WordPress Your Mom Can Suck It!

Why the need to change all the formatting and posting toolbar bullshit every six months unless you’re just a dick?  It’s like I’ve never posted here before.  What the fuck is this button??

Here is a picture of Floyd after I asked him what he thought about meeting lauraw:



It appears that Daisy was born without hips so she sits on her coccyx.  And she needs some dental work.  Floyd needs a nap.



Daisy likes to snuggle more than any other animal or human I’ve ever known.  She does this a lot; look how she puts her arm on Floyd.  She’s the sweetest bitch ever.  (No offense CarIn):



I bet you forgot how funny Dorothy Buttface is didn’t you?  Look at it.  LOOK AT IT!!



A few weeks ago Mrs Rosetta went to the wineries with her girlfriends so it was just me and Henry and the bulldogs and I had to give Henry a bath.  That went well.  OMG SOMEONE CALL 911!!



Just kidding assholes.  It was good!!



I hope there are some new lurkers here tonight:


I can’t went to see you all in Arizona.




  1. WTFITS?


  3. Cyn, you ignorant slut.

  4. I can’t believe how big Henri is getting!

  5. Rosetta, you pompous ass.

  6. I was trying to fix this POS poat you dork!

  7. I can’t went to see you all in Arizona.


    Floyd loved me. In that picture, he was sticking his tongue out in an effort to preserve the flavor of my eyeball and nostril from when I was lying on your couch and he came by to say, “Hi, eyeball and nostril. My tongue goes right up in there, no problem.”

  8. Henry is really the spitting image of Rosetta; amazing.

  9. I banned Cyn from this poat!! Actually I don’t know how to do that.

    I changed videos because xbrad fucked up the other one with his giant labia.

    *crosses fingers, hopes to win poat of the year*

  10. He looks more like Dave, in the water like that.

  11. Yay! Rosetta will be in PHX.
    Ok, so Rosetta and I are definite for Phoenix. Time to speak up, people!

  12. You can’t ban me.

  13. I can’t went to see you all in Arizona.

    Sorry you can’t time travel. Loser.

    *looks askance at picture of lauraw I found in HumpGirl*

  14. *jots down Tushar and ‘One bald head’ for Phoenix*

  15. What’s the name of the hotel you’re looking at for the meat-up, Cyn? Trying to see if we can swing this trip….

  16. Howdy Rosie!

  17. Henry like the bath! (unlike his Dad who last bathed in 2005).

  18. These scientists claim they have produced the roundest object on earth. They have obviously not seen Rosetta’s head.

  19. Tempe Mission Palms

  20. Henry Floyd is really the spitting image of Rosetta; amazing.

  21. Cyn, I plan on sleeping in your bathtub so please don’t overbook that and make sure you clean your pubes out of there before I arrive.

    And I like towels made of Egyptian cotton. None of that domestic shit.

    Thank you in advance, nice hostess.

  22. Tushar – I have two of those. . . in my shorts.

  23. Tempe Mission Palms

    I’m unfamiliar with this sexual position but it sounds a lot like high school.

    Do you have a photo?

  24. Don’t nobody go and book anything yet, I haven’t signed shit with them and you may not get the “Cyn Rate” until I give them a blood signature.

  25. Vmaximus, will you be joining us in AZ?

  26. Photo? Hell – for three easy payments of $99.99 on your credit card, I’ll send you the VHS.

  27. These scientists claim they have produced the roundest object on earth.

    Tush, I was on the team that made the Gravity Probe B rotors. Round to half a millionth of an inch or better (fuck metric).

  28. I remember the Cyn rate.

    I denounce myseff

  29. Cyn, I would also like a non-down feather pillow for the bath tub.

    And if you could put a small refrigerator in the bathroom as well that would be good.

  30. MCPO, you have two of Rosetta’s heads in your shorts?
    I did not want that information.

  31. Buttcheeks

  32. All bathrooms should have a refrigerator.

  33. Rosetta – Did you get my email?

  34. I have to go to bed so that I can function for work in the AM.

    Everyone please shove a Gravity Probe B rotor up their ass.

    Unrelated. This is safe for work if you work in an Ob/Gyn office. Maybe. This is what it’s like when scott and wiserbud hang out together.


  35. I think so Rosie
    I owe you about 20 shots of Grey Goose. Or were we drinking Belvedere in KC?

    If all else fails I will bring my favorite Knob Creek single barrel 120 proof

  36. Glad you stopped by and thanks for the little man pics. Nighty dreams, Rosie.

  37. http://www.captainsjournal.com/2014/06/03/holder-revives-task-force-on-homegrown-extremists/

    Can you say “TEA Party?”

  38. MCPO, check your inbox.

    Everyone else check YOUR ASS!!

  39. j’ames is prolly happier than a pig in –

    uh – going hog wild; or something:


  40. I used to have Zicam as a client at its launch and can tell you that they did several double blind tests in order to be able to say “reduces the duration of a cold” etc. It’s basically zinc and it attaches to the icam receptors in your nose and prevents them from constantly re-infecting you as normally happens with a cold.

    The more you know. [insert music icon & rainbow graphic]

  41. Looks like Cyn and I may be doing a tour of possible lodgings on Saturday. That will be fun.

    Hard to go wrong with a hotel on Mill Ave, now that college is out it may not be that crazy.

    Note: I when I was in flight school the ‘Vine’ had ‘Nickel beer, Quarter pitcher’ nights on Thursdays.

    Don’t remember those ending well or me flying particularly well the next day.

  42. Lucky Phat gets to hang out with Cyn.

  43. They let you fly after drinking the night before?

  44. Did you ever fly particularly well?

  45. Hard to go wrong with a hotel on Mill Ave, now that college is out it may not be that crazy.

    You make that sound like a good thing.

  46. 12 hours ‘bottle to throttle’. Since I’m working on an opposite sleep schedule I’ll be drinking tea and buying Cyn cocktails. Mr Cyn can thank me later.

    I’m not strict/serious about very many things in life, but that one is iron-clad.

  47. Rosetta!! Is it lemon party night already?

  48. Xbrad,

    I have been on a streak of ‘greasers’ on the 737. That means I will slam one on soon.

    Its tough because we fly 4 different versions of the 737 and they all land just a bit different.

    737-900Er is by far the hardest to master.

    Still trying to feel my way through it.

  49. Wait till you move to the left seat. You no longer “slam” it.

    You “land with authority.”

  50. Sorry, Phat. I thought I remembered some ridiculously long time period before flying.

  51. Off bed to bed. G’night kids.

  52. Mom!! Rich escaped from the hole in the basement!!

    *thinks about ass pennies, laughs*

    *removes roll of pennies from Floyd’s ass*

  53. I got a love Jones for your body and your skin tone
    Five minutes alone I’m already on the bone
    Plus I love the fact you got a mind of your own
    No need to derp around you got the good stuff at home

  54. Cute kid. Dogs only a blind man could love.

  55. wakey

  56. Perhaps i’ll switch my sleep/wake schedule so I can hang with Rosetta.

  57. At midnight, I got up from bed, went to my kitchen sink, filled the Animosity International mug with warm salt water, and used a syringe to shoot it up my nose while inhaling deeply. I kept doing this for about 15 minutes.

    I’m almost better this morning, but I might need to do one more round of that before I try to drive later.

  58. I use Afrin nasal spray once or twice a year for a few days when I have a bad cold. It clears the nasal passages for breathing during sleep. I’m not aware of any comparison studies with horseradish or methamphetamine.

    Don’t be a mouth breather!

  59. Sam’s Club has premixed saline bottles, 3 pack for about 3 or 4 bucks which are useful too.

  60. Morning, children. Don’t drown, Leon.

  61. Just read the headline about GWAR leader dying of a heroin overdose.

    This is my shocked face: 0-0

  62. It was midnight and I wasn’t safely driving anywhere.

    Picking up Afrin from Meijer or CVS on my way to da office.

    And yeah, the first batch of “saline” was almost seawater. Darned if it didn’t work, though.

  63. Just read the headline about GWAR leader dying of a heroin overdose.

    I’m bandersnatched.

  64. HHD is up!

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