Sunday Real


  1. Hi.

  2. Coffee mug made me laugh. Fortunately I wasn’t drinking coffee at the time.

  3. If I worked in an office, it would definitely be my go-to mug.

  4. Anybody seen Pupster? I’m lookin’ at you, Cyn.

  5. *not moving*

  6. MJ, if you are around, I’m going to be in Charlotte today and Tuesday, but my layovers are real short, probably too short to get together.

    Next time I’ll plan more better.

  7. Ouch. I made ceviche. Now I have habanero pepper oil on my junk.

    *Note to self: Wash hands after handling peppers.

  8. Carin and Leon?

    Doesn’t apply to me, but I’m sort of hopping mad about it having read it.

    Mystagogy continues. Met the St. Vincent DePaul guy today.

  9. Vincent DePaul in San Francisco had things like crab sandwiches and scallop linguini. People in power suits would leave their cushy office jobs at noon and go to the soup kitchen for lunch.

  10. MJ, if you are around, I’m going to be in Charlotte today and Tuesday, but my layovers are real short, probably too short to get together.
    I’ll be here today, but in ATL on Tuesday. Congratulations for begin the worst prom date ever!

  11. Hereabouts it mostly helps single moms pay bills and clothe children.

  12. I got my lawnmower back from those mean kittens!

  13. Waiting them out like that – you showed them!11!

  14. *curb stomps corsage*

  15. I took two dates to prom. Misti and Brandi. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but sometimes life imitates pron.

    Only with more clothes and less tongue.

  16. What the heck did the corsage do?

  17. What DIDN’T it do?

  18. It is fitting in this season of Easter that I go forth this Sunday and pray that my lawnmower will live once again.

  19. wow I played good today.

  20. Made it out of bed.

  21. Interesting that after last nights discussion by Laura about her fabulist coworker, the Sunday Book Thread takes on the same topic.

    And I’ve got a fabulist/Stolen Valor story to tell as well.

  22. Jewstin is looking for someone to wash his junk. I’m busy heating up some grilled chicken.

  23. There’s a new recipe at the food place. It’s gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

  24. Gluten free and paleo killed it.

  25. All my stuff started!

  26. Did Mama Cat retrieve the last kitten over night?


    When anything goes, so do the parishioners.

  28. All kittens were recovered.

  29. I don’t have a fabulist co-worker (or at least one on Lauraw’s level) but I did bust a big fat liar at a conference. Used my data for his pet theory. First he tried to pass it off as his, then he tried to say he’d gotten it from my boss and got the boss’s name wrong. Shamed him in front of about 150 people.

  30. *cancels Kittenpocolypse

  31. Power tools are for using in the kitchen, too:

  32. there are airplanes around!

  33. Aw; c’mon guys – using a drill to peel apples! What’s not to love?

  34. That’s a lotta apples.


    Favorite comments:

    bedrockq • 4 hours ago
    …but where did she get the semen from?

    Evan • 4 hours ago

  36. Also, MJ, please check you gmale.

  37. I was thinking that it was potatoes. Well, guess it would work for them too.


  38. Potatoes by the crapton at T’giving or Christmas or other big family gathering is a great idea.

  39. Thinking about shredded smoked pork at the W’s.

    *Ding Dong* Oh hi, I was just in the neighborhood. . .

  40. Who had Hinterlands in the betting pool?

    Date Guy was intelligent, engaging, and attractive. And he wants another date. With me.

    Shit. What am I supposed to do now?

  41. Say yes!

    Go on the date and continue to enjoy.

  42. Unless, oh crap, unless you are thinking of relocating.

  43. I aim to stay in Cheyenne. My employer will need to offer a pretty impressive incentive for me to go to South Carolina.

  44. You can tell we had a long hard winter by the number of fat people running and biking.

    It looks like everyone put on 30 lbs this winter.

  45. I’m not too shocked that the Episcopal church is collapsing. What’s the point of being an Anglican if you’re not in England?

  46. Aren’t Methodists the American wing of the Anglican church?


    The Episcopal Church (TEC) is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

  48. They are the part of the “Henry the 8th needs a divorce” church.

  49. Methodism shares some common roots, but aren’t in communion with the Anglicans.

  50. Green Mexican salsa is pretty good stuff.


  51. Pulled pork, grilled onions and peppers, cheese, and green salsa rolled up in a flour tortilla.

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  52. Flour has gluten.

  53. I like gluten.

  54. Just started the pot roast.

  55. I like gluten.

    Me, too!
    Gluten, unfortunately, does not like me
    *sad face*

    Oh, and apparently “Spring” lasted 3 days this year in the DFW area. Hotter ‘n heck out there today.

    *looks at weather report*
    Holy crap – it’s 98 degrees outside!
    *wilts on fainting couch*

  56. Unless potatoes have gluten, I think I’m out of luck.

  57. Jewstin, where did you grow up?

  58. I grew up in a village west of here. Elk Mountain.

  59. Population 190.

  60. Good day, churchgoers and churchskippers.

  61. Shit. What am I supposed to do now?
    Well, the fact that you’re going on a second date pretty much explains what to do.

    Same as first one, just in a different shirt.

  62. That number includes ranches in outlying areas.

  63. This is supposed to be a photo of downtown Elk Mountain

  64. Now I have to wear a shirt? Are you mad?!

  65. Hah! Scott, that is an accurate photo. From L to R: Post Office, Ken’s truck, store, firehouse, Odd Fellows Lodge.

  66. Can you get me a postcard of Ken’s truck?

  67. That photo was taken from the parking area in front of the Senior Citizen’s Center.

  68. Sean, I will make the recommendation next time I’m home.

  69. Comment by scott on May 4, 2014 5:33 pm
    Green Mexican salsa is pretty good stuff.
    Where do you get the green Mexicans?

  70. I love that damn place. 20 years ago I planted a flower bed with some poppies on the south side of our house. Over Easter while helping with my folks’ move I went back there and saw that the poppies had taken over. And entire lot of land under a crazy cottonwood tree is over-run by poppies.


  71. Making those coconut flour biscuits again. Serranos this time to see if it’s a viable idea.

  72. So, how much heroin were you able to get out of them? You can tell me because I’m totally not wearing a wire.

  73. Ken’s truck?

    Small towns are a hoot.

  74. Let’s just say Los Pollos Hermanos didn’t hurt my business.

  75. Looks like downtown Noxon, MT.

  76. Scott, the freeway exit sign for Elk Mountain reads:

    HANNA 14 MI

    (Town of) ELK MOUNTAIN 4 MI

  77. Noxon has a bench?


  78. >>>Scott, the freeway exit sign for Elk Mountain reads:

    Freeway exit??

    Fancy schmancy….

  79. MJ!

    Flight got cancelled, overnight in Charlotte. Check your email.

    Did anybody else question an airline representative about mechanical problems with their plane today?

  80. Google got the same exact shot. Ken’s truck moved.

  81. Anyone else sporting new track marks today?

  82. Nope, wiser. I’ve seen the needle and the damage done. Oh, the damage done.

  83. I’m too lost. Am I in New Mexico?

  84. This ain’t Kansas, MCPO.

  85. Serranos worked.

  86. >>>I’ve seen the needle and the damage done. Oh, the damage done.

    Huh. So you had the same phlebotomist I had today then.

    She was killing me. Stab. Stab. Twist. Stab. Oops. “Let’s try another vein.” Stab. Stab. Push. Twist. Stab. “Gee, this isn’t working out well today. Let’s try again in a few weeks.”

    “Oh, and you’re probably going feel some discomfort for the next week or two.”


  87. Milk blood to keep from running out. . .

  88. I actually have to go get some bloodwork done tomorrow to wrap up my annual physical. I’m hoping it’s a little less painful than that.

  89. Wiser,
    I wonder if she moved to CT from here.

    Last time I was in ER, the nurse; “we’ll set you up for an IV. Just take a second.”
    I stare at the ceiling and feel her digging around; “Oops! I need some HELP, here!”
    I look over and I’m laying in a pool of my own blood. It’s all over my jeans and dripping on to the floor.

    “Oh, boy! This is gonna be GREAT!”

  90. Whenever I go to donate blood (I’m doing platelets later this week) the Red Cross people always comment on what big, juicy veins I have. It’s almost a little unseemly.

  91. I don’t have veins, and the Red Cross rejected me.

  92. Not enough gluten, Leon.

  93. I don’t have any viens

    Ironicus maximus.

  94. If you ask nicely, they’ll open up an artery.

  95. OMG OMG OMG MJ is coming over!

    Everybody act straight.

  96. Who are you kidding; you two will be jello wrestling by the end of the night.

  97. Ironicus maximus.

    I know, right?

    They only really pop after about 20 minutes of lifting.

  98. Wait, someone’s going to meet MareJ?

  99. I have big veins, but I can’t donate.

  100. Everybody act straight.

    *puts on fake mustache, leather cap, vest, and chaps*

    There–I look super macho now, right?

  101. MJ disabled the plane!

  102. First he killed Mare, now he’s after Pupster!

  103. We’ll see if he shows. There’s a couple of Harleys parked out front…he might get spooked.

  104. Regular chaps or assless chaps?

  105. Whatever you do, don’t eat the doggeh treat, pupster!

  106. All chaps are assless. Otherwise, they’re just pants.

  107. I don’t recall ever seeing chaps that cover the ass. I think assless chaps are an oxymoron. Or maybe an irony?

  108. Chaps – how do they work??1!?

  109. Irony would be when you wanted to wear chaps but deemed them inappropriate for the occasion and wore pants instead, only to have the ass torn off the pants by Alanis Morissette.

  110. Well, I have an idea but it’s not suited to this mother fucking family friendly blog ass.

  111. >>> (I’m doing platelets later this week)

    Why not full plates?

  112. My diet or something?

  113. Doing platelets?

    Gross. She is such a whore.

  114. How’s the pork jerky today, scott?

  115. Jerky?

  116. If you want to donate whole plates, the St Vincent DePaul Society will take them and give you a receipt.

  117. Salsa Verde. Yummmmm.

  118. Are tomatillos hard to grow?

  119. The side of the road is littered with tomatillos,

  120. NM Salsa Verde is made with green chile. Dan is making green chile chicken enchiladas for dinner.

  121. Easy, Leon. Weedy, actually. But you’ll need to find a source for plants ready for set-out at the end of this month. Too late to grow from seed in northern latitudes.

  122. Oso, does Dan ever make ceviche?

  123. Since we have reverted to food blogging, here’s a blast from the past…I was watching the end of a cooking show this morning, and the host mentioned how her son got her to buy one of these:

  124. Jew, he does. I don’t eat shrimp. He has things he makes when I knows I’ll be working.

  125. Header pup looks like a long-haired doxie pup.

  126. Why can’t they spell aebleskiver right?

  127. Well, I’ll be dipped. One source says the seeds can be started in as little as four weeks before set-out.
    Since they need the soil to get to around 65 or 70 degrees, that won’t be a problem. As long as the seeds are started very soon.

  128. I bet the hippy seedhouse down the road has them. Will check this week.

  129. Leon?

  130. Ugh. The mayor of L.A. was on one of the Sunday shows talking about Sterling and how the city has some kind of civil rights/sports tradition, and the three people he used to illustrate that were Jackie Robinson (from Pasadena, actually, but whatever), Magic Johnson, and…Jason Collins. Sure, he’s not any good or anything, but GAY!!!!!!

  131. county jury duty tomorrow. can I piss off an attorney again in a voir dire? YES I CAN.

  132. I want to buy a house with big yard so I can grow stuff. Not flowers. Just herbs and veggies.
    Peppers, bell peppers, tomatos, tomatillos, a couple types of beans, eggplants, a few types of leafy veggies. It would be awesome to grow something.

  133. A Danish TV station did a documentary on my hometown. The biggest deal was the fact that American Danes eat Medisterpolse (sausage) with Aebleskiver. That caused quite the stir in Denmark.!/

  134. Pepe, that gif was awful.

  135. Pfft. That’s a poaching pan. Use some oil or spend an hour and a half cleaning the thing.

  136. Laura,
    To keep the baby plants/seeds warm, Anita got a heating-pad for under the starter-trays.
    We’ve had so much rain already that, in a normal year, it would be Halloween…

  137. That guy should have jumped.

  138. I was watching a Dracula movie and suddenly remembered that Scott does not react well to garlic.


  139. Chris, I think the reason my plants are so happy this year (a foot tall, and hearty!) is because the house is so much warmer. I never sprang for the heating mat, but always kind of wondered if the chill was a problem.

  140. I know you can, Dave.

  141. Jay, why would sausage + aebleskiver cause a ruckus?

  142. I’m really tired. Like, almost asleep already.

    But I will power through it and make MMM for tomorrow. That’s how much I value the mission and my commitment to this site and you fine people.

  143. You’re a trooper.

  144. I was actually productive today. Laundry is finished, I went to Home Depot, and I cleaned the kitchen and living room. Now I’m waiting for the glue to dry on the table repair and thinking I should pour myself a drink and try to do some writing.

  145. They don’t serve it that way in Denmark.

  146. Don’t hurt yourself Leon. Sleep is very important and you shouldn’t ignore what your body is telling yourself.

  147. I got this shit.

    2 years ago a guy turned himself in for killing his wife, he took the insurance money and skeddaddled to CA for 5 years. The trial was to determine his punishment. His silly attorney wanted to paint a “desperate, crime of passion/worry about money” story.. He asked me if it was possible that Klebold and Harris snapped at Columbine and if it could have been a crime of passion.

    I said “I don’t accept the premise of your argument. They made BOMBS you goof, who makes a bomb in the heat of passion?”

    I was struck from the pool.

    Also that asshole got life.

  148. Tushar, I know the feeling. I’ve been looking on Trulia at some of the land for sale east of Colorado Springs. If I knew that I was staying here I’d so buy 40 acres and a trailer and start working to build a house with gardens and an orchard.

  149. Complete. I think you’ll be disappointed, it’s all women this week, and I know some of you hate that.

  150. Sure they are, Leon. Sure they are.

  151. Did anybody dump a cooler full of Gatorade on anybody else today?

  152. A guy who lives down the road here purchased some local farmland that had gotten overgrown/ dumped on. He is doing a great job cleaning up the old place and is going to grow a mix of American and Asian style veggies (his family used to be farmers in China). I’m really excited about going down there if he opens a farm stand. He said he would do that, but I can understand if he ends up just selling to markets and restaurants instead. I imagine that manning a farm stand must be a money sink.

  153. Lauraw, it wasn’t that bad for my grandparents. That was back in the day, before the govt got involved. I don’t think any family members have stands any more.

  154. C Alex,
    Anita & I started rat-holing money in ’69, when we got married.
    We bought a 100 year-old farm-house (bad wiring, no insulation, being eaten by bugs) on 4 acres in ’86. While living in it, we ripped out the lath & plaster and insulated from the inside, sheet-rocked, taped & textured.
    In ’04, we found a floor-plan, modified it to our liking, and bought the fixtures, appliances, and materials.
    With a little help from our friends(pilots, A&P Mechanics, and skydivers), we build a three bed, two & 1/2 bath 2000 Sq-ft one story(we’re old and don’t want to climb stairs) house.
    One ‘bedroom’ is the office.
    One is the computer-room with wiring-closet(24-port switch & routers), and one we sleep in.
    We gave the old-house to some folks who needed one. They jacked it up, put wheels under it, and hauled it 2.5 miles down the road.

    We have no mortgage-payment, a view of Mt. Rainier, some woods for the deer, some brush for the quail, an 80 X 100 garden, the occasional wolf, cougar, Black-Bear, and Elk-herd that wander through.
    It would be an idyllic-life, if we weren’t so busted-up that it’s hard to take care of it.

    Thanks for reminding me that I did not take care of the white-wash when I got out of the shower this morning. I knew there was something.

    So it goes…

  155. Chris, that sounds awesome. If I build a place it will be one story, because I hate heights and hate paying someone else to fix my roof even more.

    I already have a plan in my head, complete with a separate workshop with forge.

  156. Roomie: I don’t know what you got me eatin’ but this shit is good as fuck.

    Me:Shut up. I’m eating.

    Ceviche success!

  157. >>complete with a separate workshop with forge.

    Oh great. What do I do with this raging boner now?

    I did some blacksmithing in my first year of Engineering. We all had to learn basics like blacksmithing, machining, welding, fitting, carpentry etc. though it was not easy, I loved smithing the most.

  158. Tushar, go find your wife. She’ll know what to do.

    I took a blacksmithing class last summer and loved it. There was something very relaxing about being in a hot forge for hours just shaping metal.

  159. Anita is pacing like a newly-caged tiger.
    She is normally so-active, to be put on restriction is making her nuts.

    She is pretty traumatized by the hip-dislocation. It was a betrayal, as she can no-longer trust it. She spent a fortune in money, pain, and rehab, to have a new bionic hip that would serve her well, two of them, in fact.
    She is afraid that it could happen again, any time, anywhere, and so, she can’t go anywhere or do anything, lest she end-up in the back of the ambulance on the way to the ER.

    She doesn’t get to see her orthopod until the 13th. She may have killed me by then.
    I’ve taken her knee-immobilizer off for today, as her hip don’t hurt at all, but her ribs are really hurting.

    Just now, she is playing the viola in our bathroom, standing in front of the mirror(so she can see if she is keeping the bow straight), and I hear her cry out, as the ribs hurt her, once again.
    There is not a damned thing I can do to help.
    This sucketh, mightily…

  160. 2 final exams tomorrow morning.

    Goodnight, shmoopies.

  161. Hang in there, ChrisP. This too shall pass.

  162. Good luck, lauraw. Sorry, Chrisp.

  163. Kick ass with your exams, Laura.

  164. Sorry to hear, Anita is still hurting; please no hugs, just blow her a kiss.

  165. Kick-ass, Laura!

    Thanks, kids…

  166. She may need to go in and get that rib adjusted. Seems like it hurts way more than it should at this point.

  167. Should I feel flattered or worried that Pupster tried to get me back to his hotel room?

  168. Wiser might be a good one to answer that; right Dave?

  169. So did you guys do dinner and drinks or just some quality cuddle time?

  170. All kidding aside, meeting Pupster was an awesome surprise.

    I was having a great day and then it just got better.

  171. Cyn,
    I really don’t know what to do.
    I Binged the shit out of it and it did not seem like there was anything one could do except take a deep-breath once an hour.
    She sent an e-mail to our GP, but it’s the week-end…

  172. Crispy, my mom had a problem with one of her two bionic hips dislocating, so I can empathize. Turns out there was a locking mechanism inside the joint that was defective and came undone. Since she got it fixed, no problems, but she went trough some incredible pain.

  173. Chris, you mentioned that her rib was protruding, IIRC; that means it may need to be put back in place. I have seen a chiropractor for that and have displaced my ribs with a very bad allergy (coughing) season a few years back. It won’t go back by itself, it needs to be manipulated back, but it sure feels tons better after a day of soreness wears off.

  174. Hope Anita gets better soon. Glad she’s moving around.

  175. Cyn,
    It seemed like the bottom-left rib had been pushed to the inside & up(under the one above). Now, it is back down.

    We will find that out when she gets to see the orthopod. I just hope she does not have to have a “revision”(medical jargon for cutting through the muscles for a “Do Over”), or “relining the brakes”…

  176. That’s good to hear, Chris!

  177. puts on my “piss off a lawyer face”

  178. If the glove don’t fit…

  179. My mom eventually had to have the revision, Crispy. It sucked, but if she didn’t have it done, the hip would have kept popping out.

    Depending on who’s involved in the trial, dave, you might want one of these “FREE DONALD STERLING” T-shirts I had made. A bargain at only $9.99!

  180. Did anyone lay down for an afternoon nap, have the cell phone alarm malfunction and just wake up now?

  181. I did, Lippy. Which is weird, because I’ve apparently been at work for the last six and a half hours.

  182. Job that dull, Sean? You can do it in your sleep?

    Aargh, seriously, I’ve been resisting, but may have to get something (legal) to help with this chronic fatigue. It’s the most common side effect and it is preventing me from leading a normal life.

  183. >> Did anyone lay down for an afternoon nap, have the cell phone alarm malfunction and just wake up now?

    I napped so late and I will pay tomorrow

  184. Ugh, sorry Dave.

  185. Loved the small town “Ken’s truck” comment. So true and familiar. Sigh. I have to make reservations to get back to the ol’ homestead this summer. I like to time it for sweet corn season.

  186. It’s not all that dull all the time, Lips. Just a slow night.

  187. This happened once before
    When I came to your door
    No reply
    They said it wasn’t you
    But I saw you derp through your window

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