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I’m sure I’ll get fussed at over this. But this is how I roll.


  1. perfection

  2. there it is

  3. in all its glory

  4. Somebody’s got a liberal mom…

  5. Hotspur, my friend argues that checks are used by people with no money anymore. Her husband disagrees.

  6. We’ve got a few people through our insurance that only take checks, no credit cards. That and the quarterly tax are the only times we write a check.

  7. Godzilla died when his meth lab blew up?

  8. John Candy did it best

  9. Stupid guy in a rubber suit!

  10. Time to feed all 17 animals and then try not to starve to death myself.

  11. Eat some bark, leon.

  12. Who is “Kyle”, and why does Dave want to have carnal knowledge of him?

  13. Calling someone a Kyle is an old AoS joke about how Hamilton and Burr came to duel, because Hamilton called Burr “such a Kyle”.

  14. Konnichiwa, fagz.

  15. Onegeishi mas!

  16. Old guy at HD : It’s horrible in there. I’ll never go in there again.
    Employee: In where?
    Old guy at HD: * points down vanity aisle *
    Employee: What’s in there?

    Old guy whispers – ALKA SELTZER

  17. I don’t get it.

  18. It’s funny because he has dementia.

  19. I have cider. It’s like dementia.

  20. I go through a book of checks a month, mostly the schools, church, mortgage, and utility bills. Mortgage company wants to charge me $25 a month to automatically debit my payment. Fuck them.

  21. Prelim results are up, I cut 12 minutes off of last year’s time. I might have gone faster if I weren’t talking to my kayaker for 6 out of 8 miles.

  22. Leon has a kayaker?

  23. * hires balloonist *

  24. I also had a cyclist. Both of them — in a complementary fashion — had a backpacker.

  25. I’m just not sure if I’d have gone faster if I hadn’t been talking to anyone. Probably would have, but it might have been boring.

  26. I’m Leon’s designated nap per.

  27. MCPO, how about a song? Something 70’s, please.

  28. The gutters in the front of my house now drain out into the backyard.

    Wet basement fixt.

    I hope.

  29. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 18, 2014 6:54 pm
    I also had a cyclist. Both of them — in a complementary fashion — had a backpacker.

  30. MCPO seems to be taking his designated napper duties seriously, so here’s a song from the 70s:

  31. Hahahaha, Sean. Thanks.

  32. http://tinyurl.com/lwgdncd

  33. Obama is making me get at 5AM for the next 3 days.

    This is going to suck.

  34. Who took my up?

  35. Jimbro, how’s the pup?

  36. Sorry babe, I put it under the clicky table leg.

  37. Dog is adjusting to a new place. She went from NC to ME in 2 days and met about 7 new people on the way. She’s a little shell shocked at the moment. We’re trying to temper the boys’ excitement to let her chill out but they’re still hovering around her. She lies to roll over and let you pat her belly so I don’t think she’s the aggressive type. In short: awesome!


  39. Beef might help.

  40. No need to cook it.

  41. Wow, Penny Dreadful is really weird.

  42. Right now she’s clinging to Paula. Food may happen tomorrow morning.

  43. Paula is the chosen one.

  44. She is a “velcro dog” as described by her foster owner. Right now she’s laying on her chest on the couch with my 10 yo on the dog bed saying WTF just happened or words to that effect.

  45. Yay! Star is home!

  46. My kids have the billboard show on. I simply do not have the verbal talent to describe it properly.

  47. Billboard show? Why aren’t they watching black Jesus on Cosmos?

  48. That would be better. This is horrible .

  49. Did anybody destroy the one piece of evidence that could conclusively prove anybody else’s controversial theory today?

  50. If you weren’t a great parent with wonderful kids, I would be making fun of you RIGHT NOW.

  51. *Raises hand.*

  52. This isn’t one of my shining moments, that’s for sure .

  53. Scott, tell Laura I got a pair of gardening gloves that go to my elbows.

    It helps ease the pain. I’m wearing them right now.

  54. They just mentioned on the local news that this weekend marked the tenth anniversary of the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts.

    Athol was not mentioned.

  55. Athol is implied.

  56. Athol: Home of Alec Baldwin

  57. well that was a nap too far

  58. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 18, 2014 8:18 pm
    Wow, Penny Dreadful is really weird.

    Good weird or bad weird? Or “MJ’s Porn Stash” weird?

  59. I haven’t felt like this since morphine *shakes my head*

  60. 34 years ago on this day, Mt. St. Helens blew-up. We could see the ash-plume from here.

    Middle of the night, the company called me and I had to go to one of the remotes and shut-down the mini-computers (HP-3000s) and put plastic-bags over the drives so the ash would not kill them.
    Lucky not to be killed by campus security.

    A few years later, I took Anita, and a friend from work, over & around the mountain in a Cessna-172, so they could really see the scope of the devastation.
    The pictures on TV could not begin to convey what had happened.

    This summer, vulcanologists & geologists are placing hundreds of tiny seismometers around the mountain. Then they will drill a couple dozen 80′ wells in the mountain and fill them with 1000-2000 pounds of explosives and ‘set those puppies off’!
    It’s supposed to give them a 3d picture of the lava chambers and the features of the interior of the mountain.

    Well, either that, or release the magma and Gojirra.
    So it goes…


  62. I found my discontinued bras at a few places on e-bay early last week and guess what?!? They’ve all arrived!! This calls for a celebration.

  63. Who’s been reselling your bras online, and why aren’t you pressing charges?

  64. Well, the nice thing was that they were cheaper than what I paid them first time, so there’s that.

  65. Did you also find Lauras garden-hat?

  66. On a completely unrelated note, I recently sold a bunch of bras that I fished out of a dumpster to some lady in Phoenix.

  67. No finding that one, Chrispy.
    *nods toward the mitten state*

  68. Ha ha, Shawn you can fish and I’ll buy anytime. And your sizing technique is impressive. Kudos, sir.

  69. Good weird or bad weird? Or “MJ’s Porn Stash” weird?

    Good weird. The end of the 2nd episode made me go “WTF!”

  70. Sweet Pyroclastic Cloud of Death doesn’t trend well amongst the test group.

  71. Seriously though, they are ALWAYS ‘discontinuing’ women’s stuff: bras, lipstick colors, nail polish colors; they even change the feminine hygiene crap for crying out loud. It’s a damn racket, so if you find a thing that you like, you have to hurry and snap it up or risk having to spend time finding new crap.

    When was the last time they discontinued your underwear style so you had to find a new one? Yup – never.

    A racket, I tell ya.

  72. Mortgage company wants to charge me $25 a month to automatically debit my payment. Fuck them.

    Wait, that usually goes the opposite way. Somehow, after asshole left, I transferred all the bills to auto-pay from my account except the gas company. So every month I grumble and write and send the check, swearing to fix that.

    And eff you Xbrad for putting “Seasons in the Sun” in my head. Eff you with impunity.

  73. Who wears underwear?

  74. *bumps fists with Cyn*

    So right, hate the discontinuing of stuff. But I recently found a nail polish that I remember my mom using decades ago: Revlon Rose Beige. It says “New Color!” on the label, but it is the exact same thing. Ha! Caught you out, Revlon!

  75. Cyn,
    Anita had to go to the “local”(not really, but close) Fred Meyers because that is the closest BECU location where she could deposit some checks. She wasn’t going to go into the store, just the credit union.
    Since the medics cut-off her ‘good jeans’ on the the way to the hospital, I told her to go into Freddies and see what they had.

    They were having a big sale with 50% off “active wear”(gym stuff) and jeans. She saved a bunch of bucks and got a $10 gift-cert for the Levis.
    Unlike you, she doesn’t do the bra & panty thing.
    Much to her embarrassment in the ER!
    Like your mother always told you;
    “Always wear clean underwear when you’re going out. You never know what might happen.”

  76. HAHA, ChrisP, Anita is a hoot!! You’re a lucky guy.

  77. Revlon Rose Beige

    It’s back?! Cool.

  78. I have so many stupid allergies, that whenever they “Improve” formulations, I have to go back into search mode. Next to impossible to find stuff without aloe or lanolin. Why do they need to put aloe in hair dye? (Nancy Kerrigan why)

  79. Sometime I get a bit rushed in the mornings trying to get the boys to school on time:
    —sniffs shirt and bra I wore for a few hours yesterday=works
    —pair of shorts found on the floor==looks good enough
    —undies==naw, I’ll be right back anyways
    —slippers==done deal
    —top off my coffee and chug cuz no time to brush teeth==check

    I just keep my fingers cross that I won’t have to go inside the school or that I get pulled over.

  80. Yep, it’s back! ;)

  81. I found the bras on ebay, and was overall pleased with the transactions. I had to hit four vendors to get five bras in all. The vendor that sent me two has tried to cheese me on one of the bras; it’s a brand that Maidenform created to be sold at Target stores, so mucho less expensive (and yet they still charged me for the Maidenform price). Stinkers.

  82. POW have nothing on dog park Oso.

  83. Give them bad feedback. I lost some weight and bought a bunch of summer dresses last year on Ebay. New Ann Taylor for 6-12 dollars each. Sweet! Must be a lot of items falling off trucks and ending up on ebay.

  84. I just had two people in a row each spend five minutes arguing over a $1 charge to get a replacement for their demagnetized range cards. Fun.

  85. You charge for demagnetized range cards?

  86. Heh. Range cards in the Army aren’t magnetized, so it took me a moment to grasp that you were discussing something completely different.

  87. Heck yeah on the bad feedback, Lips; they didn’t even email me to see if I would be interested or give me a credit for a lesser amount. They will feel my stinging wrath.

  88. That’s just being an Athol, Sean. It can’t be the money, obviously.

    What are your hobbies? Golfing and being an Athol.

  89. Charge the ones who argue $2.00.

  90. Member: Why did the Membership go up? (Me:Spends shift re-printing free lost and demagnetized Membership cards)

  91. Hahaha. We just heard gunshots.

  92. *tells manager what happened*

    “Wait, did you say demagnetized? We only charge to replace lost cards.”

    *finds both customers to return $’s, offer apologies*

    *feels like I’m the Athol now*

  93. “So it goes…”

    vonnegut correctly predicted the facebook multi-state gender dealio; great writer

  94. http://tinyurl.com/kfelu9l

  95. 10th Anniversary of Gay Marriage in MA. I don’t know what you guys are getting on your local news, but that is the lead story in NM.

  96. night all

  97. Aaaaaaand the last few episodes of Cosmos are all about Global Warming.


  98. Dan and I are sharing wedding memories. True Story. Mexicans don’t RSVP. I’m lazy. I didn’t have RSVP cards, because I’m cheap and I know that Mexicans don’t RSVP. I totally missed that our invitations didn’t have the time of the wedding. Guess who was able to guesstimate 250 just by logging phone calls that had people asking “What time is the wedding?”

  99. My MiL was aghast that I didn’t have stamped RSVP cards. I know my peeps.

  100. My parents got in a huge fight between the Church and the Reception, so I bailed on the receiving line and just started feeding people.

  101. Really? I get to dominate the comments this early with my rambling style of totes not alcohol infused style?

  102. Closing up at work, osita. Otherwise, I’d be contributing.

  103. It’s ok. I can hang with the losers on FB.

  104. At least you have Sriracha.

  105. 50 First Dates is one of the most romantic movies EVER!!!! Might be the Beach Boys.

  106. True Story. I was always meh about the Beach Boys. Worked with a guy that loved the BB. I was the Friday Closing Lead at Target. I used to make the young’ens listen to my music. Footloose Fridays. 80s Mix. Show Tunes. Old guy requested the Beach Boys. I bought him a CD and had my own. Lots of young ‘ins became Beach Boy fans in a non-ironic way.

  107. Busy day tomorrow. Full matinee on a movie (No early bird) and lunch at my restaurant of choice. Living large. High on the hog. Whoot whoot

  108. I don’t care about pollution
    I’m an air-conditioned gypsy
    That’s my solution
    Watch the police and the derp man miss me

  109. WTG. I’m giving relationship advice to a Moron on FB. Me. Thanks for going to bed.

  110. Getting up at 5 AM is SO much easier when you have an asthma attack at 1 AM.

  111. MMM in about 20 minutes. I passed out early last night.

  112. New poat.

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