certain period of time, we all squat our body weight.

  217. Oof! That fat cow is smoking hot. TOUCH MY MONKEY?

    We’ll done Poopster.

    And a Chumpo siting?? What is this, Christmas??

    “Hey I’m not the bus driver, I’m Chumpo.”

    HAHAHAHA!! I love that guy.

  218. I’m trying to give Verizon more money and I’ve been on the phone for 30 minutes thus far.

    You try to give me more money and you’re off the phone in 5 seconds.

  219. Rosetta, when he was a little girl.

  220. I was having a problem with my Verizon phone today too.

    MOM!!! Rosetta has pissed off Verizon again for the whole country!!1!

  221. She’s kinda purdy. Good boy, Pupster.

    *pats Pupster on top of head

  222. Verizon has been sucking hind tit for the wife and I the last couple days as well.


  224. Hi Rich!

  225. That’s a keeper, Scott.

  226. Cyn, anymore thought to last night’s discussion?

  227. The one about aliens or the one about which shade of green bustier looked better on you?

  228. I pure hate you.

  229. Is
    really going to the meetup?

  230. It’s a loverly thought if she did, Scott, but alas doubtful.

    Would be great to see her, and holy crap blastfromthepast Chumpo.

  231. BBF just lied?

    How will I ever trust BBF again?

  232. Pupster Lied
    Scott’s Hope for Humanity Died

    ‘Er somthing

  233. Pups told lies Friday
    Scott’s world was then shattered bad
    Scott should have a beer

  234. Mare will be there. You just won’t KNOW she’s there.

  235. Cyn can hire someone to play the part of Mare.

    She should probably start interviewing soon.

  236. Sup flame whores?

  237. I’m checking on Amazon for this RIGHT NOW!!

  238. *gives MJ the up-nod*

  239. A pack of burning coyotes high on hash couldn’t keep me out of Peenixz in Sept. I’m staying all month and I might go in August.
    *removes wide brimmed hat and bows to Teh Lady Cyn*
    Can I bring SexBrad and Sean007 from the late night crew?


  241. They have to become regulars here first. You have to go through initiation to attend a meatup.

  242. Chumpo!


    Xbrad, Sean, and Miss Lipstick could be your road trippers. I think PJM might even be on the way.

    Can’t wait to see you dude.

  243. wait what?

  244. Do you have some work that brings you this way that you’d stay that long?

  245. Who you talkin’ to, Leon?

  246. That was hilarious, Jam

  247. I sneaked into Carin’s gym and took some video:

  248. Hey Dave, Did you see that wiener wall playing elevator music?

  249. It’s funny that you think Chumpo has a job.

  250. No lady friend. I just like to be out that way during the monsoons and holy smokes if a bunch of morons are getting together then I want to as well. I’ve got some connections in AZ and have made a few films out that way. I once lived in Cornville (shut it, it’s really called Cornville) for 21 weeks making a horror movie. Love AZ!

  251. Haboobies. Yep – We have them.

  252. I’m thinking that they should be about done by early Sept, even though the official end is like middle of the month. I’ll be handing out dust masks as part of everyone’s gift bag.

  253. I saw April Wine stop by and I think she’s in CA too. You may need to rent a van for all the peeps you’ll be bringing over!

  254. Chumpo, was it one I would have seen, or was it a good one?

  255. Yep, It’s called Leon Vs The WeinerWall. in the end you live happily ever after.

  256. Like I don’t have a van.

  257. Of course he has a van:

  258. Free Candy?

  259. HAHA Timing!

  260. Thank you Brad. That is an Econoline. I have a Club Wagon and it says “Ballett Lesssens” on the side. Der.

  261. Chumpo – is the email you use to log into this POS still a good one to reach you? I want to make sure you’re on the email blast for the meat-up details. If it’s not, send me an email to CynMsCyn at that gstring place and I’ll update you on my master list.

  262. >> Hey Dave, Did you see that wiener wall playing elevator music?

    Not since the last time I dropped acid.

    So the bus driver is coming to AZ? Cool

  263. >> I’ll update you on my master murder list.

  264. The Normandy special Brian Williams is doing tonight is pretty awesome.

    NBC 8:00

  265. Here is an Indian music video link from 20 years back.
    You may find the American wild west setting amusing.

  266. Wow everyone is here today

  267. I just saw an ad for the Subaru that automatically breaks if you’re about to hit an object.

    What if I want to ram that thing? Can I override that shit?

  268. In Soviet Russia, hand shakes you.

    This just popped up on a gif board, I don’t remember this happening. Anyone? Bueller?

  269. Tushar, in Texas we call that kind of post celebratory dance a “hootenanny”.

  270. “Texas we call that kind of post celebratory dance a “hootenanny”.”

    Or, your mom.

  271. I have now completed the entirety of the duolingo spanish skill tree, and have a working vocabulary of 1571 words. Time to start translating articles and preparing for my future as an illegal immigrant.

  272. Mom never had those moves.

    This is amazing.

  273. A nanny who’s an owl. Hooten’ Nanny.

  274. One Tree Hill had a psycho nanny.

  275. Dave, seeing those rows of crosses with those huge numbers is gut wrenching. I am aghast how ungrateful most Europeans are considering the amount of blood Americans have spilled for them.

  276. In the meantime, back home….

  277. Dave, re: that video of American cemeteries overseas, in 1947, that Army offered to repatriate the remains from wartime cemeteries to the US, either to stateside national cemeteries, or to the families private cemetery.

    It’s somewhat fascinating to me that so many thousands of families decided to let their soldier rest where he fell.

  278. That was the territory we conquered. Enough dirt to bury our dead, as Paul Harvey used to say.

  279. Tush, part of that is the result of half a century of occupation. On the other hand, there’s places in Europe where I couldn’t pay for my own beer.

  280. xbrad I recall that too, and that some families decided to move them.

    I don’t want to get all psychological here, but first I have to put my mind in the 1940’s and not 2014..

    Up until that time, an American who died in the field was buried in that field. There are boys from Alabama interred at Gettysburg. Cuba. At the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

    They got planted where they fell because that’s what you did.

    And also, they had said their goodbyes. It’s hard to say goodbye twice.

    It really wasn’t until we had the airlift capacity and the science to bring em home, So I can sorta understand, not completely, but that was the ground and he’s resting now and let’s not disturb him.

    I’m kinda spitballin here but those are my thoughts. If you don’t like them, I have others.


  282. Dave, that’s actually a pretty good explanation.

    A friend of a friend is writing the book on Graves Registration in WWII.

  283. Did anybody ask anybody else to cover for them at work so they could go to a ballgame today?

  284. Well obviously I can’t know that, but that’s what I think.

    And in that context I can understand it. It must have been quite a thing to get used to, when we were able to send the remains of the fallen back home. They remembered how it was before.. there was a great battle somewhere far away, and all the dead got buried there.

  285. This is sweet. A retiring Marine Corps canine gets applause on a plane.

  286. Also, refrigeration.

  287. yep

    Anybody remember that scene in the Battle of the Bulge where Robert Shaw’s character is explaining to his senior officer just what they’re up against? He showed him a cake taken off an American POW.

    “They have enough planes and fuel to send CAKE”

  288. This week in NM, we lost the last of the original Code Talkers and one of the last Bataan Death March survivors.

  289. We need thermal cameras at the AZ meatup.

  290. Tuche Tushar. I like that Indian Macarena stuff. We should train the Hotstagerses to dance like that in Pheenux. I could die happy then.

    Dave, Do you still play zee base fiddle in that wedding band? If yes then bring ’em.

  291. Mr Chumpo, I remember you as an occasional drop in here and at IB. Have you met any IBers or Hostages yet? AZ is your chance!

  292. He drove the bus in St Louis.

  293. I drove the Bus. and I heard the lamentations in S.L. that yourself was not in attendance, so I look forward to making you acquaintance, sir.

  294. Bus driver, I can’t deal with the carry on fees for the amps.

  295. well we’ll have to tow ’em.

  296. Chumpo, if you don’t come over and give me hug I will cut you into small pieces and feed you to feral bulldogs.

  297. Fuch that. I can get equipment to AZ. I think a live performance would be badass.

  298. Rosie, I achieved 2048!

  299. Rosetta, your bulldogs are feral?

  300. Hi Risoto! what are you feeding that boy?!! He looks good and strong.

    Sorry, to be aghey for so long. I really missed you lot. SandyEgo has been a bit bumpy but smoother now.

    Looking forward to seeing everybody.
    *big hug*

  301. 2048!!! DAMMIT!!!

    I had to add data to my Verizon plan because of that piece of crap game.

    I know who invented that game and he’s on the “die first” list.

  302. Rosetta, do you have wireless Internet at home and office? You don’t need to consume verizon data (on phone and iPad) when those are available.

    Also, don’t play on the web! There is a 2048 app. Once you download, no further data usage.

  303. You’re forgiven Chumpo. How is the Chumpo family?

    At some point I need to meet Mrs. Chumpo since she was so nice on the phone.

    I’m glad you are still alive buddy! Go to the AZ meat so I can buy you a Shirley Temple with Jaeger in it.

  304. Rosetta, be sure to get a whole bottle of Jager just for me.

  305. 2048 app????? VERIZON YOU BASTARDS!!!

  306. If I remember correctly, Tushar, the last time you had Jaeger you got into a fight with the ground.

    *gives Cyn money to buy 14 bottles of Jaeger*

  307. Hey Mr. Chumpo, good to hear from you.

  308. >>If I remember correctly, Tushar, the last time you had Jaeger you got into a fight with the ground.

    And I won! I came up on top!

  309. Mrs. C is a stoic Apache gal and so I can’t complain. (She hasn’t killed me yet) I have Chumpettes 1,2, and 3 now so mostly I stand around the haus at attention waiting for my next order. They give me a measure of rum and a square of carpet to sleep on in the garage.
    Life is Good.
    *books passage to Algeria by way of AZ*


  311. Good evening Batman. Thank you.
    I look forward to seeing you and your enchanting bride in Phoenix.

  312. Haha! Chumpo, you having Chumpettes is perfect.

    And standing around waiting for orders is way better than getting yelled at for fucking something up. Good call.

  313. Chumpo, do you still hate Michael for being a douche and asking if you were the bus driver?

    I’ll kill him for $100 if you want.

  314. I basically sit and draw charcoal pictures for them and make balloon animals. I’m like a Left Bank Fag on a bridge over the Seine.

    life is good. I laugh all day.

  315. Happy Birthday Michael!!!

  316. Rosie
    If you get a chance try Cinco Vodka from Texas.
    It is damn good vodka. I will smuggle you a bottle to AZ meatup

  317. “life is good. I laugh all day.”

    That’s why I love you man.

  318. Heh. Don’t threaten Michael. He holds the choke point for access to teh pecan pie.

  319. Hey Vmax. I’ve become a Tito’s fan which I think is made in Austin.

    Is Cinco better than that?

    And I’m glad you’re going to AZ! You’re in charge of keeping dave from grabbing my ass.

    Is someone bringing a defibrillator? I think that’s a good idea.

  320. Btw, anyone who is fat like me, or who has a loved one who is fat, or is rosetta, should see this series of videos.

    The seventh one is controversial, but that does not invalidate the rest.

  321. I’m big boned you brown bastard.

  322. Duty calls sword swallowers. see ya on the late shift.
    *taps Vmax on the left shoulder, runs away to the right.*

  323. >>I’m big boned you brown bastard.

    that reminds me od a south park episode. I don’t know the names of those kids. I think Cartman is the fat one, and Kyle is the thin one.

    Kyle: you are fat.
    Cartman: I am not! My mom says I am big boned.
    Kyle: Oh yeah? Then you must have a huge bone in your ass.

  324. There is an EXTREMELY loud coyote howling in my backyard, right now. Half-screaming, half howling. Sounds horrible. I bet it’s one of the same big half-wolf looking brutes I saw this morning.

    I’m thinking of getting a little suit of armor for Dorkus.

  325. Cartman: I’m not fat, I’m festive.

  326. Poor Dorkus.

  327. I love the H2 family. All a bunch of fucking jackasses and hookers that know how to make funny. Except for Leon but he’ll pick it up one of these days.

    *pulls pajama pants from freezer, goes to bed*

  328. Laura, are you sure it is not the big bad wolf?

    Rose, don’t miss the link I pasted. You will love it.

  329. Which link Brown? The one about obesity?

  330. cool ballz

    laura go shoot that goddamn coyote

    All serial, they are in the hills, never seen em come up close to the house although it’s a mixed hood.. woods, creek, houses

  331. Sounds like scott has started raping coyotes again.

    Poor coyotes.

  332. No the one in the comment at 11.35

  333. Coywolfs in the NE. Our Western coyotes can still be scared away by rocks and noise. Coywolfs…not so much.

  334. Dave, are you going to Arizona for the meat?

  335. Last August, Dan and I went out on the Mesa to watch the Perseids. Set up our cooler and chairs. Coyotes were singing the song of their people.

  336. Si

  337. Meet the coywolf?! He’s twice the size of a regular coyote and he’s not afraid of me. Yeah, Crispy, we’ve already met.

    One was advancing on me when I was trying to stop it from attacking my dog, and the only reason it ran away is because Scott looked out the window, saw this happening, and ran outside.

    The ugly thing ran at me sideways, with its back all hackled up. Nasty piece of work.

  338. Dave, if your eye has healed, I want a gun battle with you.
    Choose your caliber. We will be shooting at paper targets, not each other.

  339. you’re gonna need some land mines

  340. We just have regular coyotes here. I H8 being at the vet when people bring their coyote attacked pets in. Too sad.

  341. My eye is healed. I was discharged from my 3rd eye surgeon couple weeks ago.

    I have a 1 in 3 chance of it happening again. Apparently the odds suck every time they go in.

    But it’s still hazel, and dazzling.


    That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TittywebJenkins. Ever.

    Tushar, I am going to kill you. Get your final affairs in order, Dick!!

    How did you find that??? I don’t even understand the meaning. You are way more disturbed than I thought. You might need professional help. And a bottle of Jaeger.

  343. Ha ha! I knew you would love it.

  344. DiT has hazel eyes?

  345. I must hit the sack. Need to take the kids to home depot early tomorrow. They have a toy lawn mower workshop.


  346. Seriously. That’s the worst video ever.

    We should immediately bomb India. Or at least let them see real porn.

    Was that Indian porn?


  347. Not Indian. Looks more eastern european to me.

  348. Dave, what happened to your eyeball?

  349. DiT has had bionic eye and knee surgeries.

  350. Before the knee replacement in July 12, I had a repair for a separating retina. Last Sept it happened again, more repairs.

    I’m getting tired of this bullshit but I can walk like a mofo.

    And also see under your skirt cause I gots the xray vision accessory

  351. I go to work at 8am tomorrow. Dan is like “We need to go to bed now, because MaryAnn will get up at 6” SMH. Stupid wiener dog that sleeps all day.

  352. Honestly they looked middle eastern to me. I guess if you’ve raped all the goats and boys then the only thing left is to have other jihadists as your balls.

    Tell me again why we don’t turn that entire region into a glass parking lot?

    Nothing good comes from there.

    I believe if you kill a small number of them it’s like throwing a rock at a hornets nest. If you kill a few hundred thousand of them that may get their attention and they may go through an Islamic reformation which needs to happen.


  353. It sounds like your retina was sick of your bullshit.

    I’m glad you can walk and hopefully you can see. Get to healing dave.

    Goodnight fun people.

  354. Thanks lesbo. Nobody happier than me, you can be second happy

  355. When did mare move to Seattle?

  356. Just got to the hotel in PHX. Guess what, Comicon is here!

    The hotel is filled with freaks in costumes. I guess when you live in your parent’s basement you can afford the Hyatt Regency.

    Was going to go down to the bar, but too crowded with very bizarre people.

  357. If you could see what I have seen
    Broken hearts and broken dreams
    Then I wake up and you’re not there
    Derp finds me everywhere
    Oh but you don’t care

  358. Phat,

    If you were single I’d say to take one of those Comicon girls back to your room and show her what it’s like to be fucked by a real man instead of the man-children that she’s no doubt used to.

  359. Yep, it’s a good thing I’m married.

  360. Plus, didn’t see much ‘talent’ in the lobby and bar.

  361. There was a ‘hit girl’ (shout out to Oso!) who looked pretty hot.

    That was about it. We’ll see what we see tomorrow, don’t leave until 10:30 pm to fly the red-eye to Newark.

  362. Good thing Cyn is picking me up for lunch, this area of downtown is going to be a zoo.

    Of course, that means probably wants to stay and eat lunch on the hotel bar’s patio, so we can watch the cosplayers go by.

    I will say, in this heat it does take a certain level of commitment/stupidity to be in some of these costumes.

  363. I’m a comics fan but, other than a local show or two, have never been to a convention. I read a recent post about a female cosplayer who was outraged by the behavior of the fanboys. Apparently they made rude comments and clumsy attempts at come-ons. One or two grabbed her lady bits. All the beta males on the comment board were outraged at this behavior.


  364. How’s orthocon?

  365. There’s a new thread up.

  366. Good, early session this morning. Traditional elderly hip fractures are decreasing thanks to emphasis on increasing bone density but non-traditional fractures are up. Law of Unintended Consequences. The increased density leads to more subtrochanteric and acetabular fractures which suck. Also, no eggs or hash at the course breakfast….tables full of gluten.

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