I got your whatchamacallit right here

Well, hellllooooo Jewstin! How you doin'?!


  1. I was > < close to making a poat on the new Tablet thingy, but alas, I don't yet know how all the buttons work on the contraption.

  2. That dog and kitten thing is funny. That dog would LOVE chinese food.

  3. OMG OMG I found the PERFECT SHIRT! It goes with everything!


    Seriously, what kind of psycho would wear that un-ironically?

  4. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/377587/benghazi-deniers-rich-lowry

    Benghazi Deniers. I like that term.


    Toure the Tool – this shit is funny.

    The look on his face…. hahahahahahahaha

  6. That shirt looks … fun – if you’re into clownwear and circuses.

  7. >> Hawaiian shirts, bermudas, and flip flops – total Jimmy Buffet style.

    I know how to kick back in style. Silk breathes in warm climes and looks damn good on me. Add a pair of wayfarers and I’m totally cool

  8. John Conyers does not have enough signatures to be on the ballot for the fall election.

    Out of 2,000 collected signatures, 764 were tossed out and 644 are being challenged. That leaves just 592 signatures. 1,000 signatures are needed, which makes Conyers’ petition invalid.



    Holy crap, this is a great start to the day!

  9. Jazz, you know this won’t change anything. He’ll be on the ballot.

  10. he’d win a write in

  11. Add a pair of wayfarers and I’m totally cool

    and water.

  12. Of course they’ll game the system, but we get to have fun at Conyers’ expense until and after then. I’ve practiced law in front of the judges that’ll make the decision when he takes this to court, and they’re so far in the tank they’d need scuba gear and a lifeline to find their way out. Even so, watch the vid – there is a LOT of concern among the news staff.

  13. Y’all gotta look at Toure, too. Fer realz. He’s trippin at MLKIII.

  14. >> and water.


  15. Wayfarers and water are the shittiest drink ever. I hope MJ does not do this for wiser’s show.

  16. Baby Oso

    Funny how the dad can’t stop playing pocket pool.

  17. And I am referring to the gif on the previous poat, before anyone starts thinking I’m off my meds.

  18. If he just got off the scooter, he probably had to adjust his keys.

    I had a few pokey surprises when I’d get off the motorcycle.

  19. I don’t think I wanna party with Rob Ford


    Holy crap – what a fecking trainwreck

  20. Still a better mayor than Detroit has had in my lifetime.

  21. http://www.steynonline.com/6326/bringbackourballs

    These are the same people who think a mission statement is something worthwhile.

  22. Still a better mayor than Detroit has had in my lifetime.

    Dennis Archer wasn’t bad. He wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, either. He was kind of like hospital food or white paste – he filled space and didn’t really hurt anything, but he wasn’t very good either.

    True fact: I punched Dennis Archer in the kidneys hard enough to buckle his knees at a trade dinner and almost got squashed by his goons. He intervened, though, and stopped things from getting messy. I didn’t even know who I’d punched – I just hit the guy who kept crushing the toe boxes on my brand new Johnston & Murphys. He was standing in front of me and kept stepping back onto my feet, and I told the fucker to knock it off 3x, and then I punched him. And, when I finally got to my seat (both he and I were late) and he was introduced as the featured speaker, I nearly shat myself.

    Good times….

  23. Dennis Archer was an unrepentant racist who ran white businesses out of the city.

    Rob Ford just likes to party.

  24. Also, he sticks it to the unions. Archer never stuck it to anyone but businesses that weren’t owned by blacks.

  25. Well, and also his mistress.

  26. Baby Oso. It wasn’t a motorbike, it was the family Ambassador Wagon. My brother was with me. We only took out a neighbor’s fence.

  27. I love that second picture more than I should.

  28. New power tools! Squeeeeeeeee

    Cordless drill, reciprocating saw, and 2 batteries for $99.

    Car in’s kids should get her one of these for Mothers Day.

  29. You can never go wrong with a reciprocating saw. So many uses..

  30. I dress like a refugee.

  31. You don’t have to live like a refugee.

    /Tom Petty

  32. I’m glad that wiser is re-running the Freedom Works dude.
    Melty voice is melty.

  33. Two swoony voices…


  34. Where is Lipstick to back me up on this?!

  35. I’ll back you up on that, Cyn.

    Also, I dress like a co-op. T-shirt, blue jeans, polo on special occasions.

  36. Is this a best-of episode, or is he just re-running this interview?

  37. He’s re-running an interview from when he did the fill-in gig this week.

  38. *fist bumps Roamy and splashes a little something in her coffee mug*

  39. Tom Hill called in. Srsly.

  40. *fist bumps Roamy and splashes a little something in her coffee mug*


  41. What’s up, dipsticks?

  42. Waiting to hear your segment on the Wadio.

  43. Yes, Pupster. The drill with one battery is usually $99.

    The only bummer is that there is no case.

    It was time for a change, I have worn out 3 Ridgid drills over the last 5 years. I hear really good things about the Ryobi brand.

  44. Did Tom Hill call in? That’s awesome.

  45. The call that ‘a get’.

  46. My dad had a lot of Ryobi woodworking tools that I have now. They are awesome

  47. He had a legit tech question, and I’m not surprised he was listening.

    But still.

  48. Aren’t the Rigid tools replaced for life at HD? Like Craftsman from Sears?

  49. >> Aren’t the Rigid tools replaced for life at HD?

    My doc says I’m covered

  50. Heh. Rigid tool.

  51. *thud*

  52. Yes Cyn, if you fill out that registration thingy.

  53. *fist bumps Roamy and splashes a little something in her coffee mug*

    Mmmm, this tastes really g—


  54. Advantage: Dave

  55. Little blue screwdriver.

    That just sounds dirty.

  56. Where is Lipstick to back me up on this?!

    Sleeping, blerg. But I’ll always back you up!

  57. Dave in Texas, making Saturdays weird since 1977

  58. I never crashed a motor scooter, but I did crash a 2-star Admiral’s Triumph TR-6 into a 3-star Admiral’s Mercury Gran Marquis at the Washington Navy Yard once.

  59. I just gave the neighbor some wood ash, because I’m a giver.

  60. So very generous, Scott.

  61. Dennis Archer was an unrepentant racist who ran white businesses out of the city.

    Why do you say that? I was living in Hamtramck at the time and going to school in downtown Detroit, and I don’t think I was oblivious to what was going on at the time, but, perhaps, I was. I’m genuinely curious about the origins of your opinion.

  62. When I was in high school I drove away from a gas pump in one of these with the gas nozzle still in the fill port.

    I got yelled at.

  63. Is “Weird Dave” DiT’s Saturday name?

  64. When I was in high school I drove away from a gas pump in one of these with the gas nozzle still in the fill port


    At my first lawyer job, my boss did the same thing the VERY FIRST TIME he filled the tank in his brand new BMW 3-Series. It was 3 days old and he totally fucked the fill door and the recessed port. I think he did about $2,500 damage within 72 hours of picking up his brand new car.

  65. It was a lease, too, so he hadda fix it – or pay the BMW dealership to do it.

  66. The boss was a retired Marine drill Sgt. I got me a talkin to.

    *also <— not weird Dave*

  67. Beer and OJ??

    Time to vote MJ outta the H2 Clubhouse.

  68. Boy, Martin Denny music SUCKS. This shit is awful. It’s like psychedelic Gilligan’s Island music.

  69. The boss was a retired Marine drill Sgt. I got me a talkin to.

    I bet he gave you a hug at the end, din’t he?

  70. gross

  71. Cyn, check your white privilege and your g-spot.

  72. “call it Tom Hill’s” what?

  73. Delish, posers.

  74. Tom Hill’s ox.

  75. I’m conflating him with Coleman Young, Jazz. Apologies.

    I can’t tell them apart because I’m a racist.


  77. Fratboi drink.

    Well, except for the Amaretto part.

  78. I have to go sell some concert tickets. If I’m killed, please take care of my miniature whisk and the dog.

  79. That’s Caucasian privilege, you bastage!

    *checking now*

  80. I’m conflating him with Coleman Young, Jazz. Apologies.
    I can’t tell them apart because I’m a racist.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH Well, there you go! Yeah – you really had me confused there, cuz Archer had been a justice on the SCOTSOM and had never really been called out for his raycissism. He was mayor while I was in law school, and I had to read a bunch of his opinions, so I was pretty dialed in on him, so your comment made me wonder WTF I had missed and how I could have been so blind. :-)

    Coleman was a hideous piece of work, and his presence is still tangible there in the city. Try to imagine how much it sucked to have to walk into the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center three or four times a week – and then, later, to encounter Kwame and his gold-bedecked posse of goons in $2000 suits walking six abreast through the hallways. Depressing.

  81. Honor thy tool, and keep it Rigid.

  82. how YOU doin’

  83. Leon, I may have asked this before, but I have forgotten the answer. Is it better to take Vitamin D in the morning or the evening?

  84. vitamins need foods in tummies

  85. Well, it’s supposed to be the sunshine vitamin, so I would assume that means it wakes you up, which means I don’t want it in the evening.

  86. You live in Alabamas you have to guard against too much sunshine. My dermatologist is still yelling at me for things I did with my shirt off there and it does not involve his daughter

  87. I expect to fall over dead from sun exposure in about oh…. sometime in the next week.

  88. *checks clock, begins contemplating whether to take the mini whisk or the mini purse dog from MJ’s*

  89. Good day, butt nuggets.

  90. I’ve had enough shit burned off me to make a pair of boots. Maybe a belt too

  91. show posted.

    host very nearly unconscious.


  92. Is it better to take Vitamin D in the morning or the evening?

    The least expensive treatment for non-24 is d3 in gelcap form in the AM and a small dose of melatonin and magnesium at dusk. Based on that, I usually take d3 in the morning. If I forget and have to take it at night I haven’t felt any ill effects.

  93. Boots… and a belt… oh, that’s nice, dear.


  94. One of the guys I sponsor took a cake for his first sobriety birfday today. It’s so awesome to see someone succeed like that.

  95. show posted.

    With melty voice Freedom Works dude? Yesssssssss.


  96. Dave?


  97. That is very cool, Sean. Is a cake something out of the ordinary?

  98. Nice job today, Radiobuns. I actually enjoyed hearing the re-airings of the interviews.

    The joke from Dave/Anne’s Deli was really cute too.

  99. We have cake at a meeting whenever someone puts together 365 days of continuous sobriety. And on average, only about 10 to 20 percent of the people who go through rehab end up doing that.


  101. *man-squeeeeeee*

  102. So cake is the topper to a sober trip around the sun. Yes, that is always a big effin’ deal.

    Here’s wishing you and your meeting peeps many more cakedays to come.

  103. *hands Leon a wetnap*

    Happy shopping there, tiger.

  104. I have some good news to share. My experiment (the old one, not the new one) has won the “Discoveries on ISS” award for this year. Nice to be recognized by the Chief Scientist, plus this is the week before performance appraisals.

  105. Wow, romy!!! VERY cool! Congrats!!! That’s AWESOME! :D

  106. So, do we finally know what exactly the effect of weightlessness is on tiny screws?

  107. Heh, Sean, they back out at the most inopportune times.

  108. Has anyone experimented with vodka in space?

  109. Roamy, that is phenomenal! Congratulations!!

  110. *man-squeeeeeee*
    No such thing.

  111. Scott, I’m sure the Russians have.

  112. *crumbles and tosses into the garbage my notes and working paper, “Thing To Do With A Mini Whisk”.

  113. Roamy, is there a ceremony for this?

  114. There’s a student experiment with brewing beer in space, but I have no idea how that one turned out.

  115. There is a conference in Chicago, and one of the other investigators got tagged to give the acceptance speech. (win!) They are trying to find the budget to send me, too.

  116. If you go to Chicago, romy, and I know far enough in advance, I can come down and meet up, even for lunch or something – if your schedule allows. If Em’s in the psycho clink again, I can even pair it with a visit to The Ward.

  117. Sounds great, Jazz. Will send you an email when I know for sure.

  118. I just met the young 25 year old E-6 Army Staff Sgt. that is dating youngest.

    He was polite as hell. They teach them that in the Army.

    I liked him. I am also a mess of dad shit emotions. I signed up for this so I ain’t complaining, but fack

  119. I thanked him for his service.. he is a Purple Heart recipient.. IED explosion.. no visible wounds, healthy and hale

  120. Not enough time, went to Dunham’s instead. Next time.

  121. Depending on when it is, I could make Chicago as a day trip.

  122. Dave, what’s his MOS?

  123. They are trying to find the budget to send me, too.

    Fingers crossed – that would be really cool.

    What an awesome accomplishment!!

  124. What was the experiment?

  125. I lollol’d

  126. I went up in a hot air balloon that was tethered, last year in AZ the day before I met Cyn. It was pretty cool, but I would never free float in one.

  127. When I ran out of gift ideas for my parents years ago, I would get them things like balloon trips and glider rides.

    They liked the balloon trip, but the noise level of the thing took some of the fun out of it.

    They absolutely loved the trip in the glider.

  128. Congrats Roamy!

  129. YAY Romie!

    I did an animated image search for rocket science and this came up:

    Pretty sure that is you and a space pen.

  130. Roamy’s are bigger.

  131. So, I’ve never seen any of the Blade movies? Any good? I did happen to come across this tune from the Blade Trinity soundtrack. OK, I heard it on One Tree Hill and only later found out it was also on the soundtrack.

  132. I liked all the Blade movies. The fight scene in front of the God Lights in Blade II is fantastic.

    They’re cheap vampire fare, but totally fun.

  133. First and second are okay. Third was meh other than Biel’s booty. Her using her ipod during fights was too laughably stupid for even me to tolerate.

    Also it was a load of grrrl power horseshit.

  134. Hannibal King might have skewed my perception of Blade Trinity.

  135. If Biel couldn’t make me like it, you can see past Ryan Reynolds with ridiculous anabolic support.

  136. Trinity was watchable. Blade II I think is the best.

  137. That’s all the concession you’ll get out of me.

  138. So, I’ve never seen any of the Blade movies? Any good?

    They’re about on par with the Underworld series, if you’ve seen those flicks. Wussley Snopes kinda bugs me, but if you can deal with him, the Blade movies are moderately entertaining.

  139. I’m with leon on the third one, though – I found it just too silly to watch. I think I made three or four attempts at watching it in segments before I got through it.

  140. I don’t watch vampire crap.

  141. I have peanut butter cookies made by Cyn and you don’t. Hahaha.

  142. I suspect watching vampire crap would be rather like watching wallpaper. I don’t imagine it does much.

  143. I liked Jessica Biel in it.

  144. Did anybody fail to get their money out of anybody else’s pyramid scheme in time today?

  145. I told Cyn that you were allergic to peanuts.

  146. I deleted 6000+ emails from my gmail account today. I figure the NSA has been through them all by now, I can let them go.

  147. Did you ever want to build your own X-Ray machine at home for less than $200? Dangerous Laboratories has the plans!


    There’s all sorts of good stuff there. X-ray frogs! Sterilize yourself! Fun for the whole family you’ll never have if you do any of this stuff!

  148. Anita was moving the VHS “The Little Prince” to DVD this afternoon.
    I had forgotten BoB Fosses performance as “The Snake/Satan” He was pretty amazing.
    We can save a whole-lot of closet-space if we move all those VHS movies to DVD. Then, Drop the VHS tapes off at the thrift-shop…

  149. Also, Gene Wilder as “The Fox”, asking the prince;
    “Do they hunt on your planet?”
    “Are there guns on your planet?”
    “Are there chickens on your planet?”
    I’m pretty sure that the fox is some type of weasel…

  150. The Electric Kite looks safe and like a great birthday gift.

  151. Jazz, way long ago in the olden times a scientist experimented with the effects of air pressure on biology. I can’t recall his name but when he couldn’t find subjects for his experiments he used himself. He said, “If I learn nothing from my experiment, I can blow smoke from my ears which is quite a social accomplishment.”

  152. Go look up The King of Random on youtube, and you’ll find myriad ways of accidentally putting your eye out.

  153. I’m pretty sure that the fox is some type of weasel…

  154. Evening Hostages. Anything worthwhile going on?

  155. And the “secret” the Fox gave the “Little Prince” before he left;

    “It is only with the heart that one can see clearly.
    What is essential, is invisible to the eye.”

    St. Ex was quite a guy, who lived so long ago…

  156. Teaching Boy 2 to drive a 5 speed standard. Only 1 stall and 1 clutch-popper.


  157. Pups,
    MENSA candidate, for sure…

  158. I worked with that butt crack. How did Short Bus manage to find an ocean?

  159. Bwahahahahahaa, best one yet, Pupster.

    I still want one with “Barry’s ‘golfing’ with Reggie again.”

  160. Roamy,
    Just remember, the tallest blade of grass is the first one cut…

  161. The 2nd mouse gets the cheese.

  162. Cyn?

  163. Teaching Boy 2 to drive a 5 speed standard. Only 1 stall and 1 clutch-popper.

    How many beatings did it take to reach this point?

  164. When I was a lad, 10-11, I watched very carefully as my father drove the car. We used to go way the fuck into the sticks to fish for trout.
    Once, when we got off the paved roads, I told him that I could drive the car. He told me that I could not.
    Then, he stopped the car and slid over. I only killed it a couple times.

  165. OMG Scott!!!! An elderly gentleman told me that 2nd mouse dealio a few hours ago. Other Member said young people don’t get that, because of humane vermin traps. Some areas aren’t allowed to sell traditional mouse traps. PETA!

  166. ChrisP, do you have Disney movies on VHS?

  167. Chris P
    When I was a youngster you could drive from my house to my dad’s farm on county (dirt) roads. He let me start making that drive at abt 11.

    I passed a sherriffs dputy one day on a dirt road and still haven’t passed that turd.

  168. Bonus: I had to hoe cotton like a motherfucker when I got there.

  169. ** seeks reparations **

  170. PG,
    It got to the point that Dad would toss me the keys and say;
    “Go find your idiot brother and bring him home, before the cops do”
    Yeah, I was 11 and we lived in North Portland, OR.

    I will have to look. We have BOXES of VHS tapes, we’re old, you see…

  171. Dan sold ours at a garage sale. We had the original Little Mermaid, original Lion King, etc. With the animators hidden perversions. If you are willing to take the time to sell online, you can get more $$$$ than what you paid.

  172. ChrisP, I am not the tallest blade. That one got tagged to give the acceptance speech.

  173. Roamicita.
    You rock!
    Hugs on you, and your skinny-assed husband(no-homo).

  174. Whey all the whie women at? Whey they at?

  175. PG, now that an openly gay player has been drafted into the NFL you can no longer display such cisnormative homophobia.

  176. Heere’s My take.

    How the fuck do they ever cut this guy if he doesn’t work out? There’ll be rainbow flag parades all over every urban center in America if they try to cut this bitch.

  177. And by the way Xbrad, I was talking about rural upringings rather than homos and shit.

  178. First openly gay NFL draftee went to Mizzou. In MO. MO from MO. Simpson episode with the Flaming Moe totes went over my head originally. I didn’t even know gheys were called ‘Mos at the time.

  179. Not that there’s a disconnect.

  180. Im watching ESPN earlier and some gaywad whiteboy is trying to grab homeboy’s package while al the crying is going on.

    Not the fucking America I grew up in.

  181. Blerg

  182. Car in,
    How was your day?

  183. Cordless drill, reciprocating saw, and 2 batteries for $99.
    Car in’s kids should get her one of these for Mothers Day

    *hopes Scott wasn’t able to get in touch with my kids.

  184. My day was busy as crap.

  185. Sales were really high. I know it wansn’t a real double, but it was 11 hours, on my feet w/ o a break. I just made myself a hamburger when I got home. It was Cray-Cray.

  186. Dennis archer was a good man who had no idea the levels of corruption in detroit. He didn’t have the balls to address it, so he bailed.

  187. Dan worked a 12 hr shift. I just worked a 9. We had Stouffer’s Lasagna. Too tired to do anything else.

  188. *peeks in* Hullo

  189. REVVY!!!!! Are you feeling ‘mo bettah?

  190. Yus. I am currently taking some online trainig for a new jobn

  191. Revvy either stroked or timed out on Grey Goose.

  192. Good luck!

  193. Thanks. I hope it works out – they’ve certainly had me fill out enough goddamned paperwork. Today I made my 3rd trip into town for printing/scanning this week.

  194. Hi Revvy.


  195. How do you like OK?

  196. Hi Batman *waves* OK isn’t bad – everything’s just so spread out. There have been some really cool lightning storms around lately though.

  197. Tornadoes and earthquakes too. Just remember, in OK, Gaia isn’t your friend. Good BBQ though.

  198. Yeah, I know, I’m sure my mom was having heart attacks when that wave of tornadoes hit a week or two ago. Luckily, none of them were around where I am.

  199. Last night, I dreamt there was a spider in the bed. When I killed it, it became 2 spiders that were bigger than the first spider. Etcetera and so on. By the time I woke dan and the dogs, I couldn’t keep up with the spider killing and the regeneration of the spiders. Felt like I dislocated my spider killing shoulder. I guess I was flaying the pillows and the mattress while screaming. Long way of saying I’m sleeping on the couch tonight and my shoulder is killing me.

  200. Revvy, it makes it really hard for non-Okies to know where tornadoes hit if you aren’t from around there. I have a cousin in Altus and one in Moore.

  201. Imma be working in Altus! :D Which works out cause that’s where the boy goes to the gym.

  202. Sweet! Great town! Air Force Base. Billy Sims BBQ. If you see the Sheridan Sunshine Foundation truck around town, that’s my cousin!

  203. Yeah, I’m gonna be working at the AFB. Hence all the paperwork.

  204. Very cool! If you run into my cousin, Melinda Bautista, or her hubby, Jimmy Bautista, freak them out and tell them I said “Hi”

  205. Use my FB name. I don’t think they know Oso! LOL

  206. Hah hah, I figured. Though it might be funnier to say ‘Osoloco says hi’ and let them be confused :P

  207. Hahaha Great people in Altus. They’re like 1950’s Beaver Cleaver friendly there. Kind of Twilight Zone actually.

  208. I’ve been there a couple times for car repairs, but that’s all

  209. I’m still amazed at how great the people of Altus are. Kind of freaky, actually.

  210. So far I like the people down here. When I was working at Staples, whenever a customer came in from the town I live in I’d mention it, and they’d try to determine if they knew my boyfriend (usually they did – I met the teacher that led his academic team in high school that way XD)

  211. Met a woman that just moved here from NH. Inside of stores, she thought we were really friendly…get New Mexicans in cars? Katie bar the door! (I have no idea what that means. Feeling folksy)

  212. G’night. To sleep, perchance to dream…Shit Gingy says. Vol. Dog.

  213. Happy Mama’s Day.

  214. You people are where I dump shit. On Thursday, co-worker’s brother was having trouble breathing. Thursday night, doing marrow work and biopsy. He starts chemo on Monday. I’m not an oncologist, but it doesn’t look good to me. Prayers to St Peregrine.

  215. Most depressing night of the year for me and you peeps are leaving me hanging…FINE! Slams blog door! Throws peanuts at Beasn.

  216. Dwight Evans remained pessimistic.

  217. nice car –


  218. Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers

  219. Morning, children.

  220. Happy Mother’s Day. I’m taking flowers to my grandma today.

  221. And coffee to my mom. Or maybe more flowers.

  222. Morning.

  223. It’s snowing heavily.

  224. Morning. This is the worst sentence I’ve read this week:

    “Only you are the soul owner of your identity.”

    Also, happy mother’s day to all you mudders.

  225. Wrong on multiple levels.

  226. And redundant.

  227. It’s only Sunday, MJ. You have plenty of time to find something worse.

  228. Ok, so far this mutha’s day sux.

  229. I think I sprained my left shoulder. Might be a partial rotator cuff tear.

  230. No breakfast in bed, Car in?

  231. No. I even had to go to the coop to get my own eggs. Worky worky an hour earlier than usual. Perhaps I’ll go scrub a bathroom before I go to work to wait on people who are going to treat me like shit because they really didn’t want to take their wife/mom/mil out to eat.

  232. I made dinner for Paula last night since she’s working tonight. I’ll probably clean the dishes and pans too for the complete pampering experience. Not cleaning bathrooms.

  233. Should have taken my advice about the poo flinging.

  234. I’m okay with poo killing the poat.

  235. Leon, will that heal on its own? Require physical therapy? Surgery?

  236. If it’s a tear, I need surgery. If it’s just a sprain/bursitis it’ll heal with rest.

  237. I’m going to take a week off and see how it feels.

  238. How did you hurt it?

  239. Not sure. Probably moving the weighted vest into/out of the trunk of the Camry. Pain came on gradually, so I’m hopeful it’s bursitis.

  240. Happy Mother’s Day!

    I hope everyone gets something good today.

  241. Not sure. Probably moving the weighted vest into/out of the trunk of the Camry. Pain came on gradually, so I’m hopeful it’s bursitis.
    If it was torn, wouldn’t you know it right away? As in, ‘holy &%@!, that hurt.’

  242. A partial tear can grow over time with continued use, and it’s easy to mistake a partial one for regular soreness in the anterior deltoid.

  243. If it still hurts after a week off I’ll go to a doctor.

    Right now, though, I gotta drive to Three Rivers.

  244. >> Imma be working in Altus

    There’s an Air Force base there.

  245. If it’s just a sprain/bursitis it’ll heal with rest.

    This ALWAYS makes me laugh – best bursitis ever:

  246. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. And, I hope y’all are good to your baby momma today, mother fuckers.

  247. I mean that in the best sense. Cuz I’m feeling clever and stuff. ;-)

  248. *Takes baby mama to Long John Silver’s*

    *Makes her pay for my fish sticks*

  249. Good morning cool kids.


  250. HMD to all the H2 Hawt Mammas.

  251. Unbelievable. Disney knows it has the parents by the balls. They sell DVDs for $18 per movie. BluRay will cost you $24. They would throw in a DVD, but what would you do with it? Nothing.

    No box sets. No discounts if you buy all sequels together.

    No other movie maker has this sort of pricing power.

  252. Tushar, don’t forget they also keep pulling titles from the market to create artificial shortage, as a price support.

  253. HBD Scott.

  254. >> Dave, what’s his MOS?

    I crashed early cause I was puppy sitting. 11 Bravo I think, he’s infantry.

  255. Now that Disney owns Marvel, the days of getting $9 Blu-Ray of Thor are long gone. The Marvel shop at Downtown Disney is pretty cool, though.

  256. I wanted to ask you too, is E-6 at age 25 kind of a deal? Seems like an accomplishment for a youngster.

  257. Currently my kids are in the ‘I want to watch cars movie every freaking day’ mode. The librarian has started giving the Mrs the stinkeye. I guess I will have to buy it and give them their $24. I fear the time when they discover the whole universe of Disney movies. A few hundred dollars gone. And the bastards will get bored exactly 5 minutes after the money is gone.

  258. Nah, that’s about right. People are getting promoted fast now. It’s going to slow down some. SSG at 25 is a bit on the quick side, but not terribly quick.

  259. My Godson loves Pixar. Anything Pixar. Lots and lots of Pixar.

  260. He got blowed up a year ago. Glad he was in an MRAP

  261. The drink is exactly how I remember it.


  262. Back atcha, Cynnie. HMD

  263. fresh squeezed OJ fail

  264. *shakes tiny whisk toward Texas

  265. just sayin is all

  266. It said fresh squeezed on the container.

    Fresh Squeezed Dave would be a good name for a band.

  267. “Ok, so far this mutha’s day sux.”

    She didn’t get the Ryobi drill and reciprocating saw.

    Stupid kids.

  268. Wow I am an emotional mess this weekend.

    I bought the ticket, gotta take the ride. I hope those boys love my kids a lot.

  269. New Post

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