Big Boob Friday

Hello, mates. Pupster is at the vet today. Turns out that you CAN lick your balls raw, necessitating emergency surgery. Who would have thunk it?


And now some dirty hippy music:


Today’s model comes from England and was born in 1994.  She sports an E cup, and rounds out her resume with a 30-26-37, which means baby got some ass to with those big ol’ cans. One other note…both nipples are pierced. This has been confirmed through countless hours of research on titty web. Please give a slippery hand to Beth Humphreys!!!!!!!!!














So a few birthday wishes:

1. Mila Kunis

2. That Car in will clean 101 pounds

3. For Lauraw’s garden to grow and be plentiful

4. Mare’s return

5. For scott to be relieved from the constant scams that plague him

6. The healing of Pupster’s balls

7. For Phat to fly safe

8. For Jay to grow 2 feet, sprout an afro, and get drafted by the Lakers

9. Wiser’s show to lead to more success

10. For hotspur’s ghetto bar to suddenly be stocked with a delightful Pinot

11. Roamy’s experiments to be successful

Ya’ll have a great weekend and don’t lick the windows.


[ Update, Cyn:]



  1. One Wolf Moon?

  2. One wolf moon.

  3. The last photo does not fit the theme.

  4. My oldest son was born in 1994.

  5. But good job, MJ. And happy birthday. You just raised your minimum dating age to 26.5.

  6. I graduated high school in June 1994.

  7. And that was a snatch.

    Just saying.

  8. That girl’s poor snatch had to hurt.

  9. It occurs to me that whenever the ‘sweet spot’ of general human existence is found- that is, when most people are tolerably comfortable, and most people are reasonably free, and most people are not at war with each other; the people alive at that time will never know it when it happens. It will pass completely unrecognized, because as a whole, we fixate on whatever the defects are, or create some.

  10. In search terms, Laura, we call that a “local maximum”.

    The only way to get to something better is to go downhill first. In the history of humanity, we’ve always done exactly that.

  11. What if it already happened?

  12. BBF makes Lauraw philosophical.


  13. She’s 19 you perv.

  14. Pupster, we have hit local maxima several times in small areas of the world. It has yet to be a globally-distributed event.

    The question is, can it be?

  15. MOOOOOM, beasn’s using shaming language!

  16. It occurs to me that it is well past time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of corrupt lying liars and those who cover for them. In real life that is being an accessory in the sense of needing a necklace made of rope.

  17. No

  18. Oh, and has Jazz checked in lately?

  19. The question is, can it be?

    As long as you have f*cking trolls like Harry Reid, Bugeyes Pelosi, Obama, John McCains and a Miss Lindsey…..and cultish moon gods……no.

  20. Poat updated like a boss.

  21. I predict that when Issa asks Kerry why those emails weren’t released Kerry will say “something something something George Bush.”

  22. beasn, I know the named are awful, but I was thinking more in terms of the basket-case regions of South America, Asia, Africa,the Middle East, greater Oceania. I don’t know that those places will ever improve, or can, so long as they have other places to blame/extract tribute from.

    OTOH, South Korea went from shithole to Starcraft in 2 generations, so I can’t say it’s impossible.

  23. Ohhh. Thanks Cyn!

  24. leon, that’s a given.

  25. Happy Birthday, MJ!!!

  26. Well, it was going to happen eventually, I guess.

    Today’s lass was born the same year as my daughter.

  27. Congrats on surviving another ride around the sun, MJ.

  28. >> Today’s lass was born the same year as my daughter.

    Hate it when that happens. And it’s been happening for a while.

  29. Yannow what I miss?

    The old BSoP posts.

  30. Dang, I don’t even remember the last one that went up it’s been so long.

    *shakes fist at Mare*

  31. BSoP? Sean’s been sober for years.

  32. Ok, oso, what’s BSoP?

  33. BSoP was some of the fat guy’s best work.

  34. When did Gabe start posting at Hot Air?

  35. Is HA still around?

  36. I’ve seen him posted there once or twice before. Usually a reprint of his AoS post.

  37. AoS?

    Never heard of it.

  38. Jay, Rosetta used to write “Birthday Stick of Pain” poats to celebrate birthdays with horrendous verbal abuse.

  39. Jay, if you go to the Birthdays tab, next to people’s names there are links to their own personal Birthday Stick Of Pain posts crafted for them by Rosetta. It was a good time to be alive.

  40. It was a good time to be alive.

    It was truly a magical era…

  41. I wonder if this is the same kid in Carin’s avatard.

  42. I just read the scottw BSoP and peed a little. That was funneh.

  43. the people alive at that time will never know it

    Spot on, Laura. It has often occurred to me that I can’t really think of a period in history that I would rather have lived in. How blessed I am by the amazing things that have occurred during my life, the unforeseen advances in the quality of your lives, and the relative peace and prosperity that have characterized my short sojourn on earth. And yet it is so easy for me to fixate on how Obama is wrecking the nation or something.

    Try to imagine something that is both as huge and as silly as the Global Warming Kerfuffle occurring during anything other than such benign times. It is inconceivable that this fraud could have gotten traction during any period in which that world was challenged by serious issues.

  44. Yup. Or any of a dozen other concerns. The world has changed so much since I was a kid, I can’t hardly believe it. Good and bad, but in the overall, more good. When I was a kid, a majority of older people (my grandparents’ age) had childhood siblings who had died as children. This was very, very common.

    Many of these older folks were also physically stunted and bowleggedness was common. Those folks are gone now and these conditions are almost never seen today. But we sit around bitching about how awful these kids are. These tall, gorgeous, healthy kids. Yes they’re terrible.

  45. Michael, yes. The Global Warming Scam could have only come about in an age of such prosperity that men can sit around and imagine that they have the power to change the weather.

  46. Yes they’re terrible.
    They’re very good looking, but since they have yet to see that I’m always right and they are always wrong, let’s just call them what they are: Rosetted.

  47. These tall, gorgeous, healthy large boobed kids. Yes they’re terrible.

    Fixed for MJ’s model.

  48. Going back to how good we have it now, John Adams’ daughter had a mastectomy with no anesthesia.

    /ray of sunshine, spreading ‘eeewww’ through blog

  49. Sunshine – HA!

    *stabs Lipstick with a pixy stix* ;)

  50. Happy Birthday MJ

  51. For MJ, noone else look .

  52. mmmm, pixy stix

    And delivered intravenously, too!

  53. Mj celebrating his birfday.

  54. Everyone keeps pushing the Kate Upton butt article, and my first thought is always, “She needs to do more squats”. Apparently I’ve been hanging around here too long.

  55. Mj celebrating his birfday.

  56. Between Beasn’ video and my GIF, I am not sure which is more alarming.

  57. It’s not that Kate Upton has a bad butt. It’s that there’s so many far more spectacular butts out there.

  58. “She needs to do more squats”.

    Well darn – another one who has become “one of them, one of them”.

  59. Well darn – another one who has become “one of them, one of them”.

    I feel so dirty! *hides face*

    But seriously, she needs to do squats, eat a cheeseburger, and make babies. I’m willing to assist on all three.

  60. Between Beasn’ video and my GIF, I am not sure which is more alarming.

    I couldn’t quite make it to :45 without massively cringing. It’s creepy to the end. MJ will love it.

  61. MJ’s relatives throw him a surprise birthday party:


  63. Mj celebrating his birfday.

  64. Drive by……

  65. Comment by pepelp2 on May 2, 2014 4:14 pm

    Drive by……

    But then why isn’t the pinky trimmed down as well?

  66. Kid is like, “…why are you all laughing? Is there something wrong with the cake? It’s delicious.”

  67. Mj celebrating his birfday.

  68. See this baby? He was rescued from being tangled in fishing line, yesterday. His name is Justice and after a quick exam, his size indicates that he is male.
    Baby Justice

  69. I am not going to tell MJ how to celebrate his birfday, but this in a bit unusual, MJ.

  70. You are all sick people.

    Here is what has happened today:

    1. I discovered a minor financial error by my cow orker that she has been replicating over the course of the year… -$742K to fix it. Diversity hires suck.

    2. The concrete balcony opposite me is being drilled out for some reason. It’s been going on all day and is vibrating the building. It’s also a little loud. 5pm…they have not stopped. I’m guessing a pipe or something important in there burst.

    3. I sent Cyn’s POS tablet from Yobitch Morland. I thought it sounded Russian.

    4. Thank you everyone for the nice b-day wishes. Even Tushar.

  71. HAHAHA…Tushar wins the internets for weirdest shit.

  72. >> He was rescued from being tangled in fishing line, yesterday

    He looks kinda pissed off.

    HBD MJ

  73. The Five is awesome today. Fuckin’ Bob Beckel is gonna blow!

  74. I hope you enjoy the b-day gift we all chipped in to get you, Yobitch.

  75. Blow what?

  76. Not the other four. At one point, I thought he was going to have a stroke in an exchange with Eric, and we’re only 10 minutes into the show. Essiting TV!

  77. One day Beckel will shit his pants in the middle of an argument (if he hasn’t already). He will stop arguing because, hey, when you shit your pants, your day is over.

  78. when you shit your pants, your day is over.


  79. Not the other four. At one point, I thought he was going to have a stroke in an exchange with Eric, and we’re only 10 minutes into the show. Essiting TV!

    How can he have a stroke if he hasn’t been able to find his dick in ten years?

  80. when you shit your pants, your day is over.

    Someone wrote something philosophical about diapers on Faceplant. If you’re a baby and you shit yourself, you still get Luvs and Huggies and Pamper’d. If you’re an adult and you shit yourself, getting changed Depends on who’s in the will.

  81. Paul Krugman proves once again that he is an idiot:

    Hey, douchebag – “Economics” can’t “fail”.

    Economists, on the other hand…..

  82. He looks kinda pissed off.

    He was just bagged and tagged and unwound from fishing line, then bagged again and dumped out. He was briefly traumatized but better than dead, which most likely would have been the result.

    I think he’s cute. Have you ever seen an eagle that didn’t look stern?

  83. Austrian Economics (read “actual economics”) has never failed. Krugman remains belligerently ignorant of the subject.

  84. when you shit your pants, your day is over.

    At Walmart, it usually happened in the morning. Only once did the coworker have to go home and we were left with sanitizing the floor.

  85. Krugman remains belligerently ignorant of the subject.

    Nah, if enough unequal income comes his way, he’ll spew whatever shit they want him to.

  86. Did everyone else hear about this?

  87. “Oops, I crapped my pants!” was on of the best SNL skits ever!!! (Special needs guy at work crapped his pants today)

  88. Congrats on not dying for another year, MJ.

  89. Is there a way to stream fox news live? I don’t mind paying. Giving a few bucks to Fox is better than giving hundreds to all the liberal channels.

  90. J’ames, the guy in your link attends my church. D-rat douchebag. BIRM

  91. Tush, did you find out why the teacher and the aide left your son alone?

  92. Afternoon.

  93. The sports link has other links to Fox News. That’s what I use, occasionally.

  94. “Oops, I crapped my pants!” was on of the best SNL skits ever!!!
    Imagine this gallon of iced tea is feces.

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

  95. Happy Fun Ball was funnier than that.

    And Jack Handy.

  96. Today I built three (3) of these:

    and five (5) of these:

  97. Jack Handy was hilarious!!! Lung Brush still makes me gag. I H8 phlegm.

  98. Phil Hartman as Phil Donahue.

  99. Happy Fun Ball was funnier than that.
    And Jack Handy.
    Pfflltt. What do you know? You don’t even play for the Clippers.

  100. I worked with Phil Hartman’s RL nephew. All the kids in the family loved him. I guess he was even funnier at home. Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  101. I preferred the Hartman years to the Belushi years.

  102. There was a hilarious commercial I’ve been looking for online but can’t seem to find (even on Hulu) for a spray called “Ass Don’t Smell.”

  103. Sean, real commercial or spoof?

  104. SNL commercial. I don’t think anybody’s been bold enough even in these days of lowered standards to market something with a name like that.

  105. *hides three cans of Ass Don’t Smell behind couch

    Yeah, that would be terrible in real life.

  106. Huh. Apparently the fine people at Mennen don’t watch SNL.

  107. Wow, Sean. NBC is blocking it everywhere. I can only read transcripts.

  108. Wow, Sean. NBC is blocking it everywhere. I can only read transcripts.

    It’s because of their lawsuit with the people at Febrazz.

  109. Stupid NBC/Universal.

  110. Happy birfday, MJ!

  111. Sean, did you see that Cal grads have to pay extra for San Fran Nan’s graduation speech?

  112. Please tell me that it’s the fee for the bag of rotten tomatoes.

  113. Nice. If you’re stupid enough that you want to hear that shit, they may as well gull you for a few more bucks.

  114. I just realized I was blocked on FB by my Cal cousin. Looks like it happened during the Gosnell trial. She’s a couples yoga instructor in Philly.

  115. There’s such thing as a couples yoga instructor? FFS.

  116. I have really and truly missed my calling.

  117. She’s a couples yoga instructor in Philly.

    Can she lick her own balls?

  118. Although LinkedIn has been suggesting that I might be interested in a position as a Pilates instructor, despite never having done it.

  119. You could do it Leon. You just have to turn red and scream disheartening insults at your students.

  120. According to this post, people have had to pay to attend the big commencement address for around the last ten years. I didn’t go to that when I was graduating (just the departmental ceremony), so I don’t know if they charged back then. It seems like they didn’t.

  121. You just have to turn red and scream disheartening insults at your students.

    I can’t. I have a nurturing soul.

  122. Kofi Annan spoke at mine. I attended by sitting in the audience. Robes are silly.

  123. Can she lick her own balls?

  124. Jewstin, probably. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t getting her yoga posts. At least is isn’t Naked Yoga or Hot Yoga.

  125. Nobody runs in my family.

  126. Pups, I wish! I have Mudders, Crossfitters, Tri-athletes, Zumba instructors, Yoga aficionados, and bikers of the pedal variety.

  127. Naked Yoga

    Adherents will rarely confess to the fact that all of yoga is really just window-dressing for a sex cult.

  128. I don’t believe I have any runners in my family. I did have a cousin blow out his heart abusing prescription opioids.

  129. I saw a blurb about face yoga. It’s the opposite of naked yoga. Total boner killer.

  130. Steve Wozniak spoke at the big commencement back when I was graduating. Apple was on its way out back then, so I was all “meh.”

  131. Jew, I can’t count my cousins that have lost life due to opioids or trafficking of drugs, legal, illegal, or just cultural.

  132. I’m gonna guess that most of the people who are enthusiastic about being naked while doing yoga are themselves boner killers.

  133. My cousin, Jasmine, is all hippie and patchouli. Her husband is Greece Greek. I’ll let your imaginations go from there.

  134. I bet they have the Greek sex.

  135. Can she lick her own balls?

    That’s impressive. Seriously!

  136. Ew. I just assume lots of icky body hair. Why can’t more people be Brazilian????

  137. I just remembered my Greek HHD poat. I hope the cousin-in-law is one of them.

  138. Brazillan… true story!

  139. Hahaha CiL looks short and hairy!

  140. Brazil was an interesting place to work.

    Also I don’t know nothin bout no hair there. It wasn’t that interesting.

  141. My favorite Marine is so hairy, my CiL complains about doing laundry after his wife’s brother visits. LOL My Uncle Pres looks like KSM. In my family, when male pattern baldness appears, chest and shoulder hair makes up for the runways and the bald spots.

  142. I’ve done couples naked yoga before.

    Oh wait, that was an orgy. Much less weird.

  143. Shut it, Alex!

  144. Uh oh…. Geraldo is on O’Reilly’s show (Ingraham hosting) and he’s making perfect sense.

    End Times are nigh.

  145. Cyn, what is he saying?

  146. Why can’t more people be Brazilian????

    If I had to guess, probably a combination of the country’s birthrates and immigration laws.

  147. FYI, I am going to Books and getting FT hours. I lose 40cents an hour, but I pick up benefits and at least 7 hrs a week. Math.

  148. True Story. Waxing requires a sign off on the whole diabetes dealio, OMG infection. Lets just say that I would rather risk amputation than icky hair scenario. See also mani/pedi.

  149. Comment by osoloco11 on May 2, 2014 8:23 pm
    Shut it, Alex!

    It was much less creepy than the naked brazilian jiu-jistu class I was tricked into attending.

  150. Alex is just trolling us now.

  151. New business idea, everyone! Naked hot air ballooning.

  152. Ew. Faded hot air balloons are so…ew.

  153. “Drop those sand bags over the side.”

    “Those aren’t sand bags!”

  154. Naked Fry Cook was an awful job.

  155. New business idea, everyone! Naked hot air ballooning.

    A cursory Google search indicates that this is, surprisingly, a new business idea.

  156. I think I saw some naked hot air ballooners.

    When I lived in Boise there was an old coot who rode around town shirtless on his Harley with his squeeze on the back in a sports bra. I figure they were in their seventies, but they might have been in their forties.

    They were so heavily tanned, their skin was wrinkled, orange, and leathery.

  157. My 50 yr old self hates all y’all. Like totes.

  158. Evenin’, Juggalos.

  159. Howdy, Andy. TJ needs to post a good cover of “Waltz across Texas”

  160. already watering *dry*

  161. Oso,

    One meeting in the morning, and assurance of a thorough investigation, and a call from vice principal in the eveninf explaining what happened:
    They reviewed the corridor video. One aide walked out with him to a speech therapy class. After that the class was dismissed. Then the aide came back into the class with him. So it was him, one teacher and two aides in the class. One by one they all left, not noticing that one quiet kid was sitting in a corner, probably reading a book.

    Later on, we were visited by two ladies from Child Protection Service’s Institunal Abuse division.

    All in all, cages are rattled.

  162. FU. I don’t dance and I’ve been waltzing across TX for days. Waylon and Tubbs.

  163. We might have snow on Wednesday, Dave. You want I should send you some?


  165. Tush, my Godson is severely autistic. He has to qualify for aides, school aides, whatever. Totally non-verbal. He said “Hi” to my hubby, 2 years ago. I can’t imagine what your son went through. I want heads to roll.

  166. Jew, a few year backs our DC changed from Flag to Cheyenne. AYFKM? We couldn’t receive trucks this week, because of high wind advisories. I’m a minimum wage tard! (Not really)

  167. Oso, he is pretty cool about it. After my wife found him, he stopped crying and demanded to be taken home. Alright by the time we reached home. Was enthusiastic as usual about going to school today.

    I am more interested in people being on tenterhooks and never repeating this than on collecting anyone’s head.

  168. >> We might have snow on Wednesday, Dave. You want I should send you some?

    It’s unpossible.

    Here, everybody look at a cute puppy

  169. And God said to John, “Come forth and receive eternal life.”

    But John came fifth and won a toaster.

  170. Aw, this is actually something nice for a change:

  171. Dave, I can tell it is you from the knee scar.

  172. Tush, I’m happy for you. My Godson is still no where close. Keep the feet to the fire. just sayin’

  173. Sorry, Oso. The wind was tossing trucks off I-80. It’s a thing.

  174. HAH. I forgot that was in there.

    It’s actually .. ok it looks like shit but fuck it I can walk.

  175. And Judas approached the rabbis and the pharisees and said, “the one I kiss is the one whom you seek.”

    And the said, “dude, that’s gay”

  176. Like Totes ghey!

  177. My little guy, still doesn’t “Speak”

  178. Emergency cutie in need of a beating:

  179. Dork puppeh!!!

  180. Oh, man, that sucks, Tushar.

  181. All those Nigerian girls kidnaped and taken across the border? This is where the rubber meets the road. Lines are crossed. Left meets right. The big FU to Orange boy and Miss Lindsey.

  182. <3 u Andy! And MRS Andy.

  183. I don’t care where you are on the spectrum, every minute feels like an hour. My heart has been bleeding for Tush Jr. Super serial, y’all/

  184. My little guy is still non-verbal.

  185. OMG. Owns comments like totes early/

  186. Shhhhh…I’m getting benefits and FT by being competent. Losing 20 cents an hour. Picking up FT and full benefits. OMG!!!!

  187. Good evening Hostages.

    Tittastic post MJ.

  188. Howdy, BCOck!

  189. Howdy, oso!

  190. Andy, the kid is ok, and that is what matters to me.
    I expect my kids to be brave and tough, and they are.

    I guess this is a good opportunity to brag about how tough and brave I myself can be.
    At the age of 16, I went on a little trip with my parents, brother and my elderly uncle and aunt. We climbed a big ass hill, had some fun there, and started the descent back to the vehicle waiting for us.
    It was a total 2.5 to 3 hour trek through some pretty steep tracks. My uncle and aunt fell behind, so I asked my parents and brothers to go ahead, and I will bring the oldsters down safely. They made it back halfway down, and the sun set. In hilly jungle areas, darkness falls pretty quickly after sunset. Me, being an idiot, did not have a flashlight on me. The only way to discern anything was the slight contrast of the light colored rocky track against the dark color of the dense jungle around it.
    This is how we climbed down for two+ hours straight: I was leading, holding my uncle’s hand, who was holding my aunt’s hand. I would plant one foot, feel the rocks with my other foot, find and gain a foothold. Then my uncle would feel around till he reached my leg, and plant his foot near mine. Aunt will follow suit, and I would move on to the next foothold. Inch by inch, I led them through the dark jungle, listening to wolfs howling, and wondering whether any tigers would be interested in a late evening snack. It is a miracle there wasn’t a single misstep.

    I think my kids can handle an hour in a dark but safe classroom.

  191. Tush, yeah! I started skipping school for the beach at 10. Life happens.

  192. K guys. How many African girls need to be abducted before we say FU?

  193. Wrong continent, wrong color oso

  194. Tush, out here, people love the Kum and Go tees.

  195. BCoch, I know. Doesn’t make it hurt any less. RL friend is a survivor and advocate.

  196. Did anybody wonder why the hell anybody else would buy a car in that ugly-ass color today?

  197. Just checking in.
    Tushar, you done good, bro!
    They need a good re-think about how that could have happened.
    Glad the little guy is not traumatized by the event.

    Happy B’Day, MJ! Sorry I’m late.

    Anita is being miserable. Her hip feels fine, but I think that when they had to get more manpower to reduce her dislocation they had run out of handles, so someone used her rib-cage.
    I think they broke her bottom-left rib. Feels like it was pulled-up under the one above it. It has now descended, but she is in great pain.
    Yesterday, she was gonna’ “tough it out” with ibuprofen. Today, I was grocery shopping and she asked me to fill the prescription for Vicodin.
    This IS a “Community Property” state, so I could get to share.
    One for you, one for me…

  198. Dayum, oso.

    An ette from over at the HQ has a friend who’s a trust funder. Could be sitting on her ass, playing with millions upon millions. Instead, she uses that money to sneak in and out of middle eastern countries, rescuing women sold into sexual slavery.

  199. >> Her hip feels fine, but I think that when they had to get more manpower to reduce her dislocation they had run out of handles, so someone used her rib-cage.

    Ouch. Just reading that made me wince. Take care of her, bro. And give her an extra hug from the h2 gang.

  200. Chris I’m sorry Anita is hurting.

  201. My wife is watching Don Jon.

    It has lots of triggers.

  202. war on women? If you only knew!!! My RL friend fled Africa and left her kids behind. We disagree about lots of things, but never Life.

  203. i see Anita on FB and I want to hug her.

  204. So close scott, so close.

  205. Resist he much.

  206. He looks like a freaking alien. He has to have some sort of disease, doesn’t he?

  207. drugs are bad, mkay?

  208. He doesn’t look well.

  209. Succubus says “Wha?_

  210. Oso,
    If you hugged her, She would scream…

  211. Virtual hugs. I’ve been stalking her on FB.

  212. I can’t believe his brakes haven’t been cut.

  213. He has to have some sort of disease, doesn’t he?

    His soul died sometime decades ago but his body just keeps walking around. Not a healthy way to live.

  214. *Cuts Yulee BCoch Tomahawk chop brakes*

  215. Guys like that gotta have two sets of lines. Decoys if you will.

  216. The bokor used the magic powder to bring him back.

    If you feel Al Sharpton salt he will return to his grave.

  217. Anybody got any ideas for a crappy Saturday poat?

    Nothing in draft at the moment….

  218. Tomorrow is PORKAPALOOZA!

  219. Let it go…let it go…

  220. Lmao oso.

    Scott, it’s good that you’ve finally come out of the closet. How did Laura take the news?

  221. I originally read that as “Popadickapalooza”.

  222. Canada.

  223. 14 lbs of smoked pork.

    All mine. You’ll have to get your pork behind the dumpster.

  224. Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby – we could do a “Have you seen me?” post about Mare.

  225. BTW still waiting for a trial on one of the juvies that killed my cousin. The girl that pled gets 10 yrs plus time served. She’ll be free at 25. I’m supposed to GAF about a fucking guy that took 30 minutes to die because of weak veins? Botched my ass. His victim was buried alive.

  226. I’m thinking Sharpton had weight loss surgery and now his body can’t stop losing weight. One of these days he won’t have enough potassium in his system, and that will be all she wrote for old Al.

  227. The fuck that is in limbo raped an 11 month old. My cousin’s killer wanted $$$ and a minivan.

  228. Tifw, I don’t fucking care. Magic needs to eat a bag of dicks and die already. Heroin is ok as long as my people are dying. Let it hit La Cueva and Peaches Geldof and OMFG BORDER PATROL!!!!

  229. I don’t understand these words.

    I’m out.

  230. LEOs are not my friend. RL BFF is a cop and we rarely see eye to eye.

  231. Scott is exercising White Privilege. Watches UConn chick basketball.

  232. FYI, I am going to Books and getting FT hours.

    But, but, we won’t get any more stories about dumbass/entitled shoppers! Very inconsiderate of you, Oso.

  233. ChrisP, sorry Anita is hurting.

    I thought the painkillers didn’t agree with you?

  234. I know, Lippy. FT

  235. All mine. You’ll have to get your pork behind the dumpster.

    Awwwwwww. *sad face*

  236. Lippy,
    It was just a wish, or maybe a prayer…

  237. I’ve been training a know it all anyway. No accountability. Knows everything. Can’t wait to get away from her and “Pooped my pants”

  238. Heroin is ok as long as my people are dying. Let it hit La Cueva and Peaches Geldof and OMFG BORDER PATROL!!!!

    You forgot Philip Seymour Hoffman. And from what I understand, your suburban white kids are getting into the smack because they start out on prescription painkillers and then find out that heroin is cheaper. I’ve got a buddy who’s an old-time junkie who complains about how there were never any cheerleaders on the stuff back when he was using.

  239. I’m depressing everyone with “Baby Mine” on FB.

  240. Heroin has always been totes real in the I corridor community. Johnny Law doesn’t care as long as brown kids are dying. Cocaina and the H have always been totes more real than weed.

  241. Ok, back.

    I was just finishing up my NRA Annual Meeting recap podcast

  242. Lippy,
    It was just a wish, or maybe a prayer…

    My brother’s the same. He had a terrible accident last year and Tramadol is about the only thing that doesn’t make him sick. It’s not up high on the relief scale, but it’s better than Tylenol.

  243. I started skipping school when I was 10. My Mom brought my raincoat to school. I had checked out after roll call in the 2nd period. Chaos ensued. FF o the 6th grade. My Mom was in the PI with my brother. Got home early. I’d skipped the first 4 weeks of school. I knew I was busted when I saw my Mom’s luggage on the porch.

  244. Too late, Andy. Listening to Keith Whitely and Earl Scruggs. I’d waltz across Texas with you.

  245. Yo Andy.

    Bad Osita, bad! I skipped school once or twice in senior year. Had my grandmother call me off and went with my friend to the local university library. We spent the day marveling at all the books and reading parts of as many of them as we could. Wild Things!!

  246. Heroin is a 2nd gen drug. Killing me. Meth is like totes 1st gen. Dan gets to play the racial superiority card. I’m trying to keep people alive.

  247. Lippy, I ran into my Dad and his GF on the beach. I was 11. School refused to recognize notes signed by my “parents”. My Dad could be “Persuaded” to talk to school officials. In person. I’ve been known to stalk my half-siblings on FB.

  248. What do you think would help, Oso?

  249. Wow, there’s a strong ‘persuasive card’ in your hand!

  250. Really weird to see someone that looks like you on FB. I <3 her dad. My Mom made me promise to wait and see.

  251. My little half sis just got married. I lurked her wedding pics. Older siblings are all over FB. I try to keep it real. In the Navy….

  252. Wait and see what?

  253. In the Navy

    hahaha! But seriously, that must have sucked.

  254. My Mom asked me to not search out my half sibs, she said she wouldn’t interfere if they looked for me.

  255. I’ve found three American half siblings. So far. Not even trying with the PI, VN, Thai, JApanese, Peitou siblings.

  256. Sometimes I feel like you guys are too white for me.

  257. Super serial. I’m the white trash bed and breakfast of the H2.

  258. Raciss

  259. You are the spice in our life! But:

    One of us One of us….

  260. You people are too white to be down with the struggle!

  261. Hahaha

  262. My cousin, Michele, went to ND and University of Chicago for her Masters. Her daughter just finished 3 years at Michigan for graphic arts. Getting lots of selflies from Europe. These people are “Herp derp” inn English. Throw an Ivy league bone and they’re all ‘HEY'”

  263. Sometimes I feel like you guys are too white for me.

    If I was too white, would I link this?

  264. Sometimes I feel like you guys are too white for me.

    Heh. And I’m probably not representative of everyone else here. Very olde tyme Mayberry small town upbringing. Leave the keys in the car, never had a house key cause the door was never locked sort of thing.

    Junior year in London my roommate from L.A. was astonished by my life and that, for instance, I could be walking home from school and see Dad driving down the street, flag him down and hop in the truck for a ride home.

    So, don’t feel “different” — because I am an extreme. An extreme extreme.

  265. I’m just a whitey from the suburbs, but I probably know just as many junkies as osita. Not all of them alive, either.

  266. In an apartment on Time Square
    You can assemble them anywhere
    Held to ransom, derp to pay
    A revolution everyday

  267. Morning, children.

  268. I had an ex who smoked a lot of weed. And my deacon has been sober 30 years. My sister-in-law is off heroin if her boyfriend polices her well enough. And I am still working on the porn.

    That’s the junkies I know/knew.

  269. Lefties are talking about biometric safety devices on guns. Nothing they come up with is as reliable as the original safety device: the index finger. Keep it straight, and the gun won’t shoot. Curve it into the trigger guard, and the gun can shoot.

  270. I’ve got everything together to smoke something except the meat. Unless I’m smoking woodchuck or squirrel I guess I’ll be heading to the Hannaford’s.

  271. Adding electronics to a gun just makes it one more thing that won’t work after the EMP.

  272. Actually, one of my major issues with drugs is the whole chain of destruction. From the gangs south of the boarder and the very bad people who profit. The young kids who take drugs, and it’s my body, yada – I wish they could understand that they are responsible for the violence. Their money pays for it. Period. Every drug user has blood on their hands imho.

  273. Agreed, Car in. Except the people growing their own weed.

    They mostly have frosting on their hands.

  274. Heroin is a big problem up here. Weed is everywhere.

  275. New poat. Leave the junkies behind.

  276. No spin class today. It’s not a regular class, just one they sometimes have.

  277. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. passes away at 95. Time to figure out who he was other than an actor with a funny name.

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