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  1. Soooo stupid. But at least there aren’t any Nancy Pelosi pics, amiright?

  2. Flea powder allergy? I’m allergic to dogs anyway, but MIL used something on the collies that cranked it up to eleventy.

    I assume you washed him when you got him? sometimes the dogs have crap from the litter/house that you’re allergic to.

  3. Wow. My new Obamacare approved insurance is awesome.

    I only pay 80% of doctor visits where I used to pay 10%.

    It’s almost as if this isn’t insurance at all! Thanks dickface!!!!

  4. I don’t know if he’s had a bath since we brought him home. He’s been wiped dry a few times after getting wet from the grass, but he’s probably filthy. No flea powder, so that’s not it.

  5. MJ, I just worry about what’s going to happen next year. I guess it all depends on whether the Senate flips or not. I bet if it doesn’t, then a lot of companies will start dropping insurance.

  6. In the future, we will all be Amish.

  7. Gah, stoopidity in gov’t again. Mandatory IT security class was added yesterday, due by June 30. I got an automated reminder at 4:12 AM this morning. Means I’ll get one every day until I take the damn thing.

    **deletes entire inbox by mistake, increases productivity by 9.3%

  8. I have an annual security refresher due by 6/30. I’ll be getting daily reminders until I do it.

    *waits until 6/29*

  9. I’m not sure if that’s legal anymore. The uncertainty delays the company’s ability to do anything for at least another year.

    I can tell you this, though, if it’s more cost effective to drop insurance plans (which it is) most companies will be pressured by investors to do so.

  10. Wow, that’s weird. I have the same thing due this month.

  11. Mister Mister is probably Doctor Doctor’s favorite band.

    Doctor Doctor is the Thompson Twins.

    Silly jimbro

  12. My fave from last year was the annual ethics training with the lesbian couple.

  13. Facts. They are inconvenient.

  14. We probably all subcontract to the same people, or the schedule is set by the govvies.

  15. More facts

  16. I feel left out. We don’t get lesbian couples at work.

  17. We haven’t upgraded to the latest PC ethics training. We still have mostly hispanic people, which is soooo early 2000s.

  18. In the spirit of primaries:

  19. If companies start to drop insurance, Obama will make it illegal to do so. I think they just raised the penalty from $3K per year to $36K per employee if you don’t provide the ins.

  20. Unless Detroit has local ordinances I’m unaware of, it doesn’t have anywhere near the same gun law issues as the other cities listed. The cops there have started explicitly telling people to arm themselves.

  21. Our primary is today. I’m gonna go for the castrating hogs lady, instead of the retired oil company executive.

    Castrating hogs lady is also a colonel in the National Guard.

  22. I was always under the impression that Detroit had strict gun laws. Aren’t they just not enforcing them, leon?

  23. Just as long as worthless crap and uneducated illegal immigrants get free shit forever, the rest of us should be happy for paying for Obamacare

  24. Like I said, unless there are local ordinances, they have Michigan gun laws. Long arms can be bought with a NICS check, pistols — when I last bought one — required a “permit to purchase” that anyone could get if they were literate, and I believe that’s been repealed. If you want to get an 870 pump to dissuade home invasion, you’re fine. You can technically walk down the street with it on your shoulder, but you should expect to be stopped.

    Concealed permits are “shall issue”, but you do have to get two letters from neighbors attesting to your good character.

  25. If companies start to drop insurance, Obama will make it illegal to do so.

    He just did, didn’t he, last week or something? After years of telling the business community that their employees could be moved to the public plan. All a lie, just to keep the businesses on board long enough to pass the thing.

    As far as I can see, this is the progression:

    1) Lie about the plan.
    2) Call everybody who tells the truth a liar.
    3) Reassure everybody who gets concerned by lying some more.
    4) Get their support and pass the bill into law.
    5) Stab everybody in the back and laugh right in their face about how silly they were to believe anything but the truth.

  26. Let’s trade Obama to the Taliban for some toenail clippings and a bag of Twizzlers

  27. Govt:

    Baby, this time I mean it. I’m a changed man.

  28. Washington DC has those laws too, leon. But Heller was all about getting the city to actually live by them, wasn’t it? Maybe Detroit is now actually issuing permits, rather than letting them die on someone’s desk.

  29. Let’s trade Obama to the Taliban for some toenail clippings and a bag of Twizzlers

    Let’s sweeten the deal. Hell, throw in a bag of balls, too.

  30. *smack

  31. TJ, you’re driving an awful tough bargain, don’t you think?

  32. Maybe if we could give them a crate of machine guns too, they’d take him? Do you think they would go for it?

    Oh, and tell them they don’t really have to bag the toenail clippings. That seems excessive. Tell them that was a typo.

  33. *pushes TJ off this project and types up a new proposal*

  34. Wayne (Detroit/Dearborn/Belleville) and Washtenaw (Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti) county both used to be really bad when we were “can issue”, but I’m told that Washtenaw doesn’t give any trouble anymore.

    In any event, the county had no say whatsoever on buying/keeping long arms. A lot of the home defense stories out of Detroit are rifles. Not my favorite (overpenetration/excess range in an urban area), but it works.

  35. What the hell do we need a bag of Twizzlers for?

  36. Don’t bag on twizzlers! They’re gluten free, and paleo.

    (I think)

  37. OK, in the new deal we’re not asking for candy and we’re throwing in some cash and a couple F-150s that aren’t exactly brand new but come with nice rims and a tow package.

    They’re mulling it over.

  38. The mullahs are mulling.

  39. Cool, everybody likes spinners!

  40. As I understand it, the F-150s really ought to seal the deal. They are pretty darned popular globally.

  41. Thanks, guys, I really worked hard on this one.

    *hands everybody an invoice for their share*

    It hurts a little now, but I think you’ll agree the price is worth it

  42. *flips Laura a nickel

  43. BTW, zombie bridesmaid, once I found her, made me jump a little.

    Well done, Miniwhisk.

  44. Good morning, cool kids

  45. This whole hay fever thing would suck a lot less if I didn’t need glasses.

  46. Did I miss the proposal period? I was gonna offer up a few chickens to sweeten the deal.

  47. That might do it, Car in.

  48. Yannow, everybody likes parfaits. That just might push this deal right to the top.

  49. *non-laying chickens, don’t tell anyone.


    *leg starts bobbing uncontrollably under table*

    I told them i was really disappointed and I would have to strongly discuss it with you guys.

  51. Add some manure. Chicken crap + Chicken shit

  52. We already did include chicken shit.

    Oh wait, you meant ACTUAL chicken shit. Nevermind.

  53. They can have Michelle ONLY if they take Sam Kass too.

    And Val Jer.

  54. *cranks up Mister Mister and slams door*

  55. Throw in Huma too! At this point what difference does it make?

  56. We really should throw in some sparkly keychains and pencils and bouncy balls all in those cute happy plastic bags.

  57. Happy Fun Ball!

  58. Cyn, do you have any of those pencils left from that one meetup?

  59. or … a space pen. THAT’s what we need.

  60. I have The Beatles White Album. I can throw that in.

  61. Gift Certificate to crossfit?

  62. Zombie Bridesmaid is hawt.

  63. *throws in complete CD collection of Pink Floyd

  64. What are we trading for, again?

  65. We’re trading for freedom, Hotspur. That’s what we get.

  66. Freedom!!!!??????!!


  67. An iPod filled with Obama’s speeches and some DVDs.

  68. ^good idea

  69. Do you still check your gmail address, Car in?

  70. Zombie Bridesmaid is hawt.

    Hawter than half the live ones, and that’s sad.

  71. “It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes,” said Gardner, who attended both meetings. “I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better. But now I can’t afford to live here anymore. I’ll protest my appraisal notice, but that’s not enough. Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.”


    Eat a shit sandwich, you fucking demotard.

  72. The mullahs be chilling
    Took a break from killing
    Our offer they be mulling
    Ya think they would be willing
    To take that idiot for a shilling?

  73. Ofcourse they want Moochelle.
    Ever since Achmed saw that Sir Mix-a-lot song, he has been pining.

  74. I would love to see hippies en mass priced out of Austin.

  75. MJ, check your whoremail.

  76. Don’t let her order you around like that.

  77. Comment by Hotspur on June 3, 2014 10:32 am

    I must admit that quote made me chuckle, but it also made me sad.

  78. Done

  79. Don’t let her order you around like that.

    Shut it, hotspur.

  80. Don’t let her order you around like that, Hotspur.

  81. Shut it, Leon.

  82. If this keeps up, I’m going to go get my full-sized whisk.

    Don’t make me get up.

  83. Oh my.

  84. Shut it, Hotspur.

  85. Cyn,
    Once we have a decent number of commitments, you may want to talk to folks at that Tempe place for discounted group rate. Less money spent on room = more money spent on booze and latex accoutrements.

  86. I’m withya there, Tushar: I scored us a rate of $119 verbally (that’s $20 off per room) and we’ll get a meeting/party room comp’d with 15 bookings.

    I want to get this wrapped up in the next week or so for the best rates for air fare.

  87. When is this shindig?

  88. There are other hotels in the area/short driving distance with different rates as well

  89. Not Labor Day weekend.


  90. There’s a meat up?

  91. Shut it, MJ.

  92. >> I told them i was really disappointed and I would have to strongly discuss it with you guys.

    sweat em for a day.

  93. Cyn, you are sweet.
    And hawt.

  94. Old timey kid’s birthday gift:

  95. Shut it, tushar.

  96. Jimbro,
    We used to buy those as kids!
    No one batted an eye. A cigarette shaped candy is still a candy.
    A chewed pop tart does not become a high powered automatic murder assault weapon.

  97. Same here Tushar. I think that’s a retro tongue in cheek package.

  98. They are still available

    While you’re there go to the home page and check out the “Decade Boxes”, assortments of candies from the 50s through the 90s

  99. Thanks, Tush! Get ready for some hugs!

  100. I’ll check my calendar to see if I’m available “not Labor Day weekend.”

  101. So this fucking fossil served in WWII, but never went overseas. Color me shocked.

  102. Did you miss the conversations about the dates the other day or are you chain-yanking on me?

  103. I’m glad I’m retired and Democrats are ensuring, should I be ill, someone will give me a pill to end my miserable existence.


  104. I wasn’t in on a conversation. But may I keep chain-yanking you?

  105. What are we talking about again?

    Shut it, Chief.

    (my irises from you opened up today!)

    but you still need to shut it.

  106. Hotspur,
    The weekend of 6-7 Sept. Be there with Mrs Hotspur, or I will have to come to MI to rough you up.

  107. Don’t you have some children to home school?

  108. You guys just want my wife. I know how it is.

  109. Hotspur, why else would we tolerate your noxious presence?

  110. Phoenix is drivable distance from PHX.
    I don’t think Sean, XBrad, Lips and PJM have any excuses

  111. Same goes for Pepe, Oso and Joostein

  112. Phoenix is drivable distance from PHX.

    Tautology is taut.

  113. Obvious Tush is Obvious.

  114. Dammit, I meant SoCal is drivable from PHX

  115. >>Jay in Ames on June 3, 2014 at 1:28 pm
    Obvious Tush is Obvious.

    it is obvious I was oblivious to my typo.

  116. You guys just want my wife. I know how it is.


  117. I tried the SoCal diet back in 1989 and sat on the toilet until 1992.

  118. >>>You guys just want my wife. I know how it is.

    Well yaaa!

  119. Take my wife, please!

  120. /Henny Youngman

  121. So, Mare has time to reply to Cuffy and get quoted on Twitchy. But she does not have time for H2

  122. It’s because she’s a whore.

  123. But she’s our whore.

  124. Not lately.

  125. If you’ve heard of the mass grave in Ireland that’s in the news, a recent film named Philomena, starring Judy Dench, deals with the topic.

    Pretty shocking.

  126. Four stops before I found basil.


    *shakes fist at sky

  127. My mil said that movie is good.

    But still, your whore mouth. Shut it.

  128. I don’t think Sean, XBrad, Lips and PJM have any excuses

    Nope. Health permitting, I’ll be there. I’ve missed far too many meet-ups (including one in TX last year that I didn’t even know about) It’s completely unfair that you all are having fun without me, waaa!

  129. It’s going to be very difficult for Obama to pin this recent clusterfuck on a bunch of rogue mid-level bureaucrats. This was his decision, nobody else.

  130. *DING*

    Brain is full.
    Please disconnect textbook to prevent overheating.
    And God help you on the quiz, dumbass.

  131. Wow, Diet Dr Pepper IS better than regular. I woke up with a craving for it and had a can of each in the fridge. Drank the diet first and it is clearly superior.

  132. Which clusterfuck Dave…prisoner swap?

  133. Gonna be pretty hard for the media to feign outrage over the dead babies in Ireland after 55 million abortions in this country.

  134. I’m about ready to turn off all media and social media. . . just too much bullshit.

  135. yeah.

  136. At least he didn’t pivot to the economy or jobs.

  137. Health permitting, I’ll be there.

    Hooray! Moar bewb representation!

  138. I just had my eyes checked. I should have live blogged it.

  139. Obamas new hashtag will save the day!


  140. Yes.

  141. Mad Magazine? Our local rag was even critical of the trade.

    This almost looks orchestrated.

    Obama, meet bus.

  142. I couldn’t believe how rough NBC news was on him last night.

  143. The members of the Taliban have obviously never read “The Ransom of Red Chief”.

    Might want to add more stuff to the list of all of those goodies you’re giving them to take Sir Thisiss O Unexpected and the Lettuce Queen off of our hands.

    They are gonna be all kinds of pissed when they figure it out…..

  144. Goddamn Cuffy ditching us for Twitchy fame:

  145. Who’s running Mare’s twittery account?!

  146. Are you inferring that it isn’t Mare?

  147. I inferred nothing!

  148. Very well.

  149. It’s MJ, duh.

  150. Me and mare.

  151. We.

  152. Mare is the Bowe Bergdahl of H2.

  153. >>Hotspur on June 3, 2014 at 4:19 pm
    Mare is the Bowe Bergdahl of H2.

    ha ha ha!
    Can we get her back by releasing MJ, Pupster and Jay?

  154. MareJ

  155. Great. I just spilled coffee all over my desk. Mouse is drenched but still working. Not sure if mouse is good quality or coffee is weak.

  156. Blame Mare.

  157. Geez, 4 loads of laundry today. Herself goes through outfits like Sherman through Georgia!

  158. Mare!

  159. If that doesn’t bring her back, nothing will.

  160. I know!

  161. You guys need to do this at the rooftop pool.

  162. Awesome edition to an otherwise terrible post, HS.

  163. I’m worthless, Tush. You won’t get anything for me.

  164. Can we trade my grasshopper swarm and XBs black widows?

  165. Addition.


  166. HA! I’m knot the only one.

  167. So, in the zombie bridesmaid picture, why do the chicks on the left expose their underarms, but the ones on the right don’t? I get that they all have their flowers in their right hands, but wouldn’t it have been a better picture if they all had the arm in back raised?


  168. I’ve given up on antihistamines and am now chewing frozen hunks of horseradish.

  169. I think it’s working.

  170. Agiledog,
    Women on the right (of the bride) shave their pits. Women on the left don’t.

  171. I’m allergic to Ginger. Didn’t use to be. Recent allergy. I just take my benadryl and try to keep her out of my face and off my pillows (HA!)

  172. OWWWWW.

    I can see!

  173. I thought yo didn’t have pillows, Oso?

  174. Addition.
    Hahahaha. I’m putting together the SES video and must have had that on the brane.

  175. I’m not kidding, either, it was literally like a minute of pain and then everything broke in my sinus cavity and gushed out my nose.

  176. My bridesmaids had tea length dresses. My Aunt is still mad that I didn’t tell them to measure from the ground up, so that the hemlines would all be the same height. Zombie bridesmaid picture would totes set her off.

  177. Is “pillows” a euphemism? I don’t have a butt.

  178. I thought you were an A as well.

    So yes, a euphemism.

  179. Nope. I haven’t been an A since I was 9.

  180. Afternoon.

  181. Howdy, Jew!

  182. Today I built two (2) of these rat bastards:

  183. I think Sam’s Club has some of the stuff you make. I’ve only worked in bakery a few times, but some of your pics look familiar.

  184. Pain came back. That didn’t last long.

  185. It’s pretty likely, Oso. You likely have some of our RA racks in your bakery.

  186. Yep. Thought so, Jew.

  187. Ooooo, that’s got some scuffy potential to it.

  188. You should try some carbs Leon.

  189. And some gluten.

  190. Carbs won’t help. I tried that last time this happened.

    And gluten will only make it worse.

  191. Your only hope is alcohol.

  192. Tried alcohol last night. Just made me drunk in addition to half-blind.

  193. How about meth? Have you tried meth? You should try some meth.

  194. I’m out of meth. Can’t keep my glasses on long enough to make a fresh batch.

  195. NBC leads off with Bergdahl again! 7 full minutes.

  196. LIVs at work are actually talking “Bergdahl”.

  197. The Bergdahl thing is the most blatant Fuck You in political history.

  198. And then what happened.

  199. Maybe TFG will commute Charles Manson’s sentence next.

  200. Saving Private Ryan would have sucked if instead of finding Ryan taking out a half track he was thought to have defected to the Germans, stayed for 5 years, then traded for 5 of the SS.

  201. The Blind Sheik and KSM will be freed next.

  202. I know that bitch is trolling us now. No way he is that obtuse.

  203. He’ll trade them for Snowden.

  204. Lone Survivor came out on DVD/BluRay today. I may have anger issues.

  205. Finally finished this fucker and it totally sucks. Whatever. The drink was good.

  206. Your purple shirt has 2 pockets? I didn’t know Camp Shirts were back.

  207. What’s a camp shirt?

  208. The mini whisk… hahahahaha!

  209. In the late 80s, shirts with 2 pockets were called Camp Shirts. I think it had to do with forest ranger shirts.

  210. The mini whisk made me LOL

  211. I got all the way making one drink then realized I didn’t have a spoon. I tried it and the pain was obvious. All bourbon.

    Had to do another one. Opened the drawer for a spoon and there was the mini whisk. Hahahaha.

  212. I saw MiniWhisk open for CampShirts at the Avalon Ballroom in ’78.

  213. That fucking mini whisk totally had it coming.

  214. Gross.

  215. Ranger Rick.

  216. There is still a kitten left!

  217. Yay!

  218. Hey Leon, you should try snorting the horseradish. I bet that would work. Try it and let us know.

  219. Kitten, yippee! You should put out some cat food so mama can build up her strength to fight off the kitten-eating evildoers.

    Loved the mini-whisk too, MJ.

  220. Where is true muddler, anyway?

  221. Hooray baby kitty!

  222. With CArIN, I think???

  223. I thought Gabe had it.

  224. XBrad,

    Big military vehicle auction

  225. Already posted about it, Pepe.

    Say, can you loan me a couple hundred grand?

  226. Still? I thought he had a meat up already, which means someone else should have taken it.

  227. Did Gabe take it from Carin or did Carin take it from Gabe?

    Someone should call Carin.

  228. *calls Car in

  229. Here’s this:

    Comment by Car in on February 22, 2013 11:12 pm
    I have patty Ann’s muddler?
    Cold dead hands .

    But I think Gabe had his meat mid-last summer.

  230. There should be a muddler tab.

  231. Whoever has it should ship it or bring it to AZ, non?

  232. Hello Muddler…

  233. No GND? No Faceripper? What a lousy DoTW.

  234. My werdpuss-search-fu tells me that Gabe brought it to Car In.


  235. Hello Faddler…

  236. heh.

  237. Hahahaha.

  238. MJ – did you reach CarIn? Try calling her again just to be sure, plus I know she’d love to talk to you.

  239. What’s her number? It just rings and rings….

  240. She’s not giving up the muddler.

  241. It is a pretty awesome muddler. Sturdy. But gentle.

  242. It’s in our H2 Consti2tion that she has to bring it on to the next meat-up.

  243. Evening Hostages.

  244. A well regulated Cocktail, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Muddlers, shall not be infringed.

  245. Michiganders need to pony up with the tips to get Car in to AZ!

  246. Just ate another hunk of horseradish.

    I’m never getting close to another human being again, but I swear it’s helping.

  247. So…..mare is alive. Just doesn’t like us I guess.

  248. We covered that hours ago.

    Try to keep up.

  249. Oh. Well, I mean, honestly, who reads things around here?

  250. Not you, obviously. You should hang out with Tushar.

  251. Well, according to The Humptress, Tushar is a much better person than I am. So that would be damaging to my self esteem.

  252. Hush, Ginger!

  253. Where is Tushar? I work with a lady from India that is as funny as he is.

    Why is India exporting so much humor?

  254. Good evening. What’s everyone talking about? Particle physics?

  255. Tushar is playing that 2048 tile game from hell.

    I hope he never tries heroin.

  256. I can’t do physics any more. I’ve spent too many years moving electrons in complicated ways.

  257. Lookout! A deadly grasshopper!

  258. for those with a short muddler:

  259. What’s everyone talking about? Particle physics?

    You want me to? How about this instead.

  260. Did anybody come off as desperate by calling anybody else too soon today?

  261. Hey Rocket chick, on this day in histwah Ed White walked in space.

    Post up in 10

  262. As a matter of fact…

  263. Watched a Red Dwarf episode with Koo Stark. Mr. RFH was wondering out loud where he knew her from, and I was trying to convey, “Not with the kids in the room!”

  264. “moving electrons in complicated ways” = “watching amputee porn”

  265. Programming crap. Sometimes I get to do some math.

  266. You haven’t been around, Rosie, I quit pr0n a while ago.

  267. Bcoch, FL may have gators, sharks, and pythons, but the NM Grasshopper is deadly!

  268. Leon, I’ve apparently killed the brain cell containing this information.

    What do you do for a living?

  269. Rosetta comet?

    Somebody vomited in space?

  270. Bcoch, FL may have gators, sharks, and pythons, but the NM Grasshopper is deadly!

    You forgot water moccasins, rattlesnakes and alligator snapping turtles.

    But yeah, those grasshoppers are quietly deadly.

    I mean, they way they attach themselves to your hair and then burrow into your head? Sinister.

  271. No one quits porn. it’s easier to quit the mafia than porn.

    At least that’s what I’ve heard. Or read somewhere.

  272. I was swarmed again today. Lucky to have survived. Maybe it was Dan, who stood around laughing while I was under attack, who’s lucky to have survived.

  273. It’s hard, and there are moments where I lapse, but I quit, I’m out.

    I write and integrate software for a division of a very large government contracting conglomerate. The software I work on sometimes facilitates synthetic aperture RADAR, other times (like now) it conveys network analytics from storage to a human analyst for forensic purposes.

  274. In light of that, I’m considering quitting my job to open a well and septic company.

  275. Does anybody understand what Leon just said?

  276. You’re a Wal-Mart greeter?

  277. Oso needs a shotgun.

    It’s her only chance.

  278. Yes. That’s exactly what I said.

  279. A halide swaggers into a saloon and sees one of the working girls at the bar (she’s a cute little double-bonded carbon)

    Hal: ‘Scuse me, ma’am. I’ve got a strong hankerin’ for what you got, there.

    Carbon: (blushes) Well, cowboy, if you tug at this flimsy little pi-bond of mine, I think you’ll find…OH! Oh my!

    Hal: AWWW YEAH. *grunt* You…you complete me.

  280. He’s allergic to math.

  281. *blushes at Laura’s joke*

  282. calorie free indulgence(s) for the ‘gettes – (he even has bacon)

  283. Hey Hot Rocket, you pootin’ up a new post?

  284. can we get back to being a poop blog?

    That I can understand.

  285. Dammit. Not halide. Halogen.


  286. you had me at double bonded

  287. can we get back to being a poop blog?

    Did you miss my new job idea?

  288. My God this thread sucks.

  289. I was hoping for a flame thrower, but NOOOOOO…driest Spring ever. Fire Danger HIGH.

  290. Awesome. Laura screwed up the joke that I didn’t understand to begin with.

    I’m with Rosetta.

  291. Rosetta, I’m working on HHD for tomorrow.

  292. Dammit. Not halide. Halogen.
    Worst. Physics. Joke. Ever.

    (I think. I didn’t really understand it but you outed yourself)

  293. There is good money in poop Leon.

  294. Great. Now on my Big Black Cock’s level.

    *strangles self with BBC

  295. Your neighbors will be nicer to you.

    Nobody pisses off the guy with septic sucking truck.

  296. Halides have halogens, so I thought it was right. And carbon really is the Mare of organic chemistry.

  297. Anybody want some paste?

  298. Rosetta sans Mrs Rosetta:

  299. Does anybody understand what Leon just said?


  300. I’m going to put up a bulldog and Enrique post. In like an hour or something.

    Was the Wizard of Oz an animal rape fantasy or a misogynistic depiction of farm relations in the ’30’s?


    And include the phrase “there’s no _______ like ________.

  301. Oh well, at least the scientist thinks it was okay. For a beginner org chem joke.

  302. There’s no hole like Athol.

  303. It was an allegory about the Gold Standard.

  304. There’s no business like show business! (Channels Ethel Merman)

  305. And include the phrase “there’s no _______ like ________.

    fisting, muppet fisting

  306. And include the phrase “there’s no _______ like ________.

    lesbians, man-lesbians

  307. And include the phrase “there’s no _______ like ________.

    women, trannies.

  308. Lauraw?

  309. Good post, Mr. In Texas.

  310. I must have killed this brain cell, but where are you from, Dave?

    *eats more paste

  311. I threw Dave under the bus on FB. Ratted him out to Mesa.

  312. Hahahahaha.

    Where are you from James?

  313. Paste is like water and flour, right? So, basically tortillas.

  314. There is good money in poop Leon.

    That’s what I’m given to understand. Unfortunately my neighborhood is plumbed, so I can’t start locally. I also worry about being an upstart competitor in an established area.

    I don’t want to stir up any shit.

  315. haha, oso. Dave’s not a grasshopper. He needs no more punishment.

  316. the good paste has a little salt in it, oso.

    For flavor.

  317. I don’t want to stir up any shit.

    *slow clap

  318. And bacon grease and lard.

  319. I don’t want to stir up any shit.

    Nicely done.

  320. There’s not thyme like the present.

  321. Thank you Laura

    Laura was a grinning chemist but she shall grin no more
    cause what she thought was H2O was H2SO4

  322. Hi Scott, you found an Indian woman who is humorous? Real humor or slapstick humor? If you say real humor, you are lying.

  323. oso, you are a jerk but I still like you

  324. >>Comment by daveintexas on June 3, 2014 9:38 pm
    Thank you Laura
    Laura was a grinning chemist but she shall grin no more
    cause what she thought was H2O was H2SO4

    she will grin, holler and laugh too
    Cause what she thought was O2 was NO2

  325. Mwah! Love you too, bass boy!

  326. Check out the big brain on Tushar!

    Rosetta, how much weight have you gained between your ears since June 2013?

  327. My god. I hate you all.

  328. State Dept. Spokes-Bitch suggests Bergdahl squad-mates are ‘not reliable witnesses’.

  329. It’s cool, we don’t really like you either, MJ.

  330. It’s ridiculous how satisfying it is to learn this stuff. I woke out of a sound sleep a few days ago realizing that I knew the shape of an isopropyl alcohol molecule, never having seen it, but just from learning the naming rules for alkanes. So fricking fun. It’s like seeing all these daily items through new eyes. Love it.

    Today in class the teacher said something odd, and I thought to myself that the lifespan of an organism is just a long, slow, chemical reaction.

  331. Well that’s a given. Please accept this bouncy boob gif as a token of my gratitude.

  332. Lifespan = accumulation of damage unmitigated by metabolic action.

    Fix the RHS and the LHS can change dramatically.

  333. Bedtime.

  334. Excellent point, Leon.

  335. And goodnight.

  336. I do so love living in CT.

    I was talking to one of the lib teachers about our ridiculous taxes.

    He was actually agreeing with me.

    Parent of a student (with a French accent) chimed in to say “The problem would be solved if everyone drove smaller cars. No on needs to drive those big trucks that they drive.”

    I grind my teeth and smile…. “Well, until you need to bring an old hot tub to the dump.”


    I seriously fucking hate people like that.

  337. Squeeee!!! Lauraw gets it! We had 2 chemistry teachers in HS. The easy one and Mr Davis. I had Mr Davis. I was a solid C student in HS Organic Chemistry. I get to UNM. Everything Mr Davis had tried to teach me, finally “Clicked”. Got an A in Organic Chemistry. It was a “Weed out” class.

  338. Awnings up on the house.

    Garden ALMOST done.

    hoses repaired.

    hanging baskets completed, in addition to patio pot.

    Once the garden is done … Oye. Maybe tomorrow. It’s just never ending.

  339. Wiser, the same people that get to decide if you need a gun or a knife?/

  340. BTW, Rosie, I’m going to be just down the road from you Friday. Rocketboy’s going to Rolla for freshman orientation. (His response? “North is that way.”)

  341. I am a collection of chemicals supplied by the lowest bidder.

  342. I seriously fucking hate people like that.

    Because if they don’t have an immediate need for something, no one does.

    Fucking pricks.

  343. Oso, it is amazing. Simply wonderful.

    I wish it was a regular course instead of compressed Summer school.

    I would be enjoying this so much more if it were happening a bit slower.


  344. So…..mare is alive. Just doesn’t like us I guess.

    It’s time to put a hit out on Mare.

  345. That is so cool, Lauraw. Edumacation is wasted on the young! (Totes not saying you’re old. Experience. Yeah, that’s it)

  346. I would be enjoying this so much more if it were happening a bit slower.

    *looks at Scott with pity*

  347. One of my Chem Profs at Oregon Sate was “The Absent Minded Professor”.
    One day he dipped a cigarette in Lox, ignited it, set it on his desk, turned around and diagrammed the reaction on the blackboard, while all 300 of us watched his desk burn.
    I really liked chem, but then I got high…

  348. I was talking to one of the lib teachers about our ridiculous taxes.

    He was actually agreeing with me.

    Parent of a student (with a French accent) chimed in to say “The problem would be solved if everyone drove smaller cars. No on needs to drive those big trucks that they drive.”

    Did you ask him to describe the circuitous route from the neighbor’s big pickup truck, to his high taxes?

  349. Sate = State

  350. I am a collection of chemicals supplied by the lowest bidder.

  351. Bedtime for me. Gernigh.

  352. G’night, MJ.

  353. Primary day in NM. CiL is running for Magistrate Judge in Roswell. Got boned by Susana. Trying to win it on his own.

  354. Night MJ

  355. >>>Did you ask him to describe the circuitous route from the neighbor’s big pickup truck, to his high taxes?

    I can’t get ugly with customers.

    But I was so tempted to get ugly tonight…

  356. **bids on MCPO**

  357. There is not a state with more pickup trucks than mine. And yet……no I come tax.

  358. Income tax. I have no idea what I come tax is.

  359. It’s what hookers charge, pendejo.

  360. *rimshot*

  361. Hey yo…

  362. Somebody gave me a cold this weekend.

    That’s the thing about meeting a lot of people. They can be so germy

    *eats some more Zicam* pretty sure the fever will break before I have to meet our customers tomorrow.

  363. Okay, I may make some typos here, due to the tears in my eyes….

    Wiserson’s b-day is extremely close to Father’s Day. And for the years between 6 and 13, we would celebrate his b-day at the local AA baseball stadium, the Rockcats.

    At these Fathers Day games, they invite dads and their kids onto the field after the game to have a catch.

    Tonight, almost-17-year-old wiserson came downstairs to tell me not to make plans for June 15th, as he has bought tickets for us to go to a Rockcats game that day.

    “Are you serious?”

    “Dad, I owe you. This is gonna be fun”


  364. Good kid because he has a good dad. Enjoy your time, Wiser. Have fun!

  365. DiT,
    Whenever I wake with a scratchy-throat, I take a Zicam, or three.
    It seems to work for me.
    Maybe it’s effective. Maybe I’m lucky, though the lottery tickets don’t support the *lucky* side…

  366. Do you emerge from a cornfield in the outfield? (Great story)

  367. >>>Good kid because he has a good dad. Enjoy your time, Wiser. Have fun!

    I did not realize I was building…. something…

  368. Wiser,
    Very cool!
    You should be a glad-dad!
    You’ve done well, grasshopper.
    (watch out for Oso)…

  369. >>>Do you emerge from a cornfield in the outfield? (Great story)

    Oso…. I’m crying my eyes out.

    He has no idea what he just did to me….

  370. I’m crying and I don’t know why!

  371. I am stunned by this Bergdahl deal. The fact that Obama’s first instict is to hurt America is not surprising. What is surprising is that he felt America will be euphoric at this shitty deal. I can accept someone who likes to bullshit others. I cannot fathom someone who claims to be the smartest man alive, and basically bullshits to himself.

  372. I have met Wiser’s son. Good kid. Takes after mom.

  373. ChrisP, Dan has been calling me “Grasshopper” for the last 2 weeks.

  374. Save the game ball!

  375. What does that French fella have against a driver’s right to choose?

  376. I am zicaming like a mofo.

    And also loving wiser’s story

  377. Tush, Red diaper baby acts like red diaper baby. He has no concept of what goes on outside the Beltway. I blame it on growing up in Indonesia, going to madrassa, and never playing little league.

  378. TiFW, Euros have no grasp of the concept of freedom.

  379. >>>I have met Wiser’s son. Good kid. Takes after mom.

    Oh hell yeah.

    This is such an amazing gesture on my son’s part, at least to me.

    I think the best part was when he came downstairs to show me the tickets he bought. He was so proud, as he paid for them with money that he earned.

    And he knew what his gesture was going to do to me.

    The little bastard……

  380. Awww…..good on Wiserson! Such a sweet story.

  381. McDaniel just pulled ahead of Cochran in the MS Senate race.


  382. Now it’s really dusty in here!

  383. Congrats, wiser!

  384. I feel really bad for thinking “Ragu Kid”. You said “Downstairs” not up. This is why I’ll be burning in hell!!!

  385. “Dad, I owe you. This is gonna be fun”

    Ohhh, MAN. I can totally see him saying that, too. And you losing it.

    He’s trying to kill you.

  386. Wiserson hits the homerun. You done good, wiserdad.

  387. >>>Congrats, wiser!

    Guess I didn’t fuck up on the boy as much as I did on the girl, huh?

  388. Gnu poat.

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