Thorsday Cover Songs

… that prove the theory.

I think he’s mostly right. Never heard of these people ever again, but then I’m not a big music guy.

Not a cover, managed to transcend the time in which it was made. Disagree with me and be wrong.

Happy Thorsday.

Critical Updates:


  1. *Brilliance in Poating Award for 4-24-2014 goes to Mr. Caruthers.

  2. *checks pockets for Nobel Prize, comes up empty*

    Here Leon, have this piece of Magic Lint!

  3. I will cherish it for the rest of my days, Jimbro.

  4. Kyrie is one of my favorite tunes. It gets turned up loud when I hear it. It’s very subwoofer friendly.

    Well done, leon “Nobel Prize Winner in the Field of Poating” caruthers!

  5. M’chle is on Parks and Recreation tonight!

    *sets DVR

  6. Sometimes you jump the shark. Sometimes you just ride right into the pool with it.

  7. Oh, and Morning, children.

  8. Poat updated with additional content.

  9. So Parks and Recreation will jump the whale tonight

  10. Hahahaha, Jimbro, busted. Gaylord Perry could teach him a thing or two.

  11. Wakey wakey.

  12. I was hoping Mare left us because of Lent. It appears she dumped us for some other reason. I blame Jimbro.

  13. There is no Mare. And no no Mare.

  14. Carin, Rocketboy went to the Avenged Sevenfold concert last night. Said it was good, especially the pyrotechnics, but the opening acts sucked.

  15. Glad he enjoyed hisself Roamy. Opening acts usually do suck. Qotsa had an interesting opener, though.

  16. I intend to make today my bitch.

  17. Benny the Puppy is currently fighting angrily with a blanket.

    I think the blanket is winning.

  18. Matt wants to go see some color concert. I’m going to drug test him.

  19. Mare has forsaken us.

  20. What the fuck is a color concert?

  21. If Mare has you covering for her, Carin, it is your duty to come clean.

  22. Mare is alive and well. Traveling a lot.

    She said its all your fault that she’s not around anymore.

  23. From what Rocketboy described, there were a fair number of e-cigs at the concert. I’m clueless, is there pot or other illegal substance for those things?

  24. All that being said, one could ask why right-wing militia members didn’t vehemently defend First Amendment rights during the crackdown on the Occupy movement? One could also ask why Occupy protesters didn’t invoke the right to bear arms in defense of free speech?

    Don’t stand too close to this straw man lest it ignite and burn you to bits.

  25. “What’s that shit on your chest?” – Rick Vaughn
    (wiping his finger across Vaughn’s chest) “Crisco.” – Eddie Harris
    (wiping it across Vaughn’s waist line) “Bardol.” – Eddie Harris
    (wiping it along his head) “Vagisil. Any one of them will give you another two to three inches drop on your curve ball. Of course if the umps are watching me real close I’ll rub a little jalapeno up my nose, get it runnin’, and if I need to load the ball up I just… (wipes his nose)” – Eddie Harris
    “You put snot on the ball?” – Rick Vaughn
    “I haven’t got an arm like you, kid. I have to put anything on it I can find. Someday you will too.” – Eddie Harris

  26. Roamy, yes. You can buy hash oil, and it pretty much has the same effect as smoking a joint.

  27. Mare is alive and well. Traveling a lot.

    This is unacceptable. (The traveling a lot excuse, that is.)

  28. I don’t really know what a color concert is, but the girl at work who does a lot of drugs went, so I’m going with the guilty by association thing.

  29. Some questions for my liberal friends: If you’re going to compare the “occupy” protests to the BLM oppression, please tell me how may police cars were defecated on in Nevada. How many rapes were there? How many drug overdoses were there? How many people died living in squalor? How much ice cream and pizza got delivered for free?

  30. Looks like drugs to me.

  31. I don’t really know what a color concert is, but the girl at work who does a lot of drugs went, so I’m going with the guilty by association thing.

    Would have guessed that there’s a girl involved somewhere.

  32. Hahahahahahaha

    My then sixteen year old niece went to the Electric Forest thing two summers ago. She was less than enthusiastic afterwards at the facts that she had to go four days without a shower, and use porta johns that were heaped to the brim and no toilet paper.

  33. she had to go four days without a shower, and use porta johns that were heaped to the brim and no toilet paper.

    Sounds like basic training.

  34. Oh, he’s not going girl. It’s just that through her I know about it. It s just s concert, not a festival. It would be fun for about ten minutes imho, then you d need to start doing drugs.

  35. This is for Jay and Leon:

  36. I don’t even care anymore that my comments don’t make sense.

  37. And Alex.

  38. But not MJ.

  39. Hey, Car, what was the diagnosis on the computer?

  40. Sounds like basic training.
    Whoa. You military guys learn to crap enough to fill a port o let in basic?

    I thought only officers were that full of it.

  41. WTF? Imma gonna have to watch that when I have sound. Pretty funny without it, especially the reactions at the end.

  42. It just went in yesterday. Don’t know yet.

  43. This is for Jay and Leon:

  44. Oh, he’s not going girl. It’s just that through her I know about it.

    There’s always a girl involved somewhere. I bet it’s your coworker. I bet they’re in wuv.

    Has she had her first out-of-wedlock baby yet?

  45. Not yet, but she is very supportive of abortion, so …

  46. Bunch of little ants in my upstairs shower. I need to check the edges around the tub bits and make sure we aren’t wetting any wood. Previous owners “updated” the bathroom themselves and I’m not sure they were great at it.

  47. Was looking for the version of “In the Air Tonight” that one of the a cappella men’s groups at DD#1’s college did, ran across this (completely different) version instead:

  48. Dove had that ball thing coming.

  49. That chart is bs. 10 points for going Windows, but 40 for reorganizing a cupboard?

    Wack, yo.

  50. It’s per window, which takes about two minutes. Reorganizing a cupboard in my house is practically an all afternoon affair.

  51. I thought it said living room Windows, inside and out.

  52. Nitpicking the point values assigned to specific tasks = -100 points

  53. My mother used to create “tv bucks”. A half-hour of tv bucks might require me to clean my room. An hour might involve doing the dishes.

  54. You’re right. I guess I assumed it meant per pane of glass.

    At any rate, someone should sketch my balls.

  55. Meh, they didn’t have to use TV bucks on us, there were only 3 channels, and it was only worth watching a few hours a day anyway.

  56. I just joined AMAC for 3 years. I don’t really need any of the benefits, but AARP can eat a bowl of dicks.

  57. Thursday

  58. G’morning, cool kids.


  60. I want to try grafting my heirloom tomatoes next year. The seeds for rootstock are expensive but probably worth it if they prevent so many diseases and the blight.

    I keep saying I won’t be growing tomatoes anymore but inexplicably again there is this forest of seedlings in my bay window.

  61. The buckle up baby story

  62. I slept in this morning. It was nice.

  63. I’m working from home, so I get a warm breffast today. Spinach and cheddar omelet, straight from the stove, with a side of bacons.

  64. Landscapers are here. Yay! Every day off, no matter the day of the week, landscapers and their stupid blowers.

  65. Made it somewhere around 6 miles today. Found a great neighborhood and a nice little house for sale. $500K for 1400 SF.

    WTF? Is it built on a gold mine?

  66. That’s why I refuse to move, MJ. My 1700 SF and 5 acres with a fully-functional horse barn and fencing was 162k.

    I could take a 50% pay cut and still be fine.

  67. This is really cool:

  68. That’s why I refuse to move, MJ. My 1700 SF and 5 acres with a fully-functional horse barn and fencing was 162k.
    I could take a 50% pay cut and still be fine.
    I’m starting to see the attraction of living outside of the city or pricey suburbs. I think I’d be ok in the boonies.

    I can’t believe how pretty it is out here. Off the path in Florida = death by a million slimy things. NC = pretty mountains and trees.

  69. I was looking at 40 acres with a little house for 150k. If I thought that I would be sticking around Colorado Springs I would seriously consider it.

  70. I have a 20 minute commute to this. 10 minutes to my church.

    If I wanted this anywhere near DC, I’d be in WV and have a 90 minute commute, minimum.

  71. I wouldn’t live in DC if you gave me a house.

  72. Aren’t you going there soon?

  73. I was in DC for 5 days two weeks ago, Scott. I shouldn’t have to down there again until mid-Summer.

  74. Yeah, we’re going there in May. But visiting is okay.

  75. Holy shit. Mid-summer? Really?

    You know that fucking place was built on a swamp, right?

  76. I’ve been there in August. I’m well aware. If I can push the trip back to September, I will.

  77. Kenilworth Park (a swamp) in DC is supposed to have amazing collection of waterlilies and lotuses.

    I remember reading years ago about efforts to repopulate some DC swampland with the native yellow lotus that used to grow wild there. Hippy volunteers were pressed into service, pulling up lotuses and transplanting them further afield.

    It made me laugh, because I have dug lotuses and I know what it entails.

  78. Should I be eating yogurt after taking antibiotics for 18 days?

  79. As long as you’re not smearing it on your nipples and letting the cat lick it off, you should be fine.

  80. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

  81. So… no yogurt then. Ok.

  82. You should have been eating it all along.

  83. RIP MJ

  84. A pro-biotic tablet would help to get your GI system back in balance and likely wouldn’t kill you. Probably.

  85. Put the yogurt in the sun for a couple of hours.

    It helps activate the cultures.

  86. HEH.

  87. Funny, Scott!

  88. That has to be the longest gif on record.

  89. Yogurt gets the flora that the antibiotics have killed back into your stomach

    Like I know what the hell I’m talking about..

  90. It helps activate the cultures.
    Good idea. The pharmacist said something about probiotics too.

    I’ll report back this afternoon.

  91. Also good for the microvag.

  92. What is the line between a gif and an insipid YouTube video?

  93. file extension?

  94. Sound?

  95. Wait, there’s sound on the internet?

    *mind BLOWN

  96. in·sip·id

    lacking flavor.
    “mugs of insipid coffee”

    Wait, youtube has a taste?

  97. Always has, Pupster. Do you not have the plugin?

    If you get it, never watch a Ke$ha video without disabling.

  98. We’re about to go from window lickers to screen lickers.

    Nice. A promotion!

  99. 2 whole chickens at .99 per lb.

    They smoke.

  100. Scott is smoking two oven-stuffers today. I made up a spice blend for them to taste kind of similar to sweet italian sausage. We’ll see how this works.

  101. Is Scott smoking the chickens in the Egg?

  102. Just FYI your photobucket pictures on the CBRC are gone…also no updates since 2013?

    tsk tsk

  103. ? I can still see all the pics. You sure?

  104. 2 whole chickens at .99 per lb.
    They smoke.
    Probably picked it up from the flying monkeys.

  105. I don’t want the girl with the skinny legs.

  106. Oh, crap. What happened there?? I’ll go see what the deal is. Hmph.

  107. When you use the ‘free’ photobucket, once a picture gets so many views they turn it off and encourage you to buy the premium version.

    WordPress picture hosting is moar bettah.

  108. Me neither, Hotspur. She gots ta have strong thighs.

  109. Oh, crap. What happened there?? I’ll go see what the deal is. Hmph.
    Are we talking about your collection of beasts that has taken up smoking or the CBRC?

  110. L to R…. IB, H2:

  111. Just a girl and her egg. . .

  112. Heh. Looks like she just figured out the egg was not full of chocolate.

    How is DG doing, Chief? She looks well.

  113. Easter dress and sparkly shoes!! YAY! I love DG pics.

    New poat up at the Connecticut Brisket Research Center.

  114. Pupster – She is doing well. Just the other day, she told me, “Poopie! YUCK!”. She will be two in another month. Her parents are closing on their house tomorrow and will move in with friends until the house they are building is being built.
    Grandpa will be assembling her new tricycle to take to Michigan next month.

  115. Killed it with, “Poopie!”

  116. The look on her face says “My mommy says I have to sit here and hold this stupid thing. But everyone knows it’s not a real egg.”

  117. Great pic of your granddaughter MCPO. Dang my girls had some of the cutest Easter dresses when they were little. I have a photo thing on my desk, each pic to the right and left is one of the girls now. In the middle are two little girls in Easter dresses in our front yard. I think they were 2 and 6.

  118. It’s nice that she has a Pet Name for you, Chief. Good for you for not re-enforcing the Patriarchy with Paw Paw.

  119. The logic of a three year old in her Easter dress and shoes:

    Daddy: Kristin, stay on the sidewalk while I go grab your sister.

    Two minutes later:

    Daddy: Kristin, I told you to stay on the sidewalk. How did your shoes get all muddy?

    Kristin: (with both palms face up, and shoulders up around her ears) I don’t know, Daddy, they just got that way.

  120. D’awwwwww! Love pics of little girls in their little Easter dresses!

  121. I think Lena Dunham has been eating her feelings:

  122. Her feelings covered with gravy, maybe.

  123. And ice cream.


  124. Being fat, ugly and stupid is no way to go through life, Lena

  125. I mistakenly saw part of Girls. She always looked like that.

  126. Jimbro – She certainly doesn’t appear to be someone who works out.


  128. No, not at all. From what little I’ve read about her she is proud to be an “authentic” version of a young (neurotic/self-obsessed/narcissistic/single/pathetic) woman. I’ve never seen the show and mostly read about it at Ace’s. Apparently she likes to be near naked during the show. Even at times where most people would be clothed or get some more clothes on. You know, when your friends stop by?

  129. I enjoy hanging out in a t-shirt and boxers in the summer with a fan providing evaporative cooling (there’s an image for you), but if anyone stops by I’m sure as fuck going to get more clothes on before I answer the door.

  130. Well that’s no fun.

  131. I’ve never seen the show and mostly read about it at Ace’s. Apparently she likes to be near naked during the show.

    No kidding you’ve never seen the show. Because there’s nothing “near” about it.


  132. I’ve never had a squad of college cheerleaders’ bus break down remotely near me

  133. Forget that guy with the clothes on Cyn. I wouldn’t treat ya like that.

  134. Dave?

  135. And that’s why she don’t visit, dave….

  136. Huh. Scott’s old avatar is back.

  137. Jimbro, do you have a gas grill?

  138. Tomorrow is PJ’ birthday.

    Best birthday ever!

  139. You are one weird dude. That was hilarious an disturbing.

  140. I have a Weber Genesis grill without any fancy side burners. The Amazing Ribs newsletter had some new smoker called a Pit Barrel Cooker that looks interesting.

  141. Road rage on the golf cart path-

    XBrad takes the golf cart to the clubhouse grille for to get Dear Sainted Mother a sammich for lunch.

    Upon returning, there’s two carts full of guys at the 10th tee, blocking the path, facing away from XBrad.

    Driver of the cart closest to me sees me, and schooches the cart to the side. I call out to the front driver, “Excuse me, can you pull over a bit so I can get by?”

    Driver looks at me, and says, “Can’t you see I’m on the phone here?!”

  142. You can just use the Weber, they are fine smokers.

  143. Is there an article that describes the process? I bought a cast iron box to put wood chips in and I know there’s a tray of water involved. We made a pork shoulder for Easter since it was a smaller cut for two of us. It was really fatty and I couldn’t help but think “low and slow” might’ve been the right way to go with that cut.

  144. I feel sorry for COAlex. Ace is en fuego today and by the time CO gets home and is able to comment it’ll be all kittehs all the time.

  145. I’m feeling sort of oppressed today.

  146. How is Olga from Minsk treating you MJ?

  147. The cast iron box only works at high temps.

    If you have a propane torch, I can send you everything else you will need. I’ll put it together this weekend.

  148. I thought Trayvon was six feet under – how did he manage to make it to some rally to hold up a sign?

  149. Wiser, I sent you an email.

  150. I can get a propane torch. My brother and I used to play with my dad’s oxy-acetylene rig in the basement so I have a basic understanding of fire and metal. Basic.

  151. I say go for it, Jimbro. Sometimes too much knowledge about something like that just spoils the fun.

  152. Jimbro, Scott’s post on making smoke in a very basic Weber:

    You use a torch and get the cooking pellets real hot aflame in one end of the tray, then blow it out. It continues to smolder for hours, filling the grill with smoke as you cook your food.

    Water trays under the meat racks are optional, depending on what you’re cooking.

    You can also cold-smoke cheeses this way with the grill off. One of my coworkers did it and made the most wonderful cheddars and mozz with the pellets Scott gave him. 🙂

    The key with smoked cheese is to wrap it tightly after smoking and age it for a week or two in the fridge. Do not try to eat freshly-smoked cheese. It is horrid.

  153. Pellet supplier link updated in this post:

  154. Woo hoo!

  155. why not 176k?

  156. I need a gif with this scene from Strange Brew

  157. Oso, thanks for the concern, but I’ve been working where I can follow the HQ. Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about what’s going on. The simple truth is that feminism has never been about women’s rights, but always about increasing the political power of upper-class white women.

  158. Looking for grill thermometers on amazon I saw one with a glow in the dark dial. This was linked in the sponsored content as a related item:

  159. CA, you missed a word.

    “Ugly” should come before “upper-class”. Beautiful women have always had political power.

  160. CO, I liked the Ride Along/Drive By stuff. Keep hammering away at the MFM.

  161. Did anybody fail anybody else’s Voight-Kampff test today?

  162. >> Pellet supplier link updated in this post:

    Good job

  163. Huh. You using them?

  164. On the Saturday before Easter I smoked 2 racks of pork ribs and they were awesome

  165. and yes, I used the pellets you sent me. I haven’t smoked much this year. that’s gonna change.

    how are the chickens?

  166. Chickens got a 9.56.

  167. Delish! Deep, mild smoke ring on the breast meat. Very tender overall and the breast meat is moist.

    My spice mix is evident only where it touched the meat, though. Next time I need to really get in there better, or maybe add oil to the rub and let it marinate overnight.

    I think we get a better crackly skin when we cook faster, though. Slow-smoked chicken skin is tough.

  168. I think the fat carmelizes or something.

    Glad it’s delish. I got hongry just now.

  169. Dan is making green chile ham stuffed bell peppers. Condo smells delish. Really getting tired of leftover ham.

  170. Obama skipped his aunt’s funeral to play golf. He’s just all class, ain’t he.

  171. Osita, how big of a ham did you buy for 2 people?

  172. We bought the smallest ham at The Club. Still have half of it left. I’ve even been feeding The Chunks under the table. It didn’t seem that big last week…

  173. Five chicken drumsticks (with skin!), marinated in a very tangy lemon marinade, baked in oven and then fried ti a crisp! Damn, life is good.

  174. Dan is making green chile ham stuffed bell peppers. Condo smells delish. Really getting tired of leftover ham.
    This is simply not possible. Ham is so incredibly wonderful.

  175. Oso,
    When we (just the two of us) get a ham, we cook it, have a great dinner, then I slice ALL of it, use the bone for bean soup and freeze 1-pound bags of sliced ham. I can thaw and use it for samwiches, soups, “ham&eggs”, etc.
    It don’t get old or go to waste.

  176. I’ve had ham every day since Sunday. ChrisP, he is planning on freezing the rest. I feel like the Bubba Gump of ham.

  177. One of the DJs in Detroit had a weird dream that he was diving for ham in a water-filled rock quarry. There’s a very good chance the radio station will make it happen.


  178. Oso, this has happened to us before. Frozen slices and shreds are great to have on hand three months later when you need emergency sammich or omelet fillings.

  179. We usually just do ham steaks, but we couldn’t resist the price. I’m glad we have a freezer. I love ham. Just not every day, 3X a day.

  180. My ‘Imaginary Internet Friend” Wiserbabe, offered to do something wonderful for Anita.
    He did that. He got her a viola for approx $1K less than the local music store offered her.
    She was renting a viola, three-month minimum, that was “Rent-to-own” for about $1,300. She was feeling real “Time-Pressure” to figure out whether she could ‘do this’, or not.

    Wiser “FIXED” this. He got her an instrument for WAY less money, that is now “her own”. The time-pressure is gone. She is very happy. That makes me happy. She now has no “Time Pressure”, as she has the rest of her life to get comfortable with HER viola.

    I am in awe of my “Imaginary Internet Friend”.
    Thank you Wiserbud…

  181. Osita, I am used to having a teenage boy vacuum up any leftovers. I am going to have to learn to cook in smaller quantities when he leaves for college or have every meal twice.

  182. Yay, wiser!

    It’s about time his luck starts going the other way.

  183. You only think Wiserbud is awesome. Some day, he’s gonna ask YOU for a favor.

    Like killing ScottW or cleaning his living room carpet after the dog barfs.

  184. That’s so cool Chrispy. I’m really happy that Anita got a Viola.

    But I thought Wiser worked at a record store.

  185. Wiser is awesome. He has the perfect face for radio.

  186. Xbrad,
    If Wiserbud asks for ‘A favor’, even if it is putting a hit on someone(you?), he’s got it.

    This is really a nice thing.
    Anita is so very happy, it makes me smile just thinking about it.
    I don’t smile easily, my pain level would drive many to suicide…

  187. Question- Did anyone else have a mom that applied this to just about every skin condition?

  188. Xbad,
    Yes! We still have some here and use it for some bites…

  189. Yay for Anita! Wiser is good people.

  190. Yay for Anita and a case of beer for Wiser!

    OK, he hasn’t shown up here and I need to know if an email I sent had the right address. I used wiserbud at that g-string place.

  191. Wiser cured my humpback

    He’s a miracle worker!

  192. Nah, TJ, it was that goo that X-mom uses.

    BTW, how is she doing?

  193. Don’t know how often he checks it, but that is a good addy LD.

  194. Lippy, That’s how I got a hold of him to let him know that it had arrived.
    He responded, so it’s good…

  195. MJ, you mentioned how pretty NC is. This is about the right time for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Redbud, rhododendron, and dogwood. Later you get flame azalea and turks cap lilies. There’s also a winery in south Virginia that’s nice.

  196. huh. I usually get him all the time at murdershack at the g ml thingy

  197. Xbrad, we use Windex.

  198. We’re planning to send our daughter up to NC her sophomore year to a high school in Greensboro

  199. Roamy,
    Just don’t run the Blue Ridge Parkway on a bike.
    They WILL get you and cost you money.
    The tail of the dragon…

  200. Windex on mosquito bites??

  201. Lippy, XMom has been vulnerable to a series of secondary infections, which has made it a real bear to get her strength back. I *think* we’ve got a handle on those now, so I hope we can start to see some real improvement.

  202. MJ needs to watch LOTM on Bluray. It was filmed in NC. Best movie ever for testing home theater surround.

  203. Thanks guys and sorry that X-mom isn’t bouncing back as quickly as hoped.

    Redbud, rhododendron, and dogwood. mmmmm, I was in PA the past two Springs, the first in 25 years. Miss that here, that’s for sure. Fall is pretty, but I could never fully enjoy it, knowing what was to follow.

  204. LOTM?

  205. A few things:
    My old boss was a boat person. He fled Vietnam as a teen in a boat, and was picked up a few miles from drifting off into the great southern ocean after 15 days with no food or water.

    My new boss is a 12 Bravo. Combat Engineer, who is a real Engineer as well and the nicest guy in the world.

    They decided to keep me around for another year and give me a buck more an hour.

    Yeah me.

  206. Last Of The Mohicans

  207. Good deal, Vman.

  208. Oso, that’s LotM.

    VMax, I’d say something about your 12B boss being “almost good enough to go Infantry” but I don’t want you to get fired.

  209. Oops. I get used to typing LOTR in all caps too. My bad.

  210. What X? When you stop and wait for 12B to blow stuff up for you, you are better?

  211. Thanks Oso.
    I am planning a trip to NM this fall, perhaps we can have a mini meatup, take pictures and make everyone jealous.

    Or not, your call.

  212. Vmax, I always, ALWAYS did my own demo.

    The only 12Bs I made a point to treat well were the bulldozer operators. They dug the positions for the Bradleys, and did it in freezing weather, with an open cab. And when time to dig came, they’d dig for up to 48 hours straight.

  213. That would be great! Let me know when.

  214. Having been around Engineers all my life they are strange. So I don’t know what gives with them except I understand. It is the math I am sure. Calculus warps your brain. DANGER!! DANGER CALCULUS!


    I voted for this guy, ugh.

    If Palin hadn’t been on the ticket, and Hillary had been there, I would have voted for Hillary.

    I feel dirty.

  216. I will Oso.

  217. Hi everyone!

    Night everyone!

    See y’all in 6-7 hours.

  218. I would vote for SarahcOODA anytime. McLame only got my vote because of her.

  219. G’night. Family bed time.

  220. Night after night she lay alone in bed
    Her eyes so open to the derp
    The streets all looked so strange
    They seemed so far away
    But Charlotte did not cry

  221. (@) (@)

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