Wedding season is coming

Get one of these in the mail?
wedding invite


  1. I’m getting emails from Todd Courser, Carin, running for GOP State Rep from Lapeer County. I have no idea of how I got on his email list, though. Weird.

    I actually know him, his wife, his kids.

  2. Long time H2 peeps may remember that Mr. RFH lost his sister to pancreatic cancer four years ago. Her widower (do I still call him my brother-in-law?) is getting married in July. We’re going, but I’m nervous about the “drunk and will get drunker” option.

  3. I’m confused. What’s wrong with the drunk and drunker option?

  4. Wait, this is real?

    I don’t think anyone got drunk at my wedding, but I was kinda too busy to pay attention.

    20 years in September, China is the traditional gift so we’ll probably hit the buffet.

  5. Friendly drunk is fine. Asshole drunk is not.

  6. People got drunk at my wedding. It was all good.

  7. Roamy, I do not believe you get asshole drunk.


  9. I did in college, but after I almost got my ass kicked, I quit doing that.

  10. I’m sure you’ve outgrown that . ;)

  11. I took tomorrow off. Double today to get through (it’s not a REAL double) then a SUNDAY OFF. woot woot.

    I’m going to pretend it’s Mother’s day. Two soccer games,but I hope to make it to the awesome garden place near me and spend some time in the dirt. SYWM

  12. I’m supposed to be getting the house ready for company. Waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

  13. Keith Richards cannot be killed with conventional weapons.

  14. >> I’m sure you’ve outgrown that . ;)


  15. Keith Richards is already dead. He just forgot to fall down.

  16. Good morning, cool kids.

  17. I see Dave has decided to continue his shit stirring for another day.

  18. Richards was playing in Europe (220v) and his amp was plugged into an ungrounded outlet.. when he handed his guitar to the roadie the kid got shocked so hard it knocked him over

  19. Hey Cyn.. how YOU doin

  20. Only gluten can kill Keith Richards

  21. Crackfat could probably kill him too.

  22. Nessie the Wonder Dog says “Good morning, let’s play.”

  23. She likes to lay with her front leg extended on the arm of the couch.

  24. Coffee in hand, I am now excellent, Dave. Rawr!

  25. Nessie is really close to needing a meme caption. With that paw extended just so… ha ha!

  26. Nessie is a purty dawg

    *sigh* I have to sweep out the pool today *firstworldproblemos*

  27. Nessie is adorable!!!

  28. I have to deliver a bunch of stuff to a nervous 85 year old lady.
    She doesn’t know it yet, but I only have half of her stuff.

    Her relatives know all about it, but nobody had the balls to break the bad news to her.

    I am going under the bus.

  29. Don’t let her punch you in the nads

  30. An idiot in Albuquerque had 4 pallets on his dock.

    1 & 2 were supposed to go to CT
    3 – Arkansas
    4 – Oklahoma

    He got 1 right. Everything else is somewhere it shouldn’t be.

  31. *hands Scott some body armor and a helmet*

  32. He shoulda turned left at Albuquerque

  33. Our new dog is on the road from NC. Was supposed to come last weekend but they couldn’t fill all the legs in the journey. Probably because of short notice and Mother’s Day. Should be in ME tomorrow afternoon. We only need to drive down to Gardiner (Gahrd-ner) which is about one hour south.


  34. Be sure to upload a pic to our Pets Tab, or email to me and I’ll load it in there, Jimbro. Congrats! Was this an ACD?

  35. I ordered a bandsaw several years ago. Made it to Albuquerque, but then the local freight company “lost” it. They sent another and stupidly used the same local company. Guess what, they “lost” it again. I ended up having to go to ABQ and pick up the next one at the freight office.

  36. Yup, 3 year old blue heeler. The lady who fostered her is an animal control officer down in NC. She’s sent us a few pictures over the last day or two and she is pretty photogenic if I may say so!

  37. Have to haul trash today. I decided to check the refrigerator to see if anything needed to go. Jesus. Penelope is off on a cruise with my mom so everything is fair game. No, we don’t need the 3 packs of corn tortillas that epired in 2011 and 2012. We don’t need the petrified lemons, or dip that was best used by 2/2010. There were a couple of things that expired in 2006. On the plus side, there’s a lot more room now.

  38. *calls the EPA*

  39. Uh oh…. you should NOT have thrown away the petrified lemons.

  40. What’s your pup’s name, Jim? How did you find her so far away?

  41. That happens every once in a while around here Pepe. Stuff gets shoved to the back of the pantry or fridge and before too long it’s forgotten.

  42. Star, she was on the ACD rescue site. I was looking at Australian Shepherds but the guy in ME never got back to me. I’ve had both breeds before and it was hard to pick just one.

  43. Hurry up and go get her NOW.

  44. >>Was supposed to come last weekend but they couldn’t fill all the legs in the journey.

    good thing they reschedule. No fun having the dog arrive with just two legs, and the other two shipped later.

  45. Have you ever seen my lucky dog foot?

  46. Tushar
    Speaking of Athol, isn’t there an ancient Aihole temple complex in India?

  47. TJ, apparently there is such a thing. I did not know!

  48. I figured Laura would chime in with 275 uses for petrified lemons.

    Pushed to the back is understandable, but since 2006?

  49. just signed the execution warrant on MIL’s cat –

    MIL seems oddly tranquil; weird.

  50. now off to a 50th wedding anniversary

  51. Tushar
    I remember a slide show back when I was a kid from one of my relatives who had come from there ( the family left after Independence) and they showed slides of the complex
    It’s quite a tourist destination, I believe

  52. just signed the execution warrant on MIL’s cat –

    Ugh, so so hard.

  53. They’re onto you, Xbrad

  54. Cyn, where you “from”?

  55. Wait…. they’re onto YOU, Jimbro!!

  56. The wimps threw me under the bus.
    They had 917 area codes so I let them.

    It was worth $20.

    If they were from 212 it would have been more.

  57. Pfffttt…. Like I’d ride the Metro.

    I’m open to sharing a cab, however.

  58. Heh. I had a story I was going to talk about, basically ridiculing the Governor.

    He’s going to be a guest at the remote.

    Well, we’ll hold that story over until next week.

  59. Seems prudent

  60. 212, Manhattan?

  61. FAST FACT: The reason major US cities had area codes with small number (back before cell phones blew it up), NYC 212, LA 213, DC 202 was because back in the olden days when you called operators to make long distance calls they dialed with manual dials and switch gears, and the engineers figured out you’d have lower wear/tear/replacement if they didn’t move so much.

  62. Pfffttt…. Like I’d ride the Metro.

    It’s the Carin version.

  63. Yep. Manhattan is an automatic tip.

    I set up a run many moons ago, about 15 stops, all around Litchfield county. That’s where New Yorkers have their summer homes.

    We took in over $400 in tips that day.

  64. Sleazy fuck is campaigning.

  65. He created jobs? HA HA HA HA HA

  66. Yobs


  68. Sticker at JFK.

  69. whatthefuckwasthatcyn

  70. That’s just mean.

  71. Whaaaa???

  72. If you have the chance to see a movie called “Entity” and are inclined toward watching it, go sit in a quiet corner, stare at the paint, and punch yourself in the junk REALLY hard twenty or thirty times over the course of 90 minutes or so – it’ll be just like you watched the movie, except not as painful.

  73. teaching youngest how to open the gun safe.. .somebody has to be able to do it besides me


  75. >>>Pushed to the back is understandable, but since 2006?

    My wife and her mom and dad went up to visit her grandmother last summer.

    Wife and FiL decided that they were going to clean out her freezer. They found stuff that had expiration dates in the 80s.

  76. I found some canned goods a couple of years ago that were older than barcodes. They had price tags on them.

  77. I threw out 30-year-old jars of green beans. My grandmother cussed me out for wasting food.

  78. When did price tags become obsolete at the grocery store?

    Early 90’s?

  79. Hey, where’s my green bean dip? I was gonna eat that!

  80. I’m not completely traumatized that my daughters have boyfriends now. It’s just that I went through the college years without prying so I didn’t know shit.

    Now I have met one, a fine young Staff Sgt. in the Army, and I’m about to meet the other and I know nothing about him except eldest loves him.

    The SSG wants to meet mom. He will redeploy to Afghanistan in 2 months.

    The guy who dates eldest wants to meet us both, according to eldest.

    So I guess what I’m saying is shit is getting real and I’d like to be on my best for these boys and my daughters.

    I think that’s what I’m sayin, I’m kinda spitballing emotions here.

  81. ok that’s all bullshit I’m a wreck

  82. They’re onto you, Xbrad

    WTF? I can understand all but the last. Seriously, are women there so weak that the can’t handle some jackass trying to flirt with them on the subway?

  83. Mid-80s for Target.

  84. Can’t wait for DiT to have to do the Father/Daughter dance at their weddings.

  85. How do you not cry at those? Drugs?

  86. I’m a terrible dancer, I can focus on that.. anyway these are just boys.. like high school except now they are older. I am prepared to celebrate all of their lives and stuff.

  87. They’ll love you, Dave. Everyone does.

  88. My Dad knocked on the door to the bridal room to let me know it was time. When he went to give me his arm, he was a mess. I don’t dance, se we didn’t have dancing at our reception. Dan is still mad that I deprived him of the Traditional Dollar Dance.

  89. The dollar dance has a different meaning in another venue.

  90. I do think, and we’re not there now, but it is very important to my kids that I keep it together. Some emotion, sure .. I can’t be cold. But I can’t be a fucking mess either. I’ll figure it out

  91. They’ll love you, Dave. Everyone does.

    I don’t love Dave. I think I might like-like him, but I’m pretty sure I don’t love him.

    Sorry, Dave.

  92. I don’t hate you either Jazz

  93. Drugs or booze should do the trick, Dave.

    Screw it – do both, then all the bases are covered.

  94. I do think, and we’re not there now, but it is very important to my kids that I keep it together. Some emotion, sure .. I can’t be cold. But I can’t be a fucking mess either. I’ll figure it out

    This was me yesterday at Rocketboy’s senior Mass. Several of the teachers were crying (loss or joy, dunno), especially during one of the “special” songs, and I was just keeping it together. Good practice for next week.

    If I’m going to be a fucking mess, it will be when I drop him off at Rolla and drive back home.

  95. Someone has to go to the wedding with a tranquilizer dart gun.

    For the children.

  96. Shit, the drive home from Austin in 2004 was one of the hardest ever.. mom was .. well you know

  97. We should talk about kittens now. They are soft, and fluffy

  98. Did this commercial get banned? I haven’t seen it since the first time earlier this week. I LOLd.

  99. Know what’s real good on beef?


  100. How did the NY strip roast turn out, scott?

  101. Did this commercial get banned? I haven’t seen it since the first time earlier this week. I LOLd.

    Hey now! That shoulda had a tigger warning for teh raycissism.

  102. Dave, just remember that those young men are much more nervous than you are about the meet-n-greet.

    The way to keep from being a mess at the wedding(s)? Think about all of the lovely grandbabies that are sure to follow!

  103. I need a nap.. too much emotional overload

  104. It came our really good, a cross between roast beef and prime rib.

  105. I’m getting emails from Todd Courser, Carin, running for GOP State Rep from Lapeer County. I have no idea of how I got on his email list, though. Weird.

    I never got email spam for 8 years, till I had Cyn add my “good” email to the H2 Master List a few weeks ago. Cyn, we may have a problem.

  106. Oh… um… yeah, sorry ’bout that Lipstick. I needed another email address to download 40 more hours of Chippendale’s videos. For some reason, it stopped letting me use Xbrad’s after all these years but I’m not sure why.

  107. In unrelated news, it looks like we passed our 5 Million Views mark within the last week or so.

  108. Well you could at least share the videos!

  109. I’ve always got spam email, so I can’t blame it on Cyn.

    Well, solely on Cyn.

  110. Best youtube video ever.

  111. Never had spam, then within hours, the first of 4 came in. The answer is obvious: you guys have cooties.

  112. pool’s clean

  113. Know what’s real good on beef?

    I whole-heartedly agree. My standard order for NY strips and filet mignon is “blackened & Oskared”

  114. 40 more hours of Chippendale’s videos

    You’re set up for HHD for almost a year!


  116. Thunder boomers. If it snows tonight I’m going to cut a bitch.

  117. *hides from Jewstin just in case*

  118. napped. I cannot be any stupider than now

  119. Good day, hoodlums and toughs.

  120. Time for Obamajob, because Michelle needs vacations.

  121. The smart minority kid versus the dumbasses

  122. so this is what it’s like to emerge from a coma. I hate it

  123. I’m just waking up, too, dave. Not only do I feel stoopid, but I’m ravenously hungry, too. I need grub.

  124. you asshole I wasn’t hungry sonofa

  125. Brats and turkey noodle soup sounds good!

    /things said in the past

  126. so this is what it’s like to emerge from a coma.

    To be fair, you already know who’s preznit, so you got that on actual coma patients.

    The horror. The horror.

  127. haha, watching Captain Phillips.

    I’m imagining how terrified you’d be if you’re tooling along in a lifeboat and out of nowhere an American destroyer sounds off all it’s bells and whistles and you didn’t even know they were there.

  128. A coma sounds nice… maybe with an alarm to go off when we have all three branches with R back in power. Yeah, that would be nice.

  129. Evening Hostages. Just got back from seeing Godzilla.

    Fun stuff.

  130. I heard that was kinda hokey, but I’m still interested in checking it out.

  131. Oh hell yeah, obligatory!

  132. It’s hokey? Man, when are they going to get back to making serious Godzilla movies?

    *flies flag upside-down in protest*


    *golf clap*

    Niiiiice one, Cyn!

  134. well that was a nap

  135. Name that Hostagette

  136. Too soon, peps.

  137. Watching Species now. I think Imma gonna load up Alien when it gets dark.

  138. Sorry, Sean.

  139. Heh. I was just kidding, pepe. Innaresting note though–I briefly sponsored a guy whose wife was in the same rehab that she died in, right around the same time. Freaked her right the fuck out.

  140. goddamit naps aren’t worth it. what planet is this?

  141. what planet is this?


  142. fuuuuuuuu

  143. You gotta set the cell phone alarm Dave.

  144. Funny Oatmeal rant from a Tesla Fanboi:

  145. Seriously, this whole day… just… dead.

  146. …cue creepy beginning to Alien…

  147. Blake was not adopted today, but he made many friends and a few enemies. That totally nice flat coat hated his guts

  148. Hiya Lips.. I’ve been up for an hour and a half and I just now feel normal

  149. Heya VM. Blake is my middle name. Well, Blakely

  150. I think my middle name is misspelled.. it’s possible I am misspelling it.

  151. Dave, from personal experience, not sure I’m believing you.

    Maybe I’m just a cynic.

    But I am paying for falling asleep in front of the computer last night — my left arm is numb and the wrist will not move. It just droops there like Sad Puppy.

  152. I thought your middle name was “in?”

  153. Misread, your post. Missed the words “just now”.

  154. I think it should be spelled “Blakeley” but I don’t think that’s how my parents put it on the BC. I don’t know cause I rarely sign anything with my full name.. I might slip a B in the signature block on occasion

  155. Now that I think about it I think I prefer the one e

  156. Family name? Mom’s maiden name? Another vowel is always good.

  157. fam name.. I just checked my BC it’s Blakely. My dad had this middle name too.. not sure where it came from but it goes back a ways


  158. Also mom’s middle name is my youngest daughter’s middle name. It’s perfect

  159. *hugs right back*

    My middle name, for no reason at all, is Leigh.

  160. Ow, just gave myself a shot. Usually it’s not a bother, but this one is bothering. Just whining.

  161. My middle name is Scott.

    No e.

  162. chrisp, that guy likes his Tesla, that’s for sure.

    I wish I knew if I could drive it 80 miles every day without a charge.

  163. J’Ames,
    I thought that was ‘pretty f’cin’ weird’, but funny…

    Your name is Scott Scott W?
    WTF, O?

  164. aw damn hon. You can whine here

  165. sorry you’re hurtin’ lippy. Us August babies gotta stick together.

  166. Scotte

  167. Did anybody slap anybody else and tell them to snap out of it today?

  168. Early Sept babies can commiserate with August babies.. especially if I hit the ground first

  169. Thanks guys.

  170. *hugs*

  171. Did anybody slap anybody else and tell them to snap out of it today?

    Okay, okay

  172. First name is Jonathan. I was the 4th J name and I guess it got too confusing.

  173. *gentle hugs*, Lippy

  174. WtF?
    Scott is really Jon?
    I just don’t know what to think.
    Everything I know is wrong.
    The next thing will probably be that Laura is not Laura, Cyn is not Cyn, , Ca rin is not Ca rin, and Teresa is Bob!
    Where will it end?

  175. Jonathan. I shall always address you as Jonathan Scott from this moment forward. If you call me David Blakely. Otherwise it’s Scott and Dave. Your move Jonathan

  176. XBradTC isn’t my real name.

  177. XBradTC isn’t my real name.

    I KNEW it!

  178. Your Delta Tau Chi name is Flounder

  179. Leon isn’t Leon.

  180. It’s Lee in.

  181. I thought it was Leoff.

  182. Actually, I really am ChrisP.
    Anita is really AnitaP.
    How fuckin’ strange is that?
    Of course the NSA knew that all along.

    It IS really funny about the grey van with gov plates that used to drive-by a couple times a day while we were doing international software support has not been seen since we gave that software away…

  183. I thought it was Blanche…

  184. ChrisP, have you found a pain management specialist yet?

    (Decided to bug, cause I love)

  185. First name Carte?

  186. Pain management makes me sad.

  187. Lipstick,
    Yeah, years ago. Their recommendation was to get the disc-replacement, which was deemed as “Experimental” by the insurance companies, even though it was approved by the FDA in 2006.
    I’m gonna’ hurt until I die. That’s just the way it is.
    If I came-up with $35,000 cash, I could get’er done. I don’t know how long we will live, so I’m not really ready to dip into the retirement-bucket that hard.
    So it goes…

  188. My name really is Sean M. Failure of imagination on my part in picking a screen name.

  189. Gonna eat Chicken-Cheese enchiladas and sleep.

  190. I ain’t no Bob……

  191. So they recommended the operation, but I’m talking about someone who will work with you to deal with the pain you have now. I can’t imagine a pain doc saying “go get an operation, and that’s all I can do for you”. Mine works with me every month to adjust dosages depending on how things have gone.

  192. gently hugs Lipstick

  193. I can’t imagine how strong someone must have to be, living with pain like that every day. Much respect.

  194. I know, Sean, that’s why I am bugging him. There is help out there and I want him to get it. Yes, there are medications that don’t agree (to say the least) with him, but a specialist might help.

  195. I H8 that pain specialists have to go through so much crap to treat their patients. It may be a NM thing.

  196. *hugs Dave back real hard*

  197. Oso, here in CA we have to have an appointment every month and the prescriptions have to be on specialized paper. No refills.

  198. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Pain is good. Extreme pain is extremely good.

    //at least that’s the line of bullshit Gunny Cantu was selling at my JROTC summer camp.

  199. Lippy, they do that here. Really strict about referrals to pain specialists, too. I can’t remember the med that MaryAnn gets for her seizures, but it is highly controlled and we only get scrips if she is seizing. 5 pills at a time.

  200. XB, I have that tee shirt. Giveaway from Marine recruiters at a Brooks & Dunn concert.

  201. *Attacks Gunny Cantu with a chainsaw*

    Wow, doggie seizure meds are controlled?!

  202. Yep. It is a smaller dose of a people med, but I can’t remember what it is called. We didn’t want to put her on a daily, so we only treat her after seizing.

  203. Baclofen?

  204. That doesn’t sound right. It is a neurological drug that is supposed to calm the brain after trauma. We can’t get it at the Vet. MaryAnn gets the Purple ring at Target.

  205. 24 years ago today: I spent the day drinking margs instead of doing reception prep. Showed up late for rehearsal so Dan had to deal with my bitch ex-Aunt. First time Dan ever got irritated with me.

  206. Dan says if I want GCCburgers for breafas, I have to go to bed now. G’night SoCal. G’night Lippy. Don’t fall asleep at the computer.

  207. mmm, green chili

  208. J’ames!!! I was thinking of you the other day. You and Lauraw. I forgot that I used my bare hands to place a raw jalapeño slice on my tortilla chip. Touched BELOW my eye, to wipe a OMG HOT tear. My face was en fuego. Best nachos EVER!

  209. Happy day before anniversary! Bed.

  210. Yeah, that will light your world up.

    Just don’t go to the bathroom. Yikes!

  211. G’night Lippy. <3 U.

  212. J’ames, I posted a food porn pic of my nachos on FB.

  213. Get to bed, or no green chili!

  214. And I see no nachos.

  215. It was like 2 days ago.

  216. Well, I see that one! Haha!

  217. I just shared it with you. Half nacho at Turtle Mountain Brew Pub.

  218. That’s a half?

  219. Yep.

  220. We shared a personal green chile pepperoni pizza too.

  221. Chile was so hot, Dan was sweating. Dan NEVER sweats.

  222. dan needs ghost and scorpions.

  223. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised to learn just how much Jill Abramson was making… roughly $475k.

    Really? I thought the head of the premeire newspaper might make more.

    Heck, my boss at Merrill, working on a mostly commission basis, made over $300k annually.

    I guess I figured she was making a million or more. Who knew the pinnacle of the news profession paid so poorly?

  224. Benefits. Not the health insurance type either.

  225. Oh, prestige, sure. And I’m sure there are other perks.

    But the pay is for shit.

  226. J’ames, Dan is cheap!! Fiery foods is held here the first wknd in March, and we haven’t gone in years because of the $$$$ increase. Ambrosio has been trying to get Dan to try scorpion and/or ghost salsas.

  227. Let me tell you about Grammer. She was born in Mexico. German father. Salcido mother. They fled Pancho Villa. Settled in San Antonio. Always considered herself AMERICAN and Texan. Grammer was on the draft board. Her citizenship was suspect, and in the 40s she had to leave the draft board and move outside of San Antonio. Which she did. Roomies Great grandmother. Found out we were related through our common Salcido antecedent. Grammer never nice whined about anything. Loved Tom Selleck.

  228. Who doesn’t love Tom Selleck? Besides Higgins.

  229. We were two in a million,
    Stars like the ones in the sky,
    A derp scene and a vision,
    We saw the world and we waved goodbye.

  230. Ha! I just find it funny that I meet relatives all the time. Like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, Hispanic style. Before I found out that I was infertile, genealogy was a passion. If you are a NM Hispanic, I can usually find a link. My job at Membership kept freaking people out. Maybe, it was my memory. Helped people yesterday that have known my 2nd cousins for 40 years. I recognized the address.

  231. It’s not just Hispanic. My Danish relatives freak me out all the time with that.

  232. Danish? My Aunt VA married a Mathiasen from Denmark.

  233. His parents were from Denmark. Settled in NE. Rocket Science guy. Converted to Catholic to marry my Tia. My Ninos.

  234. When I worked for Target, random chatting led me to a co-worker that shared my Uncle Eloy and another co-worker that shared a Great Uncle. My grammo had 11 siblings. Half were Republican rancher/farmers. Half moved to Roswell and became pachucos. My Mom is a total D-rat. She is friends with ALL of her cousins. Her D-rat siblings have adopted Anglo names. Still vote D-rat. Never help or acknowledge the gangbangers.

  235. Heroin has been killing people of color for years. Years. Rio Arriba. Espanola. We’ve had a few anglo kids die on the H and suddenly it is all OMG Epidemic! DO SOMETHING! DO ANYTHING!!!!

  236. Super angry AA guy threatened me yesterday. Got quite a few plaudits from the peeps. All paled in comparison to my buddy Russ. Gentle Giant. I’ve known him for 12 years. NEVER known him to cuss. EVER. Told Member to Fuck OFF today. Some woman was on her cell while pumping gas. Not against the law here. Russ asked her to hang up, she refused. Midget Messican got all up inRuss’s grill. Told him to do his fucking job and tell the fucking bitch to get off her fucking phone. Long story short: We can’t do anything. Ask yourself or call 911.

  237. Summertime. Had to explain a Code Adam to Greeter and several peeps.

  238. Speaking of Godzilla
    New giant 130-foot long dinosaur discovery in Argentina with an 8-foot femur
    To compare, years ago I was with a prof of mine in Big Bend and we found the largest Alamosaurus ever discovered, a fragmentary skeleton oc a huge adult we estimated at 75 feet long, larger than a Brontosaurus. Largest dinosaur ever discovered in Texas and one of the largest Cretaceous dinos ever in the US.
    The femur was barely 5 feet long.

  239. Morning, children.

  240. , larger than a Brontosaurus.

    It’s easy to be bigger than something that never existed.

    *Oh SNAP!*

  241. I can barely move today, I think I cut 20 minutes off of last year’s time and walked with too much weight because the scales they checked me with were POS and the kid doing the “how much does the pack weigh?” math got Common Core arithmetic.

  242. TJ, my one involvement in dinosaur bones was when Sue the T. rex was supposed to come here for CT scan and ended up being seized as part of an ownership disagreement.

  243. I lifted heavy things yesterday.

    Mostly a desk and a couch.

  244. Leon – shut your face, brontosauruses and triceratops are on the list of things that are too cool to not exist.

  245. Sorry Revvy, you could view my comment as young-Earth creationist conspiracy theorizing if that helps.

  246. Brontosauruses were real, they were on The Flintstones.

  247. Got to the pool a few minutes late.

    There are some girls worthy of your binder in that pictorial, Leon the Denier.

  248. Good morning, sunshines.

  249. Hey honey

  250. Morning.

  251. G’morning, all!

  252. Sink is broken. Drain cracked loose at some point when I was cranking up the jig to hold it in place.

    New sink install is now unavoidable.

  253. Got down to below freezing in OH HI OH last night. May.

  254. Got down to below freezing in OH HI OH last night. May.

    We had snow the other weekend here in Colorado. I think that there’s a good chance we’ll have snow in June this year.

  255. Working on next week’s BBF right now, your model is a beautiful train-wreck of a disaster on fire.

  256. Wow, pupster, I didn’t get you anything for haunchfest.

    I think we’ll see them again on Mondays.

  257. Just saw The Oatmeal Tesla rant. Must be nice as a comic artist to afford a $70,000 car while living in Seattle. The rest of us proles out here in flyover country should be so lucky.

  258. I have to clean the kitchen now so I can have people in it.

  259. Gotta love’em!



  261. Just got back from the flower store. I got goji thing. SOOO excited.

  262. Also a snowball bush. I have wanted one of those since forever. Also a pair of gloves that go to my elbows.

    this is the best pretend mother’s day ever.

  263. Carin’s garden wear:

  264. Carin – I may have to have you come down and assist Herself when the kids move into their new place in Canton-Plymouth!

  265. Question for Hotspur – is cash very common in building? A friend was saying she got a check, on a saturday, for a job her small business did, and that this was a guarantee that she wouldn’t get paid. It’s cash only.

    Just wondering if this is a chicago thing, or if she’s cranky.

  266. Carin – I may have to have you come down and assist Herself when the kids move into their new place in Canton-Plymouth!

    sign me up.

  267. Jewstin, if only they were that sexy. But they are leather, and very soft. I lurv them.

  268. I need to figure out where to put this snowball bush. It needs FULL sun. I get a lot of sun, but I don’t really want it sitting out in the middle of the yard.

  269. I really should take a bunch of detailed pictures, so i can do a whole post about my garden.

    I got a new iris tooo. SQUEEEELLLLLLL.

  270. Adorable, Master Chief!!

    And your granddaughter is a cutiebug too ;)

  271. Most of my iris died this winter, they sprouted back up after I cut them down and froze to death. Or something ate the bulbs. Whatever. Less shit to weed.

  272. The girl who cut my hair did something fru fru with it. Not sure I like it but I’ma give it a shot. Sending to Cyn for updated POL

  273. Braided the ear hair?

  274. I hate it that they spend more time on my ears than my head.

  275. DG is so gosh-darn cute, Chief! You guys must be thrilled that she is going to be closer to you guys soon –

  276. Of course they do! There’s more hair there than on the head!

  277. I’ve dealt with a lot of shit at this age but I still have a head full of hair.

  278. I still have a head full of hair.

    It’s a sign of immaturity. ;-)

  279. Of course it is.. I’m a kid at heart. Who plays guitars.

  280. Tomorrow will be my haircut day. Clippers and the #1 guide. Herself does not like me shaving my head and that is the shortest I can get away with.

  281. POL has been UPdated with Haircut Dave!

  282. Paulitics pic still makes me laugh

  283. We’re all a buncha goofballs in there.

    Fun to see all those still here, and those that have moved on.

  284. what happened to your pic? I wish to register a complaint with the management

  285. I should throw it back in there now that the spampicturebotjerks have subsided.

  286. Carin, we don’t work for cash. I know some guys who do, but it’s not very common unless you want to be perceived as Pickup Truck Bubba with the tail light guarantee.


  288. Fine.

  289. Now Pupster’s in there messin’ around so it won’t let me in.

  290. Fixted

  291. He is such a booger

  292. We need a new poat. Wedding season is not what I want to be thinkin about right now.

  293. Sorry. I don’t remember any passcodes so I open the poats for editing to see the pitures of Dave’s freakishly shaped cranium.

  294. I got somethin, wait one

    *also fuck you Kyle*

  295. No worries, Pup. I’m over it.

    *hides this*

  296. *also fuck you Kyle*

    Uncalled for, Dave.

  297. do you ever lighten up?


  299. Dangit, I can’t cook.

  300. I can’t even use the blender.

    *starves to death*

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