Seis de Mayo!

Welcome to Messican Hangover Day.

And now, the Venerable Fulton Sheen with some marital advice, just because:


  1. I’ve been watching/listening to a bit of Archbishop Sheen lately.
    He was a cool dude.

  2. Wow, leon, you’re really bringing it this morning.

    Well done!

  3. Was that sarcasm?

    I think that was sarcasm.

    I did say “does anyone want to do a poat or should I throw crap at the wall?”. So I found hangover cures and picked something from my yootoob history.

  4. See, I knew you were really Sheldon.


    I’d have banged Amy two seasons ago.

  6. My mom watched that show every week.

  7. It was over years before I was born, Hotspur.

  8. Yeah, I was just a wee lad at the time, my own self.

    Things were a lot different back in those days.

  9. So one of the granddog’s toenails decided that this morning was a good time to tear off. Blood everywhere – little red paw prints all over the wooden floors in 4 rooms and the stairs.

    Guess who didn’t have any gauze, tape, or hydrogen peroxide in the house?

    FTR, H2O2 cleans up blood Like.A.Boss. (got that tip a few years ago from our neighbor, who used to work for the sheriff’s department on the “messy” jobs)

  10. Things were a lot different back in those days.

    I vaguely recall when being divorced was still something of a scandal, and gays really were oppressed and so forth.

    My how the pendulum swings.

  11. I don’t think Sam Kinison could have had a career at any other time in American history than when he did.

  12. Currently baking a double-sized meat loaf.

  13. Dead already?

  14. I like your youtube video, Leon. I don’t think I’ve heard of him before. Very nice.
    Times were different back then, but who is to say it can’t be again? Be the infusion.

  15. Working on it, Beasn.

  16. Yes I listened to the whole thing.

    Teresa, I hope the puppeh is all better, now.

  17. huh. I thought that was Boris Karloff

  18. Boris couldn’t pull off a cape like Bishop Sheen.

  19. Leon, was going to ask you about your puppeh, but went to the pets folder and saw for myself. Very cute.

    How much bigger will he get? Hopefully bigger than the cat who had him in a headlock.

  20. Old Home Day on WATR – it’s The Two Steves™

  21. The husband, who is working from home today, wondered if I was listening to Jack Benny.

  22. Is Old Home Day live?

  23. Yes; he’s filling in this week for somebody on vacation.

  24. I hope these are recorded, for those of us at work.

    Hmm, anyone try listening on an Android?

  25. Beasn, the dad is 4lb and the mom is 7lb, we’re hoping the puppy gets to 6lb, but we won’t know for a year or so. He’s already up to 3.5. And he’s tireless, so the cat doesn’t actually terrorize him despite the size difference.

  26. Tunein Radio has it, search WATR

  27. Have you tried one of the links on the sidebar? I clicked the one for PC and Mac and it works well.

  28. I should get a cape.

  29. I should get a cape.

    It would just get caught in the wheels of your Scooter.

  30. The links work a little differently on the phone. My phone, at least.

  31. A 4 pound dog is a cat.

  32. No, a 4# cat would use the litterbox.

  33. Shorter guy on wiser’s show:

    “but the republicans are just as bad!”

    I’ll bet wiser was biting his tongue hard.

  34. Nice work, Radiobud… only three more to go.

  35. He has to be really nice, doesn’t he?

  36. Just wait until he goes on a Mark Levin rant. It will be epic!

  37. Levinepic

  38. Jeebus… I have just spent the last hour trying to figure out why I could not get into my bank account. On the phone with them, reconfiguring settings in Chrome, testing on a Chromebook I’m setting up my mom, I go to the iPad (1) and can make that work, rebooting eleventy times… I hang up with bank tech department and keep trying to figure out, and just about to reset Chrome when…


    I had to reinstall ABP not long ago and forgot to whitelist my bank’s site.

    *smacks forehead repeatedly on desk*

  39. 1. Why does it need to be whitelisted?

    2. How do you whitelist? I have ABP and one of the sites I go ask for us to whitelist.

    *too lazy to go look it up since you smart people can keep it pithy

  40. ABP will block the process of page transitions that are sometimes necessary on a site (almost like a popup), as was the case for me in the verification process since I periodically scrub all the cookies and cache from my machine.

    When you’re on the site that needs you to whitelist it, left-click ABP and disable; this will automatically add the site to the whitelist.

  41. I have no idea what you two just said, but I bet it’s profound.

  42. Does anybody know what the fuck Cyn just said?

  43. *changes name to Cyn Komando*

  44. ELI5: That little red stop sign thingy that usually blocks the bad stuff? If you are on a site with good stuff, push it and then click ‘disable’ and you can get around the site without blocking anything.

  45. Thanks Cyn. After you saying that, it confirms what I suspected. I had to update ABP and then whitelist my email as I couldn’t get in a couple of weeks ago.

  46. Lips, is that a joke? I don’t mean the posters, I mean this…

    “Obama will receive the institute’s highest honor, the Ambassador for Humanity Award, for his “global efforts to protect human rights, his commitment to education and expanding educational technology, and his work advancing opportunities for all people.”

    Protect human rights? Whose? The third trimester babies that were above his pay grade?……Ukranians?……Egyptians he unleashed the muslim brotherhood on?….Mubarak, Gadafi?……Chis Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Powers, Glen Doherty?……SEAL Team 6?….the trail of dead bodies of Fast and Furious?

  47. Add the Christians of Egypt and Syria…..and indirectly, the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped.

  48. Add the Christians of Egypt and Syria…..and indirectly, the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped.

    I’ve been reading about the Crusades recently for no reason at all.

  49. Did you know that technically they were just pilgrimages? Just taking a walk to the Holy Land.

    It would have been silly to go unarmed, travel is dangerous, you know. So they took weapons.

    Self defense every step of the way, with defense of other Christians when necessary.

  50. Glad I could help, Beasn.

  51. I don’t think anyone was unarmed back then, unless they were slaves. Especially if you traveled.

  52. Lips, is that a joke?

    It seems to be a joke that is true.

    Mr. President ‘Drone Strikes who kills American citizens without trial and didn’t close Gitmo, but that doesn’t matter because he is a Dem’ is getting a nice phoney baloney award.

    Perhaps I’ve been taken in, but I read elsewhere that Obama is coming out to California for more fundraising.

  53. There’s got to be a holy site in Nigeria, right? Just one?

  54. lipstick, I don’t think he goes anywhere anymore unless he can “just happen” to attend a fundraiser. Amazing how profitable they can be when the American people pick up his travel costs….

  55. that doesn’t matter because he is a Dem’ is getting a nice phoney baloney award

    *cough* Nobel Peace Prize *cough*

  56. Well Gitmo doesn’t really count because those are guilty rat bastards. The drone strikes, on the other hand, besides the American who got no trial…….think of all those who were double-tapped.

  57. Greetings, crackfatters and fat crackers.


  59. Yesterday I had a much smoother bloodletting experience than the one you described the other day, wiser. Nary a mark on my arm. Also…

    Lab worker: “Do you take Aspirin or blood thinners?”

    Me: “Nope, I just always bleed quickly like that. They love me at the Red Cross.”

    Lab worker: “I bet. It’s like you’ve got a hose in your arm.”


    That’s not what your girlfriend says…

  61. If anyone takes blood thinners, there is a great new device that uses a pin prick (SYWM) on the finger (ibid.) to read the PT/INR.

  62. Does Phat fly for US Airways?

    I have some flames to throw. I will make a post out of it if I ever get home.

  63. Pups,
    UAL, not US Air.

  64. He’s sitting up front, go talk to him.

    In fact, run really fast down the aisle and scream.

  65. US Air used to be such a nice ride.

  66. Your whore mouths, shut them!

  67. I like this lady’s idea about putting whole unpeeled garlic cloves in with the chicken! I am going to do that next time.

    That way I can still have roasted garlic in my meal but Scott won’t get any on his meal.

  68. I’m gone for a couple hours, and this is the best you can do?

  69. XBrad, it wasn’t really my best effort.

  70. What’s going on? Hey, how are ya?

  71. Errands for the day-done.
    Chores-not so much.


  73. That’s about what my nose looked like, Laura.

  74. What’s going on? Hey, how are ya?

    Making glucose rice and recovering from my vertical push-pull session while I try to sort out how to add a java udf to my jaql code.

  75. Leon’s stroke killed it.

  76. Oh, this is too funny – SNL’s newest cast member proves she’s got some politically incorrect chops:

    h/t Breitbart

  77. “Can a bitch get a beef bowl?”

  78. Teresa, I never watch snl, but I did because my boys kept me up and that bit was funny . Also they did a funny thing about Beyoncé, who I hate;

  79. Crackfat was crazy.

  80. When is it not?

  81. True. Touché.

  82. 18 minutes of Burpee’s toes to bar and kettle bell swings. Five each time. It got too tiring so I just did as many reps as I could.

  83. Still resisting crack fat. Amazing, I know.

  84. I did all that with the voice recognition thing. Kind of cool

  85. It’ll make you feel good Mj. Just do it .

  86. I feel pretty damn good not doing it. It’s amazing!

  87. >>Car in on May 6, 2014 at 7:38 pm
    I did all that with the voice recognition thing. Kind of cool

    You talked to the kettlebell and it swung itself around?
    What an astonishing age we live in

  88. I can resist. I did start lifting heavy things repetitively. At least Scott gets paid for it.

  89. I did start lifting heavy things repetitively.

    This is excellent news. Any particular program?

  90. Any particular program?

    Your mom.

  91. ChrisP,

    Do you know how airlines do their weight calculations? My flight from Hilton Head was a mess…it’s a short runway and they were asking for two volunteers to get bumped for vouchers because we were overweight. They didn’t get any so they announced that I and another passenger (the last two to check in) were going to be bumped if nobody ‘volunteered’. I immediately volunteered, since you don’t get squat if you get bumped. Then 4 more passengers appeared that had been bumped from an earlier flight. The gate agent said it was up to the Captain to determine what the weight limit was, and I say him and the agent conferring, he had a desktop calculator. Meanwhile there were 6 of us standing around the gate and a planeload of people sitting on the tarmac. Finally, the guy loading the luggage came in and walked the gate agent through ‘removing the restrictions’ on her system, which took about 5 minutes, after which she let us all board and there were still 3 empty seats. The captain really put the hammer down with the brakes on before taxiing on takeoff, and we cleared the trees so I guess it was a successful flight.

    Pretty sure it was a Dash 8 200

    TL;DR US Airways is a flying fucking circus.

  92. Roamy, do you really have 2 Pat Boone albums, or did you just say that to win?

  93. Did anybody find out that anybody else had a bit part in their favorite movie today?

  94. Your mom.

    I’ve seen MJ. MJ can’t lift my mom.

  95. Passengers are “weighed” at a nominal 175# each. Check baggage is actually weighed.

    The weight calculations also have to take into account any paid freight the airliner is hauling, and of course, most importantly, the fuel weight. The air temperature, and density altitude also have to be accounted for.

  96. Passengers are “weighed” at a nominal 175# each. Check baggage is actually weighed.

    The weight calculations also have to take into account any paid freight the airliner is hauling, and of course, most importantly, the fuel weight. The air temperature, and density altitude also have to be accounted for.


    …and your mom

  97. We were on a flight that would have taken off with an open door had a passenger not pointed it out.

  98. The pilots flying those little planes are paid about the same as people working at Starbucks.

  99. You cleared the trees… wha…. you were expecting the scenic route or something? Flying is a cattle call now. And no peanuts anymore. Those jerks!

  100. No program Leon. I have a shoulder that dislocates so I have to be pretty careful.

  101. MJ, back in the 80’s

  102. I’m home now. The hotel was nice but I’m not going fly in those little airplanes again. When I die in a fiery crash I want it to be a total surprise.

  103. Osita, yes. Days of Wine and Roses and No More Mr. Nice Guy. Plus a greatest hits of the 50’s and 60’s with “April Love”.

  104. The nice thing about the puddle-jumpers is that you’re closer to the ground so the end comes sooner. Which could be nice.

  105. Jesus, that’s scary. I’m around 175 and you guys all think I’m all a mini person.

  106. I’m around 175 and you guys all think I’m all a mini person.

    In those videos, you don’t look that heavy. You must have an incredibly fat ass.

  107. I’m not really a fan of the DASH-8s, but the RJs are nice.

  108. 175 is an average. The average chubby chick or guy with a belly and no pecs or quads will be here, I suspect.

  109. Well done, Sean.

  110. Mmmmmmmm blotter.

  111. Good job, Not Jim.

  112. Good job,

  113. Way to go, Shawn.

  114. Hey, isn’t Sean Treacher still?

  115. Fish and chips? Arthur Treacher.

  116. Been hittin’ the university website like I’m slapping a sassy puppy.

    I’m seriously going to have an aneurism if these frickin’ teachers whose courses ended early don’t post their grades before the end of finals week.


  117. I’m slapping a sassy puppy

    My filthy mind made this into something very, very different when I first read it.

  118. Go to church, Leon

  119. Yeah, that’s it Sean.

  120. For cereal, I got a birthday present from Williams Sonoma that was gift wrapped. It had a mini whisk tied with a bow. A metal mini whisk.

    I looked at the mini whisk and my purse dog and laughed for about an hour.

  121. Go to church, Leon

    I’ve already got a list written for confession this week. In the interest of not appearing scrupulous and/or wasting time on the venial, I’ll omit this and say an act of contrition.

  122. What the hell is a whisk?

  123. Is it a gay thing?

  124. No honey it is a girl thing.

  125. I bet MJ is good at it.

  126. Probably

  127. Meat smoker.

  128. MJ, what is preventing you from marrying TGND and starting a family right now?

  129. Bed calls. I have to get up early and work.

    No prance. (you hipsters might call it spin)

  130. I mean, by your age, my Dad had four kids from two wives.

  131. My dad had four kids by the time he was 32. Bananas, I tells ya.

    I’m still working on the post mortem.

  132. Good luck with it, MJ.

  133. Ditto.

  134. Bed time for me, shmoopsies. I have a head cold and work to do in fabulous Atlanta.

    And by fabulous I mean shit hole.

    And by shit hole I mean nuclear shit hole. If Atlanta studied day and night to achieve normalcy it might make it to shit hole status on the shit hole spectrum.

  135. Goodnight.

  136. If Atlanta studied day and night to achieve normalcy it might make it to shit hole status on the shit hole spectrum.

    This is why Rocketboy is not going to Georgia Tech. Great school, shitty location, magnet for bad things.

  137. I’ve been to Atlanta once. Scared the shit outta me.

  138. The Header – LOLOL

  139. GA. Stupid kids. Why did I ever have them ?

  140. I’ve been to worse places than Atlanta.

  141. Gary, Ind. always wins that award.

  142. Just looked at the POI thread at AoS.
    Am depressed, gonna eat Messican food and go to sleep.
    Good Night, Fellow Babies…

  143. Wiserbud?

  144. I have two kids from one wife so I kept the ratio the same. I think

  145. I have two kids from one wife so I kept the ratio the same. I think

    Me too. Same ratio.

    So long as it’s a different wife and kids we’re talking about.

  146. If I had my time again
    I would do it all the same
    And not derp a single thing
    Even when I was to blame
    For the heartache and the pain
    That I caused throughout my years
    How I loved to be your man
    Through the laughter and the tears

  147. Comment by xbradtc on May 6, 2014 11:33 pm



    I learned to draw blood on kids entering the military.There was a MEPS in So. Boston and on weekend drills I’d go Saturday mornings and draw blood, do color blind and vision tests, etc. (And no, etc. didn’t include rectal exams—I was a med student at the time). The sergeant gave me advice on drawing blood and the final piece of wisdom was “Never let them see you sweat”.

  148. Morning, children.

  149. GA. Stupid kids. Why did I ever have them ?

    So that one day they will bring you the real payoff: grandkids.

  150. Along those lines, I can attest that this is real and not fun:

  151. Pouring, pounding rain. Time to take the puppy out to try and potty. Ought to be fun.

  152. Gimme a few minutes, and I’ll have HHD ready.

  153. New poat!

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